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Best Smartwatch for Kids Reviews 2021

Best Smartwatch for Kids Reviews 2021

If you are looking for the latest smartwatch brands to pick from for kids today, then read on as I have reviewed the best smartwatch for kids in 2021.

Smartwatches don’t have to be only for adults. Nowadays, there is a wide range of smartwatches designed to appeal to young ones with educational apps and games to keep them busy for hours. The good thing is that unlike phones, smartwatches have good parental control and restricted access to inappropriate content. They also make it possible for parents to keep in touch with their kids through two-way calls and messaging. Some even have GPS and SOS functions helping parents to keep track of their kid’s whereabouts.

If you would like one for your child or grandchild or special friend, you can check out from our list the best smartwatches in the market for kids. Pay attention to the functions and age recommendations to help you choose the best smartwatch for kids from these:

Reviews of Best Smartwatches for Kids in 2021

1. 321OU Touch Screen Bluetooth Smart Watch

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Best Smartwatch for Kids Reviews 2021
as of September 15, 2021 8:32 am

For the best gift for your child, we choose this beautiful, smartwatch by 321OU. It is designed to be used by kids and adults alike, so you know it packs many useful apps and features. The other reason it’s top on our list is it’s incredibly cheap pricing (less than $30).

The smartwatch has a two-way call function enabling your child to receive and make calls. When using a sim card, they can view messages on Whatsapp and email, if it is connected to their smartphone by Bluetooth.

Most kids and teenagers love taking selfies and photos and listening to music. If that describes your child, they will definitely love this watch as it has both music and a camera. With a Micro SD (bought separately), your child can save all the pictures of fun moments they had during the day and upload music from their computer to listen to. 

The smartwatch also counts as a great tool to inspire kids to become more active and health conscious as it has a pedometer to monitor the distance they have covered and steps made. It also has a sedentary reminder to keep your child from sitting too long, which is dangerous for their health. And finally, it has a sleep monitor that sends a detailed report on the app, so as a parent, you will always know how well your child is sleeping.


Manufacturer Xiaoou Intelligent
Dimensions3.54 x 3.11 x 2.95 inches
Weight 2.39 ounces
Amazon rating3.0/5 by 1365 customers


  • It is affordable 
  • It has a good sensitive touch screen that makes operations enjoyable
  • It synchronizes with smartphones very fast


  • It is a large-sized watch which may be too bulky for smaller kids 
  • Does not come with a Sim card or microSD 
  • The battery lasts a few hours with use and needs one to update time and date after every charging session 
  • iPhone users find it hard to synch or use

2. Fitbit Ace

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Best Smartwatch for Kids Reviews 2021
as of September 15, 2021 8:32 am

Play is a vital aspect for kids’ development, and in fact, the CDC recommends that children should have 60 minutes of daily activity. That’s why you need to consider getting Fitbit Ace for your child. It is a fitness tracker designed to track daily steps, active minutes and displays the reading on the smartwatch’s display screen. With the Fitbit app on your smartphone, you can always track how your child is fairing. It also encourages having fitness goals, gives in-app rewards and badges when your child reaches the goals. It also tracks sleep, which is another important aspect for healthy development and an alarm with vibration.

And like any other watch, it displays time, so your child will learn to read the time and alarm function, which vibrates against the wrist.

Fitbit Ace smartwatch is slim and in beautiful color options, blue and purple to cater for boys and girls, and the stylish design will go with any outfit.

Lastly, the battery lasts up to 5 days before requiring charge according to the manufacturer, although it will depend on usage among other factors.

Manufacturer Fitbit Inc
Weight 1.09 ounces
Amazon rating4.3/5 by 864 customers


  • It is affordably priced
  • It synchronizes with Android and iOS
  • It has a long battery life
  • It is hard wearing as it withstands constant movement, drops, and water splashes


  • Some customers complained that the set up was hard 
  • The band might be small for some children, but it can be replaced with the Alta band. 

3.  LDB Direct Kids Smartwatch with GPS

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Best Smartwatch for Kids Reviews 2021
as of September 15, 2021 8:32 am

If you are the parent who is a bit worried about your child going to unfamiliar places or for their safety for any reason (we all do it anyway), the LDB smartwatch will give you and your child peace of mind. It has a GPS tracker that will allow you to locate where your child is at all times easily. If there is a certain place you would not like your child to go venturing out, you can set an alert to be notified when they go to that specific area. It also has an SOS function with up to three numbers your child can call in case of an emergency or if they are lost.

The smartwatch also enables everyday communication with family and friends with two-way calls and voice messaging.  During school hours, parents can set it to non-disturb mode to ensure disturbing calls are not allowed through.

It is also an educational tool with math games with three levels of difficulty. This helps to sharpen the young one’s minds and becomes a fun activity with the timer limit and other kids participating competitively. 

It also has a camera to record all the fun moments while the flashlight provides light to be able to see at night when needed.


Manufacturer Haoge us
Dimensions4.4 x 3.6 x 1.5 inches
Weight 3.2 ounces
Recommended age3 years and above
Amazon rating2.7/5 by 30 customers
Sim card2G GMS 


  • Very easy for children to operate
  • It is affordable
  • It is light, and the bands are soft, making it comfortable for small wrists


  • Only supports 2G network
  • There have been reports of problems with GPS

4. Jsbaby Kids Smartwatch

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Best Smartwatch for Kids Reviews 2021
as of September 15, 2021 8:32 am

This is perhaps the cheapest model in the market ($15), but it has great functions like GPS and a system to keep you and your child connected no matter where they are. It is a basic model designed to keep young children safe, connected, and entertained. 

The smartwatch allows your child to save three phone numbers and can place and receive calls as well as leave voice messages. Parents can also send text messages for the young wearer to read. 

In terms of safety, this model has GPS/LBS tracking capabilities enabling you to always know where your child is. And in case of an emergency your child can press the SOS button for three seconds to connect them to their pre-programmed emergency contacts.

This smartwatch also includes a camera so your child can take photos to come show you all they were up to all day, which is really cool.


Manufacturer jsbaby
Dimensions4.4 x 3.8 x 1.4 inches
Weight 2.39 ounces
Amazon rating2.7/5 by 16 customers
Sim card2G GMS 


  • It’s the cheapest model on this list
  • Basic functionality which is easy for the young children to use
  • Adjustable wristband that fits small children’s wrists
  • Compatible with iOS and Android


  • It requires a sim card to work (bought separately)
  • Only capable of using 2G network
  • It is not compatible with some phone companies
  • Does not have legible instructions, which makes the set up difficult

5. GizmoWatch by Verizon

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Best Smartwatch for Kids Reviews 2021
as of September 15, 2021 8:32 am

GizmoWatch is designed to keep your kids safe, fit, and entertained.  It is suitable for children aged 3 to 11 years. 

It connects to the 4G LTE network for fast speed and reliability, and with the two -way calls and messaging, and your child can stay connected to up to 10 trusted family and friends.

If you would not like your child to go exploring a certain area or neighborhood, you can set up the GPS boundaries, so you will be alerted if and when they get to the specific location.

It also inspires your child to be active by counting their daily steps and setting fitness goals. Plus, your child can send schedule reminders using on-screen event notifications.

The smartwatch is also water resistant, so you don’t need to worry about the watch dying if your child decides to jump into the pool wearing it. It is also compatible with any standard 20 mm watch straps, which means you can buy different strap types or colors to suit different occasions or as you wish.


Manufacturer Verizon
Dimensions0.6 x 1.85 x 1.65 inches
Weight 6.9 ounces
Amazon rating4.1/5 by 130 customers

6. Themoemoe Kids Smartwatch

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Best Smartwatch for Kids Reviews 2021
as of September 15, 2021 8:32 am

Themoemoe is another basic smartwatch with a few functions, which makes it great for small children.  

It has GPS enabling you to know your child’s whereabouts at all times. And, when you connect to the app, you can add 10 phone numbers of your choice that your child can call. Additionally, the SOS function allows you to preset 3 contacts that your child can connect to within three seconds in the event of an emergency.

Using the smartwatch, you can always stay in touch with your child, thanks to the two-way calls and voice chat. When your child is in school, you can set the smartwatch to classroom mode to prevent any disturbances from other functions except the SOS function. 

It also has a front camera so your child can take pictures of any fun stuff they come across in their day. Using the app, a parent can open the camera remotely, enabling them to see exactly where the child is and what they are doing. This means you have excellent parental control. 


Manufacturer Themoemoe 
Dimensions4.33 x 3.62 x 1.46 inches
Weight 2.89 ounces
Amazon rating2.9/5 by 59 customers


  • Uses very good quality materials to withstand long wearing while remaining comfortable on the wrist
  • Compatible with most Android and iOS
  • Uses both GPS and LBS for more accurate tracking
  • Remote cameras enable parents to see exactly where the child is and what they are up to.
  • It has very good quality pictures


  • It does not function at all without a sim card, which you buy separately
  • Customers find it a bit hard to set up because instructions are hard to follow
  • Displays time in 24 hour format only

7. Disney Smart Watch

$34.99  in stock
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Best Smartwatch for Kids Reviews 2021
as of September 15, 2021 8:32 am

This super cute Disney themed smartwatch is an excellent gift for any little girl below six years. It has simple functions, but your girl will love it.

The features included are mostly for fun, like interchangeable background with ten Minnie Mouse faces and clocks. Additionally, it has three other built-in games that will keep her engaged.

 The smartwatch has a front facing camera for your little girl to take selfies and a voice recorder so she can have fun listening to her voice while singing and giving imaginary speeches. It also has a pedometer to track daily steps she makes, which will motivate her to be active.

This smartwatch has a long lasting rechargeable battery and comes complete with a USB charger. Other features include an alarm, stopwatch, and calculator, making this a multifunctional smartwatch that will give your kid a lot to do.


Manufacturer Accutime Watch Corp 
Dimensions6.6 x 3.6 x 3.4 inches
Weight 1.4 ounces
Amazon rating4.4/5 by 199 customers


  • Adorable design that small kids will love
  • Simple function for small kids
  • Easy to set up
  • Uses a long lasting rechargeable battery


  • The color and design may be only suitable for girls
  • The quality and functionality are only impressive for small kids
  • The watch is really large and may be too bulky for small wrists

8. Garmin vivofit jr 2

$44.95  in stock
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Best Smartwatch for Kids Reviews 2021
as of September 15, 2021 8:32 am

This next product is another activity tracker like the Fitbit Ace we reviewed earlier, but the Garmin is a cartoon-themed with all your child’s favorite cartoon pictures from spiderman, star wars, Disney characters, and more.

Garmin jr2 is the perfect activity tracker because of its high-quality design to withstand everyday wearing, bumps, and bashes. It is also waterproof. It counts the daily steps made and has two reminders; one for when your child has been sedentary and another reminding them to have the recommended 60 minutes of activity.

Besides tracking activity, it also monitors your child’s sleep and will give a report in the family app so parents can know how their child slept the previous night. It also has clock features that are educative for your child, including an alarm, stopwatch, and timer.

Another feature the kids will love is the toe to toe challenge, which becomes more fun when they compete with their friends. 

Even as parents, this smartwatch has some functions you can use to your advantage. Use the in-app coin reward to challenge your child further and promise them a special treat upon completion. Or, use the chore feature to schedule chores on a regular interval, and the smartwatch will remind your child to do a certain task at a particular time, teaching them to be organized and responsible.   

This smartwatch is available in two different style bands made of soft durable silicone. One is stretchy, measuring up to 147mm, and this is designed for kids aged between 4 to 7 years. The other type is adjustable with a buckle for a wrist size up to 170mm, which is intended for kids aged 6 and above.


Manufacturer Garmin 
Dimensions2 x 1.6 x 0.9 inches
Weight 0.96 ounces
Amazon rating4.4/5 by 321 customers
Ranking# 7 in Activity & fitness trackers


  • High quality built for rough wearing and swimming without damage.
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, and Amazon fire devices via Bluetooth
  • It gives good parental control to monitor fitness data and set up chores
  • Uses non-rechargeable battery that lasts for one year before needing replacement
  • Have colorful cartoon design options suitable for both boys and girls


  • For the price, it would be great if included GPS 

9. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

$56.93  in stock
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Best Smartwatch for Kids Reviews 2021
as of September 15, 2021 8:32 am

One of the best features of VTech smartwatches is the camera quality. The DX2 is their newest model with a more sleek and stylish design and an additional selfie camera. With this smartwatch, your child will love taking pictures and videos. You can upload the pictures and videos on a computer with an included USB. Moreover, your child can customize pictures with filters to make fun watch faces. 

This smartwatch includes a motion sensor that works with motion apps such as Funky Jump, Crazy Dance, and Racing run. These apps encourage your child to jump, dance, and run. Meanwhile, the watch will be playing sound effects and tracking their steps, which is a fun way to keep your child motivated as they exercise.  

It also includes five exciting games, including Monster Catcher, where the player needs to capture monsters in the real world using the camera. And, if the five are not enough, you can download more games. 

There is a lot your child can learn with this smartwatch. First, of course, is how to read the time from different clock designs in both analog and digital faces and timing using tools such as an alarm, timer, and a calendar. The second is learning to use their creativity to add stamps, frames, and filters to photos and videos.


Manufacturer VTech
Dimensions8.9 x 0.7 x 1.8 inches
weight7.7 ounces
Recommended age4 to 12 years
Amazon rating4.5/5 by 7,405 customers
Ranking# 4 in Electronic Learning & Educational toys


  • It has parental controls allowing you to set game limits
  • It has two cameras to take pictures of surrounding and selfies
  • It has a long lasting battery that lasts up two weeks with light use
  • Allows pictures and videos to be transferred to a computer and vice versa with the included USB cable
  • It is very easy to set up 
  • Functions independently without requiring Bluetooth or Wifi 
  • It has lots of fun games and educational features


  • The pedometer is not as accurate as other fitness trackers
  • The games may be too basic for older children
  • It is not waterproof, but it will survive splashes
  • It is only charged from a computer, making kids without access to their own computers not to be able to charge when needed sometimes.

10. Amazfit Bip Smartwatch

$124.20  in stock
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Best Smartwatch for Kids Reviews 2021
as of September 15, 2021 8:32 am

The Amazfit Bip is primarily designed for adults, but the features are impressive for teens already having smartphones. It is lightweight and with smooth straps making it comfortable to wear all day long. 

This smartwatch has two major functions: keeping in touch with the world and fitness tracking. Using Bluetooth, the wearer can be notified of calls, messages, and other notifications from various smartphone apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and more. The smartwatch vibrates against the arm, making it hard to miss any calls, messages, reminders, or notifications. 

Regarding fitness, the smartwatch tracks all kinds of sports done both indoors and outdoors. Using GPS and optical heart rate, it tracks the distance covered, steps taken, speed, calories burned, elevation, quality of sleep, and more depending on the selected sports mode. When the wearer sits too long, it sends reminders or vibrations from the alarm clock. 

And as with any smartwatch, the display is customizable with many faces if you get bored with one, and it displays time and weather as well.

Last but not least, this smartwatch has the longest battery life in the market. The manufacturer says it can last up to 45 days! Of course, it will depend on the usage, but one can still get up to more than a week, even with heavy usage. That makes it the perfect accessory for your teen when camping and hiking as they don’t have to worry about not having a power source.


Manufacturer Amazfit
Dimensions7.9 x 12.1 x 18.1 inches
weight1.1 ounces
Amazon rating4.0/5 by 8,743 customers


  • The pricing offers great value for money
  • The screen remains on at all times end has adequate visibility even in the sun
  • Has an unbeatable long battery life
  • It has an adjustable band to fit people with small and big wrists


  • Has limited functions and without camera or music player
  • Does not have a speaker or mic, which makes it impossible to talk directly with callers on phone
  • You cannot type on the screen; hence you can only read but not reply to incoming messages directly. 
Best Baby Shopping Cart Covers for Toddlers and Babies

Best Baby Shopping Cart Covers for Toddlers and Babies

If you are in a hurry, we’ve compared the best shopping cart cover brands and found Infantino Compact to be the best overall shopping cart cover you can rely on for your toddler or baby in the market. Before we review each of the cart covers in our 2020 list, let’s first answer the common questions below:

Are baby shopping cart covers necessary?

Perhaps these are just other baby stuff you have watched being advertised, and you think you and your baby are just fine without them, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Shopping carts are used by hundreds of people each passing day, and there is no assurance that they are sufficiently cleaned at all. At best, some stores will give you some wipes but not always. You don’t need a study to tell you what nasty germs are crawling on the carts and being generously passed along from dirty hands, previous users who had diapers that were leaking, meats that are bloody, and more.

In short, the carts are ridden with germs that could cause sicknesses and diseases. That’s why you need cart covers to shield your baby against any spills and bacteria.

9 Best Shopping Cart Covers 2020:

Reviews of 9 Best Shopping Cart Covers For The Baby

#1. Infantino Compact Best 2-In-1 Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover

Infantino Compact Best 2-In-1 Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover is our overall best shopping car cover you can find in the market in 2020. This Infantino cover by Infantino is the perfect solution for a parent who wants to keep their little one from picking up germs from shopping carts and high chairs every time you carry your baby tags along for shopping or dinner. It is designed to provide complete coverage to all the places your baby would reach.

This cart cover is a complete package for storing your baby stuff as well. It features Velcro straps for your baby’s feeding bottle, two more loops for holding a toy, and the other has a teether attached to it. You protect your baby, feed them, and keep them entertained with this high gear while on the move! It is also budget-friendly.


  • Neutral colored
  • Folds into a compact tote
  • Includes a strap for the baby cup or bottle
  • Consists of a teether and additional loop for the baby’s toy
  • Includes adjustable harness belts to secure the baby comfortably


  • Perfectly fits in all carts
  • The teether keeps your baby from using other germ-ridden cart rails
  • It provides the means of carrying all your baby essentials while moving about
  • The adjustable straps keep your baby secured
  • Roomy hence traps all the food bits that your baby would otherwise drop everywhere.


  • It has a minimal cushion.

#2. Croc N Frog Shopping Cart Covers

Croc N Frog Shopping Cart Covers is our second best cart cover you can use when shopping in a retail store with your toddler or infant. You will love this Croc and frog cover; it is stylish, made with premium quality polyester fabric with polka dot designs. It is designed to cover medium and standard shopping carts as well as high chairs, keeping your baby safe from these germs ridden items. You can also purchase the owl designed covers for larger sized carts.

These covers have a foldable design into a pouch that is easy to store and portable. You will also love that when you unfold and spread it on a cart, the pouch becomes a handy storage space. It has three loops you can use for keeping your baby’s stuff like toys, feeding bottles, etc. With all these in place, you keep your little one safe and engaged while you do your shopping.

This cart cover is so versatile and would be a great gear to add to your travel system and can pass for a lovely gift for any mum.


  • Cover for shopping cart and high chair
  • Folds into a carrier bag
  • Includes 3 toy loops
  • Includes bottle strap
  • 2 buckles in front & rear- one to secure cover and another one to secure baby
  • Tassels to secure cover sides
  • Back of the cover that can be used as a pouch


  • A lot of customers say it is durable
  • The material is easy to clean and machine washable
  • Cute designs
  • Convenient; with a foldable design making it portable and provides storage for your baby’s toys, diaper, and bottle
  • It has excellent padding even for high chairs

#3. Claro Baby Shopping Cart Covers For Baby

Claro Baby Shopping Cart Covers For Baby came third on this list of best shopping cart covers you can rely on for a reliable-size cover. Most cart covers are designed to fit small and medium carts, but this one from Claro is extra-large and stretchable to fit all cart sizes. This cover provides complete coverage courtesy of its large size, protecting your baby from germs and dirt. It also doubles up as a high seat cover so you can use it when you take your baby to a restaurant or at home when you start feeding your baby on solid food.

It features Velcro bands that will keep your baby securely held and comfortable. You can keep your baby entertained by letting them watch their favorite videos on your smartphone while it is held safely in a transparent pocket right before their face. Also included are two loops for attaching toys and a strap for their feeding bottle. It is also rolled into a compact carrier pouch facilitating easy storage and portability.


  • Extra-large sized to fit all cart sizes
  • Includes safety harness for security
  • Velcro closures bands for the baby’s comfort
  • Transparent smartphone pocket and toy loops
  • Adjustable baby bottle strap and toy loops
  • Two additional side pockets and a large back pocket for keeping your baby’s essentials.


  • Made with material that is a soft touch
  • Cute design and lovely color that will be fun for any baby
  • Very versatile
  • It is easily portable and stored
  • Easy to clean, and machine washable
  • It offers many pockets for storing your phone as well as baby essentials while on the move.

#4. Summer Infant 2-In-1 Cushy Cart Cover 

If you are used to always adding more padding to keep your infant supported upright when in the shopping cart seat, you need to get this Summer infant cushy cart. The cover has padded positioner props for keeping your infant’s back and sides properly supported and holding the infant securely. When the baby is older, you can remove the props, and because the cover is still well-padded everywhere else, it will always be comfy and will protect your baby from germs too.

It also includes a vinyl pocket where you can keep your smartphone protected as you move about and two loops for attaching toys to keep your toddler entertained.

You can use these cover on most shopping carts as well as high chairs. Once you are done, fold the cover quickly and compactly into a pouch.


  • Infant positioner props for younger babies that are removed when the child gets older.
  • Includes a vinyl pocket to keep your smartphone safe
  • Folds compactly into a pouch
  • Two loops for attaching toys


  • It has adequate cushion for comfort
  • The props keep your infants back supported and hold them securely
  • You get to keep your smartphone safe and entertain your baby at the same time
  • It folds up into a pouch making it convenient to carry and store


  • It doesn’t have a lot of storage pockets in comparison to other covers

#5. Boppy Cart and Chair Cover

The Boppy cover provides 360-degree coverage against dirt and germs your little one might pick from being in the shopping cart seat or on a high chair in a restaurant anywhere.

For your baby’s entertainment needs, the cover has a patented slideline system for attaching toys or other baby items. It also comes with a plush, crinkle toys. Your baby’s comfort and safety is also guaranteed with 2-point safety straps for securing your baby, and extra padding for added comfort while your baby is on the move.

The fabric is easy to wipe whenever there are minor spills, and machine washable when you decide to clean it.


  • 2-point safety straps
  • Patented SlideLine system for attaching a toy
  • Includes crinkle toys
  • Machine washable


  • Provides the total coverage in all the areas your baby would reach
  • Material is very easy to clean
  • Very easy to install
  • It is soft, cushy and comfy for the baby
  • It has straps for securing the baby in place


  • Bulky to move around because it’s not foldable into a compact carrier bag
  • It fit poorly on large carts like the ones at Costco
  • A lot of parents wish it had more loops for more toys

#6. Boppy Preferred Shopping Cart and Restaurant High Chair Cover

The Boppy Preferred cover is an extra-large design that provides 360-degree coverage on most shopping carts and restaurant baby high chairs. It is also designed to offer superior comfort with a plush Minky seat boosted with extra padding, and 2-point safety straps that keep the baby secured.

Your active baby will be kept busy and entertained with multiple toys attached to Boppy’s patented slideline system and additionally included plush, crinkle toys, and bright finger ribbons while you shop. A bottle compartment is also available so your baby will not be hungry when out and about.

This Boppy Cover is versatile, too; featuring a large storage pocket for your essential, carry your keys, phone in one, or other essentials in one place. When you are done using, just fold compactly into a travel pouch.

You will also love that the fabric is not only soft but also easy-wipe for little messes and machine washable too when the need arises.


  • Plush Minky seat
  • It has 2-point safety straps
  • Patented SlideLine system for attaching baby’s toy
  • Includes attached toys
  • Includes a bottle pocket
  • Large storage pockets that convert into a carrier pouch when folded
  • Easy care, machine washable


  • You get colorful ribbons, and crinkle toys included
  • The Minky fabric is soft and comfortable
  • Large pockets to store your essentials as well
  • It is easy to clean
  • A lot of parents report it folds up effortlessly


  • Some customers experienced some seam ripping

#7. Skip Hop Compact 2-In-1 Cover

The cover fits most shopping carts as well as high chairs and will be a barrier for keeping your baby from those nasty germs.

The whole cover is padded, including the leg holes for extra comfort whenever your little one is out and about. It also has two front loops where you can hang your baby’s favorite toys to keep them engaged while you shop or dine.

Another advantage is that it is machine washable and when not in use, it folds up easily into a pouch making it portable and keeping the messes contained.


  • Has two straps one for the baby and the other for the seat
  • Includes a seat belt with clips for securing the baby in the cart
  • Two loops for hanging baby’s toys
  • Folds compactly into a built-in stretchy pouch
  • Snap-open loop for hanging the pouch from stroller, wrist or bag
  • Machine washable


  • A lot of customers love the cute print design
  • Provides sufficient coverage
  • Not cumbersome to move around
  • Very easy to clean


  • It doesn’t fit well on the large carts like those in Target, and Costco

#8. Kids N Such 4-in-1 cover

The cover is the most versatile so far in this list. It can be used as a shopping cart and high chair cover, car seat canopy, scarf, blanket, nursing cover, changing mat, and more. While it doesn’t have padding, the material is so soft comfortable. It is also very stretchable to be able to cover all those items while protecting your baby.

Unlike other covers, this one doesn’t need any folding or being carried in a bag. With its beautiful floral print, just use it as a scarf when you are headed out, use it as cover when nursing your baby, spread it on the cart seat or high chair to keep your baby safe, and as a changing mat when you baby needs the diaper changed.

If you think it’s just hype, you need to try it. The company guarantees you 100% money back if it doesn’t meet your expectations.


  • Soft stretchy and breathable fabric for total protection
  • Multi-use cover


  • Keeps the baby protected while on the move from bad weather, germs, dust, bright lights, and noise.
  • A lot of moms love how soft, stretchy, and airy the fabric is.
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • It doesn’t provide any padding
  • Available only in a floral print, which is girlish

#9. Lakeson & Co. Shopping Cart Cover

The cover is a favorite among mums for being so versatile and beautiful too. It doubles as a nursing cover, shopping cart and high chair cover, infinity scarf, and stroller cover. You can use it in any weather and will fit most nursing mums and car seats too. It makes a perfect gift for any mom to be; it is actually like buying five presents for the price of one. What’s better is that it involves no risk; the company guarantees you a refund if you don’t like the cover.

When you purchase, you will also be participating indirectly in environmental conservation work; every sale Lakeson & Co. makes, they plant a tree, or a give a package of wildflower seeds for bees.


  • Made of high quality, stretchy, rayon blend fabric
  • Multi-purpose cover
  • Available in floral and gender-neutral prints for both girls and boys


  • Cute design and prints
  • It easy to clean and machine washable
  • Favorable for all-weather season use
  • Provides coverage as intended
  • The soft, breathable and stretchable material
  • Refund guaranteed


  • It doesn’t have any safety straps or harness for your baby
  • It doesn’t have any padding

How to use a baby shopping cart cover

The idea behind using cart covers is to protect your baby from germs that are obvious in publicly used carts. The cart cover is a cloth material that you spread on the front part of the cart to cover the baby seat, back, and cart handles. Most of the covers have a buckle or straps that go around the back to keep your little one secure. This ensures every area within your baby’s reach is safe and that even the teething babies will not be using dirty grills or handle. You can also use the cover for the restaurant high chair for babies.

Most of the cover manufactures have gone a step further to provide add-ons like loops for attaching toys, a bottle strap, and pouches for storing you and the baby’s essentials like phone, keys, or diaper.

Some covers also have a foldable design, so once you are done using, you simply fold it into a compact bag for easy storage and travel.

The fact that the cover touches unsanitary surfaces and might have spilled from time to time also means you will need to clean it; most are easy to wash and machine washable.

Baby boy shopping cart cover for a boy

When choosing cart covers for a boy, you can look one with gender-neutral colors and themes or vibrant colors that your baby will love. Floral prints may not be a good choice.

Baby shopping cart cover pattern

Cart covers come in so many patterns; animal prints, floral, dots, and much more. You will find one with a pattern that will appeal to you and work out for your little one.

Baby shopping cart cover for twins

There are covers specially designed for twins; these covers have leg openings that are wider than usual to accommodate both legs of your twins per opening. The safety buckles are also double instead of one.

Guide to purchasing the best shopping trolley covers what to look for.

Cost: look for covers that you can afford; generally, all cart covers will provide the desired protection from dirt and germs. The expensive ones usually have the advantage of having more padding and add-ons and being versatile in a lot more ways.

Color: you can choose a color designed for a girl or boy specifically, but you would also make a great purchase going for a gender-neutral color that would suit any kind now or in the future. Also, if you ever decided to sell, it will be much easier.

Comfort: remember your baby will be sitting in a rigid shopping cart and hard high chairs without any padding some times for hours, which is not really comfy for them. It would be great to have a cover that is cushy and soft.

Straps: babies are always trying to reach for stuff, and it’s guaranteed they will try to move while in the cart; this could lead to imbalance and falling. You can prevent this from happening by buying a cover that has straps to keep your baby secured.

Material: these covers will always be scraping on hard cart surfaces and high chairs as well as carrying all the nasty germs that could otherwise pass to your baby; therefore, they require frequent washing. You want to make sure the material is firm to handle heavy-duty use, easy to clean, but soft for your baby’s comfort.

How to Make Baby Shopping Cart Cover on Your Own

This tutorial will guide you on how you can custom make your baby cart cover, but you need to possess some machine sewing skills.

The items you need:

  • Sewing machine
  • Your preferred Minky fabric 1.5 yards
  • 3 to 4 yards flannel fabric
  • 1.24 yards 1/8 inch elastic
  • ½ yard 5/8 inch satin ribbon
  • Matching sewing thread
  • One package narrow double fold bias binding
  • Hand sewing needle, safety pins, and straight pins
  • Binding clips
  • Marking pencil
  • Measuring tape and ruler
  • Scissors
  • Paper

Step by step procedure:

  1. Wash the fabrics and allow them to dry before you use them, making sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended settings.
  2. Using scissors cut the flannel into a 54-inch long piece and then sew the piece to the remaining flannel to create one large piece for your cover.
  3. Fold the Minky into quarters. Use the measuring tape and marking pencil measure 27 inches from the corners on each side of the Minky. Continue measuring and marking to create a quarter of a circle then cut along the line you have made.
Best Baby Shopping Cart Covers for Toddlers and Babies
  1. Fold the flannel along the seam you used to join, and then fold it once more. Place the quarter circle of the folded Minky on top of the flannel and ensure the folded edges line up neatly. Cut the flannel to match the Minky.
  2. Unfold the Minky into a circle and lay it on your working table facing up. Lay the flannel circle on top of the Minky facing down. Pin along the edge of the circle, then sew around the edge using a stitch length of 2.5 inches but leave a six-inch space open for turning.
Best Baby Shopping Cart Covers for Toddlers and Babies
  1. Turn the cover right side out from the opening. Use the binding clips along the edge to keep the two fabrics from shifting. Adjust the machine stitch length to 5 inches and topstitch around the circle, one inch from the edge.
Best Baby Shopping Cart Covers for Toddlers and Babies
  1. Place the cover with the flannel side up, flat on your table. Locate the center seam and measure down the seam 24 inches from one side towards the center. Mark, with your pencil. 
  2. Cut a piece paper four inches wide by five inches tall and line it up with the mark you made, move it two inches to one side of the seam. Mark along with it with the pencil. Move the paper two inches to the other side of the same and repeat it. Pin both fabrics around both the rectangles you drew, using safety pins.
Best Baby Shopping Cart Covers for Toddlers and Babies
  1. Cut out the center parts of each rectangle; they will be the leg openings. Measure 10 inches up from each leg opening and make a 1.5-inch slit for the seatbelt. Use binding clips to hold the piece in place and use a 5-inch stitch length to sew along the edge of each opening and slit.
Best Baby Shopping Cart Covers for Toddlers and Babies
  1. Using binding clips to hold the binding on the edges of the leg opening and along the edges of the seat belt slits, adjust your sewing machine stitch length to 3.5 and topstitch the binding in place.
Best Baby Shopping Cart Covers for Toddlers and Babies
  1. Cut the satin ribbon in two equal pieces and fold each piece in half. Pin the folded pieces next to the seam and just above the leg openings. Sew both pieces on to the cover; these will be loops for attaching toys.
Best Baby Shopping Cart Covers for Toddlers and Babies
  1. Place a safety pin on one end of the elastic and thread the elastic through the opening in the edge of the cover all the way around the circle. Sew the ends of the elastic together and hand sew the opening closed using a slip stitch. Your cart cover is finished.
Best Baby Shopping Cart Covers for Toddlers and Babies
How to Swaddle a Baby (Arms Out, for Pictures, for Sleep and Steps to Swaddle)

How to Swaddle a Baby (Arms Out, for Pictures, for Sleep and Steps to Swaddle)

What does swaddle baby mean

Swaddling is a technique used for wrapping a baby in a blanket for warmth, comfort, and security. Nowadays, almost all moms are taught this technique in the hospital before being discharged.

Have you seen a baby wrapped as a cute package using clothing to restrict the movement of their limbs? Well, that is what we refer to as swaddling. It is quite an ancient method to wrap infants either using a blanket or clothing. I remember the first time I tried swaddling my baby, it seemed very complicated. However, with some tips that I will be sharing with you, I became a pro and so can you!  You may ask yourself, why should I swaddle my newborn?

Studies have shown that swaddling helps to keep the baby calm when they are overstimulated or when having their startle reflex. It also helps the baby feel the tightness and security they used to be familiar with while in the womb.

Studies have shown that swaddling gives babies’ better quality sleep, and they sleep longer.

Advantages of Swaddling

There are many advantages of using this method correctly which include but not limited to;

  1. It soothes the baby and makes them sleep longer.
  2. It ensures that the baby is secure and experiences less anxiety.
  3. It keeps the baby warm and comfortable.
  4. It prevents the baby from flailing their legs and arms hence they sleep more soundly.

So, since we understand how swaddling helps the baby and why it is a secure method for parents to adapt, it is important to know how to do it the right way.

There are different ways to swaddle a baby either with both arms in or out. Some of them are;

  • The Diamond swaddle
  • Square swaddle or quick swaddle
  • Sleep  sack swaddle

I will explain in detail about these different ways but let me first outline the guidelines on how to generally swaddle a baby.

How to Swaddle Baby

General step-by-step guidelines on how to swaddle the baby


Fold your swaddle blanket or clothing into a triangle and find a flat surface. Spread It out and place the baby at the center with the shoulders placed below the fold.

How to Swaddle a Baby (Arms Out, for Pictures, for Sleep and Steps to Swaddle)


Place your infant’s right arm alongside her body while it is slightly bent. Take the right side of the swaddle and pull it safely across her chest. Ensure that the right arm is under the fabric. Securely tuck the edge of the swaddle under her body, leaving the left arm free.

How to Swaddle a Baby (Arms Out, for Pictures, for Sleep and Steps to Swaddle)


Safely fold the bottom of the swaddle up, placing it over her feet. Safely tuck the clothing into the top of the swaddle.

How to Swaddle a Baby (Arms Out, for Pictures, for Sleep and Steps to Swaddle)


Place her left arm alongside the body when it is slightly bent.  Wrap the remaining swaddle over her chest and arm.  Tuck the clothing under the baby to secure the swaddle and the baby will be successfully swaddled!

How to Swaddle a Baby (Arms Out, for Pictures, for Sleep and Steps to Swaddle)

Here is a video to guide you on how to swaddle your baby in the right way;

  • Spread your swaddling blanket on a flat surface in a diamond shape (one corner pointing upwards). Fold the top corner down about 6 inches.
  • Lay the baby on their back with the head above the folded corner and neck below.
  • Bring one of your baby’s arms down while being slightly bent at the elbow. Pull the corner of the blanket adjacent to the straightened arm diagonally across the arm and chest and tuck it underneath the other arm and back. One of your baby’s arms should be covered and the other one free at this point.
  • Bring down the free arm. Pull the corner of the blanket next to the arm across the arm and chest. Tuck it under the body on the opposite side.
  • Fold the bottom end of the blanket up over the feet snugly and tuck behind the baby towards the shoulder. Make sure the baby has enough room to flex the legs and hips.

Ways to swaddle a baby

As earlier stated, there are different ways to swaddle a baby. Here are the step by step procedures when using each of them;

The Diamond swaddle

1)  Place the blanket or clothing safely on a flat surface in a diamond shape whereby the topmost corner is folded 6 inches down for the baby’s head.

2)  With the head on the folded corner, lay the baby down on their back.

3)  Safely pull the left side of the blanket over and tuck the baby ensuring that their hips are loose to prevent hip dysplasia.

4)  Carefully pull the bottom corner up and over the infant’s left shoulder.

5)  Wrap the last corner all around the baby and tuck her safely through the tiny blanket pocket created at the front.

At first, the baby may feel uncomfortable and even cry but once they feel safe in the swaddle, they calm down.

How to Swaddle a Baby (Arms Out, for Pictures, for Sleep and Steps to Swaddle)

Square swaddle or quick swaddle

This is an alternative if you are not comfortable with the diamond swaddle and it is also a great one.

1)  Place the blanket on a flat surface in square shape while the top right corner is folded down 6 inches for the baby’s head.

2)  Lay the baby down on the back diagonally with their neck at the top of the fold.

3)  While ensuring the hips are loose, pull the right side over and safely tucked under the baby.

4)  Carefully pull the left side over and tuck under the baby.

5)  Safely tuck the bottom of the blanket behind the baby and you are done!

Here is an illustration of how to go about it;

How to Swaddle a Baby (Arms Out, for Pictures, for Sleep and Steps to Swaddle)

Sleep sack swaddle

This one is the simplest to learn once you have purchased the Sleep Sack Swaddle. The steps are pretty easy;

1)  Place the baby safely into the sleep sack.

2)  Carefully zip the sleep sack.

3)  Wrap and then Velcro.

How to Swaddle a Baby (Arms Out, for Pictures, for Sleep and Steps to Swaddle)It is however important to note that the steps also vary depending on the product purchased. There are several swaddling clothes out there but I will talk about the most preferred later on this article.

Most preferred swaddling clothes include the following:

The Miracle Blanket

-It is 100% cotton and it is easy to use because you do not have to worry about coordinating corners when wrapping the baby.

How to Swaddle a Baby (Arms Out, for Pictures, for Sleep and Steps to Swaddle)

Here is a YouTube video describing how to do it;

How to swaddle baby for pictures

  • Spread a square shaped swaddling cloth on a flat surface in a diamond shape
  • Fold the top corner of the cloth a few inches downwards.
  • Place the baby on top face up with the head above the fold but shoulders below the fold.
  • Put your baby’s left arm slightly bent at the elbow against the body. Take the right side of the swaddle and bring it diagonally across the baby’s chest. Tuck it underneath the baby to secure it.
  • Fold the bottom of the swaddle upwards over your baby’s feet.
  • Put your baby’s right arm slightly bent at the elbow against the body. Take the left side of the swaddle and bring it diagonally across the baby’s chest. Tuck it underneath the baby to secure it.

How long to swaddle baby

Newborns sleep most of the time and can be swaddled 12-20 hours a day. As they grow older, they sleep less and therefore swaddling time is shorter. Swaddling should only be done for a few hours in general, with the exception of newborns.

What age swaddle baby until

It is safe to swaddle infants below two months old, but beyond that, it is not safe to swaddle them while awake because it can negatively affect their mobility and development. That said, you can swaddle your baby for naps and sleep if that is what works for her. However, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, swaddling should be stopped when the baby is 2 months old.

How to swaddle baby with arms out and with arms up 

How to Swaddle a Baby (Arms Out, for Pictures, for Sleep and Steps to Swaddle)
  • Spread the swaddling cloth on a flat surface in a diamond shape
  • Fold the top corner of the cloth a few inches downwards.
  • Place the baby on top face up with shoulders above the fold.
  • Take the cloth corner to the left, under the left arm and tuck it under the baby’s body to the right.
  • Take the cloth corner on the bottom and bring it upwards covering the baby’s feet but leaving enough room for the baby to move her legs.
  • Take the cloth corner on the right, bring it under the baby’s right arm and tuck it under the baby’s body on the left.

What to swaddle baby with during summer and during winter


Consider choosing muslin wraps, Cotton fabrics, and Bamboo fabrics.

Our best swaddles for summer are:

  1. Aden + Anais Classic Muslin Swaddle
  2. Love To Dream
  3. Miracle Blankets
  4. Embe
  5. Swaddle Me Kicksie
  6. Sleepy Wings


Consider choosing Merino wool fabrics.

Our best swaddles for winter are:

  1. ErgoPouch swaddle bag
  2. Merino kids cocooi newborn swaddle wrap and beanie.

Can you swaddle baby in crib

Yes! A baby can be swaddled in the crib.

How to swaddle baby for sleep

  • Spread a square shaped swaddling cloth/blanket on a flat surface in a diamond shape
  • Fold the top corner of the cloth a few inches downwards.
  • Place the baby on top face up with the head above the fold but shoulders below the fold.
  • Put your baby’s left arm slightly bent at the elbow against the body. Take the right side of the swaddle and bring it diagonally across the baby’s chest. Tuck it underneath the baby to secure it.
  • Fold the bottom of the swaddle upwards over your baby’s feet.
  • Put your baby’s right arm slightly bent at the elbow against the body. Take the left side of the swaddle and bring it diagonally across the baby’s chest. Tuck it underneath the baby to secure it.
  • Rock the baby gently, and within minutes your cozy baby will be in dreamland.
  • Place them on the bed or crib gently.

How to swaddle baby in blanket

  • Spread the blanket on a surface in a diamond shape and fold the top corner down to about 6 inches.
  • Place the baby on top at the center, on their back. The neck should be below the folded edge.
  • Pull one side of the blanket over the arm and across the baby’s chest and tuck it on the opposite side under the other arm.
  • Fold the bottom of the blanket over the baby’s feet, leaving enough space to move the legs freely and tuck behind the baby’s shoulder.
  • Pull the remaining corner of the blanket across the baby’s chest and tuck underneath.

How to swaddle baby in muslin cloth

  • Fold the muslin cloth into a triangle
  • Place the baby on top in the center with the head above the fold
  • Place the baby’s right arm slightly bent alongside the body. Pull the swaddle corner next to the arm diagonally across the baby’s chest, with the right arm under the fabric. Tuck the corner of the swaddle under the body, leaving the left arm free.
  • Fold the bottom of the swaddle upwards over your baby’s feet and tuck on top under the chin.
  • Keep the baby’s right arm slightly bent alongside the body. Take the swaddle corner of the same side and bring it across the baby’s chest, keeping the right arm under the fabric. Tuck the corner of the swaddle under the body.

Swaddle when baby can roll over

Once the baby starts to roll over swaddling should be stopped. After that, it should only be done with one or both arms out to help the baby to push themselves up and keep the face from the mattress.

Swaddle baby at night

Babies can be swaddled at night, but there is a need for monitoring to prevent them from rolling on their tummy, which could cause them to suffocate. Even a swaddling blanket that unwraps could cover the baby’s face and cause them to suffocate.

Swaddling could also cause overheating, so layering should be light depending on room temperature and how the baby feels. Signs that a baby is overheated include; flushed cheeks, damp hair, heat rash, excessive sweating, and rapid breathing.

Also, do not put a swaddled baby in your bed; instead, put them in their crib.

Swaddle baby before and after feeding

There is no right or wrong way to do it; it depends on how your baby prefers it. Some babies get so cozy and sleepy if you swaddle them before feeding, so they end up not feeding well. Other babies get agitated and wake up if you swaddle them after feeding.

Best swaddle baby blankets

Swaddling is an old age practice that has been passed down the generations of mothers. It creates a womb-like environment for the baby and is especially beneficial for sleep time. Studies show that babies are calmer and have more quality sleep when swaddled.

Swaddling garments have undergone improvements over the years, and today we have the best swaddle blankets in various styles, fabrics, and colors that will suit your baby’s every need.

Types of Swaddle blankets:


It is the original swaddle. It’s a traditional square shaped blanket with a minimum of 45 inches on all sides, which is folded and wrapped around the baby’s body to keep them tight, snug, and secure.

Swaddle sacks

These swaddles combine a sleep sack (loose, wearable blanket that babies wear to bed) and traditional swaddles. They are perfect for moms who find the traditional swaddling skills difficult because they have Velcro (hook and loop) and snap closures, keeping the baby snug.

Stretchy pods

These are made from stretchy fabric and with a zipper. You put the baby inside and zip up the pod, keeping the baby swaddled. They have no arm or leg openings, but they are very flexible.

Factors to consider when choosing the best swaddle:

Material: you want a breathable fabric that will not overheat and make your baby sweaty. Cotton is the best. Also, choose the material depending on the weather; cotton muslin is great for summer while fleece and merino are ideal for winter.

Ease of use: you may opt for swaddle sacks or pods if you find the traditional swaddle challenging to use. They are also easy to use by caregivers who may watch your baby.

Size: blankets are usually in different sizes. Choose a blanket that is the appropriate size for your child. A tradition blanket should have a minimum of 45 inches on every side. Other blanket types have the size, age, or size indicated by the manufacturer.

Functionality: if you want a blanket you can use for a long time, a traditional blanket is ideal. It is also multifunctional in many other ways, unlike a swaddle sack.

Versatility: some swaddle sacks offer options for traditional swaddling and transitioning.

After considering these factors, we came up with the following list of the best swaddle blankets:

  1. Love To Dream Swaddle Up
  2. Miracle Blanket Baby Swaddle
  3. Halo Adjustable 3-Way Sleep Pack
  4. Aden + Anais Classic Swaddle Blanket
  5. Swaddle Me Original Swaddle
  6. Ollie Swaddle
  7. Ergobaby Swaddler Swaddling Blankets
  8. SwaddleMe Pod
  9. Halo MicroFleece Sleepsack Swaddle
  10. SwaddleMe Wrap Sack

Best swaddle baby carriers

Carriers are fabrics used by parents to keep their babies close to the body while keeping the arms free.

Types of swaddle baby carriers:

Wraps: these are very long stretchy fabrics that you organize and wrap around your body over the shoulder and around the mid-section to create a carrier. They give a swaddle-like design which feels like the womb environment to a baby. Most of the wraps come in one-size-fits-all and adjust to all body types, but they require practice until one is able to wear it right. While wraps are great for newborns, older babies feel a bit too restricted. Wraps are more comfortable, distribute weight evenly, and can be worn for long durations.

Slings: they are wide fabrics that go over the shoulder and across the torso creating a pouch for the baby to sit in. Slings are much simpler and faster to use and are mostly suited for hot weather because they are airy. However, they do not evenly distribute weight and therefore, they should only be used for short periods.

The wraps and slings should be stretchy, comfortable, breathable, and safe. Our best wraps and slings are:

  1. Boba Wrap Classic
  2. Solly Baby Wrap
  3. CuddleBug Baby Wrap
  4. Moby Classic Baby Wrap
  5. Happy! Baby Wrap
  6. Baby K Tan Baby Carrier
  7. Kea Babies Baby
  8. Maya Lightly Padded Sling
  9. Moby Ring Sling
  10. Nakalai ring sling
  11. Wild bird x babylist ring sling
  12. Sakura bloom ring sling

How to swaddle baby for naps and for sleep

The following is a simple routine you can adapt every time you want to put your baby to sleep or nap.

  • Turn on some soothing white noise.
  • Swaddle the baby snugly with their arms down
  • Nurse your baby or give them a pacifier
  • Rock them gently and watch your baby drift to sleep within minutes
  • Put them down gently on the crib as you rock them.

Baby Swaddle Love To Dream

We cannot tell you all about swaddling your baby without mentioning the fantastic Love to Dream Swaddle Up. It is a fitted swaddle from Love to Dream Company, made of cotton and elastin.

The swaddle up is designed to keep the baby in the most natural position, which is, with their arms up when lying face up. It is the opposite of traditional swaddling, where the arms are on the sides or over the chest. When swaddling is done with arms on the side, the baby feels restricted, frustrated, and are likely to wake.

Love to Dream swaddle keeps the baby’s arms up and also prevents rolling. This position is beneficial according to medical experts, because the baby can soothe themselves by stroking their cheeks or sucking on their hands.

Another benefit is that you don’t need to do any difficult wrapping techniques or have loose blankets that are risky in a baby’s crib. Also, it has a two-way zipper, which lets you open from the bottom, giving you access to the waist down. This makes diaper changes fast and without interrupting your baby’s sleep.

The Swaddle up received recognition from International Hip Dysplasia (IHDI) for being a Hip Healthy product because their swaddles have plenty of room for the baby to move hips and legs.

On Amazon, it is ranked # No.1 in Nursery Swaddling Blankets and has a 4.6/5 rating by 1,715 customers.

Love to Dream Swaddle is safe, easy to use, and comfortable for the baby. They also have swaddles for transitioning, summer, and winter.


  • Suitable from birth to 6 months
  • Natural sleeping position
  • Promotes longer and better sleep
  • The shape of the bag gives room for the hips to move freely
  • Reduces the risk of rolling
  • Twin zipper design
  • Machine washable

Swaddle baby legs/baby legs straight

According to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI), the baby’s legs should never be wrapped straight down and pressed together. They say swaddling infants with the hips and knees in an extended position may increase the risk of hip dysplasia and dislocation.

Instead, they recommend that when swaddling, the baby’s legs should be able to bend up and out at the hips to allow natural development of the hip joints.

Swaddle baby advisory NHS

NHS (National Health Service) recommends that if parents and caregivers choose to swaddle their baby, the baby should not be swaddled too tightly and that it should leave enough room for the hips and knees to move freely. Additionally, the baby’s face should not be covered, and care should be taken to ensure that the baby does not get too hot.

Polyurethane Foam Baby Safety

Polyurethane Foam Baby Safety

What Is Polyurethane Foam/ History and Invention

Polyurethanes are polymers made by reacting diisocyanates (methylene diphenyl diisocyanate [MDI] and/or toluene diisocyanate [TDI]) with a range of polyols. They belong to the same family as plastics. Polyurethane can have a solid or open cellular structure. Polyurethanes in an open structure are called polyurethane foam. The foam structure can be rigid or flexible.

The history of polyurethane invention dates back in the 1930s in Germany by Dr. Otto Bayer. During World War II, polyurethane was being used as aircraft coating but in 1954, after the war ended, commercial production of polyurethane foam began.

We encounter polyurethanes daily in our lives, whether we know what they are or not because they are widely used across various industries not only in foam but also in the manufacture of paint, adhesive, spandex, and lycra clothing material.

Polyurethane foam makes the mattress we sleep on, furniture padding, and insulating panels, dishwashing sponges, medical dressing, soundproofing, and more.

How polyurethane foam is made

Polyurethane foam is made from a reaction of diisocyanates (derived from crude oil) and polyols (complex alcohol). The two ingredients are mixed to form hot liquid polyurethane, which is then run through a pipe into a nozzle head. Beneath the nozzle head is a series of rollers upon which waxed paper passes by.

The nozzle jets a fine spray of the hot polyurethane upon the waxed paper, mixing with blasts of carbon dioxide from another nozzle. This causes the polyurethane to expand as it passes along on the conveyor belt, forming a foam strip.

The foam is then trimmed and compressed for it to reach a viable/desired shape. This foam contains numerous tiny gas bubbles trapped in the polyurethane which, if the gas is not released, the resulting material would be rock-hard. To prevent this from happening, the foam is passed through a series of heat lamps to dry, and as it dries, the gas bubbles expand until they burst to leave a spongy, porous material which is the polyurethane foam.

Why is polyurethane foam a good insulator?

Polyurethane foams are used for insulation of wall panels, roof tilting, joining wooden elements, and to seal and sound-insulated partition walls.

The reasons why polyurethane foam is good for insulation include:

  1. Provides excellent thermal insulation

Although it is expensive to invest in at first, it saves you 30% -50 % of heat costs with full investment returns after about 8 years of use, making it highly cost-effective.

  1. Durable

It does not change its mechanical and insulation properties despite the passage of time; neither is it biodegradable.

  1. Impregnating

It protects timber against mold and metal against corrosion

  1. Environmentally safe

Polyurethane foam does not cause dust, crumble, oxidizes but retains its properties throughout. It is also resistant to mold and fungus.

  1. Lightweight

Polyurethane is lighter than mineral wool; hence it doesn’t weigh down building structures much.

  1. Fast installation

Studies have shown that people installing polyurethane foam are able to cover more than double the area, within the same duration than if they were installing mineral wool.

  1. Adhesion

Physical properties of foam enable it to adhere to surfaces while filling any gaps perfectly. It adheres to wood, OSB boards, bricks, concrete, and vapor-permeable foil.

  1. Vapor permeable

Although it seals tight, it allows vapor to permeate.

  1. Provides better air quality inside the building

It forms a barrier against dust and allergens hence promoting cleaner and fresher air quality inside foam-insulated houses.

  1. Easy to use

Unlike mineral wool, polyurethane foam adheres to any surface without needing additional installation tools like nails or strings.

Are polyurethane foam pillows safe?

The chemicals materials used in the manufacture of polyurethane are known to be toxic.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), exposure to isocyanates can lead to adverse health effects such as skin inflammation, eye, and lung irritation, asthma, and sensitivities.

In 2004, a US Law took effect, requiring all mattresses to be flame resistant. Because polyurethane foam is extremely flammable, manufacturers resulted in treating the foam with flame retardant chemicals and adding to the toxicity. Flame retardant chemicals are volatile and persist in the environment causing harm to people and animals according to USEPA.

Catalysts such as benzene or toluene used during manufacture can cause sensitivity, irritation, and blurry vision.

Generally, these volatile organic compounds are released from polyurethane foams during manufacture in high amounts and at home in minimal quantities, especially when the products are new. Think of the odor that hits you when you first unwrap a new mattress? But studies show that the release of these VOCs decreases over time.

Polyurethane mattresses and pillows are chemical-ridden, but they are regulated and accredited by CertiPUR-US to make sure they meet standards for content, emissions, and durability.

CertiPUR-US certified polyurethane foam mattresses and pillows are approved as safe, but natural eco-friendly alternatives are even much safer.

Are polyurethane foam mattresses safe?

Polyurethane mattresses and pillows are full of chemicals but they are regulated and accredited by CertiPUR-US to make sure they meet standards for content, emissions, and durability.

CertiPUR-US certified polyurethane foam mattresses and pillows are approved as safe, but natural eco-friendly alternatives are even much safer.

Is polyurethane foam flammable?

The chemical composition of polyurethane foam makes it flammable that is why some manufactures treat their polyurethane foam products with flame retardant chemicals.

Is polyurethane foam waterproof?

Polyurethane only repels water to a certain extent, but it never entirely repels it, so it is not 100% waterproof.

Can polyurethane foam be washed?

Polyurethane can be washed by submerging it in water and gently pressing it down, or running water over it until it is clean. You can also use detergents because they do not affect it. However, an aggressive washing method like machine wash would destroy the physical cell structure causing the foam to rip. Also, it is advisable to air dry it as opposed to using the drier because the heat from the drier could damage it as well.

Can polyurethane foam be recycled?

Polyurethane foam is made from polyurethane, a thermoset resin, made by mixing two parts to form a chemical chain that is irreversible. Hence polyurethane foam cannot be recycled.

Does polyurethane foam contain latex?

Polyurethane foam does not contain latex, but it can be made to have similar properties as latex.

Latex is made from sap trees, while polyurethane is a polymer made from a reaction of diisocyanates with polyols.

How to make polyurethane foam at home


  • Mold
  • Mold-release spray
  • Large, disposable container
  • Stirring stick
  • Two-part urethane liquids
  • Safety gear: goggles and a respiratory mask

Put on the goggles to protect your eyes and mask to keep you from inhaling toxic chemicals.


Solid Foam 

Step 1

Choose a mold to the foam you wish to make. Solid foam takes the shape of the object.

Step 2

Spray the mold-release spray all over the mold and allow the spray to dry for 24 hours before adding the foam liquid.

Step 3

Pour out the two urethane liquid in equal measure in a large disposable container and stir the mixture using the stirring stick.

Step 4

Pour the liquid into the mold within 15 minutes of mixing the liquid. The foam will start to set within 15 minutes.

Step 5

Keep the mold in a room with a temperature of about 70℉ to allow the foam to cure. Colder temperatures will prevent the foam from curing properly.

Step 6

Remove the foam from the mold after 24 hours.

Flexible foam

Step 1

Choose a mold to the foam you wish to make. Solid foam takes the shape of the object.

Step 2

Spray the mold-release spray all over the mold and allow the spray to dry for 24 hours before adding the foam liquid.

Step 3

Pour out the two parts of urethane foam mixture in a ratio of 28 parts hardener and 72 parts of urethane foam liquid. Mix the two parts together using the stirring rod until they start to expand.

Step 4

Pour the foam into the mold and leave some room for expansion. In 15 minutes the foam should be fully expanded.

Step 5

Keep the mold under room temperature of at least 70℉ and allow the foam to cure for 24 hrs.

Best Baby Walking Shoes 2021

Best Baby Walking Shoes 2021

It is time to buy your baby shoes when he or she starts to walk around unaided. Most parents, especially first-time parents, experience a mix of excitement and anxiety when it comes to purchasing shoes for their babies because they are unsure what kind of shoes to buy. For your infant or toddler, walking is a huge milestone and your baby needs the most comfortable shoes to walk around with. We have also reviewed general best baby shoes for all feet type – small, wide, among others

You need to take your baby to a shoe shop to have his or her feer measured to ensure that your buy a shoe that will fit properly and leave room for grom; the little ones’ feet keep growing, thick and fast. Remember, the babies’ shoe lengths start from size three, and their shoe width varies between D and H, F and G being the most common. Also, you can buy either sneakers, sandals, boots, play shoes, or dress shoes.

The Best Baby Walking Shoes Should:

  • Be supportive with either a Velcro fastening or a buckle
  • Have a flexible and lightweight sole that has a good grip
  • Be made of breathable material such as leather, cotton, or canvas.

Caution; Avoid plastic shoes as they make your baby’s feet sweat, which increases the risk of fungal infections such as the athlete’s foot.

  • Have plenty of room around the toe area (at least 1cm) when your baby wears to for the growing feet
  • Should fit when the shoe is worn with socks
  • Not be loose to prevent the baby’s feet from slipping forward or out when the baby walks or stands on tiptoe, which prevents her from squashing her toes.

Best Baby Walking Shoes 2021: Momo Shoes

After reviewing and comparing all the initial 26 shoes that we found, we settled on Momo shoes as the overall best baby walking shoes in the market. Leah by Momo is the brand for girls and Momo baby is the brand for boys and we like them for their flexible rubber sole and genuine leather insole enhances that breathability. Momo has been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association’s prestigious Seal of Acceptance which recognizes products that have been found beneficial and significant value to foot health.

Review of 10 Best Baby Walking Shoes in 2021

#1. Leah by Momo and Momo Baby

Leah, by Momo, is our number one best baby walking shoe for your little girl. Leah by Momo, is the cutest and functional sneaker for your baby girl.

Here are features that make the shoe our best baby girl walling shoe;

  • The shoes have the perfect width for babies with narrow feet and learning to walk
  • The shoe is lightweight; it has a lightweight leather upper and thin flexible sole.
  • The shoe has deep tread traction that is anti-slippery for the moving toddlers
  • It has easy-on, easy-off design straps witH Velcrob for the best fit
  • The shoe has a PU rubber sole for enhanced breathability
  • The baby shoe has a fan-shaped toe box that resembles the child’s foot, which allies the big and ye small toe to move freely.
  • It has a bright and cheery color that is pleasing to the babies’ eyes.
  • It is approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).
  • You can choose from two colors; either pink and purple or black and purple

If your baby is a boy, you can use below brand ideal for first walkers.

#2. Hunter by Momo

Hunter by Momo is our number two best baby walking shoe for your baby.

Just like it’s sister shoe, Leah by Momo, Hunter by Momo is the baby best baby walking shoe for your toddler because:

  • It suitable for baby boys with narrow feet learning to walk
  • The shoe is lightweight, which allows the baby to move without dragging feet.
  • It has a rubber sole for optimal breathing of feet

It has a fan-shaped toe-box that imitates the shape of a child’s foot, which enables the babies’ big and small toe to move freely

  • It has a durable mesh that enhances its lightweight and improves breathability.
  • It has a flexible sole allows a better natural shift of weight from the back to the front of the shoe when walking
  • Its rubber sole has a deep tread pattern that increases its anti-slip feature

It is approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

#3. Soft Motion Amalie by Stride Rite

Best Baby Walking Shoes 2021

Soft Motion Amalie by Stride Rite is our number 3 best baby walking shoes for girls learning to walk because:

  • It has an oversized opening for easy-on
  • It is made of 100% leather for optimal breathability
  • It has flexible rounded soles for enabling natural movement and improving balance
  • It has memory footbeds, for increased comfortability
  • It has a rubber sole for improved breathability and antislip function
  • It has a shiny patent upper that is attractive to the toddlers
  • It has a simple hook and loop strap closure for easy wearing and removing the shoe
  • It is available two colors, candy apple red, white, and navy
  • The shoe is available in both medium and wide widths, which makes it suitable for baby girls with both medium and wide with feet
  • It is both fashionable and functional because they are play shoes and dress shoes
  • It is APMA approved

#4. Tulip by Stride Rite

Best Baby Walking Shoes 2021

Tulip by Stride Rite is our fourth best baby walking shoe for girls because it made with the baby;’s comfort and protection in mind. The baby shoe is one of the nest sandal-style for beginner walkers because:

  • It is lightweight
  • It is comfortable and flexible owing to its full toe coverage
  • It is appropriate with babies of all feet widths because it is available in medium, wide, and double-wide width
  • It has a cushioned footbed for enhanced comfort
  • It is simple to wear because it has an easy hook and loop closure
  • It has flexible leather upper for maximum breathability
  • It is made with Sensory Response technology that helps to mimic the barefoot walking through sensory pods on the outsole to help the baby feel the ground.
  • It has colorful leather upper features that are attractive to babies and toddlers.

Note: The Stride Rite SRT Tulip (Infant/Toddler) is unisex, which enhances its functionality.

#5. Bare Steps H20 by Merrel Kids

Best Baby Walking Shoes 2021

Bare Steps H20 by Merrel Kids (Boys)

Best Baby Walking Shoes 2021

Bare Steps H20 by Merrel Kids (Girls)

Bare Steps H2O by Merrel Kids is our fifth best baby walking shoe, which is especially functional during summer. The Bare Steps H20 by Merrel Kids a favorite baby walking shoe because:

  • It has a soft thin-soled shoe that has an extra-wide toe box and a reinforced toe box for improved protection and support
  • It is unisex
  • It is made of 100% leather and textile for maximized breathability
  • it s outsole has rounded edges that resemble the baby’s foot that optimize the flexibility of the toes
  • It has a convenient alternative closure for a snug fit and easy on/off
  • It has a rubber sole for improved comfort and breathability
  • It has an M Select Grip for flexible, non-marking traction

#6. Elijah by Stride Rite

Best Baby Walking Shoes 2021

Elijah by Stride Rite is our sixth-best baby walking shoe, especially because of its functionality during summer. The shoe ranks in our best baby walking shoe because:

  • It is available in medium, wide, and extra-wide widths, making to appropriate for all babies.
  • It is made of leather, which makes it improves breathability
  • It has a  rubber sole for enhanced feet comfort and breathability
  • It has a simple on and off feature owing to its easy-double-on strap closure and double hook and loop closure for easy on/off and adjustability
  • It has a signature memory foam footbeds for increased support
  • It has flexible rounded soles that facilitate natural movement and enhance balance
  • It is available in Navy and Brown, which allows you the choice to suit the shoe color of your liking.

