Anmeate Video Reviews

Anmeate Video Reviews

Below are a series of Anmeate video baby monitor reviews in 2020. Anmeate made it to 2020 list of best non-wifi monitors you can find on Amazon.

Below are features of Anmeate:

  1. It comes with a 2.4-inch screen which is smaller to others such as Infant Optics’ 3.5-inch, Eufy’s 5-inch and Vava’s 5-inch.
  2. It has 2x Zoom
  3. The Anmeate camera has temperature sensors
  4. The Anmeate camera also has 8 infrared night vision LED lights. The night vision turns on automatically as soon as the environment experiences low light.
  5. It has two-way talk enabling you to talk to your baby if you want to or even sing lullabies if you’re good at singing or lulling your baby to sleep
  6. The camera has 4 in-built lullabies songs you can choose from
  7. The range of connection between the camera and the parent unit is up to 960 feet which is decent and better than the average range of 750 ft.. Other video baby monitors without wifi such as Infant Optics and Eufy Spaceview S baby monitors have lower range of connection than Anmeate.
  8. The parent unit uses Li-ion battery, 950mAh, that lasts for 8 hours and has VOX mode/eco-mode
  9. Manual pan of up to 360 degrees & manual tilt of up to 60 degrees.

Video Reviews of Anmeate Video Baby Monitor

Here is another Anmeate video review:

How to Play Youtube on Alexa

If you are a big fan of Alexa Home and perhaps using it to monitor your baby, among other things, you know that you can play Youtube on Alexa, directly. The option you currently have with the latest Echo Show 8 is to type load the youtube browser but what you can’t do is ask Alexa, the virtual assistant to load youtube for you using a voice command.

I was very disappointed that it was difficult to use voice command to play youtube videos but was not surprised given that Amazon wants users to use other music streaming apps such as prime.

If you say a command like, “Hey Alexa, play J.Cole on youtube,” it wouldn’t play. Alexa will use Bing to load the youtube browser. You’ll then be required to key in the name of the video and press play. How annoying, right.

There are two ways to watch youtube on the Echo Show:

  1. Using Amazon Silk browser
  2. Using a paired Bluetooth device

Using the Amazon Silk Browser:

With the Silk Browser, Youtube is one of the quick launch browsers. To get to youtube, you first need to launch the silk browser by saying this command;

“Hey Alexa, open silk”

Youtube will be one of the quick launch browsers that pop up as shown below:

Youtube Opened by Alexa's Silk Browser.PNG

You can also play by asking Alexa to open Youtube and it will open the youtube browser using the Bing search engine.

Using Bluetooth and a Paired Device

Another method of playing youtube videos on Alexa is by utilizing Bluetooth. You will need a device such as iPhone, iPad or any tablet such as Kindle Fire to pair it. If you have that and Alexa enabled device such as Echo Dot, you can follow the steps below:

Time needed: 3 minutes.

This are the steps to play Youtube on Alexa

  1. Pair your device (such as iPhone) to your Alexa Home device by using this command, “Alexa, pair Bluetooth”

    Make sure your device’s Bluetooth is turned on.

  2. On the list of devices that appear when you ask Alexa to pair, you can tap on the Echo device such as Echo-312 to pair it (if Echo-312 is your Echo/Alexa device you want to use to play youtube)

  3. Tap on the Alexa-enabled speaker to pair it and you should see ‘connected’ within 30 seconds

  4. Open Youtube on your device

  5. Search the song you want to play

    Since Echo/Alexa device is already paired, it should play the Youtube audio on the smart speaker.

You can hear more steps on the video below from 5:05

Wireless Baby Monitors

Wireless Baby Monitors

What does wireless baby monitor mean ?

Wireless technology enabled the advent of wireless baby monitors. Wireless technology uses radio frequency to transfer signals from the baby unit to the parent unit. The advances in technology have given us the opportunity of ensuring that our babies are safe without the need of having wired gadgets in the baby’s nursery. This is a great invention that has given many parents peace knowing their beautiful baby is safe and sound.

Having a baby will necessitate you to sacrifice a great deal of things. This could include work, leisure pursuits, and even your daily way of living. This is really about a device called a wireless baby monitor which facilitates maintaining a close watch on the activities and the condition of your baby. In fact, you can even hear and watch him from anywhere in the house.

There are three classes of wireless baby monitors:

Types of wireless baby monitor

wireless baby monitors audio

Wireless baby monitors with audio relays audio signals of your baby from the baby’s nursery to the parent unit. Most audio monitors that are wireless do not use the internet and are therefore limited in range. The longest wireless audio monitors without camera have a range of up to 1500 ft. As of this writing in November 2019, 1500 feet range of connectivity is considered among the best.

Some of the best wireless audio baby monitors include:

  1. uniden digital wireless baby audio monitor with room temperature

Wireless baby monitors with a camera are further classified into wifi and non-wifi baby monitors

wireless baby monitors with camera/nanny cam and app

.Wireless baby monitors that use wifi can be connected to smartphone apps, both iOS and Android apps. These wireless baby monitors use the phone as the display unit/parent unit.

Below is a list of some of the best wireless wifi baby monitor:

  1. Arlo wireless baby monitor

Most of these wireless baby monitors are available in most stores such as Amazon, Argos, Walmart, Target, among others.

Wireless Baby Monitors with Camera and Not using Wifi

Non-wifi wireless baby monitors are among the parents’ favorites in 2019. FHSS wireless baby monitor and DECT wireless baby monitors are among the most favored. The best-selling baby monitor brands such as Infant Optics DXR 8 ships over 15,000 units per month on Amazon and unlike wireless.

Below is a list of some of the best wireless baby monitors without wifi:

  1. Infant Optics DXR 8
  2. Babysense baby monitor: Considered the best wireless baby monitor with night vision

Here is an example of Hellobaby Wireless baby monitor

If you take time in comparing a wired and wireless baby monitor, then you would know which is more portable and convenient. Wired monitors are only limited by their length. Meaning, if it is only 6 meters in length, then you can only travel 6 meters, which doesn’t even include the twists and turns of your home, making it less than that.

