Baby Monitor Buying Guide

Baby Monitor Buying Guide

As a new parent, you realize quickly that you need a baby monitor to help monitor the baby, especially when they are out of nursery or when you are away from home. When you first start searching, you’ll be spoilt for choices as there are hundreds of baby monitors available in the market that promise the best baby-monitoring experience. While the shop attendants may help, it is of great importance for you to understand how to choose the best baby monitor.

Analog & Digital Monitors

Analog baby monitors are less common now as they are prone to interference and their signals can be hijacked. Analog monitors send signals from the baby monitor camera to the receiver/parent unit without any encryption. There are a few remaining analog baby monitor brands and we don’t recommend them anymore as digital monitors have better quality – sound, audio, and security.

Digital baby monitors encode the signals as they travel from the camera to the receiver/parent unit. We recommend digital monitors as they have improved signal transmission and you’ll easily tell good quality audio or video relayed by a digital monitor. Most baby monitor brands you find on Amazon or on any major retail are digital monitors.

There are indeed hundreds of digital monitors and it’s still not easy to choose just by going for digital ones.

The best and the simplest way to choose the best digital baby monitor is checking on the features of the baby monitor, which are the audio quality, the video quality, the temperature-checking, talk-back, music and lullabies, movement sensor, remote-control, portability, long-range,  Light-Up Sound Indicator,  Battery Life, Pan/Tilt/Zoom, and WIFI functions. You should also consider the size of your house, your budget, and the safety issues of the baby monitor before making a baby monitor purchase.

Features to Consider when Picking the Best Baby Monitor

We discuss how to evaluate the features of a baby monitor below to enhance your decision about the best baby monitor for your baby and you.

The Audio Quality

Choose a baby monitor that has clear audio. After all, the sound is one of the most essential and basic functions of a baby monitor because it alerts you when a baby is fussing or crying, prompting you to check on it fast. All baby monitors we’ve reviewed on this site have this audio function and all monitors since the Zenith monitor in 1937 have had this feature.

A number of baby monitors that are ideal for deaf parents use LED lights or vibrating alarm to replace the audio feature. You can check out these alternative notifications options suitable for deaf parents. If you are shopping for a regular monitor for the first time, watch out for inexpensive brands that are known to have terrible static noise/background noise.

A customer of VTech DM111, the most inexpensive audio baby monitor explains the static noise that the monitor has:

Baby monitors use three key technologies, the DECT technology that utilizes 1.9 GHz frequency, the FHSS technology that utilizes 2.4 GHz frequency, and WiFi technology that uses 2.4 GHz and 5GHz frequency bands. Monitors that use the 2.4GHz frequency often have interference with other devices such as a microwave that also utilizes the same frequency.

Note: choosing a baby monitor that filters out white noise is an added advantage because it will only pick out baby noises instead of background noises.

Video and picture quality

Choose a baby monitor that provides you with explicit videos if you prefer to use a video baby monitor. To check the baby monitor’s video quality read the baby monitors specs and take a keen interest in the camera specs and the screen/monitor specs. Older baby monitors use VGA display which has lower resolution compared to some of the recent brands that have 720p to 1080p resolution. Consider getting baby monitors that display in high resolution. Check out these 1080p HD monitors.

The image below shows the difference in quality between a 720p and 480p resolution. The 720p HD image is 3 times clearer than the 480p image.

720p vs 480p images on a baby monitor

Also, ensure that your video baby monitor has the infrared function to allow you to monitor your baby at night

Finally, choose a video baby monitor that provides you with remote access if you wish to watch your baby while away from home. 

Note: A video baby monitor that gives you remote access must have a WIFI function

Temperature-Checking Function

Choose a baby monitor that displays the temperature of the baby’s room because it will help you to maintain the right temperature of the baby’s room. Ultimately, the right temperature will help your baby breathe better, relax better, and sleep well, which will minimize her fuss.

Talk-Back Function

Choose a baby monitor that has a talkback function. Research studies have found that talking to your baby is important for building your baby’s brain. In the first three years of your baby, the brain triples in size and gets complex as it develops and interacts with the world and the mother’s voice is especially important at this stage.

A 2016 Study by Stanford University School of Medicine found that a child’s brain is far more engaged when the baby hears the sound of the mother.

The study went on to explain:

The strength of connections between the brain regions activated by the voice of a child’s own mother predicted that child’s social communication abilities, the study also found.

Stanford University School of Medicine Study

Another study found that talkative parents have kids with better cognitive skills. These studies help make the case for parents to get closer to their infants by actively or inactively engaging them in conversations.

That is, buy a baby monitor that you can hear your little one’s sound, and you can talk or sing to it. The talkback function is crucial because it allows you to soothe your baby before picking it or soothing it to sleep even at a distance. Check out these 2-way talk baby monitors.

Music and Lullabies

Choose a baby monitor that has music and lullabies; the music will keep your child entertained while alone, and the lullabies will ease the process of putting your baby to sleep.

Several baby monitor brands that are in the market in 2020 have pre-recorded lullabies that you can play for your baby. Before you make a purchase, take note of the number of pre-recorded lullabies for non-WiFi monitors, and for Wifi monitors, ensure that the baby monitor app allows you to download online lullabies online.

I have put together 10 baby monitors with good lullabies here.

Movement Sensor

Ensure that you buy a baby monitor that has a movement sensor function because it alerts you when the baby does not move for long periods.

Other baby monitors with baby movement functions alert you when the moves beyond areas of his cot that are safe. For example, a baby monitor with a movement sensor will inform you when it moves to the edge of its bed or when it stands.

Note: A baby monitor that has a movement sensor often comes connected to a pad that you place under your baby’s mattress.


Choose a baby monitor that has a moveable parent unit to allow you to watch your baby from anywhere in the house as long as you are in range. 

Long-Range Function

Pick a baby monitor that has a reliable long ranger to allow you to monitor your baby even from downstairs or in the backyard. Otherwise, buying a baby monitor that has functions in a short-range will only be helpful when you are close to the baby’s room. Check out our list of long-range monitors here

A baby monitor with a long-range function will transmit a baby’s audio or video clearly within 89 meters away from the baby’s room.

Remote-Control Function

Buy a baby monitor that has a remote-control function because it will allow you to control features such as music, lullabies, and night lights without going to the baby’s room.

Light-Up Sound Indicator Functions

Choose a baby monitor that alerts you of your little one’s sounds by lighting the parent unit. The light-up sound indicator function is essential and significant because it informs you of your baby’s needs even when distracted with other activities such as vacuuming.

Battery Life

Buy a baby monitor that has a long battery life to ensure that you will monitor your baby for long periods without interruptions. You can know the baby monitor’s battery life by checking the storage capacity of the batteries that the baby monitor uses. A baby monitor such as Vava baby monitor with 4,500 mAh battery storage capacity will last for up to 24 hours, longer than a 2900 mAh battery storage capacity used by Eufy Spaceview S baby monitor.

Several cheap baby monitors such as VTech DM111 and DM221 cost less than $30 but users have found them to have a super short battery life of fewer than 3 hours. After several months of use, you will actually start using the AC power since the battery wouldn’t last for more than 30 minutes.

For example, buy a baby monitor that has a battery life of over 12 hours instead of buying one that has a batter life of 3-4 hours.

Pan/Tilt/Zoom Function

Choose a baby monitor that is pan, tilt, and zoom enabled to enhance the baby-monitoring experience.

The pan and tilt functions in a baby monitor allow you to move the device side to side and to move the camera angle either downward or upward, remotely, which enables you to watch the entire baby’s room.

The zoom function allows you to zoom in or out of different angles of the baby and the baby’s room, which enables you to confirm that the baby is safe.

 WIFI Supported

Choose a baby monitor that supports WIFI connection to allow you to watch your baby from anywhere.

Note: Use a unique password and change it often to minimize the risk of hackers monitoring your precious one and your home, which can result in a security breach.

Finally, ensure that the cost of the baby monitor you choose to buy matches your budget, is safe for baby’s use, and it is easy to install and use. Make sure that you buy a baby monitor that is functional when not installed on the baby crib to prevent the baby from tampering with it, which can fall on it or electrocute it. Also, for wireless baby monitors to avoid strangulation of the baby when it reaches the device.

