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Isofix Vs Latch Vs Belt Vs Isofit Vs Others

Isofix Vs Latch Vs Belt Vs Isofit Vs Others

When it comes to child safety car seats, you have probably heard many confusing new words being thrown around, and one of them is Isofix.

In this article, we will discuss what it’s all about and answer questions that most people ask in relation to Isofix vs others.

What is Isofix

ISOFIX stands for International Standard Organisation Fix. Iso fix is an internationally standardized car seat fitting system that provides an alternative means of securing your child’s car seat or base without the needing to use a vehicle seat belt.

The system uses two clips that automatically connect the child car seat to two Isofix brackets, which are welded onto the chassis of a vehicle (the gap between the bottom of the seat and backrest). Depending on the car seat, it may also use a tether or leg load.

With this system, you just need to push the metal prods extending from the base or car seat onto the Isofix bracket until you hear an audible click, making for a simple, secure and fast installation. This installation method is especially convenient if you need to keep taking your child’s car seat in and out or frequently needing to switch it between cars.

By law, all new car models manufactured after 2014 must-have Isofix brackets and also have a third point where you can secure a strap, also known as a top tether, which prevents a child’s car seat from rotating in times of a crash. Depending on the car model, the tether strap point may be located on the floor, car’s pillar, or the back of the adult seat.

Some older cars may have Isofix brackets but not a tether strap point. However, it may still be possible to use Isofix on such a car if it has a support leg to make the third point.

The Isofix system covers both Infant (Group 0/0+) and toddler (Group 1) seats. More details on Isofix’s Wikipedia page here.

History of Isofix

Since the first car entered the market, modifications were made and restraints put in place to protect adults, but there was not much regard for children. In fact, the first child seat was a booster seat designed not for safety but to raise the child to a height that the driving parent would easily see them. The first child safety seat became available in 1960, and even in the decades that followed, it wasn’t a requirement by law to use one.

Manufacturers of child restraints then realized that the three-point seatbelts varied greatly in vehicles and that many parents were installing their seats correctly. They decided to design the Isofix mounting system to try and get their child car seats installed effectively in as many vehicles as possible.

The Isofix system was introduced in 1997, after a joint development effort by Britax-Romer, a car seat maker, and Volkswagen who installed the Isofix in their fourth-generation Golf. Later in 2002, it was implemented in the US and in 2004 by the EU. It remains the standard in European cars as Isofix and in American and Canadian cars as LATCH system. In 2014, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) approved Isofix to be used in Australian roads.

European isofix system

European isofix system

Are Isofix car seats safer?

Research by independent bodies shows that Isofix mounted seats are incredibly safe. Instead of relying on the vehicle’s seat belt, a child’s car seat is fixed directly onto the child seat base. This highly minimizes the child’s car seat movement in the event of an accident, especially during a side impact.

According to research by Maxi-Cosi, 94% of parents use Isofix correctly. This is because one simply has to click the Isofix connectors in to install the car seat firmly.

Plus, almost all Isofix seats have green and red indicators to show you have installed the child car seat correctly. When you also factor in the top tether strap or a metal load leg, anti-rebound bar in some car seats, the Isofix system becomes incredibly secure. And, you can also secure booster seats permanently with Isofix.

Are Isofix car seats better?

Research by Independent bodies shows that the Isofix mounting system is very secure. Instead of using a seat belt, the child car seat is fixed directly onto the vehicle’s body, greatly reducing movement in case of an accident. And the other advantage is that they are so simple and fast to fit.

Isofix vs latch

Both Isofix and LATCH are systems for the rigid installation of child car seats. Isofix is mainly used in European cars, while the LATCH system is used in the US and Canada cars.

LATCH stands for Lower Anchor and Tethers for Children. It has been a safety requirement to use on all cars and child car seats in the US since September 1st, 2002.

The Isofix system includes slots built into the car seat frame. The LATCH system features a strap attached to a car seat or detachable base with hooks on either end. But there are rigid LATCH seats as well, which connect to lower anchors in a vehicle just like a seatbelt.

Sometimes it can be difficult to locate the lower anchors, requiring you to pull apart the crack between the seat and back of the adult car seat to locate them. Depending on the car, the tether anchor positions may be found on the floor, roof, or fixed to the back of the car seat. With the LATCH system, you attach the child car seat using connectors that are open clips attached to a strap. And just like the ISOFIX system, it also has two anchor points, but they are located at the bottom and a tether behind the rear seat.

In terms of safety, neither one is safer than the other as both systems are different and in different countries with their own laws and regulations. But, they are easier and faster to install and greatly minimize the risk of installing child car seats incorrectly, leading to severe injuries in the event of an accident.

Isofix vs belt/seat belt – is Isofix safer than seatbelt?

No, Isofix is not safer than a seatbelt. You can achieve a safe and secure car seat installation using both methods when done correctly. The Isofix system only reduces the chances of installing a child car seat incorrectly.

Isofix vs Isofit

Isofix and Isofit are car seats that attach directly onto the vehicle’s body with connectors onto the anchor points.

However, with Isofix car seats the child is secured using a five-point safety harness, while Isofit uses a vehicle’s built-in three-point seat belt instead.

The other difference is that Isofix description is used for Group 0+ and 1 while and Isofit is described for Group 2/3 during the classification of child car seats.

Isofix vs Isocatch

Both Isofix and Isocatch are methods of installation that secure the seat to your car seat body from the Isofix points. However, Isocatch uses Isocatch connectors and seat belts to secure the child car seat, while Isofix uses a metal load leg or top tether.

Both systems help to keep the seat stable in place.

Isofix vs Non-Isofix

Isofix car seats have a base that clicks into slots located in the crack between the vehicle seat and backrest.

A Non-Isofix car seat uses the vehicle’s seat belt system. Installation varies depending on the design and can be via a three-point or two-point system.

Both Isofix and non-Isofix car seats provide the same level of protection when used correctly. But Isofix provides a greater advantage over the seat belt mechanism because it reduces chances of error during installation to the bare minimum and is easier and faster.

Isofix vs i-size

Well, you already know that Isofix is a child car seat attachment system belonging to the R44/04. On the other hand, i-Size is a new regulation that the EU introduced in 2013 as part of the UN regulation ECE R129.

i-Size aims to make all car seats fit in all cars, and it will eventually become the industry’s standard. It will allow car manufacturers and child safety seat manufacturers to have a uniform design that will fit any vehicle type or make. Presently, not all Isofix car seats will fit into your car even if your car has anchor points and connectors; i-Size was designed to change this.

Aside from the universal fit, i-Size seats are thought to provide better protection because, unlike regular Isofix seats, they will be required to pass frontal, rear, and side-impact tests. Also, they are only installed with Isofix connectors, which reduces the chances of wrongly installing a child car seat.

i-Size seats are also intended to keep babies in the rear-facing position for longer, up to 15 months, instead of the standard 12 months for Isofix.

And, i-Size car seats are classified based on the child’s height instead of weight, which is what the R44/04 regulation uses.

Isofix vs Isosafe

Isofix is a standard that specifies how to install a car seat using specific connectors and either a top tether or load leg.

On the other hand, Isosafe is a mechanism for keeping a child’s car seat stable and in place. It is not a regulation for installing a car seat; rather, it helps improve the performance of Isofix and enhances comfort for the child during rides.

While Isofix uses connectors, Isosafe requires the use of a vehicle seat belt.

When did Isofix become standard?

Isofix was introduced in 1999, but it became a standard for most new cars in 2006. Thereafter it was made into a requirement by law that all new car models launched from November 2012 have Isofix brackets and in all vehicles manufactured after November 2014. Today almost all European cars have Isofix.

If you are buying a used car, ensure it is fitted with the Isofix brackets. Look for the Isofix logo either on a label, tab, or plastic cover hiding the anchor points.

What Isofix base do I need?

With a wide range of Isofix bases in the market, choosing the right one for your car can be confusing. Your best bet is to check with your child seat manufacturer; they usually have a website listing showing which seats are approved for which cars. Also, they will be able to advise you on which Isofix child car seat fits your vehicle.

Are Isofix bases universal?

No, Isofix bases are not the same. Most infant Isofix car seats come with their own Isofix base that installs firmly onto the car. At the same time, most toddler Isofix car seats use integrated bases. You can only use a base with a car seat of the same brand, which the manufacturer states are compatible.

Also, Isofix bases are not all the same. Some connect with a support leg, a top tether, and some with no third point.

Which Isofix base for maxi Cosi pebble

  • Pebble Pro iSize- FamilyFix2
  • Pebble Pro i-size- FamilyFix3
  • Pebble Plus infant carriers- 2WayFix
  • Pebble 360- FamilyFix 360

Which Isofix base for maxi Cosi cabriofix

  • EasyFix
  • FamilyFix
You can read more about this product on Amazon here.

Can Isofix be fitted to any car?

No, Isofix seats will not fit in just any car, even if the car has Isofix brackets. You need to check with your child car seat manufacturer.

When will Isofix be compulsory/will Isofix become law?

Isofix is mandatory in all new cars manufactured after November 2012 but, iSize is going to be the new standard in the future as it aims to provide universal means of safe installation of all car seats in all vehicles.

Can Isofix be retrofitted?

Yes, if you have a vehicle without the Isofix system, you can have the Isofix bracket retrofitted. And, this is possible for the majority of vehicles from different manufacturers.

Can I use a European car seat in the US?

No, it is not legal to use a European car seat in the US and vice versa because of the difference in regulations.

Isofix installation steps

To install an Isofix car seat, follow the steps below.

  1. Locate the Isofix points in your car. Look for the label, or feel with your hand deep in the gap where the seat and backrest meet.
  1. Locate the Isofix connectors (two metal prongs sticking out of the back) on the child seat or base
  1. Line the connectors and the Isofix slots and then push them into one another. You will hear a click or visible color change from red to green if the base or child car seat has an indicator to show installation is correct.
  1. If using the top tether, connect the top tether strap to its fixing point in the car.
  2. If using a child car seat with a supporting leg, make sure to adjust it correctly so that the seat is firmly braced onto the floor. Some have an indicator that turns green when the leg is set correctly.

5 Convertible Car Seats for Girls in 2021

There are many convertible car seats in the market, but it’s a tough choice for a baby girl or your granddaughter as there are few options marketed towards girls. But don’t worry; we will help you get a convertible car seat that your girl will adore. To do that, we start by guiding you on how to make the right choice- what to look for and then give you a shortlist of the only seats we could find fit for girls.

What makes a convertible car seat best for a girl? – Features to look out for

Choosing the right convertible seat for your girl comes down to many aspects such as:

Seat dimensions

Car seats differ in size and shape; some are wider or narrower than others, while others may be taller or shorter. When choosing, make sure the car will fit in your car.

Safety features

Look for features like a sturdy frame with side impact protection, shock absorption, padding, and high-quality materials.

Safety indicators

The best car seats have a built-in leveling system and indicators to show if you have installed the seat correctly.

Ease of installation

Most car seats can be installed using the vehicle seat belt or Latch system. The Latch system is an easier way for installing using built-in anchors and tethers. Remember not to exceed the maximum weight limit of your car seat’s Latch and to switch over to seat belt install once you exceed them.

Higher rear-facing weight limit

Research shows that small children are safer riding in the rear-facing configuration than in the forward-facing mode. If possible, choose a convertible seat with a higher rear-facing weight limit so your child can get the benefits of the safest position as long as possible.


For a girl, you want vibrant and girly colors, not dull, monochromatic ones. In addition, you want to choose a durable fabric that is also easy to clean when it gets dirty.

Why attractive colors are good for girls

We live in a world where gender lines are drawn even with things as simple as colors, and you can see this lot better by just how manufacturers to market items aimed at boys and girls. For example, for girls, it’s always pink while for boys it is blue. If you walk into a room with a newborn, you can certainly tell by looking at their clothes and blanket colors if it’s a boy or girl. Perhaps this comes from deep-rooted cultural influence even though there are no set rules about what colors are exclusively feminine or masculine.

In 2003, Joe Hallock conducted a study and compared color preference across people of various demographics worldwide, and the results may shock you.

Both men and women choose blue as their favorite color, with 35% of female participants being in favor and more than half of the male participants.

However, the most notable difference was that while 23% of female participants considered purple as their favorite color, no male participants chose it as their favorite.

The highest percentage of male participants named brown their least favorite color, while women chose orange as their least favorite.

When it came to choosing mixed colors: 

Women participants preferred colors that are closer to red where shades of pink, but both had the same preference in regards to dark and light colors. Again it was shown women prefer softer colors while men love bright colors more.

In another experiment by Mclnnis and Shearer, it was shown that women loved tints more than shades. A tint, in this case, is any color with white added, while a shade is any color where black is added. As you can see, women love colors like pink as they are soft, youthful, and soothing.

Another thing to note is that men have a very limited sense of colors-they keep it very simple while women are more expressive or specific, as shown in the following chart.

So to answer the question, it’s important to choose attractive colors for your girl because colors affect us and influence how we feel and what we like or dislike. Attractive colors promote feelings of calm, warmth, and radiance to personality. 

And even if, as a little baby, they can’t tell the difference as they grow, you can be sure colors will affect them as one study showed where one-year-old boys and girls were shown pairs of identical items but with one pink item and another of a second color. The result was that both had no preference to choose pink over any other color. However, at two years of age, girls started liking pink, and by four years of age, boys were determined to reject pink.

Reviews of Convertible Car Seats for Girls in 2021

Disney Baby Apt 50 Convertible Car Seat

Disney has always stayed on top of its game to entertain kids with its delightful characters throughout the years. And we are pretty sure that your little girl would be excited to ride in their Minnie mouse convertible car seat.

The Disney Apt 50 is a great car seat that will last a good couple of years. It converts from a rear-facing seat for children from 5 up to 40 pounds to a forward-facing seat to be used from 22 to 65 pounds. With 6 harness adjustable height positions and 3 buckles, this car seat continues to provide a comfortable fit as your child grows. Plus, it has a good amount of padding, head cushion, and cup holders, which add extra comfort.

The car seat also ensures maximum protection for your child during rides with side impact protection and a 5 point harness. In addition, it is FAA certified for use in an airplane, and being a lightweight and narrow seat, makes the Disney Apt 50 an excellent travel option as well.


  • Fun Minnie mouse design that little girls will love
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Side impact protection to protect your child from accidents
  • Easy installation with Latch system
  • Comfortable with infant insert and adequate padding
  • Easy care, machine washable, and dryer safe removable seat pad


  • Bulky and takes up a lot of space, especially in compact cars.

Disney Baby Jive 2-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

This one is yet another option for all Minnie and Disney fans, but this time the seat has stripes with little Minnies all over the back, which is so cute.

The seat is designed to give your little girl a comfortable ride with its soft fabric and cushions throughout the years. Rear-facing your child can ride when they are 5 pounds until 40 pounds. It also switches to a forward-facing seat for your child to ride when they hit 22 pounds up to 65 pounds.

Like any safe car seat in the market today, the Jive 2-in-1 is tested and found to exceed federal safety requirements. In addition, it provides side impact protection and a 5 point harness to ensure your child is safe and secure during rides.

The car seat is easy to use with Latch for installation, removable and machine wash friendly, and dryer safe fabrics. So whether you plan to take your little girl for road adventures or air travel to some exotic locations, this seat has got your back. It is lightweight, air travel-ready, and equipped with two cup holders to keep snacks and drinks within easy reach.


  • Adorable design
  • Includes a removable head and body pillow
  • Side impact protection
  • Machine washable and dryer safe fabrics
  • Airplane ready
  • Latch equipped for easy installation


  • The seat doesn’t feel stable when installed rear-facing. The manufacturer recommends putting a rolled towel, but customers still find it does not get the seat to stay snug.

Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat, Ride Rear Facing Longer with Extend2Fit

Graco Extend2Fit has consistently been a favorite for many parents because of its high rear-facing weight limit, easy installation and affordability, and ability to fit in any type of car. And now your baby girl will fall in love with the seat because of the soft pink colored fabrics.

The Extend 2Fit has a 50-pound weight limit, allowing kids to ride rear-facing longer than many other convertible car seats. In addition, just like the name implies, it has an extendable panel that provides kids with five inches of legroom to allow them to stay rear-facing more comfortably.