The wireless baby monitor, on the other hand, gives you the advantage of roaming even outside for as long as the reception is achievable. Check with the manufacturer the maximum distance that the coverage can reach though.

As with the features, there are models and brands which are offering video, audio, or both. So the decision on which one is better for you depends on your budget and your requirements at home. What’s more, you will find it easier to install a wireless baby monitor. There is no need for you to unravel cords and set up a complex list of equipment. You only need to set up the device anywhere in the baby’s room, and you don’t have to worry about the length of the wire or the best location in which it should be placed.

The disadvantage of the wireless baby monitor, is that you will find that the interference quite irritating. This is generally the result of having other wireless equipment within your home.

There are many advantages of a wireless baby monitor. But, it comes with disadvantages, too. In the end, what matters is that you are doing all you can in watching over your baby.

 Wireless Vs Wired Baby Monitors

When it comes to selecting a baby monitor wired and wireless baby monitors both have their pros and cons.

Baby monitors are a very helpful monitoring device for parents as they provide the freedom for the parents to lay down their baby to rest while they carry on doing the usual jobs – or maybe watch Netflix – knowing that their baby is being safely monitored. Technology has moved on in recent years and there are several choices of baby monitor available today. There was once the wired type of monitor but today the popular choice is the wireless baby monitor.

These systems essentially consist of two electronic devices: a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter unit is placed next to the baby for monitoring while they are sleeping and the receiver is used by the parent or guardian caring for the baby to listen or watch the baby when they are asleep.

Baby monitors are either wired or wireless. Wired baby monitors, as the name implies use wires to connect the key elements of the system together. The main and really only advantage of a wired system is there will be no chance of interference from household items and appliances such as cordless phones, microwaves and wireless routers. However, there will be a price to install this kind of system but the main problem is the restraint of the fixed position of the receiver unit. Being wired, it has to be installed in a single location and cannot be picked up and moved around like a wireless unit.

Alternatively, the wireless baby monitor is far less restrictive and is an accepted choice because of its flexibility and portability. There is no installation required and this device can be up and running in a matter of minutes. They allow the parents to move freely around the house as the receiver unit and can be taken with them either clipped to a belt or hung around the neck. You will always be able to listen to your baby wherever you are in your house or garden, provided you are in range.

The main disadvantage of a wireless baby monitor is the issue of interference. But most units have the option of choosing different frequencies so it will not interfere with other household equipment. FM units have the most issues with regards to interference but there is a solution to this problem. With the advancement in technology, digital or DECT baby monitors address the problem of interference and make it a thing of the past. Digital monitors are much clearer and more responsive and will not deteriorate in quality like an analog monitor system.

One other apprehension is the range in which the device will operate between the transmitter and receiver. The last thing you want to wander so far away from the transmitter unit so you can no longer hear your baby. The good news is most monitors allow a distance of up to 100 feet range through obstructions which should be more than enough for most homes.

Please check back soon to review content for the following topics on wireless baby monitors:

  • wireless baby monitor with camera
  • wireless baby monitor hacked
  • wireless baby monitor harmful
  • graco wireless baby monitor
  • garmin wireless baby monitor
  • wireless baby monitor phone app
  • wireless baby monitor safety
  • wireless baby monitor samsung
  • wireless baby monitor system
  • wireless baby monitor signal
  • wireless baby monitor set up
  • wireless baby monitor with two cameras
  • wireless baby monitor with sensor pad
  • wireless baby monitor with night vision
Dr. J Professional Baby Monitor

Dr. J Professional Baby Monitor

There is a good reason that over 95% of the 45 parents that have bought Dr. J Professional baby monitor have rated it 4.8/5 on Amazon. Dr. J professional baby monitor is a 2 camera baby monitor that was released to the market on September 27, 2019, and as barely a month later it is currently the 16th best-selling baby monitor on Amazon.

Similar to other video baby monitors we’ve reviewed here at 10BabyGear, Dr. J baby monitor is a non-wifi video baby monitor that relies on 2.4 GHz FHSS technology to transmit signal from the camera to the dedicated 4.3-inch parent unit. FHSS technology assures you the privacy of all communications and you can rest easy knowing that your baby’s camera feed will not be hacked by some pervert.

Below is a picture of Dr. J Professional Camera. If you are in a hurry, you can click on the link to read the 40+ reviews and make a purchase on Amazon.

Video Description of DR. J Monitor

Below is a video with a description of the features that make the latest Dr. J Professional video baby monitor unique and perhaps the ideal dual cameras for twins monitoring.

Features we like of Dr. J Video Baby Monitor

Below are the features of Dr. J video baby monitor:

  1. It comes with two cameras making it very ideal for monitoring babies in two different rooms or even twins in the same room. The video feeds from the cameras of your two babies automatically cycle function between 2 cameras every 2 seconds.
  2. It comes with a 4.3-inch LCD display that is powered by a 1200mAh battery that is rechargeable and can last up to 8 hours.
  3. The display allows you to zoom up to 2x the details to get the most focussed view of your baby.
  4. It is voice-activated which ensures that it only transmits signals from the camera to the parent unit when the baby is actually in need of your attention. This VOX mode feature ensures that the battery is saved and limits the amount of radiation the wireless Dr. J video baby monitor emits.
  5. Dr. J allows you to talk to your baby when you want as it has 2-way communication. At the times you think your voice may help calm and soothe the baby to sleep, you can even sing lullabies over this 2-way video baby monitor.
  6. Dr. J baby monitor uses FHSS technology which has been relied on for over 5 centuries to provide encrypted communication in limited localities. The technology was invented in 1941 and it uses 2.4 GHz frequency to transmit encrypted signals that hop from one channel to another within the same frequency, avoiding any potential hijacking incidences. FHSS is a hack-proof technology that is used by some of the best non-wifi baby monitors we’ve reviewed here at 10BabyGear such as Infant Optics DXR 8, Eufy Spaceview, UU Infant, Campark, BabySense, Hellobaby, and many others.
  7. Dr. J baby monitor is a long-range baby monitor that you can rely on to transmit signals from the camera up to a distance of 1000 ft. outdoors and about 100 ft. indoor. This is a decent range, better than most others such as Infant Optics 700 ft. and Eufy’s 460 ft.

