Cocoon Cam Plus

Cocoon Cam Plus

Cocoon Cam is a wifi video baby monitor that made it to the list of best baby monitors/cameras with wifi in 2019 and in 2020. I personally like this smart baby monitor most because of its low cost. Cocoon Cam, the company behind this brand of baby monitors first released the first version on March 9th, 2018 and in 2019, a renewed version called the Cocoon Cam Plus hit the market.

Similar to Nanit Plus, Miku baby monitor and Motorola Halo +, Cocoon Cam uses AI to track the baby’s pulmonary movements without having come in contact with the baby. Cocoon’s cam camera uses AI technology to obtain crucial data relating to your baby’s breathing.

How it works and Features:

  • Cocoon Cam has a real-time breathing rate and BPM display similar to Miku and Nanit.
  • Night vision HD videos
  • It has a hit map that shows exactly where your Cocoon Camera is detecting your baby’s movement.
  • Instant alerts if your baby’s breathing changes such as when your baby cries
  • No wearables needed as you would with Owlet or with Baby Vida.
  • FSA and HSA approved
  • See the video and the breathing of your baby using a smartphone app which is rated 3.8/5 by about 100 users
  • It uses only 2.4 GHz wifi and is not a dual-band monitor.

Breathing monitor

When functioning normally, Cocoon Cam would not show the breathing rate per minute when your baby is not still or asleep. You should note that the breathing per minute(bpm) may not show

Cocoon cam activity log

Cocoon Cam activity logs show you the summary of your baby’s rest. You’ll see when the baby when to bed and your baby woke up.

Cocoon cam Video and night vision

Cocoon Cam Plus camera has automatic night vision mode. The low-light sensor built into the camera detects low-light environment and turns on the night vision LEDs which illuminate on your baby for camera to take pictures at night.

Video Review of Cocoon Cam

(when it gets blurry)


  • Cheaper
  • Non-wearable technology


  1. Keeps losing connection or going offline
  2. Does not come off as a sturdy camera that can be durable as other video baby monitors such as Nanit and Nest
  3. Delay in-app and app sometimes do not work
  4. At times, breathing graph not working
  5. Like other baby monitors, it is easy to see a black screen and night vision failing

Cocoon Cam Plus Vs Nanit Plus

Cocoon Cam Plus is almost half the price of Nanit Plus but uses a similar non-wearable technology to track your baby’s sleep and vitals. The table below has more differences between Nanit Plus and Cocoon Cam Plus.

Cocoon Cam Plus Nanit Plus
It uses only one band, the 2.4 GHz frequency bandIt uses both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands – dual bands
128-bit encryption 256-bit encryption
720p HD resolution960p HD resolution
No subscription fee to access sleep analytics Subscription fee to access sleep insights
Rated 3.4/5 by over 1,100 customer on Amazon as of Jan 2020Rated 4.4/5 by almost 500 customers on Amazon as of Jan 2020.
One year warrantyOne-year warranty
Not compatible with Alexa, Google or Apple Homekit smarthomes. It is compatible with Alexa
Check Price Check price

Cocoon cam vs ibaby

Cocoon Cam Plus and iBaby series (M7, M6 and M7 Lite) are wifi video baby monitors that can relay videos of your baby to your smartphone. While both uses Wifi, Cocoon Cam has advanced technology – computer vision technology. This enables Cocoon Cam to do more than just relay HD videos of your baby.

The table below shows more details that show why Cocoon Cam Plus is better than iBaby M7.

Cocoon Cam PlusiBaby M7
720p HD resolution1080p HD resolution
Single band – 2.4 GHzDual band – 2.4 GHz and 5GHz
FSA/HSA eligibleNot FSA/HSA eligible
Has movement detections – heatmapNo movement detection
No moonlight projections and nosmell sensors Moonlight projections and smell sensors
Rated 3.4/5 by over 1,100 customer on Amazon as of Jan 2020 Rated 4.2/5 by over 250 customers on Amazon as of Jan 2020
Uses computer vision to detect breaths per minuteDoes not use any tech to read your baby’s vitals
Check PriceCheck Price

Cocoon Cam Plus vs Lollipop

Cocoon Cam and Lollipop are both wifi-enabled baby monitors with 720p HD resolution cameras but Cocoon Cam is considered a breathing baby monitor as it tracks your baby’s breathing while Lollipop just gives you a camera view.

The table below shows further details of what differentiates Cocoon Cam from Lollipop

Cocoon CamLollipop
720p HD video quality 720p HD video quality
No temperature sensors Has temperature sensors
No cry detection It has a cry detection feature that is very reliable with limited false alarms
Rated 3.4/5 by over 1,100 customer on Amazon as of Jan 2020 Rated 4.1/5 by over 890 customer on Amazon as of Jan 2020
Automatic night vision modeAutomatic night vision mode
Supports multiple camerasSupports 2 cameras
Check PriceCheck Price

Cocoon Cam Plus vs Owlet Smart Sock

Cocoon Cam Plus and Owlet are both breathing baby monitors. Cocoon Cam Plus relies on computer vision technology, a non-wearable tech while Owlet uses wearable pulse-oximetry technology.

The table below shows more details of Cocoon Cam Plus vs Owlet.

