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If your baby is suffering from frequent reflux that it has become quite bothersome, your search has brought you to the right place. All you need to do is put your baby in an inclined position in a sleeper to see improvement. Yes, it’s that simple!

You are probably wondering, where the heck do I get an inclined sleeper? Are they safe? For sure, they exist but are so few in the market. And yes, they are very safe. An inclined bassinet keeps your infant’s head raised, helping them keep down the food in the stomach and breathe better.

Again, these inclined bassinets are hard to come by, but after many hours of searching, we managed to come up with a list of a select few that have great reviews in helping manage reflux. But first, let’s talk more about reflux and how it is connected to sleeping position so you can understand how these inclined bassinets will help your child’s reflex. Here are the best bassinets for reflux we have reviewed:

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About Acid reflux and baby sleep position

Reflux refers to when a baby brings up milk immediately after feeding. It is a very common occurrence among newborns. Most babies experience reflux multiple times each day from as early as two weeks. While in most cases it is not harmful, some parents are bothered by it.

When a baby feeds on milk or formula, it goes from the mouth to the stomach through the oesophagus. The oesophagus has a muscle called the Esophageal, which acts as a valve between the mouth and stomach. This muscle functions by opening to let food into the stomach and remain closed to prevent stomach contents from backing up to the mouth.

Babies suffer from reflux because their Esophageal is not fully developed, allowing food to back up when you lay your baby down. Placing your baby in an inclined position makes it harder for reflux to occur. That’s why doctors advise parents to hold the baby upright after feeding.

Elevating/Inclining Bassinet Mattress for Reflux – the angle of incline for a bassinet for reflux

Inclining the sleeping position of a baby may help with reflux and breathing, especially when congested from a cold. There are many ways you can raise the head of a bassinet to help your baby. The first is to buy a bassinet designed to incline. The second is to prop the mattress from under with a rolled towel or blanket. You want a gentle incline, not a steep one; an angle between 15 to 30 degrees should be safe and comfortable. Also, tuck everything to ensure that no loose blankets and materials are sticking out to prevent SIDS.

The third is to purchase a crib wedge and place it under the mattress. They are perfectly fitted to give just the right level of incline and do not cause the mattress to budge at all.

Are Inclined Bassinets Safe for Babies?

This is a very divisive issue right now; some people feel it is safe while others are opposed to placing the baby in an elevated position. Still, some doctors have advised using an inclined sleeping position to help with certain problems, including reflux. When reading through different parenting blogs, we noted that many parents have reported improvement in their babies’ conditions from using inclined bassinets and other incline products.

The AAP does not support the use of inclined products. They caution that it poses a risk of the baby shifting downwards and may cause serious breathing problems depending on how the baby is positioned.

If you still want your baby to use an inclined bassinet, our recommendation is that you should be present to keep an eye on them to make sure they are safe for the whole duration they are in.

Quick comparison table 

Product NameIncline AnglePrice
Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper3 different angles
SwaddleMe by Your Bed Sleeper2 different angles
Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play YardFixed inclined angle
Go With Me Sway Portable Infant RockerFixed inclined angle,30 degrees

Reviews of the best incline bassinet for acid reflux

1. Tiny Love 3 in 1 Rocker Napper

Tiny Love 3 in1 is top on our list of the best bassinet for reflux because it is multifunctional and allows you to adjust to three incline positions (there aren’t many bassinets that offer multiple reclining positions).

The first incline angle allows you to set it at 180 degree, where it lies flat like a normal bassinet or what the company calls ‘Napper’. This is great when your baby needs to nap or at bedtime.

The second is ‘Rock n Play’ where you incline the bassinet to raise the baby’s head just a bit. A lot of babies love this position because they can see things around them better. It is also a great position for play time and will also help prevent reflux.

The third position elevates the bassinet even higher and converts it into a seat. This angle is great for feeding time as the baby will be upright.

