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Best Toddler Wagons

Wagons have really stood the test of time. You probably have your old red toddler wagon lying around somewhere in your parent’s garage. And the reason the wagon is still around is that they make life so much easier for the parents and are so fun for kids.

As a parent, trips to the beach, parks, or market become so much easier with a wagon because you can bring along your child, all their essentials, and extra stuff at once.

Second, kids enjoy being carried in a wagon; they can sit upright to enjoy a better view of the surroundings.

Third, kids love using wagons for play, and in the process, it helps them build muscles and increase strength. Small children enjoy putting toys and small items inside and pull the wagons around while the bigger kids use the wagon to carry each other around the neighborhood.

As you can see, you need one of these workhorses. Luckily today’s wagons have so much more to offer. Here in this review, we guide you on how to get the best one for your family and even include a DIY guide if you are up to it.

How to pick the best toddler wagon

When looking for the best toddler wagon for your family, here are some things to consider:


Most wagons can accommodate one or two kids, but some have room for three, four, or even five kids. If you want to carry multiple children, you need to check the dimensions and the weight limit. Usually, wagons have a weight capacity range of about 100 to 300 pounds.


You want to make sure your child is safe during rides. The best wagons have a five-point harness for better safety, but others have a three-point harness. Before buying, ensure the wagon has seat belts at the very least. If a wagon doesn’t have designated seats with seat belts, then it’s only ideal for hauling things around and not for children. Brakes are also important because they help keep the wagon from rolling away on its own when stopped.


One of the most important features of a wagon is the wheels. If you plan on using your wagon on pavements and sidewalks and around your home, foam or air tires will do. But, if going to the beach or rough terrains, you need thicker, air-filled rubber tires.

Extra features 

Wagons come with many useful features such as a canopy, storage pockets, cup holders, flatbeds, cushioned seats, foldable design, adjustable handlebars, etc. Decide what features are important to you, and then see which wagon has the most to offer.

Best toddler wagon comparison

If you don’t want to get into all the details, here is a comparison table for a quick glance

Product Weight capacityRemark Features Price 
Keenz 7 Stroller Wagon110 lbs.Best wagon with canopy5 point harness
Tons of accessories10 position adjustable handleLockable front swivel wheels with brakeCanopy with drapes and peek-a-boo window
Radio Flyer 3-In-1 Cargo Wagon150 lbs.Best for a wagon with a seat beltTwo seat beltsConverts into a bench seatAll-terrain tires(optional)Canopy (optional)Cup holdersFoldable design
Wonderful Multi-FunctionalFour Passenger Wagon280 poundsBest wagon for four kidsSeating for four
Tons of storage
Detachable storage
Canopy with net5 point harness
Foot brake
Minimal assembly
Step 2 All Around Canopy Wagon Best wagon for two Spacious interior
Rear wagon storage
Seats flip to convert into a flatbedDetachable canopy

Reviews of the best toddler wagon

Toddler wagon with canopy/umbrella/cover- Keenz 7s Stroller Wagon

Keenz is a superior wagon brand, and we are glad that it includes all the accessories you need. For one, it has the best-in-class detachable canopy that will protect your child from sun and rain. Moreover, the canopy has drapes on the sides for privacy and mesh peekaboo on the top. Other nice accessories include a cooler, a cup holder, storage pockets, mesh pockets for the shoes, and a storage bag.

This wagon is spacious enough for two kids, with a limit of up to 110 pounds. It has two 5 point harnesses to secure your children and comfortable faux leather handles on each end. The handles adjust to 10 different positions allowing you to pull or push your kids from place to place comfortably.

The wagon is easy to maneuver with lockable front wheels. The front wheels also have a brake for additional safety. Once you are done with your outing, you can fold the wagon for storage.


  • Five-point harness
  • Plenty of accessories
  • Generous canopy with side drapes
  • Foldable design
  • Removable padded interior for washing


  • Bulky even when folded, it won’t fit regular car trunks
  • Not suitable for rough and bumpy surfaces

Toddler wagon with seat belts- Radio Flyer 3-in-1 Cargo Wagon

This wagon has two seats with seat belts to keep your kids safe and secure during rides. It’s really unique from the rest in that when not in motion, you can unzip the side to convert it into a bench seat. This gives you and your toddler a place to sit and rest as you enjoy the view and hang out at the park or at a sporting event.

There are three versions of the Radio Flyer 3-in-1. One is the lovely Camo featured above which has thicker all-terrain rubber tires but no canopy. The other is a red off-road version which has foam wheels but with a canopy. So that’s something to keep in mind.

Whether it’s transporting your kids, groceries, or other stuff, you don’t have to worry about the weight as this wagon can haul up to 150 pounds. It also comes with two cup holders and a rear storage pouch. When not in use, the wagon folds down on one hand for easy storage and can fit in any car trunk.


  • Easy assembly
  • Quick one-handed and small fold
  • Cup holders are a nice addition
  • The bench seat is cool


  • No canopy on the off-road and all-terrain versions
  • Parents fear that the lack of frames on the walls makes the wagon not very safe

Toddler wagon for beach-Creative Outdoor Foldable Wagon

The Creative Outdoor foldable wagon is made with a heavy-duty steel frame, durable denier fabrics, and has all terrains wheels that cruise through the sand, dirt roads, grassy areas without getting stuck. The wide front 360-degree swivel wheels make it ideal for all your trips to the beach. It has a maximum weight capacity of 150 pounds.

It provides two seats that are fitted with a 3 point harness to keep your kids safe during rides. In addition, both of its handles are adjustable, enabling you to find the most comfortable position for your height when pulling and pushing.

The wagon is super easy to use- just unfold and enjoy. It also folds down and comes with a storage sleeve. There is also a removable canopy and flip open side storage pockets for your drinks, keys, phone, wallet, and other small items.


  • Sturdy, durable construction
  • All-terrain, 360 degrees swivel wheels for easy maneuvering
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Removable liner for washing and removing sand
  • Comes with a canopy
  • Comes with a travel storage sleeve


  • Most of the other accessories that would make it more functional are sold separately.

Toddler wagon for 4 – Wonderfold Multi-Function Four Passenger Wagon

The Wonderful is a really big wagon and with a capacity of 280 pounds, it is able to carry up to four toddlers. It has heavy-duty wheels made from soft rubber for a smooth maneuvering and comfortable ride. In addition, it provides you with tons of space to pack your food, drinks, coats, diapers, blankets, and any other stuff you might want to bring along.

The wagon provides comfortable seating with tall chairs and a canopy to keep your kids protected from the sun as they enjoy the ride. You can remove the canopy as well and even add a net to keep bugs away. The wagon seats are equipped with five-point harnesses to keep your kids safe and secured. In addition, the wagon has a one-step foot brake to keep it from rolling away accidentally for additional safety.

The wagon has an easy folding mechanism so that in just seconds, one can collapse the entire thing. This makes it easy to store and transport. We also loved that hardly any assembly is needed, so your eagerly waiting kids can hop in and enjoy within no time. 


  • Great for a growing family with seating for four
  • Quick folding for easy storage
  • Super easy assembly
  • Five-point safety harness
  • Comes with a detachable canopy


  • The wagon is still large when folded and might not fit small cars
  • Doesn’t handle bumps too well

Toddler wagon for 2 – Step2 All Around Canopy Wagon

This wagon has a very spacious interior and will comfortably transport your two kids (from 18 months to 10 years), their essentials, and extra stuff. There are four molded-in cup holders so your kids can have their drinks within reach and a storage shelf for snacks. There is a storage compartment on the rear for the extra stuff.

This wagon is super easy to push and maneuver on paved surfaces and flat terrains, and kids can easily climb in and out on their own because it sits low to the ground. There is a door with a latch and seat belts to ensure your kids are safe and secure during rides. 

The wagon has versatile seating where the seats can be set to have your child riding on one side, and the tray on the opposite side, or they can flip upside down to transform into a flatbed with storage compartments. It also has a detachable canopy to protect your kids from the sun or rain.

Keep in mind that this wagon doesn’t fold down. At best, you can remove the canopy and fold the handle underneath it, but even then, it might not fit if you have a small car trunk.


  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Smooth gliding and easy to maneuver
  • Safety latch on the door
  • Seat belts for safety
  • Plenty of storage
  • Comes with a canopy
  • Seats flip down to create a flatbed
  • Great pricing


  • Not the easiest to assemble

DIY toddler wagon

If you pride yourself in being handy, this is a project that could take you a few hours, but in the end, you will have a handsome wagon that even your kids will love.


  • 2x4x8 board (1)
  • 1x8x8 board (2)
  • Scrap piece of 1×2 or 1×3 for wagon handle
  • Eye Bolts with 1″ inside diameter (2)
  • Miter saw
  • Drill
  • Corner brackets (optional)
  • Kreg clamp
  • 1¼ inch pocket hole screws
  • 2½ inch pocket hole screws
  • Kreg 320 pocket hole jig
  • Set of 4 casters

Cut board Pieces

  • (2) 2×4 @ 25″ long (wagon base)
  • (2) 2×4 @ 9″ long (wagon base)
  • (2) 1×8 @ 23 ½″ long (box bottom)
  • (2) 1×8 @ 25″ long (box sides)
  • (2) 1×8 @ 14 ½″ (box sides)


Step 1: Assembling the base of the wagon

Cut wood board pieces down to the sizes above.

Adjust the pocket hole jill to drill 1½ thick material, then drill pocket holes into the two short sides of the pieces you have just cut. (To adjust, simply slide the stop blocks on the backside of the jig to the correct thickness, adjust the collar on the drill bit, and drill.)

Join the boards together to form the frame of the wagon bottom using 2 ½ inch pocket hole screws.

Attach the four casters on the corners of the frame using 1¼ inch screws

Step 2: Joining the bottom of the wagon box

Cut two boards from the 1 x 8 boards and adjust the pocket hoe jig to ¾ inches thick material

Join the boards using the pocket holes and screws.

Step 3: Assembling the wagon box

With the bottom board assembled, you only need four boards for the wagon sides from the remaining 1 x 8 boards.

Drill ¾ inch pocket holes along the outside edges of the bottom box piece and the ends of the short box side pieces, as shown below.

Join all the pieces using the 1 ¼ inch pocket hole screws like below to complete the wagon box.

Step 4: Attaching the wagon box to the wagon base

Screw the box to the base at each corner using 1 ¼ inch screws

Step 5: Adding the handle to the wagon

Drill two holes into the base and screw the eye bolts into the holes.

Insert a dowel rod through the bolts, as shown below

Screw a 1 x2 scrap piece into the dowel

Screw another small piece of the dowel into the top of the handle for a comfortable grip.

Step 6: Paint your cart or add any decorative hardware you want to your wagon.


What is the best wagon for toddlers?

There is no single best wagon for every family as wagons are quite different in functionality. To get the best one for you, you need to consider things like how many kids you need to carry in the wagon, the kind of place or terrain you will be taking the wagon, how easily you are able to use and store and if it has features that address your specific needs. From our review above, you can get the best for your family because we have listed only the best in the market.

Are collapsible toddler wagons safe for toddlers?

Yes, collapsible wagons are very safe for your kids. They are usually sturdy and have harnesses or seat belts to ensure your kids stay safe and secure during rides. Collapsible wagons are even more advantageous in that they fold up for easier storage in your car trunk or garage. If you are planning on a foldable wagon, just make sure that it can fit inside your car trunk once folded.

Can infants of 12 months or less use toddler wagons?

Most toddler wagons are recommended for children 18 months and older, but some allow children above 6 months. The important thing to keep in mind is that for a child to use a wagon; they need to be able to sit up independently during rides. Also, be sure to buckle their seat belts snugly around their waist to keep them safe and secure during the ride.

8 Best Baby Scales for Breastfeeding Reviews 2021

A baby scale is a lovely addition to have in your home, especially if your baby is a preemie, sickly, or is not feeding well. This way, you can keep track of weight changes between check-ups with your pediatrician. Even if your baby is healthy and progressing fine, checking their weight now and then helps you know everything is on track, giving you total peace of mind.

Why record a baby’s weight?

Weight is a critical measurement that gives insight into the baby’s growth and development. That is why a baby is weighed within a few hours of being born. The weight records can tell if the baby is progressing well, as indicated by normal weight gain.

Reviews of the Best Baby Scale for Breastfeeding

1. MomMed Multi-Function Baby To Toddler Scale

When it comes to tracking your baby’s growth, you want an accurate and reliable scale. MomMed baby scale is equipped with high precision sensors to provide accurate and stable readings with a 0.02 pounds precision. And, it allows you to track both your baby’s weight and height, which is highly convenient.

This scale is thoughtfully made with a concave tray, so you don’t have to worry about your little one slipping off. The tray is securely held onto the scale with a swivel lock for stability and increased safety. We also appreciate the large LCD, which is easily visible even when there is low lighting.

The scale has a zero function which enables you to measure your baby’s weight without including diapers, clothes, toys, etc., while the hold function allows you to get an average reading even if your baby can keep still. You can easily switch between kilograms, ounces, and pounds.

The multifunctional scale counts for a valuable purchase that the whole family can use. With a high weight capacity of up to 200 pounds, the scale can be used for infants, toddlers, adults, and pets. Removing the tray provides a firm place for big kids and adults to stand on. There is also a height measurement inside the tray to read the baby’s height.

To power this machine, 2 AAA batteries are included.


  • Can be used for whole family and pets with a capacity of up to 200 pounds
  • Tray includes a ruler to measure the baby’s height
  • Has both zero and hold function to ensure accuracy
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy to use


  • Must be placed on a hard surface for accurate measuring, not on fluffy carpets, etc.