The table below gives more specs about this baby monitor that does not require wifi.

Name Dr. J Video Baby Monitor
Category Non-Wifi monitor
Technology2.4 GHz FHSS technology
Screen Size 4.3 inches
Split screenNo
Cameras it comes with2
Sensors Temperature night vision
Alertsfor night vision and for low temperature
Price Check on Amazon
14 Best Audio Baby Monitors in 2020

14 Best Audio Baby Monitors in 2020

About Audio Baby Monitors

If you are looking for the best audio baby monitor, the range of connectivity between the parent unit and the baby unit should be your top consideration. Before we go through the guides, let’s first review the basics. If you want to jump straight to the best audio baby monitors of 2020, you can click here.

November 2020 Update
This post is a revision of an article we published earlier in 2019. We updated this list to include new brands such as enhanced range VTech brands and replacing brands are no longer available

Audio baby monitor transmits sound signals that the baby is making in the nursery to the parent unit. Essentially, it gives a parent an opportunity to hear the sound signals of the baby without having to be in the room. In fact, the Lindberg kidnapping in the 1930s inspired the invention of an audio baby monitor in 1937. The baby monitors then relied on the electric circuit to transmit signals but current wireless audio baby monitors rely on different technologies such as DECT, FHSS, and Wifi to transmit the signals from the baby unit to the parent unit.

Sound-only baby monitors available in the market today have several features that differentiate them. In this list, we’ll go through baby monitors that we like the following features that made us add them to this list:

  1. Temperature sensors
  2. 2 parent units or 2 baby units
  3. Audio baby monitors with app
  4. Night lights
  5. Sound levels
  6. Belt clip
  7. Lullabies

We also review audio baby monitors of different brands such as VTech, Motorola, Fisher-Price, Samsung, Philips Avent, Hellobaby, Willcare, and DBPower, among others.

How We Ranked the Best Audio Baby Monitors

After analyzing 53 audio baby monitors available on the market in 2020, we came up with some key ranking factors that enabled us to narrow down on the best 15 audio baby monitors in the market. Below are what we used to rank them:

  1. Range: The range of connectivity for non-wifi audio baby monitors and for audio baby monitors that use wifi and app
  2. Number of parent units the audio baby monitor supports: Baby monitors with two parent units did better than those that only support one parent unit
  3. The number of baby units: Baby monitors that support 2 baby units essentially make them ideal for monitoring twins in two separate rooms and those with this capability scored better.
  4. Quality of sound: Audio baby monitors with high definition sound quality as well as good sound control level scored better than those with poor sound quality and poor sound control levels.
  5. 2-way Talk: sound-only baby monitors with reliable 2-way talk feature scored better than those that were not very reliable.

In addition to using the above-ranking factors, we also aggregated and analyzed more than 12,000 reviews from several parents (on several websites) and put in more than 50 working hours to rank all of them. We also engaged two experts that have worked directly with top audio baby monitor manufacturer, VTech.

Best Sound-Only Baby Monitors of 2020

Without further ado, below is our list of our 11 best audio baby monitors:

  1. VTech DM221: Overall Best Audio Baby Monitor with Two Parent Units
  2. Willcare Digital Audio Baby Monitor: Longest Battery Audio Monitor
  3. VTech DM1111, Enhanced Range Digital Audio Baby Monitor
  4. Summer Infant Baby Wave Deluxe Digital Audio Baby Monitor
  5. Philips Avent DECT SCD501​
  6. VTech DM112 Audio Baby Monitor
  7. VTech DM223 Audio Baby Monitor
  8. Philips Avent DECT SCD570
  9. VTech DM1211 Enhanced Range Digital Audio Baby Monitor
  10. HelloBaby HB180
  11. DBPower Audio Baby Monitor
  12. Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor
  13. Neonate BC-6500D digital baby monitor
  14. Motorola Audio Baby Monitor with Room Temperature and MBP161, 160, Comfort 10

Audio vs video baby monitor

Audio baby monitors transmit sound that the baby makes to the parent unit while a video baby monitor transmits videos of your baby to a screen you can watch as a parent. The table below explores the differences between audio vs video baby monitor

Audio Baby Monitor Video Baby Monitor
Transmits audio signals from the baby Transmits both audio and visual signals of your baby
Lower price compared to video baby monitors with the lowest going for less than $20Comparatively higher priced compared to audio baby monitors costing over $100.
Most are non-wifi and can only be used locally with a range of up to 1500 ft. Video baby monitors can work with wifi or without wifi
Uses several technologies from transmission specifically, DECT or FHSS Uses several technologies from transmission FHSS, WIFI or DECT

Reviews of Best Audio Baby Monitors

1. VTech DM221: Overall Best Audio Baby Monitor with Two Parent Units

VTech DM221 is our overall best audio baby monitor in 2020 and it came top because of its quality crisp audio output. It made it to the top of this list specifically because of its low price (sells for under $30) and has been positively reviewed by over 7,900 parents who have rated it 4.4/5. 

While this is not the cheapest (or less than $20), you get great features that you’d want in a basic audio baby monitor and most importantly, super clear sounds. The features are below. It uses digital encrypted DECT 6.0 transmission technology that utilizes a 1.9 GHz, frequency band. As of March 2020, VTech DM221 is the 4th best-selling baby monitor on Amazon. The picture below shows the silver image of VTech DM221 which weighs 376 grams.

Why it emerged as the best audio monitor: 

This is the third year being on our best-audio monitor list and I personally believe it has won the hearts of thousands of parents because of the following: 

  1. Very High-Quality Loud Sounds and Vibrating Alerts: VTech DM221 has deep and loud sound compared to all its peers in this 2020 list. It has 5 levels that give you the flexibility to choose on a sound level you’re comfortable with. If you have any hearing impairment or just a heavy sleeper, rest assured that the sound will be clear enough to wake you up in your deep sleep. On top of that, you can set it so it vibrates and you never miss a notification. 
  2. Long-range: The range that is advertised by the retailer and manufacturer, VTech is 1000 ft. but tests done by various labs have shown its range to be extra long with a range of up to 1350 ft. making it one of the best audio baby monitors with long-range and comparable to VTech Enhanced DM1211 and DM1111.
  3. Portable because of a belt clip: VTech DM221 is very portable and it allows you to move around the house, thanks to its belt clip that you can attach to your belt. 
  4. Sound level indicator: Unable to hear? VTech DM221 has 5-level sound indicators that allow you to view the sound level if you’d rather see the level and mute the sound. This multi-notification feature gives you flexibility. 
  5. Night Light: The loop of the baby unit emits night light making the baby’s nursery as soothing to your baby as possible. While it does not have lullabies like other baby monitors with lullabies, this soothing night light goes a long way for the price you get this baby monitor
    Backlit display and volume control on the parent unit

The only downside is that it has fewer features compared to a few others on this list. We however really liked the quality sound. 

