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Best Booster Seats for Eating

What is a booster seat high chair for eating?

A booster seat high chair is a small seat that is fixed on top of a regular dining chair so that small children can be raised to the right level for eating at a table with the rest of the family.

It is similar to a high chair in that it is used to keep the child safe and secured in the seat when feeding. Also, it is different from the booster seat that you use in a car.

How To Choose The Best Booster Seat For Eating

As you go shopping, the following are factors to help you choose the best for your family.

Chair strap

You need a seat that can be fixed to your dining chair with an adjustable strap that you can pull as tight as needed.

Child strap

You can choose either a five-point harness or lap belt or a three-point harness. The five one is obviously the safest option for small babies to keep them from toppling forward while the lab belt is better for toddlers.

Adjustable back

Just like you, kids also need some back support for comfort. Choose a booster seat with a back that can be adjusted to recline slightly if you have a small child. Bigger toddlers have pretty good core strength, and one with a rigid back or no back would still work out for them either way.


If you plan on taking the seat with you as you travel, a small, lightweight seat or a foldable one is more convenient.

Ease of cleaning 

You will always need to clean after your baby feeds but getting those little crumbs from crevices is tedious. Seats with smooth surfaces are easier to clean because there are no places for food particles to get stuck and only require a wipe down with warm soapy water. If the straps are removable and can be washed by machine or the trays are dishwasher safe, cleaning will not be as terrible.


A tray on a booster seat enables your child to use it as a high seat for eating or during playtime. Not every booster seat will come with a tray, so you need to decide if you need it or not.

Reviews of the Best Booster Seats for Eating/High Chairs

Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat

Size: 15.6 x 13 x 9.3 inches

Weight: 6.09 pounds 

Age recommendation: 6 months and above

One of the great things about this booster seat is the ability to grow with your child. That means you don’t have to buy several sets for different stages of your child’s life. When your child is small, you can use the seat as a high chair with the tray, and when they are bigger, you can remove the trays so your child can eat from the table. Additionally, the straps are adjustable, and the back can be removed to accommodate your big toddler.

The other thing you will love is that it comes with three trays that are so easy to snap in and out. The green tray functions as a lid to cover the mess waiting to be washed later. The trays can come in handy in a lot of other ways. It also has a built-in cup holder.

If you are looking for a portable seat to travel with, this booster seat is lightweight, folds compactly, and has a carrying strap for easy transport. Additionally, the straps are adjustable and secure the seat snugly on almost any chair.

Lastly, the entire seat is easy to clean because the surfaces are smooth, and there are no crevices to trap food bits. The white tray is dishwasher safe.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Compact fold
  • Smooth surfaces, needs only a wipe down
  • Space-saving
  • Three removable trays


  • It’s all plastic hence not the most comfortable for long meals

Ingenuity Baby 2-In-1 Booster Seat

Size: 17.25 x 11.25 x15.25 inches

Weight: 2.53 pounds

Age recommendation: 6 months and above up to 50 pounds

This is one of the best booster seats for table use. It is a versatile seat that combines a baby booster mode and a toddler seat. As a baby booster, it does provide good back support for small babies (above 6 months) although it does not recline and a tray to use as a high chair. There is also a convenient cup holder. The foam padding provides both comfort and the needed boost. A three safety harness keeps your baby safe and secured in the seat.

When your child is a big toddler, you can remove the foam insert and the tray. We love that the tray tucks under the seat when not in use neatly and easily accessible. The whole seat is wipeable, and the tray is dishwasher safe.


  • Great pricing
  • Comfortable
  • Small and lightweight
  • Convenient tray storage
  • Easy to clean


  • It is a bit small bigger babies will outgrow it fast
  • Reviewers complain that the crotch straps are too short making it hard to buckle up or release it.

Oxo Tot Perch Booster Seat with Straps

Seat size: 12 x 13.5 x 5 inches

Weight: 3.6 pounds

Recommended age: 15 months up to 70 pounds

This booster seat is very appealing. It has a modern design and is one of the most comfortable seats in the market for big toddlers. It provides good back support and three-inch padding that doesn’t sink in. Additionally, the open design with no side walls provides extra space for growing legs.

The seat cleans up nicely, and a simple wipe is enough. It can be folded for convenient storage or travel, and the straps are easy to adjust.


  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Very comfortable with a three-inch cushion
  • The whole seat requires only a wipe down to be clean
  • Straps are easily adjustable and can be removed when the child is bigger


  • The attaching straps are a bit short and might not go around some chairs
  • It’s hard to clean without removing the bottom because food gets stuck between the back and the seat

Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat

Size: 19.25 x 13.5 x 15 inches

Weight: 5.75 pounds

Age recommendation: 6 months up to 50 pounds

The most outstanding feature of this booster seat is the adjustable height with three positions. So whether you are using different tables, or with multiple children of different ages or plan to use as your child grows, the seat is adaptable. The back is also nice and tall and will provide the needed support.

This is also a reliable seat that you can be used away from home. It is very quick to set up, folds flat, and comes with a carrying strap. A three-point harness keeps your child safe and secure, and the anti-slip rubber feet keep the seat sturdy in any chair. It also comes with a removable tray for small children to use.

To clean, the entire seat needs only a wipe down with a damp cloth and mild soap, and there are no crooks and crannies for food to hide.


  • Convenient for travel
  • Very sturdy even if the baby wiggles
  • Easy to strap in and adjust the height
  • Easy to clean


  • The tray is a bit hard to put in and take off

Fisher-Price Spacesaver High Chair

Size: 20.47 x 24.02 x 21.65 inches

Weight: 8 pounds

Age recommendation: 6 to 36 months

This is the best booster seat for small babies. It is designed to function as a high chair but with the footprint of a booster seat. Infants need to lean back a bit to support their head, neck, and back as they eat, and this seat offers three different recline positions. Keep in mind that it is unsafe to put a baby without full upper body control in an upright position because they will topple forward.

The seat has two height adjustments for comfort as your child grows. It has a five-point harness to keep your baby safe and secure when using it as a high chair and a three-point harness when you remove the back to use as a toddler booster.

The seat pad, tray, and bonus tray insert are all dishwasher safe, and the straps are machine washable.


  • The cushion is machine washable
  • The tray is dishwasher safe
  • Secure with a five-point harness
  • Space-saving


  • Bulky
  • Some reviewers remark that the plastic feels flimsy
  • Not the easiest to clean; has many crevices where food gets stuck

Prince Lion Heart Squish Booster Seat

Size: 14.7 x 14.3 x 7.9 inches

Weight: 1.54 pounds

Age recommendation: 18 months to 5 years/60 pounds

If you have a toddler who can’t stand being in a high chair, they will enjoy being in this booster seat. It doesn’t have a high back (not a big deal with toddlers), but the sitting area is made of sponge-like material that is just so soft and comfortable that they will sit through all meals without fuss. Also installing the seat and strapping them is easy.

This seat is well made with features such as waterproof and scratch-resistant surfaces and is durable too, so your child can use it for years until they can be able to reach the table. Another wonderful aspect is that the seat had a wide base that fits snugly onto most dining chairs. And, it has non-slip feet that keep it secure, so your child will not be sliding out.

The seat is also a great choice for a portable option to be used on the go because it is super lightweight; you could carry it on one hand. It is also not bulky, so it’s conveniently packable.

Lastly, it is also easy to clean. The straps are removable and can be tossed in the machine, and the rest of the seat just needs a wipe down after meals.


  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Low profile, doesn’t show when the chair is under the table
  • Easy to clean
  • Inexpensive


  • Gets stained easily and the stains are hard to get rid of
  • Not the most comfortable for small toddlers because of the low back

Best Portable Booster Seat For Eating/Best Travel Booster Seats For Eating

Summer Pop n Sit Portable Booster Chair

Size: 15 x 14 x 15 inches

Weight: 0.07 ounces

Age recommendation: 6 months to 4 years/ 37 pounds

You certainly can’t carry your bulky high chair every time you go to the restaurants, diners, camping, or visiting your folks but this booster chair feels literally weightless. And, you can still use the seat at home.

It is specially designed as a travel high chair, so it is small, folds compactly, and even comes with a carrying bag and storage pockets on the back to stash small handy items like wipes- how convenient is that!

The designers have also made it easy for you to get rid of the mealtime messes by providing a BPA free detachable tray that can be wiped down or tossed in the dishwasher. A three-point safety harness will keep your child secure in the seat.


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Compact fold
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Storage pockets
  • Easy to clean; machine-washable fabrics and a dishwasher safe tray
  • Affordable


  • Some reviewers complained that the tray is so hard to click in and out of the chair
  • The straps are on the bottom rather than on the seatback like you would expect
  • Some people have problems clipping the buckle

Best Toddler Booster Seat for Eating

Ingenuity SmartClean Toddler Booster Seat

Size: 13.75 x 6.1 x 11.8 inches

Weight: 3.06 pounds

Age recommendation: 16 months to 3 years/50 pounds

Once your child has reached toddlerhood it is about time they join the rest of the family at the big table during meals even though they are still a few inches short. This seat raises them either 2 inches without the foam insert or 4 inches with foam insert to enable them to reach the table comfortably. 

It has a three safety harness to keep your squirmy toddler right where you need them to be until they finish their food. The seat is also convenient for traveling; it is small and weighs less than 2 pounds.

The seat has smooth surfaces in and out with no crevices where food can get trapped, which means cleaning is a breeze with a simple wipe down on the insert or throw it in the dishwasher.


  • BPA free
  • Wide range of colors to choose from
  • Offers variable height options (2 or 4 inches)
  • Foam insert is dishwasher safe
  • Easy to get the child in and out
  • Machine washable straps and harness
  • Small and portable


  • Foam insert may slide around because it is not fixed to the seat
  • Some reviewers complained it is hard to tighten the booster seat on to normal dining chairs because the strap is too long

Where to Buy Booster Seats In UK, Australia, Canada, And US





Age Your Baby Can Use Booster Seat To Eat

So long as your baby can sit up on their own, which most children do at 6 to 9 months, they can be able to use a booster seat safely. But, you will want to choose a booster seat with all-round support for small children and reserve those without back support for big toddlers who already have good core strength.

Booster Seat Safety

When considering a booster seat for your child, safety should be your greatest concern. Booster seats and high chairs can cause your child to be injured if not used correctly. Statistics show that in the US, a child is rushed to the emergency room every hour due to high chair related injury, mostly falls. The good news is that boosters have several methods of ensuring your child is safely secured.

The seats come with one or two adjustable straps to fix it on a dining room chair. One strap goes underneath and the other around the back to prevent the seat from slipping off around the chair.

Two, they also secure your child. Some booster seats use a five-point harness, and these are the most secure for small babies and toddlers that just can’t keep from standing even during meals. Others use a lap belt or three-point harness, to keep toddlers and older children who have good head and neck control in the seat.

So choose a booster seat with a securing mechanism that is appropriate for your child’s age.

10 Easy Steps to Assemble a Trampoline

A trampoline is a great way to have fun doing physical activity. Assembling a trampoline of any size (6ft to 14 ft.) is a long and enjoyable process if you know the steps and if you are just getting started, you can follow the steps below to easily assemble your kid’s or your own trampoline. A 6ft trampoline should take about two hours to create and subsequently, a 10ft. or a 14 ft. trampoline will take a bit longer. The most important thing is safety during fun. So, I will take you through a step by step 10-step procedure on how you can assemble a trampoline.

Step One: Check the Trampoline Package

Once you have the package, you have to ensure you have everything you need before assembling. The first and vital item is the trampoline manual. The manual should have a checklist of the things you need to check as you organize them on the ground. The items include:

  • Trampoline Galvanized Steel Frame
  • Trampoline Legs
  • Trampoline T-Section Joints
  • Enclosure Poles
  • Enclosure net
  • Steel Trampoline Ladder (If your trampoline comes with a ladder)
  • Anchor Kit Pegs and Strings (Again, if it comes with the trampolines)
  • Trampoline Spring Cover and Padding
layout all the trampoline parts

After ensuring all these items are present, you are ready for the next step. 

Step Two: Gather the Tools

Ensure you have the tools listed below;

  • Power drill (Philips head screwdriver)
  • Spring pulling device
  • Rubber mallet
  • Gloves

All these ready and organized orders prepare you for the next step, which is assembling the trampoline. 

Step Three: Building the Structure

Take the trampoline steel structure parts. They form the circular shape of the trampoline and the T-Joint sections. Confirm you have an equal number of T-Joints to the trampoline frame parts.

