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If you are wondering if baby monitors record, this post will give you all the information you need regarding baby monitor that record, store, and playback the stored videos including Owlet.

Here are baby monitors that record:

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Recording baby monitors requires space to store the recorded videos and we’ll look into the two main storage options – local storage with an SD card or in the cloud. Before reviewing baby cameras that record, let’s start with the most common questions:

Do baby monitors record?

Not all baby monitors record video but a few brands have a recording and playback feature classified into two categories. There are those that store the camera feed in the cloud and others that record and store the feed in a local SD card. There are also baby monitors that record when movement is detected. Having used more than four baby monitor brands, I highly recommend baby monitors that record video. You and your baby will appreciate those clips that mark new milestones of your infant.

Owlet Cam Video Baby Monitor that records and play in your app

 This article will inform you of the best recording baby monitors with playback, essentially all the great baby monitors that can record video or audio for you to view at a later time.

Baby Monitors have evolved significantly from just audio or a video streaming device. The best baby monitors are now able to record video and store it either in the cloud or locally in a micro SD card. The stored video can later be retrieved enabling parents to view the activity of their babies even when they’ve been away.

SD (short for Secure Digital) cards are memory storage devices commonly used in cameras. Their memory space range from 32 megabytes to 128 terabytes.

In addition, recent baby monitors enable parents to take screenshots of the images on the screen and this is a significant feature considering that the older models did not have this feature. The most common recording baby cams support up to 32GB micro SD cards. Below are some images of SD cards for baby monitors that you can get on Amazon.

SD Cards.svg
YI 1080p baby monitor with playback

In 1997, Cynthia L. Altenhofen submitted a patent application for a baby monitor that allowed parents to record a soothing voice for the baby which they could play later.

The baby monitor had a message storage mechanism and it was very easy to play. The soothing voice could be played by activating a play switch.

3 Classes of Baby Monitors With Recording

In our 2021 review of the best recording baby monitors with playback, we compared over 20 baby monitors with recording and playback capabilities. In our analysis, we arrived at three types of baby monitors with a playback:

  1. Baby monitors with playback that store recorded video or audio on SD card or on TF card
  2. Baby monitors with playback that store recorded video or audio in the cloud
  3. Baby monitors with playback that have sound or movement-activated recording 

Video monitors that store the video on SD cards are known to be more secure as the data is stored locally. Video monitors that store data on the cloud are less secure as the data is stored in the cloud and could be accessed maliciously by hackers.

The video baby monitors that have sound or movement-activated recording safe storage space as they only record when the baby makes crying noise or when the baby makes any movement(s).

Here are some SD cards:

  1. TF Card 32GB
  2. Sony 16GB Memory Stick
  3. SanDisk 32GB SDHC
  4. Samsung 32GB 95MB

List of Top Baby Monitors with Playback and Recording

Below is a list of our top baby monitors with playback and recording feature:

NameStorage LocationCheck Price
LeFun Cloud and SD CardCheck Price
DBPower Local and SD Card Check Price
Tofucam Cloud Check Price
Wireless IP CamCloud Check Price
Miku Baby Monitor Cloud Check Price
YI 1080p Cloud Check Price
Arlo Baby Monitor Cloud or SD Card Check Price
Owlet Smart Sock 2Cloud Check Price
MonBaby SD Card Check Price
iBaby M7 SD Card and Cloud Check Price
Eufy Spaceview SSD Card Check Price
Hellobaby SD Card (128 TF card)Check Price, Check the price of SD Card

Baby Monitors With Record Function Using Micro SD or TF Card – Reviews

LeFun wifi baby monitor
Lefun (Link to Amazon)

1. LeFun 720p Wireless WiFi

Lefun 720p emerged as our top baby monitor with playback in 2019. Lefun 720 Wireless Wifi camera comes with 720P High-Resolution lens which gives you the HD image & HD Video, fast forward and playback via local micro SD card, Pan 350° and Tilt 100° rotation. With a micro-SD card, you’ll have to buy another one every other 6 months which means you spend less than what you’d spend on other wifi baby monitor. Some smart video baby monitors such as Nest store the data on the cloud and charges a high subscription fee of up to $100 per year.

Lefun took the lead because of its high-quality pictures and surprisingly low price compared to its peers such as Arlo.

2. DBPower Digital Baby Monitor

DBPower digital video baby monitor is our second best baby monitor with the recording feature after Lefun. DBPower Digital Baby Monitor allows you to connect up to four cameras that can record and store it.

It supports up to 32GB TF card (Not included) and sound-triggered automatic video recording function. You need to manually start recording and can control it using the parent monitor. The DBPower Monitor with playback and recording capabilities has zoom, tilt, and pan capabilities. The cords are however short and you may need to move your crib to make sure the cord gets to the plug. 

3. Tofucam Baby Monitor by Pyle

Tofucam enables you to capture all activity with 24 Hour Recording – Play Back and Save Video Recorded to the SD Card Right from the App – 1 Year Warranty and Lifetime Customer Support Through Pyle!