2. HOME IMAGE Digital Baby Weight Scale

This is one of the best scales for breastfeeding. It comes loaded with features at affordable pricing.

The HOME IMAGE Digital scale is made of lightweight and durable plastic and has smooth surfaces that can easily be wiped clean.

It is designed with a high precision strain gauge sensor system to ensure consistent, accurate measurement. An extra-large display ensures that the measurement readings can easily be seen even at a distance. You can have the readings in pounds, kilograms, or ounces- whichever is easy for you. All you do is hold down the on/off button.

This baby scale has tare, hold function, and auto-off function. So if your baby has a hard time staying still, you can press the hold button, and the scale will calculate an average weight as your baby moves around. There is also music that you can play to help your baby relax for the weighing process.

The scale also includes bonus accessories like a free measuring tape to measure your baby’s head circumference, a hygiene cloth, and 4xAA batteries.


  • Can weigh up to 44 pounds/20 kgs
  • Has special function buttons like tare and hold for accurate measurement
  • Auto-off function
  • Bonus measuring tape and hygiene cloth
  • Affordable pricing


  • Some babies are upset by the music
  • It might give inconsistent readings

3. Tanita 1584 Digital Baby Scale

A popular scale with pediatricians, the Tanita baby scale is easy to use and very accurate. We love the deep tray making it very safe for tiny babies. The scale has a capacity of 44 pounds, so it can be used with toddlers as well.

Its standard features include zero and weight lock-in buttons for accurate readings. The backlit display enables you to see the readings even when the room is dark. You can also switch from pound, kilograms, or ounces.

This scale is light and durable. The tray can easily be removed for easy cleaning. It is powered by 4 AAA batteries which are included.


  • Good quality and durable
  • Ultra lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Very accurate
  • Switches automatically off after use to conserve power

4. Unicherry Bluetooth Baby Scale

The Unicherry Baby Scale is quite simple yet highly versatile. It comes with a concave-shaped tray that prevents your baby from slipping out. The tray is also quite long, hence being one of the few trays that will comfortably accommodate bigger toddlers-like those with special needs who can’t sit up. There is also a ruler and a tape measure, providing you with all you need to track your baby’s growth.

This scale is a 2-in-1. You can use it with the tray for your newborn and later remove the tray to convert to a regular scale for the whole family, seeing that the maximum weight limit is a whopping 220 pounds! The readings can easily be switched from pounds, kilograms, or ounces and are easily visible on the backlit LCD screen. It also includes a ruler and bonus tape measure to measure the height.

Unicherry Baby Scale also has a free app with Bluetooth connectivity, which you can use to record your baby’s stats, making it easier to track your baby’s weight and height. It uses 2AAA batteries which are included.


  • Gives precise readings
  • Can be used by the whole family
  • Free app to help track your baby’s growth
  • Affordable pricing


  • Some parents have a hard time using the app

5. Ozeri All-in-One Baby & Toddler Scale

This three-in-one scale measures your baby’s weight and height and includes a head circumference measuring tape. With the three measurements, you can track your baby’s growth.

The Ozeri Scale has the best in class precision, seeing that it can measure weight within 0.1 ounces. It is also equipped with tare and hold functions to ensure an accurate reading.

One of its most shining features is the ability to remember the weight records of up to 8 children. It also calculates the weight and height difference between the last measurement and the most recent. Altogether, it can store 15 weight and height measurements of each child.

If you are a mom of multiples, or work in foster care, or are a nurse or lactation consultant, this is the best scale for the job.


  • High accuracy within 0.1 ounces
  • Allows you to measure your baby’s weight, height, and head circumference
  • Keeps up 15 weight and height records for up to 8 children
  • Bonus instructional booklet with average height and weight for boys and girls up to 5 years


  • Hard surface may not be comfortable for a baby

6. Health-O-Meter Grow With Me Scale

This scale has a unique design that allows it to convert from a tray scale into a regular scale with a cute teddy bear shape which your kids will love using. Its maximum weight capacity is 60 pounds.

The scale provides accurate measurements within 0.5 ounces and displays the readings on a large LCD screen which is easy to read. If your baby is especially wiggly, the scale is equipped with a hold function, so you will be able to get their average weight while they are moving around. There is also a Zero function that subtracts extra weight from diapers, clothing, toys, and the likes enabling you to get accurate measurements.

The scale includes a bonus booklet for tracking your baby’s weight and height, with a tooth tracker and toddler shoe size chart.

The scale is really well made and has a ten-year warranty, so you will get some very good use out of it, especially if you are a family with multiple kids.


  • Kid friendly design
  • Easily coverts from tray scale to regular scale
  • Accurate measurement with tare and hold functions
  • Budget friendly pricing


  • May not give accurate readings if your child is very jumpy

7. Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad & Scale

The Hatch Baby changing pad is a brilliant product that combines a changing pad with a built-in wireless smart scale. This makes it easier for moms to care for their little ones. What’s more, it has an app for iOS and Android devices so that you can record things like weight readings, amount of breast milk your baby fed, when your baby sleeps, how much milk you pumped, and more. The weight readings are in ounces or grams.

The app even compiles the data in easy-to-read graphs that you can study to track your baby’s well-being and your own milk production.

The scale is made using ABS plastic overlaid with foam for comfort. It has a weight limit of 44 pounds.


  • Easy to use
  • Digital scale can measure a quarter of an ounce
  • App allows you to record much more besides weight, including sleep and feeding
  • Can be wiped down easily


  • Weighing almost 8 pounds, it’s not very portable
  • There are complaints of inaccurate readings
  • Expensive

8. Aquascale Bathtub Digital Scale

What better way to take your baby’s weight than during bath time? This is what this smart bathtub affords you. You don’t need to worry about accuracy because the scale is designed to work even when your baby is happily kicking its legs and splashing.

One thing parents would be concerned about more than accuracy is the baby’s safety in this tub. You will be glad to know that the tub is designed to keep your baby in a comfortable semi inclined position, and there are anti-slip grips under their bottom to prevent them from sliding down into the water. Besides, you can also use the scale without water when you need to do a quick measurement.

This scale measures your baby’s weight and displays the readings in kilograms, pounds, and ounces. It even has the ability to retain the previous readings, so you can compare easily.

The Aquascale bathtub is also equipped with a built-in thermometer, with an LED digital display either in Celsius or Fahrenheit. This way, you will always know if the water is too hot or cold for the baby.

When your baby is a little older, you can remove the side guards for the legs to convert into a toddler tub.


  • Scale works with and without water
  • Monitors water temperature for the baby’s safety and comfort
  • Easily converts from infant to toddler tub
  • Makes for a lovely gift


  • Very bulky, not easily portable

Types of baby scales 

Basically, all scales fall into two categories: mechanical and digital scales, which are further classified into:

Sling/cloth scale

With these types of scales, you place your baby in a weighing cloth, and then you hang the cloth on the scale. You hold the scale handle in your hand. These scales can be mechanical or digital. They are mostly used by midwives because they are easy to stow and convenient to take for home visits. They are also the cheapest. Most parents might not be willing to have their babies hanging freely in the air, which can lead to accidental falls.

Pan scale

The pan scale is the most common baby scale design, where the baby is placed directly on the stationary scale. Although most of these scales are digital, some may be mechanical. The advantages are that the scale is very stable, it’s also easy to place the baby inside, and no electricity or batteries are needed. The downside is that these scales are heavy and take a lot of space, hence not easily portable.

Folding scale

A folding scale is a pan scale that folds up. In addition to offering the safety and stability of a pan scale, it is also easy to move about. This scale was designed by Sohnle and is the only brand available. The disadvantage is that the scales are even larger and heavier than the standard pan scale.

Combination scale

A combination scale provides a valuable investment. You use it from infancy through toddlerhood. What you do is remove the pan, so you can weigh your toddler while seated or standing. The only cons are that these scales are expensive and require a lot of space.

How to pick the best baby scale for breastfeeding – Buying Guide

Weight allowance range

Scales can be used from infancy to toddlerhood and some into adulthood. This way, you can easily track your baby’s growth. Compare different brands and choose the one you can use for the longest period depending on your baby’s age or weight.

Measurement accuracy

Weight changes can make a huge difference when it comes to a baby compared to an adult. That’s why you need to get a scale with high precision that can measure between 0.1 and 0.2 pounds.

Infant tray

Infant trays provide body support for newborns to keep them from falling out. Some are curved, while others are padded for extra comfort when the baby is laying in them.

Hold button

The hold button helps you get a steady, average weight if your baby is moving or twitchy during the weighing process.

Tare function

The tare button in a scale takes off the weight of objects that you don’t want to be factored in, such as diapers, clothes, or a toy that your baby is grabbing. This enables you to get an accurate reading of your baby’s weight.

Easy to read display

Whatever scale you choose, make sure the readings are large enough to read quickly and easily. Keep in mind that if your baby keeps moving, you may need to keep them controlled, and the display can change or time out.

Also, choose a scale that displays measurement units that you are familiar with, whether in pounds, grams, or ounces.

Non-slip grips

Since most baby scales are designed to be placed on tables and counters, you want to get one that has good grips underneath to keep the scale from slipping around with a baby in it.

Battery operated

Battery-powered scales are easy to use and can be moved around the house. Plus, you want to avoid having electric cords around small children since they are a hazard if the kids grab at them. 

Ease of cleaning

With a baby, you should always be ready for accidental milk spills, diaper blowouts, spit-ups, etc. Do yourself a favor and get a scale with smooth surfaces that can be easily wiped down. Avoid those with comfort pads that you can’t easily wash.

How to increase baby weight by breastfeeding

If your baby needs to add weight, you can add more feedings from your breast milk. Moms have also been advised to give the baby more hindmilk as opposed to foremilk. The way to do this is by first pumping your breast milk for a couple of minutes before you nurse your baby. The biology behind this is that hindmilk is richer in calories and fat, so it will help your baby gain weight faster.

How to tell if a baby is full when breastfeeding

Here are some signs your baby is satisfied and happy when nursing:

  • Baby turns their head away from the breast and continues to push the nipple out with the tongue. 
  • Baby is busy looking around and playing instead of sucking
  • Baby slows down sucking, with slower and lighter suckling and longer pauses.
  • Baby starts to cry soon after feeding
  • Baby appears relaxed and starts to snooze
  • Baby’s has their hands open during breastfeeding
  • Baby spits up a little milk after feeding
  • Baby has hiccups after feeding

How often to weigh the baby

According to the NHS, the baby should be weighed immediately after birth and frequently during the first two weeks of life. After that, a baby should be weighed:

  • Not more than once a month until 6 month of age
  • Not more than once every two months from 6 to 12months of age
  • Not more than once every 3 months after the first year.

But, you may need to weigh your baby more often than this if they are sick or have issues with their growth.

How to weigh a baby

You will need a scale, preferably one with a tray if your baby is small. Toddlers can stand on the scale for measurement.

  • Place the scale on a firm hard surface, like the counter or floor. You might not get accurate results if the surface is uneven.
  • Ensure that the scale is reading zero before placing the baby inside. That means, if your baby is in diapers or swaddled in a blanket, you need to place the items in the scale first and then press the tare or zero button. Doing this will cause the scale to void this weight.
  • Place the baby on the scale, keeping one of your hands hovering over, but not on your baby. This may help keep the baby calm, but mostly you will be ready to catch them in case they slip off.
  • When the baby is lying still, read their weight and record in a notebook. This way, you can keep track of any gain or loss.
  • Pick up your baby and switch off the scale. And, remember, you should never leave the baby unattended.

Can I rent a baby scale?

If you don’t want to buy a baby scale, you can rent one from other moms or healthcare professionals such as midwives or lactation consultants.

How to calibrate a baby scale

Every scale will usually have its own calibration instructions as to how to go about it. Calibration usually involves using specific weights that are placed on the scale when it’s set on calibration mode. The scale is determined to be accurate if repeated readings of the special weights are consistent and within the allowed range.

If you are not sure about how to calibrate your scale, you can contact the scale’s manufacturer for assistance.

Best Toddler Bed Rails Reviews 2021 (For All Beds and Mattresses)

In this post, I have spent several hours researching and going through the specs of different toddler bed rails available in the market. I have selected the 8 best toddler bed rails brands and have reviewed them in detail to enable you to pick the most suitable for your baby.

What Are Toddler Bed Rails

Toddler bed rails are guard rails or bed bumpers to prevent kids from falling off the bed while they are sleeping. The guard rails can be attached on one side or both sides of the bed. Unlike cribs where the child is fully enclosed, bed rails let the child get in and out of bed.

Toddler bed rails are usually made of metal frames covered with soft mesh fabric. The mesh stays secured by the child’s weight, or it’s attached to the bed frame.

Do toddlers need bed rails?

Most toddlers are usually wild sleepers, so you always find them shifting in the bed every so often. They sleep one way only to find they have turned in the opposite direction. As a parent, it is worrying that they could tumble down to the hard floor.

A toddler bed rail helps to keep your child from falling out of the bed, giving you peace of mind so you can have better sleep. You need to have a toddler bed rail when transitioning your child from the toddler crib to the big bed. For most parents, the transition starts at around 18 months, and the child may need to be secured with a rail until 5 years.

How to pick the best toddler bed rails

The following are some factors to consider when buying your toddler bed rail or bumper:


Obviously, beds are not all made equal, so check the length and height mainly. You want a height of about 6.5 inches above the mattress to ensure your child will be contained. If you have a thick mattress, ensure that the rail is high enough to prevent falls.