Despite the few features, VTech DM221 is currently the second best-selling baby monitor on Amazon shipping 4,373 units per month.

VTechDM221 sales figures on Amazon
VTech DM221

As shown in the graph below, VTech DM221 sales chart has been rising.

VTechDM221 sales chart on Amazon
VTechDM221 sales on Amazon

You can check the price of VTech DM221 today on Amazon here

2. Willcare Digital Audio Baby Monitor: Longest Battery Audio Monitor

Willcare digital audio baby monitor came second behind VTech’s DM221 but is favorite for parents looking for a long battery-life baby monitor. 

In late early 2019, Willcare upgraded its Willcare digital baby monitor offering us the longest battery life and super high-quality HD Willcare baby monitor that came second in our list.

Willcare is the second-best audio baby monitor and it made it to our list mainly because it has a more reliable battery but has most other features you find in regular VTech monitor such as:

  • Belt clip,
  • Long-range of 1000 ft outdoors and 200 ft. indoors, 
  • A night light which you can remotely control from the parent unit, 
  • VOX/Eco-mode baby monitor
  • Loud enough, up to 40 decibels (when crying) and clear for 10 decibels (when your baby is regularly breathing)
  • A very long battery life of up to 20 hours. 

Willcare audio baby monitor prides itself of ‘HD sound’, emphasizing its clear digital sound transmission. It also has talk-back features that allow you to talk to your baby with incredible clarity. This baby monitor is very affordable and that means it comes with a few features. For example, Willcare audio baby monitor does not have fancy features such as temperature display but it won because of its incredibly clear and compact digital sound. As of August 1, 2019, the Willcare baby monitor is the 17th best-selling baby monitor on Amazon. You can check its price on Amazon today here

Here can also go through curated 5-star reviews here and curated 1-star reviews here on Amazon. 

3. VTech DM1111, Enhanced Range Digital Audio Baby Monitor

VTech DM111 made it to this list as the 3rd best audio baby monitor in this updated 2020 list.

VTech DM1111
VTech DM1111

VTech DM1111, Enhanced Range Digital Audio Baby Monitor is an improved version of VTech DM111 and was released in April 2019.

It is significantly cheaper, weighing only 386grams and its range has been enhanced to 1500 ft. from its initial 1000 ft which was VTech DM111’s range. The VTech DM1111’s parent unit indicates the sound levels making it hearing friendly. It also comes with a belt clip and is one of the few top belt clip audio monitors available in the market.  The VTech DM1111 uses either batteries or AC/electricity.

  • Sound Levels: N/A
  • Range: 1500 ft.
  • Notification: LED lights and sound
  • Technology: DECT 6.0

Pros of VTech DM1111: 

  • Good sound quality
  • Longer range 1500 feet.

VTech DM1111 replaced VTech DM111 and for some time in Q4 2019, it was not available on Amazon. For over a year, VTech DM111 was the third best-selling baby monitor on Amazon and according to data from Helium10, VTech shipped 12,000 units of VTech DM111 every month until July 2019.

It is one of the best and cheapest baby monitor. It is a simple, easy-to-use baby monitor that is ideal for parents looking for a monitor to relay only sound from the baby with no other functionalities. When compared to other baby monitors, it is one of the loudest in the group and has a 5-level sound indicator. 

  • Sound Levels: 5
  • Number of parent units: 1
  • Range: 1000 ft’
  • Other: Belt clip


  • Can be too loud even at the lowest setting, vol.1 
    Very poor battery life. If you get this audio baby monitor, expect to rely on AC and not the batteries offered by VTech

4. Summer Infant Baby Wave Deluxe Digital Audio Baby Monitor

Summer Infant Baby Wave Deluxe Digital Audio Baby Monitor is our fourth best audio baby monitor with a temperature sensor. Summer Infant Wave Deluxe is ideal for deaf parents as it has sound activated LED lights like the VTech DM221, our overall top audio baby monitor. Its outdoor range is also decent, with 650 feet coverage. Summer Infant audio baby monitor also monitors the temperature in the baby’s room and displays it on the parent unit in Fahrenheit or Celsius. It also has a night light and two-way communication.  It is fairly portable with as it comes with a belt clip and has two alerts, out of range alert and low battery alert.


PHILIPS AVENT DECT SCD501​ is the best audio baby monitor by Philips Avent and it made it to this list despite costing more than others on this list. It specifically made it to this list as the 5th best baby monitor in 2020 because of its LED lights that show sound level and very comfort nightlight.


  • Sound Levels: 5
  • Uses DECT technology
  • LED lights to show the sound level and quite ideal for deaf parents who need visual communication
  • Number of parent units: 1
  • Range: 900 ft’
  • DECT Transmission Frequency: (1880MHz-1900MHz)

The only disadvantage that this Philips baby monitor is that it does not have the capability to support 2 baby units or 2 parent units. Also, this Philips Avent SCD501/10 has a shorter range compared to other Philips Avent brands such as SCD720/86 and SCD730/86 that have a range of 1000 ft. Also, unlike SCD720/86, SCD630/37, and SCD730/86 brands, Philips Avent SCD501 does not have a room temperature sensor or lullabies.

philips avent scd501 vs scd730 vs scd630


VTech DM112 made to this list of best audio baby monitors in 2020. This VTech model comes with one baby unit but there is an option to get one with 2 parent units. Below are the features:


  • Sound Levels: 5
  • Number of parent units: 1
  • Range: 1000 ft’
  • Other: Belt clip

VTech DM112 is the cheapest sound-only baby monitor with long-range and 5-level sound indicator. VTech DM112 uses DECT 6.0 technology which is secure and has less interference. VTech DM111 is similar to VTech DM112, only that DM112 has an option for purchasing it with two parent units. 