4. Wireless IP Security Cam

Wireless IP security Cam (Link to Amazon)

Wireless IP Security Cam is another recording baby cam that can record continuously or when motion is detected. The camera can record a maximum of 128G Micro SD cards which you have to purchase separately.

Here are other features of this inexpensive recording baby monitor:

  1. HD – 1080p.
  2. 18PCS IR Led Lights for nearly 65ft IR distance
  3. Home Friendly Design.

While SD in this Wireless IP camera can be purchased separately, this IP camera costs less than $40. You can check its current price on Amazon using the link below.

Baby Monitors That Record and Store Data in the Cloud (WIFI)

1. Miku Baby Monitor

Miku baby monitor emerged as out top baby monitor with playback that stores data on the cloud. Unlike other wifi baby monitors that charge up to $100 to store data on the cloud, Miku baby monitor does not charge a fee to store the recordings on the Miku cloud.

Miku baby monitor camera

In addition to the zero storage fee, the Miku baby monitor uses advanced encryption standards. 10BabyGear ranked Miku as the third best baby monitor in 2021 and one of the top wifi baby monitors.

Below are the features:

  • Video and Audio Storage: Cloud storage
  • Cost of cloud subscription/month:N/A
  • Max cameras it can support: N/A
  • Video quality: HD

You can read our full review of Miku baby monitor (link to 10BabyGear review on Miku). You can check its current price on Amazon here.

2. YI 1080p Home Camera

YI 1080p Home camera took the second position in the category of baby monitors with recording and playback features. YI camera is very pocket-friendly and can support up to 4 cameras in one monitoring system. It has 1080p HD video resolutions and it comes with a mobile app that charges $10 per month to access the cloud data.

Below are some of the features:

YI 1080p baby monitor with playback
  • Video and Audio Storage: Cloud storage
  • Cost of cloud subscription per month: $10
  • Max cameras it can support: 4
  • Video quality: 1080p HD
  • Rated 4.1/5 by over 4,000 customers on Amazon
  • Check Price

3. Arlo Baby Monitor

Arlo baby monitor emerged as the third-best baby monitor with playback that stores the recordings in the cloud. Arlo baby monitor was initially released in 2016 and discontinued. Another model with a different color, grey, was released in 2017 and it is currently a top-selling baby monitor ranked number 26 on Amazon in the baby monitor category (as of July 2019).

Below is a snapshot from Amazon’s page indicating the current rank of this wifi baby monitor.

sales ranking of Arlo video baby monitor with recording feature

Arlo was on the 10BabyGear’s list of best baby monitors in 2019 and it emerged 5th, behind Miku baby monitor and Owlet Smart Sock 2. Miku beat Arlo and Owlet Care because of its advanced technology features specifically the Sension Fusion technology and 0 storage fees.

Below are some of the features of the Arlo baby monitor.

  • Video and Audio Storage: Cloud storage
  • Cost of cloud subscription/month: $10 – $30
  • Max cameras it can support: N/A
  • Video quality: 1080p HD

You can read our full review of Arlo baby monitor (link to Arlo baby monitor review post on this BMC site). You can check its price on Amazon here

3. Owlet Cam Recording: Does Owlet camera record

Owlet camera records your baby videos and images and stores them in the cloud at no cost to you. The SD card that stores the video feed and images is at the back of the owlet Cam and records 24 hours of footage. You can view the 24-hour footage using a Micro SD inside of the monitor. Please note that to access the Owlet Cam recording, you need to get an adapter that you can use to plug the card into your computer to view the stored footage. At this time, you cannot view the footage via their app.

However, Owlet does not continuously record your baby’s video feed for playback. Owlet Smart Sock 3 released in July 2020 doesn’t charge a fee to record the vital signs.

  • Video and Audio Storage: Cloud storage
  • Cost of cloud subscription per month: Currently free, the $8 subscription fees were scrapped
  • Max cameras it can support: 1
  • Video quality: 1080p HD

You can check the price of Owlet Smart Sock 2 on Amazon here or Owlet’s Smart Sock 3 here.

4. MonBaby Smart Button

  • Video and Audio Storage: Cloud storage
  • Cost of cloud subscription per month: $0
  • Max cameras it can support: N/A

You can check the price of Monbaby on Amazon here

6. iBaby M7 Baby Monitor

iBaby M7 is a recording baby monitor that you can rely on to save all the historical videos for playback later.

  • Video and Audio Storage: Cloud storage
  • Cost of cloud subscription/month:$0
  • Max cameras it can support: N/A
  • Video quality: HD
  • You can check its price here

Frequently Asked Questions on Recording Baby Monitors

Does the Owlet Cam record?

Owlet Cam records for a period of 24 hours to a SD card that cannot be viewed/played remotely. You’ll have to remove the SD card and use the computer to read it. If you are interested in the Owlet recording cam, you can do more research on Amazon by reading the reviews here.

Do baby monitors record

Not all baby monitors have a recording feature but as discussed above, a number of baby monitors do record the videos and audio for playback later. Some baby monitors record the baby monitor videos and audios to the cloud while others record to local storage – mostly micro SD cards.

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