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Extra Wide Gliders Reviews 2021

Are you looking for an extra-wide glider? These are hard to come by as most gliders are designed with a width of between 18 to 20 inches, which is only comfortable for the average-sized person.

If you are plus size, nursing, or with twins, a narrow gliding chair will not do for you because it won’t give you room for you and your baby, blankets, and all the other things you need while cuddling, feeding, or reading to your baby. Plus, even if you fit inside one, you will be squished and uncomfortable, unable to move your body freely. That is why you must get yourself an extra wide glider.

As we said, finding extra wide gliders is not easy, but not to worry because we have searched in moms forums and the market to come up with a shortlist of the best extra wide gliders available. Besides considering the width, we also made sure to select based on comfort, durability, aesthetics (designs and colors that can blend well with most families’ decor), ease of cleaning, and extra features like swivel, massage, recliner function, etc.

Here are the best extra wide gliders you can find:

Reviews of Extra-Wide Glides In the Market

1. High Weight Massage Recliner Chair with Footrest

This chair is a massage seat, a glider, a recliner, and it swivels 360 degrees, so you are getting a lot of value here, considering it is going for less than $300. That is why it was our top choice. The second reason was that it is really wide, so plus size people and nursing moms have plenty of room to maneuver themselves and their arms comfortably. And with a high weight limit of 320 pounds, you can tell it was designed with plus people in mind.

For moms having lower back pains and sore muscles, this massage chair uses heat and vibrations to relieve all of the soreness away. Plus, even without using these, it is generously padded even on the armrest so you can sit for long hours without having any pain.

The chair is designed with faux leather upholstery, making it look stylish in your living room, study, bedroom, or even nursery, and you can choose either the black or brown finish, which is lovely too. Faux material is also easy to wipe off whenever something spills on the seat.

If you are looking for a glider with a swivel, recliner, and heated massage at a good price, this chair gives you the best deal.


  • Can glide, swivel, recline and has a massage function
  • A comfortable amount of padding
  • Faux leather that is soft yet durable and easy to clean
  • Nice design and color to match the study or office
  • Includes ottoman
  • Great value for money


  • Stressful and lengthy assembly because instructions are not clear
  • Recline has limited adjustability
  • Heat is very mild

2. Bonded Leather Rocker Recliner Living Room Chair

For those looking for a living room-style recliner rocker that is extra wide, this leather seat is a great option. It rocks back and forth in the seating or reclining position to give you a cozy, relaxing spot to soothe your baby to sleep or even unwind at the end of a hard day. It also has a locking mechanism to prevent it from moving when you don’t want to, like when you are trying to get up and don’t want to wake your baby.

Besides having a wide seating area, it also has a tall backrest which is good news for tall people because it provides them with head support which most gliders don’t have chairs. 

As for the cushioning, it feels comfortable.


  • Modern and attractive
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Easy assembly
  • Comfortable
  • Great price
  • Fabric can be easily wiped in case of a mess


  • May not last; the leather feels stiff and likely to rip, and some people have had their seat broken after only a few months

3. Baby Relax Double Rocker

Although this rocker is advertised with a weight capacity of 225 pounds, many reviewers say it is extra spacious and sturdy enough to sit even two adults or an adult with two toddlers sitting side by side. This is impressive, but for safety, we recommend following manufacturers’ weight limit recommendations.

This is the kind of chair you can have as a staple in your family because it looks classy and durable. You can use it when feeding and rocking your baby, and when they are grown, you will still have plenty more years to use it in your living room.

As a mom, you will love this chair because it has firm yet cozy cushions, extra wide space to allow feeding and great support for the neck and back. And also because the fabric is dirt-resistant and will need just a wipe whenever the baby makes a mess.

The chair is available in two neutral shades that coordinate well with most nurseries and living rooms.


  • Wide enough to seat a parent with two toddlers
  • Comfortable upholstery
  • High quality


  • Rocking ability is mediocre
  • Takes up quite a bit of space

4. Esright Grey Fabric Rocker Modern Rocking Chair

If you need a swivel chair, a glider, and a recliner, you can get all these and more with this chair. Esright modern rocking chair is not particularly very wide, but it has a few inches more seating space than other gliders. It has extra thick padding on the cushion and armrest, so it is super comfortable. Moreover, each armrest has a cup holder and a side pocket so you can keep your drinks, baby bottle, remote, and phone close.

This chair has a massage function with different vibration levels and heating, so again it will give you a relaxing experience at the end of the day from work or tending to your kids. To relax, even more, you can recline the chair to a nearly lying down position (140 degrees) to shut your eyes as you unwind. There is an easy pull strap, on the inside of the right armrest, for reclining. This may be awkward if you are used to other chairs that use a lever on the outside of the armrest, but you will get used with time.

If you were looking for a glider that you can repurpose and use in different rooms, this seat is designed to suit any place with an attractive, modern design and grey and coffee finish options that blend in many homes seamlessly. 


  • Attractive modern design that can match your nursery, living room, bedroom, and any other room in the house
  • Allows you to rock, glide, recline and rest your feet
  • Provides back massage with heat and vibrations
  • Easy to assemble with simple instructions
  • Firm but comfortable cushions


  • It can take a bit of push with the legs to get the seat to return back to an upright position
  • Cup holders are small, so they can’t fit bigger cups

5. Pink Glider Recliner

A rocker, glider, and recliner seat, you can make this chair your sweet spot when you want to relax. The pretty pink color can be a good match for a nursery theme, or you can choose neutral colors like charcoal, shell, fawn, and various shades of grey, which would look amazing in your bedroom, living room, or study.

If you are set to chill and relax, this seat will not disappoint you. The cushions are extra thick, and the seating space is also roomy, so you can just sink in, close your eyes and relax. Because the chair is electric, you don’t need to fish for levers hidden beneath cushions; there is a button to press on the side of the armrest to transform this chair from upright to near-flat recline. Also, you can charge your phone from a USB charging port built-in right on the seat, which is highly convenient when you are relaxing but still want to do stuff on your phone.


  • Rocks glides, reclines, and swivels
  • Convenient phone charging built-in system and side pockets
  • Fabulous finishes and modern design that blend well with the rest of the house
  • Easy set up with no tools required


  • Expensive

5. Extra-Wide Swivel Glider

The Babyletto Tuba is not only gorgeous, but it is also one of the widest glider seats in the market with a 300-pound capacity. Most gliders provide about 18 to 20 inches of seating space, but this seat has about 26 inches of seating space when you measure the space between the inside of both arms, so you have plenty of elbow space.

Besides providing you with smooth gliding motions, Babyletto Tuba is also a swivel chair, allowing you easy access to other things in the room that you need, like your phone, without standing and disturbing your sleeping baby.

In terms of comfort, this chair has nice padding that feels like you are sitting in a cloud and comes with a lumbar pillow. If you have back pain, which is common with postpartum moms, having this will give you great support and keep you comfortable.

The quality is impressive; the fabric is woven polyester poly-fiber that is chemical-free and easy to clean, and the cushions are firm, supportive, soft to the touch, and don’t sink over time. You can expect this chair to last for years.


  • Wide enough to fit an adult with two kids
  • Glides back and forth and side to side
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Includes lumbar pillow
  • Easy to clean fabric
  • Comes assembled
  • Blends perfectly with most decors


  • Doesn’t recline

7. Outdoor Patio Wide Rocker Chairs

This last one is a 3-piece Patio rocker chair and table set that you can use indoors when feeding or rocking your baby to sleep. Or put it outside to create the perfect setting for you and your partner or friend to relax and chat while enjoying a drink.

You can expect these chairs to last because they are made from hard-wearing, resin wicker that is weather-resistant, and a steel base that can hold up to 250 pounds weight. With firm cushions and extra-wide seating space of 24 inches, this chair is comfortable for all. It rocks smoothly back and forth and sits low to the ground so that even the short people can rest their legs on the floor. There are also adjustable screws at the bottom that enable you to adjust the swing range to your comfort.

These are very elegant chairs that will look amazing on your patio. They are available in three lovely colors: beige, grey, and brown. You will also love to know that they are also easy to clean because the back and seat cushions come off for washing.

  • Elegant design that looks good for the front porch

  • Great quality for durability

  • Has adjustable swing range

  • Easy to clean

  • Great pricing

  • Easy to put together

  • Lack arm cushions, so they are not the comfiest for nursing moms

Best Moses Baskets

A newborn spends as much as 18 hours sleep, which is why parents expecting their new arrival make sure to get a cozy and safe bed. 

But, there are so many sleep options out there from bassinet, crib, Moses basket, sleep pods, often making the new parents wonder, which one should I choose? In our experience, the Moses basket is the coziest of them all! That is why it has been used by moms all over the world for centuries in the past until now.

If you are looking for a Moses basket we have prepared a handy guide explaining how to use it, how to clean it, why you need it, as well as the best Moses baskets models you could find in the market.

Why do you need a Moses basket

When choosing a suitable bed for your baby, a Moses basket has a lot to offer babies and parents alike. Here’s are the reasons;

  1. It is comforting

The small size and shape of the interior of a Moses basket are designed to mimic the familiar enclosed and safe environment of the womb, which makes little ones feel comfortable, safe, and secure as they sleep.

  1. It helps promote closeness with the parent

The first months of your baby’s life are important for bonding; that is why it is recommended that the baby sleeps in the same room as you for at least the first six months. With the Moses basket, your baby can sleep right next to your bed at night for easy feeds and bonding while remaining in her own cozy and safe space.

  1. It is lightweight and portable

Your baby will be spending most of the day sleeping, and you need to keep a close eye on them even as you go about your day. A Moses basket is lightweight and portable with a handle so you can carry it along and provide a cozy sleeping spot for your baby wherever you are.

  1. It is available in a variety of materials and designs

When choosing a Moses basket for your baby, you can choose from a variety of basket materials from wicker, palm, maize leaves, knit fabrics, etc. You can also choose colorful or neutral or even open or hooded versions. You can also select an option with a stand, or soothing features like vibrations or rocking stand, etc. Whatever your preference, there is a Moses basket that can meet your needs.

  1. It looks beautiful 

Made using natural materials like wicker and palm leaf and the knitted design, Moses baskets look delicate yet classic and make a stylish addition to any home. And when your baby has long outgrown theirs, it can still be used in various ways.

Standard Size of Moses Basket

Moses baskets sizes vary depending on manufacturer, but the average basket measure 32′ long x 15.5′ wide x 12′ high (83cm long x 40cm wide x 30cm high).

Factors to consider when purchasing a Moses basket

If you are going shopping for a Moses basket, here are some features you need to consider:

  1. Size

Generally, Moses baskets are not large like, say, a crib, but you need to make sure you have enough space next to your bed as well as any other place you plan on putting it for daytime naps.

  1. Safety

Moses baskets are recommended as safe by children’s health experts, but you need to make sure that the handles are sturdy and that they fall open outside from the baby, especially if you are buying a second-hand one. Also, always make sure to put the baby on their back for sleep and with no additional beddings, pillows, soft toys, or any other items inside.