The seat also tends to provide a better fit for kids of all ages, from smaller newborns from 4 pounds all the way to 65 pounds, and switches from rear-facing to forward-facing once your child reaches 22 pounds. Additionally, since the car seat can sit almost upright when rear-facing, it allows taller parents and those with small cars to get a comfortable fit.

The Extend 2Fit is built with Graco Protect plus to ensure maximum protection during a crash and an adjustable 5 point safety harness to secure your child. It also includes other user-friendly features that make it a delight to use, such as fuss-free harness storage pockets, no-rethread harness, and indicators to help with correct installation.


  • Allows extended rear-facing up to 50 pounds
  • More recline angles and indicators to ensure correct installation
  • Provides great value since it can be used from infancy up to 65 pounds
  • Generous padding to keep your child comfortable
  • High safety ratings and evidence during a crash


  • The wide seat, not suitable for three across
  • Square dual cup holders do not fit sippy cups which defeats their purpose

Baby Trend Trooper 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

Baby Trend Trooper is one of the best-rated convertible seats as it has great functionality. If your girl loves the color pink, this convertible car seat will be a great choice. However, take notice that once you take out the pink seat pad at 18 pounds, there will be very little pink color left.

The Trooper 3-in-1 is lightweight and very slim, making it an excellent choice, especially for travel because you don’t feel weighed down when lugging around, and the narrow design allows you to fit three in the back and on the plane.

This seat sits small babies from 4 pounds up to 40 pounds rear-facing and from 22 pounds to 65 pounds forward-facing. Deep side wings surround your little one in safety, while the premium cushions provide great support and comfort. There is also a cup holder on one side to keep their sippy cups or snacks within easy reach.

The car seat is equipped with a Latch for easy installation, and there are bubble indicators to ensure the correct recline angle during installation. It also has fabrics that come off for easy cleaning when the mess happens.


  • Can be used from birth up to 65 pounds
  • Adequate padding for comfort
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Can easily fit three in the back


  • Complaints that it’s not true to color
  • Buckle straps are hard to adjust

Diono Radian 3R, 3-in-1 Convertible Rear and Forward Facing Convertible Car Seat

Diono Radian Convertible Car Seat for Girls

Besides having a girly color, the Diono Radian 3R is the one for you if you are looking for a narrow convertible seat that will comfortably fit three in the back seat or one that keeps your child rear-facing longer.

Radian 3R works as a rear-facing, forward-facing, and eventually a belt-positioning booster seat for kids up to 120 pounds or until they no longer need a child car seat. And with a life span of 10 years, this is the only car seat your child will ever need, saving you money in the long run.

Radian 3R is made with a steel-reinforced core and deep aluminum sidewalls that are padded with energy-absorbing foam to provide superior side impact protection.

The car seat also comes with super Latch connectors that make installation quicker and easier. In addition, the connectors produce an audible click indicator to let you know you have installed the car seat correctly. The five-point harness and headrest are also easily adjusted without uninstalling the car seat to rethread it, saving you time and energy.

The car seat is very heavy, but it has the ability to fold flat for easy transportation and storage in tight spaces. It is also FAA approved for use in airplanes.


  • Foldable design for easy storage
  • Allows children to ride rear-facing longer
  • SuperLatch connectors come with an audible click indicator that lets you know when you have installed the car set correctly
  • Advanced safety features provide side impact protection and reduce impact force in the forward-facing position
  • Machine washable fabrics


  • Doesn’t come with an infant insert
  • Although it has a portable design, it’s pretty heavy to carry
  • It takes a lot of space from the front passenger when installed rear-facing

Best Travel Car Seat for 2-Year-Old

What’s the best travel car seat for a 2-year-old?

Are you looking for a travel car seat for your two-year-old? You have come to the right place.

In this guide, we have a list of the best car seats for kids this age that is light and compact enough to carry without compromising your child’s safety.

What kind of car seat is ideal for a 2-year-old to use?

The most suitable car seat for kids in this age is convertible car seats because they allow kids to ride in the rear-facing and forward-facing mode and with more years of use.

However, we find that while the convertible car seats are great for safety and comfort, they are also often bulky and heavy. As a result, they do not make a convenient option for travel. Imagine lugging a 25-pound car seat through an airport, lifting it over an entire row to get it installed in an airplane window, and then having to carry it through another airport and into a taxi or rental car and at the same time also trying to lug other luggage and baby gear. Hectic, right? That’s why you need a portable travel car seat.

So, what should you look for when considering the best portable car seat for your 2-year-old?

It should be lightweight– ideally not more than 10 pounds. Remember, there is a lot of lifting and carrying to do.

It should be easy to use- you want a car seat that you can install without much of a hassle. Many seats are compatible with the LATCH system, and you can also use a vehicle seat belt. Next, check how easy it is to adjust the harness, recline positions, etc.

It should be durable, at least 4 years- this way; you get value for your money.

It should be comfortable for your little passenger- look for features such as an infant insert, generous padding, and cup holders to keep snacks and drinks close.

It should meet your family’s unique needs. For example, if your toddler is on the taller or chubbier end, you may want a taller or wider seat even if it has a few extra pounds.

Quick Comparison Table of 2-year-old car seats

Product WeightRemarks
Cosco Scenera Next DLX7 poundsBest value
Cosco APT 508 poundsBest budget-friendly
Baby Trend Trooper10 poundsBest extended rear-facing
Evenflo Tribute9 poundsBest safety
Combi Coccoro11 poundsBest for small cars
Evenflo Sonus 6511 poundsBest long-lasting
WAYB Pico8 poundsBest foldable, forward-facing
Evenflo SureRide DLX 10 poundsBest for tall kids 

Reviews of the best travel car seats for 2-year-olds

Cosco Scenera Next DLX

Cosco Scenera Next DLX is one of the most popular convertible car seats for travel. And the reasons are obvious; it is the lightest convertible car seat and is also inexpensive.

At a mere 7 pounds, anyone can carry the car seat on their back with no problems, and some parents even hang it on the back of the stroller as they walk through the airport.

This car seat is compact enough to fit three in your back seat, yet it has spacious seating, soft covers, and padding to ensure your child is comfortable to ride even during long trips.

Also, with Next DLX, you should never have to worry about messes. The seat pad easily comes off and is both machine washable and dryer safe. Plus, the cup holder can be thrown in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Cosco Scenera Next DLX seats children weighing from 5 to 40pounds rear-facing and 22 to 40 pounds forward-facing. We must mention at this point that the top harness slot for this seat is 13.5 inches high, so some children outgrow this car seat much earlier in the forward-facing even while they still have almost two years left to stay rear-facing(remember, straps need to come from above the shoulders when in forward-facing mode). Because of this reason, we feel that Cosco Scenera Next DLX would provide a better fit for small and average kids.


  • Lightest convertible car seat
  • FAA approved for use in an airplane
  • Comfortable with padding
  • Can be installed with top tether or Latch
  • Compact, fits three in the back
  • Budget-friendly pricing


  • Low size limits
  • It may be hard to install in some cars

Cosco Apt 50

Cosco Apt 50 is the best option for families on a budget. But besides the low price, the convertible car seat has many impressive features.

For starters, it is light and easy to lug around or lift. In addition, it is FAA approved to be used on airplanes.

You can install the Cosco Apt 50 in the rear-facing mode with a 5 to 40 pounds weight limit and forward-facing for toddlers from 22 to 50 pounds. Also, the Cosco Apt 50 is designed with a higher harness height and weight limit, allowing kids to ride in the safer rear-facing mode longer than in many other convertible car seats.

The Cosco Apt 50 is also equipped with a 5 point harness and meets and exceeds all federal and ASTM standards, so you can be sure it will keep your child safe and secure.

We also find that although it doesn’t have as much padding, it has three adjustable buckle positions and six harness heights that provide a comfortable fit as your child grows. There are also two cup holders for some drinks or snacks during rides.


  • Lightweight
  • Side impact protection
  • Great pricing
  • Allows extended rear-facing use up to four years
  • Removable, machine-washable pad


  • Too wide at the top, may not fit three in the back of some cars

Baby Trend Trooper

The Baby Trend Trooper is a new car seat having just been released in 2020, and it has a lot to offer traveling parents, so you definitely need to check it out.

First, this is a 3-in-1 convertible car seat that your child can use from infancy through toddlerhood until they can use a car seat, so it is a valuable purchase.

Second, it weighs just 10 pounds which is pretty light for you to carry around. It is also very narrow, making it a great travel choice for parents with multiple kids because it fits three in the back.

It also has a larger forward-facing size limit than most of its peers so that kids can use it until 6 years of age. Its weight and size limits are 4 to 40 pounds rear-facing and 23 to 65 pounds forward-facing or up to 50 inches tall.

However, it’s important to note that when using rear-facing with an infant, it takes a lot of room from the back seat, so it’s only compact with a child who is 22 pounds and above.

This car seat also has nice padding, a body pillow for your infant, a head pillow, and harness pads to ensure your infant or toddler is as comfy as possible. There is also a cup holder.

Another thing to be admired is how well Baby Trend has done its labeling and instructions on this seat. From the FAA approval sticker to instruction on the weight limit, harness routing, the manual, installation, and cleaning instructions-everything is well laid out for you and clear.


  • Lightweight
  • Can be used from birth to 65 pounds
  • Easy to install using Latch system or top tether
  • Narrow design can fit three in the back seat
  • Has a built-in cup holder
  • Very clear labeling on the car seat and insert


  • Customers wish it had more recline angles
  • Some found it hard to tighten the straps

Evenflo Tribute

Evenflo Tribute is also one of the best deals when it comes to convertible cars. Besides a great price point, the Tribute weighs only 9 pounds, making it one of the lightest convertible car seats in the market and a perfect choice for travel. The pricing point is very good as well.

That is not all. Safety is another area it shines above its peers, and the company claims that the car seat has passed its side-impact tests and also the Federal crash test. This is not just boasting because some parents have gladly reported that their kids remained safe in this seat during a car crash. So if safety is your greatest concern, we can say that you have no worries with this seat.

Even when it comes to comfort, this car seat has your kid’s back because it is equipped with a comfy head support pillow and is also adequately padded so your kids can’t complain of discomfort even on long trips. In addition, shoulder straps are adjustable, providing your child with a comfortable fit as they grow.

We also love that it comes with a cup holder that can be attached on any side and that the cover can be removed and machine washed.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Great safety features
  • Comfortable with adequate padding
  • FAA approved
  • Machine washable cover
  • Great pricing


  • Harness straps have no padding

Combi Coccoro

Despite its high price tag, its low weight, compactness, and quality of construction make Combi Coccoro a favorite of many traveling parents.

The narrow design makes it easy to fit three across, and it doesn’t take much space in the back seat when installed rear-facing; this makes the Combi Coccoro the ideal convertible car seat for small cars.

As you would expect with a pricey car seat, comfort is guaranteed, and Coccoro has breathable fabrics, generous padding, including on the harness, and comes with an infant insert. In addition, we also find it pretty impressive that even though it has a maximum size limit of 40 inches when forward-facing, the top harness strap is at 15 inches. So yes, your child is not squished in this small seat.

That said, Coccoro is also compact enough to click into your stroller seat, allowing you to wheel it easily instead of carrying it around.

The Combi Coccoro is also designed to offer maximum protection for your child when traveling with its deep side walls and energy-absorbing foam layers that reduce impact force. It also has built-in lock-offs, which is also a nice safety feature.

The only downside to this compact convertible car seat beside the price is the size. It seats children rear-facing from 3 to 33 pounds and forward-facing from 20 to 40 pounds or 40 inches tall-This is pretty low, but if your child is petite or average, this is a great seat for them.


  • Compact
  • Easy to install with Latch or seatbelt
  • Side impact protection
  • Buckle indicator to ensure the harness is secure
  • Very comfortable
  • Removable and machine washable pad


  • Expensive
  • Kids outgrow it fast
  • Only approved for use in the US
  • It is tricky to install rear-facing, but they have helpful videos online

Evenflo Sonus 65

This is yet another great convertible car seat from Evenflo. The Sonus 65 comes at great pricing and will give you many years of use because of its large weight and size limits.

It seats kids weighing from 5 to 40 pounds rear-facing and 20 to 65 pounds forward-facing with a limit up to 50 inches in height. Plus, the top harness height is 18 inches giving your growing child a comfortable fit. But on the flip side, being tall also means that it takes a lot of space in the back seat when installed rear-facing.

Sonus 65 has enough padding, an infant insert, and two cup holders, ensuring kids’ comfort when traveling. Fabrics are also removable and machine washable.

Although the base is slim, the extra protective head wings make the top a bit too wide that it may be tricky to fit three across next to each other. Hence we do not think Sonus 65 to be a suitable option for families with compact cars.


  • Comes with infant body support
  • High weight and size limits
  • Adequate cushion for kids comfort
  • FAA approved for use in airplanes
  • Two recline positions for correct installation angle
  • Easy to clean fabrics
  • Great pricing


  • Slightly heavier compared to its peers
  • Not suitable for small cars


Ultra-light and ultra-compact folding-WAYP Pico is a dream for traveling parents. It has also met all safety regulations. 

If you are looking for the smallest, most compact, and light seat that will take little to no space in your luggage, you need to try the WAYB Pico. It is the new coolest kid car seat in the market that is revolutionizing travel because of its ease of folding it.

This car seat is quite small and easy to use. At 8 pounds, it makes it possible to travel light and avoid being weary from lugging heavy luggage. Plus, it folds incredibly small and even packs into its own backpack, making it so much easier to carry.

WAYB Pico meets all safety requirements and regulations and is also FAA approved for use in an airplane.

The only thing to note is that WAYB Pico is a forward-facing only car seat with a minimum weight limit of 22 pounds, so you might want to limit it to travels and not everyday use because it doesn’t provide rear-facing safety. Also, you can’t use it with a child less than 2 years old. But the good thing is that it has a maximum weight capacity of 50 pounds, so even if you introduce it at 2 years, your child can use it for about three more years and even more if you hand it down to a younger sibling.

WAYB has many installation options as you can use a seat belt, a top tether, or a Latch system. This is great because, in some places like outside the US, Canada, or Europe, cars do not have top tethers, so at least you have other ways to install without the top tether.


  • Ultralight
  • Compact folding
  • Includes carry bag
  • Can install with a top tether, seat belt, or Latch
  • Great for air travel


  • Only forward-facing
  • Crotch straps are too short for some children
  • Pricey

Evenflo SureRide DLX

This next one is also another convertible car seat from Evenflo, but this time it’s a solution for parents with tall kids.

With a backrest of 26.5 inches tall and a harness height of 19 inches, Evenflo SureRide DLX provides tall kids with the right fit where they are not squished and enough room to grow into. It accommodates kids from 5 to 40 pounds rear-facing and from 22 to 65 pounds forward-facing.

The Evenflo SureRide DLX is built with three layers of safety, and it meets all federal safety standards. It also has a five-point harness with 6 adjustable positions.

Although the seat is bulky, it is also lightweight so that you can easily swap it between cars. It is also approved for use in an airplane, and it comes with machine washable covers for easy clean-ups.

The only thing to note is that this car seat is pretty tall, so it might be tricky to install in tight spaces.


  • Lightweight
  • Tall backrest, which is great for tall kids
  • Decent padding
  • FAA approved for airplane use
  • Plenty of room to grow
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to clean


  • Bulky
  • Difficult to install
  • Shoulder straps have no pads


​​Which car seat is the safest for a 2-year-old?

The safest car seat for a two-year-old is the one that meets all necessary safety requirements. In line with AAP recommendations, it should also allow two-year-old children to ride rear-facing for as long as possible because this position provides superior protection against head and neck injuries in case of an accident. And for air travel, the car seat should also be FAA approved.

Other features that make a car seat safe are side-impact protection, adjustable and padded headrest, and 5 point harness. And of course, you should also adhere to the manufacturer’s weight limit.

At what age do you switch to a toddler car seat?

This depends on the child’s size, but most parents transition their kids from an infant car seat to a convertible seat between 9 months and 2 years. However, you can switch your child even earlier if the convertible is rated safe for their weight and age. Small babies ride rear-facing in a convertible car seat until they are at least 2 years of age.