  • Good sound quality (7/10)
  • Affordable 
  • Belt clip for the parent unit
  • Long-range


  • Too loud for some people
  • Lack of 2-way communication

7. VTech DM223 Audio Baby Monitor

VTech DM223 is another great sound-only baby monitor that made to this list of best audio baby monitors of 2020.

If you are looking for a reliable audio baby monitor that can allow you to talk to your baby, mostly to soothe them to sleep, VTech DM223 is the best monitor for you.

The difference between VTech DM223 and VTech DM221 is the strength of their signals. VTech DM223 has a better connection and rarely disconnects.

It was designed specifically as an improvement to the older VTech DM221.


  • Sound Levels: 5
  • Number of parent units: 1
  • Range: 900 ft. outdoor and 150 ft. indoor


  • Good sound quality (8.5/10)
  • Vibrating sound alert
  • It comes with wall mount.


  • Not ideal for traveling. The baby unit needs to be plugged in as it doesn’t use batteries. 

You can check the current price of VTech DM223 on Amazon here


Philips Avent DECT SCD570/10 is our 8th best audio baby monitor with temperature sensing technology. Audio baby monitors with temperature sensing technology are very essential for parents with insulated baby cribs. It is also essential for any parent who is concerned with the room’s temperature as it could be too high or too low for the baby. The room sensors in the baby unit of the baby monitor transmit the senses the temperature and alert the parents if the reading is out of the expected range. 

This is ideal for you:

If you are looking for an excellent audio baby monitor with temperature sensing technology and alerts, Philips Avent Dect SCD570/10 is the best for you. Aside from the convenient alerts whenever the temperature is out of range, the temperature reading is displayed clearly for you to view. In addition, you can rely on the Philips Avent DECT SCD570/10 to transmit the audio over a long distance. It actually made it to our 2020 list of top 9 long-range baby monitors. 

  • Sound Levels: N/A
  • Number of parent units: 1
  • Range: 900 ft’
  • Temperature metric: Celsius or Fahrenheit


  • Good sound quality (8/10)
  • Up to 2.5 years warranty, the longest in the group
  • Soothing night light 
  • Long-range
  • Also senses movements


  • Not loud enough for some parents compared to VTech baby monitors
  • Relatively expensive
  • Some customers have complained that their units stopped working entirely after some months. 

You can check the price on Amazon here

9. VTech DM1211 Enhanced Range Digital Audio Baby Monitor

VTech DM1211, Enhanced Range Digital Audio Baby Monitor is an improved version of VTech DM112 and was released in February 2020. It is our 9th best sound-only monitor and is among the best-selling baby monitor brands on Amazon. It is significantly lighter, weighing only 363 grams and its range has been enhanced to 1500 ft. from its initial 1000 ft which was VTech DM112’s range.

VTech DM1211

The VTech DM1121’s parent unit indicates the sound levels making it hearing friendly. VTech DM1121 comes with a night light but does not come with a belt clip as VTech DM1111.  The VTech DM1111 uses either batteries or AC/electricity. This is one of the few audio baby monitors with night vision. You can see our entire review of VTech DM1211 and its comparison to VTech DM112

  • Sound Levels: N/A
  • Range: 1500 ft.
  • Notification: Vibration and sound
  • Two-way talk-back
  • Technology: DECT 6.0

Check Price

Pros of VTech DM1121: 

  • Good sound quality
  • Longer range 1500 feet.

10. HelloBaby HB180

Hellobaby HB180 made it to this list of top audio baby monitors of 2020. Hellobaby HB180 is most ideal for parents with hearing impairment as it has a parent unit that indicates the level of sound in your baby’s room enabling you can visually monitor the noise level with the unit muted. Hellobaby HB180 and HB178 are unique in that they have a circular design


  • It has a long-range of up to 1000 ft.
  • Uses DECT technology
  • A rechargeable battery that can last up to 12 hours
Hellobaby HB178Hellobaby HB80
1000 ft. range 1000 ft. range
DECT 6.0 technology DECT 6.0 technology
No night lightHas a night light on the baby unit
No temperature display on the parent unit Has a temperature display on the screen
Cheaper than HB180 by about $5 Cheaper than HB178 by about $5
Check Price Check Price

11. DBPower Audio Baby Monitor

DBPower made it to this list of best-rated audio baby monitors and has an excellent 2-way talk feature.

Below are the features of this audio baby monitor.

  • 2-way talk: No other audio baby monitor has a quality 2-way talk feature as this DBpower brand audio baby monitor.
  • It has lullabies. YOu can choose the lullaby and change the volume on the single parent unit of DBPower audio baby monitor
  • It uses FHSS encrypted transmission for a range fo up to 1000 ft. that is less than the long range audio baby monitors by VTech such as VTech DM1111.
  • It is wireless and operates on a battery that is rechargeable
DBPower Audio Baby Monitor

Like other audio monitors on this list, DBPower is not wifi enabled and does not stream audio signals to your phone as it does not have an app like video baby monitors.

12. Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor

Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor is the 12th best audio baby monitors that has a sensor to monitor the baby’s breathing.

  • Technology : FHSS, 100% secure
  • Number of parent units: 1
  • Range:820 ft. outdoor and 328 ft. indoor
  • Batteries: Parent unit uses rechargeable
  • Belt clip: Yes!

Check Price

If you are looking for a reliable audio baby monitor with advanced motion sensing technology, Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor is a leader in that space. The under-the-mattress movement sensor pad senses the baby’s movements and will sound an alarm if no movement is detected after 15  seconds. A strong and continuous beeping will start if no movement is detected after 20 seconds. Angelcare Movement and sound monitor sense any movements above the mattress, muscle tremors, breathing, twitching, playing, coughing etc. As long as the baby lying on the mattress has activity/movement, the alert will not go off. This baby monitor does not prevent SIDs but does a good job at monitoring breath. In addition to movement, Angelcare Movement and Sound monitor also detects room temperature. May be wondering how this works. 