Connect and join the T-Sections to the trampoline structure parts. The purpose of the T-Sections is to provide a connection to the trampoline legs. For 6ft – 8ft trampolines, you should expect three double legs. You can now join each frame piece together to form the perfect circle. The circle is the basis of the trampoline structure. Make sure the frame is tightly connected. It should be tight enough since a frame that is too tight will rattle. You should have a design that looks like the one below.

Create the circular frame for the trampoline

Step Four: Assemble the Legs

With the circular border, you can proceed to add the legs. The legs join into the T-sections that we put to the structure earlier. You may need a partner to help you add one second leg and then move onto the next. Make sure the T-Joints and the legs are screwed and secured correctly. Once that is complete, you will have a structure like the one below.

legs added to the trampoline

Step Five: Correctly set up the Mat and springs

It is essential to ensure the mat is hole-free, the springs unused, and a spring tool is in the package. Once that is done, it is time to put on your gloves. Springs need to be fixed correctly and cautiously. Note, they bring the bouncing fun on the trampoline, so you have to certify their fixation. The following steps will help you to fix the springs correctly. 

  1. Spread the trampoline jump mat centered in the metal frame opening. For outdoor trampolines, you may want it to sit in the sun for a while as the warmth makes it stretch more hence a little easier to install.
  2. Insert a spring, hook side down, into one of the trampoline mat’s v-rings or spring loops. Insert the other hook of the spring into a hole in the trampoline frame.
  3. Next, on the opposite side of the trampoline, insert a spring, hook side down, into the v-ring. Pull back with a spring tool and insert the other hook of the spring into the trampoline frame.
  4. Now, position yourself midway between the two attached springs on either side of the trampoline. Insert a spring, hook side down, into the V-ring centered between the two tied springs. Pull back with a spring pulling device and insert the other hook of the spring into the trampoline frame. Repeat the process for the other springs around the mat till you get back to the starting point. Remember to attach springs at each middle v-ring.
  5. The springs allow even spread of tension throughout the bounce mat and springs.

In case of difficulty in spring insertion,

You can use the rubber to hammer in the spring into the frame holes.

Once all the instructions have been followed correctly, you will have a figure that looks like the one below.

attach the springs clockwise

Step Six: Adding a Protective Pad to the Trampoline

The protective pad helps to cushion a fall on the springs. Lay the pad over the springs. There should be holes at the bottom of the padding that lines up with the legs. Protective pads usually have metal hooks or ropes to secure the pad to the trampoline. Once you are finished attaching it, make sure that it is aligned over all of the springs. You can then add the bungee loop. These loops help to preserve the net during bouncing.

Step Seven: Including the Trampoline Enclosure Net

It resembles the one in the picture below.

Upper Bounce Trampoline Replacement Enclosure Safety Net, Fits for 6 ft.  Round Frames Using 3 Arches with Sleeves on Top - Net Only-UBNET-6-3-AST -  The Home Depot

It is essential to protect the jumper from falling off the trampoline after a jump. Since we have the trampoline net and steel rods, the net forms the attachment, and the steel rods create sustenance. Screw the rods together using the joints. They should easily screw, and for a 6ft trampoline, you should have three extended steel rods. Screw the rods together using the joints, as shown below. 

screw the trampoline rods together

The rods should easily screw, and for a 6ft trampoline, you should have three extended steel rods.

Step Eight: Threading the Trampoline Steel Enclosures

There’s a hole that these rods go into smoothly. Once all three are done, you join the trampoline rods together to create one sizeable circular ring, commonly as the trampoline halo. Once you have the trampoline halo setup, you attach the trampoline enclosure to the top of the trampoline—the Halo slots into the chamber. You should note that the trampoline net at the bottom is not yet secured. Avoid securing this until after the trampoline net is attached to the top. The diagram below should give you a lead to the correct directions.

hook the trampoline halo to the top of the trampoline

Thread the string through the bottom of the trampoline enclosure net and secure it to the trampoline frame. Usually, you have to tie it to individual loops on the trampoline mat. Keep a lookout for these loops. If properly secured, the bottom will look like the one below.

You have your working trampoline with an enclosure net that will minimize accidents and injuries!

Step Nine: Positioning the Trampoline

You have to choose the best position to put your trampoline. The safest place to put a trampoline is on an even ground. Collect all the materials you used in its assembling and store them away safely since they may be needed for later use or even disassembling after use. Remember to read any warnings before you start using it.

Step Ten: Test Your Trampoline

It is crucial to test the trampoline before the original fun begins. Your trampoline awaits usage. Have fun.
Kids Educational Software

Kids Educational Software

Early learning (also known as early education) refers to programs that offer education for kids outside their own home before kindergarten. In fact, children are actively learning wherever they are. As such, it is the parent’s core responsibility to ensure their children get evocative learning.

Early learning helps children develop skills in persistence, healthy eating & wellness habits, learning curiosity, fine & gross motor development, self-regulation, and more. Children also grow critical skills such as enhanced vocabulary, early literacy, listening & understanding, mathematical thinking, problem solving, and more.

With the increase in software trends, children’s early learning is being integrated in the classroom at an early age. This prepares the children for the devices they must interact with in their near future, including smartphones, laptops, computers, and tablets. In addition to the above, children are involved in interactive games for additional essential skills in typing, daily chores, and reading.

Below is a list of software for children early learning in our list today.

Kids Typing Bundle

This software helps kids learn to type on a thrilling adventure with Mickey Mouse and Friends or on Typer Island with Toby and his feathered side-kick Latiffe. These typing adventures include education, motivation, and entertainment.

It offers step-by-step lessons, tests, challenges, and games to motivate children to keep typing to find clues and reach the Castle/ the Palace and receive awards. Ideal for kids aged 8-11 years, Kids Typing Bundle’s both programs includes a license for up to 5 users. It tracks each kid’s progress and reports on results.

The product is delivered in a sealed factory fresh box and comes with the current version and unused activation code.

Typing Instructor for Kids Gold

Typing Instructor for Kids Gold stands out as the cutting-edge typing program available. The software offers optimum typing experience for kids via a full-screen size presentation and rich color. Children can learn in either Spanish or English.

Children’s adventure on Typer Island improves their typing skills, where the journey kicks off in the Old West. At Wild Bill’s Soda Shoppe, kids learn to conquer the a, s, l, and ; keys via typing lessons, adventures, and games. The experience is so thrilling that kids forget they are learning to type.

Kids receive guided help from Toby and Layfette, his feathered-sidekick using the learned keys, then progress to new keys. Motivated to fill their Treasure Chest, kids pass challenges to reach the Castle and become the rulers of Typer Island, and the adventure continues.

Reader Rabbit Learn to Read Phonics

Yet another children’s early learning software, the Reader Rabbit Learn to Read Phonics helps kids learn letters and sounds. They can then progress to words and spelling, then go up the ladder to reading comprehension.

The product is discounted by the manufacturer and weighs 3.2 ounces. 


  • The game is an oldie, which means that it is only compatible with older operating systems (OS).

Jumpstart Kindergarten Classic

The software comes packed with sixteen (16) games, which leaves you kid hooked to learning without boredom. The Jumpstart Kindergarten package includes puzzles that teach more than two down basic skills.

This children’s early learning software covers a full year of pre-reading early math language and creative arts. Other skills that your kid gains include pre-reading word identification, vocabulary rhyming, counting ordering sequencing shapes, and more.

What’s more, it reports children’s progress and automatically adjusts difficulty level systems.


  • OS: Windows XP/98/ME
  • RAM: 34 MB (64MB for XP)
  • Pentium II 233 MHz or faster
  • HD Space: 100MB
  • 12x CD-ROM Drive
  • 16-bit color with 256 color capability
  • Windows-patible sound card

Jumpstart Kindergarten

A good head start for 1st Grade children, Jumpstart Kindergarten helps kids create essential kindergarten skills with the help of animation, music, and animal friends. It is excellent software for skills such as science, math, spelling, reading, and more.

The software provides continuous challenge via auto-leveling which helps kids learn their most suitable pace. Challenging activities, educational songs, and creative games give them endless fun, plus seven different learning styles for better understanding.

Children learn numbers & counting, critical thinking, visual arts, pre-reading, vocabulary & spelling, comparing & contrasting, rhyming & phonics, and more.


  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Reader Rabbit Preschool Sparkle Star Rescue Age

This early learning software gives children the chance to join Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion on a sparky adventure. The mission is to help re-sparkle the Land of Sparkalot using various skills such as reading, counting, and matching.

Children learn skills like identifying number values, recognizing letters, associating letters with alphabets, counting to target numbers, and more! This product features Create-a-Dance Quake, Rush River Letters, and Sparkle Rocket Math.

The game features automatic adjusting skill levels and comes with ready help and printable activities.


  • OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7 (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • 166 MHz Pentium or faster
  • 640×480 monitor
  • 16-bit color
  • SoundBlaster compatible soundcard & speakers
  • 8x CD-ROM Drive
  • Internet access (recommended)
  • Color printer (recommended)

Jump Start Typing 2nd Grade

Yet another early learning software for 2nd Grade that offers endless fun! Jump Start Typing adventure begins in a creaky elevator hidden in the schoolhouse wall. Children can then follow CJ the Frog and his sidekick Edison on an adventure to their secret clubhouse.

Children solve challenges in 22 interactive games using skills such as grammar, math, science, and more! Features include parts of speech, borrow subtraction, writing, carry over addition, and complex vowels.


  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Learning Company Reader Rabbit Personalized Reading Ages 6-9 Deluxe

In this game, children help Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion on their mission to find their imagination. Kids get a chance to travel to colorful and thrilling 15 Reading Lands full of fun puzzles, clickable wonders, and animated stories.

Children understand that thinking, reading, and writing are the secrets to a world of imagination and escapade. The Reader Rabbit Personalized Reading uses the A.D.A.P.T. learning tech, a dynamic system that frequently adjusts the program to fit your kid’s developing abilities.

It is suitable for children aged 6 to 9 years, with special features such as 3 skill levels, 20 interactive storybooks, personalized workbooks & rewards, 50 printable levels, and 100+ reading lessons.


  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 (32-bit only)

Reader Rabbit Personalized Preschool Deluxe (2 CD-ROM set)

Reader Rabbit Personalized Preschool Deluxe is an exceptional technique to prepare your kid for preschool level and beyond. This early learning software is filled with shapes, numbers, letters, and much more to keep your child involved and amused.


  • OS: Windows XP/Vista

Jump Start Preschool

Jump Start Preschool helps children leap to an early understanding of shapes, colors, numbers, and letters. This fun occurs in a colorful classroom jam-packed with songs and animation, including 10 enticing interactive games and puzzles.

This early learning software monitors triumphs and attempts in every action and automatically adjusts the difficulty levels. It also tracks multiple children’s progress. Keep you kid engaged with endless fun with creative games, happy songs, and delightful activities!

Jump Start Preschool features include listening skills, shapes, letters, colors, and numbers.


  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 (32-bit only), 8

Disney Read to Read with Pooh

Disney Read to Read with Pooh is a breathtaking CD-ROM for children aged 3 to 6 years old. It is the brainchild of Disney scholastic books and features Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. This is an entertaining and educational CD that your kid will adore.

Kids learn skills such as listening comprehension, learning alphabets, spelling, word recognition & building, upper & lower case letters, and rhyming.

Jumpstart Toddlers

Jumpstart Toddlers is early learning software that helps toddlers discover basic concepts from letters to numbers, colors and shapes. Other skills include pre-math, pre-reading, matching, and more. As such, your kid is able to gain confidence and curiosity via exploration.

The software is suitable for children between 18 months and 3 years of age.

ClueFinders 3rd Grade

ClueFinders 3rd Grade is early learning software that involves taking a clue-searching trek into the rock bottom of the rain forest. It gives the child a chance to explore 30 thrilling engaging games and exercises. As such, kids get to create third-grade skills in language, geography, science, and math among others.

ClueFinders includes 4 levels of difficulty, in-built progress reports, detailed help, and is suitable for kids aged 7 to 9 years and above. The product comes with a Mystery Mansion Arcade CD-ROM.

Teacher’s Pet Pre-Kindergarten

A product of PC Treasures, Teacher’s Pet Pre-Kindergarten, it is useful early learning software that helps kids improve or learn typing skills.


  • OS: Windows 7

Typing Instructor for Kids Gold [Mac Download]

This early learning software has a reputation for being the most advanced typing program accessible. The Typing Instructor is displayed in a full-screen with a rich color for optimum experience, and is available in both Spanish and English.