6 Reasons Why You Need a Baby Monitor and When to Stop Using it

6 Reasons Why You Need a Baby Monitor and When to Stop Using it

The first time you learn of a gadget called a baby monitor, you’ll probably start asking yourself whether you really need one. My parents didn’t use a baby monitor when we were young and we turned out fine. If you are on the fence whether there is any benefit of getting a baby monitor, you are not alone.

When I first got a baby monitor for my firstborn, he was already approaching 12 months. For the two babies I’ve had since then, I have used a baby monitor right away when I delivered them. In fact, baby monitors are perfect for newborns and preemies as this is the time you’ll most likely want to closely check on them. First-time parents also feel the need to get closer to your baby and a baby monitor can come in handy.

Is a baby monitor an absolute necessity?

Baby monitors are not a must-have baby item as Minimalist Mum would tell you but it’s a lifesaver for those who have gotten used to it. If you delivered your baby prematurely, it is very important if you get a monitor that will track your baby’s vital signs such as breathing and heartbeat. For regular-term babies, your baby monitor will give you peace of mind by enabling you to check on them – see and hear them whenever you want to.

To summarize your need for a baby monitor will depend on the health condition and sleeping patterns of your baby. In addition, the size of your room and the distance of your room to your baby’s nursery may be too far and you wouldn’t be able to hear your baby when he/she cries. In that case, getting a baby monitor will enable you to hear your baby when he/she needs you.

Baby Monitor for Babies under 6 months

For babies under 6 months, the baby monitor is very handy. I have been using mine right away from when the baby is barely a week old but for parents that choose to sleep in separate rooms with the baby, the baby monitor will make the transition easy. Below is a review by a parent indicating how the Owlet Smart Sock reduced her worry when she had her baby wear it on the third night after delivery:

Baby Monitor for Babies of age 6 to 18 months

After 6 months, you will have trained your baby to sleep and can hopefully sleep the whole night without waking up. As they approach one year, you should be able to hear the cries or they can at least alert you without needing the monitor. As soon as your baby develops better sleeping habits, you can stop using the baby monitor at any time.

After 18 months, you can keep using the baby monitor as you see fit. After 2 years most toddlers would not need a baby monitor but I’ve met parents who are still using it with their babies aged 3 to 5.

Baby Monitor for Different House Types (Apartments, Small Houses, Large Houses, Rental/Flats, Airbnb)

Baby monitors can be used in different house settings. Here is an overview of what parents have had to say about using a baby monitor in different house categories:

Apartments/flats: You can use a baby monitor in an apartment or rental flats are given that you and your baby are not in the same room. In an apartment or any small house, it will be easier to hear your baby when he/she cries or needs your attention. In that regard, the baby monitor may not be as important but in several situations, parents living in apartments have founds monitors to be helpful in other ways. For example, when checking on a baby at night, you can watch the baby using night vision without having to go to their room and turn on the light – which usually ends up backfiring anyway since your baby will wake up when you turn on the nursery lights. For this reason, baby monitors are still very important for a small house.

In addition a WiFi baby monitor will allow you to the videos, images and sounds of your baby whenever you are in the world using the smartphone app provided by the baby monitor manufacturer.

Airbnb/Rentals: If you are traveling and feel like carrying your baby monitor along, you should note that Airbnb does not forbid the use of a baby monitor. However, you should purchase a portable baby monitor that can easily be mounted on a flat surface since it would be better mounting it on a surface that would not need screws or permanent placement.

The next section goes through the 6 main reasons why you should get a baby monitor

6 Reasons Why You Should Get a Baby Monitor

  1. Your baby sleeps in a room away from yours

You need a baby monitor to monitor the sounds and movements of your baby. If you live in a big house and your baby’s nursery is not close to your bedroom, a baby monitor will keep you closer to your baby by notifying you every time your baby cries or moves around in the crib.

  1. Your baby sleepwalks

A baby monitor is necessary if your baby sleepwalks to ensure that it is safe or you put it back to bed when it gets out of bed. This is often key when your baby has already learned how to walk – from age 2.

  1. When you need to monitor your baby when completing when doing other jobs

A baby monitor is necessary when you need to watch over your baby, but you are busy with other house chores such as vacuuming, which can block the sounds and cries of a baby

  1. When your baby has nightmares

A baby monitor is necessary when your baby has nightmares that interrupt its sleep and wake terrified because it will alert you that the baby needs your reassurance of their safety.

  1. When your baby is sick

A baby monitor is a necessity when your baby is sick because it alerts you immediately it makes a fuss or cries, which ensures that they fall asleep fast enough.

  1. One of the parents travels away and needs to keep up with the baby

A baby monitor becomes a necessity when one of the parents or grandparents live away and need to see the baby; they just log into the app and view the baby on the monitor anytime they want.

Other Benefits of using a baby monitor

Sleep training: When you are sleep training your toddler, you will often realize that they may not go to sleep immediately after you wish them a good night of peaceful sleep. I have used the baby monitor severally to keep an eye on my babies to make sure that they actually go to bed. Without the monitor, I often had to go and tell them to go to bed.

When to stop using baby monitors /why parents should stop using it

A time will come that you will find it unnecessary to use the baby monitor watch to over your little one whether because your baby is now big, or you find that unhealthy for your parenting skills. The truth is, there is the right time to stop using the baby monitor: some parents ditch the devices while others use it for babies of up to five years.

But, here are top reasons why parents stop using the baby monitor:

  1. You live in a small apartment, so the baby monitor becomes unnecessary.

Some parents who live in small apartments/flats stop using the baby monitor because they realize that the device becomes nagging. The baby monitor alerts even when it picks up white noises, making it ineffective for watching the baby. This is mostly the case if you are using a non-WiFi monitor that has a parent unit with settings that cannot be easily adjusted.

  1. The use of the baby monitor becomes a health hazard

Some parents stop using the baby monitor when it leads to anxiety and sleep deprivation. New parents soon realize that they cannot sleep well with fear that they will miss alerts on the baby needing their attention, despite most noise being unnecessary.

Other parents become obsessed with monitoring the baby even when away at work, which makes them anxious. 

As such, parents ditch the baby monitors to implement healthy parenting approaches without obsessing over monitoring the baby.

  1. When your baby sleeps throughout the night

Some parents stop using the baby monitor at night when the little one sleeps the entire night without needing a feed or a diaper change. As such, a baby monitor becomes unnecessary.

  1. When the baby grows old enough to use a regular bed

You can stop using the baby monitor when your baby is old enough to use a regular bed because it means it can sleep through the night and call out when in need of help.

  1. When they become harmful to the baby

You should stop using a baby monitor when they are harmful to the baby. For example, you should stop using a baby monitor when a baby develops foot blisters from using an Owlet monitor. Also, you should stop using a baby monitor that has the risk of strangling your baby, especially baby monitors that have a movement sensor pad that is placed under the mattress.

GoodBaby Baby Monitor Review

GoodBaby Baby Monitor Review

About GoodBaby Baby Monitor with 2.4-inch Screen

This post is a review of two GoodBaby baby monitors with camera, audio, pan and tilt features. It is part of our top-rated baby monitors that do not rely on WiFi with others including Vava, Eufy, and Infant Optics DXR 8.

GoodBaby, the company that manufacturers and retails the GoodBaby baby monitor brand was founded in 2017. It prides itself on super affordable baby products – although they only deal with baby monitors at the moment.

It has released two baby monitor brands, one with a 2.4-inch screen and another with a 3.5-inch LCD screen. The first GoodBaby baby monitor was released on 28th October 2019, four weeks to 2019 Black Friday. Less than a year later, GoodBaby baby monitor is in the top 10 best-selling baby monitors on Amazon with a very high rating of 4.7/5 by over 2,000 parents who have reviewed this non-wifi baby monitor. 

This brand is challenging some of our cheap non-wifi baby monitors such as Anmeate, Hellobaby, and Babysense. In fact, it has additional features that some of the traditional non-connected monitors do not have such as lullabies, automatic night vision, and 360-degrees pan. 