Bed positioning

If you have the bed near the wall, you only need one rail as the wall acts as the barrier. However, if the bed is placed in the middle of the room, you will need two rails to secure both sides.

The base of the bed

This may not apply if you are looking for a bumper, but if you are buying a rail, you need to know how it attaches under the bed.

Bed bases can be wire coils, slats, or box springs. Ensure that you know how to attach the rail to your bed base. Remember, your child will lean against or climb onto the guard rail. You don’t want to imagine your child falling off and taking along the guard rail, which is very likely to happen with a faulty attachment.


Bed rails are made of mesh, plastic, wood, or metal. Mesh rails are certainly lighter, but they are the least robust compared to other materials. However, they may work best for beds with a thinner mattress. Wooden rails are durable and attractive, but they also get dirty easily and are expensive. Metal bed rails are the most aesthetically appealing but can be expensive. Plastic is a good middle ground; solid than mesh and less expensive.

Our advice is that you should probably overlook the looks in favor of durability, safety, and robustness. But, if a rail with all three, then, by all means, go for it.

The other aspect you should be keen on is making sure the material does not contain toxic chemicals and that there are no pokey edges and bits that could injure your child.

Types of toddler bed rails

There are many different types of toddler bed rails but the main ones are:

Fixed child bed rails

This is the most common bed gate that most people are familiar with, where a mesh covered metal frame is fixed onto one side or both sides of the bed to create a safety gate. This type of toddler bed rail is universal and can be used for all beds, including bunk beds and loft beds. For twin beds and queen size beds, extra long mesh bed rails are used.

Swing down bed rails

One frustration with fixed rails is that they make it hard for one to access the bed, whether lying in bed with your child for a bedtime story or making the bed. To address this issue, manufacturers decided to make foldable bed rails that look very similar to the fixed rails.

So we can say swing-down bed rails are fixed bed rails that fold down. They prevent your baby from falling out of bed but also fold down to give you easy access. Swing bed rails are also available for bigger beds.

Bed bumpers

A toddler bumper rail is placed on the edge of the mattress and tucked underneath the fitted sheet. They can be used on all types of beds and mattress types, but they are not safe for bunk beds or loft beds.

Since they are not actually attached to the bed but merely held in place by the fitted sheet, it is easy to access your child and make the bed. Unfortunately, this also means that the bumper may not effectively contain extremely active kids at night because they could dislodge the bumper. This is also the reason why bed bumpers are not safe for use on bunk beds and loft beds.

Types of toddler bed bumpers 

Toddler bed bumpers are further categorized into two types: inflatable bumpers and foam bumpers.

Inflatable toddler bed rails

Inflatable toddler bed rails are usually blown with air. You deflate when not needed, fold, and put away. These are also weightless and easy to carry, hence great for travel and sleepovers at friends’ or relatives’ houses.

Foam bumpers

Foam bed bumpers are mainly very long and narrow foam-filled pillows that you place on the edge of the mattress underneath the fitted sheets. The best ones usually have a hypoallergenic, water-resistant cover, and a non-slip bottom to keep them firmly on the mattress. Some other foam bumpers can be easily folded up and come with a compressing carry bag, so you can easily take them with you when traveling.

Comparison table 

Product MaterialDimensions(H x L)WeightRemarksPrice 
Regalo Swing Down RailMetal/ nylon fabric20 x43 inches32 ouncesBest for thick mattress
HiccapopFoam Bed BumperFoam45 x 52 inches12 ouncesBest for Queen and King size bed
Munchkin Sleep Bed RailAluminum/fabric18 x36 inches7 lbs.Best for twin bed
The Shrunk Inflatable Kids Bed RailsPlastic4 x 48 inches1.43 lbs.Best for travel
Hiccapop Convertible Crib Toddler Bed Rail GuardMetal/nylon/plastic2.6 x 16.4 inches4.2 lbs.Best for convertible cribs

Reviews of the Best Toddler Bed Rails

Toddler Bed Rails for Thick Mattress-Regalo Swing Down Rail

If you have a mattress above 10 inches thick, this swing-down rail from Regalo is extra tall to make sure your child is well contained in the bed. With a 14 to 15 inches thick mattress, the rail leaves about 6 inches from the top mattress. It is also longer than most, so it fits twin size to queen size beds.

The Regalo swing bed rail is a favorite among parents because it folds out of the way. This allows your child to get in and out of bed and lets you access a bed easily accessible for bedtime stories or when changing sheets. In addition, it is easy to set up and requires no tools.

This rail is designed to last with a steel frame and nylon mesh fabric that allows airflow. It also has an anchoring strap that secures it to the bed. The most important thing to note is that this swing bed rail is designed to be used with bed and box springs.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Folds down
  • Easy to install


  • Only fits beds with a flat base
  • Mesh guard could be taller

Toddler Bed Rails For Queen Bed and King Size Bed-Hiccapop Foam Bed Bumpers

Hiccapop foam bed bumpers provide the perfect fit for queen or king-size beds. The foam bumper is tall enough to keep your little one contained as they co-sleep with you, yet low enough that they feel like part of the bed. You can opt for two bumpers for either side to create a cozy cocoon your child will love sleeping in.

These bumpers are super easy to install and remove. Simply unroll the bed bumper and place it at the edge of the bed between the sheet and mattress. Tuck the fabric flap under the fitted sheet, and your child’s weight will hold the bumper in place when sleeping. Additionally, the fabric has silicone beads to prevent the bumper from slipping around.

Regarding quality and safety, these foam bumpers have passed all Federal safety standards. They are also free from flame retardants, phthalates, lead, and other harmful chemicals that may affect your child’s health. Plus, they come with a lifetime guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about future damage.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • No installation or tools needed
  • Non-skid silicone beaded fabric
  • Machine washable cover
  • Affordable pricing
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Some have found that the bumper constantly slides off the bed
  • Very active toddlers may able to roll right over it in their sleep 

Toddler Bed Rails For Twin Bed-Munchkin Sleep Bed Rail

Measuring about 36 inches long and 18 inches high, the Munchkin bed rail is a perfect fit for twin beds. It features a metal frame with mesh fabric to keep your child from rolling off the bed while sleeping.

Set up and installation is fairly easy to do. You slide the metal bars between the mattress and box spring or bed frame, then secure using the safety straps while making sure not to leave any gaps between the railings and the side of your child’s bed.

The rail can also be folded with a push of a button located on the side to allow your child to climb in and out of bed without going all the way to the foot of the bed. It also makes it easy to make the bed and to change sheets.


  • Fold downs for easy access to the bed
  • Mesh fabric allows more airflow and stays cleaner longer than other thicker materials


  • The click sound that lets you know that the rail is locked in place is loud and may disturb a sleeping child
  • Expensive in comparison

Toddler bed rails for travel-The Shrunk Inflatable Kids Bed Rails

Toddler bed rails for travel-The Shrunk Inflatable Kids Bed Rails

These toddler bed rails inflate and include a foot pump and carrying bag, making them portable and extremely convenient for traveling.

Made from thick PVC, the rails tuck under the sheet creating a gentle and bouncy reminder to your child that they are at the edge and need to shift back in the middle for safety. The silicone bottom keeps the rails securely in place between the sheet and mattress.

With these rails, you should not worry about exposure to toxic chemicals as the material is free from Phthalates, Lead, and BPA. It is also water-resistant and odorless. The rails also come with patches, just in case of any leaks.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to use
  • Fits all beds sizes
  • Silicone grip strips to prevent slipping
  • Easy to clean, just a wipe down
  • Includes a foot pump
  • Storage carry bag


  • They take quite a bit of room on the bed
  • There have been a few complaints about leaks and problems with repair

Toddler Bed Rails For Convertible Cribs-Hiccapop Convertible Crib Toddler Bed Rail Guard

Best Toddler Bed Rails For Convertible Cribs-Hiccapop Convertible Crib Toddler Bed Rail Guard

The Hiccapop Convertible Crib Rail Guard is the best rail for convertible cribs because of how secure it is. Unlike other rails held down by straps, a child’s weight, or mattress, the Hiccapop crib rail guard attaches directly to the crib’s frame. This is one of the reasons it is highly rated because parents can rely on it to keep their children from falling out of bed at night.

The rail is firmly secured using two adjustable steel clamps that are held with screws onto the frame under the mattress. Once attached, the lever system allows it to fold down and click back up in place as needed.

This rail guard is made of the highest quality materials and has passed all Federal safety standards. You can purchase confidently because it has a 100% lifetime guarantee to back its quality claims.


  • Durable
  • Can be used on both cribs and beds
  • Folds down
  • Fits all cribs except IKEA


  • Lowering the rail is a bit tricky
  • The bars leave lumps when installed under the mattress; some have had to install under the wire springs that sit under the mattress.

Toddler Bed with Rails All The Way Around: Montessori Floor Bed

If you don’t want to buy rails separately, you could just buy toddler beds that come with their own rails. Here are some options you might want to consider.

Toddler Bed with Rails All The Way Around: Montessori Floor Bed

Features fancy house bed style and is made in Europe using Pine or Birchwood. It is highly customizable into 6-bed modes and fits U.S. full-size mattresses. The side railing can be removed and attached back as many times as needed. It is available in different sizes and finishes. And if you are wondering, the mattress is not on the floor.

Dream On Me Emma 3-In-1 Convertible Toddler Bed

Dream On Me Emma 3-In-1 Convertible Toddler Bed
Dream On Me Emma 3-in-1 on Amazon

It is made of solid New Zealand pine and converts into a table and two chairs providing a place for your child to draw and do their homework. It comes with four complete side rails for safety and sits low to the floor to let your child in and out easily and safely. It is available in 9 lovely finishes.

Delta Children Interactive Wood Toddler Bed

Delta has many toddler bed versions designed with raised sides that act as guardrails on all four sides. These beds feature colorful character artwork like the Minnie mouse featured above, so if you want to get your child a bed they will fall in love with, check out their collection. Designs range from a princess, Minnie mouse for girls, and Pixar race cars for boys.

How to attach toddler bed rails

  1. Start by removing the mattress from the bed and get your rails and mesh ready
  1. Connect the upper rails uppers support bar to the bottom bar, ensuring that the spring pin clicks securely into the opposing hole.
  1. Connect the two sides
  1. Install the mesh onto the rail. Some brands install by sliding the mesh over the rail, while others require threading the rail through the mesh.
  1. Insert the hinge into the assembled rail as shown below. The metal spring button should be in line with the access hole on the hinge.
  1. Have the bed rail in a locked position as shown below
  1. Place the rail on the side of the bed you want protected
  1. Place the fixed plates with straps on the opposite side of the bed rail and attach them to the outer edge of the bed, making sure to get a snug fit.
  1. Replace the mattress on top

Ensure to leave a 10-inch gap between both sides of the rail to the edge of the bed. This allows enough room for your child to get in and out and eliminates the risk of strangulation.

Do You Need A Glider For The Nursery?

Do You Need A Glider For The Nursery?

You will hear many to-be parents asking whether gliders are necessary for nursery, what they do, and how to use them if it is a must-have in their baby nursery. Ask those of us who have been there and you will have more than a million answers! If you are anything like me, not even the six-figure salary will make you feel as happy and complete as it does having a baby at home. It brings great joy and amplified zeal to work even smarter and harder so you can give your baby a good life. Do you know what I mean?

For many years until recently, having a rocking chair was the order of the day. Parents used it to share cuddles and soothe babies to sleep. It was a must-have for nursing parents. Like almost anything else around us, however, rocking chairs have a major challenger with more benefits called the glider. As you set up your baby’s nursery, you can make a point of purchasing a glider. Just so you know you do not really need a glider in your baby nursery as an essential so don’t sweat it. But if it is within your budget, then you can buy it.

Benefits of a glider

Having a glider in your nursery depends on a number of factors, including space and budget. Most of them come with a very high price that is not within many parent’s budgets. But if you can afford it, good for you! The benefits of a glider include comfort, helping you soothe your baby, and helps improve your child’s development when rocking.

What makes an ideal baby glider?

If having a glider in your baby nursery is a necessity, then I’m sure you would want to know what makes a perfect product in the market. First, you need to look at the style or design as it should match well with your nursery colors and décor so you can use it in another room. The quality of the glider is an important factor as well as it determines how smooth the sliding motion is when rocking your baby. Comfort is paramount so you can opt for a glider with a recline feature, footrest, and a pillow for lumbar support. The fabric should also be easy to clean.

How do gliders work?

When you think about the benefits associated with a glider, you might ask yourself: what does a gliding chair do? As mentioned above, a glider provides you with a smooth ride using back and forth motions on a fixed track. The design features padded armrests and an extra lumbar pillow that lets your whole body relax comfortably without trapping your toes underneath.

Gliders are especially great if you are nursing twins as most of them have a large seating space and more comfy that you can rock your babies and sleep in the same chair. Read more on the best gliders for twins here.

Are gliders or rockers better?

First off, what is the difference between a rocking chair and a glider? The main difference between the two is how they move or their motion. While a glider moves easily in a forward and backward motion in a single track, a rocker sways back and forward on its legs in a curve. The rocker’s oscillation motion can be very intense as compared to a glider’s that can be locked into place. To answer your question, the better choice for you is the one that meets your needs. If you are looking for smooth movement, comfort, optimal safety, and a small footprint you should go for a glider. But if you are thrilled by intense motion and a classic look, a rocker is suitable for you.