First, children get to learn and conquer the a, s, l and ; keys, as well as undertake typing lessons, games, and challenges. Nothing is as engaging and exciting for your kids as the Typing Instructor. Much of its process is similar to the Typing Instructor for Kids Gold, but with a few changes.

The game includes Typer Island’s adventurer tools, and detailed info about Typer Island aboard the tour ship. Kids will find a useful Map Room, 11 unique plans, and more hours of fun.


  • OS: Mac OS X

Reader Rabbit Personalized Math 4-6 Deluxe

This early learning software involves joining Reader Rabbit and friends at the amusement park. Children have to use their math skills as the ticket to exciting rides and enjoyable games. They have to hop along the arcade to the roller coaster, using math concepts and numbers to solve puzzles. As they build their math skills, they win prizes.

The program uses A.D.A.P.T. (Assesses, Develop, Adjust levels, Provide help, and Track progress) learning tech to adapt to your kid’s skills. Special features include 4 skill levels, 8 interactive activities, 50 printable activities, multiple games & rides, and creating musical tunes.


  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 (32-bit only)

Kid’s Typing Bundle [PC Download]

Kid’s Typing Bundle for PC download is early learning software designed to improve typing skills in children aged 8 to 12 years, and adults too. It includes the Typing Instructor Platinum and Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum.

The two programs engage your kid in a thrilling adventure, loaded with entertainment, motivation, and education. Typists can learn using either Spanish or English. The software comes with visual guide hands and multiple typing plans for all ages, plus progress reports.

Your child is engaged in typing practice with passages from favorite magazine articles or tales.


  • OS: Windows

Disney Mickey’s Typing Adventure Gold [PC Download]

Disney Mickey’s Typing Adventure Gold is yet another cutting-edge typing program available for early learning. It comes in full-screen size and rich color with gorgeous animations for kid’s optimum experience.

Kids can join Mickey Mouse and Friends in a thrilling adventure in Typelandia, with other exciting places to visit along the way. The ultimate level is the Palace and from there they can have more fun!

There are 11 typing courses for children of all ages, challenging typing games with multi-levels of play, as well as progress results on all typing activities.


  • OS: Windows

Disney Mickey’s Typing Adventure

This is another ultimate typing adventure for children with Mickey Mouse and Friends, available in full-screen size. It comes with a Palace adventure theme to motivate kids to either learn or improve their typing skills. There are basic keyboard lessons for kids up to 11 years old, with courses such as state, meets national, and common core standards.

There’s much fun as in the previous Disney Mickey’s.


  • OS: Windows

Reader Rabbit 1st Grade Capers on Cloud Nine

This package allows your child to take a wild ride through cloud nine with reader rabbit. Suitable for children aged 5 to 7 years old, kids join Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion to discover the problem with the weather. Children engage in exciting activities such as vocabulary, science, forecast calls, spelling, and math.

There are colorful musical marble patterns that you complete and unlock the mystery door, amazing art gallery, and more. Kids learn skills like math with counters, using coins, reading comprehension, rhyming words, problem solving, sorting by attribute, and more!

Reader Rabbit 1st Grade Capers on Cloud Nine include special features such as printable activities, progress tracking reports, automatically adjusting skill levels, and available help.


  • OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP
  • OS: Macintosh 8.6-9.2, OS X
10ft. Trampolines with Enclosures

10ft. Trampolines with Enclosures

Trampolines come in various sizes and designs. If you want a good trampoline that adults and kids can have a great time, but you do not have a large space in your backyard, we would recommend you to get the 10ft trampoline models. A 10ft trampoline is still spacious enough for adults and teens to enjoy and small enough for kids as well.

How big is a 10-foot trampoline?

10ft trampolines are bigger than 8 foot models, which are mostly for kids. And at the same time, it is not as big as the 12 foot or even 16 foot trampolines which require a lot of space. In that sense, although the 10ft models are also designed for kids and teens they are still spacious enough for adults to have fun too. That is perhaps the reason why the 10ft trampoline models are popular in many homes.

The diameter of a 10ft trampoline is usually about 3.05 M, so if you have a medium to large backyard, you should be able to set it up just fine without having to rearrange much. Also, keep in mind that the 10 foot trampolines have round, rectangular, oval, and oblong designs, so choose a design that is ideal for your needs and backyard. But since it’s better to err in the side of caution, before you buy check the 10 foot trampoline measurement to be sure that it will fit in your desired location.

The other thing to consider about shape is that rectangular trampolines have better bounce and are thus the popular choice for athletes and gymnasts. So if you have an upcoming gymnast or you are one yourself a rectangular will be more suitable. But if you don’t necessarily need a trampoline with a high bounce, but one you can have a great time with your kids, a round trampoline will still give you a great experience.

What is the 10-foot trampoline weight limit?

The weight limit is different for every model, but on average it ranges from 160 to 250 pounds. So as you can see, 10 foot trampoline is better suited for kids and teens, rather than adults. But that is not to say you cannot find 10 feet trampolines with a higher weight capacity too, mostly rectangular models.

At this point is important to mention that even if the weight limit allows it, you should not allow more than one jumper in the trampoline for safety reasons. Also do not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended capacity as doing so could break the mat and springs, and cause injuries.

Review of 5 Best 10-foot Trampolines with Enclosures

#1. JumpKing 10-foot Round Trampoline with Enclosure

The JumpKing Round Trampoline is designed for kids and teenagers above 6 years of age. It provides 78 square feet jumping space, which is large enough to give little jumpers a great time. With a thick foam padding sitting on the springs and patented premium mesh netting enclosure, it will keep your kids safe from injuries.

This trampoline is built with high quality materials that can withstand harsh weather elements without deteriorating. The legs are of galvanized steel to prevent rusting during rainy seasons and the mat is UV protected to prevent fading and breaking down under hot weather.

The JumpKing has a weight limit of 200 pounds, which is sufficient for the whole family to have fun.


  • Easy to set up
  • Durable
  • High quality materials
  • Sturdy


  • Limited color options

#2. Plum Rectangular In-Ground Trampoline 7ftx10ft

The Plum in-ground trampoline is a bit different than all of the trampolines in this list. If you are wondering what in-ground means, it’s that the trampoline is sunken into the ground to have the jumping mat at ground level. Some parents may prefer an in-ground trampoline because there is no risk of flying off from a high level. Still, it is possible to fall off the trampoline and hit the hard ground or nearby debris.

#2. Plum Rectangular In-Ground Trampoline 7ftx10ft

The rectangular Plum in-ground trampoline is perfect if you have a small space in your garden but want to maximize on the bouncing fun without compromising your garden design. The dark green safety pad brings a stylish finish and blends seamlessly with any garden.

This trampoline has a weight limit of 220 pounds which is pretty generous and can be used by kids and teens and even adults, but make sure to keep an eye on the kids during every jumping session, especially because it does not have an enclosure. 

Like all the trampolines in this list, the plum is made of galvanized steel frame that is rust resistant. The jumping mat is made with PVC, which is durable. With this model, the retaining wall that is sunk into the ground helps to prevent soil and dirt from getting underneath the trampoline.

We also like that it comes with a dark green cover for weather protection, so you can expect it to last. It is also available in a round model, if you prefer.


  • Aesthetically appealing
  • High quality materials
  • Designed to retain the garden design
  • Does not take much space
  • It comes with a cover


  • You are required to dig
  • Does not have an enclosure
  • Does not have many reviews

#3. North Gear 10Ft Trampoline with Enclosure

Going back to the round models, the North Gear trampoline is one unique model that comes in a vibrant green-black finish rather which is not common. It also has the lowest age restriction of four years while other trampoline brands recommend 6 years and above.

The trampoline is at par with the others on this list with a galvanized steel frame for both strength and rust protection. The mesh is made from polypylene material and has a UV resistant jumping mat.

Regarding the weight limit, the North Gear trampoline has a limit of 220 pounds, which is great for kids, teens, and adults.


  • Includes a cover
  • Easy to install
  • Great pricing


  • Some customers report that the frame moves while jumping
  • It might not last long

#4. Skywalker 10Ft Round Trampoline

Skywalker is one of the most loved trampoline brands and their 10 feet model is one of their best. The reason why Skywalker trampolines are popular is that they are affordably priced without compromising the quality. Also, while other brands have just one or two colors, the Skywalker 10ft trampoline is available in green, red, purple, and blue to suit your taste.

For safety, the net is patented into the jumping mat leaving no spaces where your kid’s fingers can be pinched. Also, the padded poles are angled at the top to keep the enclosure net at a safe distance for added safety while jumping.

This trampoline has galvanized steel legs which are reinforced with T-sockets to increase stability and help prevent twisting under impact. The frame has a 3 year warranty and 1 year for other parts.

The Skywalker 10ft has the lowest weight limit on this list at 175 pounds and a jumping space of 59feet, which understandably can only be used by kids and teens.


  • High quality material
  • Easy to set up
  • Affordable pricing
  • Sturdy


  • Might not last beyond a couple of years
  • Some customers report that the net wears off from the hot sun
  • Low weight capacity

#5. Exacme Trampoline with Enclosure Net

The Exacme Trampoline is another great option for both kids and adults thanks to the unbeatable high weight capacity of 335 pounds. You don’t have to do the same jumping moves every time because this tramp comes with a basketball hoop so you can take the fun a notch higher shooting hoops.

Like the other trampolines on this list, the frame is made from galvanized steel and the mat is UV resistant and water resistant as well. It also has an enclosure net to keep everyone safe in the jumping mat. Besides that, the other difference is that this trampoline sits a bit high but it comes with a ladder for the kids to use to climb safely in and out.


  • High weight capacity
  • Sturdy
  • Good quality materials
  • Great pricing
  • Has a basketball hoop


  • Assembly takes time and needs several people

How to Put a 10-foot Trampoline Together

Before you start putting up your trampoline, you should first make sure the area you are going to put the trampoline is secure and safe. That means ensuring it is clear of all obstacles, fences, rocks, sheds, trees, etc. Also, it should not be near buildings, paths, or driveways. A grassy area is excellent, but it must be flat for stability.

Layout all the parts from the trampoline boxes

Usually, trampolines come in two or three packages, so check with the retailer to know how many boxes you should receive. After receiving all of the boxes, empty each one and check if you have all the parts that are listed in the manual. If you are sure you have everything needed, it is time to start building.

Below is our step by step guide to help you set up your trampoline like a pro from scratch. These pictures used are for making an 8ft trampoline, but the steps are all the same for making a 10ft model or any other model for that matter. For our 10ft model we have included the number of pieces you should be using. Also, this is a guide for the round model, and so the steps may be a bit different for your particular model. The best advice is to use the manufacturer’s instructions, usually included in the trampoline package. But if your trampoline comes without a manual, our guide below is easy to follow and really leaves very little to guess work.

Step 1. Start by making the trampoline frame

Take the steel frame parts and the T-joints and ensure you have an equal number of both parts. For a 10 ft trampoline, you should expect about 8 parts.

making a trampoline frame for a 10-foot trampoline

Connect and join the T-sections to the frame parts. The T-sections are used to form a connection to the trampoline legs. A 10 ft trampoline mostly has 4 double legs.

Next, join each frame pieces together to form a perfect ring. This will be the base of the trampoline where the mat and legs will connect. Ensure the frame is tightly connected.

joining trampoline frames

Next, join the legs and the T-sections you had earlier connected to the frame using screws. Add one leg at a time. You might need somebody to lend you a hand for this step. Once you have joined all pieces it should look like the photo below. Ensure the T-joints and legs are screwed properly and secure before moving to the next stage.

Step.2 Add the Trampoline Mat and springs 

The next step is to add the mat and springs to the trampoline. Keep in mind this will be the main focus of all the jumping impact so you need to check that the mat and springs are unused and in perfect condition.

Using the spring tool provided, connect one spring to the mat. Next, attach the spring opposite the first attached spring. After attaching the first two springs, rotate 90 degrees and do the same steps for the next two springs. It should look like the picture below. (This keeps the mat perfectly balanced and taut preventing any damage from occurring on one side.)

Connnecting springs to the mat

Continue adding more spring following the same steps used for the first four springs, like in the picture below. Every spring must be spread out evenly so as not to pressure one side more than the other.

Work clockwise as you add more springs and connect them to the mat until you finish. It should look like the picture below.

 add more springs and connect them to the mat until you finish.