Here are all the features:

  • 2.4 inch LCD screen and connected to the baby camera via enhanced 2.4GHz wireless technology
  • Infrared night Vision 
  • Temperature sensors in the camera
  • Two Way Talk
  • Long Range connectivity of up to 1000 ft. 
  • VOX Wake-up Mode(ECO Mode)
  • Feeding Alarm Reminding
  • 360-degree free rotation
  • A Very portable parent unit that weighs less than one pound: The small monitor can easily fit in the phone allowing you to easily move around the house without trying to get a stand or to position your monitor in several positions in the house. The receiver also has a kickstand/support enabling you to easily position it on a flat surface such as a table and 
  • Battery life: 12 hours in power-saving mode, 8 hours with the display screen constantly on
  • Parents have rated this monitor very highly for reasons specific to this monitor: it’s weight, cost, and night vision quality. GOODBABY’s receiver is very light, lighter than your phone perhaps. Unless you carry those 1990s phones that weighed over 3 pounds. 

Goodbaby baby monitor is also super cheap, selling for less than $50, almost a third of the best-selling brands such as Eufy, Infant Optics DXR 8 and Vava baby monitors. In addition, it supports up to 4 cameras. It comes with one camera but an additional camera wouldn’t cost you more than $30. 

The third reason I was drawn to this monitor is that its night vision mode is excellent. 



  • Small screen size

GoodBaby Baby Monitor with 3.5-inch Screen

Six months after the release of the 2.4-inch model of GoodBaby baby monitor, GoodBaby released the second model with a larger screen measuring 3.5 inches. This new model is a little more expensive compared to the earlier model but is packed with great features. More than 340 parents have reviewed this product so far and have rated it 4.9/5, among the highest of all the products we’ve reviewed here at 10BabyGear.

It is currently the 9th best-selling baby monitor on Amazon as shown in the snapshot below:


  • 3.5-inch LCD display, similar to Infant Optics DXR 8, the overall best-selling non-wifi video baby monitor
  • Two-way talk and sensors to monitor temperature in your baby’s room
  • It has lullabies
  • Remote pan up to 355 degrees, from corner-to-corner of the baby’s room
  • 90 degrees tilt enabling you to view the baby’s room from the floor to the ceiling.
  • High capacity battery that can last for up 12 hours on Eco mode
  • Decent range of 960ft.
  • Clear real-time video and audio 
  • Invisible infrared lights for night vision viewing

Similarities of 2.4-inch and 3.5-inch GoodBaby Baby Monitors

  • Monitoring the temperature of the nursery at any time to facilitate your baby’s comfort and your peace of mind.
    • Note: the baby monitors warn you when the temperature of the baby’s room is below 8 degrees or above 32 degrees
  • Use the 2.4 GHz FHSS Technology that enhances the signal strength, transmission speed, and low radiation, which improves your baby’s and your security
  • The baby monitors have a VOX Mode, a feature that allows you to control the sound activation, such as reminding you to check on the baby.
  • They have automatically Infrared night vision that gives you a clear image of your baby in the dark. The Infrared light also allows you to record live videos of your baby when in darkness.
  • They have Sound Activated LED Indicator and Two-way Tals, which enables you to talk back to your baby through the intercom push-to-talk button. Also, the features will allow you to hear your child’s voice clearly wherever you are in the house
  • The baby video monitors have eight lullabies, which allows you to keep entertaining your baby for a lobe time. As such, it becomes easier for you to put the baby asleep.
  • The monitors have a pan and tilt feature of 120 degrees and 360 degrees, respectively, which makes it easy for you to monitor your baby wherever he or she is in the house.
  • The baby monitors are expandable to 4 cameras on a single digital video camera, which gives you more room to watch your little one.

Differences between 3.5-inch and 2.4-inch GoodBaby Video Monitors

3.5-inch GoodBaby Video baby Monitor
3.5-inch GoodBaby Video baby Monitor

GoodBaby Baby Monitor with Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera

The GoodBaby Video Baby Monitor with Camera and AudioGoodBaby Baby Monitor with Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera
Has a 2.4” LCD screenHas a large screen of 3.5.”
Has a long-distance transmission of up to 1000ftHas a long-distance transmission of up to 960ft 
Has a 360-degree rotation that enables you to watch your child from any angleProvide a 355-degree rotation that allows you to monitor the baby from every corner of the room
Has a pan-tilt feature of up to 120 degreesIt has a tilt feature of up to 90 degrees that enables you to see from the floor to the ceiling of the baby’s room.
Check PriceCheck Price


  • The Goodbaby monitors use a 2.4GHZ Wireless Digital Transmission that provides you with high definition and stable streaming
  • The monitors offer long-distance transmissions which allow you to watch your child even when in the kitchen
  • The baby monitors’ Infrared Night Visions enables you to keep an eye on you little one even in darkness
  • The monitors have long-life batteries, which will allow you to monitor your baby continuously
  • The baby monitors provide whole room coverage, which will enable you to monitor the safety of the baby throughout the room
  • The baby monitors warn of you low and high baby temperatures, which helps you to regulate the kid’s room temperature 
  • The monitors come with a one year warranty with 100% money-back guarantee


  • You need to buy a new baby monitor when the battery dysfunctions as it is inbuilt.
70+ Baby Freebies You Can Get – (Updated 2020)

70+ Baby Freebies You Can Get – (Updated 2020)

Raising a baby is not cheap, especially in the US. USDA estimates that the average cost of raising a baby is $252,882.90 from when they are born to age 18.

As a mom planning for the baby’s budget, you must be watching out for the best deals on baby essentials since you will be using them for a long time to come. Luckily, retailers and baby brands have tailored programs that offer free samples, to help cut down your budget, and give you the option of trying out products before buying in bulk.

We have researched the web to find the best deals and rounded them all up. Your duty will be to read through carefully and then follow the links to subscribe to the deals you may be interested in. Make sure you capture the finer details like shipping cost, subscription fees, terms, and conditions, etc. before hitting the subscribe button. We’ll have baby freebies in different markets such as South Africa, United States, Canada, UK, and Australia, among others but we’ll start with US baby freebies:

Baby Freebies in the US

Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

If you have a Prime account with Amazon and sign up for their Baby Registry, you will be eligible for the Amazon Welcome Box and other benefits. All you need is to purchase items or receive gifts from your friends, worth over $10 from your registry, and Amazon will deliver the box to your doorstep.

What is the box will vary depending on availability, but it comes to $35 worth of free baby stuff. You can get a cotton muslin blanket or onesie, Philips Avent baby bottle, Philips Avent nursing pads, diapers and wipes from brand names like Huggies, Pampers and The Honest Company, and laundry detergents samples from brands like Seventh Generation and Dreft.

Enfamil Family Beginnings

If you are planning to feed your little one with formula exclusively or might want to supplement your breast milk, Enfamil is a top brand that has provided nutrition for many babies. With formula cost being so high, receiving free formula cans will save you a lot of money. 

Sign up for Enfamil Family Beginnings, and you will get free formula samples and other gifts worth up to $400. We also love that no signing up, purchases, or payment needed.

Target Baby Registry Gift Bag

To get the Target gift bag, you need first to create a baby registry (free) and add at least one item. You will then receive an email from Target letting you know that you can stop by the Guest Services on your next shopping trip at Target, and collect your Welcome bag.

The contents include handpicked goodies, samples, and coupons worth over $80! Things like diapers, bottles, and pacifiers from brands like Johnson’s, Huggies, Graco, Aveeno baby, and more. Plus, eight weeks before your due date, you will get a coupon for 15% discount on everything left on your registry. The only downside is that you can’t have it delivered to your door.

Gerber Baby Gift Box

Gerber is a high rating top brand when it comes to providing babies with wholesome nutrition from their baby formulas and pureed fruits, veggies, and other healthy ingredients. Sign up for a MyGerber account, and you will receive free products from the company and various discounts. They will also frequently send you surprise coupons and gifts. While what they put in the box is a surprise, some moms have received free full-sized Gerber formulas, a bib, onesies, first year belly stickers, and more. 

Other benefits you will get include: your personal baby expert, Dotti, available 24/7 with advice regarding your baby’s nutrition, lactation, and sleep. Additionally, you get your own Menu Planner that grows with your baby to customize nutritious meals.