Best Convertible Stroller that Converts from Single to Double 2021 Reviews

Best Convertible Stroller that Converts from Single to Double 2021 Reviews

There’s no doubt that a stroller is always top on the list for every new parent.  A stroller enables you to conveniently take along your baby for walks, shopping, outings, travel, etc. But what happens if you have multiple kids? Most parents purchase double strollers with seating options for two and these work well but only for some time unless you have twins. It becomes tricky for those with a big age gap when the older child graduates to walking. They are left pushing the double stroller with only one child in it and then having to deal with bulkiness, uneven weight distribution, not to mention awkward looking.

That is why for families with multiple kids, a convertible stroller is an excellent solution. A convertible stroller is a single stroller that allows you to add a second stroller seat to provide a ride for two. You can also opt to add an infant car seat, and some strollers also accept a bassinet. 

When your child is bigger, you can detach the second seat to convert it back into a single stroller. And, if they are in the age where they still need a break after walking, you can add a bench seat so they can still ride along.

The beauty of these convertible strollers is that they are highly adaptable to suit your family’s changing needs. This way, you only have to purchase one high-quality convertible stroller for all your kids, which saves you both time and money. 

Speaking of saving time, we have done you a favor and also reviewed the best convertible strollers you can find in the market, so you only need to read through, compare, and choose the one with your most desirable features and within your budget.

Features of convertible strollers

Newborn friendly- convertible strollers can be used from day one with an infant car seat. Some strollers also accept a bassinet allowing your baby to lay down flat instead of being propped up in a car seat.

Multiple seating configurations- most convertible strollers offer different seating configurations so that your kids can face you, face each other, or face the world ahead. 

Additional seating option- convertible strollers allow you to place an extra seat either in front of or behind the existing seat to allow seating for two. In addition, some allow you to turn the extra seat into a bench seat so that the stroller acts as a sit n stand stroller, where the older child can either sit on the bench or stand behind their sibling.

How to pick the best convertible stroller that converts from single to double

When choosing the best convertible stroller for your family, here are a few considerations:

Number of kids 

Knowing how many kids a stroller can carry should be one of your important deciding factors. For example, some convertible strollers can only accept two kids, while others allow you to add an additional bench seat for an older third sibling. 

Ages of children riding in the stroller

Age is another influencing factor. If you have twins, you need a convertible stroller that accepts two infant car seats or bassinets at the same time instead of just one. If the kids are close in age and will likely use the stroller for quite a long time, you need a stroller with lots of seating arrangements that will work for these kids over the years. Their needs are bound to change so that sometimes they may need to face you to feel safe and for close interactions, or face each other to converse and play or face forward to get a better view of the world around them. For kids with a big age gap who walk and only need the stroller occasionally, seating arrangement may not matter a lot.

What you need the stroller for

Most convertible strollers are made for regular use on flat terrain, but if you need one to go for runs, you may want to choose a jogging stroller. Jogging strollers are built with suspension and wheels to handle rough terrains a lot better. They also have a swiveling front wheel that also locks in place for increased stability when running.

Stroller features

Convertible strollers come with cup holders, snack trays, storage compartments, and sun canopy. But some brands require you to buy these separately. The important thing is choosing a stroller that will ensure your kids are comfortable during rides. Below are the six best convertible strollers that convert from single to double that you can choose from:

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Reviews of convertible stroller that converts from single to double

1. Baby Jogger City Select LUX

$419.99  in stock
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as of July 23, 2021 1:02 am

Baby Jogger is one of the best convertible strollers for a growing family. It is built to last and converts from a single to a double stroller. It even accepts the addition of a glider board for a third older sibling. Each seat has a maximum weight capacity of 45 pounds.

The Lux stroller boasts over 20 different seating combinations that will work for your kids’ needs. Kids can sit facing forward, backward, or each other. In addition, you can use the stroller with two infant car seats or bassinets, so it is also a great option for parents with twins.

Despite the name, this stroller is not a jogger, but it has all-terrain tires that cruise on grounds from city pavements to muddy countryside. The handlebar height is adjustable so that short or tall parents can push comfortably. Instead of a standard foot brake, the Lux comes with a handbrake which is easy to access and apply. The seats are also comfy for your kids with adequate padding, leg rests, and large SPF 50 sun canopies. 

One of the things you will appreciate is that this stroller is easy to fold and store. You can collapse it with the seats still attached, and there is an auto-lock to secure the fold. Also, the wheels can be removed for an even smaller fold, which won’t take much space in your trunk. The stroller also has a large storage basket underneath and extra back pockets enabling you to pack quite a lot of stuff.


  • Can transport three children
  • 20 plus seat configurations
  • Large all-wheel tires 
  • Easy to use handbrake
  • Adjustable handlebar height 
  • Extendable canopy with magnetic peek-a-boo window
  • Large underneath storage basket
  • Small fold with auto-lock for easy storage and transportation


  • Pretty heavy

2. UPPABaby Vista V2

$969.99  in stock
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as of July 23, 2021 1:02 am

For those looking for a high-end stroller with reasonable pricing, the Vista V2 is the best. We are talking of premium quality materials with leather accents, padded seats, and lots of features. Not only can it carry two, but three children owing to the capacity for two seats plus a standing bench. In addition, you can use the seats with two bassinets, infant car seats, or toddler seats, or any of these combinations. 

If you are a parent to a newborn, this stroller conveniently comes with a nice bassinet at no extra cost to you. The bassinet has a perforated mattress, waterproof liner, vented base, and a canopy, providing a comfy spot for your little one to take naps and to sleep in at night. The reversible toddler seat accommodates kids from 3 months to 35 pounds. It can also recline fully, allowing your older toddler to nap on the go as well. With extendable canopies on the seats, your kids are protected from the sun, and the mesh allows visibility and airflow, so your kids are cool and comfortable.

The Vista V2 is one of the easiest to steer and maneuver even with three kids on board, and with suspension on both front and rear wheels, it is just as enjoyable to ride in. The handlebar height can be adjusted to your comfort. When it comes to folding, the Vista has a one-step quick fold and is self-standing. In addition, you can fold with or without the second seat attached.  This makes the Vista V2 very convenient for travel.  

Apart from an extra-large under-seat basket, the stroller also includes a mesh bug cover for the bassinet and toddler seat and a carrying case for the bassinet.


  • Includes a bassinet
  • Can transport three children
  • Reversible toddler seat 
  • Second seat can recline fully 
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Self-standing fold
  • Extendable canopy with peek-a-boo window
  • Removable fabrics for easy cleaning
  • Comes with a rain shield, bug shield, and storage bag for the bassinet 
  • Extra-large basket 


  • Expensive 

3. Britax B-Ready G3

$798.00  in stock
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as of July 23, 2021 1:02 am

If you are on a budget, the Britax B-Ready is one of the most affordable convertible strollers on the market. This stroller can be used as a single or double stroller with tandem seating and seats only two children. In addition, it can be used with two infant car seats or a bassinet. If you are using a Britax car seat, you just need to click the car seat in, and you are ready to go. No need for adapters.

Britax B-ready offers 12 seating configurations and allows one kid to face forward while the other faces the parent. We loved that the second seat can recline fully, allowing both kids to nap as they need. However, we’re disappointed to learn that the maximum weight capacity for the second seat is only 35 pounds which is quite low compared to others.  

With this stroller, you never have to worry about having a flat tire because foam-filled instead of air.  You can push comfortably because the handle has comfort grips, and the height is adjustable to fit parents of all heights. The stroller also has a frame suspension system, ensuring a smooth ride for your kids. 

The B-Ready is equipped with a large sun canopy with mesh windows. It also has a large under-seat storage basket which is easily accessible. The stroller can fold with the two seats still attached in a matter of seconds, and there is a latch to secure the fold, which makes it easy to store and transport.


  • Puncture free foam tires with suspension
  • Second seat is reversible and can recline fully
  • Adjustable handlebar height
  • Budget friendly pricing


  • Lower weight limit on the second seat
  • Heavy compared to some others
  • Takes storage space, doesn’t lay flat when folded

4. Phil& Teds Sport Stroller

$499.99  in stock
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as of July 23, 2021 1:02 am

This sporty stroller is perfect for those who want to keep up an active outdoor life while also taking their little ones along.  It has a cool design and is built to last. With its all-terrain tires, you are ready to go on walks, runs, or adventures in the city or bumpy off-road terrains. The front wheel can be unlocked and allowed to swivel when walking and also be locked in place when jogging or running. 

The Phil & Ted Sport Stroller has a capacity for one or two children, and you can use it with an infant car seat or bassinet. It is one of the most versatile strollers in the market, with 26 different seating configurations to offer your kids the most enjoyable and comfortable experience. It is also one of the few options with reversible riding options where both kids can face forward or backward. You can also have one child to ride facing forward while the other rides facing the rear. The only thing we didn’t like is that the second seat only accommodates kids up to 33 pounds, which is the lowest on this list.

This stroller has a narrow design, which makes it easy to maneuver in tight places. It easily folds up on one hand into a small, compact size that doesn’t take much room in your car trunk. It also has a decent sized storage basket and extra pockets to carry all your stuff, while an extendable UPF 50 with a peeping window provides ample protection to your little one.


  • Lighter than most other convertibles
  • All-terrain tires
  • Narrow design makes it very easy to maneuver
  • Increased safety with bumper bar
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • One-handed compact fold


  • Lower weight limit on the second seat, 33 pounds
  • Storage isn’t quite as big compared
  • It can’t fold with the second seat attached

5. Evenflo Pivot Xpand

$359.99  in stock
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as of July 23, 2021 1:02 am

 Evenflo Pivot Xpand is another excellent choice if you are on a tight budget. Despite its low pricing, it has an impressive performance, almost like the expensive models. First, you love that it can accommodate not just one or two kids (two infants, infant, and toddler, two toddlers) but also three when you add a glider board.  

The stroller accepts one or two infant car seats in both single and double modes. It’s really nice that the stroller comes with a SafeMax infant car seat and adapters are built-in, so you don’t need to purchase anything separately. 

The Pivot Expand offers up to 22 seating configurations and allows forward-facing and rear riding modes. The two seats can recline in an almost flat position enabling your kids to ride comfortably. The infant seat has a weight limit of 35 pounds, while the toddler seat allows up to 55 pounds, which is really generous.

The wheels on this stroller have suspensions and should glide smoothly on flat terrains. Parents also have an easy time pushing because the handlebar height is adjustable for comfort. The stroller has a flip-flop-friendly rear brake that is easy to engage for safety. 

The other area the Pivot Xpand shines the most is the storage size-it is really huge, over 2 feet in length, so that you can pack not just your essentials but all the extras, including groceries. Other perks include a decent-sided canopy and cup holders.


  • Includes SafeMax infant car seat
  • 22 different seating configurations
  • Easy to fold
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Anti rebound bar on the car seat
  • Easy to use flip flop friendly brakes
  • Vast storage basket
  • Great pricing


  • Parents complain that the toddler seat is too small despite the 55 pound advertised weight limit.
  • Heavy and bulky even when folded

6. Bugaboo Donkey 3 Mono

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as of July 23, 2021 1:02 am

Bugaboo is one of the most expensive stroller brands, but you get a stroller with a sleek design, sturdy build, and top-notch quality. The Donkey 3 mono is perfect for twins, seeing that it’s one of the fewest in the market that offers side-to-side seating. 

Donkey 3 is designed for a growing family. If you have twins, you can buy the twin option kits separately, or if you have a baby and a toddler, you can get the duo conversion kit. The stroller allows different seating configurations with forward-facing and rear-facing modes, and both seats can recline fully to allow napping.

One of the things parents worry about with side-by-side seats is maneuverability. But, with the Donkey 3 stroller, the seats are narrow enough to pass through a standard doorway. Plus, you can steer it with only one hand due to its large EVA foam wheels, which make it lighter and easy to control. The other thing that sets the stroller apart is the 360-degree rotating handle. It enables you to turn around your baby to face you instead of going around front to pick them up-talk about convenience!

The Donkey 3 also has features like a sun canopy with a peek-a-boo window and a mesh window, an under-seat basket and side luggage basket to pack all your stuff, and a quick, compact fold for easy storage.


  • Sleek design
  • Includes a bassinet
  • One-handed steering
  • Full reclining seats
  • Side to side seating
  • Ample storage 
  • Reversible handlebar


  • Steep pricing
  • Bulky even when folded
Best High Chair for Counter Height Tables

Best High Chair for Counter Height Tables

Are you looking for the best high chair for counter height tables in the market today? Well, you have come to the right place. As a parent, I know the joy that comes with having a little one at home. I believe that with big blessings comes big responsibilities and a baby is no exemption. High chairs, also known as booster chairs, are handy accessories that make bringing up your kid a little easier so you can have time to do your daily chores and more.

Like most parents, I know you ask yourself when the right time is for your baby to sit on a high chair. But as I tell most parents, the appropriate time for using a high chair is when your kid is prepared for it provided it meets the US high Chair Standards requirements. And this is especially once your little angel attains the age where he or she can feed him/herself. Since not all homes have the ability to buy a standard-sized dinner table, an adjustable high chair comes in handy in helping your baby joint the table during mealtimes.

Given the number of brands and models of high chairs that are advertised as ideal for counter height tables, picking the best can be a daunting task. And since I know you might be busy conducting in-depth research on all available products, I stepped in to help. I dedicated more than 27 hours delving into various products to bring you the top seven counter-height high chairs.

I have included in this review the benefits, features to consider, and safety measures for selecting the high chairs that will work harmoniously with your counter height tables. Read through for more information.