Cocoon Cam PlusOwlet
Uses computer vision technology Uses pulse oximetry technology
Tracks breaths per minuteTracks oxygen concentration in your baby’s blood and your baby’s heart rate per minute
Uses a non-wearable technologyUses wearable technology
Rated 3.4/5 by over 1,100 customers on Amazon as of Jan 2020 Rated 4.2/5 by over 1,800 customers on Amazon as of Jan 2020
FSA/HSA eligible FSA/HSA eligible
Relatively cheaper, almost half the price of Owlet Smart Sock 2More expensive
No subscription to access historical videos No subscription to access historical videos
Relay alerts to your smartphoneRelay alerts to a base station and to your smartphone.
Check price Check Price

Cocoon Cam Vs Cocoon Cam Plus

Cocoon Cam Plus was released as an upgrade of the original Cocoon Cam released originally in March 2018.

Currently not available for sale Available for sale on Cocoon Cam website and on Amazon
Released to the market on March 9, 2018 Released to the market in 2019

Cocoon Cam Plus Video Review

Cocoon cam black Friday / discount code

Cocoon Cam is the cheapest baby monitor that utilizes the most sophisticated AI technology to detect pulmonary movements without having the baby to wear anything.

You can check if there is a sale on Amazon here.

Cocoon Cam app

Rating of the app on Appstore and how many reviewers?

Rating of the app on Google Playstore and how many reviewers?

Price of the app

Prons of the app (read the positive reviews on App store and Google Playstore and come up with at least 3 positive points)

Cons of the app (read the negative reviews on App Store and Google Playstore and come up with at least 3 negative points)

Cocoon cam alexa/Echo Show

Cocoon Cam Plus is not compatible with Alexa.

Cocoon cam vs arlo baby

Cocoon CamArlo Baby

Cocoon cam crib mount/installation/set up

Steps to install involve putting the Cocoon Cam camera at a well positioned location in the baby nursery to cover the entire nursery. Read the instructions and have step 1 to Step x on how to install Cocoon Cam

Also, attach the manual as a download.

Cocoon cam company, CEO and Careers

(founders, funders, funding,

Cocoon cam apple tv, apple watch,iPad, iPhone)

Search the following

  • Cocoon Cam with Apple TV
  • Cocoon Cam with APple Watch
  • Cocoon Cam with iPad and iPhone

Cocoon cam google home

Cocoon Cam is not compatible with Google Home Hub

Cocoon Cam EMF

this H2 is asking for the electromagnetic radiation Cocoon Cam emits. To answer this, we look at the report they submitted to FCC.

EMF radiation Cocoon Cam emits was tested by …………….

The results of EMF radiation was submitted on this Frequency Range: 2.412 GHz to 2.462 GHz which Cocoon Cam works at:

It meets the FCC requirements as per FCC Part 15C regulation as it is below the emission level prescribed by FCC.

Can you find that level on the documents online (search FCCIO website for this)

Cocoon cam extra camera

How much does an additional camera cost?

How many cameras does Cocoon Cam support?

Does it have split-screen viewing?

Cocoon cam breathing graph

-what does the graph try to tell you?


Cocoon cam instructions/manual/support

You can read or even download Cocoon Cam instructions or manuals here.

cocoon cam sd card

cocoon cam subscription


Cocoon cam help/phone number/customer care

If you have any issue troubleshooting your Cocoon Cam, you can reach Cocoon Cam customer service/support using the following contacts:

Cocoon Cam Phone Number:

Cocoon Cam Email:

Cocoon Cam support site:

cocoon cam breathing graph not working

cocoon cam keeps going offline

Cocoon Cam not showing breathing

cocoon cam power cord

cocoon cam already registered

cocoon cam reset button

cocoon cam replacement parts

cocoon cam cord cover kit

does cocoon cam work with alexa

does cocoon cam work

cocoon cam clarity release date

cocoon cam distance/range

cocoon cam delay

cocoon cam data use

is cocoon cam safe

cocoon cam not sending notifications

cocoon cam app not working

Baby Monitor Add-on Cameras (Infant Optics and Others)

Baby Monitor Add-on Cameras (Infant Optics and Others)

This post has details of add-on cameras for best-rated baby monitors. All the additional cameras on this list are supported by their respective baby monitors. Some monitors in this list can support up to four cameras while others such as Arlo can support up to 15 cameras. Also important to note that some cameras in this list have split-screen viewing, allowing you to see all the video feed in one screen. You can check out all the split-screen baby monitors here.

Her is a list of all the add-on cameras we’ll review in this article:

  1. Infant Optics DXR 8 Add-on Camera
  2. Vava Baby Monitor Add-on Camera
  3. Eufy Spaceview Security Baby Monitor Second Camera/Add-on Camera
  4. Arlo add on camera
  5. Additional Camera for AXVUE Video Baby Monitor E611
  6. Babysense Add-On Camera for Video Monitor V35US
  7. UU Infant Extra Additional Camera Unit for UU Infant UU24
  8. Motorola Additional Camera for Motorola MBP33 and MBP36 Baby Monitor
  9. MoonyBaby B Series Add on Camera Unit

Infant Optics Add-On Camera Unit For Infant Optics Dxr-8

If you have an Infant Optics DXR 8, you can purchase an add-on camera for almost 2/3 the price of the original Infant Optics baby monitor. You can use an Infant Optics baby monitor to monitor your twins by purchasing this add-on camera. With two cameras, you can view two video footage from two different cameras of Infant Optics DXR 8.

