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How 10BabyGear got started

10BabyGear is an online resource with helpful guides and reviews of 100+ baby products(formerly called Baby Monitor Center).

The original Baby Monitor Center website(babymonitorcenter.com) was a review blog for baby monitors with helpful materials for parents. It was first registered in 2006 and was managed by various mums who shared several useful resources (freebies & guides ) and reliable user-generated content (including thousands of blog comments).

In 2016, the babymonitorcenter.com domain was left to expire (I still haven’t received a clear answer on why). That same year, Consumer Reports stopped testing different baby monitor brands and consumers were left at the mercy of hackers and high-EMF baby monitors.

Below is what they posted on their website then:

Consumer Reports Stops Annual Reports on Best Baby Monitors

I revived the blog and by then, I had learned that opinions and a lot of user-generated content such as blog comments, did not provide a holistic understanding of a baby product such as baby monitors. You probably won’t see the EMF level of Owlet Sock or Infant Optics’ real battery rating on a blog comment. In addition, 30+% of online reviews are fake.

When a few friends joined me, we chose to focus on providing an in-depth analysis of thousands of real-user feedback (often manually if none of the mothers in our group or email lists have purchased the product.) We also reach out to manufacturers which, at times, do not provide reliable manuals or steps to troubleshoot product malfunctions.

I may not provide some of the first reviews on new products but as soon as 200+ parents have talked about it in several channels, you’ll be able to read it here. I rely on several sources including the FCC website for details such as EMF emission or nhtsa.gov for details such as baby car seat safety rating. We’ve also gotten a lot of help from volunteers willing to provide feedback on a product they’ve actually used.

We have also grown in sophistication and can now aggregate almost 90% of all user-generated content before weeding fake reviews. We currently track 14 websites with the aim of aggregating first-hand-user knowledge on most top-rated products.

Fast forward 2020. We’ve transformed Baby Monitor Center to 10BabyGear and that has come with a lot of support. Initially, we just wanted to list the 10 most critical or ‘must-have baby products’ – for budgetary reasons. We have since grown and now review more products – not just baby monitors.

The mission remains: To assist parents in making informed decisions on the most suitable product for their families.

You can count on this site for :

  1. Baby monitors: We have researched and analyzed the most secure non-wifi baby monitors that use FHSS technology and most secure Wifi baby monitors that use the most advanced encryption (AES 256 bit). We also have data posted on the FCC website with details on emission levels of different baby monitors. For each monitor, we provide a summary of what parents say about a product making it easy to know if it fits your family’s situation.
  2. Sleep Furniture Gear: Baby Loungers, bassinets, cribs, and gliders/rockers: We have a detailed review of the best crib and loungers available in 2019. Our lists for baby loungers have very specific comparative details based on items such as materials used to make the loungers, safety, weight, etc.
  3. Baby Car Seats Safety Gear: We provide unbiased reviews on infant car seats, as well as convertible car seats
  4. Crib Soothers and Headphones: You can rely on this site for detailed reviews about to best ways to lull your baby to sleep and how you can ensure your baby is canceling all noise above the recommended  60 decibels. We also have details on night-light technology and helpful guide to safeguard your baby’s eyesight.
  5. Feeding and Diapering Gear: Learn why we believe Medalla and Spectra are the best electric breast pumps. We compare them but also discuss diapering covering topics such as backpacks as diaper bags and how to store breast milk.
  6. Electric cars for kids, electric bikes
  7. Baby shoes and clothes
  8. Hip seat carriers and Baby wraps
  9. Baby strollers and travel systems

About Me: Ashley, the Editor

My name is Ashley and I run this site, www.10babygear.com with five of my colleagues. I received my undergraduate degree in 2013 from some small liberal arts college and currently raising a boy and a girl. This new site has received a lot of support from several other parents and volunteer experts who manage several other blogs like this.

About Our 10babygear.com Logo & Favicon

Our new logo is simple ’10BabyGear’ signage although Baby Monitor Center or BMC may still appear in some parts of this site. Kindly bear with us as we clean up and change all appearances of Baby Monitor Center to 10BabyGear. Below is our new logo:

10BabyGear Logo (1)

If you are curious and want to know how baby monitors were invented, you can read one of our most popular research on the history of baby monitors.

What is this 10BabyGear.com blog all about

The stories of baby monitor hacking and the dangerous effects of radiation inspired my passion for baby safety and it took me on a long journey that culminated in this online resource.

Over the years, we’ve been recognized as the most reliable baby monitor advice center and we give regular posts or critique of baby monitors that are not safe because of radiation or because of low-security features making them prone to hacking.

You can read about why we don’t recommend any Ring Camera to be used as baby monitors.

10BabyGear Contact Details

For more personalized advice about a baby monitor you’re considering, you can reach me directly on the details below;

Email: info@10babygear.com

Locations: Albany (NY) and Jacksonville (Fl), USA.

You can read about the privacy page of 10BabyGear here (link to Privacy Page).

Below Are our Social Profiles:

10BabyGear Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/10BabyGear/

10BabyGear Twitter: https://twitter.com/10BabyGear1

Legal Info

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About 10BabyGear - Online Resource By REAL Parents Offering Tips, Advice and Experts Reviews on Top Baby Gear (Baby Monitors, Car Seats, Loungers, Gliders and Soothers)
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About 10BabyGear - Online Resource By REAL Parents Offering Tips, Advice and Experts Reviews on Top Baby Gear (Baby Monitors, Car Seats, Loungers, Gliders and Soothers)
This article describes the formation of 10BabyGear, an online resource and authoritative site for top-rated baby gear and specifically baby monitors, baby gliders and baby soothers. 10BabyGear was started in 2006 but got remodeled in 2017 after Consumer Reports Stopped testing and giving its guides on top baby gear such as baby monitors. This article describes the formation of 10BabyGear and why we stand out reviewing only the proven and tested baby gear that is safe for you and your baby.
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