Similac StrongMoms rewards program

Similac is another popular formula brand offering some of the best deals for moms to be. When you sign up for the Similac StrongMoms reward program for free, they send you free formula samples, gifts, savings, and benefits valued at up to $400. And expert nutrition advice available on 24/7 chat services.

Free Diapers from through the Nation Diaper Bank Network

For needy moms, the National Diaper Bank Network is a great resource for free diapers, usually collected from donations. You might want to check if you qualify to receive the free diapers. The bank says they committed to making sure every baby has access to clean diapers. 

The Honest Company

You can get 30% off your first diaper and wipes subscription using a code and a free magnetic bandana bib. Simply subscribe at the Honest Company website.

Buybuy Baby Goodie Bag

When you create your buybuy Baby registry, you can head to their store and collect their beloved Goody Bags. The bag is jam-packed with awesome samples and coupons.

They also guarantee to match a lower price from competition on identical items that meet their price match conditions.

If you refer someone to buy and create a registry with them, you get 25% discount on any in-store purchase worth $100 or more.

Some parents have recently received diapers from Honest and Pampers, wipes from Boogie, Johnson baby lotion, Babyganics, breastfeeding samples from Lasinoh, and lots of coupons- Talk about hot deals!

Free Nature’s One Full-size Product

At Nature’s One’s website, you can sign up to receive a free sample, but you need to meet the $5.95 shipping cost if you live within the US. They will send you a full-size 12.07 oz can of the formula brand you are interested in sampling; either Baby’s Only Organic formulas or PediaSmart Nutrition Beverages.

Free children books through Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

Inspired by her father’s inability to read and write, Dolly started her Imagination Library to gift kids from 0 to 5 years with free books. The books are published by Penguin Random House and are usually reviewed every year by a team of early childhood literacy experts. You can sign up when your baby is born, and they will receive these free books in the mail until they are five years old. Check to see if the program is in your area and sign up through the Library of Congress. 

The Pampers Rewards Program

The Pampers Rewards program is one of the best for mommies who will need to save on diapers for years to come. When you sign up to join the Pampers club, your diaper purchases will be converted into rewards and cash back. Better still, they have an app where you can scan the codes of their products and collect points with every code (makes the process so easy). You can redeem the points as cash or coupons or gift cards you can use on items like diapers, baby food, toys, electronics and more. 

Free IKEA Goodies

When you Sign up for the free IKEA Family member program, you get discounted member prices for their wide range of products from mattresses and bedding to kitchens and food. You will also get great ideas from their inspirational workshop and events. Plus, they frequently send you surprise coupons and food offers. 

A Free Breast Pump

Now mothers can access a free breast pump thanks to the Affordable Care Act, which made it a requirement. You can check if you qualify for the program by visiting

GoodNites Discounts

GoodNites sell bedwetting products for both boys and girls. When you Sign up to join GoodNites, you can receive free samples from brands like Huggies and Pull-ups and get discounts and coupons. Plus, you get first-hand information about new products, access reviews, and tips and advice related to bedwetting and potty transitioning from experts.

Free baby essentials from the Hospital 

Your OB/Gyn and Pediatrician can also be very resourceful in helping you get baby essentials like free diapers, baby bottles, baby formula samples, etc. Usually, they’ll have plenty of baby samples on hand- you just need to ask. They can also refer you to some clubs that give out baby freebies

Huggies Rewards

You can get free diapers and other products when you sign up for the Huggies Rewards. All you need to do is upload your Huggies diapers and wipes purchases receipts on their Huggies Rewards website or on their app (get it from Google Play or App store) to earn points. When your points have accumulated enough, you can request coupons for free diapers or other Huggies products, gift cards, and more. Plus, they give you 500 points just for signing up!

Walmart Baby Box

Create your baby registry with Walmart and sign up for their Baby Registry Welcome Box valued at about $40. You might receive free goodies like pacifiers, sample diapers, bottles, baby lotions, and more from brands like Dr Brown, Johnsons, Aveeno, and Huggies etc.

Seventh Generation Rewards

Seventh Generation sells plant-based personal care products, paper, cleaning detergents, baby products, and more. If you sign up for their rewards program, you might get to preview new products, and receive coupons and offers.

Hello Baby Box

If you create your Baby Registry with Babylist, you will receive a Hello Baby box filled with gifts, but there is a $6.99 shipping fee. Your box could contain Pampers and Huggies diapers, Aquaphor’s ointment, Pipette baby lotion, Water wipes, Honest wipes, Chicco and Nanobebe pacifiers, Baby Bum shampoo and body wash, Evenflo bottles, and coupons and gift cards. Even with the shipping fee, it is still such a steal!

Medela Breastfeeding Kit

Sign up with Medela and you could get yourself a Medela kit containing nursing products samples such as nursing pads, milk storage bags, a micro-steam bag, a quick clean microwavable bag, Calma teats, and lanolin nipple cream.

Noobie Box

Expectant moms can order a Free Pregnancy Noobie box filled with samples and goodies. No subscription is needed- you just need to create an account and pay $8.95 for shipping, and you will be amazed by all the goodies you get in the box. This is usually a one-time gift and contents of the box vary from time to time. The current one contains Aquaphor baby diaper rash cream, a Chicco pacifier, a five-pack of Cuties diapers, a Lansinoh breastfeeding set (with nursing pads, milk storage bags), Prevail set of 2 liners, Morning Prep prenatal vitamin sample, a sachet of Upspring (a drink to encourage milk flow), a 10-pack of WaterWipes and Palmer’s stretch marks massage lotion sachet.

Free Diaper Bag from Dyper

Try out the most comfortable and healthiest bamboo diapers for your baby from Dyper, and when you subscribe, they will gift you with their stylish bag valued at $99, for free. Plus, they give you a 15% discount for your diaper orders.

Everyday Family’s free sample box 

When you register with EverydayFamily for free, you’ll get access to the Everyday Mom Sampling Club. Just sign up to receive a new box of samples every month from your favorite brands. In addition to receiving samples from brands like Pampers, Dove, Gerber, and Huggies, Similac, and more, you’ll also receive pregnancy and baby newsletters, baby magazines, weekly coupons, and more.

Groove Collaborative free gift

Groove delivers healthy and natural products ranging from personal care, baby care, pet and household to your home from brand names like Mrs. Meyers, Burt’s Bees, Seventh Generation, Alba, Babyganics, Zarbee’s, Earth Mama, more! When you sign up for Grove Collaborative, which is free, you can claim your free gift. Currently, Grove is offering a free Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning set valued at $35, and a Free Baby Gift set containing goodies like Babyganics Bubble Bath, Burt’s Bees Nourishing Baby Oil, Grove Co. Hydrating Bar Soap, and WaterWipes Pure Water Wipes. 


If you want to get free samples from PINCHme, you can start by signing up (for free) and providing your shopper profile. Based on the details you provide, they will be sending you free samples from major brands for you to review. And it is not just one or two samples, but a full box that normally contains a nice variety of products from health and beauty, food, makeup, pet care, and baby samples. 

Free Baby Pack From Nestle Baby& Me

When you register for Nestle Baby& Me, you will get a free baby pack, samples from major brands, expert tips, and advice to help with your baby’s development and savings!

If you are wondering what’s in the baby pack, this is what a recent one included; a diaper bag worth $130, baby bottle, prenatal Vitamins, Good Start Probiotic Baby Formula, Huggies diapers, Gerber baby rice cereal, a changing pad and several coupons.

Unfortunately this offer is only available for residents of Canada.

Motherhood Maternity Gift Bag

When you shop, they have a Preggie Perks program where expectant moms can register to get a gift bag loaded with free samples from partnering brands such as buybuy Baby, Philips Avent, Shutterfly and more. You also receive coupons and special offers for a carseat canopy, diaper covers, baby shoes, nursing pillows, etc.

Abby &Finn Trial pack

Get a trial pack of 8 diapers and a travel pack of 20 wipes of Abby & Finn products for free. All you need is $7.95 for shipping within the US. Also, when you subscribe, you get $10 discount off your purchases and other rewards.