Infant Optics Add-on Camera
Infant Optics Add-on Camera (Link to Amazon)

Infant Optics add-on camera, the additional camera for Infant Optics DXR 8 baby monitor, is currently the 4th best-selling baby monitor accessory on Amazon as of this publication on October 20th 2019. Over 800 customers have also rated this Infant Optics’ second camera 4.3/5 and according to Helium10, it ships about 4,700 units on Amazon per month as shown on the sales chart below:

Infant Optics Add-on Camera Sales Chart Jan 2018 to Oct 2019
Infant Optics Add-on Camera Sales Chart Jan 2018 to Oct 2019

The video below shows a review of Infant Optics DXR 8 second camera and other cameras, 3rd and 4th and how the images appear on each.

Infant Optics baby monitor add-on camera is sold by Genexus Distribution, a parent company of Infant Optics.

With this second camera, you can monitor your twins using the 3.5-inch screen of Infant Optics monitor. You should, however, note that the Infant Optics screen is not split-screen and it’s scan mode that flips through the cameras every 10 seconds. Moonbaby, another non-wifi baby monitor that appeared on our 2019 list, has split-screen viewing features and allows you to monitor your twins from a single screen without switching.

Infant Optics cameras (including add-on cameras) do not need batteries as it relies on AC power and needs to be plugged in unlike its Infant Optics replacement screen that requires batteries.


  • It can pan, tilt and zoom
  • Can be remotely controlled by DXR-8 Monitor
  • Compatible with Infant Optics Optical Zoom Lens and Optical Wide Angle Lens, both sold separately
  • Built with multi-layered aluminum glass lens pieces for improved performance

The table below has more details of Infant Optics second camera:

Name Infant Optics Add-On Camera Unit for Infant Optics Dxr-8
Weight of Infant Optics add-on camera8 ounces (0.23 kg)
Infant Optics Add-on camera dimension 2.5 x 2.5 x 4 inches
Scan mode timingSwitches from one camera feed to another every 10 seconds
Requires batteriesNo, it uses AC power
Pan 270 degrees covering the entire room
Tilt110 degrees covering the roof to the floor of your baby’s nursery

The Infant Optics DXR 8 additional camera does not include an optical zoom lens or a wide-angle lens. However, it comes with a power adapter and can be paired with three other Infant Optics cameras to stream on the 3.5-inch screen.

Vava Baby Monitor Add-on Camera

Vava baby monitor supports up to 4 cameras and it is currently available for purchase on Amazon. If you purchase an extra camera for your Vava baby monitor, you will not be able to view all feeds in one screen but the camera has a scan mode where it scans multiple cameras automatically every 15 seconds.

The table below has detailed features of this additional monitor of Vava baby monitor:

Name Vava Baby Monitor Add-on Camera
Purchase comes withOne camera and one adapter.
Resolution720p HD
Automatic night visionYes
PriceCheck Amazon here.

Eufy Spaceview Security Baby Monitor Second Camera/Add-on Camera

In May 2019, Eufy released the add-on camera for Eufy Spaceview security video baby monitor makes it an equal to other video baby monitors without internet capability.

Name Add-on Camera for Eufy Spaceview and Eufy Spaceview S baby monitor
Current rating 4.3/5 by over 500 customers on Amazon as of Jan 2020
Key Features Easy to pair, it just needs two clicks
Scan mode timingYou can choose from 5, 10 or 30 seconds
Number of cameras supported by Eufy 4 cameras with no split-screen viewing but scan mode
Pan and tilt feature:330 degrees pan and tilt of up to 110 degrees
Does it have night vision featureYes and when the night vision mode is on, you’ll see black-white images of your baby
Is night vision mode automatic?No, you’ll have to turn on the night vision mode as it does not have low-light sensors built into the Eufy Camera baby monitor

Arlo add on camera

Arlo Pro Add-on Camera

( arlo pro add on camera 2 pack, refurbished , best price, amazon, best buy, black Friday, 3 pack,

Arlo Pro add-on camera that works with the Arlo base station is one of the highly-rated add-on cameras for a security camera on Amazon. It has been available on Amazon since October 2016 and of this update in Jan 2020, over 14,000 customers have rated it highly, 4.1/5.

You can check its price and availability using the link above and below are the features:

Name Arlo Pro Add on Camera
Works with the Arlo base station? Yes, Works with Arlo Pro Base Station (VMC4030)
Works with 2-pack?Arlo Pro add-on camera works with 2 pack and single-camera Arlo
Key featuresIt is rechargeable, Night vision, use indoor and outdoor, has 2-way outdoor, comes with wall-mount and requires cloud storage. It works with Alexa
Why we like 100 percent Wire-free and Weather resistant 
Why we don’t like it muchRequires a base station
Price Usually cost around $180 but as of this update, it was sold at over 25% discount. You can check its price today here.

Arlo pro 2 add on camera

Arlo Pro 2 add-on camera is also highly rated and among the highly sought-after extra cameras for security cameras in the market, similar to Arlo Pro add-o camera reviewed above. Arlo Pro 2 add-on camera is relatively more expensive than Arlo Pro but similar to Arlo Pro, it works with Alexa and is 100% wire-free.

Another feature that is similar between Arlo Pro 2 and Arlo Pro camera is that they have activity zones. One major difference is that Arlo Pro 2 has a 3-seconds lookback and allows non-stop recording.

Below are other features in summary:

  1. 1080p HD Resolution and Advanced Motion Detection
  2. 3-seconds lookback
  3. Activity zones
  4. Optional 24/7 CVR
  5. Smart siren
  6. two-way audio
  7. Local storage and free cloud recordings

Arlo add on-camera refurbished

The Arlo refurbished add-on camera is available for almost a third of the cost of the regular new add-on Arlo Pro cameras. In Jan 2020, the Arlo renewed camera has been rated 3.8/5 by 765 customers on Amazon.

