6 Arlo cameras and Arlo baby monitor are now compatible with Google Home Hub and you can integrate the cameras to leverage Google’s smart home ecosystem and apps such as Google Assistant and Smart Speakers. Google Home hub consists of Google’s voice-activated speakers and a 7-inch touchscreen display. By integrating Google Home Hub with your Arlo cameras or with your Arlo baby monitor, you can check the baby in your room or even check the traffic outside your home using Google Maps.

Below are some of the great advantages of Arlo cameras integration with Google Home hub:

  • Easy voice controls using Google Assistant
  • Easy assistance as you can stream live on the screen
  • Very clear sound
  • It can integrate with several other smart devices such as thermostat, lighting, smart plugs, among others. It is compatible with brands such as JBL, D-Link, Nest, Philips Hue and August
  • Can stream videos to your iOS or Android App
  • Enables you to easily control your smart home.

Arlo cameras such as Arlo Pro 2 can be used as a baby monitor but Arlo baby monitor, the grey brand has a dimmer night vision mode and is more suited for monitoring infants. If you plan on using your Arlo camera in your smart home, consider Arlo baby monitor.

Below are the Arlo cameras compatible with Google Home Hub.

NameCompatible With
Google Home Hub
Check Price
Arlo baby monitorYesCheck Price
Arlo Pro Yes Check Price
Arlo Pro 2 Yes Check Price
Arlo Go Yes Check Price
Arlo Q Yes Check Price
Arlo Q Plus Yes Check Price
Arlo 4K Yes Check Price

Below is a video showing Arlo Pro functioning by taking voice commands once integrated with Google Home Hub:

Google Home Hub Specs with Arlo

Google Home Hub currently costs $129 and with this, you get the following features that come with the 7-inch display and smart speaker that powers the Google Assistant, Google’s virtual assistant. Google Assistant is equivalent to Amazon’s Alexa.

Dimensions 2.65 x 7.02 x 4.65 in
Weight16.9 oz
ConnectivityWiFi (2.4 & 5 GHz)
Bluetooth 5.0
Power supply Mains-powered (16.5V, 2A)
Display 7″ LCD touch screen
Resolution 1024 x 600
Power 15W
Inputs(w) DC power jack, Micro-USB port
Drivers 2″ Driver
Amplifiers 2 x 2″ passive radiators

How to Connect Arlo to Google Home Hub

Follow the following 6 steps to connect your Arlo camera to Google Home Hub.

If it may be helpful, listen to the video below to connect your Arlo camera:

To get the Arlo camera to stream videos on the Google Home Hub, follow the steps below:

  • Mount the camera and set it up with the Arlo app
  • Download Google Home App and open it
  • Click on the Plus icon on the App
  • Click “set up” device
  • Click on “Works with Google Home” button
  • Choose Arlo camera from the list
  • It will take you to Arlo camera app where you need to login
  • Once you choose the Arlo device, you can start streaming live
  • You can use “Ok Google” followed by Arlo Google command. You can also swipe downwards on Google Home Hub screen and from the control panel that shows up, choose the camera you’d like to stream.

The video below is also very helpful

Arlo Baby Monitor Works with Google Home Hub

Arlo is one of my favorite wifi baby monitors as it is compatible with Google Home Hub and others such as Homekit and Alexa.

Arlo Pro 2 Works With Google Home Hub

Arlo Pro 2 works with Google Home Hub and below is a video of Arlo Pro 2 when integrated:

Arlo 4K Works with Google Home Hub

Arlo Pro Works with Google Home Hub

Arlo Go Works with Google Home Hub

Arlo Q Works with Google Home Hub

Arlo Q Plus Works with Google Home Hub

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