  1. Stand

Some Moses baskets do not come with a stand, and you don’t have to buy the stand as you can place the basket on the floor. But, a stand is useful for raising the baby higher, making it easier to pick up the baby or put them down for sleep. By raising the baby to your bed level, you will be able to pick her up easily at night. You may also choose a rocking stand, which will help you rock your baby to sleep without straining your arms and back.

  1. Portability

The best Moses basket is one that you can easily move from room to room as your baby naps during the day. So choose a lightweight Moses basket with sturdy handles.

  1. Basket material

Decide whether you want a sturdy Moses basket made from hard-wearing materials or from softer cozy knit fabric.

  1. Ease of cleaning 

As usual, you need to make sure that the mattress is easy to clean to remove any messes. A waterproof mattress is, or washable mattress is ideal.

Best Moses Baskets Reviews

Moses basket with stand-Shnuggle Dremi Moses basket

The Shnuggle Dremi is a stylish contemporary Moses basket that comes with a stand to keep the baby at eye level, so it is easier to check on her and pick her up at night from your bed. The stand has two settings to allow use in rocking or fixed modes, and it can also be folded away conveniently when not needed.

An important thing to note about the Shnuggle Dremi is that it is bigger than other Moses baskets, so you need quite a bit of space. But, it is light and easy to carry around the home. The quilted mattress and ventilated base will keep your baby comfortable throughout the night.

Moses basket with rocking stand- Mack+Milo Alysha Moses basket with stand

This is one of the most luxurious Moses baskets. It has a chic and charming design that makes it a stylish addition to your home. It is made from durable wicker material and comes with luxurious soft beddings as well as a mattress.

It has a rocking stand that rocks gently from side to side to help soothe your baby to sleep so your arms can get a rest. However, it does not have a setting to stop it from rocking, so that is something to keep in mind.

Moses basket with wheels-Chicco Baby Hug 4-in-1

Chicco Baby Hug is one of the few Moses basket versions that come with wheels to make it easy for you to take around your house. The wheels are lockable to prevent rolling away accidentally, which would put your baby at risk of injury.

Chicco Baby Hug is a highly versatile modern Moses basket designed to adapt to the growing needs of your baby. It works as a day or night crib for the first few months, and the electronic toy bar plays lullabies to help your baby drift to sleep. It converts from crib to recliner, and from six months, your child can use it as a high chair. And when they become a toddler, it also becomes their first chair giving you great value for money. 

One thing to note is that it doesn’t come with a mattress, and it also may be cumbersome to carry up and down the stairs.

Moses basket with canopy-Purflo PurAir breathable bassinet

Purple PurAir breathable bassinet is one of the best Moses baskets we have in the market because it comes with tons of useful features to help soothe the baby and a hood to shield your baby from bright lights when they are sleeping. The hood also folds down to give you quick access when picking the baby.

The bassinet has a soothing center that plays lullabies and nature sounds, and it also has two vibration modes and a nightlight. Underneath, there is also a storage basket to put some handy baby items within easy reach.

Moses basket with mattress-The Little Green Sheep Natural Knitted Moses basket

The Little Green Sheep Moses basket looks simple, but it is so beautifully designed using woven natural palm leaf and a knitted liner that makes it so warm and cozy and prevents the baby from being scratched by the rough interior of the basket. But even more impressive is that they included a high-quality mattress made from natural and chemical-free materials to ensure the highest safety for the baby.

One of the things we noted is that the interior is not very spacious compared to other Moses baskets, so your little one might outgrow it quicker. Also, you will need to buy a stand separately.

How much is a Moses basket

Moses baskets vary from as low as less than £50 to more than over £3000.

Moses baskets alternatives

Though Moses baskets are loved by many, they may not work for everyone’s needs and luckily, there are also many alternatives that could become your baby’s favorite place to sleep. Suitable alternatives for the Moses basket include

Sleeping pods- these are small mattresses with padded sides and can easily be carried around the home for naps.

Cribs- these are small beds made of wood and may rock or glide to help settle the baby. They have more longevity than Moses basket because they grow with your child.

Bedside cribs/co-sleepers –these are bassinets or cribs that you set beside your bed. They make it easy to attend to your baby’s needs without getting off your bed. Modern Moses baskets- if you do not like the traditional woven wicker, you can choose modern options that use palm leaves or fabric over frame.

Moses Basket Vs Bassinet Vs Crib Vs DockAtot Vs Others

What is a Moses Basket – is it worth it?

Moses basket is a small baby bed in the form of a basket with handles and a mattress. Its stand-out feature is its traditional appearance with a woven design. The weave material can be from cornhusks, palm, or wicker material. Its use dates back thousands of years.

This basket is small and therefore only accommodates infants up to 3 or 4 months, depending on the baby’s weight, height, and mobility level. Your baby should stop using it once they can pull themselves on their hand, roll over, or crawl (whichever comes first).

Moses baskets are often expensive, especially if you consider that your baby will only be able to use them for only the first few months (up to about 20 pounds). But many families also buy second-hand Moses baskets because they are relatively cheap. A new Moses basket usually includes a foam mattress, fabric cover lining, set of beddings. There are also options with a stand and others with a hood.

Perhaps you are wondering if it is worth buying a Moses basket and our answer is yes! And the reason is simple. Moses basket is smaller, cozier than a crib (which are too massive for a newborn), lightweight, and portable enough to be carried around your home so that your baby can nap wherever you are, ensuring they stay at your side so you can keep an eye. And at night, the Moses basket is safe for your baby to sleep and stays by your bedside where you can easily reach out and pick your baby for feeds without straining.

Moses Basket vs Bassinet

Moses baskets are very similar to bassinets. They both are small beds suitable for babies up to 4 months and can be used for overnight sleep.

However, Moses baskets are easy to move around the house because they are lightweight and have carry handles. On the other hand, bassinets are usually fixed to a stand or legs, so they are not quite as portable. But, there are a few exceptions that have caster wheels for portability.

One of the greatest advantages of bassinets is that they come with lots of other convenient features, while traditional Moses baskets are limited in design. Most bassinets have storage pockets, canopy, and others have caster wheels. Some bassinets are designed with features that help entertain and soothe babies, such as rocking motions, vibrations, lullabies and white noise, and lights. Some bassinets can be used for co-sleeping with a lowering side. Co-sleeping with a Moses basket on your bed is risky as you can roll over on your baby. Still, you can use a Moses basket beside your bed with a stand.

If you also value products made from natural and environmentally friendly materials. In that case, Moses Basket is ideal for you as they are usually made from palm leaves, wicker, and corn husks, which are natural materials. Bassinets are usually made from different types of materials such as wood, plastic, wicker, and even metal.

Choosing between a Moses basket and bassinet is not easy; you will have to decide which one is more practical depending on your most important needs. Is it for co-sleeping? Do you need it to be easy to move around the house? Would you like extra features? Etc. From a financial point of view, neither option is favorable as both can only be used for the first four months of life. You should also know that bassinets are usually more expensive than Moses baskets.

Moses Basket vs Crib

Both Moses basket and crib provide a safe sleeping spot for babies. But, Moses basket is a portable bed while a crib is not portable at all.

Cribs are baby beds usually made of wood, and they are bigger and more sturdy than the Moses basket. They have rails on the sides and slats that let you see your baby while lying in bed instead of the solid wall panel of a Moses basket.

Being larger and spacious than a Moses basket, a crib can be used for longer until your baby shows the potential of climbing out. Some cribs, however, are also convertible to use as a toddler bed, thereby giving more value for money. Cribs are more expensive than Moses baskets and often require you to buy a mattress and bedding separately, which adds to the cost.

A Moses basket is better if you are looking for a portable bed option while a crib is ideal if you want a bed with longevity.

Moses Basket Vs Dock-a-tot

Dock-a-tot is a relatively new baby lounger that is designed to provide a comfortable spot for your baby to lounge, play, do tummy time and even get their diapers changed. It has two sizes options: for babies (0 to 9 months) and bigger toddlers (9 months to 36 months). Moses basket is a baby bed for babies up to 4 months.

What’s great about the Dock-a-tot lounger is that it has a spacious center, a padded bottom, and cushy sides, so it surrounds your baby with comfort. Like the Moses basket, it can be placed on the floor, and it would still feel comfy. Even better, you can also put the smaller Dock-a-tot lounger inside the Moses basket, making it easy to pick up and move around. You can also raise your baby off the ground by putting the Dock-a-tot and Moses basket duo up on a Moses basket stand!

While the Moses basket is safe for sleeping, Dock-a-tot is not because of the thick padded sides, which increase the risk of suffocation. That said, it provides a comfy spot to play and nap with supervision.

We recommend the Moses basket between the two because it’s easily portable, cheaper, and can be used for overnight sleep without putting your baby at risk. But, if you are looking for just a cozy spot for play that your baby can use as they grow then Dock-a-tot is ideal.

Moses Basket Vs Halo Bassinet

Halo bassinet is a top choice for moms. It is the only bassinet in the market that can swivel 360 degrees to bring the baby close to you while in bed. Most new moms love this bassinet. It makes tending to the baby less strenuous because it works as a bedside bassinet.

The Halo sits on a heavy base which is not easy to move, but the bassinet is detachable, allowing you to move around the house easily, just like the Moses basket. It is spacious enough to accommodate your baby up to 6 months, while the Moses basket can only be used up to 4 months. It also has additional features such as vibrations, storage pockets, etc. Price wise the Halo is many times more expensive than the average Moses basket.

If you are choosing between the two, the Moses basket is cheaper, but the Halo has more longevity and offers more useful functions.

Moses Basket vs Sleepyhead

Sleepyhead is the baby lounger from Sweden, which is known in the US as Dock-a-tot. Apart from new prints, it functions like the Dock-a-tot, so you know it’s more of a safe and cozy playing spot for your child than a sleeping solution, unlike Moses basket.

Moses Basket vs Baby nest

Moses basket is a lightweight basket baby bed that is easy to bring along at home. Since it has a firm sleeping mattress, it is suitable for overnight sleep and can also be attached to a stand to raise the baby off the floor.

Baby Nest is a type of baby lounger. It is lightweight and easily portable around the home too. Baby nest fits on any stable surface, providing a convenient way to keep your baby cozy, safe, and close as you attend to other stuff. It has thick raised edges, creating a comforting and secure feeling for your baby, but this also means it is not safe for sleeping.

The main advantage of the Moses basket over the baby nest is that it is safe for overnight sleeping, and it can also be attached to a stand. The baby nest can only be used for supervised naps and play, but it is not designed to be attached to a base.

On the other hand, baby nests can be used longer than Moses baskets until 6 to 9 months.

How to clean Moses Basket

From the sweat, tears, blowouts, and milk spills, and other messes, Moses baskets collect a lot of dirt, bacteria, dust mites, and other crawlies. To prevent this and keep your new Moses basket looking fresh, you need to clean it frequently. First, remove the dirty bed sheet and wash using antibacterial laundry detergent in a hot water cycle while following the washing instructions. Then use an antibacterial spray on the basket frame and a washcloth to wipe it down, remove any dirt particles, and let the basket air dry. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove trapped dust and debris that you can’t reach.

How to use a Moses Basket

The Moses basket is a great first baby bed. You just need to assemble and then place the baby for sleep. You may also need to place it on a stand so you can raise it to level with your bed to keep the baby close and easily accessible when you need to lift her out at night for feeds.