Benefits of High Chair for Counter Height Tables

Counter height tables are a great choice for your home because of the comfortable height that allows you to work at and even use without seating. And while it may not fit all the guests when they come in large numbers, it is possible for them to stand around it as babies sit and enjoy. But what about high chairs, are there benefits? If you are not convinced, here are the benefits that will make you want to add a high chair to your baby registry today.

  1. Safety

A high chair holds your baby snugly using a harness and other safety measures to prevent them from falling when reaching for something on the table or tray. 

  1. Comfort

Holding your baby for long periods can lead to lower back pain and so does bending when trying to reach them in lower places. With a high chair, you can easily reach them even when standing or keep them company without straining your shoulders and neck.

  1. Easier feeding

A high chair allows you to watch your kid’s eating, especially when sitting on the counter in the kitchen, and know when to add more food when they need it. This way, you can kill two birds with one stone.

  1. Nurturing your baby

It helps familiarize your little ones with family mealtimes so they can learn what is expected of them as they grow up. Your baby will understand what and how family mealtimes are conducted in your home. In addition, it comes in handy in teaching them table manners instead of waiting till they are grown and change them.

  1. Flexibility

High chairs that are portable, foldable, or with wheels are versatile which means that they are not only limited to indoor use but can also be carried in the trunk when going for vacations and such. They can also use it (when used to for long periods) to set activities that help with learning so you can be free to undertake other chores while still monitoring them.

Review of the 7 best high chairs for counter height tables

In my review today, I have included high chairs that are affordable, stylish, expensive, as well as why I like them (pros) and what should be changed (cons) plus an overall review of each. The products are available on Amazon and include a small paragraph on why users/parents like them. By the end of this in-depth review, you will have a few selections or an idea of what to buy.

Graco Blossom 6-in-1 Convertible Chair

Product Dimensions: 29 x 22.5 x 41 inches

Best for: Infants & Toddlers

Weight Limit: 40 Lbs. (high chair) & 60 Lbs. (toddler booster)

No. of Adjustments: 6

My best overall high chair for your counter height table is the Blossom 6-in-1 convertible chair from Graco. This magnificent high chair comes with 6 levels of adjustment so you can use it on your baby as he or she grows. You can use it as a baby high chair, a traditional baby high chair, an infant booster, a toddler booster, or a youth chair. The premium leatherette seat pad is comfy and machine washable. Graco has been in the industry for more than a century.

What I love most about this high chair is the modest design that allows two babies to sit on it simultaneously as a booster seat and high chair. It is also convertible with a 5-point and 3-point harness system to keep your baby safe with front wheels and locking rear casters for portability and extra security. The adjustable seat back and tray insert are removable and dishwasher-safe for ease of cleaning. You will also like the 3 recline positions and footrest that allow you to feed your baby easily.


  • Available in a range of colors
  • Easy to adjust
  • The seat pad is machine-washable
  • Durable materials


  • Needs assembling
  • Quality control needs upgrading

Overall Review:

NameGraco Blossom 6-in-1 Convertible Chair #1 in 10BabyGear 2021 List
Amazon Rating on June 20214.8/5 Stars Rating in 8,633 Reviews
Best-selling rank on Amazon in High Chair category#1 in Baby High Chairs
Why people like itMany parents love this product for its features such as the ability to hold two kids simultaneously, and materials that are easy to clean.
PriceYou can purchase this high chair for less than $125.00 with its current sale in June 2021.Check availability, sale, and pricing on Amazon here.

Joovy Nook High Chair

Product Dimensions: 32 x 23.5 x 41 inches

Best for: 6 months old

Weight Limit: 50 Lbs.

No. of Adjustments: None

Are you looking for a high chair that features a beautiful and compact design? The Nook High Chair from Joovy is a fantastic choice and ranks as Amazon’s Choice in Baby Highchairs. This high chair comes with a removable swing tray for increased flexibility between mealtime and playtime. I admire the 4 adjustable positions that give your little one more comfort as they grow and make traveling with your kid much easier and funnier.

To make it a great option even for limited spaces, this high chair features a contemporary design that adjusts and folds for ease of storage. What I love most about this chair is that it comes fully assembled and carries a handle for portability. The tray insert is a dishwasher-safe and leatherette seat that wipes down easily for ease of maintenance. The corners feature non-scratch floor pads and all materials are BPA, BPS, lead, and phthalate-free. The Nook High Chair is equipped with an adjustable 5-point harness that keeps your baby secure when seated eating or playing.


  • Large seating space
  • High quality & convenient
  • Versatile for indoor & outdoor use
  • Compact design for small spaces
  • No assembling required


  • Could be better with wheels
  • Users complain it’s hard to clean
  • High price tag

Overall Review:

NameJoovy Nook High Chair #2 in 10BabyGear 2021 List
Amazon Rating on June 20214.7/5 Stars Rating in 1,040 Global Reviews
Best-selling rank on Amazon in High Chair category#18 in Baby High Chairs
Why people like itUsers like the high seat because of its versatility, compact design, and high seating space.
PriceYou can purchase this high chair for less than $120.00 with its current sale in June 2021Check availability, sale, and pricing on Amazon here.

Safety 1st 3-in-1 Grow & Go High Chair

Product Dimensions: 24.61 x 20.47 x 13.78 inches

Best for: Kids

Weight Limit: 20.28 Lbs.

No. of Adjustments: 3

Yet another favorite product of choice for any counter height table, this 3-in-1 Grow & Go High Chair from Safety 1st brand’s latest collection of the series is incredible. I like this chair because it grows as your kid grows with three different modes, 6 height positions, and an adjustable footrest. Even best, this product is a 2020 National Parenting Product Awards winner which guarantees safety and reliability. You can use it as an infant recliner, toddler high chair, and child seat.

You will love the 5-point harness that ensures your baby remains safely in the seat whenever he eats or plays as well as the easily removable dishwasher-safe tray for hassle-free maintenance. This high chair comes with 4 wheels to make portability easier from one room to another which move smoothly and have a lock feature that helps increase stability. It is my best under $100 high chair and is available in four different colors including birchbark, whisk, sapphire, and bobbleheads.  


  • Good value for money
  • Great for toddler
  • Easy to move & fold
  • Adjustable positions & height


  • Straps are a little hard to unclip
  • Durability could be better
  • Quality control needs transformation

Overall Review:

NameSafety 1st  3-in-1 Grow & Go Chair #3 in 10BabyGear 2021 List
Amazon Rating on June 20214.6/5 stars rating in 1,228 reviews
Best-selling rank on Amazon in High Chair category#22 in Baby High Chairs
Why people like itMost users love the 5-point harness, dishwasher-safe tray, modes of use, and that it is an NPPA winner 2020.
PriceYou can purchase this high chair for less than $ with its current sale in June 2021Check availability, sale, and pricing on Amazon here.

Abiie Beyond Wooden Chair with Tray

Product Dimensions: 34 x 3 x 16 inches

Best for: Babies between 6 months & 3-year old

Weight Limit: 250 Lbs.

No. of Adjustments: Any height

Are you looking for a flexible and versatile high chair that your little one can use from babyhood throughout to their adulthood? The Beyond Wooden Chair with Tray from Abiie suits your description. These products are made with natural and mahogany woods with different cushion colors including green, cream, black, blue, and pink. The cushions are stain-resistant for ease of cleaning with a simple wipe and are waterproof and a 1-hand removable tray with a cover is dishwasher-safe.

What I love most about this high chair is its dual restraint system that allows you to use either a 3-point or 5-point harness to keep your baby safe and comfy. This EZ-seat comes with different height positions depending on your baby’s age and needs without the need for tools. The wood used to make these high chairs has undergone anti-microbial heat sterilization to make it safe even when your kid eats it. It comes with a 3-year warranty with optional low-cost 1/2/3 years extended protection plans.

This high chair is made using premium European-cultivated beech wood that is biodegradable and was the winner of the 2015 NAPPA Gold Award and 2014 Baby Maternity Award.


  • Sturdy & durable construction
  • Beautiful design & cushion colors
  • Comfortable with footrest
  • Easy to clean & maintain


  • Tray could be deeper
  • Complaints of trouble cleaning
  • Not cheap

Overall Review:

NameAbiie Beyond Wooden Chair with Tray #4 in 10BabyGear 2021 List
Amazon Rating on June 20214.7/5 stars ranking in 3,888 reviews
Best-selling rank on Amazon in High Chair category#11 in Baby High Chairs
Why people like itParents love this high chair because it grows with their kids, the build material, footrest, and ease of cleaning.
PriceYou can purchase this high chair for less than $ with its current sale in June 2021Check availability, sale, and pricing on Amazon here.

Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 Elite

Product Dimensions: 33 x 22 x 44.5 inches

Best for: Infants, Toddlers & 5-year olds

Weight Limit: 50 Lbs.

No. of Adjustments: 3

Are you looking for the ideal high chair for large spaces? You will love the Trio 3-in-1 Elite from Ingenuity. This convertible chair features a metallic frame for sturdiness and durability and you can maintain it easily by wiping and washing. If you want a high chair that will also accommodate your two kids simultaneously, this one is an incredible pick. Available in a Braden style can adjust and use as a booster seat, toddler chair, and high chair.

You will love the removable dishwasher-safe tray with the EasyClean feature and four locking positions that grow with your baby. It also comes with neutral colors that can easily and perfectly match your home décor. The seat pad is also dishwasher-safe which makes it easy to maintain. Ingenuity is an established brand in the kids’ products market with a focus on quality. 


  • Two kids simultaneously
  • Good value for money
  • Sleek metal elliptical frame
  • Neutral colors & highly-adjustable


  • Wheels of the toddler chair unsafe on the hard floor
  • Booster has no straps to secure it to regular chairs
  • Does not fold

Overall Review:

NameIngenuity Trio 3-in-1 Elite #5 in 10BabyGear 2021 List
Amazon Rating on June 20214.7/5 stars rating in 2,625 reviews
Best-selling rank on Amazon in High Chair category# in Baby High Chairs
Why people like itMost parents appreciate the smart clean and 
PriceYou can purchase this high chair for less than $100.00 with its current sale in June 2021Check availability, sale, and pricing on Amazon here.

Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair Complete

Product Dimensions: 32 x 20.5 x 8 inches

Best for: 6 months & 36 months

Weight Limit: 300 Lbs.

No. of Adjustments: None

Probably the best high chair in this list with the highest weight limit, this Tripp Trapp Chair Complete from Stokke is yet another incredible addition to your baby registry. The high chair’s baby set comes with a 5-point harness to keep him secure and a seat that is easy to clean. The adjustable design allows you to adjust the footrest and back design as your kid grows older. Stokke is a Norwegian-based company that manufactures children’s products and Tripp Trapp is their best-selling product in their line.

You will admire the variety of colors including natural, soft mint, white, storm grey, and hazy grey which makes it match with most fabrics and décor in your home. There is also a variety of woods. Designed in 1972 by Peter Opsvik with inspiration from Tor, his son, this chair meets (or exceeds) ASTM standards of safety and JPMA-certified.


  • Easy to assemble & clean
  • Beautifully stained
  • Sturdy & worth the price
  • Foldable design


  • Quality control needs improvement
  • Harness requires upgrade
  • High price tag

Overall Review:

NameStokke Tripp Trapp Chair Complete #6 in 10BabyGear 2021 List
Amazon Rating on June 20214.8/5 stars rating in 1,049 reviews 
Best-selling rank on Amazon in High Chair category#35 in Baby High Chairs
Why people like itMost people love it for affordability, beautiful design, sturdiness, and is comfy for kids.
PriceYou can purchase this high chair for less than $270.00 with its current sale in June 2021Check availability, sale, and pricing on Amazon here.

Chicco QuickSeat Hook-on Chair

Product Dimensions: 24 x 14.5 x 6 inches

Best for: Babies within 37 Lbs.

Weight Limit: 37 Lbs.

No. of Adjustments: None

If you are looking for the best hook-on chair, this QuickSeat Hook-On Chair from Chicco is an excellent choice. Available in three different colors including graphite, isle, and poetic, it can be harnessed and tightened to your counter height table in a single pull. I love the Snap-On tray in this chair that offers an eating space that is very easy to clean to maintain your baby’s hygiene. Even best, you can snap on or off the seat cover easily to make washing hassle-free.

I love this high chair’s 3-point harness that keeps your baby secure and the compact size that allows for convenience during travel. It also includes carrying strap for ease of portability. 


  • Easy to wash and hook-on
  • Affordable pricing
  • Beautiful appearance & sturdy
  • Compact design


  • Quality control needs improvement
  • The fabric gets very dirty
  • Covers should be removable

Overall Review:

NameChicco QuickSeat Hook-on Chair #7 in 10BabyGear 2021 List
Amazon Rating on June 20214.8/5 stars rating in 1,394 reviews
Best-selling rank on Amazon in High Chair category#42 in Baby High Chairs
Why people like itPeople love how easy it is to wash to this high chair, fast to hook, and affordable pricing.
PriceYou can purchase this high chair for less than $70.00 with its current sale in June 2021Check availability, sale, and pricing on Amazon here.

Features to Consider When Purchasing the Best High Chair for Counter Hight Table

Picking the best high chair from the large list of brands in the market today can be challenging. As such, I came up with a list of features that you should look for when choosing the best one for your counter height table. From safety to design and height adjustment, you should be thorough. Here are 7 factors on how to choose a high chair:

  1. Safety

This is always the first feature that you should look for when picking and buying baby products. The product must meet the high chair safety standards for safety specifications such as a harness (or an equivalent restraint) that hold your baby snugly and comfortably on the high chair. A chair with a 5-point harness is ideal as it comes with shoulder straps and a belt that wraps around your kid’s waist. This prevents your baby from hitting their heads on the tray or craning their necks or bending frontward.

