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In October 2017, Amazon released Amazon Cloud Cam, a camera that can be used indoor and outdoor, challenging the big brands such as Nest and Arlo. Amazon Cloud Cam is relatively cheaper in price compared to the traditional high-end security cameras sold by Nest and Arlo. However, it is still relatively more expensive compared to other small-brand cameras such as Wyze Cam which sells to close the price of audio baby monitors.

Is Amazon Cloud Cam a good baby monitor?

Since our initial review of Amazon Cloud Cam, we’ve had to answer several questions about whether Amazon Cloud Cam can be used as a baby monitor and whether it is actually worth it. In our review, Amazon Cloud Cam is a security camera that can be turned into a baby monitor and works perfectly well as a baby monitor. With Amazon Cloud Cam, you get great quality 1080p HD videos of your baby straight to your smartphone App or on Echo Show. Unlike traditional baby monitors such as Infant Optics DXR 8 and Eufy Spaceview, Amazon Cloud Cam has person, audio and zone detection features. These additional features make Amazon Cloud Cam a great baby monitor that you can rely on and is totally worth it as a baby monitor.

Picture of Amazon Cloud Cam and Comparison with Nest and Arlo.
Amazon Cloud Cam

Amazon Cloud Cam is a wired and nor wireless camera that can be used and has been rated for indoor and outdoor use.

Does Amazon Cloud Cam Record Continuously?

Another differentiating feature of Amazon Cloud Cam is the nature of its recording. A common question that I get is, does Amazon Cloud Cam record continuously? Amazon Cloud Cam continuously stream videos but does not record full video clips 24/7. However, when motion is detected, Amazon Cloud Cam captures records the entire clip until the motion is no longer being detected. Unlike Nest Cam which streams and records continuously, Amazon Cloud Cam only records full clips when motion is detected but otherwise does not record 24/7.

Before we go into details of Amazon Cloud Cam features:

Here are the features of Amazon Cloud Cam:

  • 120 degrees field of view
  • Manufactured by Amazon
  • Relatively cheaper than Nest and Arlo Cameras
  • Compatible with other Alexa Home devices such as smart plugs.
  • $7 to $20 dollars subscription fees
  • 1-day free storage in the free plan
  • 1080p HD video quality
  • Adjustable sensitivity options

Cons of Amazon Cloud Cam:

  1. Does not use battery
  2. Does not allow you to schedule
  3. Does not have cloud storage
  4. No sound detection
  5. Unlike security cameras, does not support multiple cameras
  6. For use indoors only.

Video Review of Amazon Cloud Cam

Amazon Cloud Cam Compatibility

If you are wondering whether Amazon Cloud Cam is compatible with third-party apps and cameras, here is an overview:

  • Amazon Cloud Cam integrates with Amazon’s Alexa, the virtual assistant that can take voice commands and control different devices in your home
  • Amazon Cloud Cam does not integrate with Google Home Hub, Apple’s Homekit and Smarthings. There is anticipation that this cam will eventually integrate with the listed smart homes but as of August 2019, they are not compatible

Amazon Cloud Cam Vs. Nest

Amazon released Amazon Cloud Cam to the market in November 2017 a few months after Nest released the Nest Cam Indoor. As of update in September 2019, Amazon Cloud Cam has been reviewed by over 4,700 customers who gave it a rating of 4/5, the same rating Nest Cam Indoor has, albeit with a much higher number of reviews (7,000). As mentioned above, Amazon Cloud Cam is a product of Amazon while Nest is designed and manufactured by Nest which is now part of Google.

Amazon Cloud Cam Vs Nest Cam Indoor
Amazon Cloud Cam Vs Nest Cam Indoor

Amazon Cloud Cam is generally cheaper than Nest Cam by about $40 but that does not mean it is deficient in features and capabilities. Amazon Cloud Cam streams in 1080p HD resolution just like the Nest Cam but does not record continuously. If you are looking for a reliable security camera for 24/7 streaming, Nest Cam is your go-to camera.

Nest Cam also has 8X zoom capability which is double that of Amazon Cloud cam. In addition, Nest Cam has a larger field of view by 10 degrees and is notorious for having the most expensive cloud storage fees. To access the video footage, it costs up to $30 per month/camera while Amazon Cloud Cam cloud subscription plans range from $7 to $20 per month per camera.