Whenever you need to move to the living room, kitchen, or any other place in the house, remove your baby from inside and take the Moses basket with you. This way, your baby can enjoy naps no matter where you are, even outside in your backyard.

Once your baby is ready to transition to a cot or crib, you can use the Moses basket inside for a few days to help them get used to the new sleeping surroundings gradually, which will be less stressful.

And when no longer needed for sleep, the Moses basket is a versatile product that you can use as a laundry basket or keep in your baby’s nursery to store blankets or toys. You can also keep it to use with a future sibling, or give it to a friend or family member who is expecting. Remember to replace the mattress if using with another baby or a future sibling for safety and hygiene reasons.

Isofix Vs Latch Vs Belt Vs Isofit Vs Others

Isofix Vs Latch Vs Belt Vs Isofit Vs Others

When it comes to child safety car seats, you have probably heard many confusing new words being thrown around, and one of them is Isofix.

In this article, we will discuss what it’s all about and answer questions that most people ask in relation to Isofix vs others.

What is Isofix

ISOFIX stands for International Standard Organisation Fix. Iso fix is an internationally standardized car seat fitting system that provides an alternative means of securing your child’s car seat or base without the needing to use a vehicle seat belt.

The system uses two clips that automatically connect the child car seat to two Isofix brackets, which are welded onto the chassis of a vehicle (the gap between the bottom of the seat and backrest). Depending on the car seat, it may also use a tether or leg load.

With this system, you just need to push the metal prods extending from the base or car seat onto the Isofix bracket until you hear an audible click, making for a simple, secure and fast installation. This installation method is especially convenient if you need to keep taking your child’s car seat in and out or frequently needing to switch it between cars.

By law, all new car models manufactured after 2014 must-have Isofix brackets and also have a third point where you can secure a strap, also known as a top tether, which prevents a child’s car seat from rotating in times of a crash. Depending on the car model, the tether strap point may be located on the floor, car’s pillar, or the back of the adult seat.

Some older cars may have Isofix brackets but not a tether strap point. However, it may still be possible to use Isofix on such a car if it has a support leg to make the third point.

The Isofix system covers both Infant (Group 0/0+) and toddler (Group 1) seats. More details on Isofix’s Wikipedia page here.

History of Isofix

Since the first car entered the market, modifications were made and restraints put in place to protect adults, but there was not much regard for children. In fact, the first child seat was a booster seat designed not for safety but to raise the child to a height that the driving parent would easily see them. The first child safety seat became available in 1960, and even in the decades that followed, it wasn’t a requirement by law to use one.

Manufacturers of child restraints then realized that the three-point seatbelts varied greatly in vehicles and that many parents were installing their seats correctly. They decided to design the Isofix mounting system to try and get their child car seats installed effectively in as many vehicles as possible.

The Isofix system was introduced in 1997, after a joint development effort by Britax-Romer, a car seat maker, and Volkswagen who installed the Isofix in their fourth-generation Golf. Later in 2002, it was implemented in the US and in 2004 by the EU. It remains the standard in European cars as Isofix and in American and Canadian cars as LATCH system. In 2014, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) approved Isofix to be used in Australian roads.

European isofix system

European isofix system

Are Isofix car seats safer?

Research by independent bodies shows that Isofix mounted seats are incredibly safe. Instead of relying on the vehicle’s seat belt, a child’s car seat is fixed directly onto the child seat base. This highly minimizes the child’s car seat movement in the event of an accident, especially during a side impact.

According to research by Maxi-Cosi, 94% of parents use Isofix correctly. This is because one simply has to click the Isofix connectors in to install the car seat firmly.

Plus, almost all Isofix seats have green and red indicators to show you have installed the child car seat correctly. When you also factor in the top tether strap or a metal load leg, anti-rebound bar in some car seats, the Isofix system becomes incredibly secure. And, you can also secure booster seats permanently with Isofix.

Are Isofix car seats better?

Research by Independent bodies shows that the Isofix mounting system is very secure. Instead of using a seat belt, the child car seat is fixed directly onto the vehicle’s body, greatly reducing movement in case of an accident. And the other advantage is that they are so simple and fast to fit.

Isofix vs latch

Both Isofix and LATCH are systems for the rigid installation of child car seats. Isofix is mainly used in European cars, while the LATCH system is used in the US and Canada cars.

LATCH stands for Lower Anchor and Tethers for Children. It has been a safety requirement to use on all cars and child car seats in the US since September 1st, 2002.

The Isofix system includes slots built into the car seat frame. The LATCH system features a strap attached to a car seat or detachable base with hooks on either end. But there are rigid LATCH seats as well, which connect to lower anchors in a vehicle just like a seatbelt.

Sometimes it can be difficult to locate the lower anchors, requiring you to pull apart the crack between the seat and back of the adult car seat to locate them. Depending on the car, the tether anchor positions may be found on the floor, roof, or fixed to the back of the car seat. With the LATCH system, you attach the child car seat using connectors that are open clips attached to a strap. And just like the ISOFIX system, it also has two anchor points, but they are located at the bottom and a tether behind the rear seat.

In terms of safety, neither one is safer than the other as both systems are different and in different countries with their own laws and regulations. But, they are easier and faster to install and greatly minimize the risk of installing child car seats incorrectly, leading to severe injuries in the event of an accident.

Isofix vs belt/seat belt – is Isofix safer than seatbelt?

No, Isofix is not safer than a seatbelt. You can achieve a safe and secure car seat installation using both methods when done correctly. The Isofix system only reduces the chances of installing a child car seat incorrectly.

Isofix vs Isofit

Isofix and Isofit are car seats that attach directly onto the vehicle’s body with connectors onto the anchor points.

However, with Isofix car seats the child is secured using a five-point safety harness, while Isofit uses a vehicle’s built-in three-point seat belt instead.

The other difference is that Isofix description is used for Group 0+ and 1 while and Isofit is described for Group 2/3 during the classification of child car seats.

Isofix vs Isocatch

Both Isofix and Isocatch are methods of installation that secure the seat to your car seat body from the Isofix points. However, Isocatch uses Isocatch connectors and seat belts to secure the child car seat, while Isofix uses a metal load leg or top tether.

Both systems help to keep the seat stable in place.

Isofix vs Non-Isofix

Isofix car seats have a base that clicks into slots located in the crack between the vehicle seat and backrest.

A Non-Isofix car seat uses the vehicle’s seat belt system. Installation varies depending on the design and can be via a three-point or two-point system.

Both Isofix and non-Isofix car seats provide the same level of protection when used correctly. But Isofix provides a greater advantage over the seat belt mechanism because it reduces chances of error during installation to the bare minimum and is easier and faster.

Isofix vs i-size

Well, you already know that Isofix is a child car seat attachment system belonging to the R44/04. On the other hand, i-Size is a new regulation that the EU introduced in 2013 as part of the UN regulation ECE R129.

i-Size aims to make all car seats fit in all cars, and it will eventually become the industry’s standard. It will allow car manufacturers and child safety seat manufacturers to have a uniform design that will fit any vehicle type or make. Presently, not all Isofix car seats will fit into your car even if your car has anchor points and connectors; i-Size was designed to change this.

Aside from the universal fit, i-Size seats are thought to provide better protection because, unlike regular Isofix seats, they will be required to pass frontal, rear, and side-impact tests. Also, they are only installed with Isofix connectors, which reduces the chances of wrongly installing a child car seat.

i-Size seats are also intended to keep babies in the rear-facing position for longer, up to 15 months, instead of the standard 12 months for Isofix.

And, i-Size car seats are classified based on the child’s height instead of weight, which is what the R44/04 regulation uses.

Isofix vs Isosafe

Isofix is a standard that specifies how to install a car seat using specific connectors and either a top tether or load leg.

On the other hand, Isosafe is a mechanism for keeping a child’s car seat stable and in place. It is not a regulation for installing a car seat; rather, it helps improve the performance of Isofix and enhances comfort for the child during rides.

While Isofix uses connectors, Isosafe requires the use of a vehicle seat belt.

When did Isofix become standard?

Isofix was introduced in 1999, but it became a standard for most new cars in 2006. Thereafter it was made into a requirement by law that all new car models launched from November 2012 have Isofix brackets and in all vehicles manufactured after November 2014. Today almost all European cars have Isofix.

If you are buying a used car, ensure it is fitted with the Isofix brackets. Look for the Isofix logo either on a label, tab, or plastic cover hiding the anchor points.

What Isofix base do I need?

With a wide range of Isofix bases in the market, choosing the right one for your car can be confusing. Your best bet is to check with your child seat manufacturer; they usually have a website listing showing which seats are approved for which cars. Also, they will be able to advise you on which Isofix child car seat fits your vehicle.

Are Isofix bases universal?

No, Isofix bases are not the same. Most infant Isofix car seats come with their own Isofix base that installs firmly onto the car. At the same time, most toddler Isofix car seats use integrated bases. You can only use a base with a car seat of the same brand, which the manufacturer states are compatible.

Also, Isofix bases are not all the same. Some connect with a support leg, a top tether, and some with no third point.

Which Isofix base for maxi Cosi pebble

  • Pebble Pro iSize- FamilyFix2
  • Pebble Pro i-size- FamilyFix3
  • Pebble Plus infant carriers- 2WayFix
  • Pebble 360- FamilyFix 360

Which Isofix base for maxi Cosi cabriofix

  • EasyFix
  • FamilyFix
You can read more about this product on Amazon here.

Can Isofix be fitted to any car?

No, Isofix seats will not fit in just any car, even if the car has Isofix brackets. You need to check with your child car seat manufacturer.

When will Isofix be compulsory/will Isofix become law?

Isofix is mandatory in all new cars manufactured after November 2012 but, iSize is going to be the new standard in the future as it aims to provide universal means of safe installation of all car seats in all vehicles.

Can Isofix be retrofitted?

Yes, if you have a vehicle without the Isofix system, you can have the Isofix bracket retrofitted. And, this is possible for the majority of vehicles from different manufacturers.

Can I use a European car seat in the US?

No, it is not legal to use a European car seat in the US and vice versa because of the difference in regulations.

Isofix installation steps

To install an Isofix car seat, follow the steps below.

  1. Locate the Isofix points in your car. Look for the label, or feel with your hand deep in the gap where the seat and backrest meet.
  1. Locate the Isofix connectors (two metal prongs sticking out of the back) on the child seat or base
  1. Line the connectors and the Isofix slots and then push them into one another. You will hear a click or visible color change from red to green if the base or child car seat has an indicator to show installation is correct.
  1. If using the top tether, connect the top tether strap to its fixing point in the car.
  2. If using a child car seat with a supporting leg, make sure to adjust it correctly so that the seat is firmly braced onto the floor. Some have an indicator that turns green when the leg is set correctly.

Baby Monitor You Can See On Your Phone

As a parent with a newborn or toddler, you always want to keep a close eye on them to ensure everything is okay, especially when they’re sleeping. Unfortunately, there will be times when you need to travel for work or business, and distance makes any one of us unsettled. The solution? Getting a baby monitor with wifi connectivity to let you tap into the feed from your phone whenever you have an internet connection. That way, even when you are halfway across the world, you can check on your baby as much as you would like.