Are booster car seats safe for kids 2-years in age?

No! 2 years olds are still too small, and a booster seat will not provide the right fit for them nor keep them safe in case of an accident.

Two-year-olds should be secured, preferably in a rear-facing convertible seat using a 5 point harness.

The right time to transition your child to a booster seat is when they reach the manufacturer’s forward-facing maximum weight or size limit, usually from around age five.

Best FAA-Approved Car Seats Reviews 2021

Are you wondering which car seats are FAA-approved for flying with your child? Are you wondering if you even need a travel car seat for your child? We know how overwhelming the idea to fly with a toddler and a bunch of luggage can be-but not to worry.

In this post, we will answer these questions and guide you to find the best travel car seat that is also FAA-approved. We will also give you tips about bringing your car seat on board so as not to have worries when the time comes.

FAA Baby and Toddler Car Seat Regulations for Airplanes

You cannot be allowed to use your car seat on the plane unless it is FAA approved.

To know if your car seat is FAA approved, it should have a sticker that reads, “This restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft.”

Here is a snapshot of what you should be looking for:

FAA-Approved Child Harness Device (CARES)

The CARES Harness is the only FAA-alternative (other than approved car seats) that is available in the market that you can use to secure your child when traveling by plane.

It is a great option if you don’t need a car seat once you reach your destination.

The CARES harness is designed for kids over one year of age and weighing between 22 to 44 pounds and up to 40 inches tall.

It is also important to note that seat belt extenders and other baby travel vests are not approved for use by the FAA. Therefore, they must be removed from the child during take-off and landing, but ideally, they should not be used at all.

What Is FAA Approved Car Seat

An FAA-approved car seat simply means it is permitted to be used in an airplane after having passed various testing. Such a seat must have a sticker as proof of acceptance that reads,

“This restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft.”

It is only the car seats that have this sticker that can be used on an airplane.

Reviews of the Best FAA-approved Car Seats:

1. Safety 1st Guide 65 Convertible Car Seat 

Weight: 14 pounds

Width: 18.5 inches

Weight/height limits: 5 to 40 pounds rear-facing, 22 to 65 pounds forward-facing

Safety 1 st Guide 65 is our best travel car seat because it’s lightweight enough to carry around, and it has a high weight limit that allows you to use it from birth to 65 pounds.

We also value comfort and love that this convertible car seat has a removable body pillow for your infant as well as adequate padding so that your child will be comfortable even on long trips.

This car seat is approved for airplane use in both rear and forward-facing configurations. And with 18.5-inch width, it will not be a problem to install on an airplane seat or three of these seats in your back seat.

The other reason it’s a top pick for us is that it’s easy on your wallet, so you don’t have to worry too much if it gets dirty or a bit damaged during your trips.


  • Lightweight
  • Narrow and compact design, easy to fit three across and in an airplane seat
  • Comfortable with a body pillow and adequate padding
  • Side impact protection
  • Great pricing


  • Difficult installation with both LATCH and seat belt; you need to use a lot of force to tighten both

2. Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat 

Weight: 18.4 pounds

Width: 19.6 inches

Weight/height limits: 4 to 50 pounds rear-facing, 22 to 65 pounds forward-facing

The Extend2Fit is perhaps the most popular car seat in the US. What sets this seat above its peers is having an extended rear-facing limit of up to 50 pounds. If you didn’t know, rear-facing is the safest riding position for your child because it offers head and neck protection. This has made the Extend 2Fit gain a higher safety rating than most of its peers.

This is a fantastic option for travel because of its easy installation using either Latch or your vehicle seat belt; many reviewers found the process easy. Plus, when adjusting the harness, you don’t need to rethread. The two cup holders and machine washable covers were also nice additions to have.

The other reason that sold us out was that this seat will grow with your child from infancy all through toddlerhood until they are 65 pounds. This makes it a smart investment, especially when you also factor in its budget-friendly price point.

The Extend2Fit is FAA approved, but because of the cup holders, you might need to raise the armrest to get it to fit on the airplane seat. You should also note that this seat can only be installed in the forward-facing position on the plane. It would be a good idea to call the airline first and confirm it will fit before leaving.


  • Perfect fit for newborns with head pillow and body support
  • Comfortable with decent padding and breathable fabric and harness pads
  • 10 position adjustable headrest with no-rethread harness
  • Extended rear-facing weight up to 50 pounds
  • Fuss-free harness adjustment without rethreading
  • Extra legroom for your child’s comfort
  • 10 years expiration
  • Great pricing


  • Heavier and bulkier than other seats on this list
  • Customers complain that it’s a pain to remove the cover or put it back after washing
  • Takes up more space rear-facing when the leg rest panel is extended

3. Cosco Finale DX 2-In-1 Car Seat

Weight: 11.5 pounds

Width: 18 inches

Convertibility: 30-65 pounds forward-facing and 40 to 100 pounds in booster mode

If you have bigger kids, 3 and 4-year-olds, the Cosco Finale DX is a great car seat that provides lots of room for growing kids up to 100 pounds.

This car seat is a great choice for travel because of its low weight and slim design that easily fits in most cars and on airplane seats. In addition, the two cup holders remove to make it more compact, enabling you to even fit three of these car seats in the back of most cars. It is also very easy to install with a latch or seat belt.

As a car seat specifically for older kids above 2 years, the Finale DX is a forward-only facing car seat, and it does not recline. It is a tall seat with room for kids up to 49 inches in the forward-facing mode. Once your child gets to 4 years, you can convert the car seat into a booster seat until they get to 52 inches. However, it is important to note that you cannot use the booster seat option since the plane doesn’t have a shoulder seat belt to secure it down.


  • Lightweight
  • A great choice for growing families
  • Slim design enables it to easily fit three across in most cars and on a plane seat
  • Easy to install
  • Easy care; fabrics and seat pad are machine washable and dryer safe
  • Inexpensive


  • Some felt it might not last because it feels flimsy
  • Doesn’t have much padding

4. Cosco Apt 50 Convertible Car Seat

Weight: 11 pounds

Width: 20 inches

Conversion: 5 to 40 pounds rear-facing, 22 to 50 pounds forward-facing

Cosco Apt 50 is a great portable car seat that you can carry around without feeling weighed down. However, it might not be a strong choice for air travel because it is a bit too wide at 20 inches, but you may be able to fit with the armrests up. Still, we recommend enquiring with the airline first if you plan on taking it into the plane before you leave.

The car seat also comes with nice features like dual cup holders, machine washable pads, and a fantastic low price to boot.


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Easy care; machine washable and dryer safe
  • Easy installation
  • Side impact protection


  • Doesn’t have head and neck support for newborns

5. Combi Compact Coccoro Convertible Car Seat 

Weight: 14.3 pounds

Width: 15.5 inches

Convertibility: rear-facing 3 to 33 pounds, forward-facing 20 to 40 pounds

Combi Coccoro is a favorite among traveling families due to its super slim design. With a width of just 15 inches, you will easily install it on any seat, even in bulkhead seats. It is the slimmest seat on this list.

The Coccoro is expensive and slightly heavier than some options on this list, but it has better quality, has slightly more padding, and is also more comfortable.

The other advantage of this car seat is that it installs a rear-facing position in the airplane because of its small size, and the seat in front can still be able to recline.

The Coccoro converts to offer both rear and forward-facing options, but it has a lower height than most of its peers. Hence some kids outgrow it before they even reach the weight requirement. Because of this, we would not advise getting this seat if your child is on the taller side.


  • Perfect fit for newborns
  • Slimmest car seat on this list
  • Great safety with deep side walls and Side impact protection
  • The small size makes it a perfect option for tight spaces
  • Machine washable pad


  • Expensive
  • Some kids outgrow the seat fast because of the low height limit
  • Difficult to install

6. Evenflo Stratos 65 Convertible Car Seat 

Weight: 13 pounds

Width: 18. 5 inches

Convertibility: rear-facing 5 to 40 pounds, forward-facing 22 to 65 pounds

Evenflo Stratos 65 is a great portable car seat approved by the FAA. It is a lightweight seat that you can carry around easily. It also has a slim design which makes it comfortable to fit on all plane seats.

This lovely seat is designed with your little one’s comfort in mind with a removable body pillow and six adjustable harness positions for the right fit. Additionally, it’s designed with ventilation channels for improved airflow to keep your child comfortable during rides regardless of how hot temperatures are.


  • Sturdy yet lightweight
  • The slim design makes it a comfortable fit in all plane seats
  • Multiple layers of energy-absorbing materials
  • Made with cooling fabrics
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to clean


  • Complaints about cup holders coming off

7. Graco Size4Me 65 Convertible Car Seat

Weight: 19.3 pounds

Width: 22 inches

Convertibility: rear-facing 4 to 40 pounds, forward-facing 22 to 65 pounds

Graco Size4Me is much heavier and the widest on this list, but we feel it’s a great travel option because it is super comfy for kids with nice cushions.

The car seat is FAA approved, and with a 22-inch width, you might think it’s too wide to fit on an airplane seat. However, because of its narrow base and shape, it still fits on most plane seats with armrests down.

It’s also a great travel option because it is compact and is able to fit even on small cars both rear-facing and forward-facing and still leave enough legroom for the driver or passenger seat.


  • Durable construction
  • Compact design, which is great for tight spaces
  • Easy installation
  • It comes with pockets to store buckles away
  • Easy to clean with removable fabrics


  • One of the heaviest on this list
  • It is wide and may not fit narrow plane seats
  • Would be nice to have an additional cup holder

8. Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 LX

Weight: 9.5 pounds

Width: 15.5 inches

Age range: 4 to 35 pounds

When you have a newborn, the best option for travel is an infant car seat that you can simply carry by the handle without waking your sleeping little one.

This infant car seat measures only 15.5 inches, so it will comfortably fit on all airplane seats. It’s important also to note that you cannot use the base of the infant car seat on the plane, but you can just keep it in the overhead bin.

The other nice thing is the shade canopy that will help to keep the harsh lighting on the plane from your baby’s eyes.

The Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 LX is compatible with all Graco Click Connect strollers, so you can have it as your go-to travel system to make your life much easier.


  • Soft fabrics and cushions for baby’s comfort
  • Easy to carry with handle
  • The silent canopy that blocks the harsh lights from the baby’s eyes
  • Slim design that fits on all airplane seats
  • Easy to install
  • True shield side impact protection

9. Graco 4ever

Weight: 22.8 pounds

Width: 21.5 inches

Convertibility: rear-facing 4 to 40 pounds, forward-facing 20 to 65 pounds, high back booster mode 40 to 100 pounds, backless booster 40 to 120 pounds.

The Graco 4Ever is another great choice for travel, and it’s very similar to the MySize we saw earlier. It is just as comfy and even more versatile, but it ranks lower on this list because it’s the heaviest and much wider than others here. It is also the most expensive here.

That said, this seat will grow with your child from infancy to when they no longer need a car seat thanks to backless booster mode, which is often lacking in other convertibles. This makes 4Ever a valuable investment. It has a ten-year lifespan, just like the sister, MySize.

At 21.5 inches wide, you can still install this seat on a plane seat with the arms up. Plus cup holders can be removed to make it even slimmer. However, you can only use it with the internal harness system and not as a booster seat.


  • Perfect for growing families with a wide weight range
  • Proven crash safety records
  • Easy seat belt installation
  • No-rethread harness
  • Two removable cup holders
  • Removable covers for washing


  • Heaviest on this list
  • Some reviewers remarked that the head cushion pushes the baby’s head forward, which seems uncomfortable.
  • Bulky especially rear-facing
  • No locks off device for seat belt install
  • The harness can be tricky to tighten

10. Britax Emblem

Weight: 19.5 pounds

Width: 18.2 inches

Convertibility: rear-facing 5 to 40 pounds, forward-facing 22 to 65 pounds

Britax Emblem is one of the heaviest car seats recommended here, but it’s also one of the best convertible seats in the market. It combines high-end quality along with Britax’s advanced safety features at affordable pricing.

Britax Emblem is approved for air travel, and with a width of 18 inches, it fits most traditional airline seats, although it might be a struggle to fit rear-facing due to the tall backrest.


  • Slim design
  • Perfect fit for newborns with a removable body pillow
  • Dual-layer side impact protection
  • Built-in lock-off for easy seat belt installation


  • Heavy in comparison
  • Would be better if fabrics were machine washable
  • Doesn’t have cup holders

11. UPPAbaby Mesa

This is yet another fantastic option for families with a newborn. It is FAA approved, but it is super heavy with the base. The good thing is that it measures only 17 inches wide, so you can easily install it in all plane seats.

The other reason it’s a great travel option is that you can have it as a travel system with Vista or Cruz stroller; that way, you can easily wheel your baby right to the airplane door. Plus, you don’t need any adapters for these strollers.

With the seat’s canopy, glaring lights in the plane are kept from glaring your baby’s eyes, allowing your little one to continue napping peacefully all through the flight.


  • Slim design
  • Comfortable with soft fabrics and infant insert
  • Hideaway UPF canopy that blocks the sun and glaring lights on flight
  • Side impact protection
  • No-rethread harness
  • Compatible with Vista and Cruz stroller without adapters
  • Easy and accurate installation with indicators


  • Heavy
  • Expensive

List All FAA Approved Car Seats

  • Britax Allegiance
  • Britax Emblem
  • Britax Grow With You
  • Britax Pinnacle
  • Chicco Keyfit 30
  • Chicco Bravo Trio
  • Combi Coccoro
  • Cosco Scenera NEXT
  • Cybex Aton 2
  • Diono Radian 3RXT
  • Doona
  • Evenflo Every fit
  • Evenflo Sonus
  • Evenflo Stratos 65
  • Evenflo Symphony Sport
  • Evenflo Tribute LX
  • Graco Extend2fit
  • Graco Slimfit
  • Graco Snugride SnugLock
  • Graco 4Ever DLX
  • Peg Perego Primo Viaggio
  • Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Nido
  • Safety 1 St Guide 65
  • UPPAbaby Mesa

One thing to note is that almost all seats in the US are FAA approved. If you don’t see your favorite car seat on the list, just check for the sticker. If it is there you should be good to go.

FAA Approved Car Seat Stroller Combo

  • Graco SnugRide SnugLock with any Graco Click Connect Stroller
  • UPPAbaby Mesa with Vista or Cruz strollers
  • Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

Best Travel Car Seats Sorted By Age

Perhaps you don’t have the time to read through the reviews of our long list of recommended products, so we thought it might be helpful to have a chart classified by age and a brief description. This way, you can quickly pick a suitable product for your family.

Age groupBrand DescriptionPrice 
Birth- 1 yearGraco SnugRide SnugLock 35 LXSuitable for babies weighing from 4 to 35 pounds. The seat weighs 9.5 pounds and its width is 15.5 inches comes with an adjustable carrying handle. It also has a head and body insert for comfort.NB: base is not FAA approved so it needs to be checked in.
1 -4+ years oldSafety 1 st Guide 65 Convertible Car SeatSuitable babies 5 to 65 pounds. It weighs 14 pounds and has a width of 18 inches. It is our best selling convertible seat
2-4 yearsWAYB Pico Car SeatSuitable from 22 to 50 pounds. The seat is for big kids who can sit in forward-facing mode. It weighs just 8 pounds and measures 14.5 inches wide. It also folds and is easy to carry and store.
3- 4+ year old CARES Travel HarnessThis is basically weightless at just 1 pound. Although it’s recommended from 1 year of age, we feel it has a better fit on older kids from 3 years and above. It is suitable for kids up to 44 pounds and 40 inches tall. 

Do Kids Need A Car Seat On An Airplane?

It is not a legal requirement, but both the Federal Aviation Administration and the American Academy of Pediatrics highly recommend that you use an FAA-approved child restraint device. That means either an approved car seat or the CARES harness.

For small ones under 2 years of age, you may carry them on your lap or use an FAA-approved car seat. 

Travel Car Seat Buyers Guide – What To Consider

When looking for a travel car seat, here are the things you should think about.

Your lifestyle

Your car seat should work for you. For example, if you travel frequently, you want a car seat that is lightweight and easy to carry. And if you usually use different cars, taxis, or rentals, choose a car seat that is optimized for easy installation and uninstalling. Or, if you walk a lot, choose a car seat that can fit in your stroller, but put more emphasis on the car seat, not the stroller, because it’s the one that may one day save your child’s life in case things go bad. And again, if you plan on air travel, make sure the car seat is FAA approved.