#7. Soft Motion Kellen by Stride Rite

Best Baby Walking Shoes 2021

Soft Motion Kellen by Stride Rite is our number seven best baby walking shoes because it provides unmatched support stability for babies and toddlers who are always moving. 

The shoe is our favorite because:

  • The shoe is available in navy, gray, and brown
  • The shoe is made of Suede leather upper to enhance breathability
  • It has an adjustable hook-and-loop for easy wearing and removing
  • It has a padded tongue and collar for enhanced comfort
  • It has rounded edges that minimize stumbles and falls
  • It has a premium leather lining and memory foam insole that enhances the comfort of the feet
  • It has a flexible rubber outsole for that is antislip

#8. Soft Motion Adrian by Stride Rite

Best Baby Walking Shoes 2021

Soft Motion Adrian by Stride Rite is our eighth-best baby walking shoe because of its comfort.

The shoe is comfortable because:

  • It is made of leather and textile that maximizes breathability
  • It has a rubber sole that optimizes feet comfort and enhances its anti-slippery feature
  • It has signature memory foam beds that enhance feet comfort
  • It has premium construction that mimics the natural shape of the feet, facilitating comfort
  • Its hook and loop closure facilitates easy on/off and adjustability
  • It fits all feet widths starting from 3-wide-feet to 6 x-wide feet.

#9. Stride Rite Kids Sophie Baby Girl’s Adjustable Suede Boot Ankle

Best Baby Walking Shoes 2021
  • Stride Rite Kids Sophie Baby Girl’s Adjustable Suede Boot Ankle our number 9 best baby walking shoe. The shoe is most suitable for winter and ranks among the best baby walking shoe because:
  • It is made of 100% weather for optimal breathability
  • It has a rubber sole for comfort and enhanced anti-slip function
  • It has a memory foam insole for improved comfort
  • It has rounded edges to minimize stumbles and falls
  • It is ankle-high with some faux fur for increased warmth during winter.
  • It is available in brown, purple, and fuchsia colors

#10. Stevie II by See Kai Run

Best Baby Walking Shoes 2021

Stevie II by See Kai Run is our 10th best baby walking shoe. The baby shoe ranks among the top ten best babies walking shoes owing to their lightweight, elasticized laces and modern design. 

Other baby walking-friendly features of the Stevie II by See Kai Run shoe are:

  • It is available in blue denim, brown leather, burgundy blue, camo, Gray jersey, Gray/Blue, Red/Blue, Teal/Navy, and Washed Denim.
  • It has a flexible rubber outsole
  • It has a breathable textile lining and cushioned textile insole
  • It has a padded tongue and collar that provides additional support
  • It has a sleek design of textile upper with a contrast design
  • It has a hook-and-loop closure for a secure and adjustable fit. Also, the shoe has elastic laces that increase adjustability.

From our list, therefore, we conclude that;

Best Baby Walking Shoes for Girls are:

  1. Leah by Momo
  2. Soft Motion Amalie by Stride Rite 
  3. Tulip by Stride Rite
  4. Bare Steps H2O by Merrel Kids
  5. Stride Rite Kids Sophie Baby Girl’s Adjustable Suede Boot Ankle 

Best Baby Walking Shoes for Boys are:

  1. Momo Baby
  2. Hunter by Momo 
  3. Tulip by Stride Rite
  4. Bare Steps H2O by Merrel Kids
  5. Elijah by Stride Rite
  6. Soft Motion Kellen by Stride Rite
  7. Soft Motion Adrian by Stride Rite
  8. Stevie II by See Kai Run
70+ Baby Freebies You Can Get – (Updated 2021)

70+ Baby Freebies You Can Get – (Updated 2021)

Raising a baby is not cheap, especially in the US. USDA estimates that the average cost of raising a baby is $252,882.90 from when they are born to age 18.

As a mom planning for the baby’s budget, you must be watching out for the best deals on baby essentials since you will be using them for a long time to come. Luckily, retailers and baby brands have tailored programs that offer free samples, to help cut down your budget, and give you the option of trying out products before buying in bulk.

We have researched the web to find the best deals and rounded them all up. Your duty will be to read through carefully and then follow the links to subscribe to the deals you may be interested in. Make sure you capture the finer details like shipping cost, subscription fees, terms, and conditions, etc. before hitting the subscribe button. We’ll have baby freebies in different markets such as South Africa, United States, Canada, UK, and Australia, among others but we’ll start with US baby freebies:

Baby Freebies in the US

Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

If you have a Prime account with Amazon and sign up for their Baby Registry, you will be eligible for the Amazon Welcome Box and other benefits. All you need is to purchase items or receive gifts from your friends, worth over $10 from your registry, and Amazon will deliver the box to your doorstep.

What is the box will vary depending on availability, but it comes to $35 worth of free baby stuff. You can get a cotton muslin blanket or onesie, Philips Avent baby bottle, Philips Avent nursing pads, diapers and wipes from brand names like Huggies, Pampers and The Honest Company, and laundry detergents samples from brands like Seventh Generation and Dreft.

Enfamil Family Beginnings

If you are planning to feed your little one with formula exclusively or might want to supplement your breast milk, Enfamil is a top brand that has provided nutrition for many babies. With formula cost being so high, receiving free formula cans will save you a lot of money. 

Sign up for Enfamil Family Beginnings, and you will get free formula samples and other gifts worth up to $400. We also love that no signing up, purchases, or payment needed.

Target Baby Registry Gift Bag

To get the Target gift bag, you need first to create a baby registry (free) and add at least one item. You will then receive an email from Target letting you know that you can stop by the Guest Services on your next shopping trip at Target, and collect your Welcome bag.

The contents include handpicked goodies, samples, and coupons worth over $80! Things like diapers, bottles, and pacifiers from brands like Johnson’s, Huggies, Graco, Aveeno baby, and more. Plus, eight weeks before your due date, you will get a coupon for 15% discount on everything left on your registry. The only downside is that you can’t have it delivered to your door.

Gerber Baby Gift Box

Gerber is a high rating top brand when it comes to providing babies with wholesome nutrition from their baby formulas and pureed fruits, veggies, and other healthy ingredients. Sign up for a MyGerber account, and you will receive free products from the company and various discounts. They will also frequently send you surprise coupons and gifts. While what they put in the box is a surprise, some moms have received free full-sized Gerber formulas, a bib, onesies, first year belly stickers, and more. 

Other benefits you will get include: your personal baby expert, Dotti, available 24/7 with advice regarding your baby’s nutrition, lactation, and sleep. Additionally, you get your own Menu Planner that grows with your baby to customize nutritious meals.

Similac StrongMoms rewards program

Similac is another popular formula brand offering some of the best deals for moms to be. When you sign up for the Similac StrongMoms reward program for free, they send you free formula samples, gifts, savings, and benefits valued at up to $400. And expert nutrition advice available on 24/7 chat services.

Free Diapers from through the Nation Diaper Bank Network

For needy moms, the National Diaper Bank Network is a great resource for free diapers, usually collected from donations. You might want to check if you qualify to receive the free diapers. The bank says they committed to making sure every baby has access to clean diapers. 

The Honest Company

You can get 30% off your first diaper and wipes subscription using a code and a free magnetic bandana bib. Simply subscribe at the Honest Company website.

Buybuy Baby Goodie Bag

When you create your buybuy Baby registry, you can head to their store and collect their beloved Goody Bags. The bag is jam-packed with awesome samples and coupons.

They also guarantee to match a lower price from competition on identical items that meet their price match conditions.

If you refer someone to buy and create a registry with them, you get 25% discount on any in-store purchase worth $100 or more.

Some parents have recently received diapers from Honest and Pampers, wipes from Boogie, Johnson baby lotion, Babyganics, breastfeeding samples from Lasinoh, and lots of coupons- Talk about hot deals!

Free Nature’s One Full-size Product

At Nature’s One’s website, you can sign up to receive a free sample, but you need to meet the $5.95 shipping cost if you live within the US. They will send you a full-size 12.07 oz can of the formula brand you are interested in sampling; either Baby’s Only Organic formulas or PediaSmart Nutrition Beverages.

Free children books through Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

Inspired by her father’s inability to read and write, Dolly started her Imagination Library to gift kids from 0 to 5 years with free books. The books are published by Penguin Random House and are usually reviewed every year by a team of early childhood literacy experts. You can sign up when your baby is born, and they will receive these free books in the mail until they are five years old. Check to see if the program is in your area and sign up through the Library of Congress. 

The Pampers Rewards Program

The Pampers Rewards program is one of the best for mommies who will need to save on diapers for years to come. When you sign up to join the Pampers club, your diaper purchases will be converted into rewards and cash back. Better still, they have an app where you can scan the codes of their products and collect points with every code (makes the process so easy). You can redeem the points as cash or coupons or gift cards you can use on items like diapers, baby food, toys, electronics and more. 

Free IKEA Goodies

When you Sign up for the free IKEA Family member program, you get discounted member prices for their wide range of products from mattresses and bedding to kitchens and food. You will also get great ideas from their inspirational workshop and events. Plus, they frequently send you surprise coupons and food offers. 

A Free Breast Pump

Now mothers can access a free breast pump thanks to the Affordable Care Act, which made it a requirement. You can check if you qualify for the program by visiting

GoodNites Discounts

GoodNites sell bedwetting products for both boys and girls. When you Sign up to join GoodNites, you can receive free samples from brands like Huggies and Pull-ups and get discounts and coupons. Plus, you get first-hand information about new products, access reviews, and tips and advice related to bedwetting and potty transitioning from experts.

Free baby essentials from the Hospital 

Your OB/Gyn and Pediatrician can also be very resourceful in helping you get baby essentials like free diapers, baby bottles, baby formula samples, etc. Usually, they’ll have plenty of baby samples on hand- you just need to ask. They can also refer you to some clubs that give out baby freebies

Huggies Rewards

You can get free diapers and other products when you sign up for the Huggies Rewards. All you need to do is upload your Huggies diapers and wipes purchases receipts on their Huggies Rewards website or on their app (get it from Google Play or App store) to earn points. When your points have accumulated enough, you can request coupons for free diapers or other Huggies products, gift cards, and more. Plus, they give you 500 points just for signing up!

Walmart Baby Box

Create your baby registry with Walmart and sign up for their Baby Registry Welcome Box valued at about $40. You might receive free goodies like pacifiers, sample diapers, bottles, baby lotions, and more from brands like Dr Brown, Johnsons, Aveeno, and Huggies etc.

Seventh Generation Rewards

Seventh Generation sells plant-based personal care products, paper, cleaning detergents, baby products, and more. If you sign up for their rewards program, you might get to preview new products, and receive coupons and offers.

Hello Baby Box

If you create your Baby Registry with Babylist, you will receive a Hello Baby box filled with gifts, but there is a $6.99 shipping fee. Your box could contain Pampers and Huggies diapers, Aquaphor’s ointment, Pipette baby lotion, Water wipes, Honest wipes, Chicco and Nanobebe pacifiers, Baby Bum shampoo and body wash, Evenflo bottles, and coupons and gift cards. Even with the shipping fee, it is still such a steal!

Medela Breastfeeding Kit

Sign up with Medela and you could get yourself a Medela kit containing nursing products samples such as nursing pads, milk storage bags, a micro-steam bag, a quick clean microwavable bag, Calma teats, and lanolin nipple cream.

Noobie Box

Expectant moms can order a Free Pregnancy Noobie box filled with samples and goodies. No subscription is needed- you just need to create an account and pay $8.95 for shipping, and you will be amazed by all the goodies you get in the box. This is usually a one-time gift and contents of the box vary from time to time. The current one contains Aquaphor baby diaper rash cream, a Chicco pacifier, a five-pack of Cuties diapers, a Lansinoh breastfeeding set (with nursing pads, milk storage bags), Prevail set of 2 liners, Morning Prep prenatal vitamin sample, a sachet of Upspring (a drink to encourage milk flow), a 10-pack of WaterWipes and Palmer’s stretch marks massage lotion sachet.

Free Diaper Bag from Dyper

Try out the most comfortable and healthiest bamboo diapers for your baby from Dyper, and when you subscribe, they will gift you with their stylish bag valued at $99, for free. Plus, they give you a 15% discount for your diaper orders.

Everyday Family’s free sample box 

When you register with EverydayFamily for free, you’ll get access to the Everyday Mom Sampling Club. Just sign up to receive a new box of samples every month from your favorite brands. In addition to receiving samples from brands like Pampers, Dove, Gerber, and Huggies, Similac, and more, you’ll also receive pregnancy and baby newsletters, baby magazines, weekly coupons, and more.

Groove Collaborative free gift

Groove delivers healthy and natural products ranging from personal care, baby care, pet and household to your home from brand names like Mrs. Meyers, Burt’s Bees, Seventh Generation, Alba, Babyganics, Zarbee’s, Earth Mama, more! When you sign up for Grove Collaborative, which is free, you can claim your free gift. Currently, Grove is offering a free Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning set valued at $35, and a Free Baby Gift set containing goodies like Babyganics Bubble Bath, Burt’s Bees Nourishing Baby Oil, Grove Co. Hydrating Bar Soap, and WaterWipes Pure Water Wipes. 


If you want to get free samples from PINCHme, you can start by signing up (for free) and providing your shopper profile. Based on the details you provide, they will be sending you free samples from major brands for you to review. And it is not just one or two samples, but a full box that normally contains a nice variety of products from health and beauty, food, makeup, pet care, and baby samples. 

Free Baby Pack From Nestle Baby& Me

When you register for Nestle Baby& Me, you will get a free baby pack, samples from major brands, expert tips, and advice to help with your baby’s development and savings!

If you are wondering what’s in the baby pack, this is what a recent one included; a diaper bag worth $130, baby bottle, prenatal Vitamins, Good Start Probiotic Baby Formula, Huggies diapers, Gerber baby rice cereal, a changing pad and several coupons.

Unfortunately this offer is only available for residents of Canada.

Motherhood Maternity Gift Bag

When you shop, they have a Preggie Perks program where expectant moms can register to get a gift bag loaded with free samples from partnering brands such as buybuy Baby, Philips Avent, Shutterfly and more. You also receive coupons and special offers for a carseat canopy, diaper covers, baby shoes, nursing pillows, etc.

Abby &Finn Trial pack

Get a trial pack of 8 diapers and a travel pack of 20 wipes of Abby & Finn products for free. All you need is $7.95 for shipping within the US. Also, when you subscribe, you get $10 discount off your purchases and other rewards.

Baby Box University

Baby Box University offers online parenting classes and rewards you with free stuff upon completion. You can get a free baby box filled with free baby samples, and the box can serve as a crib or bassinet.

Baby Dove

You can sign up with Dove to receive free samples, coupons, tips and exclusive content.

Baby Magic

Subscribe for their newsletter to get exclusive access to their special promotions. You might also get some coupons.

Ella’s Kitchen

Get Ella’s Kitchen newsletter to receive special offers and Ella’s Kitchen baby food coupons

Gerber Children’s Wear

When you sign up for the Grow-With-Us rewards program, you get 10 free points at signup and more points as you shop for Gerber Children’s wear and follow them on social media. You can redeem the points after they have accumulated. They also have a program where, for every referral, you and your referral friend get $10 each. 


You can sign up to receive emails from Luvs as well as other trusted P&G brands. This will give you access to free samples, coupons, and you will learn about new products, get promotions, and inspirational ideas.

Mam Club Rewards

Register to join the Mam Club and you will enjoy the benefits forever. You will get 20% discount on your first order, a pregnancy calendar, baby calendar, newsletters containing special offers and competitions. 

Naty Free Trial Box

Get a free trial box of Eco diapers for free and only pay for a 3.99 shipping fee. The box includes 10 diapers, Naty Eco newsletter and a crown.

P&G samples and coupons

Sign up for the P&G Everyday newsletter to get access to their samples and coupons from partnering brands like Pampers, Luvs, Dreft, Tide Free & Gentle, Kid’s Crest, Downy, Clearblue Easy, Ivory, and more!

The Children’s Place Rewards

Shop at the Children’s Place and get rewards and discounts. When you sign up and use My Place Rewards credit card, you get 30% off instantly. You also earn and accumulate redeemable points. And when you refer a friend, they get $10, and you get $10. Plus, shipping is free for all purchases!

Winn-Dixie Baby Club 

As a Winn-Dixie club member, you will enjoy special discounts, coupons, and gifts from brands like Tides, GoodNites, Dreft, Downy, Kotex, and more. Simply sign up!

Happy Little Camper

Happy Little Camper sells premium diapers and wipes made with natural and gentle materials such as non-GMO cotton, aloe vera, and vitamin E.

When you apply to become a Happy Little Camper member, you will enjoy their free newsletters with exclusive content from Hilary Duff and 20% savings each month!

You can also subscribe for their bundles to get 45% savings on repeat orders, and 38% on a one time purchase. Apart from the savings, you can get coupons, and shipping is free!

Right now they have an active 20% off your first subscription, but you must hurry before the offer expires.

Made Of

Made Of is a seller of organic, super soft, and ultra-absorbent diapers and wipes. They have two diaper bundle subscriptions: Basic and Deluxe. The Basic consists of 6 diaper packs while the Deluxe consists of 6 diaper packs, 4 wipes packs, organic diaper rash cream, and calming organic baby powder.

When you subscribe for their bundles, on your first order you will get $20, a free onesie, and free shipping if your order is above $35

Also when you refer a friend, you get $100

Free trial diapers from Parasol.

Parasol sells diapers, diaper pants, baby body wash, shampoo, and face masks.They refer to their diapers as clear and dry, and now you can order a free trial pack to see if this claim holds. The pack consists of four diapers, and then 15 days after ordering, they automatically enroll you for their $36 giant diaper pack.

They have two subscriptions with free membership Basic (1-2 orders) and VIP. All subscribers enjoy free shipping, but VIP members get more benefits, including 45% savings with the VIP box, gifts for friends valued at $32, 20% savings on all products, and extra discounts.

Free Diapers from IncrediBundles

Your friends can subscribe at IncrediBundle to gift you with diaper and wipes bundles for months. They choose the size, brand, and duration, which the diaper bundles will be delivered to you from 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, or 1 year. IncrediBundle will deliver the gift to your doorstep in a signature box with a cute teddy bear wrapped inside and a certificate to redeem for a diapers’ monthly case. You can also be using the cute box as storage. Subscription plans start at $199 for 3 months of diaper delivery. They also offer baby bundles for toys and books.

Thrive Market

Thrive Market is top on the stores that sell products at low prices. When you shop for baby products from online Thrive Market, they are giving you 50% off retail and free shipping on your first order if it is above $25.  You may want to consider trying their natural-based diapers (with aloe vera and vitamin E) which sell at very low prices compared to the other competing brands such as Honest, Seventh generation, Bamboo Nature, etc. which they also sell.

Their membership requires you to pay $59.95 annually, but you will get discounts on all their health products. Customers have found that even with the membership fee considered; if you shop more than once a month with them, it is still a huge save.

Freebie library with Milkology

If you are a new momma, you can get useful lifelong lessons on breastfeeding, lactation, and pumping so you can be ready and confident when your baby finally comes. You pay $7 for the online step by step video lessons, but Milkology gives you printable checklists and cheat sheets free, for future reference.

Free Books from the Bushel

You can get a free book for every ten you purchase from The Bushel. Or if you prefer, you can opt to have 5 % off your order total.

Baby Freebies in Australia

Bounty has got to be the most generous company out there. You can claim or request their amazing free Bounty Bags from stores like Target, your Antenatal Clinics, Chemist, or even the company’s website. If you order from the website, you can choose your free pack to be from Tesco, Asda or Boots, but you will incur $15 for posting.

Although the bag’s content varies, you can get free samples, vouchers and exclusive offers, expert tips on motherhood and on savings, and more.

They give you three bags at different stages:

  • Mother-to-be Bag -when you are 13 weeks along
  • Newborn pack- when your baby is 48 hours old, from the hospital.
  • Bounty Day Care Bag- when you child starts any Goodstart Early Learning Centre across Australia.

The process is even easier with their Bounty Pregnancy & Baby app, which you can download from App store or Google store.

Chemist Direct

At Chemist Direct, you can get free samples of baby wipes, baby creams, and dietary supplements for kids and pregnant women. They also give coupons and promo codes so you can save more.

Free samples from Gaia Skin Naturals

Gaia sells a wide range of personal care products ranging from bath and body wash, baby moisturizer, sleep time bath, hair and body wash, baby shampoo, belly butter, shave gel, baby shampoo, etc.

You can grab any of their free Gaia Skin Natural samples, and enjoy the luxurious experience by following the link and placing your request.

Free samples from BoobieBikkies

Pinky McKay is no doubt the most popular and respected lactation expert in Australia. Her Boobie Bikkies are made from natural and organic ingredients. They are specially designed to offer wholesome nutrition to enhance lactation, boost a mother’s health and energy, and pacify hunger cravings. You can now try the delicious BoobieBikkies Vanilla and orange free cookies for free.

Free Oli6 Dairy Goat Milk sample

Oli6 Dairy Goat Milk Drink contains six times the oligosaccharides found in cow’s milk. The Oligosaccharides feed and promote the growth of healthy bacteria to support a strong gut and immunity in children. You can request a sachet (160g) of the milk drink by fill out a form on the Oli6 website, and they will send it to you.

Free Baby Love Nappies

You can get free sample nappies from Baby Love when you request at their website. Their samples include a wide range from newborns to 4-year-old toddlers’ pants. Besides the free samples, you also gain access to competitions, learn about new products and special offers when you sign up.

Free trial diaper by Eco by Naty

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Baby Freebies in the UK

Dry Nites

Dry Nites pants are made to keep your kids dry and help them sleep better. Now you can try the free sample of Dry Nites when you sign up, and they will be delivered to your doorstep. These are newly improved pants from Huggies and Pull-ups. Better still, when you request the sample, they also give you a free money-off voucher, which you can use with future purchases of DryNites at participating stores.

Free Nurture bag from Baby Vitals

Baby Vitals says you are free to try their products by requesting for their free nurture bag. It is a handy reusable drawstring bag with drawstrings and contains a Vital feeding bottle, breast pads, microwave sterilizing bag, the Little Book of Nurture, and more. Additionally, they will give you offers and discounts for your purchases.

Free Baby Bounty Packs 

Bounty have a variety of free packs for mums-to-be, newborns, and families. The packs contain freebies such as nappies, baby wipes, parenting guides, money-off vouchers and coupons for popular baby brands, and more. You can claim the free baby packs from hospitals, ASDA, Tesco, and Boots stores.

Free Ella’s Kitchen Baby Goodies

Ella’s kitchen Club is one of the most popular worldwide. Register to become a friend of Ella, and you will get your free baby weaning guide, coupons to redeem Ella’s kitchen products in various stores, wall charts and stickers, and useful tips on emails. Plus, you can access periodic competitions for a chance to win huge baby prizes.

Free Parenting Classes by Baby Box Co

You can sign up at the Baby Box Co. website to watch free parenting classes. You will take a quiz when you complete the lessons, and then you can claim your reward. The rewards include vouchers and a cute baby box, which you can use as storage or a bassinet. They add new parenting classes and content to the site regularly.

The Pampers Club

If you are an expectant mom joining the Pampers Club should be top on your list. Here you get useful online pregnancy tools, such as a pregnancy calendar, due date calculator, baby name generator, and baby shower organizer. Plus, you will be better placed to receive free samples, promo codes, and other benefits whenever they are available.

Your Baby Club

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Free SMA Baby Welcome Pack

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Boots Parenting Club 

The UK’s most generous club, the Boots Parenting Club, is a great resource, especially for first time mothers to find expert parenting advice and information. New members also get free gifts at each key stage of their baby’s development and earn 8 points for each pound they spend on baby gear. But these benefits are exclusive to Boots Advantage Card holders. You can register for a free Advantage Card by completing the short online form on the website. And you can find extra offers on the Boots smartphone app.

Hipp Organic Club

Wondering which baby names are currently popular? Then join the Hipp Baby Club, they will show you the most popular first names registered in the HiPP BabyClub for the last 3 months and new ones every month!

And for your older toddler, you can choose from the company’s wide range of pictures and coloring pages to color and keep them engaged for hours 

Baby Freebies in South Africa

A free Dis-Chem Baby Bag

Many people are more familiar with Dis-Chem free baby bag. It is perfectly sized and comes filled with a variety of really useful samples. The bag is handy and you can take it to just about anywhere.

If you are wondering how to receive this goodie bag, well, there are a few things you must do to qualify. First, register for the Dis-Chem Baby Programme in store or call their care line. Go ahead and register your pregnancy and due date. Then, shop at a Dis-Chem store and earn 1275 or more on your card from the time you registered. Visit the baby’s wellness clinic once for a checkup when your pregnancy has reached 28 weeks. Three weeks later, you will receive your Free Dis-Chem bag.

Clicks Baby Club

If you are expectant or have a child below 3 years, you can sign up to become a member of the Clicks Baby Club to earn benefits. Start by registering for the Clicks Club Card and then link it to the Baby Club. Some of the benefits you will enjoy include: free baby clinics services, earn double points on your Clicks Club Card, vaccination reminders, and parental advice.

Discovery Vitality baby programme

Discovery Vitality is one of the best programs which offer medical aid in South Africa. You can access mother and baby aid through their Vitality Baby Programme. Some of the benefits you will get include a gift pack with items like a blanket, taglet, samples, and a parenting book. 10% discount vouchers on selected products at Toys R Us. Up to 25% cash back on selected products and baby check-ups at Dis-Chem or Clicks. And you will earn double vitality points with specific purchases and activities.

To qualify for these benefits, become a Vitality member and register for the Baby Programme online.

Freebies from your Hospital

When you deliver at your hospital, your ObnGyna will give you whatever freebies they might have on hand. You might get diapers, a blanket, or even a bag filled with a variety of samples. You also go ahead and ask your pediatrician.

Baby Freebies in Canada

Free diapers by Huggies

Register with Huggies and upload a photo of your hug to show support, and they will send you a free jumbo pack of newborn diapers (32 diapers) and wipes. They will also donate $5 to the No Baby Unhugged program to help continue giving babies the hugs they need. If your baby is older than four weeks, they give you coupons to redeem a Huggies product instead.

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Sobey Pharmacy has a program called the Baby Be Healthy. It offers free pharmacy consultations, prenatal vitamins, nutritional advice, and more. To benefit from this program, you can visit your nearest Sobeys Pharmacy to be enrolled.

Free Parenting Lessons  by Baby

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Baby Gear Deals

Baby Gear Deals

I am Ashley and thanks for visiting my baby products deals page. I track over 1000 baby products using a number of tools (free and paid) including Keepa. You can rely on this page for Amazon deals and a few other by idendepent retailers. 

Baby Monitor Deals

This section has top baby monitor deals on Amazon. Click on the latest date to get active deals. 

Week of July 27 2020 Deals - Baby Monitors
Owlet Smart Sock 217% offCheck 
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Car Seats, Strollers & Travel System Deals

This section has deals for car seats,  strollers, travel systems and all related accessories. 

Week of July 27 2020 Deals
NameDealCheck price
Yoga Car Seat Canopy11% offCheck
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Bassinets, Loungers, Cribs and Nursery Deals

Check out deals for bassinets, loungers, cribs and sleepwear on Amazon. 


Week of July 27 2020 Deals
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Baby Doll Sweet Touch33% offCheck
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Baby Clothes and Shoe Deals

This section has deals for baby clothes, baby shoes, diapers, baby swings and carriers, among others.  

Week of July 27 2020 Baby Clothes and Shoe Deals
NameDealCheck price
Baby Deer Boys Shoes29% offCheck

Trampolines & Baby Play Gear Deals

This section has trampolines for kids deals and all trampoline accessory deals available in the market.  

Week of July 27 2020 Deals
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Upper Bounce Replacement safety enclosure netReducedCheck
ATIVAFIT 36-Inch Folding Trampoline Mini Rebounder26% offCheck price
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SereneLife 36″ Trampoline13% offCheck Price

Baby Gifts and other Deals

This section has baby gift deals and all other baby gear deals not covered in the sections above.  

Week of July 27 2020 Deals
Baby Room Temperature

Baby Room Temperature

Most ideal baby room temperature (from age 0 months to 4 yrs)

As a parent providing the safest environment for your baby is one of the most important things you have to do. You put all the measures you can in place to ensure total safety. One way you do that is by making sure your baby’s room temperature is ideal for them.

You do not want your little one being too cold or too hot. If you are not aware, an overheated room can increase the risk of your baby getting SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). SID is the unexplained death of a baby below one year and usually happens when they are asleep.

Likewise, Cold room temperatures will also risk your baby contracting respiratory diseases e.g., pneumonia. You want your baby to sleep in a room that is cool and comfortable.

Health experts recommend that infants and toddlers sleep in a room temperature between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit (18- 22)Baby Room Temperature

How to maintain baby room temperature

Now that you know the ideal temperature your baby should be sleeping in, you might be wondering what to do to maintain it; there are several tips that you can use:

Use a thermostat: This is the most reliable way is monitoring temperature. You can adjust to make the room hotter or cooler, but note that a thermostat controls the temperatures of your entire house, not just the baby’s room. Temperature also varies in different rooms within your home because they are affected by other factors; for instance, some rooms have more windows, others might have ductwork problems or poor insulation all affecting airflow.

Use an indoor thermometer: this tool can give accurate readings of your baby’s room or any other room.

Use a fan: a fan increases air circulation leading to cooler temperatures. Just ensure it is pointed towards the ceiling and not directly at your baby. Adjust the fan meter as you measure the temperature to get the one most comfortable for the baby.

Gauge by how you feel: enter the room and judge how it feels if it’s too hot for you most likely it’s also hot for the baby and likewise if it feels chilly.

It is also recommended that you sleep in the same room for the first 6 -12 months of your baby so you can keep a watch on them throughout the night. However, it is not advisable to sleep with baby in your bed because you risk injuring them when you turn or your heavy bedding covering their face. Instead, place your baby next to your bed in their crib.

Can baby drink room temperature breast milk

Yes! Room temperature breast milk is safe for the baby to drink. You can also warm it if you wish by dipping it in a jar with warm water or holding it under running warm water.

You can also feed your baby with leftover breast milk that wasn’t finished from the previous feeding but only do so within 2 hours if it was left under room temperature. Otherwise, if the milk is left for more prolonged time, bacteria introduced into the milk from the baby’s mouth during the first feeding will continue to grow, rendering the milk unsafe.

Can baby drink room temperature formula

Formula at room temperature is safe for the baby to drink. Any leftover formula must be discarded.

Baby room temperature what to wear/ baby room temperature clothing guide

You need to dress your baby appropriately depending on the room temperature to keep them comfortable. We understand it can also be hard to tell which clothes are suitable for your baby to sleep in under room temperature.