Baby monitors that you can see on your phone consist of a camera unit (for the baby’s room) and a smartphone app where you receive your baby’s video and audio signal. Depending on the particular baby monitor, you need 2.4GHz or 5GHz home wifi connectivity or both to install the baby monitor app. As for the app, these are readily available for free from Google Play Store or App Store, so all you need to do is download and install on your Android or iOS device, then follow the command prompting on the app to link the camera.

The other benefit of this wifi of baby monitors is that you get all features that come with more bells and whistles than in traditional baby monitors. Plus, you can also keep track of other functions such as room temperature, talkback function, camera angles, volume controls, sleep patterns, feeding schedule, and more depending on what functions your baby monitor is offering.

One thing to be aware of is that wifi baby monitors are usually much more expensive than traditional baby monitors, so it may be difficult to choose if you are on a budget. If you are looking to buy a baby monitor that you can see on your phone, we highly recommend you to buy from reputable brands which are known for having secure transmission to eliminate the potential of being hacked.

Luckily, we have made the hunting easy for you by spending countless hours searching reviews to come up with this shortlist of the best baby monitors that you can see on your phone that are secure and have great image quality, among other nice features.

Reviews of Baby Monitors You Can See Through Your Phone

1. Nanit Pro baby monitor

It is no secret Nanit Pro is the most popular wifi baby monitor that you can use on your phone. This is an excellent choice if you are looking for high-quality live video in True HD 1080p resolution and an app with lots of nice features and, more specifically, detailed sleep analytics. It has a sleek design and several mounting options to use. Wall mounting is standard, but floor stand and table mount are sold separately.

Nanit Pro supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wifi networks and connects to Android and iOS devices. We love that it supports dual-band enabling parents to avoid a 2.4GHz channel that usually has a lot of interference. To use, you need to download and install the Nanit app from Google Play or App Store to your smartphone or tablet. You can do a whole lot from the app. For example, you can see your baby’s video in crisp HD, save pictures and video clips, talk to your baby through the built-in speaker, and play nature sounds and white noise, turn on the night light (it lets you see your baby when you come in to check on her at night and is angled upward so as not to shine on your baby’s eyes), and more. You will also love that there is an option of listening to the background audio even with the app turned off.

The Nanit Pro offers Insights that can be very helpful for parents, especially during the first few months when little ones are very fussy sleepers. These Insights give you real-time activity feed, fun time lapses, timings and video footage of wakeful periods during naptime and nighttime, age-based comparisons of your baby’s sleep, and tips to improve sleep by Nanit Sleep Experts. This info will help you know how you can improve your baby’s routine to promote better sleep. After the first year, you will need a subscription to continue receiving this in-depth sleep data.

In addition, the subscription also supports breathing motion tracking (requires Nanit’s Breathing wear which is sold separately as a simple chest band, sleepsack, swaddle, or pajamas ), which can help you know if your baby is breathing fine. If the camera detects that breathing has stopped for 20 seconds, it plays a loud alarm and lights on your phone. This may help parents who are anxious about SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). The Nanit pro also tracks your baby’s gains in height with the Nanit Smart Sheet, and it also comes at an additional $34.99 each.

Nanit Pro uses the most advanced encryption, AES-256 making it one of the most secure baby monitors in the market. Therefore you should not have to worry about hackers intercepting your baby’s signal with this baby monitor. Plus, the fact that it uses both 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies you should have less interference.

As you would imagine Nanit Pro is expensive and the lowest price starts at $299 and comes with a Breathing Band. The complete Nanit Pro monitoring system that includes a floor stand and Smart sheet goes for $379. But, once again, you get one free year of Nanit Insights regardless of the bundle you buy and after that, you pay a subscription fee of $5 per month or $50 a year.


  • Supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • 1080p HD video quality
  • Two-way talk-back
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Advanced Encryption Standard, AES-256
  • Works with Alexa
  • Breathing Wear to help the camera track baby’s breathing
  • Sheet to track baby’s height gains
  • Awesome picture quality and night vision
  • Provides sleeping statistics and tips to improve baby’s sleep
  • Tracks breathing and growth
  • Built-in night light
  • Accessories are expensive, raising the already hefty price tag
  • Sleep insights require paid subscription after the first year

2. Miku Baby Monitor

Miku baby monitor that lets you see your baby from anywhere in the world, right from your phone. Like other baby monitors in this category, it consists of a camera with a speaker and microphone and an app that installs on your smartphone or tablet from Google Play or App Store. It operates only on the 2.4GHz wifi network.

Miku provides a birds-eye view of the baby, a position that allows parents to have the best view of what is happening with the baby. The manufacturer also says you can also mount it on any flat surface that is six feet from your baby without needing extra mounting tools, and it will work just as fine. This makes the Miku baby monitor an ideal choice for traveling.

The Miku baby monitor uses a patented SensorFusion Technology to track your baby’s breathing and movement patterns without contact with wearable devices or wires. This makes the Miku a fantastic choice for parents who worry about the safety of their baby coming into contact with wires and pads while they are asleep to monitor breathing and movements. And apart from breathing and movements, the Miku baby monitor also tracks sound, activity, sleeping pattern, and temperature and gives you very detailed analytics on the app dashboard.

Miku also takes the title of the most secure baby monitor in the market, seeing that it is designed with three levels of highly secure technology. It has 256-bit encryption that other high-end wifi baby monitors use, an additional two-factor authentication, and a physical tamper-proof chip that protects your personal encryption keys. Also, although anyone (family and babysitters) will need to download the app on their smart devices, you will be able to control who gets access to the Miku camera from your app, which also provides enhanced security. This may seem like overkill but, these will assure any parent who is anxious about being hacked.

Miku is pricy, but when you consider the technologies that it comes with, they make up for the high pricing. Plus, it doesn’t have subscription fees or membership, so you get full access to all the features once you buy. 


  • 720p HD image quality
  • Breathing, movement, and sleep monitoring
  • Two-way talk
  • Night vision
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • White noise and lullabies
  • Expandable camera system
  • Unhackable crypto chip plus 256 encryption bit
  • Ability to track breathing without any contact with the baby
  • Clear image quality day and night
  • Great sound output with improved speakers
  • Top-notch security features
  • No extra costs for subscription
  • There are complaints of customers getting unstable video feed on the app
  • The analytics dashboard may be overwhelming with details and hard for some use

3. Motorola ConnectView65 Plus

Motorola ConnectView 65Plus delivers crisp live video of your little one to your phone, but it also comes with a 5-inch handheld dedicated monitor that you can use around the home or when you don’t have your phone with you. To use it on your smartphone or iPhone, you will need to download the HubbleConnected app from Google Play or App store (not to be confused with a Hubble app for Motorola). A lot of people are confused because the advert is misleading, so you need to get the HubbleConnected app as the Hubble app won’t connect to the ConnectView camera. Also, since Motorola sold its brand to Bitanone, this is the name you should be looking for when choosing the camera to link with on your app, not Motorola.

Setting the setup challenges aside, ConnectView 65 plus is a worthy contender, especially when you consider it comes at almost half the price of high-end monitors like the Nanit Pro. It has a 1080p camera with a 120-degree field of view and can be mounted from the wall or table or above the crib to provide almost any view angle of your desire. You can also activate lullabies and nature sounds as well as play audiobooks from the app or record two-minute audios on your smartphone and play them for your baby from the app.

It also offers more features that require subscription such as Sleep Diary (video clip of your baby’s movements during the previous night), cloud storage for the motion-triggered video clips, multi-camera support, and a SmartZone feature for motion detection limited to specific areas like the crib.


  • Mobile app and 5-inch handheld unit options
  • 1080 p camera
  • Five lullabies, nature sounds, and audiobook
  • Two-way talk
  • Temperature sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Cloud storage
  • Multiple camera support (up to 15 cameras)


  • Video can be viewed on a smartphone or included handheld device
  • Crisp image quality on the phone
  • The camera includes built-in lullabies, sounds, and audiobooks
  • Allows background audio with smartphone screen turned off
  • Cons 
  • Inaccurate temperature displays; tends to be higher than actual room temperature
  • Setting up the over-the-crib mount is a pain
  • Misleading information about the app

4. Motorola Halo+ Over-the-Crib Baby Monitor

Like the sister above, the Motorola Halo plus connects to your phone on the HubbleConnect app from Google Play and App Store and also to a dedicated parent unit allowing you to keep an eye on your baby whether you are at home the most convenient way possible. Moreover, the app is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant allowing for easy hands-free operation.

The Hubble app lets you see crisp videos of your baby in 1080p resolution and lets you do everything you can do with the handheld parent monitor. Additionally, it offers insights on your baby’s sleep and parenting tips and has a growth and development tracker that lets you in key details like feeding quantities, pumping durations, sleeping times, weight, and height. These records are especially helpful for tracking your baby’s well-being.

Motorola Halo Plus has a mounting device that gives you an overhead view of your baby and can be controlled from both the mobile app and the dedicated parent unit. It also provides various features, including motion and sound detection, multi-color night lights, and soothing lullabies, and a projector.


  • Dedicated handheld device and Hubble app for android and iOS devices
  • Crisp 1080p imaging
  • Two-way talk
  • Automatic infrared night vision
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Lullabies, multi-color nightlight, and projector
  • Sleep and parenting tips
  • Growth and development tracking application
  • Smart home integration with Alexa and Google Assistant


  • Crisp images and video on both parent unit and mobile devices
  • Convenient to use from anywhere with a mobile app and dedicated parent unit options
  • Variety of features to entertain and soothe the baby to sleep
  • Hubble app provides valuable data and tips to help with sleep and baby growth and development
  • Easy setup


  • Disconnection problems from unstable wifi

5. Cube AI Plus Smart Baby Monitor

Cube AI Plus is a high-end baby monitor that features the most advanced technologies we have witnessed in baby monitoring. Unlike other monitors that also double for security cameras, this one was co-founded by a pediatrician and a mom who designed it with unique features that specifically help with baby monitoring concerns. As such, we find the Cube Ai plus to be the perfect monitor for tech-savvy and new and anxious parents.

Like other wifi baby monitors Cube AI uses your phone as the parent unit so you can see your baby from anywhere in the world. It also works with both 2.4 and 5GHz wifi networks, enabling you to minimize lag. To use this baby monitor, you need to download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play store to your phone.

Cube Ai comes with a cute birdie camera that your kids will love and captures video in sharp 1080p resolution. It has many mounting options to give you the best views. For example, you can mount it on its mobile stand on the tabletop or shelf, or on the floor stand, or even to the baby’s crib.

With this baby monitor, parents can experience ultimate peace of mind and a restful night because it uses artificial intelligence to detect when your baby cries, rolls over on their stomach, or has their face covered and alerts you. It also has a crib detection zone feature that detects the motion of newborns in the crib. But the one that impressed us the most was the danger detection zone feature where parents set an area outside of the crib to be alerted when someone else enters it. This is an especially great feature to have with a toddler as you can set zones around the house they shouldn’t go to like the kitchen stairs etc. it is also useful in ensuring an older toddler or a furry friend does not go to disturb the baby in the crib. Aside from these, it also tracks your baby’s sleep and captures cute photos of your baby’s moments, like when sitting up or smiling.