Similar to Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 add-on cameras, Arlo add-on refurbished camera that costs less than $70 also works with Alexa and Google Home Hub.

The table below has more features of Arlo Add-on Refurbished camera:

Name Arlo add on-camera refurbished
Works with Arlo base station?Yes, it works with Arlo Base Station (VMC3030-100NAR)
Guarantee?It is backed by the 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee.
Compatible with Alexa Yes, it works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately)
Other smart home compatibilityYes, Works with Amazon Alexa/Echo Show/Fire TV/Google Assistant
Alerts Motion activated cameras and customizable activity alerts
Check Price Check Price

Additional Camera for AXVUE Video Baby Monitor E611

Axvue’s video baby monitor additional camera is among the cheapest in this list of extra cameras for baby monitors available in the market. It costs less than $40 and similar to Eufy and Infant Optics’ add-on cameras, Axvue can support up to 4 additional cameras.

Axvue add-on camera
Axvue Add-on camera


  1. Rated 3.7/5 by over 50 customers on Amazon
  2. Clear sound
  3. Has two-way talk
  4. Uses 2.4 GHz FHSS technology that transmits audio and video signals from the camera to the parent unit.
  5. It has automatic night vision mode unlike Eufy Spaceview extra camera above.

Babysense Add-On Camera for Video Monitor V35US

Babysense add-on camera is among the cheapest in this list, even cheaper than Axvue’s extra camera. Babysense add-on camera costs less than $30, the price of some audio baby monitors. Babysense is one of our top-rated non-wifi video baby monitors of 2020 and it partly made it to the list because of its effectiveness as a simple monitor that’s cheap.

Babysense Add-On Camera for Video Monitor V35US
Babysense Add-On Camera for Video Monitor V35US

Below are the features of Babysense add-on camera:

  1. The V35US add-on camera for Babysense is not compatible with V24 model of Babysense.
  2. Rated 4/5
  3. It requires manual pan and can go for up to 360 degrees and a tilt of up to 90 degrees.
  4. Similar to other non-wifi baby monitors we’ve reviewed, Babysense supports up to 4 cameras.

If you are looking for the add-on camera for Babysense V24S, you can get it on Amazon. Just to note, as of this update in Jan 2020, Babysense V24US is not available on Amazon but you can click on the link below to check its availability and price.

Similar to V35US model of Babysense’s add-on camera, the V24US model has 360 degrees pan but only 60 degrees pan.

The V24US model is only compatible with Babysense V24US baby monitor model.

UU Infant Extra Additional Camera Unit for UU Infant UU24

The add-on extra camera for UU Infant baby monitor is not available on Amazon as of this update in Jan 2020. UU Infant is another simple baby monitor that does not rely on WIfi.

UU Infant Extra Additional Camera Unit for UU Infant UU24
UU Infant Extra Additional Camera Unit for UU Infant UU24

You can check on the link above to see its availability and pricing of UU Infant’s extra camera unit.

Motorola Additional Camera for Motorola MBP33 and MBP36 Baby Monitor

Motorola add-on camera that is compatible with MBP33 and MBP36 is not among the inexpensive extra cameras we recommend but over 350 customers have rated it 4/5 on Amazon.

NameMotorola Additional Camera for MBP33 and MBP36
Camera Motorola baby monitor brands can support 4 cameras can be paired to a single parent unit.
Mounting Can be wall-mounted or placed on a dresser or stand
Power source AC comes with a cord
Colors Brown with White
Dimension 5.75 x 3.75 x 4.5 inches
CostCheck Price

MoonyBaby B Series Add on Camera Unit

Moonybaby add-on camera allows you to monitor twins without the need to use an additional baby monitor unit. The series B MoonyBaby unit shown on the image below is compatible with 55935BV, 55935BV-2T

MoonyBaby B Series Add on Camera Unit

The table below shows more features:

Name MoonyBaby B Series Add on Camera Unit 
Support of camerasSupports 2 cameras
Split-screen viewing No. It scans between cameras in 10 seconds intervals
CostCheck Price
Baby Monitor Add-on Cameras 2020 pinterest pin
HeimVision HM136 Video Baby Monitor Review

HeimVision HM136 Video Baby Monitor Review

HeimVision HM136 Video Baby Monitor is currently the 31st best-selling baby monitor on Amazon and it caught our attention here at 10BabyGear. HeimVision is another no-wifi baby monitor that was released to the market on July 12, 2019, and like a few other baby monitors we’ve reviewed, it comes with a 5-inch screen and displays in 720p HD resolution.

Heimvision HM136 made it to our 2019 list of best baby monitors for twins with split-screen viewing and large screen.

The snapshot below shows its current monthly sales since launch on Amazon (Source: Helium10).

As you can see from the rising sales chart below, there has been a lot of demand for this baby monitor which does not rely on the internet.

Heivision Sales Chart
What's in the box when you buy (click to expand)
Two adapters, camera, 5-inch screen, screws, mounting kit, thank-you note, and user guide
Breakdown of reviews on Amazon (click to expand)
89% 5-star reviews, 8% 4-star reviews, 1% 3-star reviews, 1% 2-star reviews and 1% 1-star reviews.