Next, add the trampoline spring cover and padding to the frame, like in the picture below. Ensure that it covers all the springs and tie it securely to the trampoline frame. This is a critical step to ensuring safety for trampoline users.

add the trampoline spring cover and padding to the frame,

Step.3 Adding the Enclosure Net

The next step is adding the enclosure net. You can add it before or after the trampoline padding. Most modern trampolines are designed to have the enclosure support brackets fixed onto the legs, to enhance support and stability.

Layout the enclosure poles and fixtures, and ensure that you have all the parts ready. A 10 ft trampoline can have between four to six poles.

Layout the enclosure poles and fixtures

Attach the first support pole to the trampoline fixture, line it up properly, and secure into the hole with a screw. It should be tightly done to be secure.

With the bottom of enclosure poles securely attached to the trampoline legs, slot in the other part of the enclosure pole to full height, as shown below.

Step.3 Add the Trampoline Enclosure Net to the Trampoline.

You will need to make sure you have the net and steel rods. The net forms the enclosure while the rods help to create and maintain the circular shape at the top, without which the net would sag and not provide much protection.

Join the rods together to form extended rods by screwing them together at the joints like in the picture below. For a 10 ft trampoline, you should have 6 extended steel rods.

Next, thread the steel rods through the top of the enclosure, through the hole as shown in the picture below. Once all the rods are through, go ahead and connect the trampolines rods to form one large ring.

Attach the enclosure net to the top of the trampoline, like in the picture below. At this point, the bottom part of the net should not yet be secured.

Thread the string through the bottom of the enclosure net and secure it to the frame. (Look out for some loops for securing on the frame or mat). Once you have secured all around, your trampoline is all set up and ready!

Finally, if your trampoline requires a ladder, you need to join the separate parts, secure the ladder hooks into the ground, and put on the trampoline.

Also, you can make your trampoline extra secure against powerful winds by using an anchor kit (may be provided or not). The anchor kit requires to be screwed in the ground and then attached to the trampoline.

14 Best Outdoor Infant Swings

14 Best Outdoor Infant Swings

Did you know that the first swinging dates back to 771-476 BC in China? Yes! That date refers to the Spring and Autumn period during the Han Dynasty. Swinging then spread through Greece in 1450-1300BC, and so on to what you use now. So, as they say: there’s nothing new under the sun, right?

Swing sets are very common with kids, and they can either be indoors or outdoors, especially in children playgrounds. You can also find them on a porch (for relaxing) or circus (for acrobats). Outdoor swing seats can either be suspended from ropes or chains, and swings like a pendulum after being set in motion until you stop it via a drag or any other external force.

Earlier on, outdoor swings were made from wooden frames, and while they are still available, they have been updated to metallic frames today. They are accessible in a range of shapes and sizes, with types ranging from the tire, natural, porch, tandem, and hammock swings.

Toddlers and infants swings come with leg holes that help keep the kids in an upright position when they swing. Swings for older kids can be made of flexible canvas seats, ventilated tire threads, wood, or plastic.

Dangers of Outdoor Swings

While swings make outdoor activities fun, they also do not come without causing injuries, especially from falling. Rarely, injuries will occur due to bumping into something or a person close to the swing or passing by. However, injuries mostly happen after the kid accidentally releases the chains or ropes while in motion.

Strangulation is yet another common swing-associated injury, where an infant or kid is entangled in the swing through a piece of clothing. 

Why use an Outdoor Swing?

Quite often, parents are against engaging their infants in any outdoor activities, saying they will get sick or there is no time for such. Yet, the ITERS-R or Infant-Toddler Environment Rating Scale-Revised insists that parents should take infants and toddlers to play outdoors for an hour a day.

Here is why using an outdoor swing is important:

  • Critical for Cognitive Development – Helps infants make sense of their world by absorbing experiences with sound and noise. As such, they develop ideas with this information about the world they are stepping into.
  • Foundation for Literacy and Science Learning – Brain synapses in the first three years form first. So, the richer or more stimulating the infant’s sensory environment, the better.  This also applies to the indoor environment.
  • Early Language Development – The knowledge acquired from the rich sensory experience gives the infants something to talk about.
  • Social Development – As kids talk about these outdoors experiences (verbalize), most of them tend to socialize with other people. While some kids won’t engage in physical play, watching other kids play is also critical to social development. 
  • Physical Development – Kids acquire basic motor movements from prenatal to five years. The brain collects and stores information, building a solid foundation for movement activities, which is only possible via outdoor activities, like swinging.

Outdoor swings mostly include other play items for toddlers and infants. As such, ensure the playground is a copy of the world by including other play items such as grass, tunnels, and more. An outdoor swing is also a cure for too much TV, which is detrimental to your child’s development.

Things to Consider When Shopping for Your Outdoor Swing

Based on our extensive proficiency regarding outdoor play sets, here are three critical things to consider when shopping for your outdoor swing:

  • Material – Wood is the most preferred outdoor swing material, especially cedar and Redwood. Why they offer a striking appearance to your yard, they are also durable and have value for the money.
  • Safety – Purchase a pre-prepared swing set, as it has everything in perfection. From accurate drilling to beams density, high-grade hardware, and detailed instructions. Some vendors even offer staff assistance in the assembly process after purchase.
  • Size – Does the swing set let your children to grow in it? Check for both the swing set’s landing height and width.

The fourth consideration is the cost. Basically, WYSIWYG and that is undeniable. But we do not prioritize price over the above factors. So, while you might be working on a tight budget, make sure your kid’s safety comes first. Let the kids play, grow, and develop at the backyard!

Now, having answered those questions, let us look into our 14 best outdoor swings. This review shall include the set’s description, as well as their pros and cons.

14 Best Outdoor Swings

What does each of these have to offer?

Easter Jungle Gym Bucket

The Easter Jungle Gym Bucket is a durable commercial-quality swing outdoor infant swing set. This for residential use only swing is constructed with high-quality and durable copolymer plastic. It comes with swing chains of around 66 inches in length, with the bottom 30 inches featuring a yellow plastisol coating. This varnish gives the swing chains a smooth, pinch-free grip.

The swing is compatible with most swing beams up to 9 inches high, and comes with  zinc coated 2/0 swing chains. Its swing seat’s front-to-back measures 11.5 inches, while its side-to-side measures 10 inches. The bucket depth is 11.5 inches from the highest point.

Easter Jungle Gym Bucket comes fully assembled, enclosed, and includes a high back for extra support and shelter. It is recommended for kids of six months to four years of age, and being made of polyethylene make it rust-resistant.


  • Anti-pinch plastisol coated safety chains
  • Heavy-duty construction (copolymer plastic)
  • High back swing seat
  • 66 inches adjustable length chains
  • No assembly required
  • Weighs 8 pounds


  • Kids can only sit facing one direction which is not safe especially due to the sun’s position.

Step2 Infant to Toddler

Step2 Infant to Toddler swing is a United States-made luxurious and comfortable choice for an infant swing. It offers kids and toddlers a decent platform to practice their excellent motor skills. What makes it a decent choice to include in your backyard is its compatibility with most available swing sets.

Are you looking for a swing that you can mount to exposed beams or that gigantic tree in your backyard? Step2 Infant to Toddler Swing can be a fantastic choice. The swing measures 24.1 inches length, 16.1 inches width, and 10.4 inches height. Built with molded plastic, the swing seat has a comfy bucket-seat design that provides safe outdoor activity for your kid(s).

The swing is suitable for infants aged 9 months to toddlers weighing 50lbs., and features weather-resistant rope and appropriate hardware. Step2 Infant to Toddler swing includes an easy installation process with minimal assembly, and is suitable for domestic use over proper surfacing.


  • Safe for 9 months babies and above
  • High back design for extra support
  • Easy cleaning
  • Weather-resistant rope
  • 50lbs weight limit
  • Superb seat shape to keep the baby intact 


  • Body size limit as it cannot be used without the front harness section
  • Rigid buckles on the harness

Simplay3 Snuggle

Simplay3 Snuggle swing set is yet another comfortable, safe, and secure swing for your infant.  Made in the United States by Americans, it features an egg-shaped design with a large back and curved sides that hold your kid tightly to the swing for a safe ride.

The swing measures 16.5 inches in length, 12.5 inches wide, and 19.5 inches height, and weighs 5.24 pounds. It features a hard-wearing, double-wall plastic construction with strong, soft polypropylene weather-resistant three-strand roping that cannot splinter or crack. Simplay3 Snuggle swing supports 9 months infants to kids weighing up to 50lbs.

Simplay3 Snuggle swing comes fully assembled, you just need to harness your kid and they are ready to play. If you are looking for the best choice for your kid’s first swing, then Simplay3 Snuggle is a fantastic choice.


  • Suitable for the first swing
  • Fully assembled
  • Robust double wall plastic
  • 3-strand rope for a secure and comfy swing
  • Lightweight and sturdy


  • Strapping locks can be challenging
  • Pulling the handle can pinch inner thighs

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe

Little Tikes has a reputation for making foot to floor toys for toddlers that will make your kid(s) giggle and squeal. The classic Cozy Coupe is personified in the friendly-faced 30th anniversary edition with a whole new appearance, including a removable floor. Another feature includes a removable handle on the back that allows parents to make controlled push rides.

Imagine how your kid would enjoy this combination of a car and swing! Compatible with most swing sets, Little Tikes Cozy Coupe suspends from weather-resistant yellow ropes that sits fairly high when mounted to a swing set. It is recommended for 9 months infants to kids aged 3 years.

The swing set has a weight capacity of 50 lbs., and requires minimal assembly. So, does your kid love ride on toys? Search no more! Little Tikes got you covered with their Cozy Coupe. It comes with a seat belt to make sure your infant or kid swings safely.


  • Wonderful fun car design
  • Weight limit of 50 pounds
  • Robust and attractive design
  • Weather-resistant ropes
  • Super steering wheel and beeping horn 


  • Requires assembly
  • Can sit very high depending on the swing set
  • Some infants bump their lips on the steering wheel

TP Toys Quadpod

Are you searching for a swing that grows with your child? TP Toys Quadpod is an incredible choice! This adjustable 4-in-1 swing seat features a design that fine-tunes as your baby advances in both age and stage. This guarantees your kid(s) years of outdoor enjoyment and play, from 6 months to 8 years.

TP Toys Quadpod features a unique and modish design with four separate mode options that include four perfectly dimensioned and easy to change seats. Mode 1 is for 6 months infants and above, and features a cocoon (Y-shaped yoke) seat with neck support for infants. It also has a fully-adjustable 5-way safety yoke for extra comfort.

Mode 2 is for 2 years old kids and above, and you just remove the toddler’s headrest to make a cradle seat with back support, by turning the harness into a 3-point lap fastening. Mode 3 is for 3 years old children and above. To create a comfy bucket seat and extra back and side support, you just remove the T-bar.

Mode 4 is for children aged 4 years and above. To accommodate the child, slide the base seat away from the bucket insertion to create a on edge swing seat. The Quadpod features a universal strap that fits low- and full-height frames, and has a 77 lbs. maximum weight limit.

The Quadpod has robust building materials, including plastic encased metal spring locks, nylon straps, plus plastic molded seat and closure system. It measures 15.4 inches in length, 13.4 inches width, and 15 inches height. The Quadpod weighs 5.5 lbs. and requires assembly.


  • Creative and elegant
  • Swing set accessories
  • Easy set-up process
  • Robust high-quality construction materials
  • 4 safe and comfy seats (adjustable)


  • Swing frame not included
  • Requires assembly (for those concerned)

Little Tikes Snug ‘n’ Secure

Another product from Little Tikes, this outdoor infant swing seat perfectly mounts on any swing set you might have. It includes a T-bar and fasteners to securely hold the infant in place as they enjoy swinging. Little Tikes Snug ‘n’ Secure fasteners and T-bar are adjustable which means you can adjust them according to the size of your baby.

This swing seat is both a toddler and baby swing in one (2-in-1), and is very user-friendly. The T-bar and fasteners lets you load and unload easily and does not pinch the kid. The 2-in-1 Snug ‘n’ Secure swing measures 16.30 inches in length, 16 inches width, and 17 inches height, and weighs 3 lbs.

The swing does not come with anchors, which makes it a separate purchase. It is one of Little Tike’s low-priced products with an impressive design. The weight limit for the 2-in-1 Snug ‘n’ Secure swing has a weight limit of up to 50 lbs. The recommended age for the product is 9 months to 4 years.


  • Shoulder straps for swing security
  • Compatible with any swing set
  • Adjustable/removable T-bar and shoulder fasteners
  •  T-bar
  • Lightweight


  • No anchors

Baby KEA Swing

Baby KEA is another outdoor infant swing that is crafted with two factors in mind: safety and comfort for both toddlers and children. The canvas and wood swings that are used to make this swing kowtows to stringent US safety standards. The manufacturer says that the material used to make their swings has no harm even when the toddler or baby chews on, sucks, or touches.

The swing features a deep and spacious seat with support on all sides, and beads are greased with non-toxic Tung oil. It has soft ropes with high performance braid, and closed spring loaded hooks. The materials are weather-resistant, and features zinc platted fittings for outdoor use.

Baby KEA is mainly made from rot proof canvas, durable timber, and comes with a five years warranty. It features Carabiner hooks that make multiple location swing easy, and packs down flat for convenience during transport. The swing is suitable for kids with 6 to 36 months, and measures 15.7 inches in length, 15.3 inches width, and 3 inches height. It weighs 3.78lbs.


  • 5 years warranty
  • Robust construction material
  • Spring loaded clips for easy movement
  • Packing and convenience
  • US safety standards compliance
  • Promotes spatial awareness and balanced motor skills 


  • High price tag
  • Limited color options

Ancheer 3-in-1

Just like the name suggests, Ancheer 3-in-1 features a three-in-one design combination, so that it accommodates your kid(s) as they grow. This makes the swing seats compatible for both infants and teens. It comes with a T-bar guard and a back fitted with a safety belt to make sure your kid is safe.

The swing has a nylon fully-adjustable rope that can be adjusted to any heights, with a special design buckle that protects it from tipping. Its seat is built with high-grade plastic for an extended life swinging, but make sure it isn’t under direct sunlight.

Ancheer 3-in-1 swing using snaps and screws, which means it has an easy set-up procedure. If you follow the right assembly process, you will have a perfect swing for your infant. The swing measures 13 inches in length, 9.6 inches width, and 13.8 inches height, and weighs 5.37 lbs. Ancheer 3-in-1 is a perfect choice for 6 months olds and above.


  • Adjustable height
  • Easy set-up process
  • 3-in-1 design
  • Robust construction material
  • Front buckle prevents tipping
  • Child-friendly design


  • Not fully assembled at purchase
  • Limited compatibility with swing beam hooks

Sportspower Toddler Swing Set

Sportspower My First Toddler Swing Set is another viable swing choice for toddlers, for both outdoor and indoor fun. The swing comes with a secure nursery seat complete with safety harness to make sure that they sit comfortably. As such, infants can enjoy a swing of their lifetime.

This swing comes with an adjustable, robust powder-coated steel frame that offers both security and flexibility during transport at the same time. The frame construction materials make it tough and durable, and it meets ASTM safety standards for reliability and calmness.

The Sportspower Toddler Swing is perfect for large rooms, as well as yards of any size. It is recommended for toddlers of between 9 months up to 3 years old kids, or a maximum weight of 55 lbs. When assembled, the swing measures 52 inches in length, 55 inches width, and 47 inches height, and weighs 14 lbs.


  • Heavy duty but lightweight construction
  • Portable for ease of transport
  • Perfect for large rooms
  • Compliant with ASTM safety standards
  • Includes safety harness and a T-bar at the front


  • Available in one color

Wooden Horse Toddler Swing Seat

EcoTribe is Wooden Horse Toddler Swing Seat’s parent company. This chemical-free swing seat is eco-friendly and built with natural materials, such as untreated and smoothed wood.  The ropes are made of sturdy cotton, and the product is examined for compliance with the US Children’s Product Certification strategies.

The swing features a spacious bucket seat that supports your infant, and has rounded and sanded edges for extra comfy. It is flexible, meaning you can either hang it on your front porch or backyard, and a fantastic indoors option for low and high ceilings.

It is made from hard birch wood and handcrafted wear-resistant cotton ropes, and the kit includes everything you require to assemble the swing, with detailed guidelines. When assembled, the Wooden Horse Swing Seat measures 17 inches in length, 11 inches width, and 11 inches height. Ropes have a hang length of 78 inches, and it weighs 5.69 lbs.

The swing is ideal for 6 months infants to 3 years old children, with a maximum weight of 44 lbs.


  • Robust building materials
  • Eco-friendly
  • Simple swing assembly
  • Compliant with the US Children’s Product Certification requirements
  • Portable packaging and design


  • Unpainted wood

High Back Full Bucket Toddler Swing

The swing is a product of Squirrel, a famous name when it comes to swing seats. The High Back Full Bucket Toddler Swing is a perfect choice for infants doing their first swing. It is built with core strength, and is designed to be added to multiple outdoor play-sets.

Made with your toddler in mind, the swing features a high back full toddler swing, with an adjustable 66 inches heavy duty chain with plastic coating. Other features include high-grade galvanized hardware, and a straightforward installation process.

When assembled, the swing measures 12 inches in length, 11.6 inches width, and 10 inches height, and weighs 7.58 lbs. It is recommended for infants with 6 months to 4 years old kids, with a maximum weight of 150 lbs. You can contact the company for additional information on the product’s warranty.


  • Durable construction
  • Plastic coated chains to protect the hands
  • High back seat for extra support
  • Safe and comfy swing seat
  • Wide for comfortable play


  • Not recommended for infants under 6 months

Canvas Hanging Swing Seat

Canvas Hanging Swing Seat is another ideal swing choice for infants that can either be used indoors or outdoors. The swing seat is constructed with high-quality wood and washable canvas, which guarantees the baby’s safety as they enjoy swinging.

The swing seat features a durable structure and comfy design which your kids can use in their entire infantile age. It includes an adjustable rope measuring 49 inches to 57 inches, plus a removable cushion for added comfort. No matter where you use it, the swing will bring laughter and joy to your kid’s swing experience.

When assembled, the Canvas Hanging Swing Seat measures 5.91 inches in length, 3.94 inches width, and 1.97 inches height, and weighs 2.99 lbs. lightweight, right? It is specifically made for infants aged 6 months to 3 years old children.


  • Washable and removable canvas
  • Impressive design
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Soft and comfy swing seat


  • Short rope to mount on a tree
  • Lacks a safety harness

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Snug ‘n’ Secure Grow with Me Swing

The 2-in-1 Snug n Secure Grow with Me Swing from Little Tikes is a fantastic choice for kids who adore swinging. The swing blends both safety and comfort for a seamless swinging experience for your baby, and offers a range of useful features that parent will admire.

This swing comes with a T-bar and detachable fasting which can be adjusted or removed as the child grows. The T-bar rotates down to make placing or removing the kid from the swing easy, and has sit-tight shoulder straps that hold the child firmly in place. If your baby does not need straps or T-bar, the straps are stacked and conveniently stored at the bottom of the swing.

After assembling, the 2-in-1 Snug n Secure Grow with Me Swing measures 41.4 inches in length, 40.64 inches width, and 43.18 inches height. It is available as a multicolored product, and has a maximum weight of 50 lbs.


Easy-in hinged T-bar

Adjustable shoulder straps

Ideal for any swing set

Grows with the child

Easy to clean

7 feet max fall height protection


  • Has no anchors

Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climber and Swing

Another product from Little Tikes, the Hide and Seek Climber and Swing is a set that children enjoy playing with. The swing comes with a variety of play options, including a rock wall and a slide for extra fun and engagement. The slide’s gentle slope provides an exceptional soft landing.

The infant’s climber buoys up playing and imagination, making it an exceptional indoor and outdoor choice. It includes a swing fitted out with a three-point safety belt and a beginner-friendly rock wall to climb. Intended for backyard use only, the Hide and Seek Climber and Swing carries a maximum of three children, each with a maximum 45 lbs. weight.

It requires assembling, and the manufacturer recommends 12 months infants to children aged three years. When assembled, the swing measures 53.52 inches in length, 51.91 inches width, and 41 inches height. It weighs 27.5 lbs.


  • Includes a slide, swing, hide and seek hole, and a rock climber
  • Accommodates up to three kids simultaneously
  • Ideal for babies due to low swing and short slides
  • Works all by itself without the need for mounting


  • Engaging assembling process
  • Infants outgrow the swing quickly


Outdoor infant swings are a great addition to your home, and comes with great benefits for your child. All the listed are ideal choices, but the Easter Jungle Gym Bucket is my favorite, followed by Step2 Infant to Toddler swing. While they have their flaws, they offer more than you would expect from outdoor swings.

That’s all for today on the 14 best outdoor infant swing!

Best Remote Control Airplanes for Kids & Toddlers

Best Remote Control Airplanes for Kids & Toddlers

Remote control airplanes are perhaps the most exciting toys for kids and toddlers. No matter your age, it is still fascinating to purchase a radio control plane for your kid. Knowing this, it is no surprise to see the massive variety of remote control planes in the market. While it offers a chance to choose an easy to use and affordable remote control airplane for your kids.

The aim of this article is to provide you with the essential factors to consider when buying a remote control airplane and how to use them without a hassle. 

How to Fly Remote Control Airplanes

If you have purchased a remote control plane before, you have likely wondered if RC stands for “remote control” or “remote control”. Well, it does not really matter since both are correct. This is because RC planes essentially require radio control to fly.

Your kids will send signals when operating the plane from the transmitter (often referred to as “the radio”). The transmitter features a number of controls to operate the plane in your hands from takeoff to landing. The receiver picks up signals from the transmitter and relays them as commands to the different components on the plane. 

Some parents and kids prefer learning to fly remote control planes using trainers. No, not the trainer you are thinking of; a remote control aircraft with built-in mechanisms that makes the planes easy to control. RC airplanes can be quite expensive, and to avoid destroying them while learning how to fly them, RC “Trainers” are a perfect choice. 

Here are the basic steps you should follow when flying an RC airplane:

  • Check the plane transmitter: Use the transmitter to check whether the rudder and elevator controls are functional.
  • Check weather conditions: If you are going to be flying your RC plane outside, it is always wise to check the weather since the planes are made out of light material and can easily be carried away by strong winds.
  • Charge the batteries: Most RC planes use batteries to fly. Make sure to fully charge your RC plane’s batteries before taking them out for a spin for the best functionality. A full charge will offer you an average of 30-60 minutes of fun in the skies.
  • Check range: While the information on the range is readily available in the operator’s manual of your RC plane box, it is always wise to take the test your plane at different ranges. You will discover that the information is often overstated or understated. 
  • Check Sensitivity: Beginners are often sensitive to controls. Learning to use the controls lightly will help you better understand the controls and avoid crashes. Try to keep the plane parallel to the ground when flying it. Reduce the throttle when landing and your plane will gently glide on the ground with ease. 

How to Pick the Best Remote Control Airplanes

It is not wise to go through with the purchase of a remote control airplane without a clue of which features to look out for. To make your selection of the right RC airplane for your kid, here are a few factors to consider:

  • Design

You will want your RC plane to have a forgiving configuration. That means an aircraft that lends itself with ease so that you will not have to work hard to keep it stable. If you are looking for your first remote control airplane, make sure you get one with high wing configuration. A high wing design helps the plane attain greater stability in the air, ensuring your first attempts to fly your plane do not end up in a crash. 

It is also wise to consider generous dihedral on the RC plane’s wings. Dihedral is the angle of the wings elevation when looked at from the front of the plane. Wings with greater dihedral achieve stable flight with more ease. 

  • Power Type

With a lot of RC planes using internal combustion engines in the market, it is essential I advise you to get electric RC planes, especially if it is your first plane. They are cleaner, cheaper, and quieter. Furthermore, they are safer for flying in public areas. IC powered planes, on the other hand, are limited to the private ground or a club field. 

  • Number of Channels

There is really no need to load up on channels if this is your first RC aircraft. Typically, you will only need three channels to effectively pilot your RC plane and get a good idea of safely operating it. Ideally, it is best to buy a plane that gives you control of the rudder, elevator, and motor. 

  • Kit, RTF, or ARF?

By far, most beginners will prefer to purchase a Ready to Fly (RTF) plane. With RTF planes, more than 90% of the assembly has been done for you. All you will need to do is purchase a motor, battery pack, and transmitter then set them up and you are ready to go. It is much easier than it sounds.

People who love to set up their own planes will choose the kit. You will have to assemble the RC from scratch. If you love to roll up your sleeves, this is the best choice for you.