With a subscription, you get sleep analytics reports and wall photo storage for 30 days and 18-hour playback. But, the manufacturer gives you all these premium features for the first year, after which you can start paying to continue enjoying the features.


  • Detects when baby’s face is covered and alerts parents promptly
  • Sound activated sensor alerts parents when the baby cries
  • Motion sensors alert parents when it detects movements in the crib or areas designated as “danger zone”
  • Two-way talk
  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • Multiple camera support
  • Plays lullabies, nature sounds, and white noise
  • Night light
  • Sleep tracking with daily reports
  • Smart home integration with Alexa


  • Excellent image quality day and night
  • Ability to detect cries, movement, and unsafe sleeping positions and send alerts
  • Strong reliable connectivity
  • Automatically takes pictures of cute baby moments
  • Cool camera design that kids will love


  • Premium subscription is required to download video
  • Set up might be lengthy and complicated

6. Safety 1st HD Wifi Baby Monitor With Smart Audio Unit

Last but not least, we have the Safety 1 st HD wifi baby monitor making it to the top six best baby monitors you can use right from your phone. This monitor provides high-quality video and a feature-rich app for Android and iOS devices. It connects to the 2.4GHz wifi network, and of course, you can get the app on the App Store and Google Play store. 

Safety 1 st HD baby monitor has a different design compared to other monitors with a two-piece system that include a camera and a dedicated portable audio unit. You get a really great view with the high definition 720p imaging resolution, 5X zooming capability, and a 130° wide-angle that gives you a full view of the nursery or around the crib without needing to pan or tilt the camera. The portable audio unit lets you talk and listen in on your kid from anywhere within your house, even without your phone.

Besides letting you monitor your child visually and audibly, Safety 1 st HD baby monitor also features a noise and motion-activated technology that alerts you when the camera detects noise or if there is movement. It also records video with timestamps for later viewing and allow sharing from the app to social media and to family and friends by text. The videos are stored in the cloud for up to 24 hours for free.

With Safety 1 st baby monitor, you should have no worries about security because it uses the most advanced AES 256-bit encryption, which cannot be hacked. Also, it sets up a separate firewall between the monitor and your home internet connection for privacy.


  • HD 720p crystal clear video quality with 30 frames per second
  • 130° wide-angle view
  • 5x digital zoom
  • Noise and motion-activated technology
  • Light ring alerts for noise or sound
  • Ultra-clear infrared night vision up to 15 feet
  • Expandable to an unlimited number of cameras
  • Up to 12+ hours extended battery life on the Smart Audio Unit
  • Control sensitivity of motion and noise alerts sent to your phone or Smart Audio Unit
  • Two-way talk
  • Free cloud storage and 24-hour timeline
  • Grant caretakers temporary scheduled access
  • Top-notch security: Physical security (encryption chip), AES 256-bit data encryption, Encrypted cloud storage, Secure web transfer (SSL/TLS)


  • High-quality image resolution
  • Motion and sound detection
  • Best in class security features
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Free cloud storage for up to 24 hours
  • Allows sharing of special moments via text, email, or social media
  • Ultra-clear night vision
  • Great pricing 


  • Doesn’t have temperature and humidity sensors which are standard in baby monitors of its class
  • Inconsistent video upload times.
VTech VM919 Review

VTech VM919 Review

Vtech VM 919 is one of VTech’s new releases from 2020 and is a step up from the entry-level VM819, so you get more features and better screen quality. It is the perfect choice for people looking for a baby monitor with great image quality.

The parent unit sports the industry’s largest 7-inch screen with 720p high-definition picture quality so you can capture all your little one precious moments in crisp clear quality and large pictures that can be seen even from a distance. It has a built-in wide-angle lens that gives you a panoramic view of the whole room. Moreover, Vtech uses auto filter technology to ensure pictures that are true color, and you can zoom in up to 4 times digitally for an up-close view so that looking at your baby feels just like you never left their room.

The camera is also highly adjustable with 100-degree tilt and 270-degree panning capabilities; you can easily monitor your little one from any angle and see what they are up to, which is especially great for monitoring little climbers.

The monitor has a reliable transmission range of up to 1000 feet to keep you connected even when out in the yard. And with the intercom, you can always talk to your baby to comfort them when they start fussing, or you can activate the calming lullabies and white noise right from your parent device to lull your little one back to sleep.

Another great benefit of this monitor is that it has sound indicator lights so that you can mute the sound when you need some quiet time to relax and still be able to tell what is going on in your baby’s room. And you can also turn the screen off, and if the VOX mode is activated, it will turn the screen back on if the camera detects noise in your baby’s room. This also helps conserve power.

If you care for great picture quality, this Vtech model is perfect. Set up is easy as with all non-Wi-Fi monitors because you just need to plug in both baby and parent units and then switch on. As you would expect from the 7-inch screen, this parent unit is quite bulky, but it comes with a kickstand to prop it up on the tabletop. It also has an antenna to improve signal strength.


  • Extra-large 7-inch screen
  • Camera with built-in 110-degree wide-angle lens for panoramic viewing
  • Pan 270° Tilt 110°
  • 4X zoom, which is significantly better than 2X zoom most cameras have
  • Two-way talkback
  • Temperature sensor
  • Automatic infrared night vision
  • VOX mode with three sensitivity levels
  • Sound indicator lights
  • 5 lullabies and 4 ambient sounds
  • 1000 ft transmission range
  • 2700mAH rechargeable battery


Clear, vivid pictures

Vtech VM919 is optimized to give you large pictures that are full of life. It achieves that by using high definition resolution and displaying on a large 7-inch screen that one can see clearly even at a distance.

Panoramic view 

The camera can scan 360 degrees to allows your whole room viewing with 270° pan and 100° tilt capability. The wide-angle lens on this monitor is built-in, so you don’t need to buy separately or change lenses.

Secure signal transmission

You don’t need to worry about creepy hackers taping into your baby’s signal with the VTech VM919 baby monitor since it uses non-wifi FHSS technology which encrypts and transfers the signal over a 2.4GHz channel.

Long transmission range

VM919 transmits a reliable signal over 1000ft on open space, but the manufacturer hasn’t disclosed its indoor range. However, most people are satisfied with the consistent connectivity throughout their homes. There is also a rotating antenna to improve reception if you have inconsistencies.


Short battery life

This is not the best option if you are looking for a long-lasting battery. Many customers report that the battery runs out after only a few hours of charging, sometimes even when the screen is dimmed, and the sound is turned off. The manufacturer fails to disclose how long to expect the charge to last.

It switches to dim mode after only a few minutes.

Many reviewers have complained that it dims after five minutes so that you can’t see anything. They have also noted that the only way to remedy this was to turn off sound detection and auto wake up, which is counterintuitive, especially also considering it has VOX mode that does the same.


Vtech VM919 is a non-expandable unit that only pairs with the one camera that is included. If you want to monitor multiple rooms then this is not the baby monitor for you.

Short warranty deal

Vtech VM919 has a 3 months warranty which is the shortest compared to other baby monitor brands in the same class. Even worse, there have been complaints of the monitor failure after just a few months, so we can’t really assure you it will last even a year.

ManualYou can get the manual here.

VTech VM819 Review

When looking for a reliable baby monitor for your family, the Vtech brand is a good place to start. In this post, I review VTech VM819, providing details you need to know about this no wifi baby monitor. Vtech is a globally recognized manufacturer of electronic products including, phones, kids learning toys, baby monitors, and more. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong, but its manufacturing facilities are based in mainland China, Malaysia, and Mexico. All its baby monitors are made in China.

Vtech has a wide range of baby monitors, so whether you are a budget-conscious shopper, or like a few bells and whistles, or are tech-savvy, you will certainly find a Vtech baby monitor that will meet your needs. Vtech baby monitors range from audio-only to non-wifi monitors with audio and video, and even wifi-based monitors.

Below, we will review some of the newer VTech monitors to help make your decision much easier.

This is one of the best-rated non-wifi video baby monitors offering high-quality audio and video monitoring along with multiple useful functions that make your parenting life much easier. It ranks 5th position on Amazon in the best video baby monitor category.

Best-in-class range and battery Life – The VTech VM819 is perfect for a parent with an extremely busy schedule. Vtech designed this monitor to help you know how your baby is doing from anywhere within your house and even in your backyard. With up to 19 hours of video recording on a single charge, this monitor allows you to keep an eye on your child all day and night. The reliable long working range of up to 1000 feet allows you to move about easily and stay connected to your child from a distance.

It comes with a single camera for your baby’s room and a handheld parent unit that you take with you. Both devices have a sturdy built to last. The parent unit is basically weightless (1.25 pounds) and compact enough to fit in your pocket, just like your smartphone. It has a 2.8-inch screen that is not the largest compared with non-wifi baby monitors, but it is still sufficient to see your baby. It is equipped with lullabies and ambient sound to help soothe the baby to sleep, and you can also calm them down remotely from the intercom. It also has sensors to track your baby’s room temperature to ensure they are safe and comfortable for your little one.

The VM814 baby monitor transmits your baby signal via 2.4 GHz frequency and uses FHSS technology which is highly secure and unhackable. And the fact that it doesn’t need to use your phone is also a plus.

You can place the baby unit on the tabletop or mount it on the wall, and the angle can be adjusted a little bit manually. The Vtech VM819 is a fantastic option if you are looking for a simple video baby monitor at low pricing that you can take on trips or to your grandpas.

Features of VM 819

  • 1000ft operating range
  • 2600 mAH battery that lasts up to 19 hours of continuous video and 29 hours in audio mode only
  • Sound indicator lights
  • Automatic night vision with infrared lights
  • Sound activation mode
  • Temperature sensors
  • VOX mode with five levels of sound sensitivity
  • Two-way talkback
  • Two lullabies and two ambient sounds


Ease to use

VM819 is very easy to use. The setup is straight forward you just need to plug into AC for charging, and you are ready to view since the parent unit and camera are already configured. Also, the parent unit is large and intuitive, with icons showing functions and shortcuts that are not tricky for anyone to figure out.

Clear picture day and night

This monitor comes with a 2.8-inch screen with high resolution for high-quality colorful pictures.

Hack proof technology

Vtech VM 819 uses FHSS transmission technology which is hackproof. The FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum), is a highly secure technology that was invented in 1941 for secret communication by the US military. FHSS guarantees 100 % privacy as the signal hops at supersonic speed from one sub frequency to another over 70 sub frequencies, making it impossible to hack.

Sound indicator lights

The parent device has sound indicator lights on the right side with three levels that show you how much noise is in your baby’s room so you can differentiate between soft cries and screaming. This enables you to get some peace and quiet and be alerted when your baby starts crying.

VOX mode

VOX mode stands for the Voice Activated Alert (VOX), and it allows you to save charge on the parent unit monitor. For example, you may want your screen to shut off when you are sleeping, and turn on when your baby cries. Vtech VM 819 has VOX mode with five sensitivity levels. The sensitivity levels help determine how sensitive the camera is to your baby’s cry, so it doesn’t startle you awake just because of some small noises from your baby.