  • Good sound quality (8/10)
  • Easy to set up
  • Continuous monitoring


  • “tic tic” sound from the parent unit when the monitoring is normal (normal movements) can be annoying to some parents. 

You can view the manufacturer’s video here

Angelcare is leading the way in audio baby monitors with movement sensing technology and its other products are Angelcare AC403 and Angelcare AC017.

13. Neonate BC-6500D digital baby monitor

Neonate BC-6500D is the 13th best audio baby monitor that made it to his list as the best option for monitoring twins.



  • Range: 800 ft. outdoor
  • Batteries: Parent unit uses rechargeable
  • Check Price

It’s very rare to find an audio baby monitor for twins but our research uncovered one that is sold outside North America. 

Ideal if: 

If you are looking for an audio-only baby monitor for your twins, you don’t have a lot of options in North America. After some research, we found one audio baby monitor for twins that are sold in the Scandinavian region, Neonate BC-6500D. The product has been in the market since 2013 but a few customers can attest its functionalities. The unit boasts of talk-back features, lowest radiation possible, long-range transmission and long-life batteries. 


  • Low radiation
  • Voice Activated (VOX) feature


  • Not available in North America

There are a few options of audio baby monitors for twins but there are great video baby monitors for twins, specifically the VTech 321-2, Babysense video baby monitor and AXVUE E632 baby monitor.  

14. Motorola Audio Baby Monitor with Room Temperature and MBP161, 160, Comfort 10

Motorola Digital Audio Baby Monitor with Room Temperature Monitoring and LCD Display is the best Motorola audio baby monitor brand that made to this list of 16 best audio baby monitors. No other audio baby monitor has a temperature sensor and display as this monitor.

For less than $50, you can get yourself this Motorola brand of baby monitor that is better than MBP161, MBP160 and Comfort 10. Below are details of the other Motorola audio baby monitor brands;

Motorola MBP160

Below are the features of Motorola MBP160:

  • Audio brand: Motorola
  • Technology: DECT
  • Range: 900 ft.
  • Alerts for: Out of range and low battery
  • Voice control and sound level indicator in the parent unit

Motorola MBP161 TIMER Digital Audio Baby Monitor with Baby Care Timer


Below are the features of Motorola MBP161:

  • Audio brand: Motorola
  • Technology: DECT
  • Very sensitive microphone
  • Range: 990 ft.
  • Alerts for: Out of range and low battery
  • Voice control and sound level indicator in the parent unit

Buyers Guide to Top Audio Baby Monitors

Analog Audio and Digital Audio Baby Monitors

Audio baby monitors have been around for close to 90 years now, but many models and innovations have really happened over the last three years. If you are looking for an audio baby monitor in 2020, you’ll be spoiled with choices as the array of baby monitors have increased significantly since 1980s.


About Audio Baby Monitor

Audio baby monitors have been around for close to 90 years now, but many models and innovations have really happened over the last three years. If you are looking for an audio baby monitor, you’ll be spoiled for choices as the array of baby monitors has increased significantly since 1980s.

vtech dm221 baby monitor for deaf

Audio Baby Monitor Categories

Audio baby monitors can be classified by functionalities it has and below are the six categories of baby monitors we developed to assist parents as they narrow down on what’s best for them and their baby. 

  1. Audio Only Baby Monitors
  2. Audio Baby Monitors for Multiple Rooms/Multiple Receivers 
  3. Audio Baby Monitors with Movement and Sound Sensors 
  4. Audio Baby Monitors with Temperature Sensors
  5. Audio Baby Monitors with Two Baby Units (ideal for twins)
  6. Audio Baby Monitors with 2-way Communication

Audio Only Baby Monitors

Similar to the original analog baby monitors developed in 1930s, audio-only baby monitors transmit the sound/voice made by the baby. The original baby monitors were analog and had a lot of interference. The digital baby monitors use improved technology, mostly DECT 6.0, which is more secure and free from interference. Out top two audio, only baby monitors are relatively priced low as they do not have other functionalities such as the sensors. 

Types of audio baby monitors

The original Zenith Radio Nurse (original baby monitors of 1937), was an audio baby monitor that allowed parents and caregivers to hear the voice from the baby’s nursery. Technology has made it possible for parents to now listen and track other baby activities such as breathing, temperature, and/or noise levels.

Modes of audio baby monitors

There are four modes in audio baby monitors which are:

  • Sound only notification baby monitors
  • Sound, Vibration and Light Notifications monitors
  • Light only Alert Baby Monitors
  • Vibration alert baby monitors

How We Reviewed the Best Audio Baby Monitors

1. Sound clarity – Clarity of sound took the biggest weight among all the factors we considered. The technology influenced sound clarity and we noted that all baby monitors that use DECT technology have better sound clarity. 

2. Ease of use – Audio monitors are supposed to be the most basic of all baby monitors and we considered ease of use when reviewing each of the audio baby monitors. 

3. Signal coverage – Several audio baby monitors are known to have a very strong signal and we compared all of them in the field and in a house with walls. Our best baby monitor gave us a long range of 1350 ft in the open field and the worst range we got was 700 ft. Please note that we did not do the test in an enclosed space. 

4. Battery life – This is the period it takes the baby unit or the parent unit to run of out battery. From all the tested audio baby monitors, the range is 9 hours to 46 hours. Again, our consideration only took the time it actually took the battery to die from our testing and not the claim by the audio baby monitor manufacturer. 

5. Price – Our review of the 13 baby monitors considered their current price on Amazon. The price ranges from $18 to $129. Our review has carefully considered and weighted other factors more than the price as we emphasize on the audio features of the baby monitors. There are other baby monitor options if you wanted additional features.

6. Baby safety – We measured each audio baby monitors’ EMF at 6 ft and noted a range of 0.5 v/m to 3.11v/m

History of Audio Baby Monitors and Comparison Table:

Some 82 years ago (in 1937), the first audio baby monitor was invented yet it is still difficult to get your hands on the best audio baby monitor today. Despite the sound-only monitors being available and actually being very affordable, the biggest problem seems to be finding the best and perhaps knowing what or which is the best audio baby monitor among the 28 sets of audio monitors in the market in 2020 (Amazon sellers). You can also check our wifi and non-wifi video baby monitors.