  • Make and Spare Parts

Everyone crashes, especially when they are novices. You will want to make sure that the RC plane brand you buy has sufficient spare parts and that they are easily available through online stores or at your local hobby center. RTF spare parts are generally cheap and straightforward to swap out if any damages happen. So when your RC plane crashes and bends or breaks something, just replace it and get on with flying. 

Reviews of the Best 8 Remote Control Airplanes for Kids and Toddlers

HobbyZone Sport Cub S RTF RC (Overall Best)

Top on our list is this tiny beauty. Though not as flashy as a handful of its more pricey counterparts, it is nonetheless a great RC plane. It tops the list because it is more self-contained, easily controllable in the air, durable, and easy to set up. You only need to remove the HobbyZone Sport Cub S RTF RC plane from its box, click a few buttons on and you are ready for takeoff.

With a LiPo battery, this RTF RC plane boasts endless hours of fun in the blue yonder. Moreover, it features Spektrum DSMX control technology, which enables it to admirably respond to commands even under difficult conditions to fly typical RC planes. With its extreme maneuverability, you will quickly be able to guide the RTF plane through climbs, turns, and aggressive hoops. If you are a novice, it is advisable to get the controls right before putting the plane through risky twists and turns. 

Quick, sturdy, and nimble, the HobbyZone Sport Cub S RTF RC is the ideal RC plane for people looking to make a hobby out of radio control airplanes. Confidently taking long strides in the sky, it is an excellent value toy to add to your kids’ gallery for years.


  • The four-channel control system offers total flying freedom
  • Durable LiPo battery offers long flights
  • Its innovative SAFE technology allows beginners to learn without crashing the plane
  • Excellent ground control with steerable tail wheel
  • Easy to pull the trigger for panic recovery mode


  • The battery life might be short

Get it on Amazon

FlyZone Seawind Electric Powered Remote Control Plane

The amphibious FlyZone Seawind Seaplane is every kid’s dream RC plane. It is also a joy even for serious RC planes enthusiasts to operate. With the ability to take off and land on virtually any surface, it is truly adaptable and durable. Its retractable water rudder enables you to stay upright when on the surface of the water. 

What’s more, this RC plane features a generous wingspan and brushless power; endowing the airplane with inconceivable maneuverability and control. Its flower flaps help improve the already flawless aerobatics, allowing the plane to be even more stable in the air. To top it all off, this RC plane features navigation lights imprinting the sense of realism while allowing you to track the plane easily even in difficult conditions.

Featuring a fully retractable landing gear, this RC plane allows the user to seamlessly shift between water takeoff and a concrete landing. Its design and make are very convincing and its motion features excellent stability. Hence the FlyZone Seawind Electric Powered Remote Control Plane is ideal for novice RC plane pilots as well as enthusiasts. While it might take you a while to get acquainted with the controls, a little practice will allow you to enjoy this incredible RC plane. It is worth every penny and second, you invest in it.


  • Built out of durable and lightweight material for a long lifespan
  • Features advanced balancing technology for smoother flights
  • Great wing design allows easy maneuverability and control
  • Flawless aerobatics allow it to be even more stable in the air


  • It requires quite a bit of assembly

Get it on Amazon.

ParkZone Night Vapor RTF Vehicle Remote Control

Featuring a simplistic and lightweight design, the ParkZone Night Vapor RTF RC plane is slow enough to actually fly indoors. Of course, you will need a sizable safe space in your house to fly the plane. However, you will also want to take this beautiful piece of joy where it shines most: outside. One of the most apparent of the hordes of features on this RC plane is the multi-colored LED lights that enable you to keep track of the plane even in the dark. 

Another impressive feature on the ParkZone Night Vapor RTF plane is its modular design, which allows much easier and faster repairs (if needed) and easy replacement of broken or worn out parts. It is hard to even for ardent RC plane pilots to find a downside on a plane that can fly outdoors as well as indoors. With its simple and fun flying design, it is a joy for all aviators to pilot this RC plane.

Whether you prefer flying your RC plane in the night, indoors, or the typical outdoor daytime flying, the ParkZone Night Vapor is bound to impress you. In many ways, Night Vapor is the ideal RC plane for kids as well as adults. Moreover, it comes at half the price of most models in this list, making it a steal as well. This one is the perfect entry ticket for anyone who would love to get a feel of RC flying, being quite straightforward to get acquainted with the controls and super lightweight.


  • Features a simplistic and lightweight design allowing it to be operated indoors as well as outdoors
  • It is more affordable
  • Its modular design allows easier repairs and parts replacements
  • Easy to learn how to fly


  • Can easily be carried off by winds

Get it on Amazon: 

GoolRC F949 Cessna 182

This one will have any ardent RC plane pilot aching to give it a try. The Gool F949 Cessna features a straightforward design for novice pilots yet powerful and highly maneuverable controls for experienced RC aviators. The F949 offers excellent value with its prices comfortably below your budget for a dinner for two at a nice hotel. With a sturdy build and readily available spare parts, the GoolRC F949 is a great choice to keep you, your kids, and perhaps your grandkids engaged in a quality piece of engineering.

The F949 is versatile, highly responsive, and able to retain stability even under difficult conditions. It offers an impressive 200-meter range for remote control, offering you close to half a kilometer for flying. This range is more than enough for most of the exhibitions you will need to put on. 

While it is small and seemingly cheap to set up, the GoolRC F949 is bound to raise a few questions on whether you should ever spend a dollar more on an RC plane. While most of the features it boasts are featured in most top-of-the-line models, there are plenty of factors on this tiny powerhouse that you simply cannot get enough of. If you are still testing the waters in RC aviation, the GoolRC F949 is the perfect choice for you. 


  • Features a powerful motor that offers excellent agility and speed
  • The three-channel control system offers sufficient control
  • Offers longer flying time (20 to 25 minutes on a full charge) S
  • Its lightweight design offers a smooth flight and prevents damage on the plane
  • Durable EPP composite materials


  • Problem with landing gear
  • Cannot efficiently handle windy conditions

Get it on Amazon.

HobbyZone Delta Ray RTF

Sturdy in almost every aspect of a high-performance RC plane, the HobbyZone Delta Ray RTF RC is incredibly fast, sleek, sturdy, and amazingly dependable. It features twin contra-rotating propellers to eliminate motor torque and offer you the most reliable combination of safety and strength. What’s more, this outstanding RTF RC plane boasts built-in beginner and intermediate modes to prevent unnecessary crashes from inexperience. This makes it the most ideal choice for people who are looking to get a feel of C plane aviation.  However, if you have already had hours of training, pull up your sleeves and set the controls to “experienced mode” and get ready to rumble. 

While its Delta wing design and control limitation modes make it a first-class trainer RC plane, the HobbyZone Delta Ray RTF has tons more to offer. To better acknowledge these sentiments, set it to “experienced mode” and pilot it on a windy day. Then you will be able to get a better idea of what this little badass can do.

It is quite apparent that the Delta Ray is comfortably among the best RC trainers on the market. However, once you have properly mastered its basics, there won’t be any need to spend any more money on a full feature RC plane. This one will train you, and offer you a real high-end experience with only a switch of modes. To top it all off, you have everything included in the purchase (including the transmitter). You just need to unpack it and get to take it for a swirl. 


  • Features SAFE mode that is great for beginners to learn flying RC planes
  • The panic button is convenient to get the plane back instability
  • Durable Z-foam construction material
  • The four-channel control system offers the pilot great control
  • Features AS3X gyro stabilization technology for smoother flights


  • Short flying span

Get it on Amazon here

PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone Controlled

The PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone controlled RC airplane does what none other on this list can: take commands from any smartphone. Its innovative Bluetooth technology easily transforms any smartphone into a remote control device. That way, you always and efficiently hold the power to start the PowerUp 3.0 and take it out for a spin. It also boasts a slew of features that make it worth its value including a compact and extremely lightweight design and durable build materials. 

Though this one will not be standing against premium RC planes on the market, it is designed to do just that. Providing the user with ultra-easy and dependable access to the controls of the plane, it is comfortably among the RC planes I would consider getting for my fun time. What’s more, the PowerUp RC plane provides beginners and novice aviators with a safe way to learn the ropes. Featuring both “beginner” and “advanced operation” modes, the PowerUp may very well be setting the new standard in entry-level RC planes. 

The PuwerUp 3.0 is your best bet to getting airborne in no time, irrespective of your level of expertise or budget. It is the perfect gift for kids with an interest in RC aviation and adults who need to take a few test rides before graduating to the top of the line models with a 5-foot wingspan. The PowerUp 3.0 will offer you at least 10 minutes of flight after every full charge, which is sufficient for most kids and toddlers. Moreover, the PowerUp 3.0 features Flight Assist Technology with compatibility for both iOS and Android. The PowerUp is the true definition of the 21st-century entry-level RC plane. 


  • Very affordable
  • Easy and fun to assemble and fly
  • Easy to fly for beginners
  • Powerful motor


  • Poor transmission range
  • Prone to damage since it is a paper airplane

Get it on Amazon here.

FlyZone DHC-2 Beaver

This FlyZone Beaver Seaplane is by far the easiest to assemble. Other than this convenient feature, it features a very impressive design, with a generous wingspan which makes it one of the most stable planes when operating it in the air. Moreover, this seaplane features a magnetic battery hatch, which makes it easy and convenient when changing the battery. With rather generous pontoons, its engine will never come into contact with water during your exciting takeoffs and landings.

Since the FlyZone DHC-2 Beaver RC plane is a Tx-R airplane, it can be controlled using a 2.4 GHz SLT remote control system. The good thing about that is there are plenty of varying manufacturers of those in the market so you won’t have a hard time replacing a broken controller. What’s more, you can attach a Tactic AnyLink2 to your transmitter (if you already have one) and transform it into a 24 Gz controller for your DH-2 Beaver. How great is that?

There is nothing really not to love about the DH-2 Beaver. It is beautifully designed, large enough for the ardent RC aviators, well-engineered, and stunningly brought to life. Built to last from AeroCell Foam, the bird also features a brushless 850 kV motor that proves strong enough to impress event the hardcore RC aviators. With a few slight modifications, you can fly this one with nearly any transmitter. Plus the whole plane is warrantied against defects. No matter how you look at it, the FlyZone DHC-2 Beaver is truly an outstanding RC plane. 


  • Easy landing and takeoff with choice for wheels or floaters
  • Beautiful design with tinted windows
  • The durable Aero Cell foam body withstands breaks outstandingly
  • Has a magnetic bottom hatch for storing the battery


  • Short flying span

Get it on Amazon here.

How to Buy Remote Control Airplanes

As you may have realized by now, the remote-controlled device market is currently highly competitive so it’s always great to support the independent local hobby shops around you whenever possible. In recent years, too many local hobby shops have been taken out of business by the large stores. Luckily, many retailers sell on Amazon these days. With the customer reviews section always available for each product, you can easily get a feel of the quality you are looking for in an RC plane. 

By following the links provided below all the products on our list, you will be redirected to Amazon’s page for the specific product. From there, you can add it to your cart and have it delivered to your address. That’s the 21st century for you; swift and convenient. You can begin your flight lessons with just a few clicks. 


Within the last 20 years or so, electric RC planes have gained popularity all over the world. The remote control plane available today is therefore light years ahead of its forerunners. The market is now flooded with all sorts of RC planes featuring diverse features from large wings to beautiful designs and powerful motors. It is quite easy to go wrong when choosing the right RC plane for you or your kids with the diversity on the show. I hope we have made the job tons lighter for you with the sample above. Enjoy and fly your planes safely.

10 Games to Play on a Trampoline

10 Games to Play on a Trampoline

If you have just been jumping in your trampoline and you wish you can add a few more tricks to alter your routine, below are some fun games that will take your trampoline fun a notch higher. Some games are for kids and others can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Dodge that

This game is fun if you have six people. One person throws and tries to bounce a softball off the others. The fun is watching all the players constantly trying to dodge the ball on the bouncy trampoline. You can add fun and challenge by adding more balls. The game helps develop coordination and balance.

Trampoline hot potato

In this game, all the players are in the trampoline jumping except one player who is outside on the ground. 

The player on the ground throws a softball at the jumpers who try to catch the ball. If a player misses the ball, drops it, or stops jumping, they get off the mat. The last player on the mat is the winner.

Bouncing air-catch

This game is about catching a softball in midair. To play, one player gets in the trampoline as another player throws the ball over the trampoline safety enclosure. The player in the trampoline is to try and catch the ball midair. The player who catches the most balls out of 10 throws wins. The game can be fun for the whole family to play on the trampoline.