Seat dimensions

Car seats are not designed the same, some are very tall, and others are a bit wide. So you want to take a note of the seat dimensions (height and width) to make sure it will fit in your car, especially if you have a compact car or plan to install three seats in your back seat.

The width of a car seat is also an important consideration if planning on air travel because it has to fit on the airplane seat. Airplane seats have a width ranging from 16 to 22 inches, with most measuring about 17 to 18 inches.

Car seat weight and height limits

Car seats have different weight and height limits. Infant car seats provide the best fit for small babies, but you also use them for a limited time. Convertible car seats have higher limits, so your child can use them for many years, so they save you money in the long run. They also allow you to keep your child rear-facing longer, which is significantly safer than forward-facing.

But whatever seat you choose, make sure it has a comfortable fit for your child.

Tips for Using A Car Seat On An Airplane

1. Make a point to call the airline ahead of time to notify them that you plan on bringing along a car seat. It would be best to ask them to issue you a written confirmation of approval that you can take on the plane just as an extra precaution.

2. When booking a seat to install your car seat, ensure it won’t block anyone from exiting. That means getting a window seat or one in the center section of the plane. Also, you may install your car seat in the bulkhead seats if the car seat is really narrow. Bulkheads have fixed armrests, reducing the space available for a car seat.

3. If you use the car seat rear-facing, the person seated in front of it might not be able to recline. Therefore, consider booking one parent to the right of your baby and one in front.

4. Remember, if using an infant car seat, you can only use the seat part on the plane itself. The base would need to be checked–in or kept in the overhead compartment if it fits.

5. Booster seats are not FAA approved for travel. If you have a combination car seat/ booster seat, you will only use the car seat with an internal harness, but the booster seat cannot be allowed because the plane does not have a shoulder belt to use.

6. Juggling your toddler, their luggage, plus your luggage as you make your way through the airport with all the luggage, a car seat, and your child is very tricky. Make things easier by getting a car seat trolley or using a backpack to carry the car seat.

Best Convertible Stroller that Converts from Single to Double 2021 Reviews

Best Convertible Stroller that Converts from Single to Double 2021 Reviews

There’s no doubt that a stroller is always top on the list for every new parent.  A stroller enables you to conveniently take along your baby for walks, shopping, outings, travel, etc. But what happens if you have multiple kids? Most parents purchase double strollers with seating options for two and these work well but only for some time unless you have twins. It becomes tricky for those with a big age gap when the older child graduates to walking. They are left pushing the double stroller with only one child in it and then having to deal with bulkiness, uneven weight distribution, not to mention awkward looking.

That is why for families with multiple kids, a convertible stroller is an excellent solution. A convertible stroller is a single stroller that allows you to add a second stroller seat to provide a ride for two. You can also opt to add an infant car seat, and some strollers also accept a bassinet. 

When your child is bigger, you can detach the second seat to convert it back into a single stroller. And, if they are in the age where they still need a break after walking, you can add a bench seat so they can still ride along.

The beauty of these convertible strollers is that they are highly adaptable to suit your family’s changing needs. This way, you only have to purchase one high-quality convertible stroller for all your kids, which saves you both time and money. 

Speaking of saving time, we have done you a favor and also reviewed the best convertible strollers you can find in the market, so you only need to read through, compare, and choose the one with your most desirable features and within your budget.

Features of convertible strollers

Newborn friendly- convertible strollers can be used from day one with an infant car seat. Some strollers also accept a bassinet allowing your baby to lay down flat instead of being propped up in a car seat.

Multiple seating configurations- most convertible strollers offer different seating configurations so that your kids can face you, face each other, or face the world ahead. 

Additional seating option- convertible strollers allow you to place an extra seat either in front of or behind the existing seat to allow seating for two. In addition, some allow you to turn the extra seat into a bench seat so that the stroller acts as a sit n stand stroller, where the older child can either sit on the bench or stand behind their sibling.

How to pick the best convertible stroller that converts from single to double

When choosing the best convertible stroller for your family, here are a few considerations:

Number of kids 

Knowing how many kids a stroller can carry should be one of your important deciding factors. For example, some convertible strollers can only accept two kids, while others allow you to add an additional bench seat for an older third sibling. 

Ages of children riding in the stroller

Age is another influencing factor. If you have twins, you need a convertible stroller that accepts two infant car seats or bassinets at the same time instead of just one. If the kids are close in age and will likely use the stroller for quite a long time, you need a stroller with lots of seating arrangements that will work for these kids over the years. Their needs are bound to change so that sometimes they may need to face you to feel safe and for close interactions, or face each other to converse and play or face forward to get a better view of the world around them. For kids with a big age gap who walk and only need the stroller occasionally, seating arrangement may not matter a lot.

What you need the stroller for

Most convertible strollers are made for regular use on flat terrain, but if you need one to go for runs, you may want to choose a jogging stroller. Jogging strollers are built with suspension and wheels to handle rough terrains a lot better. They also have a swiveling front wheel that also locks in place for increased stability when running.

Stroller features

Convertible strollers come with cup holders, snack trays, storage compartments, and sun canopy. But some brands require you to buy these separately. The important thing is choosing a stroller that will ensure your kids are comfortable during rides. Below are the six best convertible strollers that convert from single to double that you can choose from:

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Reviews of convertible stroller that converts from single to double

1. Baby Jogger City Select LUX

[content-egg module=Amazon products=”us-B06XYS3GL1″ hide=title disable_features=1]

Baby Jogger is one of the best convertible strollers for a growing family. It is built to last and converts from a single to a double stroller. It even accepts the addition of a glider board for a third older sibling. Each seat has a maximum weight capacity of 45 pounds.

The Lux stroller boasts over 20 different seating combinations that will work for your kids’ needs. Kids can sit facing forward, backward, or each other. In addition, you can use the stroller with two infant car seats or bassinets, so it is also a great option for parents with twins.

Despite the name, this stroller is not a jogger, but it has all-terrain tires that cruise on grounds from city pavements to muddy countryside. The handlebar height is adjustable so that short or tall parents can push comfortably. Instead of a standard foot brake, the Lux comes with a handbrake which is easy to access and apply. The seats are also comfy for your kids with adequate padding, leg rests, and large SPF 50 sun canopies. 

One of the things you will appreciate is that this stroller is easy to fold and store. You can collapse it with the seats still attached, and there is an auto-lock to secure the fold. Also, the wheels can be removed for an even smaller fold, which won’t take much space in your trunk. The stroller also has a large storage basket underneath and extra back pockets enabling you to pack quite a lot of stuff.


  • Can transport three children
  • 20 plus seat configurations
  • Large all-wheel tires 
  • Easy to use handbrake
  • Adjustable handlebar height 
  • Extendable canopy with magnetic peek-a-boo window
  • Large underneath storage basket
  • Small fold with auto-lock for easy storage and transportation


  • Pretty heavy

2. UPPABaby Vista V2

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For those looking for a high-end stroller with reasonable pricing, the Vista V2 is the best. We are talking of premium quality materials with leather accents, padded seats, and lots of features. Not only can it carry two, but three children owing to the capacity for two seats plus a standing bench. In addition, you can use the seats with two bassinets, infant car seats, or toddler seats, or any of these combinations. 

If you are a parent to a newborn, this stroller conveniently comes with a nice bassinet at no extra cost to you. The bassinet has a perforated mattress, waterproof liner, vented base, and a canopy, providing a comfy spot for your little one to take naps and to sleep in at night. The reversible toddler seat accommodates kids from 3 months to 35 pounds. It can also recline fully, allowing your older toddler to nap on the go as well. With extendable canopies on the seats, your kids are protected from the sun, and the mesh allows visibility and airflow, so your kids are cool and comfortable.

The Vista V2 is one of the easiest to steer and maneuver even with three kids on board, and with suspension on both front and rear wheels, it is just as enjoyable to ride in. The handlebar height can be adjusted to your comfort. When it comes to folding, the Vista has a one-step quick fold and is self-standing. In addition, you can fold with or without the second seat attached.  This makes the Vista V2 very convenient for travel.  

Apart from an extra-large under-seat basket, the stroller also includes a mesh bug cover for the bassinet and toddler seat and a carrying case for the bassinet.


  • Includes a bassinet
  • Can transport three children
  • Reversible toddler seat 
  • Second seat can recline fully 
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Self-standing fold
  • Extendable canopy with peek-a-boo window
  • Removable fabrics for easy cleaning
  • Comes with a rain shield, bug shield, and storage bag for the bassinet 
  • Extra-large basket 


  • Expensive 

3. Britax B-Ready G3

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If you are on a budget, the Britax B-Ready is one of the most affordable convertible strollers on the market. This stroller can be used as a single or double stroller with tandem seating and seats only two children. In addition, it can be used with two infant car seats or a bassinet. If you are using a Britax car seat, you just need to click the car seat in, and you are ready to go. No need for adapters.

Britax B-ready offers 12 seating configurations and allows one kid to face forward while the other faces the parent. We loved that the second seat can recline fully, allowing both kids to nap as they need. However, we’re disappointed to learn that the maximum weight capacity for the second seat is only 35 pounds which is quite low compared to others.  

With this stroller, you never have to worry about having a flat tire because foam-filled instead of air.  You can push comfortably because the handle has comfort grips, and the height is adjustable to fit parents of all heights. The stroller also has a frame suspension system, ensuring a smooth ride for your kids. 

The B-Ready is equipped with a large sun canopy with mesh windows. It also has a large under-seat storage basket which is easily accessible. The stroller can fold with the two seats still attached in a matter of seconds, and there is a latch to secure the fold, which makes it easy to store and transport.


  • Puncture free foam tires with suspension
  • Second seat is reversible and can recline fully
  • Adjustable handlebar height
  • Budget friendly pricing


  • Lower weight limit on the second seat
  • Heavy compared to some others
  • Takes storage space, doesn’t lay flat when folded

4. Phil& Teds Sport Stroller

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This sporty stroller is perfect for those who want to keep up an active outdoor life while also taking their little ones along.  It has a cool design and is built to last. With its all-terrain tires, you are ready to go on walks, runs, or adventures in the city or bumpy off-road terrains. The front wheel can be unlocked and allowed to swivel when walking and also be locked in place when jogging or running. 

The Phil & Ted Sport Stroller has a capacity for one or two children, and you can use it with an infant car seat or bassinet. It is one of the most versatile strollers in the market, with 26 different seating configurations to offer your kids the most enjoyable and comfortable experience. It is also one of the few options with reversible riding options where both kids can face forward or backward. You can also have one child to ride facing forward while the other rides facing the rear. The only thing we didn’t like is that the second seat only accommodates kids up to 33 pounds, which is the lowest on this list.

This stroller has a narrow design, which makes it easy to maneuver in tight places. It easily folds up on one hand into a small, compact size that doesn’t take much room in your car trunk. It also has a decent sized storage basket and extra pockets to carry all your stuff, while an extendable UPF 50 with a peeping window provides ample protection to your little one.


  • Lighter than most other convertibles
  • All-terrain tires
  • Narrow design makes it very easy to maneuver
  • Increased safety with bumper bar
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • One-handed compact fold


  • Lower weight limit on the second seat, 33 pounds
  • Storage isn’t quite as big compared
  • It can’t fold with the second seat attached

5. Evenflo Pivot Xpand

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 Evenflo Pivot Xpand is another excellent choice if you are on a tight budget. Despite its low pricing, it has an impressive performance, almost like the expensive models. First, you love that it can accommodate not just one or two kids (two infants, infant, and toddler, two toddlers) but also three when you add a glider board.  

The stroller accepts one or two infant car seats in both single and double modes. It’s really nice that the stroller comes with a SafeMax infant car seat and adapters are built-in, so you don’t need to purchase anything separately. 

The Pivot Expand offers up to 22 seating configurations and allows forward-facing and rear riding modes. The two seats can recline in an almost flat position enabling your kids to ride comfortably. The infant seat has a weight limit of 35 pounds, while the toddler seat allows up to 55 pounds, which is really generous.

The wheels on this stroller have suspensions and should glide smoothly on flat terrains. Parents also have an easy time pushing because the handlebar height is adjustable for comfort. The stroller has a flip-flop-friendly rear brake that is easy to engage for safety. 

The other area the Pivot Xpand shines the most is the storage size-it is really huge, over 2 feet in length, so that you can pack not just your essentials but all the extras, including groceries. Other perks include a decent-sided canopy and cup holders.


  • Includes SafeMax infant car seat
  • 22 different seating configurations
  • Easy to fold
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Anti rebound bar on the car seat
  • Easy to use flip flop friendly brakes
  • Vast storage basket
  • Great pricing


  • Parents complain that the toddler seat is too small despite the 55 pound advertised weight limit.
  • Heavy and bulky even when folded

6. Bugaboo Donkey 3 Mono

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Bugaboo is one of the most expensive stroller brands, but you get a stroller with a sleek design, sturdy build, and top-notch quality. The Donkey 3 mono is perfect for twins, seeing that it’s one of the fewest in the market that offers side-to-side seating. 

Donkey 3 is designed for a growing family. If you have twins, you can buy the twin option kits separately, or if you have a baby and a toddler, you can get the duo conversion kit. The stroller allows different seating configurations with forward-facing and rear-facing modes, and both seats can recline fully to allow napping.

One of the things parents worry about with side-by-side seats is maneuverability. But, with the Donkey 3 stroller, the seats are narrow enough to pass through a standard doorway. Plus, you can steer it with only one hand due to its large EVA foam wheels, which make it lighter and easy to control. The other thing that sets the stroller apart is the 360-degree rotating handle. It enables you to turn around your baby to face you instead of going around front to pick them up-talk about convenience!

The Donkey 3 also has features like a sun canopy with a peek-a-boo window and a mesh window, an under-seat basket and side luggage basket to pack all your stuff, and a quick, compact fold for easy storage.


  • Sleek design
  • Includes a bassinet
  • One-handed steering
  • Full reclining seats
  • Side to side seating
  • Ample storage 
  • Reversible handlebar


  • Steep pricing
  • Bulky even when folded

Clek Liing Vs Nuna Pipa Vs Peg Perego + Review

About Clek brand of car seats – history

Clek is a child passenger safety seat manufacturer based in Toronto, Canada. The idea of making infant car seats came about when the Clek founders, who are veterans in the automotive industry, were searching for car seats for their children. They couldn’t find a car seat that came without compromise. So they set out to make car seats that are stylish, convenient, and just as safe as your car seat with European standard safety features. That’s how the Clek brand of children infant, convertible, and booster seats came about. So far, they have seven car seat models, including Foonf, Fllo, Liingo, Oobr, Olli, Ozzi, and their most recent, the Liing.

Their high end car seats are known to have premium materials, best-in-class safety features, compatibility with top stroller brands, and elegance.

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Liing car seat weight limit and dimensions

Clek Liing car seat is an infant car seat measuring 27.75 D x 16.9 W x 27 H inches. The weight limit is from 4 to 35 pounds and up to 32 inches tall.

Liing car seat safety ratings – is it safe and FAA approved?

Liing is one of the highest rated infant car seats in terms of safety. It has been found to meet and exceed the federal safety standards. Additionally, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave it a 4 star rating for ease of use.

It has also been tested for safety by independent organizations with impressive performance. It is the no.1 best infant car seat of choice by Consumer Reports, and they also rated it “best” in crash protection.

The car seat has FAA approval to be used on an airplane. Better still, the Liing uses European belt for installation, so you won’t need to use the base. You can find the approval label on the underside of the shell.


Newborn body support- provides head and neck support while keeping your infant snug and comfortable.

Narrow design- the seat is 17 inches wide, allowing 3 across seating possible in most cars.

Air travel ready- the car seat is FAA approved and is designed with a European belt path to secure without the base.

Side Impact Protection- designed with a two-piece energy absorbing shell lined with EPP foam for head and body protection while allowing airflow between the seat layers.

Energy Absorbing Metal Load Leg- the adjustable metal load increases stability and reduces impact force during a car accident.

One-handed quick release- the carrier easily detaches from base or stroller, making it convenient for travel.

