Below are a series of Anmeate video baby monitor reviews in 2020. Anmeate made it to 2020 list of best non-wifi monitors you can find on Amazon.

Below are features of Anmeate:

  1. It comes with a 2.4-inch screen which is smaller to others such as Infant Optics’ 3.5-inch, Eufy’s 5-inch and Vava’s 5-inch.
  2. It has 2x Zoom
  3. The Anmeate camera has temperature sensors
  4. The Anmeate camera also has 8 infrared night vision LED lights. The night vision turns on automatically as soon as the environment experiences low light.
  5. It has two-way talk enabling you to talk to your baby if you want to or even sing lullabies if you’re good at singing or lulling your baby to sleep
  6. The camera has 4 in-built lullabies songs you can choose from
  7. The range of connection between the camera and the parent unit is up to 960 feet which is decent and better than the average range of 750 ft.. Other video baby monitors without wifi such as Infant Optics and Eufy Spaceview S baby monitors have lower range of connection than Anmeate.
  8. The parent unit uses Li-ion battery, 950mAh, that lasts for 8 hours and has VOX mode/eco-mode
  9. Manual pan of up to 360 degrees & manual tilt of up to 60 degrees.

Video Reviews of Anmeate Video Baby Monitor

Here is another Anmeate video review: