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10 Best Baby Loungers 2021 Reviews & Comparison (Snuggle Me vs DockAtot vs Bobby vs Others)

10 Best Baby Loungers 2021 Reviews & Comparison (Snuggle Me vs DockAtot vs Bobby vs Others)

What are baby loungers? Are they just expensive pillows and are they really worth it?

Those basic questions got us started in what would be a research journey to find the best baby lounger. We got started researching general things related to co-sleepers and loungers and after rigorous comparison, we found the OVERALL best baby lounger of 2021.

Here is our definition of a baby lounger. Baby loungers or infant loungers are pillows that have been designed with a small groove that your baby can lie on comfortably.

Below is a picture of Snuggle Me baby lounger, one of the best- rated baby loungers in the market.

Image result for snuggle me lounger
Image of Snuggle Me Baby Lounger
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6 new from $32.99
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Last updated on April 19, 2021 1:00 pm

And one more thing.

Your baby lounger can be a small mattress for your baby and you can totally save money by doing it yourself. Just tuck them in comfortably and you’ll find your baby enjoying nice naps. You can carry your baby from one room to another in your room without needing any strap or harness.

Baby loungers are specially designed pillows that have a groove so your baby can comfortably sit on it without falling out. No harness or straps required, and most importantly, no need for setting up a crib or mattress! Just place the lounger on a flat surface, tuck your baby in, and be assured that he’ll happily and comfortably watch you while you do your thing.

Baby loungers have different designs and different brands use different materials to put together the baby loungers. We looked at several ranking factors that we decided on. The ranking factors we use are:

  • The breathability of material/fabric
  • Portability: Weight
  • Possibility to be used as a cosleeping bed
  • Design
  • Protection
  • Dimension
  • Pricing

10 Best Baby Loungers Reviews 2021

Below is our list and reviews of the best baby loungers you can find in the market today.

1. Snuggle Me Organic: Overall Best Baby Nest Lounger With Patented Sensory 2021

Snuggle Me Organic is made here in the US and we crowned it the very best baby lounger because of its patented sensory and design. It also made it to the top of the list because of its 100% organic cotton material. We analyzed over 2,800 customer reviews on Amazon and uncovered that 83% of parents rated this baby lounger 5/5. In addition to its patented sensory and comfy rounded design Snuggle Me does not require straps or buckles to keep your baby in place.

Name Snuggle Me Organic
Material100% organic cotton, made in the USA
Dimensions29.00 x 17.00 x 4.00 inches
Weight3 pounds
Age recommendation0 to 9 months
Machine Washable?Yes

Since 2007 Snuggle Me, the company behind Snuggle Me organic got started in Minnesota, USA trading as Simply Mummy LLC. 12 years later, parents are still enjoying some of their loungers including this Snuggle Me Organic which sells for about $156 on Amazon.

$156.00  in stock
4 new from $156.00
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as of April 19, 2021 1:00 pm

Its lightweight design pulls together to hug your kid using GOTS certified fabrics. Not even wearables like clothes hug you making it a great tummy time lounger and travel mat you can rely on. This technology has impressed many parents and 2,800 parents have rated it 4.7/5 reviews on Amazon. It is currently the 15th best-selling baby loungers on Amazon as shown in the snapshot below:

Snapshot showing sales ranking of Snuggle Me Organic

Using the seven ranking factors above, Snuggle Me Organic emerged as the overall best baby lounger you can get in 2021. It scored very well in all the ranking factors we used, except for the pricing. It is one of the top-rated infant loungers with over 2,800 parents rating it 4.7/5 which is impressive for a relatively expensive brand (compared to others on this list).

This lounger has advanced features including its patented sensory pad that hugs your baby and is effective at calming and comforting your baby when you need extra support. It is also made of breathable, non-toxic organic materials that are fully machine-washable.

Snuggle Me Organic is not the cheapest in this list and if you want an alternative that costs less than $100, you can try another Snuggle Me Bare brand that is equally great. The main difference between two brands is that the Snuggle Me Bare brand does not use Certified Organic Fabric while the Snuggle Me Organic uses Certified Organic Fabric.

Snuggle Me Organic Bare is the one appearing alongside and there is more details on Snuggle Me Organic below.

Snuggle Me Organic came ahead of several other credible contestants such as DockATot but after thorough evaluation, we were impressed with the following features that set it apart:

  • It has an unpadded center which causes sides to pull in and hug your little one
  • Its tight fit keeps the baby in place
  • It is made of virgin polyester fiber which is machine-washable.
Snuggle Me Organic
Snuggle Me Organic Poster

It is relatively expensive as it retails around $156. Compared with other baby loungers that sell at an average price of $50, Snuggle Me Organic is close to three times its peers. In addition to its hugging fabric technology, Snuggle Me also has incredibly great fabric that is certified organic. It also has a polyester fiberfill.

The video below explains why Snuggle Me Organic Patented Sensory stands out:

Snuggle Me Organic Hugs your baby

It has been in the market from as early as 2010 although variations of this brand have been available from as early as 2007. It weighs 3.9 pounds (1.7Kgs) and has the following dimensions; 29 x 4 x 18 inches (75 cm by 10cm by 45 cm).

Snuggle Me Organic is meant specifically for infants with 0 to 9 months in age.

You can watch the video below to see how to position Snuggle Me Organic:

Snuggle Me Organic Pros and Cons:

1. This lounger can be used as a co-sleeper
2. It is great for travel
3. Snuggle Me Organic cradles baby to sleep.
4. It’s great for tummy time and diaper changing.
5. It is made of great materials
1. It is expensive compared to other loungers in this list
2. Your baby will outgrow it quickly – but then I like things that my baby will outgrow. It gives me reasons to smile and see my little one growing!
3. There is no option to secure the baby to this pillow

You can check its price on Amazon today here

2. DockATot Deluxe+ Dock: Best Baby Lounger for Co-Sleeping

DockATot Deluxe Plus is our second-best baby lounger for co-sleeping in this 2021 list and as you can tell from the name, it is a baby docking station that is designed in Sweden and made in Europe. We liked this baby lounger most because of its design made to perfectly work when you want to co-sleep with your baby. It has a small mattress with side cushions of about 5 inches high. The surrounding bumper pillow gives a cocoon-like sensation without posing any suffocation risk like other traditional non-breathable pillows.

Name DockATot Deluxe+ Dock
MaterialCover = 100% Cotton, Tube = 100% Polyester, Pad = 100% Polyester
Measurement18 inches wide x 29-34 inches long (29 inches with clasps closed and 34 inches with clasps open)
WeightWeight: 3.0 lbs
Age recommendation0-8M, Stage 1, 5-22 lbs.

There have been hundreds of positive reviews talking very highly of how DockATot is an excellent lounger that enables babies to sleep faster and longer. Whether it’s co-sleeping or nap time for your baby, DockATot is the go-to lounger that is very comfortable. This longer gives a cocoon-like sensation and the bumper pillows will give your baby a snug feeling while posing no risk of suffocation as other pillows do.

DockATot is not just a lounger. It doubles as a lightweight changing station and can also come in handy for your baby’s tummy time.

The rounded sides are perfect as they create a barrier between you and the baby so the baby can have and maintain his/her sleeping space. Though not made of organic material like Snuggle Me Organic, DockATot Deluxe is almost $25 more expensive than Snuggle Me Organic. In addition, DockAtot does not have the patented sensory design that gives a hugging feeling to the baby. It is however made of 100% cotton and 100% polyester. Its cover, tube, and pad are made with OEKO-TEX certified fabrics that do not harbor heat.

Its dimensions are 24 x 6 x 18 inches and is ideal for infants from age 0 to 8 months.

It weighs 1.25 pounds and currently ranked number 9 among the top 100 best-selling baby loungers on Amazon on April 2021 as shown in the snapshot below:

You can check its price on Amazon here.

Here is a video review of DockATot Deluxe+:

Snuggle Me Organic Vs DockATot Deluxe+ Dock

The table below shows the difference between the two padded loungers; Snuggle Me Organic and DockAtot:

Snuggle Me OrganicDockATot
Recommended age: 0-6 months Recommended age: 0-8 months
Rated 4.7/5 by more than 2,800 customers on Amazon (as of April 2021)Rated 4.8/5 by more than 1,400 customers on Amazon (as of April 2021)
Manufactured by Snuggle Me, a company trading as Simply Mommy LLC founded in 2007. Manufactured by DockATot, a company founded by Lisa Furuland Kotsianis in 2007
Certified fabric material All parts of the DockATot meet the European Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Class 1 standards
Snuggle Me has the same width as DockATot but is shorter in length – its Width is 18 inches and is 27 inches long DockATot has 18 inches wide and 29-34 inches long [29 inches with clasps closed and 34 inches with clasps open].
Number 15 of the top 100 best-selling baby loungers in Amazon Number 9 of the top 100 best-selling baby loungers in Amazon
Come with washable covers Come with washable covers
It comes in one size ideal for 0 to 6 months old. Does come in different sizes with Deluxe being for 0-8 month-old babies and Grand is for 9 to 36-month-old babies/toddlers.
Designed and made in the USADesigned in Sweden but made overseas in Europe and in the US.
Priced around $156 but can check its price today herePrice around $175 but can check its price today here

DockATot vs Mamibaby

Another lounger other than DockATot that is designed to specifically make it easy for your baby to sleep on is the Mamibaby. Mamibaby is a co-sleeping lounger or a baby lounger for sleeping and is made of 100% hypoallergic cotton with breathable materials. Mamibaby is very inexpensive compared to DockATot, costing less than half of what DockATot costs.

Ideal for infants from 0-8 MonthsIdeal for babies from age 0 to 12 months
18 inches wide x 29-34 inches long (29 inches with clasps closed and 34 inches with clasps open). It weights 3.0 lbs, a few lbs lighter than Mamibaby31.5 x 19.6 inches and weights only for 3.5lbs(1.6kg)
It is not machine washable but the cover is machine washableIt is machine washable
Rated 4.8/5 by over 1,400 parents on Amazon as of April 2021Rated 4.7/5 by over 4,400 parents as of April 2021
More than double the price of MamibabyInexpensive, costing less than half the price of DockATot.
It comes with a basic clear plastic storage/carry bag (with basic rope handles). It does not come with the carry bagIt comes with a plastic storage bag with handles that make it easy to transport. It also comes with a package bag for easy transportation and straps that make it easy to pack.
Ranked 9th in the top 100 infant loungers on Amazon (by sales – April 2021)Ranked #1 in top 100 portable cribs on Amazon (by sales)
Made of quality fabrics that makes it durableIts fabric is of cheap quality as it rips quickly
The base is super comfy The base can be a bit hard and uncomfortable for some babies
Check Price on Amazon or on the company’s website hereCheck Price

CuddleNest vs DockATot

Comes in 8 different colorsComes in 12 different colors
Relatively cheaperMore expensive compared to CuddleNest, almost double the price
Made by LolueMade CompanyMade by DockATot
Recommended age: Age: 0 to 8 Months, Weight: 5 – 22 lbs. (Approximate)Recommended age: 0-8M, Stage 1, 5-22 lbs.
Measures 32 inches long and 19 inches wideDockATot has 18 inches wide and 29-34 inches long [29 inches with clasps closed and 34 inches with clasps open].
Rated 4.6/5 as of April 2021Rated 4.8/5 as of April 2021
Check PriceCheck Price

In the video below, Marrysa explains the difference between DockATot and Snuggle Me Organic:

DockATot Pros and Cons:

1. Very portable and great for travel
2.It eases transition from a bassinet to a baby crib
3. It provides a comfortable sleeping and napping space for a newborn and infants
4. It has sturdy and versatile as a bed, play area, lounger and carrier
5. It well made and beautifuly designed.
1. It is not easy to replace the cover after washing
2.It doesn’t collapse

3. Boppy Original Newborn Lounger: Inexpensive Infant Lounger

Bobby Original Newborn Lounger is our third-best baby lounger in 2021 and we specifically added it to this list behind DockATot and Snuggle Me Organic because of its price. It costs almost a third of what Snuggle Me and DockATot are going for and it is the most ideal for newborns and infants. Most parents, including this forum on Whattoexpect, talked about how great it is to get both the Bobby Lounger and the Bobby Nursing Pillow. It is a great lounging spot for babies up to 16 pounds and is most ideal for babies during wake times – not the best for co-sleeping.

This Bobby Original Newborn Lounger is cheaper than Leacho Podster Sling. As I researched this lounger, I learned that it’s really a not-too-distant cousin of nursing pillows and is designed for infants up to 16 pounds limit.

As of April 2021, 8,000+ parents on Amazon have given Bobby Original Newborn Lounger a rating of 4.9/5. That is a very high rating reserved for less than 5% of the most excellent baby products.

It is currently the best-selling baby lounger on Amazon as shown in the snapshot below. We couldn’t agree more.

In addition, it is the cheapest baby lounger on this list.

Bobby Lounger vs Bobby Lounger Pillow Vs Snuggle Me Organic

The table below shows the comparison of Bobby Lounger, Pillow and Snuggle Me Organic:

Bobby Original LoungerBobby Pillow Snuggle Me Organic
Rated 4.8/5 by over2,700 parents as of March 2020Rated 4.7/5 by over 1700 parents as of March 2020Rated 4.6/5 by over1,500 parents as of March 2020
Sells for less than $40Sells for less than $30Sells for 3 times Bobby Lounger
Has recessed interior to cradle baby’s bottom, keeping your baby relaxed and safeIt is an award winning pillow that provides your arms and back relief by lifting your baby to a more ergonomic position when breastfeeding or bottle feeding.Patented design pulls in to hug your sweet babe. This hugging sensation calms baby and, with its tight fit, helps wedge them into place
Can be used a co-sleeperCannot be used as a co-sleeperCan be used as a co-sleeper
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

The table below has more details on this inexpensive comfy baby lounger by Bobby:

Name Bobby Original
Product dimensions 18 x 7 x 18 inches.
Machine-washable materialYes
Awards for quality 2017 What to Expect Mom Must-Have Finalist, the 2018 BabyCenter Mom’s Pick Finalist, and the Mom’s Choice Award.
1. Very lights and portable with a carrying handle
2.Recessed interior keeps baby comfortable
3. On this lounger, the baby lounges in a slightly upright position
4. Easy to clean and machine washable
1. Only great for wake time
2.Your baby will outgrow it easily, 16lbs limit
3, No slipcover

4. Leachco Podster Sling-Style Infant Seat Lounger

Leachco Podster Sling-Style Infant Seat Lounger is our fourth-best baby lounger in 2021 only challenged by Snuggle Me Organic and DictATot. Although not necessarily classified as a baby lounger but more of a floor seat for your baby, you can use it as a lounger. This lounger has an elevated-head design that alleviates symptoms of reflux and/or breathing difficulties. It has a removable cover and is recommended for babies up to 16 pounds. This lounger poster is designed by Leacho Company which was founded by a couple, Clyde and Jamie Leach back in 1988. You can read more of their story here.

Leachco Podster baby lounger
Leachco Podster (Link to Amazon)

For about $50, you can get yourself a soft and comfy lounger that has been rated 4.9/5 by over 1,700 users on Amazon. While we do not advocate that you rely on the reviews as you make a decision on which baby lounger is great for you, they are helpful to an extent. In addition to its approval by users, it is currently ranked number 14 out of the top 100 baby loungers on Amazon.

Sales Rank of Leachco Podster Sling-Style Infant Seat Lounger on Amazon as of April 2021

Features of Leachco Baby Lounger:

  • It is very comfortable and we rated it at 9.8/10 in comfort to your baby.
  • It easily adjusts to provide support as your baby grows
  • The lounger cover can be washed by the machine but you can’t wash the lounger itself with a machine.
  • The cover is zipped and can be removed.
  • Weighs 2.95 pounds
  • It has the following dimensions: 25.5 x 23 x 8 inches
1. It is adjustable according to your baby size
2.It is very easy to clean with removable cover
3. It is elevated a little higher than other loungers
4. You can get multiple covers if you want to switch out the color theme
1. It is fairly large in size and may not be very easy to travel with
2.It is relatively more expensive

5. BESTLA Infants Pillow Baby Head Support Newborn Lounger

If you want a super portable lounger with comfortable head support, BESTLA newborn lounger is a great option that you can use from when your baby is 0 to 3 months. This pillow with a unique bear-shape design provides comfort while making sure your little one is secure or at least safe from falling off.

Check Price on Amazon

If you plan to Swaddle your baby with this lounger, you can easily adjust the velcro belt for a good fit. The only downside is that this lounger wouldn’t last long. You can only count on it for 3 months and you’ll need to transition to a bassinet.

1. Budget-friendly costing a fraction of the other options
2. Nice bear-shape design
3. Has adjustable velcro
4. It is super portable
1. Only hand-washable
2. You’ll need to stop using after 3 months

6. Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat is our sixth-best baby lounger that effectively does what its name describes, assist your baby to sit up. For less than $50, you can get any of its two styles, crab and Lion, and enjoy this baby lounger from a well-known brand, Fisher-Price.

As of this review, Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat is currently the 4th best-selling baby seat and lounger on Amazon. This Fisher-Price brand baby lounger currently has 4.7/5 from over 6,800 users on Amazon. That said, below are why we included this baby lounger in this list:

  • Easy to open the packaging
  • Very portable
  • Very wide and sturdy
  • Machine-washable pads

You can check its current price here.

1. It is very well designed for baby comfort
2.It has a higher seat back for neck and shoulder support
3. It is designed for legs to fully extend and works well for babies with chunky legs
4. The seat is removable and machine-washable
1. It is not designed for a long period of use
2.It is not very portable

7. Boppy Preferred Newborn Lounger

Boppy Preferred Newborn Lounger made it to our list of top baby loungers in 2021, coming 7th. This baby light baby lounger mostly categorized as a baby support pillow has a recessed interior perfect for your baby’s bottom. It weighs just 3.2 pounds and in April 2021, it is ranked 10th of the top 100 best-selling baby loungers on Amazon.

NameBoppy Preferred Newborn Lounger
Dimension & weight18 x 18 x 7 inches; 3.2 pounds;
Age recommendationRecommended for newborns – 16 lbs. or until your baby can roll on his own
Other featuresMachine washable; Designed for your baby’s supervised, awake time.
1. It is very higly rated with 90+% of parents rating it 5-star lounger as of March 2020 (in Amazon) and rated 4.9/5 by over 300 parents that left reviews
2.It very soft and made of great material that is easy to clean and machine-washable
1. It is a bit bulky for washing machine

8. BabyMoov Cosydream Premium Newborn Lounger

BabyMoov Cosydream Premium is our 8th best baby lounger in 2021 and we specifically added this lounger on this list to gather for parents looking for an ideal lounger that can be turned into an infant sleeper. It has been regarded as the perfect baby lounger for co-sleeping.

NameBabymoov Cosydream Original Newborn Lounger
Material100% polyester that is machine washable,  soft breathable fabric that keeps the back and neck areas of the baby cool.
Weight lightweight (0.55lbs) and foldable for easy travel and care
Age recommendation0 – 3 months
Dimensions14.96 x 3.14 x 22.83 inches

Healthcare professionals recommend this baby lounger because of its patented osteopath design which has been developed to provide the highest quality, comfort, and safety for your baby. BabyMoov is made of machine-washable and very lightweight materials (0.55lbs) that are foldable for easy travel and care. However, you should note that this baby lounger is only good from when your baby is born to when they attain 3 months in age.

9. CubbyCove Baby Newborn and Infant Lounger

CubbyCove Classic is our 9th best baby lounger in 2021, behind its direct competitors, the DicATot and Snuggle Me Organic. CubbyCove comes in six different varieties but what sets it apart is its truly breathable 3D Mesh fabric. It is currently the 92nd Best-selling baby lounger on Amazon and has an average rating of 4.5/5 from over 1,700 customers.

NameCubbyCove Baby Newborn and Infant Lounger
ColorsComes in 7 colors
Material Made out of PREMIUM 3D MESH fabrics all the way through, for added safety and comfort
Great featuresComes with a canopy, protects from sunlight and harsh lighting
Weight7.64 pounds
Dimensions35 x 18 x 8 inches
Age recommendationYou can use it until you think your baby has overgrown. Parents with babies up to 12 months are using this lounger – the company does not provide specific age recommendations.

CubbyCove Classic is almost $50 cheaper than DictATot and about $25 cheaper than Snuggle Me Organic.

10. Baby Delight Comfort Nook Plush

Baby Delight is our 10th best baby lounger in 2021 and this 4.8/5 rated baby lounger wins as the most comfortable napping lounger for your baby. It is a product of Baby Delight, a mom-owned business that was founded in 2000 by Farah Morton. It is a new brand as it was released to the market in March 2019 and is challenging established brands such as DockATot, Bobby Original and Snuggle Me Organic.

Baby Delight literally gives your baby great delight as it designed with 25 degrees incline to help with reflux and reduce congestion. Many parents recognize this and that’s why it’s currently the 25th best-selling baby lounger, despite it being pricier than other loungers such as Cubbycove. It is also a favorite lounger for those who’d like to travel and appreciate light loungers.

I did not just include Baby Delight as the best baby lounger because of its comfort and ratings. Baby Delight is also made of very breathable side walls at the top section with a mesh that aids in airflow.

This lounger will cost you $100 on Amazon but you can check its current price using the link alongside.

Below are other features of Baby Delight that summarizes why we added it on this list:

NameBaby Delight baby lounger
Dimensions and weight29.5″ x 16.5″ x 11″ and 5.5 lbs
Age recommendation0 to 6 months
Why We like it mostComfort because of its contoured inclined position and Safety because of its breathable sidewalls, sturdy base and a 3-point harness
Current Ranking and Rating25th Best-selling lounger and rated 4.8/5 by 29 customers
Prime Eligible Yes
Machine WashableYes
Price Check price

We already reached the 10th baby lounger but I got a question the other day from an expecting mother on a lounger most ideal for a newborn. After much research, I settled that NiceTime baby lounger as the best although the above reviewed Bobby loungers are also ideal. We have a bonus below review of a newborn baby lounger below:

NiceTime Baby Lounger

Nicetime baby lounger is the most ideal baby lounger for a newborn and you can rely on it to give maximum comfort any lounger can offer to a newborn, right from the hospital delivery room. NiceTime lounger is designed to look like the uterus and imitate the posture your baby takes when they are born. It looks like a nest and your baby will find this guardrail-designed lounge easy for your baby’s spine to fit. What you will appreciate is that your baby will enjoy its padded surface and as a parent, you’ll also appreciate the lightweight and washable material of NiceTime lounger for newborns.

Boppy Newborn Lounger Pillows are great loungers for twins that you should consider. They are super soft and although they may be classified as pillows, the Bobby Newborn lounger can serve your twins well.

Buyer Guide: How to Choose the Best Baby Nest Lounger (5 things to consider)

I have simplified this guide to assist any parent looking for a lounger or co-sleeping lounger to get the best or at least the most ideal lounger. Below are the most important things you should consider:

1. Material Used to Make the Lounger

The best baby loungers available vary in the material they used to make the baby lounger. The most important variations are material such as cotton, polyester, silk etc. In any material you go for, make sure the material is soft and is not rough on your baby skin. The second consideration in addition to being soft is toxicity. Make sure you pick non-toxic-material baby loungers that are not allergic. The last thing you should check on the material is their odor. Some materials do not lose the odor and you should make sure that you go for loungers that do not hold odor.

2. Size and Weight

The size of the baby lounger will determine the portability. In addition to portability, some babies may be taller and may not fit the standard-sizes for normal loungers. Make sure you get a custom-fit design if your baby is taller or snug-fit if you think your baby needs a snug fit design.

The other article you need to consider is the weight of the baby lounger. If you plan on using your baby lounger when traveling, make sure you get a light one. Some baby loungers can also be used as a playpen or as beds with changing units and if you anticipate traveling a lot with your baby, getting a lounger that is light and can serve more functions will be very ideal for you and your baby.

3. Purpose of your baby lounger

Baby loungers are designed for use by the baby when taking naps and can also be used as a bed, a co-sleeping lounger. There are however more functions that the lounger can be used for such as tummy-time loungers, massaging-loungers or loungers for changing nappies. When picking a baby lounger. Make sure you pick the one that best suits the need that you want to use the baby lounger for.

I personally recommend a multi-purpose baby lounger which may be more expensive but maybe totally worth it.

4. Covers of Baby Lounger

Make sure you pick a baby lounger with covers that are washable. Machine-washable covers of a baby lounger make them easy to be reused and solve a lot of hygiene-related issues.

5. Organic Fabric

If you want to go all-natural, you can pick baby loungers that are made of organic fabric such as Snuggle Me Organic.

If you follow the 5 tips above, you can be sure to pick the best baby lounger that will be safe and ideal for your baby.

Benefits of Baby Loungers – Parent Guide To Using Loungers to Your Benefit

Wondering whether there are any documented benefits that parents and little ones can expect from a lounger? Back to our initial question of whether loungers are worth it. Here are the key benefits that you should know and can count on any of the loungers you buy to provide:

  1. You’ll have a lot of comfort having your hands not committed to carrying the baby around as you cannot place them to stay on their crib all the time. You’ll need to walk around the house, do some laundry, chat with friends and to keep an eye on your baby, you can just put your baby to rest. Your hands can now do all the great things a parent can do with the hands.
  2. It makes your baby ‘portable and reachable’ without the need to bend down all the time. With a lounger, you can place your baby at high surfaces such as countertops and your back can take a break from bending. Like many new mothers, you’ll appreciate how great this is and healthwise, your back will stock aching from too many bending.
  3. Easy to set up a comfortable spot for your baby at any time. Unlike using makeshift clothes to make some spot for your baby to rest on, loungers are very easy to set up and already have neck support for your baby. Your baby’s upper body will remain elevated and this is not only great for comfort and for your baby’s view of the space around him or her, but also great for your baby’s digestion.
  4. Very easy to clean: Several top loungers on our list can be easily cleaned with a wet wipe and some parents have seen loungers lasting for up to 5 months before it starts smelling bad.

The other baby loungers in our list that we’ll continue to review include the following:

  1. Snuggle Me Original | Co-Sleeping Lounger
  2. Snuggle Me Organic Co-Sleeping Baby Bed
  3. CubbyCove Baby Newborn and Infant Lounger
  4. Snuggle Me Organic Infant Padded Lounger
  5. Snuggle Me Organic Co-Sleeping Bed Bundle

FAQs on the Best Baby Loungers

Are baby loungers safe?

Yes. baby loungers are safe if the right ones are picked and if used for the right purpose. Make sure you follow the five key items to consider when choosing the best and a safe baby lounger highlighted on the article above.

10 Best Breastfeeding Chairs Reviews in 2021

10 Best Breastfeeding Chairs Reviews in 2021

If you are preparing for the arrival of your new bundle of joy and looking for a breastfeeding chair for your nursery, then read on as I have reviewed the very best breastfeeding chairs you can find in the market today.

This is an important piece of furniture, and you need to consider many things before choosing because that’s where you will be spending a lot of hours as you bond with your little one.

There are many chair options in the market that look enticing, and it’s easy for a new mom to be at a loss deciding the most suitable for her. Luckily, we are here to help and have already come up with a well-researched list after reading tons of reviews from parents who have already tried various seats. Below are the best breastfeeding chairs you can pick:

Last updated on April 18, 2021 10:49 am

Best Breastfeeding Chairs Reviews 2021

1. Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner

The first thing you notice about this seat is its aesthetic appeal with contrasting white welt details and soft buttons on the upholstery. No doubt that this seat will look great in your nursery and living room. So, if you want a chair, you can later transition this is a great choice.

$360.39  in stock
17 new from $360.39
Buy Now
as of April 18, 2021 10:49 am

The second area it shines is in the quality of comfort. The seat has supportive spring core foam that is quite thick, and the cover is made from Linen-like fabric that feels soft against your skin. For superior comfort, the seat can recline in three positions, and it also glides and swivels –just what you need to give you a relaxed place for breastfeeding or napping.

If you are tall or plus size, do not fear getting this seat. The backrest is high, and the seat is wide, something that even the dads have loved.

It is a heavy seat, but you will love how easy it is to assemble. You just need to slide the base into the bottom of the chair until you hear a clicking sound. The fabric can be wiped down in case of small messes that come with milk spills and the likes.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Has an elegant design
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • The seat has three reclining positions
  • It glides and swivels smoothly and quietly
  • Comes in tons of designs


  • It is heavy
  • It might not last many years

2. Baby Relax Swivel Glider and Ottoman Set

Next up is another model from the same company, Baby Relax, like the one we reviewed above, but this one comes with a matching ottoman. It is also an elegant seat with skirts and three color options to choose from Beige, Dark brown, and light grey, all of which are great colors that can blend in with any nursery theme and other furnishings in your home.

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This seat is great for breastfeeding and relaxing as it glides smoothly and quietly. The gliding ottoman also enhances your experience by giving you a soft place to put your feet up. And it has a 360-degree swivel, so you don’t have to wake your little dreamer reaching for your phone when it rings.

The upholstery has warm microfiber fabric and plush padding all over, so it keeps you comfortable even when sitting for long hours. The seat cushions are firm and supportive, so it is easy for you to get up with the baby in your arms.

We need to point out that this seat falls into the shorter side, so if you are 5’7″ and above, you may not be able to rest your head back without sliding forward.


  • Well-constructed
  • Great pricing
  • Easy to assemble
  • Spacious seating
  • Soft fabric cover which is also easy to clean


  • The cushion may feel hard at first, but it softens with use
  • It does not offer head support for tall people

3. Delta Children Emerson Upholstered Glider

We love the elegance and beauty of this glider with a tufted back and timeless colors (dove grey, graphite, and crème), designed undoubtedly to blend with other furnishings in any home design.

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It is as comfortable as it is beautiful, with thick cushion padding and a wide seat so you can spend even more hours bonding with your baby without aches and discomforts. You can put your feet up and enjoy the smooth gliding experience as you breastfeed or unwind after a long day. And if you need to reach for something, you can grab it without disturbing your baby thanks to the 360-degree swivel mechanism.

For your reassurance, this chair uses only non-toxic materials and has undergone rigorous safety tests. The fabrics are soft microfiber and can be wiped down to keep the seat looking fresh.

Again, like our second product, this glider is excellent for short people or of average height.


  • Durable construction
  • It can rock, glide and swivel
  • Easy care, the fabric can be wiped clean
  • Supportive foam seat cushion with coils


  • Not the easiest to assemble
  • The heavy back causes the seat to tip backward but comes back in position when you push it down.

4. Graco-Parker Semi-Upholstered Glider and Nursing Ottoman

This rocking chair looks stylish for any nursery. Unlike our previous expensive gliders, this one is affordably priced ($200). If you just want a nice looking and functional rocking chair you can use for the duration you will be nursing your little one without spending much, this is a great choice.

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This rocking chair’s highlight is the included nursing ottoman so mom can relax during their nursing sessions. When not in use, the nursing stool folds back under the ottoman. Many rocking chairs do not come with an ottoman, so we very much appreciate this one.

It is a comfortable chair as it has padding on the back, arms, and seat so that you will be well cushioned against the wooden frame. And the polyester covers feel soft to the touch as you lay in the seat.

We also like that the seat is not too heavy like the metallic gliders, so you can easily move it to other rooms if you need to.


  • Great pricing
  • Easy to assemble
  • Glides and rocks smoothly


  • Construction is not durable
  • It starts squeaking after a few months of use
  • The cushions are poor in quality and flatten with time

5. DaVinci Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider with Bonus Ottoman

Davinci never disappoints in designing stylish products, and this one is no exception. It is high quality, too, so you know that you can move it to your living room to continue enjoying the comfort after the nursery.

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Speaking of comfort, that’s what this seat delivers. It glides and swivels nicely. The headrest is quite tall (and a great choice for tall parents), so at the end of the day, you can lay your head back, put up your feet on the ottoman and get the much needed rest. It also includes a lumbar pillow to support your lower back, giving you the ultimate comfort.

The cushion on this chair is super plush, and the cover material feels soft. Indeed, it is a comfortable glider for moms to nurse the baby to sleep.

The other thing parents are raving about is that this chair comes already assembled, so you just pull it out of the box and set it in your desired room. This is really great for anyone rushing to set up the nursery at the last minute. But the downside is that it is pretty bulky, so be ready to have extra arms to help you get it up the stairs.

You should also note that this seat has GreenGuard Certification, which means it is very safe for your little one as it has very low emissions, having been tested for over 10,000 toxic chemicals, which is quite reassuring.


  • Nice looking
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Has a tall backrest making it supportive for tall parents as well
  • Fabric can be wiped clean
  • Rocks and glides smoothly and quietly
  • Includes a lumbar pillow


  • Parents wish it could recline
  • Some colors are not exactly as expected

6. Storkcraft Tuscany Custom Glider and Ottoman

This chair not only looks good, but it is also comfortable with extensive cushioning all over and a lumbar pillow to give you the support you need. The armrests also have a good amount of padding and wide apart, so moms find it very comfortable when nursing.

You will also love that it has pockets on the arms to stash small items you will need as you will need while you bond with your babies, such as snacks, bibs, napkins, or magazines.

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The fabric of this seat is made from a polyester blend that feels soft and comfortable. It is also easy to clean as you just wipe off any nasty spills to keep your chair looking fresh.

This seat comes with an ottoman, and both of them glide smoothly without any squeaking, so you will always have a quiet and comfortable spot to relax while you breastfeed your baby to sleep.

We liked this seat because it has a tall backrest with plush padding, so it is super comfortable for tall parents. And it comes with multiple cushion colors and finishes, so you will easily find a seat that matches your nursery style.


  • Stylish and attractive
  • It is tall and with good head support
  • Has a lumbar pillow for back support
  • It has side pockets
  • Easy to assemble


  • The frame is not very durable

7. Dutailier Sleigh 0367 Glider Multi-Position Lock Recline with Ottoman

This is one chair that you will always look forward to getting into. It is one of the few chairs we found that packs almost all the features you would want in a breastfeeding chair. If you are struggling between features, you can’t go wrong with this chair as it combines all of them.

First, this is a long lasting seat that will most likely grow beyond your child infancy and serve several future siblings as well. It boasts of a hardwood frame and has a 5-year warranty (most chairs including those with metal bases have a 1 year warranty). The padding is also premium quality with high density cushions that will withstand heavy duty use without sagging and wool-like covers that feel so cozy.

Second, it offers unmatched comfort features. It has a high backrest, extensive plush padding on the arms and back, and a gliding ottoman so you can kick your legs up as you unwind or breastfeed your little one to sleep.

Third, it can recline 45 degrees so you can lean back for the utmost comfort experience. And, it can glide even when reclined, something a lot of other recliner chairs don’t do. When paired with the ottoman, they give a very smooth and extra-long gliding motion that is so relaxing. This is just what you need to get your fussy baby to fall asleep before naps and bedtime. It will also be the best comfort seat for your TV room everyone in your family will be scrambling to get into first.

Fourth, this company has gone the extra mile to make sure little kids in your home are kept out of harm’s way by designing it with a multi-position lock mechanism that allows you to stop the gliding mechanism at your desired position. This is really useful to prevent little fingers from being pinched but also makes the chair stable so you can get up easily without disturbing the little sleeping one lying in your arms. This is another feature that sets the Dutailier Sleigh glider apart from the rest.


  • Built to last and backed by a 5-year warranty
  • Generously padded and comfortable
  • Has a high backrest for maximum support
  • Has 45-degree reclining capability
  • Allows you to lock the gliding mechanism in six different positions
  • Easy to assemble
  • Glides smoothly and quietly


  • Only one color option for this model

8. Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider

If you want a small but spacious swivel glider that won’t take up much space in your nursery, this chair may be perfect for you. It features a sleek looking modern design that can easily be transitioned to your living room later.

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The first thing we liked is the quality of the construction of this seat. It is well built to last years with a sturdy frame and high quality microsuede covers that feel so soft and smooth yet very durable. The Suede material is water and stain resistant, which makes it easy to maintain the seat looking fresh even with kids spilling stuff on it daily. Plus, the company has gone further to ensure its construction materials are safe with GreenGuard Certification as proof.

You will also love the quality of comfort it offers with a sturdy metal base that glides smoothly and quietly. And it also swivels 360 degrees.

Lastly, this seat is lightweight and easy to carry, and it comes already fully assembled, so you will just need to unpack, and you are all set.


  • Sleek looking and modern design
  • Durable construction
  • Water resistant and stain resistant microsuede fabric which is easy to clean
  • Ready to use, comes fully assembled
  • Great for small spaces
  • Offers excellent value for money
  • GreenGuard Certified


  • No head and neck support for tall people

9. Babyletto Kiwi Electronic Power Recliner and Swivel Glider

When it comes to relaxing and comfort, this seat takes things to a whole new level. It has a unique design with an electronic control panel and USB port on the right armrest. With this seat, you don’t need to kick your feet on the footrest or push the backrest while lugging the baby in your arms; it has buttons on the side of the armrest to adjust the seat to your desired position. The headrest lowers as the footrest extends. And, you can charge your phone and tablet as you relax. No other seat is optimized for ease of sitting and standing with a sleeping baby in your arms as this one has.

This chair is comfortable for breastfeeding because it has firm plush cushioning and includes a lumbar pillow to support your lower back. Plus, you can enjoy the smooth and quiet gliding and swiveling motion, further helping you to relax.

You are also assured that it does not emit any toxic chemicals which are harmful to you and your baby because it has Green Guard certification.


  • Has electronic recline mechanism
  • Has a fast charging USB port
  • GreenGuard Certified
  • Comfortable with lumbar support
  • Easy to assemble
  • High backrest which is supportive for tall parents too
  • Offers great value for money


  • Does not glide when fully reclined

10. Homall Single Recliner Chair

This seat uses leather-like fabric cover that gives it a nice sleek look and also feels nice against your skin. Apart from black, you can choose from its wide variety of color designs.  It is not designed primarily as a nursing chair, but it can still function as one, and by the way, we have found it to exceed the value for what you pay for it.

$119.99  in stock
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as of April 18, 2021 10:49 am

It is a very comfortable seat with a push-back recliner and adjustable footrest. Additionally, it has great padding that feels firm but comfortable, so you will enjoy spending time sitting in it when nursing or even just to unwind.

If you usually have a bad back, this is the seat to get. It has a remote controlled lumbar vibration massage function, which will help ease any soreness and pains you may sometimes be experiencing. Although this is not related to nursing, it is a wonderful feature any mom will appreciate. And considering this is the cheapest seat on this list ($100), it feels like such a steal.

Finally, it is the easiest chair to clean and maintain because the covers are made from polyurethane leather, which only requires a simple wipe down.


  • Great pricing
  • Remote-controlled massage function
  • High quality construction and sturdy
  • Easy to assemble


  • It does not glide
  • The armrests are a bit thin

The Benefits of Breastfeeding Chairs

Before we get to the seats, you need to understand why you need a breastfeeding chair. 

Let’s look at some reasons that will compel you to buy one.

  • Provides a Comfortable Place for Breastfeeding

This is probably the most important reason why you need a nursing chair. Since you will be breastfeeding several times a day, it can be uncomfortable to do it standing, in a regular chair, or at the bed. You need a comfortable chair that supports your arms and back so you are not hunched down and gives you space to position the baby properly. Get a chair specifically designed with adaptations for nursing.

  • Builds a Stronger Bond

The first months or years are crucial for moms and babies to bond. What better place can there be than in a breastfeeding chair that is cozy for both mom and baby? While sitting in this chair, the baby gets to feed and relax in mama’s arms as you both feel each other’s heartbeat, scent, and she listens to your voice, and that’s when the special bond develops.

  • Relieves Back Pain

It is common for moms to complain of back pain due to pregnancy and birth process-related problems. This can also be caused or aggravated by a bad sitting posture. A breastfeeding chair can help in both situations. It is comfortable and ergonomically designed to provide back support while breastfeeding.

  • It Is Relaxing

Taking care of a baby, especially the first months can take such a huge toll, and you will often be exhausted at the end of the day. A breastfeeding chair is designed to help you relax, even when you are not breastfeeding. These chairs have plush padding that feels great as you sit and lay back. Some have an ottoman where you can put up your feet after running around the whole time. Most of them can glide and swivel, which makes it even more relaxing.

How to Choose the Best Breastfeeding Chair

Basically, there are only two types of nursing chairs to choose from: gliders or rockers. Both of these are great for nursing because they have padding for comfort, and some even come with an ottoman, allowing you to keep your feet elevated. Some gliders are designed to look like sofas so you can easily transition them to your living room later once your baby no longer requires to be nursed to sleep.

Whether you choose a rocking chair or glider depends on whatever style you would prefer for your nursery and what style you deem most comfortable for you. Once you have decided on the seat style you want, use the following features to help you choose the best:


Comfort should be your highest concern as you will be spending quite a lot of time in your nursing chair and some nights even sleeping in it. You want a cozy chair that has good padding and a headrest that supports your head and neck to keep you comfortable even when sitting for long hours.

Ease of mobility

Some chairs are too soft and trap you as you try to get up. Others can recline and the footrest rises. Choose a chair you can get up from easily without needing to wiggle yourself out, and in the case of recliners, make sure you can get the seat back from reclining without moving too much. You don’t want to risk waking a fussy baby; you have worked so hard to soothe to sleep for half an hour.


Make sure the seat does not have sharp points, exposed moving parts, loose screws, or potentially choking materials. These are mostly under the seat where your little one will be exploring as soon as they begin crawling. Some modern chairs have added safety features such as a safety lock, which helps to stop the gliding motion when not in use. This is a great feature to prevent fingers and toe injuries when little ones are wandering around the chair.

Accommodating arm rest

The arms should be comfortable and supportive as you hold your baby, so choose a chair with well-padded arms. Also, depending on your body size, choose a chair with relatively wide space between the arms so you can easily position the baby for latching and breastfeeding.

Ease of cleaning

Babies are messy, so choose a chair with fabrics that can be easily cleaned. Some chairs have removable, washable covers, while others can only be wiped down. A fabric that is easy to clean will help keep the chair looking fresh and last longer.


Just because you won’t be nursing for long doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a well-made chair that can stick around for future siblings. Look for a chair with a strong base, sturdy frame, and durable fabric and padding.

10 Best Gliders for Small Spaces & Small Nursery 2021

10 Best Gliders for Small Spaces & Small Nursery 2021

Every mom knows that a glider chair is a must-have in the nursery! Parenting is a hard job and a chair that rocks can help make feeding and sleeping times for you and your baby more enjoyable and easier. Instead of rocking the baby in your arms to soothe them to sleep, you simply sit holding your baby and let the chair do all the work while you enjoy it. Some parents have confessed that they even sneak in the nursery just to rock and unwind. Others find themselves drifting to sleep on their rocker chairs. A glider chair is simply the best gift for all moms.

If you have a small living space and are wondering which glider can fit your already small nursery area, then you need to read through our review. We have researched and selected ten narrowest gliders possible that are ideal for limited spaces. Of course, we know that space may not be your only factor, so we will also guide you on what qualities you should look out for. Using our review, we hope you will find the most suitable glider for your situation.

Picking the Best and Narrow Nursery Gliders  for Limited Spaces

Below are the factors you should consider when selecting a glider for your small space:

Width of the seat: you want a glider chair that occupies the smallest space possible. Choose a glider that has a narrow design.

Comfort: you will be spending lots of time in this chair for the next few years when nursing, soothing, rocking, and reading to your baby or simply watching over your baby. Look for features that will enhance your comfort, such as; a high headrest so you can lay your head back and unwind, the quality of padding on the seat and arms, and a lumbar pillow to support your back.

Durability: consider the construction materials used for the glider to determine if it will handle heavy-duty use every day, and how long it can last. Reading the reviews of other parents regarding the glider can greatly help you make an informed choice too.

Cost: glider prices range from cheap to very expensive. Be guided by your budget, and limit yourself to searching gliders within it. It is possible to get a glider that offers the best value within your price range.

Ease of cleaning: be prepared to handle accidental spills and spit ups during feeding by choosing glider fabrics that can be spot cleaned. Some gliders come with a removable cover that makes cleaning a breeze.

Safety: choose a chair that is well built, with no exposed moving parts. Some gliders have locks that stop the gliding motion, which is very useful to prevent getting fingers pinched.

Extra useful features:  Some glider brands offer superior features to make your gliding experience more comfortable and enjoyable, such as:

  • Recliner- enables you to relax your head back and streamline your body in a more comfortable position.
  • Swivel- you are able to turn the seat 360-degrees. This is very helpful so that you can reach for something without disturbing your baby when nursing or sleeping.
  • Nursing stool- it helps you raise your feet and align your body to assume the ideal nursing position.
  • Ottoman- it provides the extra support you need for your back, knees, and feet when rocking together with your glider chair.

Best Gliders for Limited Spaces in 2021: Naomi Home Brisbane Glider and Ottoman

Using the 6 factors highlighted above and other add-on features gliders in this list have, we evaluated all the gliders and Naomi Home Brisbane Glider with Ottoman emerged as the overall best glider for small spaces in 2021. It has a width of 23 inches, almost 2 inches less than its closest competitor Stork Craft.

10 Best Gliders for Small Spaces 2021:

Reviews of the 10 Narrowest Gliders for Small Spaces

#1. Naomi Home Brisbane Glider and Ottoman (Width 23inches)

Brisbane Glider by Naomi Home is our overall top pick simply because it is the narrowest glider we could find in the market. This glider by Naomi Home has a width measuring just 23 inches, with the padding and armrests factored in. If you are seriously considering the narrowest nursery glider available for your limited space, the Naomi Brisbane glider is what you need.

Other than being narrow, the back and seat area has thick cushions for your comfort. It also has pockets you can use to store some handy items, which is a very convenient feature.

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If you buy the glider, you also get a matching ottoman, and both have closed ball-bearing, so they rock smoothly. You need to assemble the glider, but luckily the process is easy, and you are also provided with the required tools.


  • Slimmest gliding chair at 23 inches
  • Three upholstery designs
  • Includes a matching ottoman
  • Assembly is required, and the tools are provided
  • Made from solid wood, padding material from polyurethane foam


  • It is budget-friendly
  • Easy to put together
  • Ottoman is a bonus
  • Spot cleaning is possible


  • Some customers have reported damages after just a few months of use
  • It is not suitable for tall people because it cannot allow them to rest their head back

#2. Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman (Width 25.75 Inches)

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as of April 19, 2021 1:53 pm

Stork Craft is a famous brand with decades of furniture manufacture experience. Their Hoop Glider came second on this list of best gliders for small spaces as it has a width of just 25.75 inches making it one of the narrowest nursery gliders available in the market. It is available in different cushions and base colors, and all their designs are very stylish too, so you will easily find one that matches your style for the nursery and family room. It also includes convenient, spacious, arm pockets for storage and a matching ottoman that rocks.

Although the glider is narrow, it is well padded, and the seating room is generous for comfort. The base is made of solid hardwood so you can expect sturdiness and durability. You will also be able to keep your furniture looking fresh because the glider and ottoman have polyester material that is easy to spot clean.


  • 25.75 inches width
  • Metal enclosed ball bearing for the smooth gliding motion
  • Includes ottoman
  • Padded arms and cushion
  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Large arm pockets
  • Assembly is required
  • Maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • Back and seat cushions are to be hand-washed only


  • Easy to assemble
  • Multiple colors and finishes
  • Very comfortable
  • Great pricing


  • After consistent use, some customers have noted that the arms and cushions become loose.

#3. Windsor Nursery Glider and Ottoman (Width 25.8 Inches)

Our third narrowest glider is the Windsor Nursery Glider and Ottoman with a width of 25.8 inches. It is also the number one bestseller on Amazon with most customers reporting that the glider is super comfortable, easy to assemble, and solid. It is also reasonably priced to boot.

The glider has a solid wood frame and well-padded body and arms; no wonder customers report it is comfortable. It is not also on the low back range, which is an attractive feature for tall parents to rest their heads back. It also has arm pockets for storage, and the cover material allows spot cleaning, which is all convenient.

$160.48  in stock
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as of April 19, 2021 1:53 pm


  • #1 best seller on Amazon
  • 25.80 inches wide
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Maximum weight 200 pounds
  • Requires assembly
  • Removable cushions for easy spot cleaning
  • Solid wood construction
  • Enclosed metal ball bearing for a smooth glide
  • Arms with side pockets
  • Includes a matching, gliding ottoman


  • Great pricing
  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable for people up to 6 feet tall


  • Some people report damages after a few months of consistent use
  • Some people have noted that it tips over after a few months
  • Some customers report that it squeaks when rocking after a few months of use

#4. Stork Craft Custom Hoop Nursery Glider and Ottoman (Width 25.8 Inches)

Stork Craft Custom Hoop Glider and Ottoman is our fourth narrowest glider you can find in the market in 2021. It has a width of 25.80 inches, which is less than an inch wider than its sister glider on our second position. Both chairs share similar lengths and heights as well as maximum carrying capacity. The only difference is that the Custom Hoop Glider is lighter by 2.5 pounds at 43 pounds.

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as of April 19, 2021 1:53 pm

The Custom glider also costs more, but you get many more design options with different colors and patterns. It also has some attractive and useful features; pockets on the arm sides and a matching Ottoman. The covers are made from a polyester fabric material that allows you to spot clean.


  • Custom nursery glider
  • 25.8 inches wide
  • Multiple colors and designs
  • Solid wood construction
  • Maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • Padded arms with side pockets
  • Requires assembly


  • Suitable for people up to 6 inches tall
  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Rocks smoothly and silently


  • Some customers have reported that the seat cushion is a bit thin.

#5. Status Roma Glider and Nursing Ottoman (Width 25.8 Inches)

The Status Roma Glider has a width of 25. 8 inches and takes the fifth position on our list of narrowest nursery gliders. This glider has multiple finishes and cushions colors.

Unlike other gliders we have reviewed so far, the Roma glider comes with a nursing stool in addition to the ottoman. The slide-out stool is designed to give moms the ideal seating position when nursing. When not in use, it folds and stores discreetly under the ottoman.

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as of April 19, 2021 1:53 pm

The glider and ottoman are covered in polyester microfiber blend fabric that is spot cleanable.


  • 25.80 inches wide
  • Made from solid wood and wood products
  • Polyester microfiber blended fabric
  • Padded arms with side pockets
  • Maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • Requires assembly
  • Ottoman with slide-out stool


  • It is easy to assemble
  • The extra stool is a useful addition
  • Ideal design for comfort when nursing


  • It starts squeaking after just a short time
  • It starts to fall apart after consistent use
  • Some customers have reported that the stool falls apart very easily because the panels are weakly joined

#6. Baby Relax Nursery Glider and Ottoman (Width 26.6 Inches)

Coming in on the sixth position is the Baby Relax Glider and Ottoman at 26.60 inches wide. This glider features a traditional design, but it is very sturdy from what some customers report.

The glider and ottoman have thick padding, overlaid with soft microfiber for comfort.

$426.39  in stock
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as of April 19, 2021 1:53 pm

The glider is a bit more expensive than the ones we have already reviewed on this list so far, and most customers feel it should offer more quality for the price. Still, it is a good option for a small space.


  • 26.60 inches wide
  • Thickly padded and tufted seatback
  • Soft microfiber
  • Espresso timber and chocolate upholstery
  • Padded seat, arms and ottoman
  • The maximum carrying capacity of 225 pounds


  • Great for tall people
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to assemble


  • It appears the seat is not durable because some customers report it breaks multiple places after about a year.
  • Limited color and finish options

#7. Dutailer Sleigh Glider-Multiposition Recliner and Ottoman (Width 27 Inches)

On the seventh position on our list of the narrowest nursery gliders is the Sleigh glider by Dutailer, a dedicated manufacturer of outstanding handcrafted furniture from Canada. The glider cost is high at over 500 dollars, but you get premium quality with all the fantastic features you would wish on a nursery glider.

$649.00  in stock
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as of April 19, 2021 1:53 pm

The glider has a hardwood frame, so you know it will serve you for a long time. Comfort is not compromised either; it has high-density cushions designed not to sag even after consistent use. It can also glide and recline with the option of adjusting the backrest. The multi position-lock mechanism allows you to stop the glider at whatever position you desire.

If you are a parent looking for premium quality, safety, and great value in a narrow glider; the Dutailer Sleigh Glider may be perfect for you.


  • Glider and recliner
  • Includes a matching Ottoman
  • Made from a hardwood frame
  • 27 inches wide
  • Polyester microfiber fabric
  • High-density cushion cover
  • Multi-position locking mechanism
  • Fully adjustable backrest with 6 different positions
  • Maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • Top-quality steel ball bearings for a smooth glide
  • 5-year warranty
  • Some assembly required


  • Durable
  • Super comfortable
  • Easy to spot clean
  • Ability to recline is a plus
  • Smooth gliding and no squeaking when rocking
  • Very comfortable for all people short and tall


  • It is pricey
  • It doesn’t have pockets

#8. Coaster Deluxe Swivel Recliner Glider Ottoman (Width 28.5 Inches)

The Coaster Glider which features an elegant design came 8th on this list of best gliders for limited spaces as it has a width of 28.5 inches. It has a steel frame overlaid with thick padding and a leatherette fabric top. It can look great not just in your nursery, but also in your study or den. It has a width of 28.50 inches hence being on the eighth position on our list of narrowest nursery gliders.

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as of April 19, 2021 1:53 pm

This glider has many impressive features for a nursery glider. It glides, reclines, and swivels. It also has a locking mechanism and comes with a matching Ottoman. Another convenient addition is the side pockets on the arms. The amazing thing is that you get these entire comfort features at a very reasonable price.


  • Glider, swivel, and recliner
  • 28.50 inches wide
  • Steel frame
  • Leatherette upholstery
  • Lock mechanism
  • Includes an ottoman
  • Side pockets
  • Assembly required
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • Great price
  • Comfortable
  • Beautiful design
  • It reclines, glides, and swivels


  • Poor rating citing that the leatherette fabric, cracks, and rips after a few months use
  • Some customers report that the padding is thin

#9. Da Vinci Olive Swivel Nursery Glider (Width 29 Inches)

The Da Vinci Olive Swivel Nursery Glider is a beautiful seat designed to give you the utmost comfort. The glider has a high back to provide extra head and neck support, a feature that most tall parents would appreciate.

It comes with a matching Ottoman and a lumbar pillow to give you extra back support as well.

Another impressive feature that sets it apart is that no assembly is required. You simply unbox, and you are all set to glide!

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as of April 19, 2021 1:53 pm

This glider has a width of 29.00 inches, which still works fine for small spaces hence taking the ninth position on our list. Although it is narrow, it has such sturdy construction that it safely accommodates up to 300 pounds.

Price-wise, it is in the medium range around $300; but considering all the comfort it can afford you, we find it reasonable.


  • Glider and swivel
  • Metal base and upholstery in polyester fabric
  • 29.00 inches wide
  • Includes matching ottoman and lumbar pillow
  • Maximum capacity of 300 pounds
  • No assembly required
  • GreenGuard certified
  • 1-year warranty


  • Very comfortable
  • High back for head and neck support
  • 360-degrees swivel motion
  • Ready to use, no need to assemble
  • High weight capacity at 300 pounds


  • Some customers have reported squeaking after a few months of use
  • It is heavy due to the sturdy construction
  • It doesn’t recline

#10. Stork Craft Polka Dot Upholstered Swivel Glider (Width 29.9 Inches)

The Stock Craft Polka Dot glider closes on our top ten narrowest nursery glider with a width of 29.9 inches. It is a beautiful glider that also performs 360-degree swivel. However, this glider does not include the ottoman, but it can be bought at an extra cost. As a complete set, the price falls in the medium range (less than $ 400)

It is a pretty sturdy glider since it is made from a hardwood frame and a metal base. For comfort, the glider is well-padded, especially the seat cushion, which is 6 inches thick.

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as of April 19, 2021 1:53 pm

The cleaning advice the manufacturer gives is to wipe down with a damp cloth to keep it looking fresh.


  • 360-degree swivel glider
  • 29.90 inches wide
  • Solid eucalyptus wood frame and metal base and polyester upholstery
  • Maximum weight limit of 225 pounds
  • Includes lumbar pillow
  • Requires minimal assembly


  • Easy to assemble
  • Very comfortable
  • Cute design
  • The seating area is spacious


  • It does not come with ottoman
  • The back is too low, so it is not suitable for tall parents
Best Foldable and Portable Bassinets Reviews 2020

Best Foldable and Portable Bassinets Reviews 2020

A bassinet is one of the must-have items if you have a newborn and a foldable one that is portable is even more helpful. It provides a comfortable spot for your baby to sleep and keeps the baby close for convenient nighttime checks, diaper changes, and feeding. This closeness helps the baby feel safe and secure and will eliminate any anxiety you may have, translating to better sleep for you and the baby. Some bassinets are designed with a lowering wall so that you are practically co-sleeping but with the baby in their safe bed.

Having a portable bassinet is even more wonderful because you can take the baby with you to other rooms where you may be working. When visiting relatives and friends or vacations, it can be folded and carried conveniently. If you are looking into buying a portable bassinet, check out the carefully compiled list we made after hours of research. Read through the reviews of the best foldable and portable bassinets below so you can make an informed choice before buying.

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Best Foldable and Portable Bassinets Reviews 2021


$349.99  in stock
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as of April 19, 2021 11:01 pm

The BabyBjorn has a modern and minimalistic design and is an excellent option if you are looking for a basic bassinet with premium quality. It tops this list because it is light and small in size, which means you can pick it up and carry it to any room in your house easily without disassembling it. And in case you need to travel, you only need to remove a few screws to be able to fold it flat into a compact package.

The other reason we loved this bassinet is that it uses safe and high quality materials with JMPA certification. As you know, your baby’s health is critical, and having such certification means that your baby is not exposed to any harmful substances.

It has all-sides mesh, which allows you to see your baby from any direction and provide maximum ventilation. The design is also great because there are no loose parts or bars that can trap your baby’s tiny hands or feet.

This bassinet has wooden and metal legs that look stylish and sturdy and sit low to the ground, enabling you to see your baby from any angle. 

Lastly, it has the ability to rock when you gently push on the sides when you want to lull your baby to sleep.


  • Simple design and aesthetically appealing
  • Uses high quality materials which guarantees durability
  • Easy to put together in minutes
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • All mesh sides provide plenty of airflow and visibility
  • It is great for small spaces
  • It provides gentle rocking motion to help relax and lull the baby to sleep
  • Easy care, machine washable fabrics


  • It is expensive
  • It is too low to use as a co-sleeper, and the height is not adjustable

2. HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Bassinet

$289.98  in stock
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as of April 19, 2021 11:01 pm

The Halo bassinet is a dream come true for any parent as it offers excellent functionality with its many features. Its most popular feature is the 360 degree swivel motion that allows a parent to move the baby close or to the side when they want to get out of bed.  The other adored feature is the lowering side wall, which makes it easy to access the baby from bed. The base is adjustable to fit beds measuring 24 to 34 inches high, and the slim legs slide under the bed enabling parents to have the bassinet as a co-sleeper. Those three features make the Halo an excellent choice for C-section moms as they can tend to the baby without much strain.

This bassinet is also a soothing center with a variety of features that will be effective in calming and relaxing your baby. It has a night light, vibrations, and soothing sounds and melodies. These features will help even a fussy baby to fall asleep faster and sleep longer. It also has a back-to-sleep reminder to put the baby back to bed, which is so helpful when you are dozing off as you nurse/feed your baby in the middle of the night.

The other things you will love about this bassinet are the mesh walls for maximum breathability and visibility from all angles. Plus, pockets on the sides to keep some handy essential items you need for diaper changes and the likes.

The Halo with swivel stand is not a portable option given the heavy and large base. However, you can still be able to carry the bassinet with you by detaching it from the base, which is easy enough. The second option would be to buy the Halo portable stand (at an extra cost), which is lighter and simpler to take across rooms. The only disadvantage will be that you won’t have the swivel function.


  • It is very sturdy and durable
  • It has mesh sides for safety and visibility
  • 360-degree swivel makes it easy to draw the baby close and move the bassinet out of the way
  • Adjustable height to fit different beds for easy access
  • Has lowering sides that allow in-bed access and can also be locked in place
  • It has vibrations, soothing sounds, and lullabies to lull the baby to sleep
  • The nightlight provides just enough light to allow feeding and diaper changes without waking the baby


  • It is expensive
  • Some customers complained of the baby tilting to one side

3. MiClassic 2-in-1 Bassinet

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as of April 19, 2021 11:01 pm

If you want not just a portable bassinet that you can move around your house but also a travel friendly bassinet you can use on an airplane, the MiClassic 2-in-1 is perfect. Not just that, it also has soothing capabilities of a rocking bassinet helping your baby fall asleep easily and longer.

Coming back to the portable aspect, you need to know that the bassinet is foldable. Even more impressive is that it only requires you to pull up on the strap in the center crease of the mattress, and it will fold right in half into a compact size. It is so convenient for travel because once you fold it down, you can easily slip it inside the included carry bag, and the large straps make it easy to tote around.

The other thing we loved is that it has mesh on all sides, which is a great safety feature. This gives parents peace of mind to know that the baby can still breathe easily even if she/he somehow managed to roll to the side. It also allows visibility from all sides.

Again, this bassinet gently rocks to soothe your fussy baby to sleep. And another benefit is that setting up or taking it apart is super easy for anyone, and it does not require any tools.


  • Provides excellent value money and affordable 
  • Lightweight and foldable for convenient storage and travel
  • Easy to assemble without tools
  • It has a higher weight limit compared to others and plenty of room for the baby to grow
  • Mesh sides allow maximum breathability and visibility
  • It has rocking ability to help soothe the baby


  • The mattress is thin and feels hard
  • The folding crease in the center causes the mattress not to lay flat

4. Fisher-Price Stow ‘n Go Bassinet

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as of April 19, 2021 11:01 pm

Fisher-price bassinets are very popular for their great pricing and functionality. This model is designed with portability in mind and can be easily moved from one room to another, when visiting friends and family, or going on a vacation. It’s easy to assemble and take apart, and folds down into a small package that can be stored or carried with an included travel bag.

The other thing we loved was the all mesh panels enabling you to have a full view of your baby from any side while providing maximum ventilation. And on the side is an electronic center with calming vibrations that are very effective in relaxing the baby.

If you want a functional, traveling bassinet that fits within a tight budget, this bassinet retails under $50, making it a great choice.


  • Inexpensive, and cheapest on this list
  • Cute design 
  • Well-made and sturdy
  • All mesh sides for maximum breathability and visibility
  • Lightweight and foldable making it perfect for travel
  • Has calming vibrations to soothe the baby
  • The mattress lays flat and is comfortable


  • The travel bag does not close completely
  • It might not be suitable for air travel due to the awkward dimensions, which makes it hard to find a fitting container.   

 5. Arm’s Reach Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet

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as of April 19, 2021 11:01 pm

The Arm’s Reach Cambria with dropping sides functions as a co-sleeper allowing the baby to sleep right next to mama, but in their own safe space. The height of this bassinet’s legs is adjustable to fit beds with a height above 24 inches, allowing you to pick the baby and place them down without strain. It also means you can respond to the baby’s needs easily and faster. The bassinet can also function as a standalone bassinet when you lock the walls in place. This feature is great because you don’t want to risk your baby falling out when you are not around.

It’s on this list because it has wheels making it a portable option as you can easily take it with you around the house to keep an eye on your little one as you finish up chores. To keep it sturdy and safe, the wheels are lockable to prevent the bassinet from rolling away accidentally, and there is a tether strap to secure it to your bed at night.

This bassinet also has mesh sides for breathability and visibility. It also has two spacious storage baskets underneath to arrange the baby’s items that you need to have close at hand, such as change of clothes, diapers, wipes, swaddles, and the likes.


  • Sides can lobe folded down or locked in place to use as a co-sleeper or standalone bassinet
  • Mesh walls provide adequate breathability
  • The wheels rolls easily and have a break for safety
  • Adjustable height allows it to fit different bed heights for easy access
  • Have storage baskets to keep the baby’s essentials within easy reach


  • Parents wish it had more color options
  • It does not have the easiest assembly
  • It’s smaller than other co-sleepers
  • Mattress is hard and flimsy

6. Fisher Price Rock and Play Portable Bassinet

$71.10  in stock
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as of April 19, 2021 11:01 pm

This is the new Rock and Play sleeper by Fisher Price after the original one that had an incline was recalled due to safety concerns. If you were a fan of the original bassinet, you will not be disappointed by trying this improved model.

It is on this list first because it is very portable. The frame collapses down to almost flat for easier packing for travel or when you just want to move it to other rooms within the house. We would not say it folds into a compact size, but its ultra light weight (7.5 pounds) makes it very easy to lug around. 

The other reason we love this bassinet is that one, it is sturdy and deeper and has a higher weight limit (25 pounds) than other bassinets, which allows your baby to enjoy the benefits of sleeping in a bassinet longer. Second, the mesh sides promote airflow, keeping the baby cool and comfortable, and allow easy breathability and visibility. And, it has some nice toys and a mirror for your baby to play with when awake while a gentle rocking motion soothes them to sleep.

It is also a very easy bassinet to maintain as the sheet and pad are removable and can easily be cleaned and dried by machine.


  • It is sturdy
  • The frame folds up flat for easy packing and moving
  • It has breathable mesh walls for safety, visibility, and comfort
  • It can rock to soothe the baby or locked in place for stationary use
  • It has mobile toys to entertain the baby
  • Easy care, machine washable and dryer safe
  • Great pricing


  • Customers report that the mattress shrinks when thrown in the washing machine, but the problem can be avoided by rinsing the pad and washing only sheets

7. Brica Fold N Go Travel Bassinet

$38.95  in stock
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as of April 19, 2021 11:01 pm

If you are serious about getting a true travel bassinet, one that you can just grab and head out the door, the Brica Fold N Go bassinet is an excellent option. This is the most convenient bassinet for travel there is. First, it is practically weightless, weighing less than 3 pounds, and will be easy to carry around. Second, it folds down flat by a simple push of a button making it less bulky to carry. And, it has its own carrying handle, so you don’t need an extra carrying bag. It is so small it will fit into a suitcase when folded.

By any standards, this is a safe bassinet with mesh sides for breathability and a steel frame for stability. It also comes with a mattress and fitted sheets, so your baby’s cozy bed is always ready for use and can be placed on the bed, floor, couch, grass- wherever you are!

This is also a very inexpensive bassinet that cost less than $50, which is so much less than other portable bassinets in the market. But, there is a tradeoff due to its lower weight capacity (15 pounds), which means it can only serve your baby only a few months after birth. 


  • Well structured with a sturdy locking steel frame
  • It has mesh sides for breathability and visibility
  • Easily folds down flat for easy carrying and storage
  • It’s the perfect size for traveling
  • The base is solid and doesn’t sag even after folding 
  • Inexpensive 


  • Only suitable for newborns and small babies due to its small size and the low weight capacity
  • The mattress is really thin

8. Chicco LullaGo Portable Bassinet

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as of April 19, 2021 11:01 pm

The Chicco LullaGo functions as a bedside bassinet, but it is also great for traveling families. It takes less than a minute to take apart and put together and folds down flat. It also comes with a carrying bag for storage and traveling.

As a bedside sleeper, it sits at just the right height for most beds, making it easy for parents to tend to the baby’s needs. The two side pockets are very conveniently placed to keep small essential items within easy reach. It is roomy and with mesh sides keeping your baby safe and comfortable. 

To keep it looking fresh, all the fabrics, including the mattress cover, are removable and can be tossed into the machine.


  • Easy and fast assembly and disassembling
  • It folds down compactly for easy storage and travel
  • Mesh sides provide maximum airflow and visibility
  • Functions as a bedside sleeper
  • Reasonably priced
  • Fabrics are removable and machine washable 


The mattress dips in the center where it folds from

Sheets are hard to find

9. Dream On Me Traveler Portable Bassinet

$69.99  in stock
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as of April 19, 2021 11:01 pm

This stylish bassinet comes in several beautiful colors to match your unique taste and is an excellent travel option. The legs are removable, and the bassinet part is one-piece that folds compactly for storage in the included travel bag. The frame is made from Aluminium steel, which makes this a very light bassinet (7 pounds) to lug around.

Besides being portable, this is one of the most comfortable bassinets in the market. The mattress quality is good. The fabrics are super soft and it has see-through mesh panels that will have your baby breathing nice and easy.

This bassinet is spacious and has a generous weight limit of 25 pounds, so your baby will be able to use it longer than most other bassinets. It is also very affordably priced ($70 the most expensive model), giving you the best value for money.


  • Well-made and sturdy
  • Has several color designs to choose from
  • Foldable and lightweight making it easily portable
  • Mesh sides allow airflow and visibility
  • Removable and machine washable fabrics


  • None 

10. Delta Children EZ Fold Travel Bedside Bassinet

$74.99  in stock
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as of April 19, 2021 11:01 pm

This is a really cute and modern bedside sleeper with a fully adjustable canopy to provide full coverage when outdoors. As you can see from the pictures above, it folds down compactly, making it easy to move about, and includes a nice looking storage travel bag.

This bassinet has mesh panels allowing you to check on your baby from bed and also for ventilation. The removable canopy helps to create a cozy sleep environment free from glaring lights, pets, and bugs.

It comes with a water resistant mattress pad, which makes wiping small messes a breeze, and the sheet is easily washed by machine. This bassinet is very affordable and perfect for use at home, on vacations, or even camping.


  • A simple and adorable design
  • It’s very sturdy 
  • Has a double canopy for full protection against the sun, insects, and pets
  • Mesh sides provide visibility and breathability.
  • Very affordable
  • Easiest assembly, just lock the legs in
  • Compact and lightweight hence great for travel


  • The mattress is thin
  • The canopy falls into the bassinet when it is unzipped and might make it hard to pick the baby 

11. Lillypod Bassinet/Cradle by Green Frog

$199.99  in stock
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as of April 19, 2021 11:01 pm

The Lillypod bassinet features a modern and classic design that is so appealing. It is available in many designs and color options to suit your bedroom decor. If you love a little luxury that catches the eye, this is it.

This is a well made bassinet with high quality materials that will last. It has soft fabrics with quilted knitting and a premium-comfort mattress, which will have your baby sleeping in luxury. It glides back and forth on its legs when the baby moves or when you rock it with your feet, helping to relax and settle your baby.

Although you can’t see from the pictures above, there are inbuilt wheels in the bottom of the rocker feet, making it very easy for you to move it around your house. The legs are removable and the bassinet folds into a compact size for easier storage and traveling with the included bag. 


  • Modern and classic design that is aesthetically appealing
  • Rocks to soothe the baby
  • Lightweight and foldable for easy storage and travel
  • Great for small spaces


  • You can’t see the baby fully through the mesh sides
  • There is a risk of the baby not being able to breathe should they roll with the face pressed against the wall
Best Bassinets for C Section Reviews 2021

Best Bassinets for C Section Reviews 2021

If you are here for the best bassinets for C Section, read on as we have reviewed and detailed a buying guide to enable you to pick the most ideal. For those who may not know, C-section is a surgery where an incision is made into a mother’s abdomen and uterus to deliver a baby. This method is used if doctors find a normal delivery would put the baby or mother at risk.

If this has been your experience or is going to be your experience, one thing is for sure; you will need lots of rest to allow the wound to heal. In this article, we will help you by recommending several bassinets that will give you a much easier time as you care for your newborn. As you read further, we hope you will identify the perfect bassinet to help you meet your needs.

With a free-standing bassinet or a crib, one would have to get out of bed and bend over to pick the baby every time. For a C-section mom, it would be very strenuous not to mention that your sleep would be severely affected, especially the first month as the baby wakes every few minutes. Here are the best bassinets for C Section in the market:

Last updated on April 15, 2021 6:44 am

Reviews of the Best Bassinets for C Section

Halo Bassinet Swivel Bassinet For Post C Section

$289.98  in stock
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as of April 15, 2021 6:44 am

The Halo bassinet is the top on our list because it is uniquely designed to meet all the needs of a mom recovering from C-section. After comparing many bassinets in the market, the Halo offered the most useful features and has superior quality and comfort. Understandably, it is also an expensive option.

Its most prestigious feature is its ability to swivel 360 degrees that allow moms to draw the baby close, or get the bassinet out of the way when getting out of the bed. It’s the only bassinet that has this amazing capability.

In addition to the 360 degree rotating feature, is a lowering side that allows C-section moms to pick up or lay the baby down right from their bed. This is perhaps the most useful feature considering how many times you will need to pick your baby for breastfeeding or soothing them to sleep. And, the wall can be locked in position if you wish.

This bassinet has a sleek base, and the legs tuck under the bed, enabling moms to enjoy the benefits of co-sleeping without actually sharing the bed. Better still; the base is adjustable to fit beds between 24 to 34 inches high. This is a wonderful feature as it allows mom to be at eye level with the baby promoting bonding and instill a sense of security.

The other thing we really appreciated is that the designers placed pockets on the side walls so moms can easily access handy items from the bed. Most bassinets have their storage underneath, and one would have to bend, which is uncomfortable for recovering moms.

You will also love that the bassinet includes features to help you settle your baby and lull her to sleep, such as vibrations with two levels to choose from, night light, and soothing sounds.


  • 360 degree swivel motion helps bring the baby close
  • Lowering side wall allows co-sleeping and easy access to the baby
  • The base adjusts to fit beds of different heights
  • It has mesh walls for maximum breathability and visibility
  • It has easy-to-access pockets
  • It has a wide range of soothing features
  • Very stable base that can’t tip over
  • Great for tight spaces


  • It is expensive
  • Not portable

Arm’s Reach Concepts Co-Sleeper for C Section

$239.99  in stock
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as of April 15, 2021 6:44 am

If you loved the functionality of the Halo bassinet above but would want a cheaper model, then you should consider our second choice, the Arm’s Reach Concepts Co-sleeper. The first thing we noticed is that this bassinet is spacious and the walls are deep so your baby will have plenty of room to stretch as they grow, and the construction is high quality and comfortable.

Getting to why it is great for C-section moms, is that it functions as a bedside sleeper with telescoping legs that slide under your bed. Telescoping, meaning that you can extend the legs all the way to have the bassinet sitting on your mattress or retract them to transform the bassinet into a free standing position. The height is also adjustable to fit beds with a height of between 21 to 31 inches. This enables moms to access the baby easily from the bed.

It has mesh panels, so the baby and mom see each other at all times, which promotes bonding, a sense of security, and better breathability for the baby.

It also has two wheels at the front to make it easy to roll and keep it stable as you set it at your bedside or take it around the house.

Another feature parents will love is the music box, which has five melodies, nature sounds, and even a womb sound to help you soothe your little one to sleep. And for playtime, it has some cute hanging toys that will keep your baby engaged.


  • It allows co-sleeping with telescoping legs that raise or lower the bassinet
  • Adjustable to fit different bed heights for mom to easily access the baby
  • Mesh sides allow the baby and mom to see each other
  • Has music and white noise to soothe the baby
  • Great for small spaces
  • Very spacious and comfortable
  • Durable construction
  • Very sturdy and stable
  • Easy to assemble


  • The legs only roll forward making it difficult to push the bassinet back from the bed.

Baby Delight Bedside Me Dreamer Bassinet After C Section

$194.05  in stock
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as of April 15, 2021 6:44 am

Baby Delight Bedside Me Dreamer is another great option for moms recovering from C-section. It takes the third position on our list because it can be used as a co-sleeper like our top two products, and it comes at very great pricing, but it lacks soothing features.

This bassinet has 6 levels of height adjustments which means you can set it at a level that feels comfortable for you depending on the height of your bed. Adjusting is very easy because you just need to turn the knob on each side to raise or lower the bassinet. The other thing parents love about this clever design is that you can choose to raise or lower one side, so your baby is sleeping in a gentle incline. Though baby experts do not recommend this sleeping position, parents report that it helps ease breathing when a baby is congested or when having frequent reflux.

To use as a co-sleeper, you just need to unhook and unzip the side wall. In this position, you can easily reach out your arm to soothe the baby or scoop them and get them to your bed to feed or change their diapers.

It is a very safe and sturdy bassinet as it also comes with straps for attaching it to your bed, just to secure it in place.


  • It grants easy access with lowering sides
  • Six adjustable height levels to fit different bed heights
  • Mesh walls allow visibility and breathability
  • It is lightweight to take to different rooms within your home easily
  • Easy to set up without tools


  • It does not have storage

Arm’s Reach Ideal Ezee 3-in-1 Bedside C Section Bassinet

Lastly on our list is the Ideal Ezee 3-in-1 bedside bassinet from Arm’s Reach. This bassinet makes it on our list because of its functionality as a co-sleeper bassinet which gives moms recovering from C-section an easier time when caring for their little ones. Being a 3-in-1 means it also functions as a free-standing bassinet, and as a playard. So, this is a great investment as it will continue serving your child even after they have outgrown the bassinet by providing a safe and comfortable place to play.

This bassinet is great for C-section moms as it has a lowering side for the side that faces your mattress, allowing you to sleep very close to your baby and easy access. Additionally, the pockets are placed on the side walls, so as a mom, you will not strain trying to grab the items you need as you care for your baby.

The bassinet has panels with mesh and soft cotton cloths to provide a cozy and well ventilated sleeping spot for your baby. With a resistant plate and a tethering strap, you can relax knowing it is stable and safe for your baby. It also has two wheels at the front, making it a portable option.


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • It has mesh sides for better breathability and visibility
  • Pockets are easy to access
  • Allows co-sleeping and has a tethering strap to secure it to bed
  • Lightweight and easy to move around the house


  • The height is not adjustable to different bed heights.

How to pick the best C-section bassinet

As a C-section mom apart from your baby’s safety and comfort, the convenience of being able to pick, feed, change, soothe and lay your baby down without straining is everything. Use the factors below to help you choose the best bassinet to help with your condition.

Adjustable height: Beds have different heights. You want a bassinet whose height can be adjusted to reach your mattress top so you can pick your baby while keeping lifting to a minimum.

Adjustable side: Consider a bassinet with side panels that can be lowered or locked upright. With a lowered side, you can easily reach for the baby, and you will be sleeping next to your baby, but with her own safe space. When locked upright, it keeps your baby from falling out even when you are not around.

Convenient storage: a good bassinet should have storage for keeping your baby’s essentials such as diapers, burp clothes, wipes, clothes and the likes. Choose a bassinet whose storage is in a position you can access easily, like on the sides rather than underneath where you will need to bend.

Mesh sides: A good bassinet should have mesh walls to allow airflow reducing the risk of suffocation, and lets you and your baby see each other.

Wheels: As one who is recovering, you should not be lifting anything other than your baby. It is a good idea to pick a bassinet with wheels so you can easily take your baby along any time you need to be in a different room.

Budget: We have different pocket sizes, and bassinets prices range from expensive to affordable ones. The expensive ones offer more features and superior quality, but you can choose an affordable option so long as it meets your most important needs. So, buy what is within your budget.

Space: If you are short on space, like if you live in a small apartment, you could choose a bassinet with a small footprint. Some of the bassinets we have listed have legs that slide under your bed, minimizing the space they occupy.

Additional features: Some bassinets come with soothing features such as music, white noise, vibrations, and lights. These features are great at helping you lull your baby to sleep, but they may not be a priority for everyone. Also, they increase the price of the bassinet. If you can afford, it is one more way to help make things easy for you and the baby will love them.

Why get a C-section bassinet?

Any mom who has had a C-section knows the persistent soreness before the wound heals. Especially the first week or two, postpartum when the wound is fresh, it is almost impossible to care for the baby without assistance as even getting out of bed, picking the baby, and putting the baby down is very painful. It is therefore important for such moms to avoid maneuvering the body in ways (twisting and bending) that puts pressure on the wound to facilitate healing and avoid aggravating the pain. That’s where a C-section bassinet comes in.

C-section bassinets are placed next to the bed to allow close monitoring. They have lowering sides and adjustable height to place the baby on the same level as the mom’s bed. This enables a mom to respond to the baby faster and easier. Whenever the baby needs to be nursed, soothed, or have their diapers changed, the mom just needs to reach out her arm and scoop the baby across to her bed. It also translates to better sleep for mom and baby.

Best JPMA-Certified Bassinets Reviews 2020 (with Buying Guide)

Best JPMA-Certified Bassinets Reviews 2020 (with Buying Guide)

If you are looking for safe and secure JPMA-certified bassinets, then read on as I have reviewed the best JPMA-Certified bassinets in the market today.

JPMA stands for Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association. It is a non-profit association with members consisting of baby product manufacturers and importers. JMPA advocates for the quality and safety of infant and children products and they issue certificates to manufacturers after having passed their stringent tests.

All baby products are required to meet minimum government/federal requirements based on safety and use before hitting the market. If you see a JMPA seal on a product, it means it has been tested and found to meet the required safety standards established by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) through an independent laboratory testing facility.

So, as you can tell it is always best to buy a product that is JPMA certified because you will be confident that it meets the highest standard for safety, performance, and functionality. Here are the best JPMA-certified bassinets:

in stock
7 new from $194.96
in stock
2 new from $349.99
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in stock
5 new from $116.05
Free shipping
Last updated on April 19, 2021 1:36 am

Reviews of the Best JPMA-Certified Bassinets 2020

1. Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper

Top on our list is the Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper owing to its many impressive features that will help make your life a lot easier.

The first feature that impressed us the most was the 360-degree swiveling ability which enables you to bring your baby close to you in bed, ensuring the baby sleeps safely. This motion also helps you move out of bed hassle free because you don’t need to push the whole bassinet. For any nursing mom or those recovering from C-section, this bassinet is a lifesaver. The side walls can be lowered to allow you to access the baby easily and without leaving your bed. Or, you can lock the wall in an upright position if you like.

HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper, Bedside Bassinet, Soothing Center with Nightlight, Vibration and Sound, Premiere Series, Pebble

$289.99  in stock
7 new from $289.99
Free shipping
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as of April 19, 2021 1:36 am


  • Our best-selling HALO BassiNest is the only bassinet with a 360º swivel to keep your newborn close allowing for essential bonding. Also includes a waterproof mattress and one machine-washable fitted sheet.
  • Designed with mothers in mind, the patented lowering bedside wall makes it easier to care for baby from bed, especially for breastfeeding and C-section moms.
  • Soothing sounds and gentle vibrations create a peaceful environment for your little one to rest safely and comfortably at your side. Includes amber nightlight, amber floorlight, two levels of vibration, and four soothing sounds: heartbeat, white noise, babbling brook, and rainforest (all with auto-shutoff)
  • Two convenient storage pockets keeps baby’s necessities within reach. Now, your little one can rest safely and comfortably at your side.
  • Sturdy four-point base provides maximum stability and easily adjusts for bed heights from 22" - 34". Base legs tuck under bed and require only 32" clearance from the wall, making it ideal for small spaces.

That is not all about the great ways you can adjust this bassinet since it boasts of a sleek base whose height can be adjusted to match beds with heights ranging from 22 inches to 34 inches. And it is great for small spaces as the sleek base easily slides under the bed.

It will help your baby fall asleep easily with four soothing sounds and two levels of vibration with up to 30 minutes auto shut off. The auto shut off feature will help to conserve batteries, and at least you don’t have to bother waking to shut it down. Because you will need to check on your little one at night, this bassinet conveniently includes a soft glowing nightlight that will shine just enough light to let you see without disturbing your baby. And, with two pockets on the sides, you can keep some necessities at hand, so you don’t go fetching every time.

Lastly, this bassinet is well built and sturdy with mesh walls for all-round breathability. It is also JPMA certified, so should you have no fears regarding its safety.


  • Has soothing features to help your baby to sleep easily
  • Mesh panels allow you to keep an eye on your baby and provide good air circulation
  • Includes a night light to enable you to see your baby
  • Has adjustable heights allowing you to have the baby at eye level from your bed


  • It is expensive
  • Uses 3AAA batteries for the soothing features and they run out fast
  • Not very stable when swiveling

2. Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet

2. Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet with JPMA certification

If you have been struggling with calming down your baby and getting your infant to sleep, the Fisher price soothing motion bassinet is the ultimate sleeping solution. It is safe with JPMA certification and comes second on our list because it offers tons of soothing features and backed by great customer ratings.

Many parents find this bassinet super cute, and it has mesh panels to ensure that there is airflow in and around so the baby can breathe easily regardless if they have shifted towards the walls. It also has some mobile stars that little hands will love to tug and have some sensory play.

Coming to the great tricks that will get your fussy baby to fall asleep are soothing music, nature sounds, and calming vibrations. Additionally, the bassinet can gently sway to help calm your baby until they fall asleep. These features are great for setting a bedtime routine. The soothing features require batteries to run for thirty minutes after which they shut off automatically.

It also has a light setting for a night light and overhead projector which can also be used as a table soother. The projector is detachable, which is great because it can help with an older sibling struggling to sleep. Moreover, there is a large storage basket that attaches to the bassinet to hold some blankets, clothes, diapers and the likes.

Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet, Windmill

$195.04  in stock
7 new from $194.96
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as of April 19, 2021 1:36 am


  • Calming sway motion generated by you or baby
  • Dual mode lighting; Choose from soothing projection and night light (Light projection unit is removable and can be used as a tabletop soother)
  • Flat sleeping surface with deluxe overhead mobile
  • 30 minutes of calming vibrations, music and sounds
  • Optional lock out to minimize swaying motion

This is a stylish bassinet that is highly functional and practical to help meet your child’s needs and comes at a very reasonable price.


  • Excellent value for money
  • It is sturdy
  • Many features to help soothe your baby without major input from the parents
  • Easy to set up
  • It has a spacious storage basket underneath to keep baby’s essentials close


  • It is not portable
  • The height is not adjustable
  • Vibration and rocking feature are not the best quality


BABYBJORN Cradle among our top JPMA certified bassinets

BabyBjorn bassinet cradle may lack fancy accessories, but its stylish design and clean lines make it stand out in any room. It is a high-end cradle that only has JPMA certification but has also met both European and American safety standards.

It features high quality construction with a sturdy frame, superior fabrics, and a thicker mattress than the competition so your baby will sleep in safety and comfort. Mesh sides allow full air circulation and great supervision.

Among its best features is that it is lightweight and compact so you can easily pick it up and take it with you room to room and floor to floor. Also, it sits lower than most bassinets allowing you to see your baby at all times.

The other impressive feature is the gentle rocking motion which comes in handy when you are trying to get your little one to sleep at the end of a tiring day. Just a gentle tap with your finger is all it takes to trigger the motion.

BABYBJORN Cradle - White

$349.99  in stock
2 new from $349.99
Free shipping
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as of April 19, 2021 1:36 am


  • Lulls your baby to sleep with relaxing, gentle rocking movement
  • JPMA Certified Product with low height and transparent mesh fabrics allowing for secure supervision of your baby
  • Easy to move around the house so you can always have your child close to you day and night
  • Soft, breathable and airy sides and simple design with no bars or loose parts to trap tiny hands or feet
  • From newborn (8 lbs) to approximately six months (17 lbs);Legs: wood and steel

As a parent, you will love that the mattress cover is removable and can be easily washed by machine. It is also waterproof, so it helps make cleaning easier in case of diaper blow out, or messy milk spills.

This bassinet is expensive ($350), but its features are guaranteed to give you great peace of mind.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • It is sturdy and uses premium quality fabrics
  • Very easy to set up


  • Pricey, the most expensive on this list
  • It is small in size and babies outgrow it fast
  • The low height is uncomfortable for tall parents

4. Graco Dream Suite Bassinet

Graco Dream Suite has to be on this list of best bassinets because it has many great features both for parents and baby and because it is JPMA approved. If you want a multifunctional bassinet for a good price that won’t take much space in your bedroom, this bassinet will be a great option.

This bassinet flips into a changing table which helps you to change the baby right where you are conveniently. Add that to the fact that it has a spacious storage basket underneath to keep all the baby essentials and you have a care center for your baby. And, you can continue to use it after your baby has outgrown the bassinet until they are thirty pounds. Better still, it will be a portable changing table because of the locking wheels.

Graco Dream Suite Bassinet, Mason, One Size

$116.05  in stock
5 new from $116.05
Free shipping
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as of April 19, 2021 1:36 am


  • Complete bedside care center features reversible bassinet and changer all-in-one
  • Extended use changer allows for more diaper changes, up to 30 lb
  • With two speeds of vibration to choose from, you can find just the right setting to soothe baby
  • With four locking wheels the bassinet can be effortlessly maneuvered throughout the home allowing baby to be wherever you are
  • The canopy offers shade from light while the two soft toys give baby a focal point for playtime

It also provides a cozy sleeping spot for your baby with a canopy to block out the light from disturbing your baby’s eyes and mesh sides for airflow and visibility. The vibrations with two levels will help calm and lull your baby to sleep, and when awake, your baby can play with the two soft hanging toys.

The bassinet has wheels that roll smoothly allowing you to take the baby with you anywhere around your home as you keep an eye on them. The wheels can be locked stationary as needed.

You can easily keep this bassinet looking fresh because the mattress cover is removable and machine washable, while the rest of the other fabrics and changing surface only require a simple wipe down.


  • It is portable with wheels
  • The wheels have a locking system to keep the bassinet firmly in place
  • Gives you two different vibration settings to choose from
  • It has a large storage basket
  • It has a canopy to shield the baby from light
  • Easy care, with removable and machine washable fabrics
  • It transforms into a changing table that can be used until the baby is 30 pounds
  • Great for small spaces


  • The assembly instructions are not easy follow
  • It’s hard for some to switch to changing table on one hand while holding the baby
  • The vibration feature is not the best quality

5. Delta Children Smooth Glide Bassinet

Closing on the top five best JPMA certified bassinets is the Delta Children Soothe Glide. Would you believe that this super cute bassinet retails at less than $100? Despite being affordably priced, it offers you just as many features that you get with expensive bassinets. That’s one of the reasons it’s one of our favorites.

This bassinet provides a cozy environment for your baby to sleep with soft fabrics and a canopy that blocks out disturbing light. Your baby will always fall asleep easily with the preloaded lullabies and soothing vibrations. And there is an option that allows you to adjust the right vibration speed to what is enjoyable for your baby.

Delta Children Smooth Glide Bedside Bassinet - Portable Crib with Lights, Sounds and Vibrations, Marina

$109.99  in stock
5 new from $109.99
Free shipping
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as of April 19, 2021 1:36 am


  • SOOTHING FEATURES: Relaxes baby with a variable speed vibrations pod that plays pre-loaded lullabies and features soft glow nightlight | Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • GLIDING MOTION: Rocks baby gently side-to-side | Activate gliding motion with a gentle push
  • EASY TRANSPORT: Locking wheels enable easy transport from room-to-room in your house | Enables you to keep baby close to you in safest way possible | Assembled dimensions: 32"L x 21"W x 45.5"H
  • PLENTY OF STORAGE: Ample underneath storage offers easy access to baby basics | Includes a fitted sheet and a 1" water-resistant pad
  • WE PUT YOUR BABY'S SAFETY FIRST: JPMA certified to meet or exceed all safety standards set by and ASTM

Along with the music and vibrations, it has a soft night light that will help you check on your baby at night without waking your baby.

The locking casters enable you to keep the baby close as you finish other chores around the house while the large divided underneath storage basket holds your baby’s necessities.


  • Very cute design
  • It has soothing vibrations and lullabies
  • It has a soft night light
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable pricing
  • Portable with locking wheels


  • Has just one color option

List of all JPMA Certified Bassinets

Including our top favorite bassinets we reviewed earlier, there are many other options you can explore. Here is the whole list of the ones we could find with JPMA certification.

  • Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper
  • Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet, Natural
  • Arm’s Reach Concepts Mini Ezee 2-In-1 Bedside Bassinet
  • Arm’s Reach Concept Ideal Ezee 3-In-1 Bedside Bassinet
  • Baby Bjorn Cradle
  • Delta Children Smooth Glide Bassinet
  • Delta Children Deluxe Gliding Bassinet
  • Delta Children EZ Fold Ultra Compact Travel Bassinet
  • Delta Children Rocking Bassinet
  • Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet
  • Fisher-Price Soothing Motion Bassinet
  • Fisher-Price Rock & Play Portable Bassinet
  • Fisher-Price Stow ‘N Go Bassinet
  • Graco Dream Suite Bassinet
  • Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper
  • Summer Infant Bentwood Bassinet
  • Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood On Point Bassinet
  • Summer Infant Soothe & Sleep Bassinet
  • Summer Infant Travel Bed
  • UPPABaby Bassinet

Are All Bassinets required to be certified? Are the certified ones safer? 

Currently, there are no federal laws that regulate some baby products, including bassinets and cradles. The only federal requirement is that all bassinets should meet the standards established by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) and other established standards for bassinets and cradles such as ASTM. The CSPC issues manufacturers and importers with a Children’s Product Certificate to show that their products have been tested and met CSPC’s strict standards.