Simple and secure installation- Liing’s unique Rigid-LATCH is simple to use, eliminating guesswork and minimizing incorrect installation chances.

Multiple installation options- you can use seat belt installation using the very simple belt-tensioning system or LATCH.

Multi recline ability- Liing offers up to 7 recline positions when the seat is locked into the base, allowing you to get the perfect angle for your baby’s safety regardless of the slope in your car seat.

Stroller compatible-the Liing is compatible with select stroller brands using the recommended adapters, enabling you to go for walks or errands with your baby.

3 position Adjustable canopy- the car seat comes with 3-panel, SPF 100+ adjustable canopy that provides almost full coverage against the sun and has a mesh peek-a-boo window for airflow and to allow you to keep an eye on your baby.

9 year expiration- the Liing is built to serve your baby and to be passed to future siblings.

  • Lightweight without the base (9 lbs)
  • Available in three fabric choices: soft jersey, stain moisture, and odor resistant Crypton, and temperature regulating Merino.
  • One-handed quick release makes it easy to remove from the base or stroller
  • Adjustable latch connectors for a tighter install
  • Bubble indicators to ensure the correct installation angle
  • Generous size canopy provides more sun protection than most car seats
  • Narrow design; easily fits three across the back seat
  • Long user life compared to other car seats- 9 years
  • Easy to clean, machine washable
  • Very pricey
  • Harness requires rethreading for adjustments or reassembly
  • Doesn’t have car seat adapters for any strollers

Liing car seat installation

Clek Liing has two installation options: with base and with seat belt.

Clek Liing with base

Installation with base has many advantages: it’s easier, faster and offers additional safety features that protect your little one.

The base has rigid LATCH connectors that easily slide into the lower anchors in your car. It comes with a load leg (a metal base extending from the base to the car’s floor) that stabilizes the base and the metal latch connectors, making the connection more secure.

To ensure correct installation, you adjust the length of the load leg until the indicator turns green.

Liing without base

The Liing comes with a European belt path, where the seatbelt is threaded through the front and back of the car seat for a secure fit. Most other car seats use the American belt path, where the seat belt is threaded only through the front of the base. So as you can see, the Liing has a more secure installation even using the seatbelt than other car seats.

Seat belt installation is the most practical if you frequently use taxis, air travel, or installing in the middle car seat.

Liing car seat manual

You can get The Clek Liing Infant Car Seat manufacturers manual here

Liing car seat adapter 

Liing shares a design with Maxi-Cos, Nuna, and Cybex car seats so you can use adapters for these brands to connect to the recommended strollers it works with.

Strollers compatible with the Clek Liing car seat

The Liing car seat connects effortlessly with top stroller brands like Thule, UPPAbaby, Agio, Bugaboo, Stokke, Baby Jogger, Cybex, Peg Perego, Baby Zen, Bumbleride, and Silver Cross.

Clek Liing Infant Car Seat Vs Nuna Pipa

Nuna Pipa is one of the most popular high end infant car seats and, for good reason- premium quality, great safety ratings, exceptional functionality, ultra lightweight, and stylish. Unlike the Liing, it has five versions-three Lite models known to be the lightest in the market and two others that come with a more adjustable base.

Dimensions and weight

Both car seats are among the lightest in the market, but the Nuna Pipa is even lighter. Clek Liing weighs 9 pounds while Pipa weighs 8 pounds. Pipa Lite versions weigh as little as 5.3 pounds.

Weight and height capacity

Liing accommodates children from 4 to 35 pounds and up to 32 inches tall

Pipa accommodates children from 4 to 32 pounds and up to 32 inches tall


Both car seats have industry-leading safety features: rigid LATCH connectors that provide a solid and secure connection and a load leg that prevents seat rotation and reduces impact forces in the event of an accident. This reduces the risk of injury to your child by more than 40%.

While many other car seats use plastic Latch connectors, the Liing and Nuna Pipa connectors are metal, making for a stronger and more secure connection.


Both Liing and Nuna Pipa can be installed using the base or European seat belt system. The bases come with rigid LATCH connectors and a metal load leg.

One of the differences is that the LATCH connectors on the Liing base have adjustable length, but those in the Nuna Pipa base have the same length. So, the Liing base fits more tightly against your car seat and makes it easier to install when the latch anchors are hard to reach.

The second difference is that Liing’s base can recline in 7 positions while Pipa offers only 4 positions. More recline options allow safe installation in various vehicles with seats that are flat or sloped differently to provide a safe and comfortable position for your child. Both Liing and Pipa bases have bubble indicators to ensure correct installation.

Stroller compatibility

In addition to car seats, Nuna has its own line of strollers. Clek majors only in car seats. But, both car seat brands have similarities in design which makes them compatible with the same strollers from top brands. You will find that with Maxi-Cosi adapters, for example, both Clek Liing and Nuna Pipa car seats will click into your strollers easily.


Liing comes with an oversized SPF100+ canopy, while Pipa has a magnetic Dream Drape cover which provides maximum protection against the sun.


Clek Liing is a bit more expensive than the Nuna, with pricing ranging from $349.99 to $449.99 depending on the choice of material used for the Clek car seat. Nuna prices range from $319.95 to $399.59.

Which is better?

Both have top safety features, a wide range of stroller compatibility, and elegance. Nuna Pipa is only slightly lighter than the Liing, but it has lighter versions if weight is a deciding factor for you. The Liing, on the other hand, has the advantages of having an array of fabric choices, a highly adjustable base, and more prolonged use life by two years. So, even though the Liing is more expensive, it provides more value.

Clek Liing Infant Car Seat Vs Peg Perego

Model variations

Peg Perego is an Italian car seat brand with five versions that differ in price, bases, and functionality. The Clek Liing has only one model with three fabric choices (Soft Jersey, Crypton C-Zero, and Merino Wool).

Weight and Dimensions

At 9 pounds, Liing is lighter as Peg Perego models weigh from 9.5 pounds to 12 pounds.

Liing is also smaller in size than the smallest Peg Perego model, Primo Viaggio. Liing measures 27.75 L x 16.9 W x 27 H, while Viaggio measures 29 L x 17.25 W x 25.25 H inches. 

Weight and height capacity

Both infant car seats accept children weighing from 4 to 35 pounds and 32 inches tall.


Both car seats are engineered with advanced safety features for utmost protection. The Liing has metal LATCH connectors that ensure a secure connection and a load leg that stabilizes the base, prevents seat rotation, and absorbs impact force in a car accident.

On the other hand, Peg Perego is equipped with an anti-rebound bar to stabilize the base and prevent the seat from moving in a collision. Agio Nido and Agio Lounge versions of the Peg Perego include both anti-rebound bar and load leg as extra safety measure.

Both Peg Peregoand Clek Liing car seats have Side Impact Protection for head and body protection.


Both Liing and Peg Perego can be installed with a base or vehicle seatbelt. Liing base has a metal latch that slips into your car latch anchors, and bubble indicators to let you know if the installation is secure. Peg Perego uses the Right Tight System, where you use the dial in the base to lock it in place when using either LATCH or vehicle seat belt.

Harness adjustment

Adjusting the harness with Peg Perego is super easy as no rethreading is needed. But with Clek Liing, you have to disassemble the seat and rethread to adjust the harness.

Seat Recline 

It’s not safe to recline a car seat while driving, but in a stroller, it gives a comfortable and safe position for the baby to lie and nap while on the move. In this regard, Peg Perego Lounge versions are among the very few seats with a reclining capability to three positions. The Liing car seat doesn’t recline.

Stroller compatibility

Both Peg Perego and Clek Liing work only with top stroller brands such as Thule, UPPAbaby, Bumbleride, Baby Jogger, etc. But, unlike Clek, Peg Perego has their own strollers, so they include adapters with the car seats.

To connect both car seats to other stroller brands you need to purchase adapters separately.


Both car seats have a decent sized canopy with a peek-a-boo window for airflow and visibility. Peg Perego Nido and Lounge versions have extendable canopies that provide full coverage.


Price Peg-Perego infant car seats prices range from $299.99 to $449.99. In comparison, Clek Liing car seats cost from $349.99 to $449.99.

Which is better?

Both car seat models are made with the finest materials, highest safety ratings, and secure hassle free installation. But, you get more options and better functionality with some Peg Perego like Nido and Lounge-think recline, no-rethread harness, and extendable canopy with full coverage. And for the same price range as the Clek Liing.

Britax Emblem Vs Allegiance Vs Marathon Vs Boulevard Vs Others

Britax Emblem Vs Allegiance Vs Marathon Vs Boulevard Vs Others

About Britax Emblem

The Emblem is one of Britax’s new Essentials lines designed to offer Britax top quality and safety at more affordable pricing than their high-end version. It’s is not the cheapest of all Britax’s line of convertible car seats but is among the most popular brands with excellent safety ratings. You can also read more on their website here.


  • Seat dimensions: 26 H x 18.5 W x 21 D inches
  • Weight: 19.50 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: rear-facing from 5 to 40 pounds with an infant
  • Forward-facing 20 to 65 pounds with a toddler
  • Installation: uses Easy on-off Latch connectors and built-in lock-offs for installation. The Latch connectors use lower anchors that lock in place with a click and release with a push of a button.
  • Britax SafeCell Impact Protection consisting:
  • Impact-stabilizing steel frame- accounts for strength and durability of the car seat.
  • Impact-absorbing base-minimizes force of collision
  • V-shaped tether- minimizes seat rotation in the rear-facing mode while also reducing forward movement during a car crash
  • Dual side impact protection consisting of:
  • One layer of foam lined shell for side impact protection
  • Quick-adjust head protection that offers protection for your baby’s head.
  • 10 position adjustable harness without rethreading: provides a comfortable fit as your child grows.
  • 3 recline positions: provide a comfortable riding position and the right installation angle for your child.
  • Easy buckle System: keeps straps out of your way for easy placement of the baby in and out of the car seat
  • Easy Remove Cover: makes it easy to clean when the car seat becomes dirty


  • Lightweight
  • Lower anchors make latch installation easier
  • Includes a removable body pillow for a snug fit for infants
  • Dual-layer of side impact protection
  • The headrest and harness can be adjusted without rethreading
  • Buckles straps stay out of the way while you take the baby in and out of the car seat
  • Affordable pricing compared to other Britax convertible seats


  • A bit hard to install using the car seat belt
  • It would be much easier to clean if the covers were machine washable

Video Reviews

Britax Emblem Safety Rating

The Emblem is one of the highly rated convertible car seats by various organizations. After Baby Gear Lab crash testing, the Emblem got an excellent score. The Consumer Reports commended the Emblem for its extra safety and comfort features but gave it an average rating, while The NHTSA gave the Emblem 4 star rating for overall ease of use.

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How To Install Britax Emblem 

Before installing any car seat, it’s important to first read its manual carefully. Secondly, place your car seat in the right mode for your child’s height and weight limit requirement- infants and newborns should ride in the rear-facing mode until they attain the manufacturer’s recommended weight limit to ride in forward-facing position.

Third, create room for installation by loosening the harness at the hip and placing the buckle in the forward buckle position.

If you have those three covered, you are all set to install your car seat.

Britax Emblem can be installed using either LATCH or vehicle seat belt.

Installation using the LATCH system

  1. Place the car seat in the forward-facing position
  2. Locate your vehicle’s lower anchor
  3. Connect the lower anchor attachments to the lower anchor making sure there are no twists
  4. Use your body weight to press down and tighten
  5. Attach the tether at the back of your car seat to the tether anchor and tighten. This prevents forward movement in case of a car crash.

Installation using the vehicle seat belt

  1. Place the car in the forward-facing configuration
  2. Thread the car seat belt through the forward-facing belt path and ensure there are no twists
  3. Buckle and lock the seat belt
  4. Using your weight, press down firmly to tighten
  5. Attach the tether found on the back of your car seat to your tether anchor to reduce forward movement during a collision.

How To Install Rear Facing 

Rear-facing install also uses either LATCH or Seat belt. Again before you install, make sure to read the manual carefully. Here are the steps to follow.

Installation using LATCH

  1. Place the car seat in the rear-facing position
  2. Connect the lower anchor attachments to the lower anchors in your car
  3. Use your weight to push down on the car seat and tighten
  4. Ensure that the car seat is positioned at the correct recline angle

Installation using seatbelt

  1. Place the car seat in the rear-facing position
  2. Thread the seat belt along the rear-facing belt path, making sure there are no twists
  3. Buckle and lock the seat belt
  4. Use your weight to press down on the car seat and tighten

Where is the Britax Emblem Made – Us/America?

Like all other Britax car seats, Britax Emblem is manufactured in Fort Mill, South Carolina in the USA.

Britax Emblem Canada

You can get the Britax Emblem from Amazon Canada at around $299. Britax Emblem sold in Canada has a 7-year expiration date shown on the label under the seat cover.

Britax Emblem Vs Allegiance

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Both Emblem and Allegiance are part of the Britax Essential line. They are very many features in common, with only a few differences that set them apart.

The differences


This is one of the most obvious differences between the two car seats. The Emblem is available in Fusion and Baxter colors, while the Allegiance comes in Azul, Luna, Static, and Confetti colors.


While both car seats are very safe thanks to Britax exclusive Safecell protection, the Emblem offers more protection.

The Allegiance has only one layer of foam lined shell for side impact protection, but the Emblem has 2 layers of side impact protection, which include foam lined shell and quick-adjust head protection.


The Allegiance has a bit more padding on the sides and headrest, so it may be more comfortable for your baby.


Allegiance is the lowest priced of all Britax convertible car seats ($190), but the Emblem costs slightly more ($200) but generally still more affordable compared to Britax’s high end models.

They have these features in common

Same dimensions: 26 H x 18.5 W x 21 D inches

Same weight: 19.5 lbs

Same Weight capacity: Rear-facing 5 to 40 lbs/Forward-facing 20 to 65 lbs

Britax SafeCell impact protection that includes: stabilizing steel frame, impact-absorbing base, and v-shaped tether.

Installs using LATCH connectors that click into place with a click and are released with a button’s push

Infant body pillow

10 quick-adjust harness position

Three recline positions

Click & Safe harness indicator

Easy Buckle System

Easy Remove covers that are cleaned by hand washing

Which one is a better choice?

While there is not much difference in their price tags, we would consider the Emblem a better car seat. This is because we value the extra head protection it provides.

Britax Emblem Vs Boulevard

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The Emblem and Boulevard are very different models. Boulevard is a high end Britax model with advanced safety, comfort, and convenient features.



Britax Boulevard comes with a ClickTight installation system, which is a more advanced but simpler installation system by Britax. It involves just opening the front part of the car seat, then threading the seat belt through the indicated path, and then clicking the seat shut. Britax Emblem uses Easy on-off Latch connectors to install. The Latch connectors use lower anchors that lock into place with a click and release at the push of a button. This process is not exactly very hard to do, but most people trying to locate the latch is a bit of a hassle.

Quick-adjust harness position

While both models come with quick-adjust harness positions to provide a comfortable fit for your growing child, the Boulevard harness has more positions. It has 14 positions vs Emblem’s 10 harness positions. More harness positions give your child just the perfect fit.

Recline Positions

Both Boulevard and Emblem are designed to provide multiple recline positions. Multiple position options allow proper installation angle to ensure your child is comfortable when riding and napping.

The difference comes in that Boulevard offers 7 recline positions (so more comfortable) while Emblem has only 3 positions. Plus, Boulevard has an automatic level indicator that helps you get the right installation angle every time.


Boulevard has a luxurious feel to it, with premium fabrics and foam padding. Emblem has quality fabrics but not as plush padding as the Boulevard.


Obviously, Boulevard comes at a much higher price ($335) than the Emblem ($200).

Similar features

Same weight capacity: Rear-facing 5 to 40 lbs/Forward-facing 20 to 65lbs

Dual side impact protection with foam lined shell and quick-adjust head protection.

Britax SafeCell impact protection that comprises: impact stabilizing steel frame, impact-absorbing base, and V-shaped tether.

Easy buckle system

Easy Remove cover for easy cleaning

Which one is a better choice?

By any standard, Boulevard is an excellent car seat. Premium quality, simple installation, advanced safety, more comfort with more harness and recline positions, easy to clean; this car seat has ticked all the boxes. If you can afford it, the Boulevard is the best.