If you have a toddler that has acquired the ability to sit on their own, you can buy a high chair with crotch restraints without shoulder straps or a 3-point harness

  1. Versatility

Look for a high chair model with an adjustable height as this versatility allows you to use it in different tables in the house. In such a case, you should be looking for a high chair with a height limit of between 32 and 36-inches.

  1. Tray Design

If you know how important the chair’s tray is, then you understand why you cannot overlook this feature. A tray that can be moved with one hand serves the purpose as you can easily fit it when sitting on your own chair. But if you find a model with a swiveling tray design the better as it allows you to remove it when not in use and return it when your baby needs it.

  1. Size & Weight 

High chairs are available in different sizes depending on your needs and space. Therefore, you should go for a model that fits in the house or apartment you are living in for convenience. Look at the product’s dimensions. Each high chair comes with weight recommendations from the manufacturer. You should pick one with the right weight capacity to ensure that your baby does not exceed the weight limit for safety purposes.

In addition, check the chair’s height limit to make sure that it fits under your counter height table perfectly if it does not have a tray.

  1. Material

Yet another factor you should not overlook, the fabric used to make the height chair should be non-toxic. That is because your baby must come into contact with the fabric and if toxic, it can cause skin rashes. It should also be easy to clean, soft, and comfy for your baby to sit on. If you get a high chair model with removable seat covers, the better and easier it is to maintain.

Make sure that the chair’s frame is sturdy and durable (if wood, it should be treated & if steel it should be stainless) to ensure your baby’s safety and long-time use. The hardware should be durable and concealed as well, and the tray material should be BPA-free.

  1. Price

Different high chair models come with different price tags based on their design, functionality, and other features. The best thing is that some brands are manufacturing quality high chairs with affordable prices if you are working on a tight budget. There are chic models for those willing to spend much on high chairs.

  1. Extras

You will get some high chairs fitted with a reclining feature which comes in handy if you have an infant that has not developed sitting skills yet. It also allows you to feed them infant formula while they rest on their back easily and can be adjusted to toddler seats later. If you find a model with a foldable design, the better as it is portable and some without legs (hook-on high chairs) are ideal for carrying around.

If you find a high chair model with a footrest, it provides your baby with foot support although not a must. Furthermore, such high chairs come with a high price tag. For those models with wheels, make sure that they can be locked for your child’s safety.

Safety of best high chair for counter height

As mentioned earlier, safety is the first thing to consider when choosing any baby products like your counter height table’s high chair. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission on Safety Standard for High Chairs rule (enacted on July 19, 2019), all high chairs must include a type of restraint to keep your baby safe.

Here are two safety measures and methods for high chairs as recorded in the ruling above and mentioned briefly in my buyer’s guide as well:

  1. Harness & Restraint System

You can choose between a 5-point and 3-point harness system depending on your child’s age. On the one hand, the 5-point harness (similar to those in car seats) is equipped with shoulder straps that go down and hook into the 2 buckles that join the belts extending from each side of your baby’s hips. You can imagine it, right? See how your baby is held snugly for ultimate safety?

The 3-point harness, on the other hand, can protect your baby with shoulder straps that meet at the tummy with a single button or around your baby’s waist and join at the middle. This type of harness is ideal for toddlers who have not gained sitting skills yet.

  1. Crotch Restraint

Yet another safety system, crotch restraints pass between your baby’s legs only (like the 3-point harness style) to hold him snugly. Alternatively, they can be passive belts that are pre-installed into the seat (or can come separate for you to assemble) that protect your baby’s bottom half allowing their hands and upper body to move freely. It is an ideal option if your kid is a busy bee.

NOTE: If you purchase a high chair without straps or just want to add more restraints to the one you have, you can buy a universal set of restraints.


High chairs are handy when you have a baby that can’t reach the dinner table you have at home, especially if it is not the standard size. Given the 271 cases of incidents related to high chairs (Jan. 2011 to Sept. 2017), the safety of your child should a priority choosing your counter height table high chair. Also, consider the size by looking at the floor space you have, followed by comfort & material, and so on. For playful babies and climb-lovers, take a high chair with a 3-point harness.

All the best as you choose the best high chair that fits your baby’s personality.

How to Choose a Baby Monitor in 2021 (The Best – Both Wifi and Non-Wifi)

How to Choose a Baby Monitor in 2021 (The Best – Both Wifi and Non-Wifi)

Parenthood can be an eye-opening, fun, scary, and stressful experience all at once. As a parent, you incessantly worry about your infant’s well-being and safety. That is quite normal and expected. However, you don’t necessarily have to let it interfere with your daily routine and tasks.

One of the devices that may offer you peace of mind is baby monitors. They allow you to keep an eye on your precious kid without compromising overall productivity. You may run errands, get a few projects done, or enjoy some time outdoors and still track your child’s progress.

How to choose the right baby monitor 

To get the best out of a baby monitor, you first need to choose the right one. That is the tricky part. There are vast numbers of different baby monitors in the market today. If you dive into purchasing one without the relevant information, you may end up with a useless device.

As a newbie in the baby monitor market, you may face various conflicting factors: Do you need an audio or video baby monitor? Is monitoring the room temperature and baby movements necessary? Do you need a device that can also track your infant’s temperature, heart rate, or oxygen level? What is your budget? The questions are endless.

However, when it’s all said and done, all the monitors available out there can be simply classified into:

  1. Audio baby monitors

Most people are familiar with this type. They, basically, handle sound transmission to a receiver close by you from the nursery. These monitors typically come with a limited range and fewer special features.

  1. Baby vitals monitors

If you want ultimate monitoring, these units may be a good choice for you. They are high-tech devices that rely on either wearables or sensors to monitor factors like the baby’s heart rate, breathing, movement, and much more.

Be very careful when choosing a baby monitor of this type. Some units lack video and sound features incorporated, so pay close attention. 

  1. Audio-video baby monitors

These monitors are more popular than ever in this modern era, thanks to an included handy camera that allows you to visually monitor your baby, as well as get any sounds made. Some of them have night-vision enabled, while others even let you see the entire nursery.

What to consider

Consider the following factors as you shop for the right baby monitor:

  • Analog vs. Digital

The difference between analog and digital baby monitors is analog units incorporate data encryption during signal transmission to the receiver, while digital ones encrypt the sound. That is one of the reasons analog monitors are cheaper.

However, beware that analog baby monitors are more susceptible to hacking or encountering interference from cordless phones. To avoid such problems, try digital monitors or analog alternatives with a 1.9GHz band.

  • Wi-Fi vs. Non-WIFI

Some units available today use 3G/4G networks or Wi-Fi. Better yet, you can even pair some with your smartphone for easy monitoring when your baby is home alone with a sitter while you handle other tasks. They are called Wi-Fi baby monitors.

Non-WiFi baby monitors, on the other hand, don’t support Wi-Fi use. They are ideal for any remote location with a poor internet connection.

  • Range of reception

Reception is a very important feature to factor in. For example, if you have a large house, any baby monitor with a limited range of reception may be ineffective. 

Also, note that concrete walls may interfere with reception. 

  • Receiver features

There are a few things about receivers you need to consider. First, ask yourself whether you need more than one receiver. Plus, if you plan to carry it around as you undertake other chores, factor in size and portability. And, if the tasks you usually handle are noisy, consider a receiver with additional modes of notification apart from the sound default option. 

  • Battery life

Experts recommend battery-operated baby monitors because they tend to be cordless. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) occasionally receives reports of cases of strangulation. These usually get caused by unit chords that got left within the infants’ reach.

How to choose the best baby monitor

After settling for a unit type that seems right, next is choosing the best out of the available options. This is a crucial stage that ensures you purchase a reliable baby monitor.

You may find that most monitors promise excellent range, clear images and sound, and exemplary life. But, when put through an actual test, most of them fall short by more than a mile. To get the best option, consider the following:

  • Ensure it has sound or video clarity by testing it in different areas at home. Check for fuzziness, crackles, or any indicators other devices are interfering with the transmission.
  • Shop for a unit that supports a range more than 250 feet from the nursery without the signal getting compromised. Most of these units undergo testing in open areas, so the range provided by manufacturers may not work within closed walls.
  • Factor in the type of property where you live. If you live in an old house, chances are higher the walls are thick and signal transmission may be a problem. Modern homes, on the other hand, typically have thinner walls, so transmission is more effective. 
  • You don’t want a baby monitor that will give out on you when you need it most. That is why checking battery life is necessary. Also, consider a unit that comes with rechargeable batteries for convenience.
  • Your baby’s security is paramount. Check whether the monitor you are about to pick has data encryption and how secure the cameras are.
  • If you are choosing an analog baby monitor, go for models with a frequency of at least 900 MHz. This will reduce static interference and increase audio clarity.
  • Find a model with a prominent “low-battery” light.
  • Pick wireless devices – wires present strangling hazard in your baby nursery
  • Look for a model with a sound-activated light. Learn why we recommend voice-activated monitors here.

How to pick up a baby monitor for apple and android devices – Wi-Fi baby monitors

Monitoring your baby is now much easier since you can use your smartphone to this end. Developers have availed a slew of handy, new apps that you can get if you want to use your gadget as a baby monitor. 

One of the outstanding benefits of a phone-based unit is it allows you to check on your infant anywhere, any time. And, although there have been cases of hacked monitors recently, they are few and rare.

Our in-depth 10 Best Monitor Apps of 2021 (iPhone and Android) article has everything you may need to know about the best available baby monitor apps for any of your mobile devices.

How to choose a non-Wi-Fi baby monitor

If you feel a non-WiFi baby monitor is an ideal option, make sure you check:

  • Security

You may prioritize safety and security in non-WiFi baby monitors by opting for a unit that uses FHSS transmission.

  • Battery life

This is essential. Imagine getting stuck with a monitor that shuts down the moment an outage occurs or a few minutes after you step out of your house. To avoid such an unpleasant scenario, always go for an option with a minimum of 2,000mAh. 

  • Range

We highly recommend non-WiFi baby monitors that can transmit visual and audio signals for not less than 700 ft. Those are very handy, especially if your house is large or you need to carry the parent unit a bit further from the nursery.

  • Quality of sound

Opt for a unit that has excellent sound quality, especially if you live in a noisy neighborhood. And, if you have a hearing impairment issue, try to find one that has light alerts. 

We have discussed non-Wifi baby monitors on our comprehensive 

How to choose an audio baby monitor

Audio baby monitors, unlike their streaming counterparts, are usually less expensive and easier to use. That is among the many reasons some parents opt for them. When buying an audio baby monitor, the first and most important question is whether an analog or digital unit suits your preferences.

In addition, pay attention to these features:

  • Sound quality

Audio baby monitors rely on sound. Therefore, this cannot be compromised at all. Some models come with a receiver that offers continuous sound, while others have a silent function. You can pick between either according to your personal preference.

Avoid units that have lots of white noise or static. Always settle for one with crisp, clear sound.

  • Alert options

Some audio baby monitors incorporate various alerts systems as well as the audio feature. For example, some use blinking lights to alert you of any movements in the crib. Some also include a silent feature that you can use whenever you are working or entertaining.

If you anticipate moving around a lot, try a unit with a vibration alert feature.

  • Extra features

Extra features such as monitoring your baby’s vitals may be necessary if you need extra reassurance. If this is the case for you, look for a baby monitor with additional features, like a temperature gauge, two-way talkback, and movement sensors.

To summarize

A baby monitor can only guarantee your peace of mind if it works properly. And, although there are numerous factors you need to take into consideration, everything boils down to your preferences and convenience.

Consider all the factors we have outlined above, and you may end up with the right baby monitor. And it goes without saying, make sure you’re buying a reputable product from a reputable vendor.

Best Baby Swing For Colic

Best Baby Swing For Colic

Are you looking for the best baby swing for colic? I wrote this article with you in mind and I know that you will find it helpful.

It is quite normal for babies to cry, but those who have colic tend to cry more often. Your baby can be considered as colic if they cry more than 3 hours a day for at least 3 days a week. And as the Children Hospital of Philadelphia explains it, it begins when your baby is 3 weeks old and peaks at the 4th to 6th week.  During this period, your baby suffers a lot of discomfort and it is never easy for you either. These symptoms often wane as your baby turns 3 to 4 months old.

Baby colic is not a disease and there are certain things that you can do to ease this including vertically holding him after eating, playing comforting music, and wrapping him. You can also place your little one on your lap and rub their back with their tummies down to help pass gas. 

The most effective method for easing baby colic, however, is putting your little angel in a baby swing. And because baby swings are made differently, not all will help with your colicky baby. That is why I have conducted in-depth research on the best swing for colicky babies that will guide you through to the best baby swing for your colicky baby. 

Does baby swing help colic?

According to Dr. Harvey Karp, something that replicates the environment of the mother’s womb can be helpful in soothing and calming down your baby. Dr.  Harvey was speaking  to the Seattle PI. And in this case, the best swing for a colicky baby has a swinging motion that helps create a sensation of the child being inside the mother’s womb.

And since swinging your baby in your arms every time they cry can be exhausting, that is where baby swings come in to help. If you have a colicky baby, the cyclical motion of a baby swing can be a real game changer in helping soothe and calm your baby down. Baby swings also help provide a secure, inclined space for stomach comfort and ease colic pains by allowing excess airflow. This, in turn, can disrupt the awful feeling of colic allowing your baby to sleep.