Awesome battery life 

The VTech VM 819 offers the longest battery life anywhere in the market and promises up to 19 hours in continuous video mode and 29 hours in audio mode.

Longest transmission range

This monitor reaches up to 1000 feet to deliver a reliable signal to stay connected to your baby as you go about your day doing stuff at home. 

Fantastic Price 

The Vtech VM 819 monitor is affordable, and many consider it to be a quality buy. It is currently retailing at $57.95 on Amazon, while most others in its class cost upwards of $100.


Limited field of view

VTech VM819 camera can be mounted on a tabletop or the wall, and the angle can be adjusted manually. However, the angle adjustment is limited in terms of range, and the view angle is also limited, which makes this monitor less ideal if you desire whole room viewing. You have to move the camera really far if for you to see around the baby’s crib or their bed.

Blinking light

There is a blinking light on the camera and parent device, which is bothersome for some when trying to sleep.

Limited warranty of just three months

Vtech vm819 has a very raw deal when it comes to the warranty. Compared to other non-wifi baby monitors that offer 12 months and others with an additional 18 months, the three-month warranty is not attractive for its customers and suggests that functionality might be reduced over time.

Limited features and low-quality screen

This baby monitor doesn’t have many camera options like pan and tilt, neither is it expandable like some other non-wifi video monitors. And even though its picture quality is good, an upgrade to the current high-definition resolution standard would be a nice touch.

Vtech vm819 video baby monitor manual you would like to learn more about how this baby monitor works, you can check and download the Vtech VM819 manual by clicking on this link.

You can check VTech VM819 on Amazon here and can watch a video review of VTech VM819 here.

What Baby Should Wear in Car Seat Winter

Now that we are about to enter the winter season, most parents are thinking about ways to help their children warm in the car seat without compromising on safety. Winter coats and snowsuits come in handy during this season, but the American Association of Pediatricians (AAP) warns parents that they are dangerous to use while buckling kids in their car seats. This is because the fluffy padding flattens out from impact during a car crash, leaving lots of slack underneath the harness. The baby can then slip from the loose straps and be thrown out from the seat.

If you want to find out safe ways to keep your child warm in the car seat, here are some tips:

10 Tips to keep baby warm in the car seat

1. Use a blanket

Instead of wearing a fluffy coat, use a large blanket to wrap around your child and then buckle them up. Kids always have that special blanket that they adore, and we are sure if you use it, they will be less likely to be a fuss.

2. Try a fleece coat

If it is freezing cold outside and toasty warm in your car, your baby might overheat. Coats made of fleece are a great option as they do not have lots of padding underneath the harness straps. And when wearing unzipped, they provide an even better fit than a winter coat.

3. Tighten the car seat harness straps 

If you dress your child with multiple layers with the coats, it might make it difficult to get the harness straps tight enough. The harness should be tightened to provide a snug fit against your child’s chest. If you can pinch the harness straps, it is an indication you still need to tighten up some more.

4. Wear coat backward

This is another simple idea that you can use. You buckle your child and then place their winter coat over them backward, while already buckled up. Some parents also opt for coats that zip down the sides so that the back can flip forward over the harness or poncho-style coats.

5. Use thin layers

Layering helps to keep the body warm, and blankets provide a smooth coating to wrap around your baby when you leave the house. It is also easy to remove when your child gets into the car or if the interior temperature rises to prevent overheating.

6. Turn up the heat

When it’s freezing cold, just turn up the heat to make your car warm and comfortable for everyone that is riding.

7. Strike the right balance of layers and your car’s interior temperatures

During cold weather, it is normal to worry if your child is warm enough, which might cause you to overdress, leading to your child. When this happens, your child may end up overheating and becoming uncomfortable. By dressing your child with just enough layers and adjusting your car’s interior temperature, you can keep your child comfortable during car rides.

8. Use a suitable car seat cover

You may choose a seat cover but ensure that it doesn’t have layers under the baby. Remember, nothing bulky should ever be placed between your child’s body and the harness straps. Also, ensure that the baby’s face is not covered by fabric to allow airflow and prevent rebreathing stale air, which can cause suffocation. You should be keen because many retailers sell car seat bundling products that are not safe to use in a car seat.

9. Consider getting a car seat that has features for cold weather

If you live in places where it’s normally cold, you might need to consider buying a car seat with all-weather features to help keep your baby warm and comfortable.

10. Keep an emergency bag in your car

You may want to pack extra blankets and clothing like hats, mittens, and gloves in your car just in case you will ever need them. You never know when a nasty mess might happen or in case your child gets their clothes wet from the chilly weather. With a spare set, you will still be able to keep your child dry, warm, and cozy.

Are car seat blankets safe?

Yes, you can wrap a blanket around your child as a top layer over the harness to provide warmth and block out the wind. And if your baby is using an infant car seat, cocoon-style covers may be a better option.

Can a baby wear a snowsuit in a car seat?

No, you should not buckle your child in their seat while they are in a snowsuit. The fluffy padding of the snowsuit would flatten from the crash force, leaving your child loosely strapped and prone to slipping out of their seat during a crash.

Can a baby wear a blanket in the car seat?

Yes, you can wrap a blanket around your baby and then buckle them in for warmth. Blankets are safe to use underneath the harness because they do not have fluffy padding that may prevent you from tightening the harness straps snuggly around your child to keep her secure in case of a crash.

Car seat friendly coats for baby

The North Face Toddler Oso Hoodie

Made from TNF high pile fleece, this hoodie is super soft and warm. It is also very light, making it safe to use in a car seat. It is available in infant and toddler sizes.

The Road Coat Jacket

This coat is soft and warm with a puffy outer layer. It has a frontal zipper that allows you full access to secure the harness while eliminating the puffy layers between the seat and the child’s body. The front thinner layer is designed to prevent harness straps and buckles from slipping and is also marked to help you know the correct chest clip positions when using this coat. It is available for children between 12 months to 6 months.

Buckle Me Baby Coats

Available for babies from 6 months to 4 years, this coat provides additional warmth and allows you to buckle your child in a five-point harness for as long as possible. It is made of wind and water-resistant outer fabric and a warmer fleece lining on the inside. The coat has a side zipper, and hook and loop closures at the shoulders that allow you to secure the harness without the bulk of the coat getting in the way. Once the harness is tightened, the front panel closes back over the harness to keep your child warm. The coat is available in variations of blue, pink, and grey colors.

Patagonia Furry Friends Fleece Jacket

This jacket has only one layer of fleece, so it doesn’t have the extra bulk that you find in winter jackets. The bear ears make your baby look so cute and cuddly all winter. If the weather is really cold, you might need to add an extra layer to keep your baby warm.

Poncho Puffer

This poncho coat is perfect for keeping your child warm as it has two layers of thick fleece and a water-resistant top layer. Its panels go over the harness and buckles, so they do not interfere or prevent you from tightening the harness. The back panel can be flipped over the headrest to avoid bulkiness on the back, while the front panel spreads over your child’s body for warmth. It comes in one size that fits children between 6 months to 6 years old. It is so cute for a boy or girl and will go with any outfit.

Columbia fleece jacket

These are made of thick fleece, making them very warm and have a snug fit on your child’s body, so they are 100 % safe to use in a car seat. We love that they come in a ton of color options, and the price point is fantastic. These jackets are available in sizes from 3 months up to adulthood and are suitable for both boys and girls.

How to bundle up baby in winter

To dress your baby for warmth during chilly winter days, start with body-hugging clothing on the bottom like tights or leggings or a long-sleeved bodysuit. Then add regular pants and a warm top, like a sweater or thermal-knit shirt. You can also add a fleece jacket over the top. And when it is bitterly cold, long underwear is also a warm and safe layering option.

As a general rule, babies should always be dressed in one extra layer than adults. This means if you have a coat on, your baby will need a coat and blanket. Just remember to remove the extra layers of thick coats and blankets once your child gets inside the car before sitting in their car seat.

5 Convertible Car Seats for Girls in 2021

There are many convertible car seats in the market, but it’s a tough choice for a baby girl or your granddaughter as there are few options marketed towards girls. But don’t worry; we will help you get a convertible car seat that your girl will adore. To do that, we start by guiding you on how to make the right choice- what to look for and then give you a shortlist of the only seats we could find fit for girls.

What makes a convertible car seat best for a girl? – Features to look out for

Choosing the right convertible seat for your girl comes down to many aspects such as:

Seat dimensions

Car seats differ in size and shape; some are wider or narrower than others, while others may be taller or shorter. When choosing, make sure the car will fit in your car.

Safety features

Look for features like a sturdy frame with side impact protection, shock absorption, padding, and high-quality materials.

Safety indicators

The best car seats have a built-in leveling system and indicators to show if you have installed the seat correctly.

Ease of installation

Most car seats can be installed using the vehicle seat belt or Latch system. The Latch system is an easier way for installing using built-in anchors and tethers. Remember not to exceed the maximum weight limit of your car seat’s Latch and to switch over to seat belt install once you exceed them.

Higher rear-facing weight limit

Research shows that small children are safer riding in the rear-facing configuration than in the forward-facing mode. If possible, choose a convertible seat with a higher rear-facing weight limit so your child can get the benefits of the safest position as long as possible.


For a girl, you want vibrant and girly colors, not dull, monochromatic ones. In addition, you want to choose a durable fabric that is also easy to clean when it gets dirty.

Why attractive colors are good for girls

We live in a world where gender lines are drawn even with things as simple as colors, and you can see this lot better by just how manufacturers to market items aimed at boys and girls. For example, for girls, it’s always pink while for boys it is blue. If you walk into a room with a newborn, you can certainly tell by looking at their clothes and blanket colors if it’s a boy or girl. Perhaps this comes from deep-rooted cultural influence even though there are no set rules about what colors are exclusively feminine or masculine.

In 2003, Joe Hallock conducted a study and compared color preference across people of various demographics worldwide, and the results may shock you.

Both men and women choose blue as their favorite color, with 35% of female participants being in favor and more than half of the male participants.

However, the most notable difference was that while 23% of female participants considered purple as their favorite color, no male participants chose it as their favorite.

The highest percentage of male participants named brown their least favorite color, while women chose orange as their least favorite.

When it came to choosing mixed colors: 

Women participants preferred colors that are closer to red where shades of pink, but both had the same preference in regards to dark and light colors. Again it was shown women prefer softer colors while men love bright colors more.

In another experiment by Mclnnis and Shearer, it was shown that women loved tints more than shades. A tint, in this case, is any color with white added, while a shade is any color where black is added. As you can see, women love colors like pink as they are soft, youthful, and soothing.

Another thing to note is that men have a very limited sense of colors-they keep it very simple while women are more expressive or specific, as shown in the following chart.

So to answer the question, it’s important to choose attractive colors for your girl because colors affect us and influence how we feel and what we like or dislike. Attractive colors promote feelings of calm, warmth, and radiance to personality. 

And even if, as a little baby, they can’t tell the difference as they grow, you can be sure colors will affect them as one study showed where one-year-old boys and girls were shown pairs of identical items but with one pink item and another of a second color. The result was that both had no preference to choose pink over any other color. However, at two years of age, girls started liking pink, and by four years of age, boys were determined to reject pink.