Britax Emblem is perfect if you have a more strict budget. The Easy on-off Latch installation is easy, and the seat is safe and comfortable enough for your child.

Britax Emblem Vs Marathon

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Britax Marathon comes to you at the middle price range of all Britax convertible cars. Here is how it compares with the Emblem.



Britax Emblem provides more advanced protection because it has dual side impact protection, consisting of a deep foam-lined shell and quick-adjusted head protection. The Marathon has only one layer of side impact protection.


Britax Marathon comes with ClickTight installation system while the Britax Emblem installs using Easy on-off Latch Connectors. The ClickTight technology is incredibly easy to use.

Harness positions

While both car seats come with a quick-adjust harness position, Britax Marathon is more adjustable to up to 14 positions while Emblem has only 10 positions harness.


Britax Marathon offers 7 recline positions while Emblem only offers 3-positions


Britax Marathon is more expensive than the Britax Emblem. Its currently retailing at $300 vs Emblem at $200


Same weight capacity-Rear facing 5 to 40 lbs/Forward-facing 20 to 65 lbs

Britax SafeCell Impact Protection consisting of impact stabilizing steel frame, impact-absorbing base, and V-shaped tether.

Easy buckle system

Removable cover

Which one is a better choice?

Britax Marathon seems a better choice if you consider its hassle free ClickTight system. Plus, it has more comfortable options for your child with more recline and harness position.

Britax Emblem is better in terms of more advanced protection for your child and has great pricing too.

Britax Emblem Vs Graco Extend2fit

When it comes to convertible cars, two brands stand out: Britax and Graco. Picking between these two can be really tricky as each has its unique advantages.

Let’s see how the Britax Emblem compares to Graco’s most popular convertible car seats.

Dimensions and weight

Britax Emblem: 26H x 18.5 W x 21 D inches, 19.5lbs

Graco Extend2Fit: 22.1 H x 19.2 W x 25.2 D inches, 19 lbs

Both seats are some of the lightest when you factor in that most convertible car seats range from 25 and 30 plus pounds. The Graco Extend2Fit is a bit bulky to haul around, but Emblem is more compact.


Rear weight limit

While both accommodate kids from about 5 pounds all the way to 65 pounds, the Graco Extend2Fit has a higher rear-facing weight limit of up to 50 pounds, which is 10 pounds more than what Emblem allows. Extended rear facing weight limit is highly recommended by the AAP, NHTSA, and other Child Passenger Safety organizations because it keeps your child comfortable and safe longer.

Extra legroom

Graco Extend2Fit comes with an extension panel that gives up to 5 inches more room for your child. The downside is that it takes a bit of room for the front passenger. The Emblem is a compact seat but provides sufficient room for the child and the Front passenger to sit comfortably.


As you would expect, Britax shines in the area of safety features. The Emblem boasts unique SafeCell Impact Protection and a dual layer of side impact protection. Graco Extend2Fit is also safe with ProtectPlus Engineering, which encompasses frontal, rear and side-impact protection.

Comfort and style

Britax Emblem is classy in terms of color schemes and fabrics’ quality, but Graco Extend2Fit has more color options, adequate cushioning and is likely to last longer as reflected by the 10 year expiration date.

Graco Extend2Fit also beats the Emblem in terms of movement ability as it offers 6 recline positions for maximum comfort while ensuring your child is seated at the proper angle for them. Emblem is limited with only 3 positions to offer.


While both car seat models use the LATCH installation system, the Extend2Fit is also equipped with a level indicator bubble to let you know if you have installed the car seat correctly. On the other hand, Britax Emblem has easier installation using a seat belt because it has a lock-off device that Graco Extend2Fit doesn’t have.

Convenient features

Graco Extend2Fit comes with two cup holders while Emblem does not.


Graco Extend2Fit is slightly cheaper (about $190) than Britax Emblem (about $200).


Both Graco Extend2Fit and Emblem are designed to provide a comfortable fit as your child grows. They come with a 10 position harness that can be easily adjusted without the hassle of rethreading the harness.

Both Graco Extend2Fit and Emblem come with harness storage to keep the buckle straps out of the way. This allows easier placement of your baby in and out of the car seat.

Both Graco Extend2Fit and Emblem have removable covers for easier cleaning when the seat gets dirty.

Which one is better?

Both car seats are very safe and comfortable for your child. The Britax is more compact, hence easier to move between cars. It is also easier to install. On the other hand, Graco is bulky, but it also gives you extra legroom with the extension panel out. And, it comes with two cup holders for convenience. So, it will depend on the features that matter the most to you.

Britax Emblem Vs Graco 4ever

These are both reliable car seats, but they have some major differences. Let’s see how they compare.

Dimensions and weight

Both of these car seats are generally lighter compared to other convertible car seats. The Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 is heavier, weighing in at 22.8 lbs, while the Britax Emblem weighs only 19.5 lbs. Still, it’s surprising that 4Ever would hold up to 120 of weight and only weigh so little.

Their dimensions are 24 H x 20 W x 21.5 D inches for the Graco 4Ever, and 26 H x 18.5 W x 21 D inches for the Britax Emblem. So as you can tell, the Britax is slimmer but taller.

Weight limit

This is one of the biggest differences between the two car seats. While the Britax Emblem is a 2-in-1 convertible car seat, the Graco 4Ever is a 4-in-1 car seat designed to accommodate your child longer. The Emblem has a weight limit of up to 65 pounds, which means you will need a booster seat later. But, the 4Ever is a one time investment that converts into a booster seat and accommodates kids up to 120 pounds.

Harness system

Britax Boulevard comes with a 10 position harness that easily adjusts without rethreading as your child grows. On the other hand, Graco 4Ever convertible seats use a 5-point harness in both the rear and forward-facing position, up until your child reaches 65 lbs. You then switch to using the vehicle seatbelt to ensure your child is in the booster seat.

Recline seat positioning

Graco 4Ever is more comfortable with 6 position recline versus Emblem’s only 3 positions.

Convenient features

Graco 4Ever comes with two cup holders to keep drinks and snacks within your child’s easy reach. Emblem lacks this feature, but you can buy it separately.


Understandably, because of the longevity and multi-use capabilities of Graco4Ever, it’s more expensive ($310) than the Britax Emblem.


Safety level

Both car seats use steel frames and provide advanced protection for your child using their own unique engineering designs. Graco 4Ever uses its ProtectPlus Engineering, which encompasses frontal, rear and side impact protection. In comparison, the Emblem boasts SafeCell Impact Protection and a dual layer of side impact protection.


Both car seats can be installed using LATCH or Seatbelt to secure the seat. The LATCH system is easier, but you have to keep in mind that you will have to switch to install using the seatbelt when you exceed the Latch weight limit. This is why Britax Emblem is advantageous because it already comes with automatic lock offs, which makes the process easier.

Removable covers

Both Britax Emblem and Graco4Ever come with removable car seat covers for easier cleaning. But, Graco covers are machine washable, while Emblem’s are required to be hand washed.

Which one is better?

Since these two are so very different, it will depend on your needs. Both are safe, easy to install, comfortable with adequate padding and multiple recline positions. We feel like the Emblem would provide a better fit for a newborn and will last a while. But, 4Ever 4-in-1 is highly versatile and will give you more value in the long run as you won’t need to invest in a booster seat later.

Britax Emblem Vs Britax One4life

These two are top among Britax most beloved car seats. Let’s see how they compare.

Dimensions and weight

One4Life measures 25H x 19.5 W x 20.5 D while the Emblem measures 26 H x 18.5 W x 21 D inches. As you can see, One4life will take about one more inch of space across, while the Emblem is about an inch taller and may take slightly more space when rear-facing. 

The second difference is their weight. The Emblem is ultra light (19.5 lbs) compared to One4Life (30 pounds).

Weight capacity

One4Life is designed as the only seat you will need from birth until your child can use a car seat. Therefore it is used from 5 to 65 pounds in rear and then forward mode, and later converted to a high back booster seat to be used up to 120 pounds. The Emblem lasts until your child is 65 pounds.

The One4Life has another advantage: it can be used rear-facing up to an impressive 50 pounds, whereas the Emblem allows only up to 40 pounds.


The One4Life car seat utilizes Britax’s innovative ClickTight technology, which is an easy and secure way of installing the car seat. You pinch the two sides of the ClickTight door found at the front of the car seat, then thread the seatbelt through and insert it into the seat buckle. The seat automatically snaps into place to secure the straps tightly.

The Emblem installs using either LATCH or vehicle seatbelt but lower anchors and built in lock-offs make installation easier.

Harness positions

Both Emblem and One4Life have headrests and harnesses that adjust up and down in one motion using a lever on top of the headrest. But, One4Life offers up to 15 positions compared to only Emblem 10 positions. With more positions, your child has just the perfect fit as they grow.

Recline positions

This is another area where One4Life shines the most as it comes with up to 9 recline positions. The Emblem, on the other hand, has only 3 positions. Again, more recline position options allow you to find the best installation angle for your child’s comfort.


Both car seats have Britax Patented SafeCell Impact Protection, dual side impact protection for head, neck, and torso protection, and V-shaped tethers to minimize seat rotation.

But, the One4Life provides extra safety because it also comes with an anti-rebound mesh, which reduces rotation in the rear-facing mode during a collision.

Convenient features

The One4Life uses an easy to follow arrow system to guide you on installing the seat correctly. Britax Emblem does not have indicators to help you with installation.

The One4Life includes two cup holders, but the Emblem does not have these.

Both car seats have removable covers, but the Emblem’s covers require hand washing, whereas One4Life covers can be machine washed.


The One4Life is currently retailing at around $380, while Emblem is about $200.

Which is better?

All things compared, Britax One4Life is an unbeatable winner-designed to be the only one you will ever need, superior safety and comfort features, incredibly easy installation, and all the convenient features you desire in a car seat.

Best Convertible Car Seat Crash Test

Best Convertible Car Seat Crash Test

Searching for the best convertible car seat with the crash test results is such an uphill task. This is because, although all manufacturers claim that their seats are safe, they do not provide actual crash test results conducted on their car seat.

When it comes to the safety of a car seat, the only requirement by law so far is that the car seat should meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 213.

So for this review, we have had to rely on findings of NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) ratings and other credible organizations such as Consumer Reports and Baby Gear Lab who conduct their own independent research. These organizations conduct detailed testing to see how easy it is to use and install the car seat and do crash testing to determine how the car seat will hold up in a frontal and side impact.

That said, below is our list and reviews of the Best Convertible Car Seats with crash tests.

Reviews of the Best Convertible Car Seats Crash Tests 2021

Britax Emblem

Britax Emblem is among the best in class when it comes to your child’s safety. It was given outstanding crash test scores by the Baby Gear Lab, even more than Britax high end models. NHTSA gave it a four star rating for overall ease of use.

This car seat is a valuable investment that your child will use from 5 to 40 pounds in the rear facing mode and 20 to 65 pounds forward facing. It’s comfortable with high quality and super soft fabric, generous foam padding, and two recline positions.

In terms of safety features, the car seat is engineered with an impact stabilizing steel frame for superior strength and stability. It is also equipped with two layers of side impact protection and quick-adjust foam lined shell for head and neck protection. Plus, an impact-absorbing base that minimizes collision force.

Other great features include 10 headrest positions, no-rethread harness, lower anchors and built-in lock-off for LATCH and seatbelt installation, and a removable machine washable cover.


  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight
  • Lower anchors make LATCH installation easy
  • Easy to clean with removable machine washable covers
  • Harness can be adjusted easily without rethreading
  • Comes with a removable body pillow to keep newborns snug


  • Not the easiest to install using the vehicle belt system to secure into the car seat

Graco Extend2Fit 

Graco Extend2Fit is the number one top option for families in the US, and with good reasons. The top one being that it is one of the few seats that offer extended rear facing weight range. The APP recommends kids face the rear as much as possible, beyond 2 years. Graco accommodates kids – up to 50 pounds rear facing and forward facing from 22 to 65 pounds. It is also a favorite among parents because it provides 5 inches for extra legroom with its 4 position leg extension.

The Extend2Fit is constructed with a steel-reinforced frame that provides strength against impact. It provides side impact protection that has been crash tested and found to exceed the federal standards. It was among the top ranked by Baby Gear Lab for excellent crash test results. It got 4 star ratings from NHTSA for overall ease of use in rear facing and forward facing modes. It also got an excellent rating for its ease of installation using LATCH in the rear facing by Consumer Report.

The Extend2Fit has lots of user- friendly features. It has an InRight LATCH system that makes installation quick and easy. Moreover, it includes an easy-to-read level indicator to ensure you install the seat correctly every time. And, a Fuss Free Harness Storage to keep harness straps out of the way, so it’s easy for you to get the baby in and out of the car seat.

The seat has 10 headrest positions that provide a great fit as your child grows. The harness and headrest move along in one motion, and no rethreading of straps is needed. It has 6 recline positions, 2 crotch strap positions, dual cup holders, and machine washable covers.


  • Durable with 10 year span
  • Extended rear-facing weight range-up to 50 pounds
  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • Compact design that provides extra legroom for the front passenger
  • Superior comfort with six recline positions
  • Comes with harness straps storage
  • Budget friendly pricing


  • It’s lightweight but a bit bulky
  • Doesn’t provide the best fit newborns and preemies
  • The seat covers are a pain to put back on after cleaning
  • Cups do not fit very well in the square cup holders

Evenflo Tribute LX

You might doubt how reliable Tribute LX convertible is when you learn of its low pricing, but it is a solid and safe car seat for kids up to 40 pounds-5 to 40 pounds rear facing and 22 to 40 pounds forward facing. The car seat has been crash tested using two times the amount of force the Federal Crash Test Standard for side structural integrity to ensure your little one is surrounded in safety.

NHTSA gave the seat two star rating for overall ease of use both in the forward and rear facing modes. Consumer Report gave it moderate to low ranking for ease of installation and overall ease of use after conducting its crash tests. Baby Gear Lab crash tests gave the seat high ratings for having additional safety features than the competition.

The Tribute LX is super lightweight and compact, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a travel car seat that can easily be lugged, switched between cars, and air travel.

The car seat is comfortable even for long trips with sufficient padding and a head pillow, and it’s easy to install using Latch anchors. Moreover, it comes with a removable cup holder to keep drinks close and machine washable seat pads.


  • Great for travel; ultra light and compact
  • Structurally solid built for safety
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • Low pricing


  • Your child will outgrow it fast; the max weight limit is only 40 pounds
  • Cheap quality straps, no padding, and they get twisted
  • Has some sharp plastic edges that may make installation uncomfortable
  • You may need to place a rolled towel when installing in rear facing mode in some cars.

Britax Boulevard ClickTight ARB

Britax Boulevard ClickTight ARB may be pricey, but it’s one of the best convertible seats in the market. It has shining results on Consumer Reports for easy installation, overall ease of use, comfort, and quality. It was ranked highly after Baby Gear Lab crash tests, and NHTSA gave it 4 stars on overall ease of use in rear facing and 5 stars in forward facing mode.

This is one of Britax premium models and is flashy; it comes in tons of creative color and pattern options that set it apart. It accommodates kids in the rear facing mode from 5 to 40 pounds and forward facing mode from 20 to 65 pounds/ up to 49inches tall.

In terms of safety features, it is engineered using a steel frame, has two layers of side impact protection, and uses a V-shaped tether to minimize seat rotation, which are all part of Britax’s unique SafeCell impact protection. And that’s not all; it also has a steel anti-rebound bar to minimize crash force.

The car seat provides superior comfort with plush padding and premium quality fabrics, and 7 recline positions. It comes with Quick-Adjust 14 position headrest that easily adjusts without rethreading the harness.

For a secure, fool-proof installation, the Boulevard ClickTight has an automatic level indicator that ensures correct seat installation at the proper angle. The seat also comes with a smooth, non-skid base to prevent marks or damage to your car, unlike some other car seats.


  • High quality and durable
  • Has two layers of side impact protection
  • Easy to use, ClickTight Installation system
  • Straps are easy to adjust and fasten
  • Superior comfort
  • Keeps your car free of damage or marks with its smooth non skid base
  • Classy colors and pattern designs


  • Very heavy and bulky
  • Not easy to clean, has removable covers but require to be hand washed
  • Expensive

Clek Foonf

The manufacturer describing Clek Foonf says it’s designed like a tank with advanced side impact protection formed by multiple layers of energy absorbing foam EPP, adjustable headrest, deep side wings, and steel and magnesium substructures. Additionally, it is also equipped with an anti-rebound bar to provide enhanced stability and minimize force during a frontal or side-impact collision.

Concerning crash testing results, Clek Foonf received an average result from Baby Gear Lab. Consumer Report also gave it an average score, while NHTSA gave it 2 stars on the overall ease of use in the rear facing mode and 3 stars forward facing.

The Clek Foonf seat is made using superior fabrics that are stain, water, and odor resistant, which is easy to maintain. Plus, it’s GreenGuard certified as free of harmful chemicals, including flame retardants. It has a narrow profile and sits higher than the standard seat, making it a great option for those with small cars or who want to fit three seats across the back seat. It also features a Rigid-LATCH system that makes installation easy and accurate.

Clek Foonf is another seat with impressive rear facing limits (14 to 50 pounds), allowing your child to rear face until 4 years of age. Recommended forward facing limits are from 22 to 65 pounds/ 49 inches tall. You can also use the car seat with an infant, but you buy the insert separately.


  • Durable construction
  • Extended rear facing weight range
  • Provides advanced side impact protection
  • Narrow dimensions; can fit three across
  • GreenGuard certified
  • Easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance


  • Heavy
  • Shoulder height strap adjustments require unhooking and rethreading
  • Difficult installation using the Latch system
  • Very expensive

Britax Allegiance

If you value the quality construction and safety of the Britax brand but don’t want to spend a lot, you might want to consider Britax Allegiance, which is their most affordable version.

The Allegiance had outstanding results from Baby Gear Lab testing. The Consumer Reports gave it an average score with ratings for ease of installation while the NHTSA gave the seat four star ratings on overall ease of use.

Like all other Britax models, Allegiance is designed with a steel integrated frame, and foam lined shell (one layer, higher end models have more layers) for side impact protection. It is also constructed with an impact-stabilizing steel frame and an impact-absorbing base.

The seat fits kids weighing between 5 to 40 pounds rear facing and 20 to 65 pounds forward facing. It features 10 headrest positions adjustable without rethreading the harness, a three-position recline, and removable covers.

The Allegiance can be installed using both vehicle seat belts and LATCH. The built-in lock-off and lower anchors make installation quite easy and simple.


  • Superior quality and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Britax patented safety system that exceed federal standards
  • Cover comes off easily for cleaning without rethreading the harness
  • Most affordable compared to other Britax models


  • Cover is not machine washable
  • Not easy to install, no level indicators


Nuna Rava is perhaps the fanciest car seat in the market today. It is known for being incredibly easy to use and super comfy for the little ones. Regarding crash testing, it had impressive high ratings by the Baby Gear Lab. The NHTSA also gave it four star rating for overall ease of use in both rear and forward facing modes.

The car seat is constructed using a steel frame and has a steel reinforced belt path to prevent twisting. Additionally, it has Retractable Side Impact Protection “pods” for your child’s head and neck protection. The other aspect that makes the Rava safe is that it has an extended rear facing weight capacity of up to 50 pounds. 

Again this seat has premium comfort and style. Its fabrics are not only super soft to the touch but also breathable, free of flame retardants and chemicals, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial as well. The padding is plush. This makes the Rava luxurious and safer than your average car seat.

For the hefty price, it comes with all the convenient features that make parents’ lives a lot easier. It has LATCH connectors, Reveal +Open True Tension door for the easiest installation, no-rethread harness, two crotch buckles that shorten or lengthen by sliding, dual flip cup holders, and machine washable fabrics.

The car seat serves children from 5 pounds with insert up to 65 pounds. It has 10 recline positions and 10 different headrest heights that easily adjust as your child grows for a perfect fit and comfort.


  • Premium quality
  • Side impact protection
  • Extended rear facing weight limits
  • No-rethread harness
  • Five recline levels at the touch of a button
  • Easy seat belt install
  • Retractable cup holders


  • It’s one of the most expensive convertible seat on the market
  • Since the True Tension Doors are not lock-offs, they may confuse parents who are not used to locking seatbelt in other cars’ seats.
  • It’s a bit hard to put covers back on the seat after cleaning

What to consider when purchasing Safest Convertible Car Seat crash test ratings

Choosing a convertible seat is an important undertaking, and a lot has to be taken into consideration. Here are some factors to consider:

Safety: Ensure that your car seat meets and exceeds federal safety and crash performance standards. All NHTSA rated car seats are safe. The convertible car seats listed here have also been tested by credible independent bodies and also have great safety ratings by parents.

Ease of installation: a car seat may have all the best safety systems in place, but if you can’t install correctly or secure your child properly, it will not provide desired safety for your child. To prevent improper installation, buy a car seat with a fail-safe installation system. Today, most cars are equipped with LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children), which makes it a lot easier to install car seats properly.

Ease of use: check features that make it easy to install, adjust to other modes, and get your child in and out. You can gather this info from sites like NHTSA, Consumer Reports, and also by reading reviews of parents who have had experience using the seat.

Car compatibility: car seats will fit differently in different cars. So, measure your backseat dimensions and compare to the seat dimensions to see if it will fit. This is especially important if you have a small car.

Height and weight limits: Every car seat model has its own limits. The best convertible car seats are those that allow extended rear facing weight range. The APP recommends the past 2 years; up to 4 years is even better.

Longevity: Convertible cars are designed to last for years. The best ones expire after 10 years, but some also go for only 7 or 8 years. The rule is never to use a car seat after the expiration date, even if it seems in perfect condition. So, check how long you have before the seat expires.

Lifestyle: most people buy a convertible seat to keep in their car seat, but if you are a frequent traveller, the seat’s dimensions and weight will be an important factor for you.

Folding car seats for travel

Folding car seats for travel

How to choose a foldable car seat for travel

A safe and travel-friendly car seat is one of the most vital requirements in today’s world. Most parents spend countless hours poring over tens or hundreds of car seats trying to select the most suitable one and a huge chunk of these parents usually end up with a less than satisfactory car seat. But, don’t beat yourself up for this. Parenting isn’t easy more so when you are juggling between taking care of your little infant and making ends meet. That’s why we have taken the liberty to undertake a comprehensive research of folding car seats and identified the most suitable options that may just be the right fit for your baby’s need when traveling.

Our choice of folding car seats was directed by the following key factors:

  • Safety- Your child’s safety is paramount and should be the first thing you factor in when settling for a foldable car seat. The safest type of booster seat should be high-backed and ideally contain ‘wings’ too. This is to ensure your child’s head and neck are safe in case of an impact crash from any side.
  • Flexibility- an ideal folding car seat should serve more than just a single purpose. You need a car seat that won’t eat up all the space in your car, or be cumbersome once you leave your car and are rushing in a packed airport hallway only to discover it can’t fit on your designated airplane seat, no. Versatility should be present.
  • Size and Weight- Size and weight are also important factors in choosing folding car seats. You may have noticed that while some folding car seats are perfect for short, local trips, others are tailored for longer journeys with different weight/size restrictions.

As you can see, pricing isn’t among the key factors that we took into consideration during our review. However, we will include the average prices for the products listed below so you can have the option to choose the most pocket-friendly folding car seat if need be.

Doona infant car seat stroller is our 2020 overall best folding car seat for travel based on the key determiners we outlined above. This foldable car seat also deploys as a stroller for versatility, it is very safe and at the moment is the only foldable car seat stroller that rear faces.

Reviews of Folding Car Seats for Travel 

Below is our comprehensive listing of folding car seats tailored for travel that are a must have in these modern times.

Doona infant car seat stroller

Doona infant car seat stroller is our top choice. If Optimus Prime had a baby with one of the other female transformers (assuming they do that like us, humans), then they’d definitely opt for this Doona product as a foldable car seat. Why, you ask? Well, first and foremost this is not only a car seat but it also deploys wheels once you and your baby leave the car thus transforming into a perfect stroller at the click of a button. 

C:\Users\REAL ASF\Desktop\Screenshot_20200905-104141.png

This is a perfect solution for families living in big towns or cities where they need to hop in and out of Ubers or taxis. Or, if you are a parent with a constant knack to stop your car and hit a mall you just saw or a museum that sounds fun, this is a definite yes.

Doona infant car seat stroller comes with such incorporated features as a head support, handle extension button, infant insert, Shoulder pads, harness tightening strap, a brake release pedal and a brake lock pedal. You also get a button for handle rotation and a UPF 50+ sun protection canopy that is water repellant.

Doona infant car seat stroller is ideal for infants from birth to ages between 1 and 1.5 years old.


Doona Car Seat and Stroller Collections has two products:

C:\Users\REAL ASF\Desktop\Screenshot_20200905-111629.png
  • Doona Car Seat and Stroller- $499.00
  • Doona Car Seat and Stroller (Midnight Edition)- $599.00


This product weighs 16.5 pounds. It has a maximum weight recommendation of 35 pounds and a minimum weight recommendation of 4 pounds.


  1. This car seat also transforms as a stroller so you won’t have to break your back carrying a foldable car seat and a separate stroller for your child.
  2. It is approved by FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) meaning your transition from driving to catching your flight will just be a smooth stroll down the airport aisle without any worries.
  3. It has a rear-facing option to ensure optimum safety of your baby.
  4. The incorporated car seat handle also comes in handy as an anti-rebound bar.


  1. It is pricey.
  2. 16.5 pounds is a bit heavy for a foldable car seat.
  3. Its age limit means once your child has outgrown this limit, you’ll have to buy a new car seat and stroller.

WayB Pico

C:\Users\REAL ASF\Desktop\Screenshot_20200905-113852.png

WayB Pico is the second folding car seat for travel that we consider to be most suitable for your child. Apart from Doona car seat and stroller, WayB is the coolest thing we have encountered while hunting for foldable or collapsible car seats. WayB Pico kicked off with a massive Indiegogo campaign all over Facebook in 2018 promising a folding car seat that has a 5-point harness, is ultra-light as well as being ultra-compact. The results have been far from disappointing.

The WayB Pico travel car seat is portable with a compact fold and therefore very convenient for travel. 

C:\Users\REAL ASF\Desktop\Screenshot_20200905-113903.png
C:\Users\REAL ASF\Desktop\Screenshot_20200905-113908.png

It has also passed all required safety testing stipulated by standards in the U.S., according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The founders of this company also boast extensive experience from industries that deal with outdoor gear so to them safety and quality is a lifetime commitment.

If you need guidance in installing the WayB Pico travel car seat, you can access a tutorial video here.

WayB Pico is ideal for ages 2-5 years old.


Pico Travel Car Seat is priced at $320.00 on the WayB online shop.


Storage position: 11.6” L x 14.5” W x 18.9”H

Lowest use position: 15.2” L x 14.5”W x 22.8” H

Highest use position: 15.2” L x 14.5”W x 27.8” H

Product Weight: 8 pounds


  1. It’s light and compact. This ensures you can easily carry it around.
  2. It’s perfect for flights since it is airplane-approved by FAA and can also fit most of the overhead bins that are present in most airplanes.
  3. It’s easy to install. Plus you can install it without the top tether.


  1. It’s expensive. It may be cheaper than Doona car seat and stroller but it is definitely not the cheapest option available out there.
  2. The 45” upper height limit and harness slots limit of 16.5” are inadequate to some families. These limits are usually outgrown by kids around the age of 5 and 5.5 years old.

Hifold Fit and Fold Booster

C:\Users\REAL ASF\Desktop\Screenshot_20200905-122818.png

Hifold Fit and Fold Booster comes third on our listing touting a product that is the world’s most adjustable booster, and justifiably so with 243 individual settings that not only meet but exceed NHTSA FMVSS 213. This car seat features the ‘Multi-Fit ™’ technology which ensures you have this wide and varied array of 243 settings. With these settings Hifold is able to accommodate the growth of your child as well as ensuring your child is comfortable and enjoys a seatbelt fit that is optimized.

This product saves you storage by allowing you to easily and quickly fold it down into a size you consider compact and ideal for either storing or carrying around. And, to ease and aid portability, Hifold also includes a comfortable and convenient carry strap.

Hifold Fit and Fold has safety measures deeply ingrained in its designing and engineering. It optimizes the safety and comfort of your child through the 6 incorporated advanced impact protection zones and a design that has 4 layers.

This travel car seat is made out of lightweight materials such as EPE, a polypropylene shell, fabric layer and a PU foam.

Hifold is ideal for children aged 5+ years and the product has a regulation for global use except in Australia.

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Here is a link for the How to Use Hifold video.


This product is priced at $119.99 on the official mifold online store.


Full height: 29.7 inches

Folded height: 9.8 inches

Folded length: 13.5 inches

Full length: 15.6 inches

Folded width: 13.5 inches

Full width: 18.9 inches

Product Weight: 10 lbs.


  1. A wide variety of adjustment options available to ensure your child fits comfortably.
  2. Optimized portability since it can be folded down to a very small size.
  3. It has a long expiration period of 7 years.
  4. You can use it anywhere in the globe except Australia


  1. It is relatively expensive especially if you will only use it for a few years.
  2. It’s bigger and heavier than some of the other folding car seats for travel.
  3. It doesn’t come with a cup holder.

RideSafer® Travel Vest

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Fourth on our list of folding car seats for travel is RideSafer® Travel Vest. This product provides a good solution for: traveling with kids, taxi-using parents with infants, easy carpooling, safety for parents with special needs kids and any other activity that requires you to drive your kids around in a safe setting.

One of the most attractive features of RideSafer® Travel Vest is its lightweight and compact; compact for maneuvering through airports. With this product you can forget about all the heavy lifting that is involved in many car seats especially going through airport security or terminal. The product easily fits in your luggage or on your child’s backpack.

This travel vest helps ensure the safety of your kid by doing the following:

  • Making sure the vehicle’s seat belt moves with the movement of your kid by positioning the seat belt on your child. This is vital for maintaining a proper position of the seat belt.
  • Ensuring the comfort of your child by holding the shoulder belt safely in place and not too close to your kid’s neck.
  • Reducing injuries on your kid’s head and knees by maintaining a low gravity center in the seat of the vehicle.
  • Exceeding all FMVSS 213 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) requirements for a crash test.
C:\Users\REAL ASF\Desktop\Screenshot_20200905-141029.png

RideSafer Travel Vest is ideal for kids aged 3.5 to 6 years old.


RideSafer® prices this folding car seat at $165. It comes with a free returns policy with a 15-day trial period. You can order from the RideSafer® shop here.


Here are the specs for the small RideSafer® Travel Vest:

Dimensions: 15 x 9.5 x 3.5 inches

Weight recommendation: minimum- 30 pounds, maximum 60 pounds.

Product weight- 2.4 pounds


  1. Tailored to make your child seat properly. This is even better than a booster seat as it ensures this happens even when they fall asleep while traveling.
  2. Quick and easy to install during cab/ taxi rides.
  3. Comes with a 10-year expiration period.
  4. You can roll it up to a small size roughly the size of a 2L bottle of soda.
  5. It’s as wide as the child in it so you can easily fit 3-across.
  6. The product is ultra-light.


  1. Doesn’t have permission for use on plane seats
  2. Unlike a highback booster seat, this product doesn’t offer your kid protection from a side impact.
  3. Most people need rigorous practice to get the optimum fit for the belt.

Peg Perego 2-3 Viaggio Flex

C:\Users\REAL ASF\Desktop\IMG_20200905_165751_188.jpg

The Viaggio 2-3 Flex is a car seat that can probably be used for a longer period of time than any other folding car seat available today. For this and much more, this product comes 5TH on our review of Folding Car Seats for Travel.

The flexibility of this product is honestly quite impressive. You can use it for children from the ages of 3-12 years. This means that it will grow with your child without you needing to buy a new car seat every time your kid hits another year.

Viaggio 2-3 Flex comes with EPS which are inserted for impact shock-absorption. This seat also comes with two cup holders that are retractable and for your kid’s safety, the product incorporates a backrest that is reinforced with Aluminium. It also comes with Adjustable Side Impact Protection (ASIP), a feature that helps protect your kid’s head and neck in case of a collision from either side. Other than this, you also get Kinetic Pods, a 4D Total Adjust Technology, a Surefix Base and a Blind Lock System.