Baby Box University

Baby Box University offers online parenting classes and rewards you with free stuff upon completion. You can get a free baby box filled with free baby samples, and the box can serve as a crib or bassinet.

Baby Dove

You can sign up with Dove to receive free samples, coupons, tips and exclusive content.

Baby Magic

Subscribe for their newsletter to get exclusive access to their special promotions. You might also get some coupons.

Ella’s Kitchen

Get Ella’s Kitchen newsletter to receive special offers and Ella’s Kitchen baby food coupons

Gerber Children’s Wear

When you sign up for the Grow-With-Us rewards program, you get 10 free points at signup and more points as you shop for Gerber Children’s wear and follow them on social media. You can redeem the points after they have accumulated. They also have a program where, for every referral, you and your referral friend get $10 each. 


You can sign up to receive emails from Luvs as well as other trusted P&G brands. This will give you access to free samples, coupons, and you will learn about new products, get promotions, and inspirational ideas.

Mam Club Rewards

Register to join the Mam Club and you will enjoy the benefits forever. You will get 20% discount on your first order, a pregnancy calendar, baby calendar, newsletters containing special offers and competitions. 

Naty Free Trial Box

Get a free trial box of Eco diapers for free and only pay for a 3.99 shipping fee. The box includes 10 diapers, Naty Eco newsletter and a crown.

P&G samples and coupons

Sign up for the P&G Everyday newsletter to get access to their samples and coupons from partnering brands like Pampers, Luvs, Dreft, Tide Free & Gentle, Kid’s Crest, Downy, Clearblue Easy, Ivory, and more!

The Children’s Place Rewards

Shop at the Children’s Place and get rewards and discounts. When you sign up and use My Place Rewards credit card, you get 30% off instantly. You also earn and accumulate redeemable points. And when you refer a friend, they get $10, and you get $10. Plus, shipping is free for all purchases!

Winn-Dixie Baby Club 

As a Winn-Dixie club member, you will enjoy special discounts, coupons, and gifts from brands like Tides, GoodNites, Dreft, Downy, Kotex, and more. Simply sign up!

Happy Little Camper

Happy Little Camper sells premium diapers and wipes made with natural and gentle materials such as non-GMO cotton, aloe vera, and vitamin E.

When you apply to become a Happy Little Camper member, you will enjoy their free newsletters with exclusive content from Hilary Duff and 20% savings each month!

You can also subscribe for their bundles to get 45% savings on repeat orders, and 38% on a one time purchase. Apart from the savings, you can get coupons, and shipping is free!

Right now they have an active 20% off your first subscription, but you must hurry before the offer expires.

Made Of

Made Of is a seller of organic, super soft, and ultra-absorbent diapers and wipes. They have two diaper bundle subscriptions: Basic and Deluxe. The Basic consists of 6 diaper packs while the Deluxe consists of 6 diaper packs, 4 wipes packs, organic diaper rash cream, and calming organic baby powder.

When you subscribe for their bundles, on your first order you will get $20, a free onesie, and free shipping if your order is above $35

Also when you refer a friend, you get $100

Free trial diapers from Parasol.

Parasol sells diapers, diaper pants, baby body wash, shampoo, and face masks.They refer to their diapers as clear and dry, and now you can order a free trial pack to see if this claim holds. The pack consists of four diapers, and then 15 days after ordering, they automatically enroll you for their $36 giant diaper pack.

They have two subscriptions with free membership Basic (1-2 orders) and VIP. All subscribers enjoy free shipping, but VIP members get more benefits, including 45% savings with the VIP box, gifts for friends valued at $32, 20% savings on all products, and extra discounts.

Free Diapers from IncrediBundles

Your friends can subscribe at IncrediBundle to gift you with diaper and wipes bundles for months. They choose the size, brand, and duration, which the diaper bundles will be delivered to you from 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, or 1 year. IncrediBundle will deliver the gift to your doorstep in a signature box with a cute teddy bear wrapped inside and a certificate to redeem for a diapers’ monthly case. You can also be using the cute box as storage. Subscription plans start at $199 for 3 months of diaper delivery. They also offer baby bundles for toys and books.

Thrive Market

Thrive Market is top on the stores that sell products at low prices. When you shop for baby products from online Thrive Market, they are giving you 50% off retail and free shipping on your first order if it is above $25.  You may want to consider trying their natural-based diapers (with aloe vera and vitamin E) which sell at very low prices compared to the other competing brands such as Honest, Seventh generation, Bamboo Nature, etc. which they also sell.

Their membership requires you to pay $59.95 annually, but you will get discounts on all their health products. Customers have found that even with the membership fee considered; if you shop more than once a month with them, it is still a huge save.

Freebie library with Milkology

If you are a new momma, you can get useful lifelong lessons on breastfeeding, lactation, and pumping so you can be ready and confident when your baby finally comes. You pay $7 for the online step by step video lessons, but Milkology gives you printable checklists and cheat sheets free, for future reference.

Free Books from the Bushel

You can get a free book for every ten you purchase from The Bushel. Or if you prefer, you can opt to have 5 % off your order total.

Baby Freebies in Australia

Bounty has got to be the most generous company out there. You can claim or request their amazing free Bounty Bags from stores like Target, your Antenatal Clinics, Chemist, or even the company’s website. If you order from the website, you can choose your free pack to be from Tesco, Asda or Boots, but you will incur $15 for posting.

Although the bag’s content varies, you can get free samples, vouchers and exclusive offers, expert tips on motherhood and on savings, and more.

They give you three bags at different stages:

  • Mother-to-be Bag -when you are 13 weeks along
  • Newborn pack- when your baby is 48 hours old, from the hospital.
  • Bounty Day Care Bag- when you child starts any Goodstart Early Learning Centre across Australia.

The process is even easier with their Bounty Pregnancy & Baby app, which you can download from App store or Google store.

Chemist Direct

At Chemist Direct, you can get free samples of baby wipes, baby creams, and dietary supplements for kids and pregnant women. They also give coupons and promo codes so you can save more.

Free samples from Gaia Skin Naturals

Gaia sells a wide range of personal care products ranging from bath and body wash, baby moisturizer, sleep time bath, hair and body wash, baby shampoo, belly butter, shave gel, baby shampoo, etc.

You can grab any of their free Gaia Skin Natural samples, and enjoy the luxurious experience by following the link and placing your request.

Free samples from BoobieBikkies

Pinky McKay is no doubt the most popular and respected lactation expert in Australia. Her Boobie Bikkies are made from natural and organic ingredients. They are specially designed to offer wholesome nutrition to enhance lactation, boost a mother’s health and energy, and pacify hunger cravings. You can now try the delicious BoobieBikkies Vanilla and orange free cookies for free.

Free Oli6 Dairy Goat Milk sample

Oli6 Dairy Goat Milk Drink contains six times the oligosaccharides found in cow’s milk. The Oligosaccharides feed and promote the growth of healthy bacteria to support a strong gut and immunity in children. You can request a sachet (160g) of the milk drink by fill out a form on the Oli6 website, and they will send it to you.

Free Baby Love Nappies

You can get free sample nappies from Baby Love when you request at their website. Their samples include a wide range from newborns to 4-year-old toddlers’ pants. Besides the free samples, you also gain access to competitions, learn about new products and special offers when you sign up.

Free trial diaper by Eco by Naty

Request a free trial box of Eco diapers from their website and enjoy the premium quality of natural plant-based ingredients. The box contains 8 diapers, 1pack of wipes, an edition of Naty ECO magazine, and an iconic Naty crown. You can also get the trial box from selected online Woolworths shops.

Baby Freebies in the UK

Dry Nites

Dry Nites pants are made to keep your kids dry and help them sleep better. Now you can try the free sample of Dry Nites when you sign up, and they will be delivered to your doorstep. These are newly improved pants from Huggies and Pull-ups. Better still, when you request the sample, they also give you a free money-off voucher, which you can use with future purchases of DryNites at participating stores.

Free Nurture bag from Baby Vitals

Baby Vitals says you are free to try their products by requesting for their free nurture bag. It is a handy reusable drawstring bag with drawstrings and contains a Vital feeding bottle, breast pads, microwave sterilizing bag, the Little Book of Nurture, and more. Additionally, they will give you offers and discounts for your purchases.