This article has an exhaustive list of top-rated audio monitors which has been updated twice to reflect new audio baby monitors, specifically Willcare and enhanced VTech audio monitors that were released in Q2.

Before we go to the recommendations, let’s start with the basics to give you an idea of the history and how we rated our best audio baby monitors in the market.

As mentioned above, the first audio baby monitor, the Zenith Radio Nurse relied on an electric circuit to transfer audio signals from the baby unit to the receiver. There were no other features such as the features you find in some digital baby monitors such as two-way audio, temperature sensors, and extra long-distance transmission.

The innovations led to the emergence of analog audio baby monitors that relied on radio frequency instead of an electric circuit. Analog baby monitors had several problems with interference as it could pick up random sounds and relay it on the receiver. As an analog signal is being transmitted, it progressively and irreversibly degrades the signal-to-noise ratio resulting in poor quality audio in the parent unit. 

In 2020, the best audio baby monitors are digital baby monitors. Digital baby monitors have better audio quality and do not lose the signal quality as gets transmitted from the baby unit to the parent unit. Some of the best digital baby monitors that I like and some of the team here at BMC have used have some of all of the following features:

  • Voice Activation feature (VOX),
  • Long battery life – up to 20 hours,
  • Two-way talk feature,
  • Lullabies,
  • Temperature and humidity sensors,
  • Belt clip,
  • And of course, digital signal transmission,

Digital audio monitors are non-video baby monitors that encrypt sound signal in transit guaranteeing you 100% privacy. All of our best baby monitors in 2020 using digital transmission technology, both the wifi and non-wifi baby monitors.

Now that we know ‘digital’ is good in audio monitors, let’s explore what you look out for when buying an audio baby monitor:

  • Battery life: The battery life of your audio baby monitor is key. The earlier VTech audio baby monitors such as VTech DM111 which is currently the top best-selling audio baby monitor in 2020 is notorious for having a very short battery life. Some argue that you get what you pay for (it is the cheapest audio baby monitor). You can however clearly see from its 172 1-star ratings that over 50% of the complaints involve the poor batteries. (Update: The new Enhanced VTech DM1111 and VTech DM1211 have longer battery life).
  • Range/Connectivity: If you live in a large house or work in a farm/yard, you should consider the range of the audio monitor you are purchasing. The longest range currently available is 1500 ft. Most DECT audio baby monitors have an extra-long distance range. You may have read about a 2000 ft. range as the best audio baby monitors that appeared in many review lists in 2017 and 2018 but that monitor is no longer available and tests actually disclosed that it didn’t stand the test. 
  • The Number of Transmitter and Receivers: If you plan on using your audio baby monitor to monitor your twins, go for units that have two transmitters or baby units. In addition, if two users will be monitoring the baby/babies, you should go for an audio baby monitor that comes with two parent units.

VTech brand is winning big-time…

VTech, a Hong-Kong based manufacturer of baby products including learning materials, toys, and baby monitors dominate the audio baby monitors segment. They sell the most basic audio monitors but has an array of video baby monitors as well.

Out the ten best-selling baby monitors on Amazon (in March 2020) VTech brand is represented by three audio baby monitors, specifically the following:

VTech baby monitor Logo
  1. VTech DM221: This is the third best-selling baby monitor as of March 9th, 2020
  2. VTech DM111: This is the second best-selling baby monitor as of March 9th, 2020
  3. VTech DM221-2: This is the eighth best-selling baby monitor as of March 9th, 2020

VTech audio baby monitors dominate the top baby monitors on Amazon. Only one baby monitor has consistently been the top best-selling brand and considered the most demanded video baby monitor is the Infant Optics DXR 8.

Now that we’ve covered some basics, let’s just right into our list of best audio baby monitors in 2020.

I have described the features of each listed audio monitor in the list and you should be able to which one is the best audio baby monitor among the 20 listed top audio baby monitors.

If you want to skip this section, click on the highlighted text to go right into the buyer’s guide for audio baby monitors (below the page)

Baby Monitors and Mirrors For Cars

Baby Monitors and Mirrors For Cars

Having a baby monitor for the car can be a big game-changer as it will entirely redefine your driving experience with the baby in the car. With the baby cam mounted on the dashboard, you won’t have to try to use the car mirror to try to get a glimpse of your baby. You can also use a baby mirror to get a view of your baby without necessarily using radio frequency that transmits the video or images of your baby to a monitor.

The images below show how you can use a baby mirror or a baby monitor to view your kid from the back seat as you drive.

Image of a baby from a baby mirror
Image of a baby from a baby mirror
Image of a baby from a baby monitor
Image of a baby from a baby monitor

Like many parents, I always got super anxious when I first started driving with my baby in the car and had to always pull over after every few minutes to check on the baby. For those in the US, most states now require parents to have the baby on a rear-facing car seat until they are at least 2 years old and this makes it very difficult to check on them when driving.

While the car camera was helpful, I always thought I wasn’t getting a good view and needed to actually stop and check on the baby physically. Sometime last year, I was told of a baby monitor for the car and it got me very interested as I imagined the possibilities the baby monitor would offer.

You can choose to use a wifi-connected or a non-connected monitor for use in a car. Most of the ones listed below do not rely on Wifi.

Below are some of the reviews of our best car baby monitors. If you want to see our reviews of the best baby car mirrors, you can jump here.

Car Baby Monitor Reviews

Always in view car baby monitor

Infanttech’s Always in View Car Baby Monitor is our overall best baby monitor for use in a car. Its 3.5-inch monitor is attached to the car’s windshield with a suction cup.

Here is a table with more details:

Name Always In View – baby monitor for cars
Screen size 3.5 inches
Night visionYes
Frequency 2.4 GHz

Here is a video with more details

Zooby Car Baby Monitor Review

Zooby car baby monitor is our 2nd best car baby monitor that made it to this list.