To convert the bassinet to napper, pack n play, or versatile seat is very easy, using only a one-handed mechanism. And don’t forget that it also gently rocks in any of these positions- no other bassinet in the market so far has the capability to rock while reclined.

There is another reason why we adore this bassinet. It has a very cuddly seat with soft, plush padding that will keep your baby feeling safe and comfortable as they sleep.

This bassinet also includes useful features that will delight your baby’s senses. It has overhead toys she can tug and play with their tiny hands, an attached device for vibration and music when she needs to relax and be soothed to sleep, and soft lights that will catch your baby’s attention without being too harsh.

If you are not already sold, what about that it serves your baby from birth till 12 months/ 40 pounds? This is the longest serving bassinet we have seen. Most bassinets last until the baby is 3 months. Once your child outgrows it, they can use it as a high chair or bouncer chair still.


  • Lightweight (10lbs), easy to move between rooms
  • Offers multiple recline position for different needs
  • Versatile, converts from napper to seat
  • Highest weight limit
  • Includes entertainment features with music, vibration, toys, and adorable light


  • Vibration is not that great
  • It makes some creaking noise
  • Reviewers wish it was a bit higher

2. SwaddleMe By Your Bed Sleeper

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On the second position on our list of the best bassinet for reflux is the SwaddleMe By Your Bed Sleeper because it offers two different incline positions.

You can easily adjust the two incline levels to set the baby higher or lower depending on the need. When you place your baby at a higher level, it will help reduce the chances of food backing up after feeding and help with digestion. It also enables them to breathe better, like when they are congested from a cold.

If you want a cozy spot that your baby will love sleeping in, the SwaddleMe incline bassinet is designed for just that. This bassinet uses soft fabrics for comfort and mesh walls for all around breathability and visibility. It also includes a mobile device producing a soft light, music, and soothing vibrations. With these features, your baby will relax and fall asleep quickly.

But what impressed us the most is that this incline bassinet also functions as the perfect bedside sleeper. 

With an adjustable leg, you can raise the bassinet to a height that feels comfortable for you when picking up the baby or set it to have your baby at eye level from your bed. That way, you can easily access your baby to feed or change their diapers without leaving your bed. And again, the sides are see through with mesh so both you and your baby can see each other, which instills a sense of security for your child and helps you bond because you can see each other the whole time.

Nothing relaxes a baby more than being rocked. SwaddleMe bassinet has the capability to rock side to side with just a simple push to have your baby snoozing in minutes.

We found the SwaddleMe by Your Bedside to be a very practical and highly functional bassinet.


  • Offers two adjustable incline levels to help with different needs and help reduce reflux
  • Has adjustable height level helping to access the baby without straining
  • Mesh walls to promote airflow in and around the bassinet and visibility
  • Includes entertaining and soothing features for your baby


  • May be hard to get

3. Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play Yard

The next product is the Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play Yard by Fisher-Price. A lot of parents love Fisher-price products, and this one is no exception. As you can tell from the picture above, it is a combo of a sleeper and play yard; the two most useful features anyone with a baby would appreciate.

This playard deserves to be on this list because it comes with a removable incline sleeper. It is not adjustable to different heights like the first two products hence taking the third position. But regardless, parents have found this gentle incline position comfortable and enjoyable enough for their babies to sleep. It has also helped many babies with reflux.

We have ranked it in the third position because we appreciate its portability. This thing is small, foldable into a compact package, and weighs like half the weight of most playards (15 lbs). So if you are a traveling mom or dad, Fisher Price Ultra Lite Playard is the best accessory. Plus, it also comes with a storage tote bag, which is very convenient for hands free carry.

And whenever you need to change your baby’s diaper, this playard makes it very convenient for you; it comes with a portable clutch changing pad and built-in wiper dispenser.

Your baby will love sleeping in the cozy incline sleeper because it has a supportive plush seat pad and head support. It also has a three point restraint, which keeps your baby secure in the inclined position. The pad and head support are machine washable, so your baby will always sleep in a germ free and nice looking environment.

