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Best Carriers for Hot Weather – Humid & Tropical Weather

If you live in areas with hot weather or are planning to go for a vacation in the tropics, I will help you to select the best baby carrier for hot weather. It is important to note that you CANNOT use any carrier in a hot weather and glad you are here to get the appropriate carriers you can use to carry your baby during summer or any hot weather.

Hot weather can cause your baby to overheat and become very uncomfortable. We have explored through different types of carriers and come up with the best carriers designed for summer that will suit every need you and your baby might have. In hot weather, you need a lightweight, cool and breathable carriers and it is essential you consider these factors and more as described below.

If you live in places with warm weather year-round, then having one of the durable baby carriers designed for summer will do for you. Likewise, even if you live in areas that experience colder seasons, you can still use a baby carrier for hot weather as long as you dress appropriately.

Alternatively, you can buy a versatile carrier that you can use during summer and winter. However, it will not be the most ideal because it was not explicitly designed for summer.

What to Consider When Buying A Baby Carrier For Hot Weather:


You want to look for a fabric that is breathable to release heat and allow in cooler air to prevent your baby from overheating. It should also be soft for your baby’s delicate skin. If the material is strong and durable as well, that is real value for your money. The best materials are cotton, linen, and bamboo. Mesh lining is also great for structured carriers.

Type of carrier

Soft-structured carriers and wraps are great at distributing weight and relieving pressure on the back. They are also most comfortable when you have to wear the baby for long periods. A sling, on the other hand, is very versatile, you can be able to wear it more easily and carry the baby any way you like, but it is only comfortable to use for short durations.

Size/ weight capacity

Carriers have different weight capacities. Some are most suited for preemies, infants and newborns, while others are only suitable for bigger babies. That said, most of the carriers in the market have adjustable features that allow your baby to transition from newborn to toddler seamlessly. Look for a carrier that will grow with your baby. Also, depending on your size as the parent or caregivers, some carriers are more suited for plus-size carriers.

Carrying positions

From the time your baby is born until they are six months old, they should be carried on your chest facing you to support their fragile neck. After that, they can be carried facing forward with their back against your chest.

Most carriers support at least two carrying positions, but some allow up to 6 positions, offering ultimate comfort and versatility.


Both you and your baby should be comfortable with the carrier. The baby’s neck, spine, and hips must be correctly aligned throughout their developmental years. A bad carrying posture would compromise this development. Look for a carrier with added neck support, and a wide ergonomic seat to allow them to have an M seated alignment.

Since your shoulders and back will be bearing the weight, you need features that will keep you comfortable to avoid pain or injuries.

If you choose a structured carrier, look for wide padded shoulder straps, a wide waist belt, and extra back support, like lumbar support. They distribute weight evenly and prevent raining on your shoulders and back.


Many carriers have a hood or hat that can be detached or tucked and buttoned on the carrier. They are designed to shield the baby from the sun, rain, and wind. They also support the baby’s neck when they fall asleep.

Water activities

If you will be spending time on the beach or swimming pool or engaging in any water activities, you need a carrier that dries fast. There are some carriers designed for that specific purpose.

Additional perks

Some carriers offer bonus features like zippered pockets to store things like wallet, keys, mobile phone, or any other item. Other carriers have a bib to protect the carrier from the baby’s inevitable drool and spit-ups.

Best Baby Carrier for Hot Weather Conditions: Beco Gemini

Using the 7 factors above, we ranked each of the carriers in our list and Beco Gemini emerged top as our overall best carrier for hot weather in 2021. Beco Gemini is a soft structured carrier that’s ideal for any kid from 7 to 35 pounds in weight and can be used front facing, on the back, or as a hip carry option. Beco, the company behind this carrier has been around since 2005 and was founded by Gabby Caperon and this is one of their four carrier brands.

9 Best Baby Carriers for Hot Weather 2021:

Reviews of the Best Baby Carriers for Hot Weather

#1. Best Summer Baby Carrier: Beco Gemini Cool

Beco Gemini Cool by Beco is our best baby carrier suitable for hot weather. It has a soft structured mesh fabric that allows free circulation of air.

This carrier offers you super comfort features for you and the baby. It has four carry options: facing out, facing in, hip, and back. The seat is adjustable to accommodate infants weighing as little as 7 pounds and toddlers weighing up to 35 pounds. The shoulder straps are wide and generously padded and can be worn like a backpack or crisscrossed, to distribute weight evenly across the back and shoulders. The waist belt is also wide, further enhancing your comfort.

We also love the large pockets to carry your essentials as you take a stroll with your baby and the fact that it has such a wide range of colors to choose from.