This is one of the most enjoyable games when you have several kids in the trampoline. Have like five balls on the trampoline rolling around unpredictably as the kids jump around them. The balls are the ‘poison’ and must be avoided. Anyone touched by any of the balls dies (leaves the trampoline). The last person left in the trampoline wins.


This is a simple game that can have many variations added to create more fun. It is also more practical for trampolines with enclosures. Players compete blowing as many balloons as possible and throwing in the trampoline. For more fun, you can mark a balloon and have the players get into the trampoline one by one to try to look for the marked balloon. This is such an enjoyable game for kids and the whole family too.

Stealthy dead man 

This is another fun trampoline game when you have three to six players. One player assumes the role of the dead man and lies in the middle of the mat blindfolded. The dead man tries to touch the other players by rolling or crawling as they run away from him, but they should not jump over him. Whoever is touched plays the dead man.

Piggy in the trampoline

This is game requires three players. One player (Piggy) stays inside the trampoline while the other two remain outside and opposite each other. The two players outside the trampoline throw a ball over the trampoline between each other, and piggy bounces and tries to catch it midair. If Piggy catches the ball, the player threw the losing ball becomes the next Piggy.

Trampoline twister

The Twister is one of the fun trampoline games which challenges balance. You need three players. You can use some colored chalks to draw icons on your mat if your mat doesn’t have any icons. The game starts with the two players standing at the center of the trampoline mat while the third player stays outside and acts as the referee. Then, the two players inside must follow the referee command by standing or placing a body part on the called-out icon without falling over. The winner is the player who maintains balance the longest.

Bubble park

This game is perfect for bonding with your little ones (2-5 years olds). Sit in the trampoline with your child, you at one side, and your child at the center of the mat. Start blowing bubbles in all directions as your child tries to pop as many bubbles as possible before they fall onto the trampoline base. You can also let your child have a go at blowing the bubbles. This game is not about competition but bonding, which is very important for kids.

One, two, three sit

This game involves two to four people standing in the trampoline in a circle. One of the players starts counting out loud, “one, two, three,” and then shouts, “sit!” Everyone sits down simultaneously, causing some people to be sent flying in the air. The more you continue, the higher up you will be thrown, and it will seem as if you are flying. Just ensure no one is too close to the edge; otherwise, they might fly off the trampoline and get into an accident.

Best Trampolines for Gymnasts

Best Trampolines for Gymnasts

Trampoline’s history has remarkably taken shape following the admission as one of the Olympics sports that competitors across the world can train for. If you want to prepare your toddler or teen for a potential career in gymnastics, we’ve spent more than 50 hours comparing features of the trampolines we shortlisted for our 2020 list of best trampolines for gymnasts practice.

Best Trampoline for Gymnasts 2020: Happy Trampoline-Galactic

If you are in a hurry, Happy Trampoline-Galactic Xtreme is our overall best trampoline for gymnastics practice. It is the safest trampoline with commercial-grade galvanized steel We have a more detailed review below.

What size trampoline for gymnastics

You can use trampolines from 8-feet to 17-feet models to train or practice gymnastics.

Review for Best Trampolines for Gymnastics

#1. Happy Trampoline-Galactic Xtreme 8x 14-feet

Our top choice of trampolines for gymnastics is the Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme. This trampoline is made by Happy trampolines, an American company based in California since 1996. Their only specialty all these years is trampolines, so you can be sure they are very good at what they do. Besides rectangular trampolines like the one we recommend, they also make round and octagons shapes of all sizes. This brand, Xtreme is ideal for beginners and pro gymnasts.

The Galactic Xtreme 8 x14 is their smallest rectangular model, which is also available in larger sizes. It is also strong, amazingly bouncy, and very durable; three qualities that make it perfect for gymnastics.

In terms of strength (sturdiness), the trampoline has an extremely thick frame and legs featuring steel tubing with a thickness of 3mm and a diameter of over 2.4 inches, the thickest in the industry. With the frame so thick, you can be sure it won’t bend or warp under the pressure of jumpers. The company guarantees that it can support the up to 550 pounds jumping weight capacity. Additionally, the frame and legs have been galvanized inside and out to prevent rust and corrosion, enhancing durability.

For the bounce, the trampoline combines the power of 96 springs measuring 9 inches long and the USA-made Permatron mat to give exceptionally high bounce for the gymnastics.

Safety is also guaranteed using the tough high-grade polyester mesh for restraining the jumpers inside the mat, and a shock-absorbing steel frame padded cushion for maximum safety.

In terms of durability, the Galactic Xtreme trampoline comes with the longest warranty you have ever heard – a lifetime warranty for the frame, legs, and springs with the other parts getting two years.


  • Very durable
  • Best warranty deal ever!
  • High weight limit (550pounds)
  • Amazing bounce
  • High-quality construction overall
  • Easy assembly with instructional videos


  • Expensive

#2. Acon Trampoline Air 16 Sport HD

Our second best trampoline for gymnastics is the Acon air 16 sport HD. As you can tell, it is specially designed for sports so you can expect it has the best features to give gymnastics outstanding bounce moves. Acon trampolines are from Acon, a small business start-up that developed from a passion for trampolines. They made their first model Acon Air in 2003, and today they have grown internationally with a market from Finland to the United States, Canada, and Russia with their trampolines in major online stores.

First, the Acon Air 16 measures 10 x 17 feet, providing 120 square feet of jumping surface for the gymnastics to perform all their maneuvers.

Second, the trampoline features construction targeted for a great bounce. In particular, the enclosure net measures 126 inches high (to cater for those high flying flip moves), the mat is made from polypropylene and cross-sewn 10 times making it very flexible, and 140 high-quality steel springs to produce the best bounce ever.

The frame and legs are made using steel tubes measuring 2.4 in diameter and 0.1 inches in thickness. This makes the trampoline so sturdy enough that it can sustain an unlimited single-user weight limit.

A word of caution, though, is that the frame rises 40 inches from the ground, so it is safer to use the trampoline with the enclosure net although you can use it without if you are highly experienced.


  • Unlimited weight limit
  • Excellent bounce
  • Very high enclosure net (126 inches)
  • Great construction


  • Pricey
  • Very cumbersome to move around

#3. Happy Trampoline-Galactic Xtreme 14x 16-Feet

By now, you know just how great Happy trampolines are from our earlier review on Happy Galactic Xtreme 8 x 14 ft trampoline. Well, this next review is for one of their larger models and our third recommendation for gymnastic trampolines by Happy Trampoline. It measures 14 x16 feet with a polyester net enclosure measuring 9.5 feet high. You bet it is spacious enough to have several gymnastics doing their thing without crashing on each other. 

Aside from having a large bouncing surface, it has a sturdy construction that the company boasts will last you a lifetime! The frames and legs are the thickest and strongest in the industry. They are made using commercial-grade quality 3 mm steel tubing that is also double galvanized in and out to prevent rusting and corrosion. Additionally, the frame is fitted with Happy Trampoline’s patented Rails Supports instead of wielded joints commonly used in other trampolines, to further enhance stability and durability.

This 16′ gymnastic trampoline has 124 fully galvanized springs that are 9 inches long to withstand extremely high weights and remain rust-free as well.

The mat uses the USA made per matron polypropylene material that is super flexible for the perfect bounce. It also boasts a high quality 10 row of stitching to withstand up to 550 pounds of user weight.

And as with all Happy Trampolines, you get an incredible lifetime warranty for the frame, legs and springs and 2 years for the mat and net.


  • Large jumping surface
  • High-quality construction materials
  • Very durable
  • Lifetime warranty on springs and frame is unbeatable


  • Very pricey
  • Extremely heavy to move around
  • Lengthy assembly

#4. Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline

Skywalker trampolines are among the most popular brand names, mainly because their quality and pricing are great and we featured it on our overall best trampolines in the market. Skywalker Holdings have been around since 2004 and is committed to making trampolines with enclosures because they are convinced they are safest. They have a vast collection of trampolines in all shapes and sizes to choose from.

As you are well aware, rectangular trampolines offer the best bounce by design. Well, Skywalker has a beautiful 15 x 9 x 9 feet trampoline with a jumping surface of 92 square feet, enough for the gymnast to perform their tricks. The other thing we love about this model is it comes at a relatively affordable price ($1695.95) in comparison to others in its category, without compromising quality. These two are the reason it is our fourth best choice of trampolines for gymnastics.

The 15 feet trampoline has many impressive features. First, the frame and legs are sturdily built using galvanized steel for protection against rust as well. The springs are a mix of 80- 7 inches and 4- 5.5 inches that are 25mm thick. This helps the trampoline to support up to 250 pounds of user weight without crumbling. Also, the frame is further reinforced using T-sockets to prevent twisting over time.

Second, the enclosure net is patented to the jumping surface, closing any gaps that could cause injuries.

Also, this trampoline (and others from Skywalker) comes with a basket hoop so your young gymnast can have a variety of things to do for fun.

As you can tell, the Skywalker model is not for heavy-duty use because of the low weight limit, but it is ideal for a family setup where you are building your young gymnastic enthusiast.


  • Affordable pricing
  • A basket hoop is a great addition
  • High-quality construction


  • Mostly suitable for kids because of the low weight limit
  • The net and mat may not be durable

#5. JumpSport Alley

We all agree that rectangular trampolines are the go-to choice when you think about trampolines for gymnastics. By design, they have more space for gymnastics maneuvers, great bounce, and much higher weight limit than their round counterparts. Our next review is a round trampoline from JumpSport and the father of trampoline safety. Mark Publicover CEO of JumpSport is the founder of enclosure nets, and he has convinced us that around the model can work for gymnastics with the right innovations in place.

JumpSport AlleyOOP features fantastic innovations that have earned it a position on this list. For starters, it offers the best safety features a gymnast would need for their risky maneuvers. Unlike other trampolines, Alley OOP uses two mats, one placed on top of the other to create like a giant air pillow. This creates a shock absorption area that offers more forgiving landing by reducing the amount of stress placed on the body by half compared to ordinary trampolines. It also reduces the energy transferred between the body and jumping surface, reducing risks when there are multiple jumpers.

For a trampoline to qualify as a gymnastic trampoline, it must give an amazing bounce. The AlleyOPP uses a total of 192 springs, 128 springs on the primary mat, and 62 on the secondary mat. The spring power is complemented by the permeation mat with 10 rows of stitching, and all these features combined produces incredibly smooth and high return bounce.

Regarding warranty, JumpSport offers you the best deal ever! A lifetime warranty for the steel frame and poles, 10 years for the jumping mat and enclosure net, 5 years for springs, 2years for the trampoline pad, and 1year for the other components. As you can tell, it might be pricey, but it is a worthy investment.

The Alley OOP has a 250-pound weight limit. While this weight capacity is considerably low compared to what other gymnastic trampolines offer, it is still a decent option for most adults and teens.


  • Great safety features
  • Impressive bounce
  • Unbeatable warranty deal
  • Great construction


  • Pricey
  • Assembly takes time, but Youtube instructional video helps

#6. Skywalker 10 Feet Round

Although gymnastics require trampolines with large spaces, the 10 ft Skywalker Trampoline can be used as a mini gymnastic trampoline. It offers a jumping surface of 59 square feet, which in most cases, will suffice for gymnastic kids who are still too small to play on the big trampolines. Also, considering the size, it is ideal for family backyards to provide family fun time, which is never a loss in any case.

Like all SkyBound trampoline, this 10ft tramp is very sturdy thanks to the thick steel tubing used for its frame and w-shaped legs. And just like the bigger sister model we had reviewed earlier, it also features T-sockets to increase structural stability and prevent twisting.

For safety, the trampoline keeps its 64- 5.5 inches long springs outside the enclosure so that there is no chance the gymnast would ever land on the springs. Also, every area, including the poles, is properly padded, and the mat and enclosure net are patented with no gaps that would cause injuries.

As we have mentioned, this trampoline is most suitable for your enthusiastic gymnastic kids, so it is not surprising that it has a maximum weight capacity of 175 pounds.

Regarding warranty, you get three years for the frame and one year for all the other parts.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Great safety features
  • Affordable pricing


  • Low weight capacity which means kids outgrow it fast
  • The pad and netting might not last
Sleep Sense Review – Dana Obleman Sleep Program

Sleep Sense Review – Dana Obleman Sleep Program

Sleep Sense by Dana Obleman

sleep sense review by Ashley Davis, 10BabyGear

If you are parents whose life has been miserable because you have been sleep deprived since you brought home your bundle of joy, we are here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way. In this article, we will go through the sleep sense program by dana Obleman, a renowned infant sleep expert, and will share some insight and review of the program along with some tips to develop healthy sleeping patterns. I hope this guide will inform you of whether the Sleep Sense program is right for your baby and hopefully get your life back in the process.

