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As you get started babyproofing your baby nursery and your home to welcome your baby, you’ll realize how many sharp edges there are in your home. Each sharp edge could mean slight or even permanent injuries. Tables are the common home furniture that poses serious bodily harm to your baby and I mean all tables – glass tables, wooden desks, metal tables, among other types.

Table corner guards are soft cushions that are usually curved and soften hard or pointed table corners to protect your baby from harm when they hit the table corners. I have spent countless hours with my colleague to analyze thousands of user feedback incorporating testing results and our deep insight in nursery gear to get our 2021 list of best table corner protectors. To save you time, money and to reliable secure your home, I have settled on the six best table corner protectors you can get in 2021.

Best Table Corner Protector

If you are in a hurry, Corner Guards Innovative PVC Free is our overall best table corner protector you can find in 2021. This Corner Guard by CalMyotis Store is currently the best-seller in Amazon’s Best Sellers in Furniture Corner & Edge Safety Bumpers category. Below are the highlights of this corner guard

Corner Protector, Baby Proofing...
21,876 Reviews
Corner Protector, Baby Proofing...
  • ✅ AUTHENTIC CERTIFIED SAFETY PRODUCT - This product should be used under adult's supervision, all our products are tested under strict US regulations. There are no phthalates, BPA, chemicals or added toxic fire retardants (SCCPs).
  • ✅ SPECIAL DESIGN AND 1 MINUTE INSTALLATION - Our protectors are designed by Mechanics expert to protect your baby from being hurt by the corners of coffee table,desk,TV cabinets and other sharp corners in the house. And under our instructions, you can easily finish the installation.
  • ✅ CUSTOMIZED HIGH POWER ADHESIVE - Based on most of the feedback we received, we offer a custom 1mm high power adhesive on each side of the guard , covering the interior as a whole, to prevent the guard from being teared off by the child. And it can removes the residual trace without damaging the furniture.
  • ✅ TRANSPARENT AND SOFT - Our totally transparent protector are like a part of the furniture to keep the original look of the furniture. The improved PVC material is more flexible and provides soft bumps at the corners to reduce the likelihood of injury.
  • ✅ LIFETIME GUARANTEE - We strive for the highest quality and best services to 100% guarantee your shopping experience. If you receive a defective corner protectors, you can send it back without conditions and get a replacement for free.

9 Best Table Corner Protectors 2021:

  1. Gimars Upgrade Sticky Adhesive FDA 100% Silicone Corner Protectors
  2. Roving Cove/Baby Proofing Edge & Corner Guards
  3. Longfite Corner Protectors and Edge Guards Baby Proof Corner Cover
  4. Home Goblin Corner Guards PVC Free Extra-Large For Safety
  5. Skyla Homes-Clear Edge Bumpers for Baby Safety From Table Corners
  6. Cimostar 12 Baby Safety Anti-Collision Corner Protector
  7. Ultimate Corner Protector Kit
  8. Soft Baby Proofing Corner Guards & Edge Protectors
  9. Mekudos Corner Guards-8-Pack Protectors

Let’s get started with my overall best table corner protector in 2021:

Reviews of Best Table Corner Guards for Babies

Gimars Upgrade Sticky Adhesive FDA 100% Silicone Corner Protectors

If you are looking for corner protectors that will offer excellent protection against furniture bumping related- injuries and also compliment your furniture at the same time, you need to try these Gimars silicone corner protectors.

A pack contains eight pure white corner protectors made from food-grade silicone, which is free of toxic chemicals and has no smell. They are also large, so they will be difficult to fit in the baby’s mouth, eliminating the risk of choking as well as being non-reactive or harmful for your little one. These corner protectors are not only suitable for babies, but a lot of customers also love using them for their protection.

No products found.

You will be able to install these corners without any hassle and without needing any tools. Gimars corner protectors use a really sticky 3M adhesive pre-applied, so all you do is peel down the tape backing and stick the corner on your tables. A lot of customers are pleased with how firmly planted the protectors remain, and when you finally decide to take them out, these Gimars protectors don’t damage your furniture at all.