Reviews of Convertible Car Seats for Girls in 2021

Disney Baby Apt 50 Convertible Car Seat

Disney has always stayed on top of its game to entertain kids with its delightful characters throughout the years. And we are pretty sure that your little girl would be excited to ride in their Minnie mouse convertible car seat.

The Disney Apt 50 is a great car seat that will last a good couple of years. It converts from a rear-facing seat for children from 5 up to 40 pounds to a forward-facing seat to be used from 22 to 65 pounds. With 6 harness adjustable height positions and 3 buckles, this car seat continues to provide a comfortable fit as your child grows. Plus, it has a good amount of padding, head cushion, and cup holders, which add extra comfort.

The car seat also ensures maximum protection for your child during rides with side impact protection and a 5 point harness. In addition, it is FAA certified for use in an airplane, and being a lightweight and narrow seat, makes the Disney Apt 50 an excellent travel option as well.


  • Fun Minnie mouse design that little girls will love
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Side impact protection to protect your child from accidents
  • Easy installation with Latch system
  • Comfortable with infant insert and adequate padding
  • Easy care, machine washable, and dryer safe removable seat pad


  • Bulky and takes up a lot of space, especially in compact cars.

Disney Baby Jive 2-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

This one is yet another option for all Minnie and Disney fans, but this time the seat has stripes with little Minnies all over the back, which is so cute.

The seat is designed to give your little girl a comfortable ride with its soft fabric and cushions throughout the years. Rear-facing your child can ride when they are 5 pounds until 40 pounds. It also switches to a forward-facing seat for your child to ride when they hit 22 pounds up to 65 pounds.

Like any safe car seat in the market today, the Jive 2-in-1 is tested and found to exceed federal safety requirements. In addition, it provides side impact protection and a 5 point harness to ensure your child is safe and secure during rides.

The car seat is easy to use with Latch for installation, removable and machine wash friendly, and dryer safe fabrics. So whether you plan to take your little girl for road adventures or air travel to some exotic locations, this seat has got your back. It is lightweight, air travel-ready, and equipped with two cup holders to keep snacks and drinks within easy reach.


  • Adorable design
  • Includes a removable head and body pillow
  • Side impact protection
  • Machine washable and dryer safe fabrics
  • Airplane ready
  • Latch equipped for easy installation


  • The seat doesn’t feel stable when installed rear-facing. The manufacturer recommends putting a rolled towel, but customers still find it does not get the seat to stay snug.

Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat, Ride Rear Facing Longer with Extend2Fit

Graco Extend2Fit has consistently been a favorite for many parents because of its high rear-facing weight limit, easy installation and affordability, and ability to fit in any type of car. And now your baby girl will fall in love with the seat because of the soft pink colored fabrics.

The Extend 2Fit has a 50-pound weight limit, allowing kids to ride rear-facing longer than many other convertible car seats. In addition, just like the name implies, it has an extendable panel that provides kids with five inches of legroom to allow them to stay rear-facing more comfortably.

The seat also tends to provide a better fit for kids of all ages, from smaller newborns from 4 pounds all the way to 65 pounds, and switches from rear-facing to forward-facing once your child reaches 22 pounds. Additionally, since the car seat can sit almost upright when rear-facing, it allows taller parents and those with small cars to get a comfortable fit.

The Extend 2Fit is built with Graco Protect plus to ensure maximum protection during a crash and an adjustable 5 point safety harness to secure your child. It also includes other user-friendly features that make it a delight to use, such as fuss-free harness storage pockets, no-rethread harness, and indicators to help with correct installation.


  • Allows extended rear-facing up to 50 pounds
  • More recline angles and indicators to ensure correct installation
  • Provides great value since it can be used from infancy up to 65 pounds
  • Generous padding to keep your child comfortable
  • High safety ratings and evidence during a crash


  • The wide seat, not suitable for three across
  • Square dual cup holders do not fit sippy cups which defeats their purpose

Baby Trend Trooper 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

Baby Trend Trooper is one of the best-rated convertible seats as it has great functionality. If your girl loves the color pink, this convertible car seat will be a great choice. However, take notice that once you take out the pink seat pad at 18 pounds, there will be very little pink color left.

The Trooper 3-in-1 is lightweight and very slim, making it an excellent choice, especially for travel because you don’t feel weighed down when lugging around, and the narrow design allows you to fit three in the back and on the plane.

This seat sits small babies from 4 pounds up to 40 pounds rear-facing and from 22 pounds to 65 pounds forward-facing. Deep side wings surround your little one in safety, while the premium cushions provide great support and comfort. There is also a cup holder on one side to keep their sippy cups or snacks within easy reach.

The car seat is equipped with a Latch for easy installation, and there are bubble indicators to ensure the correct recline angle during installation. It also has fabrics that come off for easy cleaning when the mess happens.


  • Can be used from birth up to 65 pounds
  • Adequate padding for comfort
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Can easily fit three in the back


  • Complaints that it’s not true to color
  • Buckle straps are hard to adjust

Diono Radian 3R, 3-in-1 Convertible Rear and Forward Facing Convertible Car Seat

Diono Radian Convertible Car Seat for Girls

Besides having a girly color, the Diono Radian 3R is the one for you if you are looking for a narrow convertible seat that will comfortably fit three in the back seat or one that keeps your child rear-facing longer.

Radian 3R works as a rear-facing, forward-facing, and eventually a belt-positioning booster seat for kids up to 120 pounds or until they no longer need a child car seat. And with a life span of 10 years, this is the only car seat your child will ever need, saving you money in the long run.

Radian 3R is made with a steel-reinforced core and deep aluminum sidewalls that are padded with energy-absorbing foam to provide superior side impact protection.

The car seat also comes with super Latch connectors that make installation quicker and easier. In addition, the connectors produce an audible click indicator to let you know you have installed the car seat correctly. The five-point harness and headrest are also easily adjusted without uninstalling the car seat to rethread it, saving you time and energy.

The car seat is very heavy, but it has the ability to fold flat for easy transportation and storage in tight spaces. It is also FAA approved for use in airplanes.


  • Foldable design for easy storage
  • Allows children to ride rear-facing longer
  • SuperLatch connectors come with an audible click indicator that lets you know when you have installed the car set correctly
  • Advanced safety features provide side impact protection and reduce impact force in the forward-facing position
  • Machine washable fabrics


  • Doesn’t come with an infant insert
  • Although it has a portable design, it’s pretty heavy to carry
  • It takes a lot of space from the front passenger when installed rear-facing

Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro Review

The DXR 8 Pro is a traditional non-WIFI video baby monitor. It features a 5-inch parent unit with 720p resolution, which is a huge upgrade from the 3.5-inch screen and 360p quality the DXR 8 has, so it has bigger and clearer pictures. It has a similar appearance to the older model, but bigger. The camera is also similar to the one of DXR 8 in most aspects. The new DXR 8Pro parent unit has volume and brightness controls allowing you to have these at your comfort level.

The DXR 8 Pro camera has interchangeable lenses (zoom and wide-angle) to give you a clear view of the baby’s room. The zoom lens is included, but the wide-angle lens is sold separately at $10. You can pan the camera 270 degrees wall to wall, and 108 degrees floor to ceiling, right from the buttons in your handheld device. Pan and Tilt capabilities are very handy when monitoring toddlers and you want to see what they are up to. Additionally, it has up to 6X zoom when you use optical and digital zoom combined. This enables you to get an up-close view of your baby.

One thing that sets the DXR 8 Pro apart from other baby monitors is the active noise reduction technology (ANR). It is the only monitor with this cutting-edge technology that reduces background noises from fans, air purifiers, humidifiers, air conditioners, and other home appliances so you can hear the baby more clearly. However, the manufacturer warns that it may not work for sound machines because it can result in “a distorted warping sound in the background from the monitor unit.” The monitor has an ANR button to turn this function on or off.

Infant Optics has also improved the transmission range by 50%, where the range increased from 700 ft of its predecessor to 1000 ft. This means you should have a reliable signal from anywhere within your home.

The Pro also has a thermometer to check your baby’s room temperature and also has an alarm clock timer which is a nice addition. You can talk with your baby through the monitor, and it lets you see your baby clearly at night with night vision.

In case you want to monitor different rooms or multiple children, the Pro can support up to 4 additional cameras. Each camera is going for $100. It has a scan mode to view the cameras at set intervals of 5 to 60 seconds, or you can just choose which camera to view and switch one after the other

The DXR 8 Pro monitor is slim and compact and weighs just 1.98 pounds, so it is easy to carry in the pocket, and the good thing is that you can continue having 24/7 reception and use your phone at the same time because it doesn’t need an app or wifi.


  • A large 5-inch screen that gives bigger pictures
  • 720p resolution produces clear pictures even when the camera is placed far from the crib
  • Adjustable volume control on the parent unit with up to six levels
  • Adjustable brightness control on the parent unit with up to six levels
  • The interchangeable lens allows you to switch between zoom lens (with up to 6X capacity including optical zoom) and wide-angle lens enabling you to see closer or further
  • The remote pan/tilt/zoom function allows parents to move the camera angle to better view the baby’s room right from the parent unit.
  • Optional wide-angle lens
  • Two-way talkback function that lets you talk and soothe your baby
  • Sound-activated Led bar lets parents know when the baby is crying even if the audio is muted.
  • Powerful 1000mW speakers produce high-quality audio with loud volume and clearer sound output.
  • Active Noise Reduction (ANR) technology minimizes background noises from home appliances and amplifies the baby’s sound
  • Improved range by 50% from the older version, up to 1000 ft for reliable transmission throughout the home.
  • Automatic night vision 
  • Expandable to up to four cameras allowing parents to keep an eye on more than one child in separate areas of the home at the same time.
  • A temperature sensor that displays readings on the parent unit
  • Alarm timer helps parents keep up with feeding and nap schedules
  • VOX mode allows the screen to remain asleep and turns it back on when the monitor detects noise in the baby’s room
  • Rechargeable and replaceable 2800mAh battery that lasts for 10 hours in sleep mode and 6 hours in display mode.


  • It comes with its own dedicated parent unit, which means you can check the baby anytime. You don’t need an app or your phone.
  • Compared to its predecessor, which has been a bestseller in major retail stores, the Pros has a larger screen and better resolution, allowing you to see everything you need clearly even at a distance.
  • Unlike others in its class, DXR8 Pro has interchangeable lenses for different views. It includes an optical zoom lens, and you can add an optional wide angle lens for a panoramic view.
  • It has the patented Active Noise Reduction technology that filters out background noises from fans, humidifiers, heaters, and other home appliances so you can hear the baby’s voice clearly.
  • The parent device has volume and brightness control that allows you to adjust these to your comfort level. This is so nice when you are trying to catch some sleep. Some monitors do not give users such control.
  • It has Voice-activated mode, which was absent in its predecessor. The screen remains in sleep mode with Vox mode (though you can still hear) and turns on if the monitor detects noise in the baby’s room.
  • The parent unit has a sound LCD bar that shows you noise levels in your baby’s room. This way, you can mute the audio and still get to know if your baby is fussing or screaming.
  • It has the ability to pair with four additional cameras allowing you to monitor multiple kids and rooms.
  • The monitor has a two way talkback intercom that lets you talk to your child or soothe them to sleep.
  • It has night vision, allowing you to see if your baby is asleep, how they are positioned, and so forth without needing to go to their room to check.
  • It has a thermometer that monitors room temperature and displays readings on the parent device. This way, you can tell if temperatures are outside the safe range or not.
  • The monitor has an alarm timer which is handy for moms on a feeding schedule, or when planning to nap for a few hours.
  • The monitor has a long lasting battery that lasts all day or night up to 10 hours with the screen on standby mode or 6 hours with video playing.
  • It has an excellent range compared to its predecessor and others in its class because it can reach up to 1000 ft, giving you good reception anywhere within your home.
  • It comes with a micro USB plug to connect to your computer or power bank.
  • It includes a wall mounting kit for those who want an up/down view, or you can also mount the camera on the tabletop.
  • The monitor is slim and compact, just like your phone, so it fits easily in your pocket when you are moving around in your home doing other stuff.