Free Baby Bounty Packs 

Bounty have a variety of free packs for mums-to-be, newborns, and families. The packs contain freebies such as nappies, baby wipes, parenting guides, money-off vouchers and coupons for popular baby brands, and more. You can claim the free baby packs from hospitals, ASDA, Tesco, and Boots stores.

Free Ella’s Kitchen Baby Goodies

Ella’s kitchen Club is one of the most popular worldwide. Register to become a friend of Ella, and you will get your free baby weaning guide, coupons to redeem Ella’s kitchen products in various stores, wall charts and stickers, and useful tips on emails. Plus, you can access periodic competitions for a chance to win huge baby prizes.

Free Parenting Classes by Baby Box Co

You can sign up at the Baby Box Co. website to watch free parenting classes. You will take a quiz when you complete the lessons, and then you can claim your reward. The rewards include vouchers and a cute baby box, which you can use as storage or a bassinet. They add new parenting classes and content to the site regularly.

The Pampers Club

If you are an expectant mom joining the Pampers Club should be top on your list. Here you get useful online pregnancy tools, such as a pregnancy calendar, due date calculator, baby name generator, and baby shower organizer. Plus, you will be better placed to receive free samples, promo codes, and other benefits whenever they are available.

Your Baby Club

When you sign up at YourBabyClub, you stand a chance to get tons of baby freebies, highly prized competitions, money-off deals, and exclusive giveaways. People have won $100 in prizes and received freebies such as buggies, nappy packs, cuddly toys, baby clothing, and more.

Free Gift Pack from Emma’s Diary Club

Register to join the Emma’s Diary Club, which is free, and you will receive a free gift pack containing samples and coupons from major brands. You also get up to $400 of Argos money-off vouchers, a pregnancy journal, and a photo book voucher worth $15 to help you capture your baby’s special moments. The website also features frequent competitions, and you will also access blogs and emails sent to you with tons of useful information on pregnancy and motherhood.

Free SMA Baby Welcome Pack

When you join the SMA Baby Club, you will receive a free baby welcome pack. It contains a free calendar to mark your baby’s milestones (up to 1000 days). Additionally, they give you $5 back on your first purchase and another $5 for every third purchase. You’ll also gain access to a free helpline and regular competition entries. Other useful tools include a baby name generator and an ovulation calendar.

Boots Parenting Club 

The UK’s most generous club, the Boots Parenting Club, is a great resource, especially for first time mothers to find expert parenting advice and information. New members also get free gifts at each key stage of their baby’s development and earn 8 points for each pound they spend on baby gear. But these benefits are exclusive to Boots Advantage Card holders. You can register for a free Advantage Card by completing the short online form on the website. And you can find extra offers on the Boots smartphone app.

Hipp Organic Club

Wondering which baby names are currently popular? Then join the Hipp Baby Club, they will show you the most popular first names registered in the HiPP BabyClub for the last 3 months and new ones every month!

And for your older toddler, you can choose from the company’s wide range of pictures and coloring pages to color and keep them engaged for hours 

Baby Freebies in South Africa

A free Dis-Chem Baby Bag

Many people are more familiar with Dis-Chem free baby bag. It is perfectly sized and comes filled with a variety of really useful samples. The bag is handy and you can take it to just about anywhere.

If you are wondering how to receive this goodie bag, well, there are a few things you must do to qualify. First, register for the Dis-Chem Baby Programme in store or call their care line. Go ahead and register your pregnancy and due date. Then, shop at a Dis-Chem store and earn 1275 or more on your card from the time you registered. Visit the baby’s wellness clinic once for a checkup when your pregnancy has reached 28 weeks. Three weeks later, you will receive your Free Dis-Chem bag.

Clicks Baby Club

If you are expectant or have a child below 3 years, you can sign up to become a member of the Clicks Baby Club to earn benefits. Start by registering for the Clicks Club Card and then link it to the Baby Club. Some of the benefits you will enjoy include: free baby clinics services, earn double points on your Clicks Club Card, vaccination reminders, and parental advice.

Discovery Vitality baby programme

Discovery Vitality is one of the best programs which offer medical aid in South Africa. You can access mother and baby aid through their Vitality Baby Programme. Some of the benefits you will get include a gift pack with items like a blanket, taglet, samples, and a parenting book. 10% discount vouchers on selected products at Toys R Us. Up to 25% cash back on selected products and baby check-ups at Dis-Chem or Clicks. And you will earn double vitality points with specific purchases and activities.

To qualify for these benefits, become a Vitality member and register for the Baby Programme online.

Freebies from your Hospital

When you deliver at your hospital, your ObnGyna will give you whatever freebies they might have on hand. You might get diapers, a blanket, or even a bag filled with a variety of samples. You also go ahead and ask your pediatrician.

Baby Freebies in Canada

Free diapers by Huggies

Register with Huggies and upload a photo of your hug to show support, and they will send you a free jumbo pack of newborn diapers (32 diapers) and wipes. They will also donate $5 to the No Baby Unhugged program to help continue giving babies the hugs they need. If your baby is older than four weeks, they give you coupons to redeem a Huggies product instead.

Free sample kits from Enfamil

When you register to join the My family beginnings by Enfamil A+ program, you will receive up to $160 in coupons, free products for your baby, and formula samples. From the Enfamil A+ community, you will also access expert advice and support. Additionally, you can subscribe for the New Baby Magazine to get even more useful information tailored to you and your baby.

Free samples and savings from Similac

Whether you are an expectant mom or your baby is already here, breastfeeding or formula feeding your baby, you are eligible to join the Similac Club. It is free to register, and you will receive a gift valued at $200, including formula samples, coupons and rebate cheques, and expert support and advice.

Free Baby pack and savings with Nestle Baby & me

When you register to join the Nestle Baby &me, they will give you a baby pack that includes free samples from top brands, savings deals sent right into your inbox, and expert advice and support regarding your baby’s development.

Free samples from Best Buy’s Baby Sampler Club

Parents-to-be and or those with babies under two years get free samples when they join the Baby Samplers Club. All that is needed is to sign up, and if you are selected, you get to keep the samples for free in exchange for writing a review.

Free Baby Welcome Package from London Drugs

You can sign up at the London Drugs website to receive their baby welcome package and newsletters for free. Plus, they will be sending you helpful information and special offers for you and your baby too.

Free gifts from Babies R Us Registry 

Create your baby registry at Babies R Us or Toys R Us, and you will receive a Swag Bag filled with trial packs, samples, and coupons. You also get a $25 coupon when you add 25 items and sign-up for emails. And 15% off the items that will be remaining in your registry.

Free Consultations and prenatal vitamins from Sobeys Pharmacy

Sobey Pharmacy has a program called the Baby Be Healthy. It offers free pharmacy consultations, prenatal vitamins, nutritional advice, and more. To benefit from this program, you can visit your nearest Sobeys Pharmacy to be enrolled.

Free Parenting Lessons  by Baby

If you are a first time mum or even an experienced mom, you can sign up to receive free online parenting lessons with videos from BabyBox.Co. You can tap into their free expert advice from Pediatricians, lactation specialists, and nutritionists to answer all your queries. Better still, you will receive rewards upon completion like baby gear, discounts, and more. And you can use the adorable box as a bassinet too!

Prizes from Family. One

Down load the app in your mobile phone and when you log in, you will find competition to win freebies from major brands such as Chicco, Dove, Enfamil, Medela, Philips Avent, and more. The company gives away prizes worth over $51, 000 every month.

Savings from Cetaphil Parents Club

When you sign up to join the Cetaphil Parents Club, you will access coupons, exclusive offers, promotions, contests, and parenting advice. Plus, they give you a $5 coupon just for joining.

Free Products from FamilyRated Club

When you join the FamilyRated Club they send you free products in exchange for your honest reviews. They provide a wide range of products such as snacks, body wash products for your baby, house hold cleaners, toys, games and more.  All you need is to sign up.

Gifts from MAM Club

When you sign up to join the MAM Club, You will receive a pregnancy calendar, a baby calendar, monthly newsletters, access to competitions to win huge prizes, and a chance to participate in MAM’s products testing in advance.