HeimVision HM136 is designed and retailed by HeimVision, the company known for the manufacture of high-quality home security cameras. The company was founded in Maryland, USA but currently has R&D offices in Hongkong and markets its products in USA, Europe, and Asia. Heimvision HM136 is its first baby monitor product following its release of 4 models of Heimvision Home security cameras (201, 202, 203, and 205). Similar to the Eufy Spaceview baby monitor, Heimvision HM136 is designed by a home-security brand which is often a plus (according to some parents that believe them to be more secure).

Features of HeimVision HM136

Below are great features that make this baby monitor great for any parent looking for a reliable non-connected baby monitor

  1. It uses a 5-inch large screen display that is only used by a few non-wifi baby monitors such as Vava baby monitor and Eufy Spaceview S baby monitor.
  2. It comes with a 720P resolution camera which enables it to take high-quality pictures and videos of your baby
  3. Its camera can be panned to 355 degrees and can be tilted to 110 degrees.
  4. It has a long-range of up to 1000 ft. and since it does not require the internet, there is minimal latency
  5. 2-way talk
  6. Zoom in and out
  7. 5 lullabies you can choose from
  8. Long cables
  9. Clear night vision images because of its invisible 940nm IR LED
  10. Can support up to 4 cameras
  11. It allows you to view different cameras on a single-screen view because of its split-screen feature.

Video Review of Heimvision

Pros of HeimVision Baby Monitor

Large 5-inch Screen

Unlike most non-wifi baby monitors such Anmeate and Hellobaby that come with 2.4-inch and 3.5-inch video baby monitor screens, HeimVision HM136 comes with a large 5-inch LCD screen. The screen is also very interactive and easy to navigate

Heimvision Screen and buttons.jpg
Heimvision Screen and buttons

Great Camera Design

Similar to Arlo baby, HeimVision baby monitor camera has a character design. As soon as your baby is able to see it, I can promise you that your baby will love this design. It looks like a toy or any other item that a baby would love to have around the nursery.

Easy to Mount kit

Heimvision comes with an easy-to-mount kit that saves you the hassle of trying to figure out how you can hang the baby monitor. The camera mount is adjustable and has screws that you can mount it to a flat surface or to the wall.

Heimvision wall mount
Heimvision wall mount

Split-screen viewing

Heimvision is very ideal for monitoring twins as it can support up to 4 cameras and allows split-screen viewing on a single screen. Unlike Infant Optics or other expandable baby monitors such as LBtech video baby monitor, the split-screen viewing feature saves you the hassle of having to wait for 10 seconds every time as the monitor automatically scans.

Clear Images During the Day and at Night

Heimvision streams videos to a 5-inch baby monitor that you can view colored images of your baby during the day and black-and-white images at night. The night vision mode is made possible by near-visible 940nm infrared LEDs

Cons of Heimvision HM136

Limited coverage

Unlike wifi baby monitors that have apps and can be viewed at an unlimited distance from home, the range of Heimvision is limited to up to 1000 ft. or less.

Heimvision Add-on Camera

Heimvision comes with one camera but can support up to 4 cameras. The Heimvision second camera is called HeimVision HM13C and as of this publication in October 2019, it cost $69. You can, however, check its price here. when you purchase it, you get the following: 1 security camera, 1 9ft power adapter, 1 screw for the camera and 1 stand for the camera.

Heimvision Hm136 add-on camera
Add-on Camera (link to Amazon)

Heimvision baby monitor manual

You can check out the Heimvision baby monitor manual here.

Heimvision baby monitor warranty

Heimvision has 12 months warranty. If you have any problem and need to contact Heimvision support or customer care, you can reach them on email using

Heimvision FAQs

Does Heimvision require wifi

No, Heimvision does not require wifi as it uses FHSS 2.4 GHz technology.

Arlo Google Home Hub

6 Arlo cameras and Arlo baby monitor are now compatible with Google Home Hub and you can integrate the cameras to leverage Google’s smart home ecosystem and apps such as Google Assistant and Smart Speakers. Google Home hub consists of Google’s voice-activated speakers and a 7-inch touchscreen display. By integrating Google Home Hub with your Arlo cameras or with your Arlo baby monitor, you can check the baby in your room or even check the traffic outside your home using Google Maps.

Below are some of the great advantages of Arlo cameras integration with Google Home hub:

  • Easy voice controls using Google Assistant
  • Easy assistance as you can stream live on the screen
  • Very clear sound
  • It can integrate with several other smart devices such as thermostat, lighting, smart plugs, among others. It is compatible with brands such as JBL, D-Link, Nest, Philips Hue and August
  • Can stream videos to your iOS or Android App
  • Enables you to easily control your smart home.

Arlo cameras such as Arlo Pro 2 can be used as a baby monitor but Arlo baby monitor, the grey brand has a dimmer night vision mode and is more suited for monitoring infants. If you plan on using your Arlo camera in your smart home, consider Arlo baby monitor.

Below are the Arlo cameras compatible with Google Home Hub.

NameCompatible With
Google Home Hub
Check Price
Arlo baby monitorYesCheck Price
Arlo Pro Yes Check Price
Arlo Pro 2 Yes Check Price
Arlo Go Yes Check Price
Arlo Q Yes Check Price
Arlo Q Plus Yes Check Price
Arlo 4K Yes Check Price

Below is a video showing Arlo Pro functioning by taking voice commands once integrated with Google Home Hub:

Google Home Hub Specs with Arlo

Google Home Hub currently costs $129 and with this, you get the following features that come with the 7-inch display and smart speaker that powers the Google Assistant, Google’s virtual assistant. Google Assistant is equivalent to Amazon’s Alexa.