Below are some suggestions of how to dress the baby in different room temperatures:

Below 16 degrees Celsius (60Baby Room Temperature)

  • Hat
  • Long sleeve bodysuit
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Pajamas
  • Sleeping bag

Between 16-17 degrees (61-63Baby Room Temperature)

  • Long sleeve bodysuit
  • Pajamas
  • Socks
  • Sleeping bag

Between 18-19 degrees (64F-68Baby Room Temperature)

  • Long sleeve bodysuit
  • Pajamas
  • Sleeping bag

Between 20-21 degrees (69-70Baby Room Temperature)

  • Short sleeve bodysuit
  • Pajamas
  • Sleeping bag

Between 22- 23 degrees (71-74Baby Room Temperature)

  • Pajamas
  • Sleeping bag

Between 24-25 degrees (75-77Baby Room Temperature)

  • Short sleeve bodysuit
  • Sleeping bag

At 26 degrees (78Baby Room Temperature)

  • Short sleeve bodysuit

Above 27 degrees (80Baby Room Temperature)

  • Diaper only

A lot of parents used to temperatures above 22 degrees, get concerned that the recommended baby room temperatures are too cold for their little ones. Still, health experts advise that a baby is more comfortable under cooler temperatures when appropriately dressed than warmer temperatures. They also recommend feeling the baby’s belly or back of the head to check if they are warm or cold.

What should a baby’s room temperature be

Anywhere from (18-22) degrees Celsius

Baby room temperature in winter and during summer (& what baby should wear)

Whether it is winter or summer, it is critical to try and make sure the baby’s room temperatures are safe and comfortable. Ideally, (18-21) degrees Celsius (65-72Baby Room Temperature)

Use a fan or heater to maintain the temperatures within the room, depending on the weather. However, use a heater only to get rid of the chill and make sure you don’t leave it on the whole night because it would cause the temperatures to continue rising steadily.

How to dress the baby during winter:

Babies lose more body heat during cold seasons than adults because their bodies are smaller. Being exposed to cold increases the risk of the body getting into a state of hypothermia, which can be fatal, so it is vital to dress the baby appropriately dressed for winter.

Layered clothing: choose layers that are easy to put on and off to offer the necessary protection while being easy to remove. If you are headed outdoors, make sure the baby is covered from head to toe. You may use thick coats, a hat, socks, and gloves or a snowsuit but ensure you remove them first thing when you get back in the house to prevent overheating, even if your adorable one is sleeping!

Lose the hat too when the baby is indoors because the baby uses the area on the top of the head to release excess body heat.

If you are traveling by car, shed off the coat or snowsuit to secure the seat belt strap for the baby’s safety. Then, to keep the baby warm, place the coat or blanket on top of the car seat.

Also, you need to create a cozy sleeping environment for your little one. You can use a fitted flannel for your baby’s cot or a one-piece sleeping bag to keep your baby warm while preventing the baby from wriggling down under their blanket.

How to dress the baby for summer:

During summer, when the temperatures are high, you need to dress down your baby. Otherwise, overdressing will cause heat rash and excessive sweating.

Whenever your baby is indoors, dress them in loose-fitting and light layers of clothes made from breathable materials such as cotton as it absorbs sweat better. When outdoors ensure the baby’s head, and face is shielded, for instance, if you are strolling them use the canopy or a light hat. Exposing your child to direct heat can cause sunburn and, on the extreme, heatstroke, which is fatal.

When using a carrier, keep in mind that you also contribute to the body heat in addition to the carrier, and sometimes this can cause the baby to be uncomfortable. Choose a carrier that is not made from heavy materials such as nylon. During summer, if your baby’s face appears flushed, remove them from the carrier immediately.

It is also essential to keep in mind that babies are not able to control their temperatures like adults. Therefore, they have a higher risk of being overheated, so it would be disastrous to leave them in a hot environment, such as inside a parked car. Ensure you keep the baby in a well-ventilated environment.

It is also vital to ensure that your baby is well hydrated to prevent dehydration, give them cool boiled water or fruit juice. However, if your baby is under six months and is doing exclusive breastfeeding, there is no need to give extra fluid until they start taking food.

Room temperature for baby with a fever

It is common for babies to experience a fever from time to time and is usually caused by infections, teething, and medications such as antibiotics or even being overly dressed in hot weather. Fever, in most cases, is nothing to be alarmed about, and most parents can manage it without a visit to the doctor. Some of the interventions one can use are: shedding down to just a light cloth, patting the baby with lukewarm water, and giving the baby acetaminophen or ibuprofen suitable for kids at a doctor advised dosage.

Also, keep the baby under a cool environment. You can judge how it feels for you and use a fan on low setting, if it feels too warm. The ideal room temperature for a baby with a fever is between (70-74Baby Room Temperature

Baby room humidity

Studies have shown that humidity levels also affect the baby’s ability to sleep and general health. If the humidity level is too low it causes the baby’s nasal passage to dry out, and the skin to crack and become itchy. On the other hand, when humidity level is high, it promotes the growth of mold and allergens that affect the baby’s respiratory system when inhaled.

The EPA (environmental protection agency) recommends that humidity levels in a baby’s room should be kept between 30% and 60%.

To maintain these levels, a parent can use tools like the humidifier system. There are even smaller plug-in humidifiers available in the market.

Baby’s room temperature at night and during daytime

The recommended temperature of (65-72) degrees Fahrenheit should be maintained in the baby’s room, whether it is day or night.

You can open the windows and door as well as drawing the blinds to promote free circulation of fresh air. It also cools the room.

Baby room temperature and layers

Within the ideal temperature range in the baby’s room, just dress the baby appropriately and add one layer to cover the baby. A swaddling would work out better than adding a garment instead.

A general rule of the thumb to follow is: babies need one more layer than adults.

Below is a suggestion for how to cover the baby in different room temperature:

23 degrees and above- only a sheet

(20-22) degrees Celsius- A sheet and one blanket

18 degrees Celsius- A sheet and two blankets

16 degrees Celsius- A sheet and three blankets

12 degrees and below- a sheet and four or more blankets

Baby room temperature Celsius and Fahrenheit

The baby room temperature should be between 18-21 degrees Celsius equivalent to 65-72F

Baby room temperature chart

Baby Room Temperature

Baby room temperature Canada

Parents in Canada should try to maintain a baby room temperature of between 18-21 degrees Celsius. If it feels cold for the baby, add a layer of cover.

Baby room temperature clothing guide NHS

Below is a clothing guide for babies by the National Health Service (NHS)

Baby Room Temperature

Check out if the baby is safe being in a room with these temperatures:

Baby room temperature 30 degrees: too hot for the baby, risk getting heatstroke.

Baby room temperature 28 degrees: too hot and unsafe for baby

Baby room temperature 29 degrees: too hot and unsafe for baby

Baby room temperature 26 degrees: hot and uncomfortable for a baby

Baby room temperature 23 degrees: Slightly hot and uncomfortable for a baby

Baby room temperature 25 degrees: Hot and uncomfortable for a baby

Baby room temperature 21 degrees: ideal for baby

Baby room temperature 22 degrees: comfortable and safe for baby

Baby room temperature 17 degrees: safe for baby

Baby room temperature 15 degrees: chilly for baby and uncomfortable

Baby room temperature 80 degrees: fatal

Baby room temperature 13 degrees: too cold and unsafe

Baby room temperature 14 degrees: too cold and unsafe

Baby room temperature 19 degrees: ideal

Baby room temperature thermometer

There are varieties of thermometers in the market that a parent can use to detect if the baby’s room is too cold or hot. The best ones are the digital ones that can also be used in the bath, and others can also measure the humidity and dryness of your home. You can purchase from stores like Amazon, Target, etc.

Baby Knee Pads for Crawling (The Best Available in 2021 )

Baby Knee Pads for Crawling (The Best Available in 2021 )

If you are in the market for a baby knee pad for crawling, I will review a list of 10 best knee pads for crawling that you can pick from in 2020. If you are in a hurry, you can just to Ashtonbee Baby Knee Pads for Crawling review to learn why it came top on this list as the overall best knee pad for crawling kids.

Before we go to the reviews, I have a helpful guide on baby knee pads. If this is your first research on crawling knee pads, you should know that baby knee pads are soft material made of layers of cushioned oval pads neoprane to protect the baby’s knee when crawling. They don’t have any special or extra-protection other than the layers – usually up to 4. Adult knee pads have a lot more advanced protection including recent ones exploring 3D designs.

There are not a lot of dominant brands selling knee pads but as I researched and analysed my initial list of 30 knee pads and a few crawling pants, I managed to narrow down to a few brands including Ashtonbee, Bosoner, Nashrio, among others.

Why Do You Need Baby Knee Pads For Crawling?

As a parent, you watch in excitement as your baby begins to crawl and you are just joyful that he/she is developing normally. You would do anything to ensure this period of development is as smooth as possible for your baby. What you might not be aware of is that your soft carpeted, the wooden or tiled floor could be causing irritation and pain on the delicate skin of your baby’s knees hampering their efforts to crawl more. Also, the flooring could be too cold especially the tiled and hard wooden floor. Knee pads are the perfect solution to these problems; you never have to worry about friction, cuts and grazes on your baby’s knees from hard and rugged grounds where the baby could be crawling on.

Features to look for in a baby knee pad for crawling:

  • Material

This is one major thing to consider. Kneepads are usually made from different materials, but the most common and most preferred is cotton because it is breathable, soft and comfortable.

Make sure the material you choose is also easy to wash because it will get dirty often and is soft also because your baby will be crawling on the floor for a long time.

  • Size

Most of the baby knee pads on the market are average sized, but your baby’s size might fall outside of the normal range, so you need to consider if the knee pad will fit him/her. A smaller size could be a bit tight and uncomfortable for your growing baby. A bigger size is likely to be uncomfortable too.

  • Straps or Elastic bands

The strapped ones are the best because you just keep adjusting the straps as your baby gets bigger and can be used beyond the crawling stages. The child can use them even after walking during play, and they will still be in good condition.

Elastic-banded knee pads are designed to stretch along with your growing baby, but they can only remain intact and in good condition up to a certain point. Try to avoid these as much as possible.

  • Price

There is usually some truth that the pricier something is the better the quality. If durability is what you are looking for, then it might cost you a bit more. The price of baby knee pads should not be that high and is ordinarily dependent on factors like size, material, single or double-layered etc.

Crawling Pants Vs Pads On The Knees

While knee pads are great, they only cover the knees. Crawling pants, on the other hand, offer your baby more protection from injuries as they crawl.

They are made from fabrics that are suitable for both hot and cold weather.

The crawling pants have many advantages; they are roomy and thick enough, so they accommodate any sized baby, and you don’t have to worry about cold seasons. Additionally, they are soft to the touch and have an anti-slip grip and do not shrink.

Not all pants have reinforced cushions around the knee, so pants might not serve you best when it comes to knee protection.

10 Best Knee Pads for Crawling Babies 2020

In the next section, we’ll review of our favorite best knee pads for crawling infants but first, here is a full list of best knee pads in 2020:

  1. Ashtonbee Baby Knee Pads for Crawling
  2. Bosoner Baby crawling knee pads
  3. Ava & kings baby knee pads
  4. Nextnol Baby Crawling Anti-Slip Knee pad
  5. Bergottii set of 2 baby knee pads
  6. NASHRIO Infant and Toddler Knee Pads
  7. Elesa Miracle Cozy Soft Leg Warmers
  8. Baby Crawling Toddler Knee Pads
  9. KneeBees Protective Knee Pads
  10. Flying P Knee Pads

Review of the Best Knee Pads for Crawling Babies in 2020

#1. Ashtonbee Baby Knee Pads for Crawling

The Ashtonbee kneepads brand is the overall best knee pad for crawling babies in this 2020 list. These knee pads are designed to protect your baby from wounds, bruises, scrapes, and any irritations that result from their crawling and ensure your baby experiences the utmost comfort when crawling. The knee pads include a warrant and gifts once you buy them.


  • Sold in three pairs in each in a different color
  • Breathable fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Dryer-safe
  • Unisex
  • Has a warranty
  • Includes a gift from the manufacturer
  • It currently has an average rating 3.8/5 by over 430 parents who have left reviews on Amazon


  • Unisex and in lovely colors
  • Soft, warm and comfy
  • Easy to clean


  • They keep slipping down the knee
  • They leave undesirable marks on the skin

#2. Bosoner Baby crawling knee pads

Bosoner Baby Crawling Knee Pads is the second best knee pad you can pick for your crawling baby in 2020. The Bosoner has gone a greater length when it comes to protecting your toddler when crawling; their kneepads are also anti-slip. They come in five pairs in five different, lovely colors for your baby. They are unisex and will fit babies between 6- 24 months.

The knee pads are mainly designed to protect and offer comfort to your baby and are also easily washable.


  • Unisex
  • Anti-slip knee
  • Breathable and soft high elastic sponge
  • Sets of 5 in different colors
  • Machine washable and dryer-safe


  • Five pairs in one set
  • Nice colors
  • Easy to wash


  • Anti-slip knee guards may slip off

Amazon Rating:

Average rating: 3.8/5 by 529 parents

Ranking: # 6,291 out of top 100 in clothing, shoes, and jewelry

#3. Ava & kings baby knee pads

You can pick our third best knee pad for crawling infants and toddlers if your baby is playful. Ava & kings have gone the extra mile to provide the much-needed protection to your baby, and also added fun and playfulness with their knee pads. They take the third position in this list.

The kneepads are unisex and are sold in three pairs. They all have different colors and designs of the dinosaur, snail, and turtle. You could even buy these adorable products as gifts.


  • Made of breathable, soft elastic padding
  • Sold in three pairs
  • Unisex colored
  • Unique designs
  • Machine washable and dryer-safe
  • Made of cotton


  • Nicely designed
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Easily washable
  • Quick shipping


  • The baby can slip on hard floors
  • Thick padding might cause the baby to stumble

Amazon Rating:

Average rating: 3.9/5 by 94 parents

Rank: 278 out of top 100 in kids outdoor safety product

#4. Nextnol Baby Crawling Anti-Slip Knee pad

Our fourth choice of best crawling knee pads is the Nextnol anti-slip knee pad.

It is made of warm and soft material to protect your toddler’s delicate bones and knees when crawling. They come in one set of five pairs in beautiful colors and are suitable for any season.

They are well designed with high quality breathable, soft and comfortable material. The kneepads are made a bit bigger so they won’t leave marks on the baby’s leg.


  • Unisex
  • Five pairs in different colors
  • Soft, warm material
  • Anti-slip
  • Machine washable and dryer-safe


  • Soft and comfortable for your baby
  • Breathable material
  • Five pairs in one set
  • Guards against slipping
  • The hold is not too tight
  • They don’t leave marks on the baby

Amazon Rating:

Average rating: 3.7/5 by 85 parents

Ranking: #37/30 out of top 100 in baby girls’ / boys’ leg warmers

#5. Bergottii set of 2 baby knee pads

Our # no. 5 on this list of toddler knee pads the Bergottii. It comes in sets of two in one pack. They are unisex and in different colours. These knee pads are made from high quality, 100% soft cotton to shield your baby’s tender skin from bruises as they crawl around. The knee pads are reinforced with anti-slip cushion to ensure the safety of your toddler is guaranteed. The material is hypoallergenic, so they don’t cause any irritation to your toddler. They are flexible, so they are easy to fit and remove without causing discomfort.


  • Made of high-quality cotton
  • Two pairs in a pack
  • Machine washable and dryer-
  • Money-back-guarantee
  • Hypoallergenic


  • The padding is sufficiently suitable for hard floors
  • High-quality breathable material
  • Cushions against slipping


  • They may be slip off from time to time
  • They may be too tight for chubby babies

Amazon Rating:

Average rating: 3.7/5 by 4 customers

Rank: not available

#6. NASHRIO Infant and Toddler Knee Pads

The NASHRIO knee pads are made of adjustable straps and breathable mesh and comes 6th on this list of best baby knee pads. They serve babies from zero to five years old. They are one of the few ones that have adjustable straps; hence they can fit from skinny to chubby legged babies.

These knee pads are anti-slip and made from high-quality materials that ensure safety and durability, no matter how much your baby crawls. The knee pad is made of mesh in 3D to make it as soft and breathable as possible.

The kneepads are made in beautiful designs with a cute snail, dog and giraffe patterns in bright colors so they can serve a gift for baby shower. They take in the seventh position in this list.