Name Zooby WiFi Direct Portable Video Baby Monitor
Date released to the market
Rating on Amazon (as of March 2020) 3.5/5
Reviewers on Amazon (as of March 2020)30
Name and description of the manufacturerZooby
Range Range 600ft, 1000ft unobstructed
Key features The camera connects to up to 4 smart devices (Not Included), 8ft charging cable, Android, IOS app connects with a simple and secure connection, comes in 4 styles kids love – Unicorn, Giraffe, Zebra, and Dinosaur.
Does it use wifi?Yes
Is it wireless?Yes
Does it have night vision?Yes
LCD Screen SizeNo, it uses your phone screen
PriceCheck Amazon

Jaycar Baby Monitor

Jaycar Baby Monitor.jpg

Jacycar baby monitor is a 7-inch-monitor car baby monitor that you can get to use in the car. We searched the net for where parents can purchase this monitor in 2020 and it appears that you can only get it on the manufacturer’s website here. It is not available on Amazon.

Below are some of its features:

  1. 4 channel, support 4 cameras for one monitor
  2. 7LCD color screen
  3. Infrared night vision
  4. High sensitivity microphone
  5. 2way communication
  6. VOX function
  7. 1 x 6V DC Adaptor
  8. 1 x 12V DC Adaptor
  9. 1 x AV Cable

Garmin Car Baby Monitor

Garmin is a popular baby monitor brand that specializes in a brand that you can use to monitor your baby in the car. Garmin, however, discontinued this brand but you can still check the availability on their website here.

Yada Car Baby Monitor

Yada BT53901F-2 is the most popular baby monitor brand for use in a car and as of March 2020 and unlike other brands above, it is available on Amazon. It is also retailed by Yada on its website here. You should note that there are several brands of Yada baby monitor for cars and the one linked below is the most popular and perhaps the most sought-after car baby monitor brand.

This baby monitor for cars has the following features:

  1. 4.3″ Monitor
  2. The camera uses 12V power and transmits wirelessly to the monitor. You can use your car outlet to charge it
  3. It uses a wireless camera comes with 2 options for the headrest mount and a suction cup mount for flexible placement
  4. Night vision
  5. Weighs 14.7 ounces
  6. Rated 3.8/5 by over 170 parents
  7. Does not rely on wifi

Here is another video which describes how to install it.

To install Yada, you can follow these steps highlighted in their manual here.

LeeKooLuu Backup Camera

Leekooluu backup camera is a camera used in cars such as SUVs and is currently the second best-selling (link to list)car backup camera brand on Amazon. Over 2,700 users have rated this backup camera 4.3/5 and parents like it most for its 4.3-inch color screen and 720p camera.

This camera is not exclusively used a baby monitor as users prefer it also as a backup camera if your car camera is broken.

Here are some features that will make you like this highly rated baby camera for cars:

  • IP 69K Waterproof camera although you will be installing it inside the car and wouldn’t need it to be waterproof
  • HD 720P Display
  • One Power System – powered by a cigarette lighter
  • Two ways to install mount monitor: 3M adhesive and Magnetic bracket
  • Upgraded 6 Glass Lens
  • Superior night vision which can view up to 30 ft in complete darkness.
  • HD license plate camera with 149-degree viewing angle provides you with a broader visual angle
  • Designed for sedans, pickups, trucks, SUVs, Minivans, UTVs, ATVs, Trailers, etc.

Baby Car Mirrors


Totview Baby Car Mirror is our overall best car mirror you can use to monitor your kid. It is a crash-tested mirror for use to get a clear image of a baby in their rear-facing car seat. It is highly rated, with over 700 parents giving it a 4.8/5 review.

When installed, below is an image showing how you can view your baby:

totview installed in a car

Let’s look at some of the great features of this mirror:

  • Large size, 10.2 inches
  • Very cheap compared to wireless monitors in this list
  • Very easy to install – it takes less than a minute to install
  • It has sturdy straps that secure the mirror with no shaking or vibration.
  • Weighs 1.19 pounds
  • Currently #126 in Rear Facing Car Seat Mirrors

Lusso Baby Mirror

For less than $25, you can get yourself a baby mirror that has been rated 4.8/5 by over 1600 parents on Amazon. it came second on this list of baby car mirrors.

You can choose from three colors; black, tan and grey. It is currently the 10th best-selling rear-facing car seat mirror on Amazon (in March 2020). It is manufactured by Luso Gear, a company that was established in 2016 and specializes in baby products used in the car – and aimed at making the car safer for kids.


So Peep Baby Backseat Mirror

Shatterproof Baby Backseat Mirror for Car is another baby car mirror that featured on this 2020 list of car mirrors and monitors for use in cars. It is manufactured by So Peep and as of March 2020, it has 4.8/5 rating on Amazon (by over 2,200 parents). It is the 7th best-selling baby car mirror (rear-facing mirrors) on Amazon, ahead of Lusso and Totview

So Peep

Shynerk Baby Car Mirror for Car

Over 4,700 parents have bout this baby mirror on Amazon and have rated it very highly 4.8/5. That’s why it made it to this list of best baby mirrors of 2020. It is currently the #1 in Rear Facing Car Seat Mirrors


Itomoro Baby Car Mirror

Itomoro baby car mirror is another baby monitor mirror you can get to use in monitoring your baby in the car.


DIY car baby monitor

As I first started doing research on how I could find some DIY solution to install a baby cam to monitor the baby on the rear-facing seat, I found some tips and tricks online. Below is one picture of GoPro used as a baby car seat cam and it got me really interested

The below DIY baby cam video streaming trick got me into some serious research session as I really wanted to figure out how to do it. I thought it’d be very easy for us to have a baby cam such as Go Pro shown above streaming on a display screen shown below.

That said, this was one of the options but we ultimately ended up with Yada car baby monitor reviewed above as our car video/tech system couldn’t work with the Go Pro.

Baby monitor car design

Tips When Driving with Kids

  1. Stay focussed:

Buyer Guide for a Car Baby Monitor:

  1. Camera and lens: Look for an anti-glare camera lens. Also, if you plan to monitor twins in your car, make sure you choose an expandable baby cam that can monitor multiple kids
  2. Screen Display/Monitor:
  3. Night vision
  4. Power source
  5. Wireless
  6. Ease of installation