Dimensions 2.65 x 7.02 x 4.65 in
Weight16.9 oz
ConnectivityWiFi (2.4 & 5 GHz)
Bluetooth 5.0
Power supply Mains-powered (16.5V, 2A)
Display 7″ LCD touch screen
Resolution 1024 x 600
Power 15W
Inputs(w) DC power jack, Micro-USB port
Drivers 2″ Driver
Amplifiers 2 x 2″ passive radiators

How to Connect Arlo to Google Home Hub

Follow the following 6 steps to connect your Arlo camera to Google Home Hub.

If it may be helpful, listen to the video below to connect your Arlo camera:

To get the Arlo camera to stream videos on the Google Home Hub, follow the steps below:

  • Mount the camera and set it up with the Arlo app
  • Download Google Home App and open it
  • Click on the Plus icon on the App
  • Click “set up” device
  • Click on “Works with Google Home” button
  • Choose Arlo camera from the list
  • It will take you to Arlo camera app where you need to login
  • Once you choose the Arlo device, you can start streaming live
  • You can use “Ok Google” followed by Arlo Google command. You can also swipe downwards on Google Home Hub screen and from the control panel that shows up, choose the camera you’d like to stream.

The video below is also very helpful

Arlo Baby Monitor Works with Google Home Hub

Arlo is one of my favorite wifi baby monitors as it is compatible with Google Home Hub and others such as Homekit and Alexa.

Arlo Pro 2 Works With Google Home Hub

Arlo Pro 2 works with Google Home Hub and below is a video of Arlo Pro 2 when integrated:

Arlo 4K Works with Google Home Hub

Arlo Pro Works with Google Home Hub

Arlo Go Works with Google Home Hub

Arlo Q Works with Google Home Hub

Arlo Q Plus Works with Google Home Hub

Is Arlo Down? How to Check Camera Servers Today

Netgear’s Arlo cameras and Arlo baby monitor store camera footage in the cloud. The data in the cloud can then be relayed on your phone but if the Arlo cloud servers are experiencing an outage, you may not get the camera feed. If you are using some of the latest Arlo cameras, you can subscribe to an offline notification feature.

If you are using any of the Arlo cameras such as Arlo Pro or Arlo Pro 2 as a security camera, the issue of Arlo network going down can render the security set up in your home useless as you won’t be able to see the intruders. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of security cameras that rely on Wifi and one disappointed customer who has just bought an Arlo camera (and rated it 1/5) had the following to say about Arlo going down:

Well, I just bought a second Arlo as I was SO happy with the 1st one. NOW>..ARLO SERVERS ARE DOWN!!!
WHO WILL PAY FOR ALL MY STUFF IF IT IS STOLEN??? Calling their service number …of course in India….they find out it’s down too and engineers are working on it and should be back up in 2-3 HOURS!!! MY HOUSE WILL BE EMPTY!!>!>!>!>!>!>!>

Arlo customer

After some research, we determined that Arlo network and servers do experience outage but they usually do not last for more than 3 hours. If you want a back-up, you can switch to non-wifi cameras that use SD cards.

To check if Arlo’s system, database, app or network is down, you need to check if servers are up.

3 Steps to Determine if Arlo Server is Down:

Follow the steps shown below to determine is Arlo’s servers are up.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-13.png
  1. Click on this site which tracks web servers, Is My Site Down Right Now. The snapshot above is from the site homepage
  2. Enter the domain, on the search bar to check is Arlo server or network is down. You can also check to check if Netgear’s servers are down.
  3. See the response similar to the one showed in the snapshot below:

Arlo Offline Issue and Contact

The video below explains what you can do once you’ve determined for sure that Arlo system is down on the day you’re checking it on the site (link above).

If you can’t get to connect to the Arlo cloud servers, you can contact Arlo support using this customer care phone number (877) 725-7907. You can read more about ways to contact Netgear here.

Baby Sleep Schedule and Samples for All Ages with Tips

When my doctor informed me in my last trimester that I’d be having twins, my sleep deprivation worries got exacerbated. I should start with a disclaimer here. I love my sleep. I love it so much and after reading various sleep literature, I got me on this journey to become a baby sleep expert as I was worried, I won’t be good enough. Fortunately, many parents can learn from my passion to learn sleep training techniques that work. Parents can also avoid paying over $300 for easy tips

Fast forward three years later, my twins probably got the best-in-class sleep training and got used to good sleeping schedules. In this article, I share several tips that I’ve learned as a mother and from various seminars and conferences that I’ve attended over the last three years.

This article is quite lengthy and I suggest you use the content outline below to jump to the age bracket of your baby to get more focussed tips, techniques, training and sample sleep schedules:

  1. Sleep schedule for a newborn
  2. Sleep schedules for babies of 1 to 3 months age
  3. Sleep schedules for babies of 4 to 6 months age
  4. Sleep schedules for babies of 7 to 9 months age
  5. Sleep schedules for babies of 10 to 12 months age
  6. Sleep schedules for babies of 13 to 24 months

#1. Sleep Schedule For Newborns, 0 to 3 months and Sample

When you take your newborn home from the hospital after giving birth, the first thing you should note is that your newborn is used to the fetal sleep cycle. Fetal sleep cycle gets your baby sleeping for most of the day with short naps during the day but your baby may not consolidate long stretches of sleep.