Pros and Cons Overview

  • Easy and simple set up
  • Easy to use controls
  • Clear picture day and night
  • Loud volume and clear sound quality
  • Monitors multiple cameras
  • Impressive zoom capabilities
  • Wide field of view
  • Longer transmission range
  • Interference from other electronics
  • Incompatibility with DXR 8 camera
  • No split screen view
  • Requires charging daily


  • Easy and simple set up: It’s literally plug and play! its
  • Easy to use controls: The monitor has an intuitive interface where the volume and brightness controls, which you will frequently be using, are located on the top of the monitor for easy access. The other settings are on the D-pad, which controls navigation, and pan/tilt is also easily accessible. On the screen, the top bar is where everything is displayed from temperatures, time, signal strength, battery life, digital zoom, and you can see whether ANR is on or off.
  • Clear picture day and night: The Pro has upgraded from the basic VGA to 720 p resolutions giving clear pictures, as you can see from these snap shorts. The monitor may not have high definition resolution, but the clarity is sufficiently good for its purpose.

  • Loud volume and clear sound quality: The monitor uses noise reduction technology to muffle background noises from your household appliances to let you hear the baby clearly. Some parents even said that they are able to hear the baby even when watching TV because the sound quality is loud and clear, unlike other monitors.
  • Monitors multiple cameras: You can pair the parent unit with up to four cameras to monitor multiple kids, an elderly, or pet, and you can set it to cycle through the views or click on the specific camera you want to view at the top of the screen of the parent unit.
  • Impressive zoom capabilities The monitor has a 2x optical zoom lens, which is great if you are monitoring across a big room. Plus, the digital zoom goes up to 3x, and with this, you can achieve up to 6x magnification.
  • Wide field of view: This monitor has a 270 degrees pan and up to 108 degrees tilt that is sufficient for baby monitoring even without buying an extra wide-angle lens.
  • Longer transmission range: This monitor provides 50% more coverage up to 1000 ft from 700 ft which its predecessor covered. It allows you to receive a stable signal anywhere within your house, backyard, garage, and driveway.


  • Interference from other electronics: The monitor uses a 2.4GHz frequency, which gets interference from other appliances like phones, microwaves, TV, and the likes running on the same frequency depending on where they are positioned.
  • Incompatibility with DXR 8 camera: You cannot use DXR-8 camera and DXR-8 Pro monitor, and a lot of parents who had the older model wish this was possible to avoid spending $ 100 for the Pro camera.
  • No split screen view: Unfortunately, even though you can pair up to four cameras, the DRX 8 Pro does not support split-screen viewing like some in its class. But, you can set it to scan cameras every 10 to 60 seconds, or you can choose whichever camera you want to view.
  • Requires charging daily: The monitor uses a 2800mAh lithium-ion battery, which takes up to seven hours to charge. It lasts about 10 hours on standby mode and six hours with continuous video monitoring, so you will need to charge it daily. But, at least you can still use it as it charges.

Safety and high security of ​​Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro

Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro uses FHSS technology (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum), which works by spreading/hopping audio and video signals over rapidly changing frequencies (75 sub frequencies at 400 milliseconds) within the 2.4 GHz band. Additionally, it also uses multiple access methods in frequency hopping code. So as the signal moves from the transmitting baby unit to the receiving parent unit of the Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro, it moves so fast, making it hard for a hacker to get hold of a particular signal and the decryption code that they would use to intercept your baby’s signal to see or listen in.

FHSS technology is highly secure and was originally developed in 1940 for secret military communication and to prevent radio signal jamming and has continued being used over the decades in various industries, including baby monitors.

This makes DXR 8 Pro the best baby monitor for parents who are concerned about security and hackers getting hold of their baby’s signal. 

Infant Optics DXR 8 Add on camera

DXR 8 Pro has the ability to pair up to four cameras with the monitor. This enables parents to monitor multiple children or rooms.

The only caution here is that you may not be able to connect the DXR 8 camera as the plugs are different.

If you wish to add a camera to the DXR 8 Pro, you would need to buy it separately, and one is going for $100 on Amazon.

Installation Manual

You can check and download the manufacturer’s manual for more details on how the DXR 8 Pro works here.

Infant Optics Pro vs. Vava Baby Monitor

Vava baby monitor is also one of the highest-rated baby monitors in the market. It is in the same class of non-wifi monitors as the Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro. With this monitor, you can listen and talk to your baby in their room, but you will be even more impressed by the picture quality.

Vava relays videos in superior 720p HD resolution making it the perfect choice for parents who want to capture high-quality pictures that are colorful and vivid. It boasts a one-press digital zoom option, allowing you to quickly change the view when you want. Additionally, it also has an autopilot mode which scans the whole of your baby’s room back and forth so you can see all that is going on, which is cool.

Vava also shines above others because it supports split-screen viewing when monitoring multiple cameras (two cameras at a time), a reliable long transmission range of up to 900 ft, and an unbeatable large battery capacity that lasts 10 hours on display.

Vava also has other nice-to-have functions that make parents’ lives easier, like temperature sensors, alarm timers, and sound indicator lights. Below is a quick side by side comparison with Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro

Infant Optics DXR 8 ProVava Baby Monitor
Release date August 2020April, 2019
Amazon Rating4.9/ 5 by 2242 customersCurrently not available
DisplayLarge 5 inch 720p screen720 p Large 5 inch HD display
PTZPan: 270°/ Tilt: 108° / up to 6x with optical and digital zoom used together, optional wide-angle lens availablePan: 270°/ Tilt: 110° / 2X,4X zoom, Optional wide-angle lens is available
ExpandableUp to 4 cameras each costing $100Up to four cameras, each costing$ 96
VOX modeYes No 
Battery capacity2,800mAh battery(replaceable) that last 10 hours in audio mode and 6 hours in video mode4500mAh battery that lasts 24 hours in audio mode and 10 hours in continuous video
Transmission technologyNon-wifi and uses FHSS technologyNon-wifi and uses FHSS technology
Transmission range480ft-900 ft480ft – 1000 ft
Price $ 199.99$159.99


Both of these monitors are high quality and will likely last you many years, but we feel like Vava offers a better deal here with crisp colorful pictures and a super long-lasting battery. All its other functions are almost at par with what DXR8 Pro offers so for $40 less, Vava is hands down the winner.

Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro vs. Infant Optics DXR 8

As earlier mentioned, DXR 8 (regular) has been a bestseller since 2014 on all major retail stores. It has excellent ratings from customers and won many awards. On its own, it is a great baby monitor, and most customers love its simplicity. However, it had some issues that could be improved, and we feel that Infant Optics listened to the issues customers wished they were better and fixed those issues by creating the new version, the DRX 8 Pro. So, if you loved the DRX 8, you are going to love the Pro even more.

Here is a quick comparison table of the two. I also compared it further here.

Infant Optics DXR-8 ProInfant Optics DXR-8
Amazon Rating4.9/5 by 2,242 customers4.4/5 by 47, 052 customers
DisplayLarge 5 inch 720p screen3.5 inch with low quality 480 VGA  format
ZoomUp to 6X zoom with optical and digital zoom used togetherUp to 4X zoom with optical zoom and digital zoom used together
Pan/tilt Pan: 270°Tilt 108°Pan: 270°Tilt 110°
Interchangeable Optical Lens with zoom and wide angle(sold separately)Yes Yes 
Active Noise Reduction Technology (ANR)Yes No 
ExpandabilityPairs with up to four cameras with scan modePairs with up to four cameras with scan mode
Transmission Range Up to 1000 ftUp to 700 ft
Battery Capacity10 hours in audio mode and 6 hours with live screen10 hour in audio mode and 6 hours with live screen
VOX ModeYes No 
Transmission TechnologyNon-wifi and uses FHSS technologyNon-wifi and uses FHSS technology
Volume ControlYes Yes 
Brightness ControlYes Yes 
Sound activated LED barYes Yes 


You can’t go wrong with either of these monitors; it’s just a question of if you are willing to spend the extra $35 for a bigger screen, higher picture resolution, and a few extra functions like noise reduction and Vox mode.

Infant Optics Pro vs. Eufy Baby Monitor

Eufy Spaceview baby monitor is also one of the best non-wifi monitors in the market. It is easy to use, has a decent range, a good battery life, and has an exceptionally highly adjustable camera capability.

Below is a side by side comparison with Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro

Infant Optics DXR-8 ProEufy Spaceview
Amazon Rating4.9/5 by 2,242 customers4.4/5 by 3,822 customers
Display Large 5 inch 720pLarge 5 inch 720p HD
Pan/ TiltPan: 270° Tilt: 108°Wide angle lens sold separatelyPan: 330° Tilt: 110°and includes wide-angle lens 110°
ZoomUp to 6x with optical and digital zoom used together1.5 x, 2x digital zoom
Expandability Supports up to 4 cameras with scan mode every 10 to 60 secondsSupports up to four cameras with scan mode at intervals of 5,10, 30 seconds
Transmission range480-1000ft460-1000 ft
Battery life 10 hours on sleep mode and 6 hours on display mode2900mAh with 8 hours with display and 15 hours in sleep mode
Lullaby No Yes 
VOX modeYes Yes 
Sound indicator lightsYes No 
Price $199.99$159.99


Eufy is a good choice if you are looking for higher video resolution, but Infant Optics DXR 8 Pro has better experience with a longer transmission range, sound indicator lights, noise reduction technology, and superior zooming capabilities which justify the higher price.

About Infant Optics

Infant Optics is a globally recognized manufacturer of high-quality, award-winning baby monitors. They are a subsidiary of Genexus LLC, based in San Francisco.

Their first baby monitor model was the DXR 5, which hit the market in 2010, followed by the DXR 6. followed by DXR 8 in 2013. The Infant Optics DXR 8 has been the most successful version, with the highest ratings on all major retailers in the US. On Amazon, it maintained the title of the best video baby monitor from 2017 to 2020. The DXR 8 also boasts awards by expert reviewers like the Bump, Wire Cutter, What to Expect, and more.

In August 2020, they launched the DXR 8 Pro, a new version of the DXR 8. This model has also been well-received, and has made it to the top 5 best baby monitors on Amazon.