How to pick the best Swing for Colicky baby

Not every baby swing out there comes in handy to help suppress the symptoms of colic in your baby. As such, I have put together a list of things to consider when purchasing the best baby swing for colic. Here are the things that make the best swing for colic baby:

  1. Seating Positions

Go for a baby swing with several seating positions, especially more upright than flat. Why so you may ask? Baby colic has been associated with acid reflux which causes discomfort hence the regular cries. A vertical position helps lessen acid reflux by allowing gas to pass.

  1. Safety Features

This should be a priority when you shop for any baby products and a baby swing is no exemption. As such, opt for a product that holds your baby snugly but securely onto the swing such as a 5-point harness to prevent them from falling off the swing. 

  1. Swing Movement & Speed

Pick a product that comes with multiple swinging movements, but mostly with an option for head to toe swing movement. As mentioned above from experts, that movement creates an environment that makes your baby feel like they are in the womb. The soothing and relaxing plus safety help stop your colicky baby from crying.

  1. Robustness & Comfort

Buy your kiddie with colic a sturdy baby swing that will support his or her weight as she grows older and heavier. As such, it will not break easily. In addition to robustness, make sure the seat is made with soft, padded material for optimal comfort.

  1. Size & Space

Look at the space you have in your house so you can know the size of baby swing that is suitable enough for you. There are baby swings for limited spaces and large spaces which depend on the width of the swing’s frame. 

  1. Source of Power

There are those baby swings that use batteries and those that use plug-in as the power source to operate them. In my opinion, I think a baby swing with both power options is much better since while one saves on battery money, the other comes in handy during outdoor use.

  1. White Noise

One of the reasons why I love baby swings with white noise is because it has shown to help babies stop colic. As such, go for a baby swing with nature noises so your child can pick on these things later in life.

  1. Ease of Cleaning

Babies are very sensitive which is why I recommend you to buy baby swings with materials that are easy to clean. As such, go for a baby swing with a machine-washable seat pad since it can be difficult to always wash them by hand.

  1. Design

The design of a baby swing also matters a lot, especially when it comes to portability as you can move it all over the house easily depending on which room you are in. It is also helpful for use during outdoor use and can be easy to match with your home décor.

10. Extras

Some baby swings come with extra features that help sooth your colicky baby even better such as vibration. Check how easy it is to assemble before shopping as well as the baby swing brand’s customer service responsiveness because you might need it. And although the price tag of a baby swing matters as well, it should not be prioritized before all the mentioned features. However, do not go for one that is not within your budget limit.

Reviews of the Best Swings for Colicky Baby

In this review, I have included the best baby swing for colic that meets all or most of the things I have talked about in the buyer’s guide above. By the end of this review, you will have a suitable choice that meets your specific needs and budget. They are also available on Amazon.

Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing

Power Source: Plug-In & Batteries

Swing Speed: 6

Approved Weight Limit: 25 Pounds

Fisher-Price knows that what your colicky little angel needs is comfort with a snuggle that feels like momma’s arms. The Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams ‘n Cradle Swing is soft and soothing and comes with head to toe swing motion which is suitable for your colic baby. The side-to-side swinging motion is also available. The adorable swing’s seat pad is soft and machine washable and there are two comfortable recline positions that you change with the press of a button.

Your baby will also love the body insert and head support for more comfort, plus the overhead mobile with 3 cuddly friends and a mirrored dome to promote sensory development. You can power the swing using either batteries or plug-in options. It has an adjustable 5-point harness for enhanced baby safety and comfort and you can control the 6 swing speeds as he enjoys nature sounds and 16 different soothing songs.

Clients Remarks: Users love the design portability of this baby swing saying that they love the way it helps their babies sleep. And even though there is a squeak, it is easy to fix.


  • Sturdy & beautiful design
  • Comfortable & secure seat
  • Easy to assemble
  • Worth the money spent
  • Adjustable 5-point harness


  • Quality control needs improvement

Buy this product on Amazon here

4moms mamaRoo 4 Plug-in Baby Swing

Power Source: Plug-In

Swing Speed: 5

Approved Weight Limit: 25 Pounds

4moms is a reputable brand in the baby products market due to the reliability and elegance of their creations. Their Black Classic mamaRoo 4 plug-in baby swing is yet another recommended baby swing in the market today. This chic swing has dual swing movements including up and down which are ideal for your colicky baby as well as side-to-side for better soothing and comfort.

Your baby will admire the 5 exceptional motions and swing speeds and the seat’s ability to recline in multiple positions depending on their activity. The swing’s overhead toy mobile comes with reversible, interactive toy balls in the comfort of smooth, machine-washable seat fabric. It features 4 in-built sounds and a compatible MP3 plug-in, and is Bluetooth enabled to control sound and motion.

Client Remarks: Users like this baby swing because it does not require a newborn insert and it is easy to assemble and giftable. Some parents, however, are disappointed in the customer service and complain that the power cord is either not working or burns fast when connected.


  • High-end design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable & machine-washable
  • Multi-swing motions


  • Finishing could use some improvement
  • High price tag
  • Plug-in only

Buy this product on Amazon here

Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle

Power Source: Batteries & Plug-In

Swing Speed: 6

Approved Weight Limit: 25 Pounds

Yet another swing for babies with colic from Fisher-Price, the My Little Snugabunny Cradle comes with dual swinging motions including the head-to-toe which is preferred for your baby colic. It features 3 adjustable seat positions and can be reclined into two different positions for comfort. I like the 6 swing speeds where you can pick your baby’s favorite spot as well as soothing nature sounds. Your colicky baby will also enjoy 16 songs that help him relax. It is also foldable and portable.

I love the swing’s soft headrest and super-comfy bunny insert for extra comfort, calming music, and the little friends rotating overhead to encourage eye-tracking for sensory development. The seat pad materials are very comfortable and machine-washable and you can choose between plug-in and battery power sources.

Client Remarks: Users of this baby swing love the weight limit, long-lasting batteries, and the 5-point harness for increased safety of the child. However, there are complaints of not receiving the ordered product. Most love the older version better.


  • Durable & excellent sound quality
  • Quick to assemble
  • It swings & rocks great
  • Elegant & portable design 


  • Not for small spaces
  • Quality control needs upgrading

Buy this product on Amazon here

Graco DuoGlider Baby Swinging Bed

Power Source: Batteries & Plug-In

Swing Speed: 6

Approved Weight Limit: 30 Pounds

Graco understands that comfort matters most to your colicky baby and the DuoGlider Baby Swing soothes your baby using the same gentle motion as our nursery glider. This baby swing features two swing modes including head-to-toes that is suitable for baby colic and side-to-side. Your kid will love the cozy seat with plush body support, and 3 positions reclined for optimal comfort.

I love that this baby swing doubles as a rocker and vibration feature with 2 gentle settings to keep your baby relaxed. In addition, it features six swing speeds, nature sounds, and classical melodies to keep your baby entertained and relaxed. You also have a choice between using batteries or plug-in power options. This baby swing helps colic kids swing securely with a 3-point harness.

Client Remarks: Users love the two available colors; Percy and Rascal that match with the home décor, coziness, weight limit, versatility, and easy assembling. However, they feel it would be more secure if the baby swing uses a 5-point harness and be more space-conscious.


  • Super-cozy & secure
  • Beautiful design & versatile
  • Easy to assemble
  • Worth the money


  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Would have a wider seating to grow with baby

Buy this product on Amazon here

Ingenuity Soothe ‘n Delight Portable Baby Swing

Power Source: Batteries

Swing Speed: 6

Approved Weight Limit: 20 Pounds

Yet another versatile baby swing for colic, this Soothe ‘n Delight Portable Baby Swing is a must-have addition to your baby registry. This baby swing is made with cozy fabrics and can be reclined into multiple positions to keep your baby comfy and relaxed. It comes with 6 extra quiet swing speed selections, appealing musical, and TrueSpeed tech to maintain speeds as he grows.

I love the versatility that allows you to fold and carry the swing with you for outdoor activities and visits, 6 original melodies with volume control, and sturdy build. In addition, you will fall in love with the luxurious seat with detachable head support and fabrics that are easy to clean. Lastly, there are 2 plush friends dangling from the toy bar to amuse your baby and are easily reachable. It comes with a 5-point harness to keep your baby snug and secure.

Client Remarks: Users love this swing for being lightweight and portable, recommending it for parents with newborns. And while it is easy to assemble and reliable, they wish it comes with an AC adapter for plug-in power option.


  • Good for colic newborns
  • Great value for money
  • Soft & matching colors
  • Easy to assemble


  • Functionality requires improvement
  • Needs head support for newborns

Buy this product on Amazon here


Baby colic can be discomforting for both you and your baby, but using a baby swing can be your saving grace. Just make sure that you choose the best swing for colic baby based on your kid’s needs. I’d like to remind you that experts advise against babies sleeping in baby swings. So, avoid it completely. Hopefully this review was helpful and that you find the info you were looking for.

Clek Liing Vs Nuna Pipa Vs Peg Perego + Review

About Clek brand of car seats – history

Clek is a child passenger safety seat manufacturer based in Toronto, Canada. The idea of making infant car seats came about when the Clek founders, who are veterans in the automotive industry, were searching for car seats for their children. They couldn’t find a car seat that came without compromise. So they set out to make car seats that are stylish, convenient, and just as safe as your car seat with European standard safety features. That’s how the Clek brand of children infant, convertible, and booster seats came about. So far, they have seven car seat models, including Foonf, Fllo, Liingo, Oobr, Olli, Ozzi, and their most recent, the Liing.

Their high end car seats are known to have premium materials, best-in-class safety features, compatibility with top stroller brands, and elegance.

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Liing car seat weight limit and dimensions

Clek Liing car seat is an infant car seat measuring 27.75 D x 16.9 W x 27 H inches. The weight limit is from 4 to 35 pounds and up to 32 inches tall.

Liing car seat safety ratings – is it safe and FAA approved?

Liing is one of the highest rated infant car seats in terms of safety. It has been found to meet and exceed the federal safety standards. Additionally, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave it a 4 star rating for ease of use.

It has also been tested for safety by independent organizations with impressive performance. It is the no.1 best infant car seat of choice by Consumer Reports, and they also rated it “best” in crash protection.

The car seat has FAA approval to be used on an airplane. Better still, the Liing uses European belt for installation, so you won’t need to use the base. You can find the approval label on the underside of the shell.


Newborn body support- provides head and neck support while keeping your infant snug and comfortable.

Narrow design- the seat is 17 inches wide, allowing 3 across seating possible in most cars.

Air travel ready- the car seat is FAA approved and is designed with a European belt path to secure without the base.

Side Impact Protection- designed with a two-piece energy absorbing shell lined with EPP foam for head and body protection while allowing airflow between the seat layers.

Energy Absorbing Metal Load Leg- the adjustable metal load increases stability and reduces impact force during a car accident.

One-handed quick release- the carrier easily detaches from base or stroller, making it convenient for travel.

Simple and secure installation- Liing’s unique Rigid-LATCH is simple to use, eliminating guesswork and minimizing incorrect installation chances.

Multiple installation options- you can use seat belt installation using the very simple belt-tensioning system or LATCH.

Multi recline ability- Liing offers up to 7 recline positions when the seat is locked into the base, allowing you to get the perfect angle for your baby’s safety regardless of the slope in your car seat.

Stroller compatible-the Liing is compatible with select stroller brands using the recommended adapters, enabling you to go for walks or errands with your baby.

3 position Adjustable canopy- the car seat comes with 3-panel, SPF 100+ adjustable canopy that provides almost full coverage against the sun and has a mesh peek-a-boo window for airflow and to allow you to keep an eye on your baby.

9 year expiration- the Liing is built to serve your baby and to be passed to future siblings.

  • Lightweight without the base (9 lbs)
  • Available in three fabric choices: soft jersey, stain moisture, and odor resistant Crypton, and temperature regulating Merino.
  • One-handed quick release makes it easy to remove from the base or stroller
  • Adjustable latch connectors for a tighter install
  • Bubble indicators to ensure the correct installation angle
  • Generous size canopy provides more sun protection than most car seats
  • Narrow design; easily fits three across the back seat
  • Long user life compared to other car seats- 9 years
  • Easy to clean, machine washable
  • Very pricey
  • Harness requires rethreading for adjustments or reassembly
  • Doesn’t have car seat adapters for any strollers

Liing car seat installation

Clek Liing has two installation options: with base and with seat belt.

Clek Liing with base

Installation with base has many advantages: it’s easier, faster and offers additional safety features that protect your little one.

The base has rigid LATCH connectors that easily slide into the lower anchors in your car. It comes with a load leg (a metal base extending from the base to the car’s floor) that stabilizes the base and the metal latch connectors, making the connection more secure.

To ensure correct installation, you adjust the length of the load leg until the indicator turns green.

Liing without base

The Liing comes with a European belt path, where the seatbelt is threaded through the front and back of the car seat for a secure fit. Most other car seats use the American belt path, where the seat belt is threaded only through the front of the base. So as you can see, the Liing has a more secure installation even using the seatbelt than other car seats.

Seat belt installation is the most practical if you frequently use taxis, air travel, or installing in the middle car seat.

Liing car seat manual

You can get The Clek Liing Infant Car Seat manufacturers manual here

Liing car seat adapter 

Liing shares a design with Maxi-Cos, Nuna, and Cybex car seats so you can use adapters for these brands to connect to the recommended strollers it works with.

Strollers compatible with the Clek Liing car seat

The Liing car seat connects effortlessly with top stroller brands like Thule, UPPAbaby, Agio, Bugaboo, Stokke, Baby Jogger, Cybex, Peg Perego, Baby Zen, Bumbleride, and Silver Cross.