Amazon Baby Registry

If you are an Amazon Prime member and create a baby registry with them, you can pick any gift after purchasing items worth $25 from your registry. You also get a 15% discount (10% discount if you are a non-prime member) on eligible items when you complete your registry, among other benefits.

Pampers Rewards 

Download the Pampers app on your mobile phone, and you will be able to convert your Pampers diaper purchases into rewards. All you do is scan the codes on the packs to earn points, continue accumulating more points, and redeem the points to get more diapers, wipes, or any items from any store. And they are currently crediting 100 points into your account for joining.

Baby Gear Deals

Baby Gear Deals

I am Ashley and thanks for visiting my baby products deals page. I track over 1000 baby products using a number of tools (free and paid) including Keepa. You can rely on this page for Amazon deals and a few other by idendepent retailers. 

Baby Monitor Deals

This section has top baby monitor deals on Amazon. Click on the latest date to get active deals. 

Week of July 27 2020 Deals - Baby Monitors
Owlet Smart Sock 217% offCheck 
Infant Optics DXR 810% offCheck Price
Nooie baby monitor22% offCheck Price
LBTech Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras49% offCheck Price
Axvue E662 Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras30% offCheck price
Voger Baby Mointor with Crying Alerts (works with Alexa too)68% offCheck Price
VTech VM90120% offCheck Price
VTech VM350 5-inch Baby Monitor15% offCheck Price

Car Seats, Strollers & Travel System Deals

This section has deals for car seats,  strollers, travel systems and all related accessories. 

Week of July 27 2020 Deals
NameDealCheck price
Yoga Car Seat Canopy11% offCheck
Car Seat Sun Shade Cover23% offCheck price
Evenflo Pivot Xplore, all-terrain stroller14% offCheck Price
Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Convertible Kinetic20% offCheck Price
Maxi-Cosi Magellan Max 5-in-1 Convertible Car Seat18% offCheck Price

Bassinets, Loungers, Cribs and Nursery Deals

Check out deals for bassinets, loungers, cribs and sleepwear on Amazon. 


Week of July 27 2020 Deals
NameDealCheck price
Baby Doll Sweet Touch33% offCheck
Yogasleep Dohm White Noise machine24% offCheck 
Delta Children Foldable Portable Mini Crib22% offCheck Price
Dream on Me Mini Crib10% offCheck Price
Pamo Babe 2 in 1 Bassinet Foldable & Portable54% offCheck Price
Kidsclub Baby Bedside Sleeper19% offCheck Price

Baby Clothes and Shoe Deals

This section has deals for baby clothes, baby shoes, diapers, baby swings and carriers, among others.  

Week of July 27 2020 Baby Clothes and Shoe Deals
NameDealCheck price
Baby Deer Boys Shoes29% offCheck

Trampolines & Baby Play Gear Deals

This section has trampolines for kids deals and all trampoline accessory deals available in the market.  

Week of July 27 2020 Deals
NameDealCheck price
Upper Bounce Replacement safety enclosure netReducedCheck
ATIVAFIT 36-Inch Folding Trampoline Mini Rebounder26% offCheck price
BCAN Foldable Trampoline35% offCheck price
SereneLife 36″ Trampoline13% offCheck Price

Baby Gifts and other Deals

This section has baby gift deals and all other baby gear deals not covered in the sections above.  

Week of July 27 2020 Deals
Infant Optics Alternatives

Infant Optics Alternatives

About Infant Optics DXR 8

Infant Optics is a leader recognized in delivering very high-quality baby video monitors since 2011. The current model, which you can find on Amazon, was released in 2015 and for the past few years, this non-wifi baby monitor has received high ratings. This monitor relies on FHSS transmission technology in the 2.4 GHz frequency and is know for being hack-proof. Some of the notable mentions include, ‘Best Overall’ Baby Monitor 2018 by Popular Mechanics, and in 2019, it was rated ‘Top pick for consumers’ by Business Insider. Currently, it is ranked the third best-selling Baby monitors on Amazon. The Infant Optics DXR-8 comes with a baby camera as the baby unit and a dedicated handheld parent unit.

The camera has three lenses that you can easily swap in and out to get a better view: standard lens, zoom lens, and wide-angle lens (bought separately). The monitor unit has a small 3.5 inch LCD screen that most customers have attested produces sufficiently good quality video. You also enjoy adjusting the camera lenses, volume, and brightness remotely from your parent screen. The camera can be adjusted using pan, tilt, and zoom functions to get your desired angle inside the nursery, a feature parent with toddlers who move about can take advantage of.

Better still, the Infant optics allows you to add up to 4 cameras, all being operated and communicating to the handheld monitoring device. As a bonus, it also displays your baby room’s temperature, although it does not alert you if the temperatures are too high or too low.

Regarding privacy and security, the company boasts that Infant Optics DXR-8 uses 2.4GHz channel with FHSS technology to transmit video and audio, preventing the occurrence of your baby’s data being hacked.

As for pricing, it falls on the expensive category ($165.99), considering it is not a modern wifi-based monitor.


  • Transmits via radio frequency (2.4 GHz with FHSS technology)
  • Has night vision
  • Two way-talk function
  • Supports up to 4 cameras
  • Pan /tilt/zoom features
  • Includes a room temperature sensor


  • No need for wifi which is a plus for parents living in areas with unreliable wifi
  • You can add up to 4 cameras, which is ideal for monitoring a second kid or another loved one.
  • Pan and tilt functions enable you to view the entire room, which helps keep an eye on toddlers moving around the room.


  • Too expensive for a traditional monitor
  • Monitoring may be interfered with by wifi routers or other devices using the same frequency
  • You may experience unstable monitoring due to obstructions or moving outside the 700 feet range
  • Warranty does not cover customers outside the United States
  • Some customers wish the monitor could raise the alarm if temperatures are outside the set range.

Vava Baby Monitors

Vava monitor is a close competitor of Infant Optics. In Amazon, it is ranked sixth best in the Baby Monitors category and has a 4.8/5 by 2397 customers. The monitor comes with a camera for your baby’s room and a handheld monitoring device, and just like the Infant optics, the monitor can support up to 4 cameras. Additionally, it transmits via radio frequency at 2.4GHz with FHSS.

With Vava monitors, you can get expect to get a better picture display than Infant optics because it has a large 5-inch screen with HD720p resolution. When you combine that with a 2X and 4X zoom function and audio with up to 7 volume levels of adjustments, you can easily see and hear your baby breath. The company boasts of delivering full color during the day and grey scale infrared images at night.

As for transmission range, the Vava monitor covers a 480ft-900ft range anywhere in your house. It also has temperature sensors, so you get real-time temperature displays of your baby’s nursery.

You also get to enjoy a long battery life with its large 4500mAH battery.

Although Vava monitors are cheaper (159.99) than Infant optics, you get much better functionality, and the company offers you a 30-month warranty as a reassurance of just how reliable and durable the Vava monitor is.


  • Audio and video monitoring with 7-level sound volume & Led indicators
  • Automatic night vision
  • Auto-pilot mode, 2X, and 4X zoom
  • Room temperature monitoring
  • 480 ft-900 ft transmission range
  • Supports up to 4 cameras (bought separately)
  • Pan, tilt, and zoom
  • Two-way talking function


  • High quality video and audio
  • 30-month warranty
  • High customer rating
  • Customers are impressed by its reliable transmission


  • You may experience poor monitoring due to interferences from close wifi routers or other devices using the same frequency.
  • It does not have a split screen, so you have to switch from one camera at a time if using multiple cameras.

Eufy Spaceview Baby Monitor

Eufy Spaceview monitor is another great option you might want to consider if you are looking for a monitor similar to Infant optics. It costs 159.99, but you get many impressive features. For starters, the parent unit has is a 5 inch HD720p, which gives excellent picture quality. The camera has a built-in microphone and speaker and interchangeable lenses, including a wide-angle lens. You can also adjust the lens for complete room coverage; pan the lens 330 degrees to see corner to corner and tilt 110 degrees to see floor to ceiling.

Eufy Spaceview monitor can also be paired with up to 4 cameras just like the Infant optics, but the transmission range much smaller in comparison at just 460feet. It also supports a two-way talk and alerts you if it detects noise.