Before I understood this, I thought my twins were abnormal as they could just sleep anywhere, in the stroller, in my arms or just in the crib as soon as I fed them. I was wrong to wish otherwise as a few months down the line, I was struggling to soothe them to sleep.

Human sleep is regulated by two hormones, serotonin, and melatonin. Seratonin hormones get your baby alert and awake and melatonin hormone induces sleepiness.

Melatonin is barely being produced between week 0 and week 8 and they don’t have the Circadian rhythm that regulates sleep-wake period in a 24-hour cycle as shown below:

Circadian rhythm

A typical baby is very wakeful at the first 45 minutes after waking and asleep at the bottom of the cycle, 90 minutes. In the first 2 weeks, the baby is only awake for a maximum of 30 minutes as the two hormones are not being synchronically produced as required to maintain the sleep cycle. The period of wakefulness increases to 45 minutes in week 3 to week 8.

Since there is little melatonin being produced and the baby may not be easily induced to sleep, look out for signs of sleepiness and put the baby to bed straight away. Missing this period of sleep will get the baby back on an alert period and you may have to wait for this window to end. Usually, if this period is missed, you’ll find your baby alert but fussy and tired.

Below is a graph showing a typical baby sleep cycle:

Instead of worrying about a schedule or forming healthy sleep habits, just focus on making sure your baby is getting enough food. Most babies at this age should be feeding every 2-3 hours or so, usually falling back to sleep toward the end of the feed.

The video below explains a typical schedule a mother follows with her newborn

You’d start the night at around 8 pm by feeding then having tummy time with your baby prepare to go to bed. Sometimes you can wash the baby. It is adviced that you give your newborn about three baths a week but you can wash the head and hair.

After washing the baby, you can apply him or her some lotion of your choice considering your baby’s skin.

 Make the baby ready for bed by dressing them and swindle them when necessary.

For any given period, your baby with less than the age of fewer than 3 months may be awake for a maximum period of three hours meaning the 14 to 17 hours sleep period may be broken up into chunks. The trick is trying to establish a routine that gets the baby to sleep at a time when he/she needs it while trying to get them used to a routine that fits your day/night routine.

Below is a table with the basics of what you should know about your baby’s sleep schedule for the first 12 weeks.

Baby ageWeek 0 to week 12
Overall sleep period14 to 17
Sleep training Not advisable
Period awake1 to 2 hours at a time

Here are 4 safe sleep tips presented in the video below by CDC:

  • You should place the baby on his or her back for all sleep times – naps and at night.
  • You should use a firm sleep surface, such as a mattress in a safety-approved crib.
  • You should keep soft objects, such as pillows and loose bedding, out of the baby’s sleep area
  • You should have the baby share your room not your bed.

Below is a table that shows the sleep schedule for a newborn between the first to the third month.

Wake up6 am to 7 amWake up, feed and play
first nap1.25 to 1.5 hours after waking up around 6 to 7 am.1 – 3 hours long
second napAround 10 to 11 am1 – 2 hours long
third napAround 1 to 3 pm1 – 2 hours long
fourth napAround 5 to 8 pm1 – 3 hours long
Bedtime prepFrom around 9 pmPrepare the baby for bedtime
BedtimeAround 10 pm3 – 5 hours. The baby might drift on and off through the night, waking up to feed.

Baby Sleep Schedule 4 to 6 Months and Samples

At this stage, you may notice that the number of hours the baby sleeps becomes less. From the 14 to 18 hours a day when they were 3months or less, now the baby sleeps for 12 to 14 hours a day. Another significant change that you’ll also realize from the 4th month is that your baby will start sleeping longer at night as melatonin and serotonin hormones are now being produced.

At month 4 to month 6, your baby will start getting super hungry when they wake up between 6 to 8 am (or thereabout) and this is great! This means that you can cut back on your night feeding schedule and bank on the morning (baby) breakfast. You can also pump extra milk for feeding later at this time, after the first feeding session in the morning.

After the morning feeding session, your baby at month 4 to 6 may fall back asleep for about an hour and by around 9 am, you can do the second feeding session. Your baby may be struggling to feed and can fall asleep at your breasts but these morning feeding sessions are important.

  • Here is a typical sleep schedule for a three-month-old baby (printable PDF)
  • Here is a typical sleep schedule for a four-month-old baby (printable PDF)
  • Here is a typical sleep schedule for a five-month-old baby (printable PDF)
  • Here is a typical sleep schedule for a six-month-old baby (printable PDF)

You may also notice that the baby may have an unbroken piece of sleep of 6-8 hours. Below is a video that explains more about the schedule

Baby age4 to 6 months
Hours of sleep baby needs12 to 14 hours a day
Napping2-3 naps, a total of 3-5 hours a day
Bedtime Around 9 pm

You can download a sample baby sleep schedule designed by Nanit for your 4-months old baby here.

Below is another video on how to get your baby on a schedule;

Wake up6 am to 8 amDepends on the baby
first napAround 10 to 12 am1 – 2 hours long
second napAround 1 to 3 pm1 – 2 hours long
third napAround 5 to 7 pm1 – 3 hours long
Bedtime prepFrom around 8 pmPrepare the baby for bedtime
BedtimeAround 9 pm6 –8 hours. The baby might drift
on and off through the night, waking up to feed.

Baby Sleep Schedule 7 to 12 Months and Samples

At this stage, you may notice that the number of hours the baby sleeps is not very different from the previous stage. You notice that the baby sleeps for 12 to 14 hours a day.