The protectors are not just suitable for furniture; you can use them on most kitchen counters tiles, stone, plastics, and metal surfaces. But use care if you are using them on a painted surface depending on the material. You get Gimars protectors risk free because they give you a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their product.


Material: Food grade silicone

Includes: 8 corner protectors

Color: pure white owl shape

Safety: PVC free, non-toxic FDA approved


  • They are easy to install
  • Babies cannot remove them easily
  • Effective in offering protection for both babies and adults
  • Use non-toxic material and choke-proof


  • Limited to just one color

Roving Cove/Baby Proofing Edge & Corner Guards

Rove cove is a master designer when it comes to edge protectors no wonder their product is highly rated in marketing platforms like Amazon.

They offer you a jumbo pack with premium quality edge cushion measuring 18 feet and 8 corner cushions, covering probably the largest surface area when compared to other protectors in the market. Also included, is a double-sided tape for attaching the cushion along the surface of your edges and corners.

Besides covering a large area, the cushion is made of soft foam material that is high-density to significantly reduce impact in case your baby or your loved one bumps on the hard edges and sharp corners within your home.

You can relax assured that your baby will not have a reaction or be harmed when you use Rove Cove protectors because they are made using safe materials that do not include BPA, phthalates, heavy metals, or latex. It is also flame resistant.

The protectors are coffee brown to match a wide range of décor in a lovely way.


Material: NBR foam

Measures: 18 feet long edge cushion and an additional eight corner cushions (pre-taped)

Easy-to-peel 3 meters double-sided tape

Color: coffee brown

Safety: BPA, Latex, Lead, Phthalate free.


  • Effective for reducing impact and chances of injury
  • Sufficiently covers most standard sized tables
  • The material is safe from toxic substances or allergens.


  • Some customers wish the edge cushions are pre-taped like the corners to reduce the hassle involved.
  • It is not bite-proof, so you have to keep guarding your baby.
Roving Cove Table Corner and Edge...
2,536 Reviews
Roving Cove Table Corner and Edge...
  • HEAVY-DUTY PREMIUM RUBBER FOAM: Shore A 20-N density / 0.4-inch thick- maximum impact absorbent.
  • CLEAN SAFETY: Roving Cove uses safe and pure raw material and was the first brand to make foam safety bumpers without the use of toxic flame-retardant chemicals (SCCPs). Our edge corner guards contain no BPA, no phthalates, no heavy metals, no latex, no SCCPs. Inherently flame-resistant; passed flammability tests under US regulations.
  • DENSEST: Density is more important than thickness when it comes to softening impact. Our edge and corner guard measure Shore A 20-N, much more dense than the industry standard of 13. Soft, high-density premium cushions absorb impact and protect your loved one from the sharp corners and edges in your home (nursery, kitchen, fireplace, coffee table), school, daycare, preschool, hospital, assisted living facility, senior housing, nursing home, factory, office, museum, restaurant and more.
  • VALUE PACK: Covers 16.2 feet (194 inches) of surface area: 15 feet (4.6 meters) edge protector + 4 corner protector; 3 feet longer than other top brands! Fits all standard size tables: round table up to 56" diameter, square table up to 44" square and rectangle table up to 36" x 60".
  • SECURE ADHESION: Includes authentic, easy-to-peel 3M double-sided tape (30 feet of tape for the 15 ft. edge cushion and PRE-TAPED CORNERS). Coffee Brown color matches with oak, walnut, mahogany, cherry, or dark brown-colored wood, brick, stone, glass; such as tables, chairs, chests, shelves, stairs and fireplaces/hearths. All text and photos/images in this product listing are copyrighted materials. Copyright: 2012-2020 Mayapple Baby LLC, Brooklyn NY, USA. Designed in USA.