Eufy Spaceview is simple to use with excellent image quality day and night, and multiple lenses function that will grow with your child.


  • Night vision
  • Two-way talk
  • Pan tilt and zoom
  • 460 feet transmission range
  • Includes wide angle lens
  • Provides room temperature display
  • Includes a wall mount
  • 2900mAh battery 7 hours in display mode, 17 hours in power saving mode


  • Large and clear picture display
  • Adjustable sound detection alerts
  • You can change from normal to wide angle lens without incurring extra cost for the wide angle lens


  • No alerts for temperatures that are outside the normal range
  • It can only be used inside the house since the range is quite small

Babysense Video Baby Monitor

The Babysense monitor is a cheaper option in this category of monitors costing $59.90 but it is packed with features surprisingly. It has a baby unit camera and a parent unit you can mount on the wall or the tabletop.

The parent unit is small and lightweight with a screen of 2.5 inches with LCD, which gives sufficiently clear images. The camera has a microphone and speaker that produces great quality audio, infrared lights that turn on automatically at night to enable you to see your baby in the dark, and pan (360 degrees) and tilt (60 degrees) features that can be adjusted manually for a better view.

Other handy features include: an alarm timer you can set for different things like diaper changes or feeding, programmed lullabies, two-way talk function, and room temperature monitoring with alerts if the baby’s nursery is too hot or cold. Plus, it has a transmission range of up to 900 feet on open ground, which an impressive long distance.

Baby Sense monitor is a simple, affordable, and feature-rich.


  • 2.4 inch HD color Lcd
  • 2.4GHz digital audio and video transmission
  • Long range of up to 900 feet on open space
  • Two-way talk back function
  • Infrared night vision
  • Image pan/ tilt in zoom-in mode
  • Alarm timer
  • Room temperature display with alerts for high and low
  • Sound activated Led indicators
  • Can support up to 4 cameras
  • Auto-scan view
  • Parent unit with a built-in stand
  • Eco mode, a sound-activated power-saving mode


  • Great pricing
  • The Eco mode helps save charge with the screen off but turns on when it detects noise.
  • Covers an impressive 900ft long range
  • The sound quality is clear
  • The monitor is small and lightweight, so it is easy to move around
  • Does not require wifi to function so it can be used anywhere


  • The screen is on the small side at 2.4 inches
  • Some customers have complained that the camera cord is too short, needing one to use an extension.
  • Eco mode does not apply when your pair the monitor with multiple cameras
  • Some customers wish the camera could be adjusted to more angles

Hellobaby Video Baby Monitor

Hellobaby monitor is another affordable digital monitor costing $62.99. It transmits at 2.4GHz and can cover up to 960 feet on an open field. The parent screen has a decent 3.2-inch color LCD screen that provides clear images and is also easy to carry around the house as you attended other things. The camera has built-in speakers and a microphone, enabling two-way communication with your baby. The monitor can e paired with up to 4 cameras with zoom, pan, and tilt lens adjustability. When using multiple cameras, you can select which camera you wish to monitor and be able to have a scan view of all the cameras one by one.

One unique feature of the Hellobaby monitor is that the speaker is set to auto mute when sound is below 50db for more than 7 seconds in your baby’s room but is activated when noise is detected.

Other additional useful features are lullaby to soothe your baby, temperature display reading with alarm when they fall out of acceptable range, and alarm setting.

Hellobaby is a simple and functional baby monitor that can be used in any location and deliver reliable monitoring within 960 feet.


  • Covers up to 960 feet transmission range
  • Has night vision
  • Two-way talk
  • Temperature display and alarm
  • Multi-camera support (up to 4)
  • Ability to pan/tilt/ 2X zoom (not remotely)
  • Controllable brightness and volume
  • Vox mode
  • 8 Lullabies
  • li-ion battery intelligent charging


  • Great pricing for a video monitor
  • Sufficient and reliable range coverage
  • The VOX mode with the screen entering the power saving mode but gets activated when noise is detected is a plus


  • Some customers find the screen a bit too bright even on the lowest setting
  • The camera is not remotely controlled
  • Some people find the control buttons a bit awkward to use at first (L/R for brightness, U/D for volume)

Anmeate Video Baby Monitor

Anmeate is another top contender for the best baby monitor category. On Amazon, it is closing in on Infant optics and has been ranked 4th in the ‘Baby monitors’ category and has a rating of 4.4/5 by 2820 customers. Anmeate baby monitor is also top among long range monitors with a transmission range of 960 feet.

Anmeate features a high quality color Lcd on a 2.4 inch screen, with 2X zoom magnification for an even clear view. It also allows two-way communication and night visibility using its automatic infrared lights. You can mount the parent unit on the wall or tabletop. Unlike many others its type, it doesn’t need an antenna to keep the signal strong, which makes it one less thing to worry about not damaging.

The camera and audio comes with eco mode voice activation, sound-activated Led indicators, zoom with image pan/ tilt options, and multi-camera expandability of up to four cameras.

Other bonus features are temperature monitoring with alarm, an alarm timer, and lullabies to soothe the baby.

To get the Anmeate monitor, it will cost you just $56.99, which is less than half the price of Infant optics and more useful features.


  • Transmission range of 960 feet
  • Two-way talk function
  • Eco mode with adjustable sensitivity levels
  • Multi-camera expandability (up to 4)
  • Manual pan/ tilt (360 degrees rotation/ 120 degrees up and down)
  • 8 infrared Led lights for night vision
  • Temperature monitoring and alert in case they go out of set range


  • High customer ratings 
  • The ability to sleep the monitor and hear your baby with alerts on eco mode is wonderful
  • It is small and compact so you can easily carry it around the house as you do other things
  • Very affordable pricing for a video monitor
  • The night vision is surprisingly great quality


  • You can only adjust the camera manually

Campark Baby Monitor 

Campark is a wireless digital transmission monitor that operates at 2.4GHz. It also tops on this category of monitors in terms of the range. It transmits between 660 feet – 1000 feet on open space.

The Campark monitor has a 2.4 inch screen and high quality LCD to produce clear images and an advanced microphone that delivers excellent audio both for your two-way talk with your baby or when you play lullabies. It also uses 5 infrared Led lights to give you clear vision at night. Like others listed here, you can also add up to four cameras if you wish to monitor multiple rooms.

While you can appreciate how useful the Vox mode in other monitors is, you get feeding time alerts and noise alerts, with the Campark monitor.

This monitor comes at the price of $ 49.98.


  • 2.4 inch LCD
  • Transmission range of 660 feet-1000 feet on an open field
  • Two-way talk
  • Night vision with 5 infrared Led lights
  • Multi-camera support up 4 cameras
  • Includes temperature sensor
  • VOX auto wake-up 4-in-1 alerts (off/2 hr/4 hr/6 hr to) for feeding
  • The receiver unit is rechargeable and comes with an AC adapter for charging


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Very affordable
  • The night vision is great
  • The feeding alerts are useful for parents who follow a strict feeding schedule
  • The long range does not disappoint


  • It does not have pan/tilt functions, but you can zoom

UU Infant Baby Monitor 

The UU monitor transmits in the 2.4 frequency range with FHSS modulation mode. It is also among the long transmission categories of monitors, reaching a range of up to 960 feet on open ground.

The monitor has a ption3.5 inch screen with a zoom-in option to give you even better display. It has a camera with a microphone and speaker to facilitate clear two-way communication with your baby. Additionally, it has a built-in lullaby player with four songs you can use to soothe your baby. For night monitoring, it uses infrared lights to help you see your baby in the dark. Another great addition is the temperature display, although it does not alert you to let you know the room temperature is out of the recommended range.

UU infant monitor is simple yet fully functional as a video and audio baby monitor with affordable pricing.


  • Transmission range of 960 feet on open ground
  • Two-way communication
  • Night vision with infrared led lights
  • Zoom camera function
  • Temperatures sensors
  • Built-in lullaby player with four songs


  • A decent screen size
  • Clear video and audio
  • Easy to set up and use
  • A 1-year warranty is very assuring
  • Great pricing


  • Doesn’t have pan/tilt features
  • Does not have multi-camera expandability