The table below summarizes the basics of what you should expect from your baby from when they are 7 months to when get to be 12 months.

Baby age7 to 12 months
Hours of sleep baby needs7 – 9 hours a night
Day Start6 – 7 am
Napping 2 – 3 hours a day
Night Time 8 – 9 pm

Every baby’s sleeping pattern is unique. Usually, after closing the 6-month threshold, your baby might be sleeping for a longer duration at night. Here are some tips on how to establish good sleeping habits from the video above;

  1. To bath, massage, playtime, lullaby or changing for bedtime should be in the same order every night so that the baby gets the idea of nap time.
  2. Once a sleep routine is established, it is very important to adhere to it. It certainly does not mean to go straight by the clock but the general timing should be close to nap time.
  3. Once you start following a sleep routine, if you still find your baby waking up occasionally without any reason, you should allow them to settle on their own.
Wake up6 am to 7 am Wake up and get ready for the day
first nap Around 10 to 12 am 1 – 2 hours long
second nap Around 1 to 3 pm 1 – 2 hours long
third nap Around 5 to 7 pm 1 – 3 hours long
Bedtime prep From around 8 pm Prepare the baby for bedtime
BedtimeAround 9 pm 7 –9 hours. The baby might drift on and off through the night, waking up to feed.

Baby sleep schedule 1-year-old (13 to 23 months) and Samples

During this stage, you may notice that the number of hours the baby sleeps is not very different from the previous stages. You notice that the newborn still sleeps for 12 to 14 hours a day. However, naps become less.

The table below summarizes the basics of what you should expect from your baby from when they are 7 months to when get to be 12 months.

Baby age 13 – 23 months
Hours of sleep baby needs 12 – 14 hours
Napping 2 naps, 2 – 4 hours daily
Bedtime  between 7-9 pm

Below is a video explaining more about the schedule of a one-year-old infant;

Time Notes
Wake up 6 – 7 amWake up and get ready for the day
first nap Around 10 am – 1 pm 1 – 3 hours long
second nap Around 3 – 5 pm 1 – 2 hours long
Bedtime prep Around 7 pm Prepare the baby for bedtime
Bedtime between 7-9 pm usually averages 7-9 hours at night.

Baby sleep schedule 2-year-old (24 to 36 months) and Sample

When the baby turns two years, you should limit the nap time to two hours during the day so that they may rest more at night.

Below is a video that explains more while giving tips on how to manage your 2-year-old sleep schedule;

Time Notes
Wake up 6 – 7 am Prepare for the day
first nap Around 10 am – 1 pm 1 – 2 hours long
second nap Around 3 – 5 pm 1 – 2 hours long
Bedtime prep Around 7 pm Prepare the baby for bedtime
Bedtime between 7-9 pm usually averages 7-9 hours at night.

Baby sleep schedule when sick

When the baby is not feeling well, they need a lot of comforting because of not understanding what is happening to them. The good thing about having a sleeping schedule for your baby is that you can easily go back to it even after the baby is sick.

If your baby is unwell, cuddle them, tend to them, let them sleep when they want and hold them a little bit more than usual. As soon as they start feeling better, go back to the set sleep habits you had before they were sick. You will be surprised how quickly they actually get back on board and continue with them.

The video below gives some sleep tips for sick children such as;

  • You do not need to feed the baby again because they are sick unless it is a doctor’s recommendation.
  • You should move to the baby’s bed instead of bringing them to yours.

Baby sleep schedule on vacation and Off After Vacation

Travel plans in most cases affect the baby’s sleeping routine. You should, therefore, ensure that there is minimal disruption to your baby’s schedule as much as possible.

Here are some tips that ensure that your baby gets the sleep he needs during travels or vacations;

  1. Do not over-schedule but try as much as possible to maintain the regular schedule.
  2. Be consistent with naps and bedtime.
  3. Be patient as your baby adjusts to the new environment.
  4. Remember to carry your baby’s sleeping toy.
  5. If you do not share the bed with your baby, do not start now.

Premature/Preemie baby sleep schedule

Premature babies tend to have more sleeping problems and that can give a parent a hard time as their sleep milestones are not as structured as babies born in the normal term. This underdevelopment manifests with your preemie falling asleep multiples times during the day.

Some tips on how you can help your preemie baby to sleep better include;

  • Bathing your baby at a certain time followed by a lullaby or a story.
  • Repeating calming activities to your baby before bedtime
  • Instilling dimmer lights that will soothe the baby to sleep
  • Breastfeeding the baby as the prepare to sleep

Baby sleep regression schedule

Sleep regression is any period of time when a baby who has been sleeping well starts to wake up more often and finds it hard to settle. This can go on for days or even weeks.

Sleep regressions have a great impact on the sleep cycle of the baby. Most parents notice them during common stages of the first year especially at around 4 months. This is because it is a transition from light to deep sleep.

Another common stage is when the baby is starting to crawl at around 8 months.

Below are some tips on how to survive sleep regression;

  1. Keeping a consistent napping and bedtime routine
  2. Avoiding to use cues to make your baby fall asleep
  3. Always give your baby the chance to settle on their own

Baby sleep scheduling Tools and Music

There are some great apps and companies that assist parents to schedule sleep for their babies as well as set baby sleep music to help the baby fall asleep faster. Some of these apps include;

  • Baby Shusher
  • Total baby
  • Baby Monitor
  • Sleeping, genius baby
  • Nanit

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