Whenever your baby is not using the sleeper, you can remove it to have a spacious and comfortable playard where they can play as you do other stuff around the house. The mesh walls lets you see what they are up to as well as provide airflow.

If you want a product that gives you the best value for the price while sorting your infant’s reflux issues, get the Fisher Price Ultra Lite Day and Night Play Yard.


  • Multipurpose; incline sleeper, playard, and changing station
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight and portable with an included storage travel bag


  • Incline not adjustable
  • Playard may not provide an impressive space for active toddlers.

4. Go with Me Sway Portable Infant Rocker

Are you looking for a budget-friendly incline rocker? Go with Me Sway Portable Rocker retails at less than $100 and $70 if you buy from the Baby Delight website. It makes it on our list of best bassinets for reflux because of its incline ability and the last one because it lacks extra features that the other previous products have.

This rocker is all you need to have your infant relaxing in and sleeping in minutes. It has a super soft and well-padded inclined seat where your little one lays and a three point harness to secure them down, preventing them from shifting forward. You can manually rock the baby with a gentle push whenever you want to calm and rock them to sleep. And it uses mesh on all sides, so you don’t need to worry about breathing issues even if your baby was to sleep facing the sides.

As the name suggests, Go With Me Portable Rocker is designed to easily go with you from room to room and anywhere else you would love to visit. It is ultra-lightweight (8 lbs) and folds compactly into a pack that fits in the included carry bag. It is also spacious and sturdy and accommodates your baby until they are 40 pounds.

If all you want is a basic rocker that can incline and grow with your child, this is the best deal.


  • Affordably priced
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great for travel
  • Incline sleeping position helps reduce reflux
  • It can sway and rock to soothe the baby
  • Removable covers for easy cleaning
  • Plush padded and comfortable seat


  • It’s not possible to adjust the incline position

Three sleep safety tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) for babies with reflux:

According to AAP, reflux is part of normal growth and development and results from newborns having a short esophagus and short and weak Esophageal muscle. They say that this condition starts as early as 2 to 3 weeks after birth and peaks at 4 to 5 months in full term babies. They also note that this condition improves after 6 months once the baby is able to sit. The esophagus will grow longer, and the esophageal muscle will become stronger and function as it should.

Keeping that in mind, if your child suffers from reflux, this is the advice the AAP has for you:

1. Put the baby to sleep on their back even if they suffer with reflux

Babies have a gag reflex, a natural mechanism that causes them to swallow or cough up food materials that they spit up or vomit. This prevents any serious or fatal choking episodes even if they vomit while lying on their back. Therefore, the AAP advises parents to always place the baby on their back for sleep even if they have reflux until the baby can roll over entirely independently. They caution that placing the baby on their stomach significantly puts them at risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

2. A baby should always sleep on a firm and flat sleeping surface, unless during travel.

AAP recommends that when your baby falls asleep in their car seat, once you arrive at your destination, you should transfer them to a firm, flat mattress in a crib, bassinet, or playard and place them on their back. They discourage leaving soft beddings such as pillows, blankets, bumpers, and toys in the same space where the baby is sleeping.

They also caution that car seats and other seating devices such as reclined bouncy seats, swings, sleep positioners, nests are not safe sleeping environments. They say there are no safety standards that govern or regulate these products and that more research to guarantee their safety is needed. Additionally, they report that there is evidence showing that using a semi-inclined position can worsen a baby’s reflux.

3. Avoid using devices that are designed to maintain an elevated head position in the crib.

AAP discourages parents from using gadgets that are marketed as solutions for treating reflux. They say these products are ineffective in reducing reflux and may, in fact, risk the baby rolling towards the foot of the bed or put the baby in a position that seriously compromises their breathing.

So, what solution do they give parents to babies with reflux?

As bothersome as it can be, wait it out!

SwaddleMe By Your Bed Sleeper

Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play yard

Go With Me Sway Portable Infant Rocker

Three sleep safety tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) for babies with reflux:

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