This product is priced at $279.99 on the Amazon Store.


Unfolded item size: 44W x 66H x 56D

Folded item size: 44W x 25H X 60D

Product weight: 6.7 KG


  1. Grows with your kid for a long period of time.
  2. Contains 2 cup holders that you can stow when not using them.
  3. Very easy to unfold and fold.
  4. Is recline-able for comfort when the child wants to sleep.
  5. Contains an Aluminium frame for extra safety.
  6. Is portable.


  1. It is very heavy compared to other folding car seats.
  2. Relatively expensive for a booster seat.


C:\Users\REAL ASF\Desktop\Screenshot_20200905-151930.png

We are not big on backless booster seats as they lack the added safety availed by better highbacked booster seats. However, if you were to go for a backless booster seat then we’d highly recommend Bubblebum. This is our sixth option for a variety of reasons that are about to become apparent below.

C:\Users\REAL ASF\Desktop\Screenshot_20200905-151951.png

Bubblebum, first and foremost, is absolutely lightweight clocking in at an unbelievable weight of 1 lbs. I know, right? It’s unbelievable. This means that this product is very easy to carry around or fit in your kid’s backpack. Bubblebum can also be deflated or rolled to the same size as a soda bottle. This is a good option for parents that don’t sleep much during travelling or aren’t wiggly. If your kid is wiggly then you should consider the other highbacked options we have outlined above such as Doona infant car seat and stroller or RideSafer® Travel Vest.

Below is a snapshot of how Bubblebum works.

Bubblebum is ideal for kids aged 4-11 years.


The Bubblebum Backless Inflatable Booster Car Seat which comes in a Twin Black Bundle currently goes for $59.98 on the Bubblebum online shop.


Minimum weight recommendation: 40 lbs.

Maximum weight recommendation: 100 lbs.

Dimensions: 11 x 4.5 x 11 inches

Product weight: 1.2 lbs.


  1. Bubblebum is extremely light and portable.
  2. Very easy to use.
  3. It is relatively budget-friendly.
  4. It is very narrow therefore saves a lot of space.


  1. It  is backless so no head support for your kids.
  2. Feels tippy to some kids especially when it’s 100% inflated.
  3. Offers no safety measures during any kind of impact.

Graco Turbo GO™

Graco Turbo GO is another folding backless booster that has earned the 7th spot on our review of folding car seats for travel.

C:\Users\REAL ASF\Desktop\Screenshot_20200905-154421.png

This product is made out of fabric that is machine washable, contains a belt positioner for the shoulder and ensures portability is optimized by being absolutely lightweight.


This product is priced at $19.99 on the Graco online shop.


Product dimensions: 14.8 x 15.2 x 8.86 inches

Maximum weight recommendation: 100 lbs.

Minimum weight recommendation: 40 lbs.

Product weight: 4 lbs.


  1. Relatively light to carry around
  2. Very easy to use
  3. Pocket-friendly pricing
  4. They incorporate various colors that are kid-friendly


  1. It has a relatively limited padding
  2. Doesn’t include a handle for carrying easily
  3. Some users complain about difficulty adjusting the shoulder belt guide


Mifold is a booster seat that is simply grab-and-go and is the last (on our list) backless folding car seat you should consider for traveling. Mifold is considered one of the most compact and portable backless booster seat in the world today. 

C:\Users\REAL ASF\Desktop\IMG_20200905_164145_884.jpg

However, compared to Hifold Fit and Fold Booster which is a product from the same company, Mifold isn’t a great choice for many parents with kids. Most kids using Mifold have often complained that it is uncomfortable for long drives and most users who are experts with car seats and boosters have also realized that this product is prone to unsafe belt fits.

Mifold is ideal for kids above the age of 4 years.


Mifold grab-and-go is priced at $29.99 on the Mifold online shop.


Product dimensions: 2 x 10 x 5 inches

Maximum weight recommendation: 100lbs.

Minimum weight recommendation: 40 lbs.

Product weight: 1.7 lbs.


  1. Product is compact and easy to carry
  2. Perfect for fitting 3-across


  1. Its slightly pricey compared to the value you’ll get
  2. Only comfortable for short trips
  3. Unsafe belt fits
The Most Expensive Strollers

The Most Expensive Strollers

I have always looked forward to the annual Consumer Electronics Shows (CES). Prior to COVID, I attended the 2019 and 2020 CES shows and what has caught my eyes lately is how expensive baby products are getting expensive. Wondering what’s the most expensive stroller in the market in 2021. I have gone through some recent releases as well as established brands known for manufacture and retail of the most expensive baby strollers.

Expensive gadgets and strollers unveilled in 2021

So, how much are baby strollers?

The cost of a regular baby stroller ranges from $85 to $750 with the luxury category of baby strollers starting at around $1,100. If you want to splurge, check a selection of the most expensive strollers from as low as $1100 to as high as $10,000. I encourage parents to stick to their budget while making sure that the stroller of choice has all the features you’d need in a luxury high-class stroller.

Why are strollers so expensive?

Most baby gear is costly, strollers included. You have to spend a bit more if you want a solid stroller with a sturdy frame, great wheels with decent suspension, comfort, and convenient features, and one that will grow with your child and be passed down to your growing family. And, much more if the stroller has a designer label because those don’t come cheap.

Is it worth buying an expensive stroller?

Well, this is a personal decision as there is no single stroller that suits everyone. Expensive is relative for everyone, so you can spend as little as less than $100 or over $1000, all depending on the value you want to get, your lifestyle, and your budget. But, there is usually some truth in the saying that that you get what you pay for. Plus, high end strollers usually fetch high resale value once you are done using it if it’s well maintained.

Features of the most expensive baby carriage

Bassinet-many high end strollers include a bassinet for use with infants and small babies.

Reclining stroller seat- almost all luxury strollers have a fully reclining seat to allow your child to ride comfortably, whether asleep or awake.

Reversible seating-many pricy strollers allow you to have the baby face you or face the world to enjoy viewing the surroundings.

Superior suspension-high end strollers usually have high quality suspension mechanism, ensuring a smooth ride.

Adjustable handlebar- Most expensive strollers have an extendable handlebar allowing tall, short, or average parents to push comfortably.

Foldable design- some expensive strollers have removable or foldable panels to minimize storage space and easier transportation. But, even then, because of the kind of materials and layers they are made of, most of these luxurious strollers are large and heavy, but most people who can afford these strollers obviously have plenty of space at home and in their car boot.

Customizable colors- some luxury strollers allow you to choose the color options and patterns that will go with your family aesthetics.

Exclusivity- some high end stroller brands make only limited editions. They also issue a certificate of authenticity for the strollers to prevent imitations.

Luxurious fabrics- most high end strollers will use hand stitched leather fabrics, sheepskin, and other choice fabrics and embellishments.

Convenient features and accessories-expensive strollers have features like canopy and undercarriage baskets or trays but usually very generous sized. They may also come with rain cover and bug nets or require you to buy at an extra cost as accessories.

Reviews of the Most Expensive Strollers

Silver Cross Kensington – $2,499

[content-egg module=Amazon products=”us-B00NX61B6U” hide=title disable_features=1]

Kensington pram features a modern design inspired by vintage strollers. Made from the heart of England by one of the oldest but most expensive stroller brands Silver Cross, the gorgeous pram is hand crafted using only the finest materials. From the polished chrome spoked wheels to the tan leather handles, every detail is exquisite.

The pram is available in four color options, black, navy, pink and white, white and navy.

Designed with your baby’s utmost comfort in mind, the pram features a C-spring suspension which provides the smoothest ride, while the roomy interior and a soft cotton mattress offer a cozy spot for your baby to play or sleep.

For easier storage or transportation, the body is detachable, and the chassis and foot brake both have a foldable design. It’s heavy and takes up lots of storage space, but it also has nice large shopping trays.

Stokke Trailz – $2,160.

[content-egg module=Amazon products=”us-B00UCT6XSC” hide=title disable_features=1]

Stokke is a high end stroller brand with over 10 years of manufacturing experience. The Trailz is their most modern and expensive model; a custom made stroller designed to handle all kinds of terrains and any weather- includes a sun canopy, rain cover, and mosquito net. This makes Trailz the best adventure-ready stroller in the market.

Superior suspension system and steering ensure a smooth ride, while the adjustable handle and leatherette detailing makes Stokke Trailz a breeze to push. One of the unique features of Stokke’s strollers is that the seat and carrycot are placed much higher, facilitating closeness and easier engagement between the baby and parent. The seat is also reversible.

As you would expect from this high end stroller, the seat has soft premium cushions, adjustable footrests, and ventilated hood for your child’s ultimate comfort. There is also a large waterproof basket, and since the seat is high, there is plenty of room to pile all your essentials plus shopping.

Stokke Trailz is heavy, but it folds compactly for easier storage and transportation. It comes in a wide range of nice and elegant colors.

iCandy Peach London – $1,299

[content-egg module=Amazon products=”us-B07L44L3MH” hide=title disable_features=1]

A much loved brand iCandy, their Peach London is a limited edition stroller with all the bells and whistles you can expect in a high end pushchair. With a unique print featuring icons of London in black and white and the famous red London bus being the only dash of color popping from the striking design, this stroller is bound to get you compliments and turn heads. 

The pushchair comes with a matching carry cot, luxury super fleece footmuff, matching diaper changing bag, one-handed folding mechanism, extendable handlebar, freestanding folded chassis, four-position recliner and reversible seating, decent sized storage basket, five year warranty, and certificate of authenticity- so as you can see it’s pretty loaded. You can also have it as a travel system as it accepts car seats and comes with adapters for Maxi-Cosi Mico, Nuna Pipa, and Cyber cloud Q.

Compared to other strollers here, iCandy is one of the lightest (20lbs) owing to its lightweight aluminum frame, but even when folded, it’s still large, so that’s something you want to factor in. Another complaint is that the chassis easily gets scratched.

Bugaboo by Diesel – $2,700

[content-egg module=Amazon products=”us-B00P6PIS12″ hide=title disable_features=1]

This is yet another limited edition, a unique stroller designed by collaboration between Bugaboo and Diesel, the famous Italian fashion label. It is a pure combination of unique denim design, functionality, and engineering. If you are a lover of Diesel fashion or want your little one walking around in a stroller in cool streetwear design, then go for Bugaboo by Diesel.

You can choose from the different versions of each Bugaboo Stroller- Cameleon3, Donkey, Bee, and Buffalo. The one featured above is the Cameleon3 version, but all of their prints are gender neutral, so you can use the stroller with either boy or girl. The stroller is made from canvas fabric and features a bassinet, reversible seat with three-position recline, wheels with Diesel logo and gold metal start, faux leather handlebar and carry handle, specially designed removable pockets, and accessories such as foot muff, parasol, seat liner, rain cover, and a mosquito net.

This stroller is perfect for travel. It has a foldable design and weighs just 22 lbs; hence easy to lift from your car boot. And again, there is a carry handle to make it easy to transport. It’s compatible with almost all major infant car seat brands from Chicco, Maxi-Cosi, Britax, Cybex, Nuna Peg Perego, and more, but you buy the adapters separately.

Bugaboo Retrospective by Andy Warhol – $1,139

[content-egg module=Amazon products=”us-B00QJ3J5V2″ hide=title disable_features=1]

For lovers of the iconic Bugaboo strollers, there are more special editions with fun designs. The Retrospective collection is a collaboration of Bugaboo with the legendary artist Andy Warhol. These stylish strollers turn heads with their unique prints and exclusive designs, including Banana, Marilyn Monroe, and Bees.

The strollers are highly flexible- choose the prints you want, easily convert the seat to bassinet, reverse the seat for the baby to face you or the world ahead, and adjust the handlebar to your comfort. This stroller is suitable for infants and toddlers and always ready for any weather or terrain. It also comes with a large sun canopy and basket, and a matching tote bag.

The Roddler – $3,500

The Roddler by Kid Kustom does not look like your typical baby carriage. It has a unique design inspired by planes and Hot Rods of the 40’s and 50’s. If you are a design-centric parent, the Roddler is your option.

This cool baby stroller is built from a combination of 6061 T6 aluminum and stainless steel to last for years. It features one front chrome wheel and two rear wheels with fin-shaped fenders reminiscent of the hot rods, white wall tires, carbon vinyl leatherette upholstery, an ultra suede seat insert, and leaf spring and hairpin suspension for superior comfort, chassis, and adjustable handlebar. It has accessories like iPod docks and DVD players, so your kid’s rides are as enjoyable and relaxing as possible.

The Roddler goes for $3,500, and it’s convertible into a tricycle with a trike kit (bought separately) to make for a more valuable investment.

Versace Book Plus Stroller – $4,200

For the stylish mom, the Versace Book Plus is a luxurious and highly convenient modular set that includes a stroller, bassinet, and a matching travel diaper bag. The set comes in two variations: black neoprene and white faux leather.

The multipurpose unit is easy to operate and with tons of features from 360 degree swivel wheels for agility, one handed maneuverability, foldable and self- standing chassis, reversible seating, adjustable back and leg rests, cup holder, large undercarriage basket, a hood and rain cover.

The Book Plus includes an all-season-ready Navetta XL bassinet with a windbreaker and carrying handle. Moreover, the adjustable base allows the bassinet to function as a bed or a rocking cradle, easily attached to the Book Plus chassis.

As for the carry bag, it is embellished with golden trim and the famed Versace Medusa medallions, hence very stylish. And, it includes a changing mat and a removable shoulder strap for carrying, or you can attach it to the stroller’s chassis.

Silver Cross Aston Martin Surf 2 – $4,690

Another Silver Cross model, but this one is their most luxurious baby carriage after joining hands with Aston Martin, the renowned sports car label. As you can expect, this baby carriage is like a piece of art carefully designed to perfection. And for a price of $4690, you get an enviable combination of fine craftsmanship and engineering, luxury, and style.

This limited edition has only 600 units, and each comes with a certificate of authenticity and an engraved brushed chrome plaque. The pram and seat exterior feature luxury Alcantara suede, the same fabric used on the roofs of Aston Martin cars. The tan leather and sheepskin add to the comfort while adding a touch of elegance.

The complete pram system has a three-position reclining seat, reversible seating and can be used as a carry cot for infants and babies. The air ride suspension provides smooth rides in all terrains, and the extendable handlebar allows parents of different heights to push comfortably. It comes with pneumatic tires, but they sell a jogger wheel accessory if you plan on tackling rougher terrains. 

The pram is available exclusively at the Harrods for $4690.

Where to buy the most expensive baby strollers

Most of the expensive stroller brands reviewed above are retailed by Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Harrods. You can also find some second-hand expensive strollers on eBay.

Manufacturers of the most expensive baby stroller brands

Silver Cross

A British brand based in Yorkshire, England, with over 140years of industry experience, these are top among the most expensive stroller brands. Their strollers are elegant and sophisticated. The company has in the past years been joining hands with iconic car brand Aston Martin to create limited editions of the most expensive strollers.


Bugaboo is a Dutch company founded in 1999. They are the inventor of the world’s first modular stroller with a special emphasis on fabrics and colors to create creative and cool options. One of their models was created from collaboration with Andy Warhol’s Foundation to feature the iconic artist’s most epic prints.


Stokke is a Norwegian brand, and they make some of the best strollers in the world. They have been in the manufacturing industry since 1932 making furniture. Their strollers have seamless practicability and flexibility and range from luxury strollers, all terrain, and compact options for travel.


What’s the most expensive baby stroller in the world?

Silver Cross Balmoral is the most expensive stroller globally and the oldest as it has been handcrafted since 1877. You get it at no less than $7000 with some of its versions like the Rose Gold, which is gold polished, going for over $ 61 000. The stroller is simply stunning and exudes sophistication and classic style that never goes out of fashion. The Balmoral has been used for decades by the British Royal family.

Some of its features include steel carriage, soft cotton liner and mattress, hand-sprung chassis, C-spring suspension, spoked wheels, leather harness, large chrome shopping trays, solid pushing handle with leather, and a glossy finish, reclining hood, and a detachable apron. The stroller can be used from birth.