Clek Liing Infant Car Seat Vs Nuna Pipa

Nuna Pipa is one of the most popular high end infant car seats and, for good reason- premium quality, great safety ratings, exceptional functionality, ultra lightweight, and stylish. Unlike the Liing, it has five versions-three Lite models known to be the lightest in the market and two others that come with a more adjustable base.

Dimensions and weight

Both car seats are among the lightest in the market, but the Nuna Pipa is even lighter. Clek Liing weighs 9 pounds while Pipa weighs 8 pounds. Pipa Lite versions weigh as little as 5.3 pounds.

Weight and height capacity

Liing accommodates children from 4 to 35 pounds and up to 32 inches tall

Pipa accommodates children from 4 to 32 pounds and up to 32 inches tall


Both car seats have industry-leading safety features: rigid LATCH connectors that provide a solid and secure connection and a load leg that prevents seat rotation and reduces impact forces in the event of an accident. This reduces the risk of injury to your child by more than 40%.

While many other car seats use plastic Latch connectors, the Liing and Nuna Pipa connectors are metal, making for a stronger and more secure connection.


Both Liing and Nuna Pipa can be installed using the base or European seat belt system. The bases come with rigid LATCH connectors and a metal load leg.

One of the differences is that the LATCH connectors on the Liing base have adjustable length, but those in the Nuna Pipa base have the same length. So, the Liing base fits more tightly against your car seat and makes it easier to install when the latch anchors are hard to reach.

The second difference is that Liing’s base can recline in 7 positions while Pipa offers only 4 positions. More recline options allow safe installation in various vehicles with seats that are flat or sloped differently to provide a safe and comfortable position for your child. Both Liing and Pipa bases have bubble indicators to ensure correct installation.

Stroller compatibility

In addition to car seats, Nuna has its own line of strollers. Clek majors only in car seats. But, both car seat brands have similarities in design which makes them compatible with the same strollers from top brands. You will find that with Maxi-Cosi adapters, for example, both Clek Liing and Nuna Pipa car seats will click into your strollers easily.


Liing comes with an oversized SPF100+ canopy, while Pipa has a magnetic Dream Drape cover which provides maximum protection against the sun.


Clek Liing is a bit more expensive than the Nuna, with pricing ranging from $349.99 to $449.99 depending on the choice of material used for the Clek car seat. Nuna prices range from $319.95 to $399.59.

Which is better?

Both have top safety features, a wide range of stroller compatibility, and elegance. Nuna Pipa is only slightly lighter than the Liing, but it has lighter versions if weight is a deciding factor for you. The Liing, on the other hand, has the advantages of having an array of fabric choices, a highly adjustable base, and more prolonged use life by two years. So, even though the Liing is more expensive, it provides more value.

Clek Liing Infant Car Seat Vs Peg Perego

Model variations

Peg Perego is an Italian car seat brand with five versions that differ in price, bases, and functionality. The Clek Liing has only one model with three fabric choices (Soft Jersey, Crypton C-Zero, and Merino Wool).

Weight and Dimensions

At 9 pounds, Liing is lighter as Peg Perego models weigh from 9.5 pounds to 12 pounds.

Liing is also smaller in size than the smallest Peg Perego model, Primo Viaggio. Liing measures 27.75 L x 16.9 W x 27 H, while Viaggio measures 29 L x 17.25 W x 25.25 H inches. 

Weight and height capacity

Both infant car seats accept children weighing from 4 to 35 pounds and 32 inches tall.


Both car seats are engineered with advanced safety features for utmost protection. The Liing has metal LATCH connectors that ensure a secure connection and a load leg that stabilizes the base, prevents seat rotation, and absorbs impact force in a car accident.

On the other hand, Peg Perego is equipped with an anti-rebound bar to stabilize the base and prevent the seat from moving in a collision. Agio Nido and Agio Lounge versions of the Peg Perego include both anti-rebound bar and load leg as extra safety measure.

Both Peg Peregoand Clek Liing car seats have Side Impact Protection for head and body protection.


Both Liing and Peg Perego can be installed with a base or vehicle seatbelt. Liing base has a metal latch that slips into your car latch anchors, and bubble indicators to let you know if the installation is secure. Peg Perego uses the Right Tight System, where you use the dial in the base to lock it in place when using either LATCH or vehicle seat belt.

Harness adjustment

Adjusting the harness with Peg Perego is super easy as no rethreading is needed. But with Clek Liing, you have to disassemble the seat and rethread to adjust the harness.

Seat Recline 

It’s not safe to recline a car seat while driving, but in a stroller, it gives a comfortable and safe position for the baby to lie and nap while on the move. In this regard, Peg Perego Lounge versions are among the very few seats with a reclining capability to three positions. The Liing car seat doesn’t recline.

Stroller compatibility

Both Peg Perego and Clek Liing work only with top stroller brands such as Thule, UPPAbaby, Bumbleride, Baby Jogger, etc. But, unlike Clek, Peg Perego has their own strollers, so they include adapters with the car seats.

To connect both car seats to other stroller brands you need to purchase adapters separately.


Both car seats have a decent sized canopy with a peek-a-boo window for airflow and visibility. Peg Perego Nido and Lounge versions have extendable canopies that provide full coverage.


Price Peg-Perego infant car seats prices range from $299.99 to $449.99. In comparison, Clek Liing car seats cost from $349.99 to $449.99.

Which is better?

Both car seat models are made with the finest materials, highest safety ratings, and secure hassle free installation. But, you get more options and better functionality with some Peg Perego like Nido and Lounge-think recline, no-rethread harness, and extendable canopy with full coverage. And for the same price range as the Clek Liing.

Best Portable Baby Gates Reviews in 2021

Best Portable Baby Gates Reviews in 2021

Are you looking for the best portable baby gates? You are in the right place!

When your little angel finally achieves the suppleness like that of a cat, they can move across the room with the speed of light. And while this stage is crucial in their development, the curiosity during this adventure opens them up to more dangers than good. The kitchen and stairs are the most dangerous spots of all in your house where your kid can get injuries.

According to a post by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) on safety pitfalls, stairways are said to be the primary cause of injury for small children.  As such, they advise parents and caregivers to be vigilant in order to protect kids from such in every means possible. And if positioned strategically, baby gates restrict your child from going to places he should not be in.

Baby gates come in several different types including hardware-mounted gates, pressure-mounted gates, freestanding gates, and retractable gates. All have their advantages and drawbacks, but my main focus is on portable baby gates. Pressure mounted, freestanding, and retractable are excellent examples of portable gates as they can be moved around with ease. 

Portable baby gates are handy when at home or you plan to visit your folks or friends during the weekend. So, what are the best baby gates for stairs? Because picking the best portable baby gates needs a lot of research, I dedicated my time to sort through the many available options to make it easy for you. But before I continue with the reviews, see what I looked for in portable baby gates below.

How to Pick the Best Portable Gates

As mentioned above, picking the best portable baby gate is not like buying your favorite gate that complements your home décor. And while aesthetics play a significant role for fashion-sensitive people, there are more important things to consider.

  1. Type of Gate

You need to know which type of gate fits the needs you have since they all work differently. From freestanding/expandable gates to pressure-mounted baby gates, and hardware-mounted baby gates, one strong suit is another’s weakness. See below.

  1. Where to Use it

Different places require unique baby gates to ensure maximum safety. For instance, a baby gate for protecting your baby from falling down the stairs must be sturdy to prevent it from moving. Similarly, a baby gate that is perfect for the kitchen is different.

  1. Baby Size

Although most baby gates come with a height of approx. 30” which can be hard for kids to climb over, not all kids grow at the same rate. Some will grow taller faster than others. So, the higher the growth rate your baby has, the taller the gate you need.

  1. Spaces

From narrow to wide and extra-side, baby gates are available in many widths. As such, you need to measure the spaces you intend to install the gates carefully to make sure it fits properly. Some spaces might even need additional panels. You must consider this to get value for your money.

  1. Portability

Baby gates are meant to keep your baby safe from the hazards he is exposed to in the house, yes, but it is inconvenient and cumbersome to install them everywhere you see possible risks. It is wise to buy a baby gate that is portable and foldable so you can use it in different places.

  1. Budget

The mantra you get what you pay for is applicable in all scenarios but this does not mean that you have to overspend to get quality baby gates. Take your time to research as there are brands that offer products at considerable prices.

  1. Safety Certification

Look for the baby gate’s safety standards and certifications for features such as durability, height, and sturdy locks. One of the bodies that ensure these safety measures are met is the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association (JPMA). 

That being said, you should also check that the baby gate opens and closes easily. Look at the customer reviews of the product. Is the product operated hands-free (using a foot pedal), one-handed, sliding, or swinging? Also check how secure the lock is and whether it has auto-close or manual function.

Reviews of the Best Portable Baby Gates

Do you need baby gates for stairs? Of course you do and it is the only way to keep your baby safe when you cannot have them in your arms.

YOOFOR Retractable Baby Gate

Size: 33” x 55”

Gate Design: Retractable Design

Material: Mesh & Metal

If you want to liberate your arms and undertake your house chores knowing your baby is safe from hazards, the YOOFOR Retractable Baby Gate is a fantastic choice. This portable baby gate stands 33” tall and fits an opening that is up to 55” wide and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is a perfect pick if you have a baby who is 6 – 24 months old. 

What I love most about this portable baby gate for stairs is its double locking mechanism that keeps your child safe and pets contained. The robust, soft mesh protects your kid from injuries in case they bump on to the door accidentally. The baby gate is a one-hand operation which makes it convenient if you are carrying baby essentials with you. This easy to install baby gate is suitable for the stairs, hallways, and doorways and comes in black, grey, and white colors.

  • Perfect for indoor & outdoor use
  • Easy to install & operate
  • Good price for quality
  • Retractable & portable
  • Requires drilling

Check the product’s price on Amazon here.

Toddleroo by North States 42.6” Wide Portable Traveler Baby Gate

Size: 25.2” to 42.6”

Gate Design: Pressure Mounted

Material: Fabric

My best budget portable baby gate in the list today is the Toddleroo Portable Traveler Baby Gate from North States. Designed to block all the places you have in mind including doorways and hallways, this portable baby gate helps keep your 6 – 24 months old baby safe wherever you are. The gate is packed with convenient features and fits spaces that are 25.2”-42.6” wide and stands 28” tall. 

What I love about the design of this baby gate are the superior materials used to build it, the versatility, and functionality. Unlike some baby gates that require drilling the wall for installation, this one includes adjusting the extendable bars and inserting them into the fabric sleeves. In fact, this baby gate from North States won the CrossLister-Marketplaces Award twice.


  • Lightweight & portable
  • Pressure-mount installation
  • Folds up making it great for travel
  • Easy & secure to install


  • Material can bunch in smaller doorways

Check the product’s price on Amazon here.

Safety 1st Wide Doorways Fabric Gate with Pressure Mounted Fastening

Size: 27” x 60”

Gate Design: Pressure Mounted

Material: Fabric

Are you looking for a portable baby gate that will give you peace of mind by providing safe play spaces for your child? You will love this extra-wide Safety 1st baby gate. This adjustable baby gate is designed to block doorways and openings that measure 38”-60” wide and stand 27”high. I like the pressure-mounted installation set-up because it causes no damage to the house walls.

I love the fabric material used to make this baby gate because it is machine-washable and can match-up with your home décor. There is also a soft translucent panel that allows you to keep an eye on your baby from the other side. For ease of portability, these portable child stair gates are lightweight and come with a drawstring bag for convenient storage.

  • Easy to assemble by following instruction
  • Sturdy construction
  • Good value for money
  • Extra-wide to fit large spaces
  • Big gaps for small animals

Check the product’s price on Amazon here.

Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Gate and Play Yard

Size: 50” to 192”

Gate Design: Pressure Mounted

Material: Steel

If you are looking for a portable baby gate that will fit that gigantic space and play yard you have in mind, Regalo is your saving grace. This 4-in-1 baby gate expands into a 192” wall mounted gate and stands 28” tall to keep your baby safe. Also, it can be converted into an 8-panel play yard that is safe and spacious for your kid to play in. 

Though super-wide, it is easy to install via mounting to the wall and features a handy gate with a walk-through door that allows you to pass through effortlessly. This door has a safety locking feature. I love the versatility of this product that can also be converted into a fireplace barrier and the panels can block stair landings perfectly. The steel design makes this baby gate sturdy and durable.

If you have a tall baby, the brand’s Regalo Extra Tall Walk Thru Gate is a fantastic choice.

  • Super easy to use
  • Fantastic outdoor barrier
  • Great rollaway gate
  • Super-wide & convenient
  • It is not lightweight
  • Some big kids can access the door

Check the product’s price on Amazon here.

Baby Delight Go with Me Span Expendable Folding Gate

Size: Small, Medium & Large

Gate Design: Pressure Mounted

Material: Polyester (60%), Metal (30%) & Plastic (10%)

Baby Delight understands that you need to keep your baby safe when at home and while on-the-go. Their Go with Me Span series comes in three different sizes so you can choose which baby gate fits your specific space needs. The small baby gate expands 30”-48” wide (27” tall), medium 36”-60” wide (34” tall), and large 42”-72” wide (39” tall)

I love the hassle-free installation process of this baby gate that does not require drilling, as well as the carry bag included for ease of portability during travel. This baby gate is recommended for 6-24 month old kids and this Charcoal Tweed fashion will complement easily with your home décor.

  • User-friendly design
  • Sturdy & easily portable
  • Available in different sizes
  • Worth every penny
  • Not retractable

Check the product’s price on Amazon here.