About Dana Obleman/sleep sense consultant

Dana Obleman is the creator of Sleep Sense, a comprehensive guide to solve your child’s sleep problems. She is very experienced in the field from years of working full time as an infant and child consultant since 2003. Her expertise has gotten her featured as a guest on US national television, radio talk shows, and major newspapers among other prestigious programs.

What is sleep sense/ what is sleep sense training?

Sleep Sense is an easy-to-follow step by step program designed to solve sleep problems for infants and children up to 5 years. The program shows you everything you need to do for your child to sleep through the night as well as during naps. The program is suited for infants as well as toddlers.

How Sleep Sense works

Dana Sleep Sense is an online program containing various methods to choose from. The methods are customizable depending on your child’s age and personality.

The program is designed to help your child learn to sleep on their own without your assistance through props like rocking, nursing, giving them a pacifier, etc.

Sleep sense method(s)

Like many sleep experts in the market, you can only get details of Dana’s Sleep Sense methods if you purchase the whole package (eBook and videos) from the website or the Kindle version from Amazon.

That said, she has already guaranteed that the method is not ‘Cry it Out’ but says some crying is to be expected as a way of your child protesting to change.

In the course of our research, we came across what Dana calls Sleep “short cuts”, and we thought we could share with you. She says the shortcuts could be the only missing tricks for your child to sleep nicely.

Seven sleep shortcuts by Dana Obleman:

1. Watch the waking hours to prevent your child from being overtired, which she claims is the biggest enemy of sleep.

Below is her quick guide to how long your child should be awake between naps during the day:

  • Newborns (0-12 weeks)- 45 minutes of awake time
  • 3-5 months- 1.5-2 hours of awake time
  • 6-8 months-2-3 hours of awake time
  • 9-12 months- 3-4 hours of awake time
  • 13 months to 2.5 years- 5-6 hours of awake time

She recommends putting your child down for naps before they get too tired and says if you do this, they will fall asleep more easily at naptime and be more relaxed at bedtime too.

2. Keep your child’s room as dark as possible at night and during naps. Research shows humans, including babies and toddlers sleep better in the dark.

3. Give your child a predictable routine, not lasting more than half an hour. It helps them know when the time for sleep is coming

For example:

– bath (5 minutes)

– put on pajamas (5 minutes)

– sing some songs or read a story book (10 minutes)

– nursing or bottle feeding (10 minutes)

After finishing your bedtime routine, she suggests that you act boring by not participating in any games your child might want to play.

4. Only feed or nurse your child after naps to help break their feeding-sleep association. This association she says causes babies and toddlers think they must nurse or feed before they can fall asleep.

NB: Dana says the strategy is only for naps not and not bedtime since a full tummy is necessary to keep your child from waking in the night.

5. Try as much as possible to put your child down for sleep in the same place and at the same time every day. She says it can improve the length and quality of nighttime sleep.

6. Try the “1, 2, 3″ System

When your child wakes from a nap or sleep and starts fussing or crying, wait one minute before checking on them and keep lengthening to two or three minutes in the following days.

She says this allows your child to get themselves back to sleep without your help.

7. Ensure the five minutes before putting your child to bed are calming and relaxing. Don’t let them engage in exciting things like watching TV, tickle fights or other rowdy games.

Sleep sense consultant cost/Pricing 

Sleep Sense and consultations are available in three different packages to cater for every budget. Check out from our snapshot below how much the packages cost and what you get.

What age to start sleep sense (newborn, 1 to 12 months, for 4 months old? 

Dana says that the Sleep Sense program is relevant for all children from newborn, toddlers and preschoolers. She says, the earlier you start, the easier sleep training process will be.

When placing your order for the Sleep Sense program, you will choose from the following age groups:

  • 0-3 months
  • 4-6 months
  • 7-12 months
  • 12-24 months
  • 24 months and older

Sleep Sense Twins

When sleep training twins, Dana recommends putting your twins on the same schedule because their sleep needs are very similar.

If you are putting them down to bed or nap, do it at the same time, preferably in different rooms during the sleep training period. She says you can give your twins a 30 minutes allowance if one sleeps a little longer than their twin brother or sister. After 30 minutes, parents can try to rouse the sleeping twin.

Dana says naps are more challenging because the sleep is lighter and a bit more fragmented, giving a higher chance of one child waking up the other. Therefore, she recommends separating twins for naps indefinitely even if they share at bedtime. This is easier done during the day because more rooms are available. In the end, both babies will learn to get back to sleep on their own.

When your twins become great sleepers for about two to three weeks, you are at liberty to move them to be sleeping in the same room.

Baby naps

When it comes to naps, many parents complain that their babies do not sleep more than 20 or 30minutes. To get babies to nap longer, Dana has the following advice: 

First, make sure the baby’s room is dark. It might require you to tape, use blackout blinds, or sheets, whatever you must do so long as it makes the room dark.

Second, keep your child cozy and comfortable by dressing them in loose pants or jammies.

Third, do not feed the child before nap, instead, do it after. If that has been your primary sleep prop, switch feeding to another activity like diaper change, singing a song or reading a story book.

Though the Sleep Sense Program has a guideline for wake time for children based on different ages, Dana says you can add or reduce 15 minutes to see if it improves the quality of your baby’s nap. You might realize that maybe your child needs more awake time. The objective is not to let your child be overtired by the time you put them down for a nap.

Toddlers Sleep regressions

Toddler Sleep Regression happens when a toddler who has been sleeping well suddenly refuses to go to sleep, has more nightly awakening and might not go back to sleep for weeks.

According to Dana, it is a normal part of developing, and it is during this phase that your toddler will try to ‘test the waters’. She warns that toddlers will try to push the boundaries of their bedtime routines and observe their parents’ reaction. Most parents go on to give more incentives to try and make the child sleep- things like hugs and cuddles even after you already said good night the first, second and third time. According to Dana, this will only encourage the child to continue fussing or crying to get more of your visits, cuddles or whatever else you do.

The solution she offers is for you to carefully monitor how you respond and try to minimize your attention. For example, you can simply open the door say nighty-night and no cuddles, if your child still finds that rewarding enough to continue with their protest, then you reduce even more. For example, you could open the door and tell them nighty-night and that you won’t be going back into their room. Since they are already good sleepers, with time, they will give up trying to get your attention and sleep as before. Besides, it is a phase that will blow over.

The other issue Dana talks about concerning toddlers is when there is a newborn and toddlers feel all the attention is gone to the new little one. She says even parents might feel guilty about it and they start giving in to their toddler’s demands by pushing or removing sleeping boundaries like pushing bedtime later, allowing more time for play etc.

Dana recommends that if parents are feeling guilty, they should plan special outings and play with their toddler during the day, so he/she can feel secure and retain the same firmness around bedtime routines.

She says parents who remain consistent with their bedtime routines sail through toddler years much easily than those who give in.

Sleep sense vs Taking Cara Babies

Sleep SenseTaking Cara Babies
Created byDana OblemanCara
Recommended age0 months to 5 years0 months to 24 months
Content available  197 pages eBook14-day sleep coach videoPhone consultationPersonalized email supportBaby sleep boot camp video recordings60 page reference booklet90 minute videoPhone consultation
PricingFrom $47 to $129From $39 to $249
Warranty100% money back anytime30 day money back

Sleep sense vs little ones

Sleep SenseLittle ones 
Recommended ageDana OblemanNicky & Amanda
Age group covered0 months to 5 years0 months to 36 months
Content available  197 pages eBook14-day sleep coach videoPhone consultationPersonalized email supportBaby sleep boot camp video recordingsLittle one app for iOS and Android
PricingFrom $47 to $129From $59 for all programs
Warranty100% money back anytime90 day money back

Sleep sense vs Ferber

Sleep SenseFerber
Created byDana OblemanDr Richard Ferber
Recommended age0 months to 5 years4 months and above
Content available  197 pages eBook14-day sleep coach videoPhone consultationPersonalized email supportBaby sleep boot camp video recordingsThe method is accessible from the internet.It is a modified Cry It Out with timed check in increments.
PricingFrom $47 to $129Free 
Warranty100% money back anytimeN/A

Sleep sense vs Baby wise

Sleep SenseBaby Wise
Created byDana OblemanDr Robert Bucknam & Gary Ezzo
Recommended age0 months to 5 years0 months to 3months (infants)
Content available  197 pages eBook14-day sleep coach videoPhone consultationPersonalized email supportBaby sleep boot camp video recordingsAudio mp3 filesHard backPaperbackePub files
PricingFrom $47 to $129From $8.95 to $12.99
Warranty100% money back anytime

Sleep Sense vs Sleep lady shuffle

Sleep SenseSleep lady shuffle
Created byDana OblemanKim West
Recommended age0 months to 5 years6 months and above
Content available 197 pages eBook14-day sleep coach videoPhone consultationPersonalized email supportBaby sleep boot camp video recordingsKindle version Paperback
PricingFrom $47 to $129From $11.99 to $14.25
Warranty100% money back anytime

Sleep Sense app

Sleep Sense by Dana Obleman does not have an app but an eBook and video from the website. You can also get the Kindle version from Amazon.

Sleep sense clothing (night shirts, nightgown, lounge cardigan, loungewear, and flannel pajamas)

You can get Sleep Sense sleepwear for you and your child from major stores like Dillards, eBay, and Posh Mark.

Sleep sense book and blog (include free download link if you can find or link to PDF)

If you wish to have a Sleep Sense eBook, you can follow this link to get it at 30% discount, and you will also get access to the Sleep Sense blog.

Sleep sense mattress

Sleep Sense mattress by Spring Air International features an innovative inner core construction designed to relieve pressure from the body’s high-pressure areas and provide lower back support for a comfortable and restful sleep.

Its superior core construction is combined with gel-infused memory foam or natural latex to provide support and cooler temperatures throughout the night.

Sleep sense Meg Faure

Meg Faure is an occupational therapist based in Cape Town, South Africa. She has teamed up with several health experts like an obstetrician, midwife, allergy specialist, and pediatric dietician to write several parenting books, including Sleep Sense. Meg’s Sleep Sense book details a practical and gentle method to help all children from newborns to preschoolers to sleep well at night as well as develop healthy sleep practices that will promote a good mood, learning, and lifestyle. It also includes an age-related troubleshooting section, where parents can find quick fixes in desperate times. It is retailing at the price of R 170.00 from the website and while at it you can also check out her other books like Pregnancy Sense, Baby Sense, Weaning Sense, Feeding Sense, and Allergy Sense.

Sleep Sense night waking

If your child is experiencing night wakings, Sleep Sense teaches you to make sure you break any prop association for the child to start sleeping well.

Also, make sure your child is not already too sleepy or asleep when you put them to bed.

The other area you might want to check is, are you doing something different? Like at bedtime he falls asleep on his own but when he wakes up later in the night you rock, or feed him to sleep. This may cause the child to continue depending on those props to sleep. 

Sleep Sense night feedings

Sleep Sense teaches that if a baby is healthy and gaining weight, there isn’t much reason why they should need night feeds after the 6th month.

The best way to get a deal to go about it is to stop letting your baby fall asleep while she’s feeding. You can change things a bit so that if feeding used to be the last part of his nightly routine, push it to sometime before, and then after feeding, read a story or a song for example and put him down to sleep when still awake.

Sleep Sense Weaning

According to Dana, children are just like adults; they will sometimes eat not because they are hungry, but because food is readily within reach. She says that it’s not because the child is hungry, that they want to be weaned at night; instead, it’s just a habit. And that they will happily accept a feed for as long as you’re going to offer it.

The only solution she offers is going about it cold turkey. She says it is the best and fastest method to stop this habit. Otherwise, trying to wean down by minimizing the amount of feed or the duration will only confuse the child and prolong the whole process. If your child was already a good sleeper, even when night time weaning is stopped, it won’t be long before they are back to sleeping through the night.

The other reason for a child needing to be weaned in their sleep is if they have not developed good sleep skills, and she is still relying on bottle-feeding or breastfeeding to sleep. When they wake periodically just like everybody else, they will rely on you to help them get back to sleep. In this case, it is not about food; it is a sleep strategy.

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