Consider Beco Gemini if you are looking for an airy carrier that is also super comfortable.


  • Suitable for babies weighing 7 to 35 pounds
  • Four carry options
  • Shoulder strap with regular and crisscross options
  • Adjustable seat
  • Large pockets
  • Wide supportive waist belt
  • A built-in headrest for height/support
  • Breastfeeding dual adjustable buckle


  • Crisscross straps and wide waist belt distributes weight evenly
  • Waist belt extenders from XS-XXL sizes for the parent or caregivers
  • The fabric is mesh and light and remains cool under hot temperatures


  • It is a bit expensive

Beco Gemini vs Beco 8 vs Beco Soleil vs Beco Toddler:

#2. Best Summer Baby Wrap: Wrapsody Breeze

Wrapsody Breeze is a breezy baby carrier. It’s a woven wrap that is also gently textured to keep the baby from shifting.

This lightweight wrap allows you to carry the baby from the chest, back, and hip. The wrap conforms into wide shoulder straps that spread the weight evenly across the shoulders, back, and hips.

With Wrapsody wrap, you get multiple adjustable options for the perfect fit that is comfortable for you and your baby. You will also love the handwork painting art on it.


  • For babies 8-35 pounds
  • Multiple carry positions
  • Woven structure


  • Very light and airy
  • Has a pocket
  • Very versatile


  • It is not very cushy or soft when new so, you need to break it in
  • The thin fabric might dig into your shoulders

#3. Best Baby Sling for Hot Weather: Mebien Muslin Ringsling

The Meibein sling is a very stylish carrier that came third of this list of best baby carrier for hot weather, including hot and humid weather. It is made by Mebien from Turkey cotton fabric and has an open weave on both sides, which makes the sling breathable, lightweight, and perfect for hot weather. It’s usually pre-washed during manufacture, so after the first wash; it becomes even softer, smoother, and absorbent. The stylish wrap has a wrinkle design that doesn’t require ironing.

If you buy Meibein sling, you will get double for the price of one. You can use it as a blanket cover and also as a nursing cover. You get a free carry bag too. This is the perfect sling for summer babies for your use, or even as a gift.


  • 100% Turkish cotton muslin fabric
  • Double woven
  • Vegan-friendly, pre-washed, and free of softening agents


  • High-quality cotton material
  • Durable
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Has a pocket
  • The different colors help you to know which side you are working on
  • Suitable for people with sensitive skin
  • Great adjustability that allows a perfect fit on any body type

#4. Best Baby Carrier for Summer Newborn: Ergo Adapt Cool

Ergo Baby Adapt by Ergo baby is the fourth-best carrier for strolls with your infant during summer. It accommodates babies weighing as little as 7 pounds and up to 45 pounds without needing additional padding or infant insert since the carrier adapts to the baby. The structure is made of soft, cool, and airy mesh fabric. 

For comfort, it allows front, back, and hip carrying positions with the baby in the ergonomic M position. The straps can be worn like a backpack or crisscrossed. The waist belt is adjustable and can be worn high or low, which is especially helpful for moms who have undergone C-section.


  • Suitable for babies from 0-48 months
  • Adjustable bucket seat
  • Tuck-away baby hood for sun and wind protection
  • Front, back, and hip carry positions.
  • Straps with backpack and crisscross options


  • Adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt allows a perfect fit for petite to large body frames
  • Acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute for hip healthy
  • Soft and airy
  • Material is strong and durable


  • It does not support carrying the baby while facing the front

#5. Best Infant Wrap for Summer: Beach Front Wrap

The Beachfront Wrap by Beachfront Baby is the fifth-best carrier you can use in hot weather in 2021 and ideal for newborns. This carrier is made from a lightweight, athletic mesh fabric to promote breathability. It is shorter lengthwise in comparison to other wraps to minimize the fabric covering you and your baby. However, it stretches widthwise conforming to your shoulders and baby’s body.

You have to have this wrap when you need to go with your infant to the beach, swimming pool or waterpark, although, you can also use it other times.


  • Made from 100% polyester mesh fabric that is stretchy
  • Recommended for babies weighing 8-30 pounds
  • For everyday use or in the water
  • ASTM Certified
  • Available in 3 sizes and 14 colors


  • It has a perfect fit for everyone
  • The wrap is very breathable
  • It is great for outdoor fun


  • Hard for beginners to use

#6. Best Toddler Carrier for Hot Weather: LilleBaby Carry On Airflow

The Lillebaby CarryOn Airflow is the 6th best carrier that is perfect for hot weather in 2021 and most ideal if you are looking for a lightweight carrier for hot and humid weather. It is made by LilleBaby with breathable cotton fabric that has mesh for maximum air circulation.