Longfite Corner Protectors and Edge Guards Baby Proof Corner Cover

Longfite corner guards and edge guards are made with great thought when it comes to protecting your baby. They are designed to prevent nasty scrapes and injuries that would result when your baby or loved bonks on the hard edges of your furniture. Longevity also understands that it is the nature of babies to bite on anything they get their hands on. As such, Longfite makes their protectors using food grade silicon that ensures your baby is unharmed even if they bite or chew on them. The other advantage of the silicone is that it lasts longer because it does not easily crack or tear.

The Longfite package includes eight premium corner guards or edge guards that work well with wooden surfaces, glass, and aluminum alloy, ceramic, metal, and marble. So as you can see, you can use these on just about anything with L-shaped corners. You will also love it that the guards have pre-applied 3M strong tape making installation so much easier for you.


  • Includes: 8 L-shaped corner guards /edges pre-taped
  • Material: Food grade silicon
  • Safety: 100% non-toxic
  • Color: gray, dark brown


  • Very easy to install
  • Does not damage the surface after removing
  • Customers love that it does not have an odor unlike other protectors
  • It is effective in offering protection against injuries
  • The guards are large, so the baby cannot choke on them


  • Limited color options
  • They might not fit if your furniture has fancy carved edges or corners
LONGFITE Corner Protectors and Edge...
541 Reviews
LONGFITE Corner Protectors and Edge...
  • Completely safe corner protector for your baby- Made of Food Grade Silicone.This product is 100% non-toxic and tasteless. Even if your baby bites the product, there will be no health risks.
  • Impact Absorbing- Soft, high-density premium cushions absorb impact provides maximum protection from sharp corners and edges
  • Functionality- Sticks on Strong Baby Proofing Corner Guards and Corner Protectors, widely use on surfaces wood, glass, steel and ceramic.
  • Secure Adhesion:Strong 3M Adhesive and easy-to-peel, will not damage furniture
  • Super Set : Value Pack includes 8 premium Edge Guards, and can be used in wood, glass, aluminum alloy, ceramic tile, marble, metal, cement, which protect your loved one from the hard, sharp corners and edges in your home, school, daycare, preschool, hospital, work area, office.

Home Goblin Corner Guards PVC Free Extra-Large For Safety

If your heart is always pounding every time your baby wobbles near the table, fearing they will fall and bang on the sharp corners of your tables, you will be glad to learn about Home Goblin corner guards.

Home Goblin gives you a four-pack of corner guards made from toxin-free materials that are uniquely designed to be extra soft to absorb impact shielding your little one effectively. One mum on Amazon loves how soft they are that she allows her baby to use them as teethers. You can use them on the underside or top of your furniture’s corners.

These guards are clear in appearance and just perfectly sized such that they are not easily noticeable, but large enough for a baby not to choke on in case they put in the mouth. They work perfectly on most surfaces, including wood, glass, plastics, marble, and more, so you are not limited. Even better, they are so easy to install since they are pre-taped for you. The tape gives such a firm hold that lasts a long time, and when the time comes to remove them, they won’t leave marks or residue on your furniture.

The Home goblin protectors are perfect invisible lifesavers.


Includes: 4 corner guards

Color: clear

Material: unique soft material

Safety: BPA, lead, PVC, metals, and phthalate free


  • They are soft hence provide perfect cushioning
  • Clear, so some customers love how invisible they are

Skyla Homes-Clear Edge Bumpers for Baby Safety From Table Corners

We love these Skyla bumpers first because you get so many; a pack has 16 of them. With so many of them, you can fit all the sharp corners in your furniture and even have some left to gift a friend or a relative. They are also easy to install and remain firmly planted all through.

A lot of corner covers in the market come in colors that sometimes do not blend well with your furniture; if you want bumpers that are effective and blend seamlessly with your décor, these Skyla bumpers are perfect: they are clear, transparent with a clean finish.


