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For $20 to $30, you can get yourself a car seat travel bag that can secure your seat and your baby luggage as your fly. You should note that if your car seat is FAA approved, you can carry the seat to the plane seating area and your baby can actually get their seat.

If it is not FAA approved, you’ll need to check the bag as a luggage. It is free to fly with the car seat as luggage or as a seat for your baby on the plane.

The bigger problem that parents have experienced when flying with a baby and with a car seat is the problem of the car seat getting damaged at the end of the flight.

A travel bag can guarantee you that your $200 to $500 infant car seat or convertible car seat arrives at the other end of your destination intact.

Here is a list of our best travel bags for car seats:

  1. Gate Check Pro
  2. Angel Baby
  3. J.L. Childress Ultimate Backpack Padded Car Seat Travel Bag
  4. VolkGo Durable Car Seat Travel Bag
  5. Rogue Kidz Bag.
  6. Gorilla Grip Adjustable
  7. Reperkid Waterpoof.
  8. Zohzo Tote
  9. Glogex Foldable
  10. KangoKids Padded Backpack
  11. Birdee Backless Booster Seat Travel Bag for Airplane Gate Check
  12. TAOCOCO Car Seat Travel Bag
  13. Car Seat Bag, Large Gate Check Travel Luggage Bag

Review of the best travel bags for car seats:

1. Gate Check PRO Car Seat Travel Bag

Gate Check Pro is our overall best car seat travel bag that is made of ballistic nylon and is compatible with all leading brand car seats. Gate Check Pro measures 17 x 47 x 26 inches which is enough to store most car seats.

Gate check

Parents prefer this Gate check Pro because it almost guarantees that it will not tear up. Thanks to the material are used to make it. For less than $30, you can secure your car seat and to add, FAA administration officials are aware of this brand. They wouldn’t bother you asking whether it is actually a bag for a car seat.

If you doubt this bag, you can rely on the lifetime guarantee. One parent used this bag to store Britax Marathon convertible car seat on a flight from Ohio to Florida and they couldn’t be more happy with this brand.

2. Angel Baby car seat travel bag

Angel baby car seat travel bag is our second best travel bag in 2019 and is cheaper than Gate Check Pro above. It costs less than $20 and is made from durable polyester material.

Polyester and Nylon are both great but I like Angel baby because of its dimensions of 34in. x 18in. x 18in. (86.4cm x 45.7cm x 45.7cm). Essentially, it is bigger than Gate Check Pro whose dimensions are ; 17 x 47 x 26 inches.

3. J.L. Childress Ultimate Backpack Padded Car Seat Travel

J.L Childress car seat travel bag is our third bag you can rely on to carry and store your baby’s car seat while traveling or flying. It is currently the best-selling brand under the car seat carriers category on Amazon and it costs less than $40. It comes in two colors, black and grey and parents really like this brand because it has backpack straps that allow you to move around without having your hands engaged to carrying your car seat in some airport. It also has padded interior wings to protect your baby car seat headrest.

Its dimensions are; 19.5 x 11 x 7 inches and weigh 2.9 pounds. Over 2,300 parents have rated this product 4.4/5 on Amazon and that goes to tell you that is a favorite for parents that travel a lot.

J.L brand also has another brand of car seat travel bag which costs less than $20. As of this publication in November, it is selling for about $16 and similar to J.L Ultimate bag, it comes in two colors; red and grey. Unlike J.L Brand ultimate brand that costs almost three times, the J.L Childress Gate Check Bag for Car Seats (red one shown alongside) is not recommended to be checked in as airline baggage because it is not approved to be handled by luggage-handling machinery. It also weighs 7.2 pounds, heavier than the J.L ultimate brand.

The video below describes the best travel bags for car seats:

Check back soon as we continue to review the other best bags you can use to store or carry your infant car seat in 2019.

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