This carrier allows carrying your baby in style and comfort. It supports six carry positions, so you can carry your baby any way you like. It also has two-way straps to carry your baby from the front or back. Lumbar support allows the weight to be distributed evenly and gives you additional stability, relieving lower back pressure.

For your baby’s comfort, the seat can be narrowed or widened when the sides are adjusted. Additionally, it has a sleeping hood to shield your baby from the sun, rain, and wind and offer additional head support.

We also love that it accommodates infants as little as 7lbs without an extra insert and that it can accommodate even toddlers weighing as much as 45 pounds.


  • Suitable for babies weighing 7 to 45 pounds
  • Six carrying positions
  • Extendable waist belt
  • Lumbar support
  • 3D breathable mesh lining
  • Two-way strap adjustability
  • Sleeping hood for support and sun protection
  • Headrest


  • No need for an infant insert
  • Pocket to store handy items
  • Ability to carry the baby facing front
  • Well-padded and comfortable for baby and the parent
  • Lightweight and airy making it perfect for hot weather

#7. Carrier You Can Use the Longest From Infant To Preschool: Boba X

The Boba X carrier by Boba is our 7th best durable carrier you can rely on in hot weather. This carrier is made with a keenness for adjustability, which is why it’s our favorite option for parents that want to invest in one carrier that will last from infancy and throughout toddlerhood.

It is made from super soft cotton material that is breathable and hugs your baby. The seat, body panel, and contoured shoulder straps are all adjustable using Velcro to suit you and your baby’s needs. Additionally, it has seat extenders for toddlers.

Other features that we like include zippered pockets that can be used for extra neck support, purse strap holder, removable hood, and crossable shoulder straps.


  • Suitable for babies from 7-45 pounds
  • Toddler seat extenders
  • Adjustable straps, seat, and panel body

Below is a video review of Boba X:


  • Very soft material that is comfy
  • Machine washable
  • Pockets give you additional storage
  • Padded straps and waist belt are very supportive

#8. Most Versatile Baby Carrier: Lillebaby Complete All Seasons

Lille baby Complete All Seasons is the whole package of all the features you would wish on a carrier, but the most outstanding is its versatility. This carrier came 8th on this list and is among the best for hot and humid weather. Unlike many other carriers, the Lillebaby carrier gives you six ergonomic carry positions. It is also ready to use regardless of the weather. The body panel is lined with breathable mesh suitable for hot weather that you expose by zipping down the front, and in case of colder weather, you zip up the front for warmth. This carrier is suitable for newborns up to 45 pounds.

We love the lumbar support in addition to the waist belt because it gives more stability, distributes weight evenly, and relieves backpressure. Two carry options in crisscross or backpack style, and the fact that it is soft, and machine washable.


  • 360 degrees babywearing
  • Temperature regulation panels for summer and winter
  • Lumbar support
  • Two-seat adjusting positions
  • Two shoulder straps styles (backpack or crisscross)


  • Ready to use without an insert
  • Six carrying positions
  • The lumbar pad is excellent for relieving lower back pressure
  • Easy to use
  • Very many color options


  • The leg openings lack enough padding.

#9. Best Mesh Baby Carrier: Ergobaby 360 Cool Carriers

The Ergobaby 360 is the best baby carrier with the mesh you can find in the market. It is very light as well, making traveling under hot weather less cumbersome and uncomfortable for you and your baby. However, this carrier is suitable for babies that are bigger, weighing between 12 to 45 pounds.

Unlike the Ergo Adapt Cool, you get to carry the baby facing front, a feature that many babies, as well as parents, love. Also, it has lumbar support for additional back support.

Ergo360 supports all carrying positions and has a breathable mesh fabric that is perfect for hot weather.


  • For babies weighing 12 to 45pounds
  • 360, all positions carrier
  • Lumbar support
  • Privacy hood (UPF 50+)


  • Forward-facing carrying option
  • Lightweight, cool and breathable mesh fabric
  • Lumbar support for the back
  • Machine washable
  • Hood protects the baby against the wind or sun


  • The mesh material is not soft and might be scratchy for the baby’s delicate skin
  • It lacks pockets for handy items

FAQs – Baby Carriers for Hot Weather

What’s the best baby carrier for hot weather most suitable for a newborn

Beco Gemini Cool is the overall best baby carrier for any newborn in 2021.

Best Ergobaby carrier for hot weather

The older Ergobaby Original Collection Baby Carrier is the overall best Ergobaby carrier most ideal for hot weather.

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