Includes: 16 corner bumpers in a pack

Color: transparent


  • Effective in protecting the baby against bumps
  • Very affordable
  • You get so many in a pack
  • Easy to use
Skyla Homes - Clear Edge Bumpers...
5,064 Reviews
Skyla Homes - Clear Edge Bumpers...
  • ➜ FIRST & FOREMOST SAFETY FOR BABIES AND KIDS: Don’t risk it when it comes to your child’s safety! Our best-selling number one corner and edge premium guards have three times more hold and cushion than what is available in the market. That's why we are the first choice for millions of American parents worried about a safe and hazard-free home for their children.
  • ➜ 2 MINUTE INSTALLATION: Securing your home has never been easier. Our user-friendly and quick installation guide means your children are protected instantly. All the pieces you need, including extra hold adhesives, pre-applied directly at factory, you only need to remove covering and stick on. It’s that simple! (Do not use on high gloss tables)
  • ➜ CLEAR, TRANSPARENT AND CLEAN: Since these are clear & transparent, once you put them on you won’t even notice that they are there! They blend seamless with your furniture, maintaining that original look and feel of your furniture.
  • ➜ FOREVER AT PEACE: Never again will you feel fearful and anxious that your child is at risk of serious injury. Our guaranteed and tested guards protect your precious children enabling you to live at peace.
  • ➜ QUALITY OVER QUANTITY: Our child-proof and high quality corner guards arrive factory tested and are manufactured with only the highest quality materials to give you full peace of mind. Your little ones are guaranteed to be safe and secure after you've invested in Skyla Homes corner guards.

Cimostar 12 Baby Safety Anti-Collision Corner Protector

Cimostar corner protectors have a lovely design that may be perfect if you are bored with the ordinary L-shaped or rounded protectors. They come in the animated bear shape or white cat to inspire playfulness and compliment the beauty of your furniture. A pack has four corners with pre-installed adhesive.

Cimostar uses soft Silicon material for the corner protectors, which feels pleasant to touch, but it is also strong and durable. They also place a priority on your baby’s health, and hence the materials are free of harmful and toxic chemicals.

You don’t have to limit these corner protectors to your furniture; they can work well with walls that have marks or cracks, sharp edges, and more.


Material: soft silicone

Includes: 4 corner protectors in a pack

Safety: BPA, phthalate, latex, and lead-free

Color: white cat, bear


  • They feature beautiful animal design
  • Safe for your baby to use
  • Soft material for excellent cushioning
  • Easily removed without damaging or leaving marks


  • Some customers say the adhesive is poor, so the corners come off easily
  • They appear smaller than expected by some customers.
Cimostar Baby Safety Anti-Collision...
25 Reviews
Cimostar Baby Safety Anti-Collision...
  • HIGH QUALITY: Made of soft silicone. It's durable and soft enough, also has a good touch feeling.
  • WORRY FREE - Don't have to worry about the danger of your furniture's with sharp corners. Best table safety corner for kids, babies, children and little ones.
  • NO MORE UGLY FOAM & RUBBERS! - You don't have to protect sharp corners with foams or ugly cloths. These will look beautiful in your home and wouldn't be eye sore.
  • SIMPLE & EASY INSTALLATION - The edge corner guards have made of Strong adhesive, strong enough to stay on any surface and can't pull off easily. Quickly and easily to remove it if it is no longer needed
  • MULTIPLE & ALTERNATE USE: It can be used for furniture's corners, walls with marks and crack, sharps edges in home, surface protections and a lot more

Ultimate Corner Protector Kit

As they call it, this kit is truly the ultimate package when it comes to baby-proofing your furniture. You get 12 clear corner protectors, which are so many to cover almost all your edges. Additionally, they include two latches all for childproofing your drawers or doors.

The protectors are designed to be mindful of your child’s health; hence they do not contain PVC and other toxic chemicals. You can install them easily, utilizing the 3M adhesive that will keep them firmly secured on the surfaces. 

