It can be the most exciting thing to experience the baby in your arms after a successful delivery. When I had my first-borns, I started using a carrier within 3 months and by the time my twins were 6 months old, I had developed back pains, shoulder pains, and backaches. I think the realization that you could offer all the cuddles to your little one as he wants. It took me another 6 months that included some detailed research on baby carriers. I finally settled on Boba Wrap Baby Carrier below:

Best Hip Seat Carriers and Hip Hugger Carriers

Below is a list of our top hip seat carriers and hip hugger carriers:

Name Current Rating and Number of ReviewersCarrying
Hip Seat
Check Price
Kiddihug3.9/5 by 29 reviewers4 Check Price
Ergobaby 3604.4/5 by 796 reviewers4 Check Price
Diggold4.3/5 by 210 customers4 Check Price
Baby Hip Seat Carrier Waist Stool4.5/5 by 226 customers Check Price
Suveno4.7/5 by 85 customers3 Check Price
TushBaby The Only Safety Certified Hip Seat Baby Carrier4.5/5 by 160 customers Check Price
Ergonomic Baby Carriers4 Check Price
Bebamour Comfort5 Check Price
Babi Bambino4 Check Price

Reviews of Our Best Baby Carriers with Hip Support

1. Kiddihug: Best Hip Seat Carrier For Infants and Toddlers

Kiddihug won the ‘Made for Mums’ award and the publication wasn’t wrong as I agree 100% that this is the overall best baby hip seat carrier in 2019. We also ranked it top ahead of other credible contestants such as Ergobaby 360. Kiddihug is my personal favorite that I immediately bought it after I stopped using my Boba Wrap carrier above in 2018. It is made by Kiddihug, a UK-based company dealing in baby carriers and has been operational since 2016.

Kiddihug is currently rated 3.9/5 by 29 customers and for less than $50, you can get either the black or gray Kiddihug carrier with hip support. Kiddihug is ergonomically designed a hip seat carrier is made to support babies from age 3 to 36 months. It can also support your baby from when they weigh just 7.9 pounds to when they get to 33 pounds.

The new grey Kiddihug baby hip carrier was released to the market in June 2019 and you can get it today on Amazon. You should, however, note that it is not prime eligible.

2. Ergobaby 360

Ergobaby 360 is our second-best hip seat carrier in 2019. Ergobaby 360 has been rated 4.4/5 by over 700 customers who agree that Ergobaby 360 is an excellent carrier. It has been designed to support your baby from when they are 4 months to 36 months. It can also support your baby from 12lbs to 33lbs.

Ergobaby carriers are in different styles, this 360 style, Performance, and the Original sytle. What differentiates Ergobaby carriers is their ergonomic nature which makes it very ideal for parents who are active and like getting around. This particular 360 brand enables you to position your baby in all possible positions that give you comfort.

The images below show how you can use the Ergo carrier in all positions:

 Best Hip Seat Carriers & Hip Hugger Carriers FOR ALL POSITIONS

Similar to other carriers such as Tula, Ergobaby 360 have options of adding an infant insert for newborns. Ergobaby 360 gives your baby the most exposure to the surrounding. In addition, it is the only Ergobaby brand that allows your baby to face outwards as shown in image number 2 above.

3. Baby Hip Seat Carrier Waist Stool 

Baby hip seat carrier waist stool is our third-best hip carrier with a waist stool you can find in 2019. Over 200 customers have rated this hip seat carrier 4.5/5 and is currently the 9th best-selling soft baby carrier as shown in the snapshot below

Snapshot showing Rank of Baby Hip Seat Carrier With Waist Stool
Snapshot showing Rank of Baby Hip Seat Carrier With Waist Stool

4. SUNVENO Baby Hip Seat Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Sunveno haby hip seat carrier is our fourth best baby hip seat carrier in 2019. For less than $60 you get this highly rated 4.7/5 by 85 customers on Amazon. It is currently ranked number 18 among the top 100 best-selling soft baby carriers.

5. TushBaby

Tushbaby baby hip seat carrier is our fifth best baby hip seat carrier in 2019. For less than $80 you get this highly rated 4.5/5 by 160 customers on Amazon. It is currently ranked number 23 among the top 100 best-selling soft baby carriers.

6. Brighter Elements Ergonomic Baby Carrier with Hip Seat

Brighter Elements is our fifth baby carrier with hip seat that is highly rated with an average of 4.5/5 by 213 customers. It is also one of the cheapest hip seats that cost less than $30. It has been designed for kids aged 6 months old to toddler age and with a weight range of 13lbs to 33lbs.

7. Fresh Shine

Fresh Shine is our 7th best baby carrier with a hip seat that has been rated 4.5/5 by 29 customers on Amazon. You can use Fresh Shine to carry your baby using four different ways/positions.

Fresh Shine
Fresh Shine

8. Bebamour New Style

Bebamour New Style is our 8th best baby carrier with a hip seat that cost under $45 and has been rated 4.6/5 by 544 customers on Amazon.

9. Ergobaby Carrier

Ergobaby carrier is not the cheapest in this list but it still made it here as it is an excellent 3-position ergonomic carrier with a deep seat that allows you to comfortably squat. Over 450 parents have rated this hip seat carrier 4.4/5.

Ergobaby Carrier, (link to Amazon)

Below are other features that makes this carrier excellent for any parent in 2019:

  1. It comes in 11 different designs making it easy for any parent to get the design that would work best for them.
  2. The weight is evenly distributed in the shoulders and the hips thanks to cushy shoulder straps.
  3. It is very adjustable and can fit all waists sizes; the waistbelt dimension is 26″-52″ and shoulder straps’ measure is 28″-47”
  4. The carrier can be used to carry babies of age 4 to 48 months (12 to 45 lbs) without an insert. With the insert, the carrier fits babies ~0-4 months (7-12lbs), sold separately.

The lady below explains how you can wear Ergo with an insert:

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