  • Adjustable straps
  • Anti-slip
  • 3D meshed knee for breathability and softness
  • Three pair in a pack
  • Unisex
  • Beautiful designs
  • Machine washable and dryer-safe


  • Suits children across a wide age gap
  • Breathable, soft and comfortable
  • Adjustable straps that keep the knee pads in place
  • Beautiful designs


Straps start wearing off after several machine wash

Can leave marks on the back of the knee after wearing for long

Amazon Rating:

Average rating: 4.0/5 by 102 parents

Rank: # 90 out of top 100 in kids outdoor safety product

#7. Elesa Miracle Cozy Soft Leg Warmers

The Elesa miracle leg warmers take the eighth position on this list of crawling knee pads. These leg warmers are adorned with Christmas themed patterns. They are six in a pack and serve babies from 6-36 months. They are designed to keep your baby warm and safe as they crawl and extend their use up to the toddler stage.


  • Six pairs in a pack
  • Suitable for kids from 6 months to 3 years
  • Christmas colored
  • Machine washable
  • Unisex


  • Six in a pack
  • Keeps baby safe and warm
  • Serves even toddlers
  • They are sufficiently lengthy

Amazon Rating:

Average rating: 3.6/5 by 21 parents

Ranking: 146 out of top 100 in kids outdoor safety product

#8. Baby Crawling Toddler Knee Pads

The knee pads are made from a mixture of cotton, Dacron and spandex, making them super soft to cushion your baby from the impact of hardwood floor as they go about their crawling business. The high elastic sponge that is breathable to enhance comfort further.

These knee pads are durable and are designed to be used in any season; whether winter or summer. Also, they remain in good condition because they do not fade, shrink or lose shape.

They take the eighth position in this list


  • The pack has five pairs
  • Serves babies from 6 months to two years
  • Breathable elastic sponge
  • Machine washable and dryer safe


  • You get five pairs in a pack
  • Cute colors
  • High-quality material
  • Easy to clean


  • They may roll back down as the baby crawls

Amazon Rating:

Average rating: 3.8/5 by 529 parents

Rank: # 1 out of top 100 in baby girls and boys leg warmers

#9. KneeBees Protective Knee Pads

Ninth on the list is the KneeBees Protective Knee Pads by KneeBees.

These knee pads are of good quality and offer adequate protection for your little one for the knees as well as the elbows when they are roaming about. The knee pads are bought a pair in a pack.

The knee pads are made from a natural blend of cotton and latex or spandex, making them so stretchable that they can accommodate kids between the ages of 6 months to 8 years. They are made with two cushion layers to ensure no matter what kind of activity your kid is into friction and impact is significantly reduced.


  • A pack has a pair
  • Moisture-wicking and breathable material
  • Designed to take the form
  • Versatile
  • Made from cotton and spandex
  • Serves kids from 6 months- 8 years
  • Double layer protection
  • Machine washable and dryer-safe


  • Easily stretchable for the perfect fit without discomfort
  • Reinforced protection
  • Durable
  • Sufficiently long
  • The non-slip rubber keeps the knee pad in place


  • Pricier in comparison considering is just a pair in a pack

Amazon Rating:

Average rating: 4.2/5 by 6 parents

Ranking: # 44 out of top 100 in baby boys leg warmers

#10. Flying P Knee Pads

Finally, on the tenth position on our list is the Flying P baby knee pads. They are unisex in adorable colors and a pack has four pairs. They are made from a blend of cotton, Dacron, and spandex that are designed to be a little bigger so as not to leave any marks on your little one’s leg. They are not tightly bound, so after a long time of crawling, they are likely to slide off the knee.

The knee pad is made of very breathable, thick elastic sponge to offer maximum comfort and protection against hard floors. They are also easy to clean and dry by machine.

They are suitable for a baby between 6 months and 2 years.


  • Four in a pack in different colors
  • Made from cotton, Dacron, and spandex
  • Thick-knee padding
  • Machine washable and dryer-safe


  • Super comfortable for your baby
  • Good quality
  • They leave no marks on the skin
  • Easy to clean
  • Beautiful colors


  • They slip off the knee after some time of crawling

Amazon Rating:

Average rating: 3.6/5 by 38 parents

Rank: 267 out of top 100 in kids outdoor safety products

How to Teach Baby to Crawl:

The need to arm your baby with knee pads first and foremost before any crawling begins cannot be overemphasized. It will cushion your baby from cold, irritation and bruising once they start. They will be confident that the floor is friendly to them and not feel inhibited in any way.

Here is what you can do:

Provide a comfortable ground

Create a soft, comfortable spot in your house; you can use a soft carpet, rug, or mattress and start playing in a manner that will prompt the baby to move.

Familiarize the baby on lying on the tummy

Set aside some time daily to put your baby on the soft spot while lying on the tummy. This exercise is known to strengthen the muscles on your baby’s back as well as the development of other body organs.

Once your baby is on the tummy, they will be exploring the surroundings and try to move to reach objects of interest.

Place their favorite toys at a distance

Keep the toys at a distance and call out for your baby to reach them; this will encourage the baby to move closer to the toy.

Use a mirror

Place the mirror in a distance of about 8-10 inches, they will be able to see their reflection and will be so intrigued and want to get to the mirror as fast as possible. This trick will further encourage your baby moves even more. Just make sure you observe safety when using it.

Crawl too!

Almost all babies want to imitate you, so it would provide so much fun for you both to crawl together as playtime. You will find the baby will continue crawling even after you have stopped.

When Should Babies Learn To Crawl?

Every baby develops differently because of other factors that come into play such as weight and general health state; some kids skip the crawling phase altogether and start standing and walking. That said, on average most babies begin between the ages of 6 to 10 months.

Before you teach or even consider your baby crawling, you need to check if they are ready for it. For example, is the baby able to support its head without any support? Has the baby started rolling and dragging on the floor? Such are signs that your baby is ready to learn to crawl. Otherwise, it would be too soon to begin crawling and could harm your baby because their muscles are still tender.

Best Rugs For Babies To Crawl On (Updated JUNE 2021)

Best Rugs For Babies To Crawl On (Updated JUNE 2021)

In our baby wearing group, we spent a good amount of time a few weeks ago discussing the best rugs for babies. Our small group of 16 mothers had different ideas about different colors, and fabric materials ranging from wool, cotton, nylon, acrylic, jute to polyester suitable for a baby room.

Of all the fabrics indicated, we found wool and cotton fabric to very expensive and are mostly replaced with Polypropylene, a material closer to polythene than cotton (but super soft). In fact, a spot check at the current best-selling brands uncovered that they are mostly made of this thermoplastic polymer. We couldn’t agree on which one between cotton and polypropylene is softer.

Discussing these details along with other key topics about safe materials for crawling babies gave me and my team a good starting point for this research.

One thing we did agree and think I should mention here is the color you decide to pick. While the sizes of baby rugs for the baby’s rooms may vary, the color of the rug will determine the theme of your baby’s nursery. Babies are color-sensitive, they just like colorful material. Whether you have a boy or a girl, a colorful color would do. Yes. Even the pink rug would be great for your baby’s room. If you are however stuck with going with gender-based colors such as blue for boys, go for it. I personally prefer grey or white rugs but any color may not be too bad.

Regarding the design of the rug, your baby may not see much of this especially if your baby is still an infant. You can basically be as creative as you want. Do you want an elephant design? You’ve got it.

The one shown alongside was on offer for about $36 and you just might make your baby smile more.

Another big consideration that you should watch out for is the sensitivity of your baby’s skin to different fabrics. A rug can burn baby face, baby knees, or even stomach and you may end up seeking treatment for rug burns as they can be considered first-degree burns. You should be aware of your baby’s sensitivity and always go for a non-toxic area rug for baby. While it may be exciting and possibly great to get a foam rug, sheepskin rug or fur rug, make sure your baby skin will not get burned by these external, potentially toxic materials.

We have spent over 20 hours comparing the finer details of the rugs that made to our top 5 and before we review them, let’s summarize what’s we found. The best rug for your baby will vary depending on the sensitivity of your baby’s skin. However, it is important to note that regardless of the fabric, a soft fabric made from organic material is the best.

How to choose a baby room rug and what we used to rank rugs for nurseries.

  1. The softness of the fabric used to make the material. You may also want to consider the type of knee pads your baby will use on the rugs.
  2. The reaction babies have to the material used to make the rug – You should stay away from those that made from materials babies are allergic to
  3. The ease of cleaning: Before buying ask yourself how easy it would be to clean it
  4. Safety: Make sure the rug you are buying does not pose any safety risk to your baby such easy-to-fall material.

5 Best Rugs for Baby to Crawl on:

Below is a list of our top 5 rugs your baby can use to crawl:

  1. ACTCUT Area Rug
  2. Ottomanson Soft Cozy Color Solid Shag Area Rug
  3. PAGISOFE Soft Girls Room Rug Baby Nursery
  4. BlueSnail Super Ultra Soft Modern Shag Area Rugs, 4′ x 5′
  5. Cozy Shag Collection Shag Rug Contemporary
  6. Sheepskin Rug for Babies from Woolino

Our best baby rug deal is Safavieh Evoke Collection EVK272A that’s is currently on sale for 67% off its usual price. Check out the deal on Amazon here.

Review of the 10 Best Rugs for Baby to Crawl

1. ACTCUT Area Rug

Actut area rag took our crown as the overall softest rug for your baby to crawl in 2021. With a 4.5-inch thickness, you can rely on it to give your baby the greatest comfort, all-day long.

The material is very cheap and will cost you less than $20 and is made of synthetic material that is very easy to clean. In November 2019, over 2,400 parents have rated it 4/5 and is currently the second best-selling rug on Amazon (under Nursery Rugs category). It is second to PAGISOFE Ultra, which is currently the best-selling baby rug for crawling babies on Amazon.

Actut baby rug for crawling comes in three sizes. The three options all have a length of 5 ft. and widths of 2.5ft, 2.6ft, and 4ft. If you are purchasing this to cover a wider area in the nursery, the 4ft by 5ft option (the biggest would be best).


  • It is made of synthetic material and although the material is not made of cotton or wool, it is very breathable and several parents have attested this
  • The rug can be washed using a machine but it is not advisable to dry it using a machine. You should leave out, perhaps in the sun to dry and it can take a few hours to fully dry.
  • This rug can be installed on any floor, tiled floors or wooden floors and you can rely on it to be firmly in place without using any stick-glue)
  • It weighs 1.8 pounds
  • It is advisable to use a hose tool instead of a vacuum if you prefer not to use the washing machine.
  • 4.5 cm thick, soft and comfortable.
  • While this rug is meant for your baby to enjoy the soft fabric and roll around, you should note that it can be used to decorate your floor and for your toddlers to play or even do yoga.
1. Easy to care for and is very durable even after using it for long.
2. This Skid proof Carpet features with soft touch feeling and easy to clean and maintain.
3. It has a nice colors that decorate your baby’s room.
4.. It has grips at the bottom so it prevents slipping of your baby girl or boy.
1. Most parents wished that the rug was thicker than it is.

2. Ottomanson Soft Cozy Color Solid Shag Area Rug

Best Rugs For Babies To Crawl On (Updated JUNE 2021)

Ottomanson Soft Cozy Color Solid Shag Area Rug emerged as the 2nd best rug for your baby to crawl on in this 2021 list.


  • 100% Polypropylene
  • Resistant to fade, stain or wear.
  • It is a simple yet sophisticated trendy look that’ll easily blend with any home decor
  • It creates a cozy look and enhances the appearance of your room at all times.
  • Measures 79 x 111 x 1.2 inches
  • Thick pile design and soft material.
1. Easy to style with any home decor.
2. It is easy to clean and maintain.
3. It is very durable because of the good material.
4. It is affordable
5. Sufficient protection to your baby against the hardness of tile, marble and wood floors
1. It comes with solid colors only.

3. PAGISOFE Soft Girls Room Rug Baby Nursery

Best Rugs For Babies To Crawl On (Updated JUNE 2021)

PAGISOFE Soft Girls Room Rug Baby Nursery was selected as the 3rd best rug for your baby to crawl on in this 2021 list.

  • It has a Super Soft Feeling
  • The rug is approximately 4 centimeters in height 
  • It measures 5.3 x 4 feet wide
  • It has velvet surface and the plush is approx 3cm high
  • It has skid-resistant rubber bottom
  • It has easy-to-clean quality
  • It has a beautiful color and nine great colors to choose from.
1. They retain their vibrant quality even after several washings and years of use.
2. The baby will love playing and crawling on it because it provides a soft surface for them.
3. It is easy to install and maintain because it is of high quality.
1. Some parents noted that the rug may not lay flat as expected.
2. Do not use bleach on it since the colors will fade from the bleaching effect.

4. BlueSnail Super Ultra Soft Modern Shag Area Rugs, 4′ x 5′

Best Rugs For Babies To Crawl On (Updated JUNE 2021)

BlueSnail Super Ultra Soft Modern Shag Area Rugs was the 4th best rug for your baby to crawl on.


  • Made from a synthetic material
  • It has a plush blanket-like texture that is soft to touch and also looks very soft.
  • The fibers bounce back when there’s an absence of pressure.
  • It comes with a lot of colors to choose from; grass green, grayish purple, silver gray, white, beige, pink, purple, apple green, and coffee.
  • It  measures 4 x 5.3 feet 
  • It  is a rectangular rug and you can place several rugs side by side for a bigger room coverage.
  • It is light and very portable to anywhere you would desire to place it.
  • It has a skid-proof feature and that makes it relatively stable.
  • You can use a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner to clean it. If washed, please do not exceed 85F, and add softener to deal with.
1. It is easy to install and maintain all the time.
2. You have many colors to choose from.
3. It is very soft to touch and gives your baby boy or girl a great environment to crawl on when in the nursery on in their room.
4. It is relatively affordable.
1. At first, some parents complained that the rug did not lie flat.
2. There were some concerns about the rug been relatively thin than expected.

5. Cozy Shag Collection Shag Rug Contemporary

Best Rugs For Babies To Crawl On (Updated JUNE 2021)

Cozy Shag Collection Shag Rug Contemporary was our 5th best rug for your baby to crawl on. You should, however, note that as of this update in June 2021, this rug is currently not available for sale in Amazon. Check the link alongside though. Perhaps, it will be available by the time you’re reading this.

  • It has a beautiful design and texture.
  • It has very beautiful colors to choose from such as elegant gray and attractive turquoise.
  • It has a slow shedding rate because the material makes it very durable.
  • It has a high resistance against stains and spots
  • It is very soft to touch and hence your baby will enjoy crawling and playing on this rug.
  • 1. The color you order is exactly what you get.
  • 2. It is very easy to install and maintain.
  • 3. It is easy to clean and vacuum.
  • 4. It can placed on any type of floor such as concrete, wood, and tiles because it has a stable grip.
  • 5. It fits with any type of home decor and nursery.
  • 1. It is relatively expensive.

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Some of the things that you should consider when you want to buy the baby rug in order to ensure that your baby is safe to crawl on include;

  • Ensure that the material used to make the rug are non-toxic and safe. You do this by making sure that they are materials with low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC).
  • You should make sure that you choose soft, plush and comfortable rugs for the protect the baby’s fragile body parts when they are crawling.
  • Ensure you choose rugs that are easy to clean and vacuum. Rugs that have a high resistance to stains and spots because mostly babies can be quite messy when playing.
  • Choose materials that are durable even after been used for a long time.
  • Check for the size and style that best blends in with your home decor.

Important Tips when using baby rugs

  • You should first air the rug before installing it in any part of your home, especially in your baby’s room or nursery.
  • Make sure you open all the windows after the rug is installed in the baby’s room or any room i.e off-gassing. .
  • Dig your fingers into the rug in order to test its durability. If it is difficult for your fingers to reach the rug’s bottom, then it has higher quality hence it is more durable.
  • Never machine wash rugs unless the manufacturer states it.