The other feature we love about these Ultimate corner protectors is that they are clear and small; therefore will not be so pronounced on your furniture or attract your little one’s attention while keeping them safe.


Material: silicone

Includes: 12 corner protectors, 2 latches

Safety: PVC free

Color: clear


  • Provides perfect protection against injuries
  • You get extra latches for your doors or cabinets
  • The package contains many corner protectors
  • They blend nicely with furniture 


  • Some customers say they leave marks on the surface once you remove them

Soft Baby Proofing Corner Guards & Edge Protectors

Sure Basics knows precisely how anxious you become whenever you witness your toddler bumping their head on tabletops or counters.

They provide you with a pack of eight corner guards specially designed with the material to cushion your baby from impact any time they bump into sharp furniture corners. The corner guards come already installed with 3M tape, so all you do is peel back the tape backing and stick the protectors on your desired surface.

The corner cushions work perfectly on wooden, glass, marble, quartz, ceramic, and granite kitchen countertops so you can very easily keep your child safe from every sharp edge within your home. They can also count for a wonderful gift for someone with kids or the elderly who constantly bump their legs on furniture.


Material: Soft rubber

Includes: 8 corner guards in a pack

Color: black, white, brown

Safety: BPA, phthalate, heavy metal, and latex-free.


  • Easy to use
  • Offer perfect cushioning because the material is soft


  • Some parents say their babies can pull them off easily from the furniture.
Soft Baby Proofing Corner Guards &...
7,448 Reviews
Soft Baby Proofing Corner Guards &...
  • ALWAYS KEEP YOUR CHILD SAFE! You love your baby more than anything, and you want to prevent head and knee injuries from sharp corners. That's why you'll love our Sure Basics Impact Absorbing Corner Protector.
  • QUICK INSTALLATION IN 1 MINUTE - Comes Pre-Taped - Install your table corner protectors for baby in seconds without any hassle! Simply peel back the tape backing, and place edge guard on the desired surface.
  • PEACE OF MIND PARENTING - Completely childproof the sharp edges and corners in your home without damaging your beautiful furniture. Our safe baby safety corner guards use long-lasting double sided adhesive tape that sticks on Wood, Glass, Steel, and Ceramic surfaces.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR SMART MOMS! The best solution is always prevention! If you are looking for a thoughtful gift for parents and grandparents, then you have found a winner with our 8-Pack of baby corner guards! It's a gift that keeps on giving!
  • SAFETY PRECAUTIONS FOR THE WIN - Did you know sharp edges on tables, shelves, chairs, and furniture can cause nasty injuries for children? Now you can prevent unnecessary accidents while your child plays with our Extra-Cushioned furniture corner protectors! Click the yellow "Add to Cart" button today, and start enjoying greater safety in your home!

Mekudos Corner Guards-8-Pack Protectors

If you have faced disappointment after buying corner guards that did not match your expectations and wasting money, try Mekudo 8-pack protector; you will be pleased. You don’t have to risk your money again. As a matter of fact, Mekudo guarantees you 100% money back with no excuses if you do not like their product.

Mekudo corner protectors are made using innovative design using FX-mesh, with spacers and air interlayers for an improved soft material to absorb impact. This material is rated for the highest safety in the childcare industry. It is a soft clear material that is durable as well. Also, the covers are easy to install with the 3M adhesive included in the package.

These corners are designed large to cover an even wider surface, and you can use them on almost all surfaces, including top and bottom corners of countertops. Because they are clear, they blend well with your furniture.

You can rely on Mekudos corner cushions to keep your baby and elderly loved one protected from injuries that come with bashing on furniture or other sharp corners.


Material: medical grade PVC

Includes: 8 corner protectors

Color: clear

Safety: BPA, phthalate, lead, and latex-free.