The table below summarizes more features that differentiate Amazon Cloud Cam from Nest cam.

Amazon Cloud
Nest Cam Indoor
Field of View120 degrees130 degrees
Video quality1080p HD1080p HD
Subscription Cost/30 days$7 to $20 per month$30 per month
Free StorageYes, 1 dayNone
Recording Speed30 frames per second 30 frames per second
Sound DetectionYesYes
Motion DetectionYesYes
Person DetectionYesYes
Adjustable MountYesYes
CostRelatively cheaper More expensive
Price on AmazonCheck PriceCheck Price

Amazon Cloud Cam Vs. Arlo

Both Arlo and Amazon Cloud Cam stream high quality, 1080p HD resolution videos and are both activated to record ONLY when motion is detected. This is what separates these two security cameras from the 24/7-recording Nest Cam. Amazon Cloud Cam and Arlo cameras such as Arlo, Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2, Arlo Q, Arlo 4K Ultra are all designed as a security camera. However, Amazon Cloud Cam and most of Netgear’s array of cameras can be turned into baby monitors.

The table below shows the differences between the Amazon Cloud Cam and Arlo

Amazon Cloud Cam Arlo Baby Monitor
Field of View120 degrees110 degrees
Video Quality1080p HD1080p HD
Subscription rate$7 to $20 /month$10/month
Motion SensorYesYes
Smart Home IntegrationGoogle Home and Alexa Google Home and Alexa
Speed of recording30 frames per second 30 frames per second
Air SensorsNoYes
NIght vision range30 ft.15 ft.
Activity Zone43 activity zones
Check PriceCheck Price Check Price

Video Comparison of Amazon Cloud Cam Vs. Nest Vs. Arlo Vs. Logitech

Amazon Cloud Cam Subscription/Storage Rates

The table below is a snapshot of Amazon Cloud Cam subscription options that you can choose from:

Snapshot with four subscription plans for Amazon Cloud Cam
Does Amazon Cloud Cam work with Google Home Hub

As of August 17, 2019, Amazon Cloud Cam does not work with Google Home Hub. It does not connect to Apple’s Homekit either. it however connects with Amazon’s Alexa Home.

Does Amazon Cloud Cam Record Continuously?

As explained above, Amazon Cloud Cam does not record continuously like Nest Cam Indoor but only records when motion is detected.

Does Amazon Cloud Cam work as a baby monitor?

Yes. All security cameras including Amazon Cloud Cam can be changed into a baby monitor by installing it on the baby’s nursery to stream HD videos of your baby. As indicated in the review above, Amazon Cloud Cam is one of the best security cameras that can be turned into a baby monitor.

Is Amazon Cloud Cam weatherproof?

Amazon Cloud Cam is not weatherproof but you can purchase a premium cover for just $12 to protect the camera.

Does Amazon Cloud Cam require a subscription

Yes. Amazon Cloud Cam requires a subscription and you can refer the above table to get all the details of Amazon Cloud Cam’s subscription fees.

Does Amazon Cloud Cam work with iPhone

Yes. Amazon Cloud Cam can stream to your iPhone. You will need to download the Amazon Alexa App on AppStore which is free and has been downloaded by over 18,000 users who used it on their iOS devices including iPhone.

Can Amazon Cloud Cam be used outdoors?

Yes. Although Amazon Cloud Cam is rated for indoor use, you can purchase a weatherproof cover that costs $12.99. Once you’ve covered your Amazon Cloud Cam with the cover, you can use it outdoors and will not be in danger of being destroyed by water if it rains.

Can Amazon Cloud Cam get hacked?

Yes. Amazon Cloud cam can be hacked just like other WiFi baby monitors we’ve reviewed here at 10BabyGear. Amazon Cloud Cam uses 128-bit encryption standard which is considered lower than the current highest encryption standard, AES-256 bit encryption. Only a few baby monitors such as Motorola Halo Plus, Mimi baby monitor and Nanit Plus use this high AES-256 bit encryption and cannot be hacked. Amazon Cloud Cam can however get hacked but if you follow the security precautions we’ve highlighted, you can avoid being hacked.

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