  • Very effective in reducing bumping impact
  • Very large for more space and added safety
  • Blends well with furniture
  • Very easy to install
Mekudos Corner Guards - 8-Pack...
68 Reviews
Mekudos Corner Guards - 8-Pack...
  • SAFETY FOR BABIES AND KIDS: Your child’s safety is extremely important! Meshkis Baby Animal Corner Guards are great for absorbing shock and protecting against impacts. These child proofing corner guards provide maximum protection, and help safeguard your child of any age against contact with sharp corners and edges around the home.
  • IMPROVED HIGH QUALITY: Meshkis Baby Edge Corner Guards are tested for reliability, and made of a premium quality rubber silicone material that is durable, and feels soft to the touch. These cute animals are customized with extra thick 3M double sided tape on each side, and have 3x more holding strength and cushion than basic corner guards fitted with 3M tape. Best of all they won't damage your furniture. They are easy to remove and re-stick again.
  • SIMPLE & EASY TO INSTALL: These animals are easy to install on wood, glass, metal, ceramic, plastic, and other types of surfaces. The 3M adhesive tapes are pre-applied to the item, so no extra work is needed. Simply peel off each section of the 3M labeled tape backing, place the desired animal character on your corner of choice, and enjoy the hassle-free installation process. Tip: press and hold each side firmly for at least 60 seconds, and wait at least 24 hours for full adhesion before testing
  • MULTIPLE USE: Meshkis Baby Animal Corner Guards are designed for multiple uses! Every order comes with an extra set of 3M adhesive tapes, ready to be re-applied to the item and re-attached to your corner of choice. Simply peal the extra precut tape(s) from the sheet and place the extra tape on the side of the item you wish to add additional tape(s) to.
  • NON-TOXIC & SAFE FOR ALL AGES: Parents no need to worry when purchasing this item. ALL Meshkis Baby Animal Corner Guard Characters are safe, hazard-free, and design to keep children of all ages safe. No need to be fearful or anxious that your child is at risk of serious injury. Our product enables you to live at peace because it is guaranteed and tested to protect your children.

How To Make Table Corner Protectors

So far, we have reviewed the table corner protectors in the market that can help you protect your child through the process of learning to crawl and walking or even yourself or your elderly loved ones.

Now we will be looking at how you can make table corner protectors on your own. Putting in mind you are doing this to protect your child or loved one from impact; you need materials that are soft, easy to use, but can withstand pressure and remain firm as time passes.

The materials that we suggest you use can easily be found in most hardware stores. We highly recommend buying pipe insulation that is pre-taped and also split in half; it will save you so much hassle, and you will be able to baby proof your table within minutes.

But first things first: Determine the length of foam you need to use.

Measure the entire length of the surfaces you want to cover. For example, if you have two tables measure out their lengths and make a total. Add extra length to the total to cater for any material that would be wasted during installation. A good extra length should give you 10- 15% more material.

The supplies you need:

Pipe insulation– it is strong, but also the foam is soft enough and will reduce the impact to protect your baby.

Strong, sharp scissors– the scissors should be strong enough to cut through the sturdy foam material.

Duct tape (optional) – you can use it to secure the foam more firmly if you feel your child can easily pull out the foam.

Process step by step:

Step 1. Cut the foam pipe insulation

Determine how long you want to cut your pipe. Decide whether you just wish to make corners cushions only, or also cushions for the edges between the table corners.

Once you have cut the corner pieces to your desired length, cut a V-shape in the middle of each piece, leaving space to wrap around the corner. Be careful not to end up slicing your pipe in half.

Step 2. Install the corners

Fit the cut pieces along with the corners and carefully peel back the adhesive backing (yellow in the pic), leaving the sticky part on your table. Hold foam carefully and press it on the corner surface to secure. Continue placing pressure for a few more seconds for the adhesive to stick well. If you still feel it’s not secure enough, you can use duct tape.

You can proceed to place the remaining pieces of foam for the edges between the corners to baby proof your whole table, which is much easier since there is no more cutting involved like for the corners.

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