So, if you are looking to buy a bassinet, we would recommend you only to consider those that have been tested and certified by various organizations such as CSPC, ATSM, and JMPA to ensure it is safe for your baby.

The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) through a journal of healthy children organization states that so long as the bassinet or cradle has a CPSC certificate; it should be safe for your baby.

Now, that you know what to look for to make sure your baby’s bassinet is safe, you might be already wondering where to start your search, and luckily for you, we are ready to help you in your arch. We have already compiled a list of the very best JPMA certified bassinets after sifting through countless bassinets. 

And, if you need to look further (which we doubt once you have read our reviews of the best bassinets), we have a list of more JPMA certified bassinets.

How to choose the best JPMA certified bassinet 

The most important factors to consider are the safety and comfort of your baby. All other factors help make tending to your baby easier for you. Of course, that is what everyone wishes for. That’s why we advise you to consider the bassinet that offers the most important features that best serves your needs. Now, below are the factors you need to consider.

JPMA seal

You can easily tell if a bassinet is approved by JPMA if it has the seal. This will help ease your mind that it has undergone through the highest safety testing and has met all requirements, hence safe for your newborn.

Mesh sides

Most infant deaths that are normally associated with bassinets are usually as a result of suffocation. Mesh sides allow good circulation of air to prevent such tragedies.

Locking wheels

Wheels are great because they will help you move your baby without waking her from sleep to other rooms in your home or even outside. But, the locking system for the wheels is a great safety feature to prevent the bassinet from rolling away accidentally if placed in an incline or if a sibling decided to play with the bassinet.


A canopy helps to block out distracting light that may keep your baby from falling asleep or wake them from sleep. A removable canopy or retractable is even better because you can always get it out of the way if you want to change the baby in the bassinet.

Sound effects, vibration and light

These features are designed to lull your baby to sleep faster by creating a relaxing environment. Some bassinets use lullabies and nature sounds with adjustable volume to help soothe your baby. Others have vibrations with adjustable speeds to help calm your baby. The night light produces a soft glow which is very handy by helping you check on your baby without waking your baby. Note that these soothing features run on batteries and so you need to factor in the cost of frequently replacing the batteries, which is dependent on usage.


Some bassinets have soft mobile toys which help to give the baby a focal point that fascinates them and helps them become playful when awake.


Modern bassinets have so many different functionalities to meet your every need. Some bassinets like the Graco Dream Suite bassinet on our list below can convert into a changing table. Others have storage baskets underneath to keep baby’s essentials.


Some bassinets can be turned into a cradle using a quick-release latch and retracting the wheels causes the bassinet to rock gently. Other bassinets can glide with the wheels locked stationary although they require batteries for this function. Still, others can rock or sway gently from touch, and some good examples are the Fisher Price Soothing Motion or the BabyBjorn cradle on our list.

Ease of cleaning

Bassinets come with different types of fabrics that make them uniquely attractive and most also come with removable sheets and mattress pad. To keep your little one’s beddings always looking and smelling fresh so you want fabrics that can be easily cleaned by machine whenever they get dirty.


A bassinet with a storage basket underneath not only gives you additional space to keep baby items, but it gives you room to keep the essential things you need to use frequently within close reach. If a bassinet has skirts, choose the one with short skirts because long skirts usually block access to the storage basket underneath.

Best Nursery Gliders for Tall Parents Reviews 2020

Best Nursery Gliders for Tall Parents Reviews 2020

A nursery glider is a great furniture item that every parent should have, perhaps a must-have item you should consider. In this post, I review the best nursery gliders for tall parents in the market today.

Not only does it provide a comfortable place to nurse or pump, but it will cut down the number of hours you spend trying to get your baby to fall asleep. Plus, the smooth gliding motion is so relaxing that it brings on a much needed nap after long hours of dealing with your fussy baby, and that’s still okay.

While there are many available gliders, it is unfortunate that only so few are comfortable enough for tall parents. Most of the ones available feel like trying to sit in a kid’s chair if you are a tall person, too tight and short that it’s not possible to rest your head back, and some of them don’t offer enough room for mamas to nurse comfortably.

If this has been your plight, we have got your back. We have spent countless hours researching to find the best gliders for tall parents and we will be sharing with you a shortlist of those that we found worth your time and money.

What Glider Size is Considered Good for Tall Parents?

According to the CDC, the average woman in the US has a height of about 5’4″/64 inches and 5′ 9″/70 inches for men. So when we talk about tall parents in this review, we are considering anyone above 5′ 9,” including moms.

Name of Nursery GliderImageRating on AmazonCheck Price
Dutailier SLEIGH 0339 Glider chairDutailier SLEIGH 0339 Glider chair...4.4/5Check Price
Storkcraft Tuscany Custom GliderStorkcraft Tuscany Custom Glider...4.4/5Check Price
Artiva USA Home Deluxe GliderArtiva USA Home Deluxe Marsala...3.9/5Check Price
Angel Line Windsor GliderWindsor Glider and ottoman-white w/...4.5/5Check Price
Child Craft Forever Eclectic Cozy GliderForever Eclectic by Child Craft...4.5/5Check Price

Reviews of the Best Nursery Gliders for Tall Parents 2020

1. Dutailier SLEIGH 0339 Glider chair

Dutailier Sleigh glider is our overall best glider for tall people because it packs most of the important features. It is a luxurious chair that oozes style and comfort in every sense of the word. If you are a tall parent, this chair is perfect with a backrest measuring 27 inches combined with a smooth gliding ottoman that will keep your legs and knees supported as you relax.

The glider boasts of high quality construction specially handcrafted with hardwood from Canada, so it has very good potential for long term use. Taking care of your baby will be so much easier and enjoyable with this glider. It has a super-smooth, extra-long gliding motion, thick cushions that do not sag with time, and padded arms. Lumbar support keeps your lower back supported and helps you avoid discomfort after sitting for long hours, giving you even more comfort.

There are two things that set this glider apart. First, it reclines at 45 degrees, which gives you such a relaxed position whether you are nursing or watching your favorite movie on the big screens. And yes, it still glides while reclined. Second, it has a locking mechanism to stop the glider from six positions of your choosing. Most other gliders do not have these great features.

Finally, we love that both the glider and ottoman require only minimal assembly. You just need to tighten four screws on each, which is as easy as can be for anyone.

This glider has a weight limit of 250 pounds.


  • It can recline
  • Durable with hardwood and a five year warranty to back
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • It has a multi-positional lock to secure the seat at different angles when gliding
  • Gives very smooth and long gliding motions, which are relaxing
  • Comfortable with non-sagging seat cushion and plush padding all over
  • It has five designs to choose from


  • Not easy to clean as the cushion covers are not removable
  • It is expensive

2. Storkcraft Tuscany Custom Glider

Appearing second on our list of best nursery gliders for tall parents is the Storkcraft Tuscany. We must say, all their six finishes and four fabrics will look absolutely stunning in any nursery decor. If comfort is what you are looking for, this seat has got you covered. It has a tall backrest (29 inches), generous padding, and a lumbar pillow. If you really want to experience its true potential for comfort, use the lumbar pillow on your lower back, and you will be really impressed. Plus, this chair has a very smooth gliding motion which, combined with the ottoman, gives you a very relaxed position to nurse, pump, or just nap if that’s what you feel like.

This chair comes with an Ottoman, and both can be assembled within minutes without needing any tools. They use Polyester fabric that is easy to clean by a simple wipe down in case of a mess.

You will also love that there are pockets on each arm for stashing small handy items you need like bibs, toys, or a book.

We rank it second because the construction quality is not as good as our first option. The frame and base are made from rubber wood, which is not the best to last. Still, this is an excellent choice for tall parents who want a stylish and comfortable glider that will see them through the few years they will be nursing or needing to rock the baby to sleep. Also, for a price under $200 to get a rocking chair, ottoman and lumbar pillow this is a great deal.

This glider has a weight limit of 250 pounds and six designs to choose from.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Stylish
  • Easy to clean fabrics that can be wiped down
  • Easy to assemble
  • It has convenient storage pockets
  • Smooth and quiet gliding


  • It might not last
  • It does not have a locking mechanism

3. Artiva USA Home Deluxe Glider 

Artiva is another great rocking chair for tall parents because it has a headrest of almost 26 inches. It finds a spot on the third position in our list because of the high-quality construction with Cherry hardwood, making it long-lasting. It is also a beautiful seat that will look as good in your living room as the nursery.

We rank it highly because it has thick padding overall, and the headrest is very comfortable for you as you relax. It has side pockets to keep some baby items or magazines to enjoy as you unwind. The cushions are also removable and can be tossed in the machine for a thorough cleaning, which is a plus.

And finally, it includes an Ottoman and requires very minimal assembly. We especially loved that the hardware kit is included and that the Ottoman does not need assembly.

This glider is available in nine color options and has a weight limit of 250 pounds


  • Easy to clean with detachable cushions
  • Great pricing
  • Durable construction
  • Smooth gliding
  • It has side pockets


  • The arms aren’t wide enough to allow nursing comfortably, especially if you are plus size
  • It does not have lumbar support

4. Angel Line Windsor Glider

Angel Line glider is a best seller, and it comes in a wide range of trendy colors to suit your style. Comfort, aesthetic appeal, and cheap pricing are the best features for this chair. If you are a tall parent, this rocking chair is super comfortable as the headrest rises up to 26 inches from the top of the cushion seat. Additionally, it is well padded on the arms, back, and seat, so you remain comfortable using it for long hours. You will also love that although the cushion cover material is hard-wearing, it feels so soft against the skin, and the colors don’t fade with time.

The rocker and accompanying Ottoman frame are made from solid wood, and the finishing looks amazing and is well done.

Something else you will appreciate is that it is super-fast and easy to assemble. And when it comes to cleaning, you can just unzip, remove the covers and wash this seat to keep it looking nice.

This is the cheapest glider on this list, coming at less than half the price of our first option (its price ranges at$150) and is very functional and beautiful. The only reason it ranks lower is that it might not last.

It has a weight limit of 250 pounds.


  • Wide range of designs
  • Easiest assembly
  • Inexpensive
  • Has pockets
  • Glides smoothly
  • Removable covers for easy cleaning


  • It starts squeaking after several months of use
  • The frame is not durable
  • No lumbar support

5. Child Craft Forever Eclectic Cozy Glider

Lastly, on our top five best gliders for tall parents is the Forever Eclectic chair. It is a nice looking chair that will look nice in your nursery and blend well with your other furnishings. Its best features are easy assembly, smooth gliding, and great pricing. It comes with a matching Ottoman so you can put up your foot as you nurse, rock the baby to sleep or simply lay your head back to relax. And mamas will love that the seat is roomy, allowing one to nurse comfortably even when using a nursing pillow.

While this seat has a tall backrest, it is still shorter (24 inches) in comparison, and people over 5’9″ may not be able to rest their head against the top of the chair. This is one of the reasons why it has come last on our list.

The second reason is that although it has a sturdy frame, the cushions are a bit low in quality. The fabrics are flimsy, the padding is a bit thin, and it is quite an upright seat with no lower back support, so it is not the most comfortable for long sitting periods.

But going back to the positives, the cushion covers can be spot cleaned, and there are side pockets to stash small items.

This glider has a weight limit of 250 pounds.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Has side pockets
  • Smooth gliding motion
  • Easy to assemble


  • The cushions could be made a bit thicker.

Guide – How to pick a good nursery glider if you are a tall parent 

Although all the chairs we have recommended here are great for tall people in general, no one seat is a one size fits all because even in this category, their individual heights still vary, as do their taste and budget. Keeping that in mind, here are the important factors to consider when choosing the right glider for you.


This is the most important feature to consider since you will be spending so many hours daily in the glider. As a tall person, you should consider a tall glider with a high backrest, so your head and shoulders are well supported. A backrest of 26 inches and above should be comfortable if you are 6 ft and above.

The other thing to look for is sufficient padding on the arms, back, and seat cushion. Well-padded arms keep your arms supported, so you are not bearing all the weight of the baby. It also allows you to position the baby well when nursing.

An Ottoman also increases your comfort by providing a soft place to keep your feet elevated, relieving pressure from your lower back, and helping you settle more deeply into the chair.

Quality of Construction

After comfort, this is the second most important feature. The glider should be made from a solid and sturdy frame to withstand everyday use without shattering to pieces. You don’t want to fall backward, holding your baby. The cushions should also be good quality and not start fraying or getting ripped, while the screws should remain secure in place. Checking the warranty should give you an insight into how long the glider will last.


While you might need a glider just for the period when you are nursing, rocking, and reading to your baby, a good glider should be able to stand the test of time and last with your child into their college years. It should be well-made with solid wood and high quality covers. Also, if you plan on using the glider in the living room or study and other rooms once your child is all grown, don’t just choose cute designs that  compliment your baby’s nursery; instead, choose a design that will still look good five and ten years down the line.

Ease of Cleaning

With kids also comes messes from drool, spilled milk, diaper blowouts, and you will have a lot of these. Choose a glider that you can easily remove covers to wash. This will help keep your glider looking fresh and prolong its life. Micro-fiber is a good choice, and leather and leather-like covers are also easy to wipe down.

Locking mechanism

A glider is notorious for pinching little fingers and toes. To prevent such accidents, choose a glider with a stop-lock mechanism to keep the chair from gliding when not in use. For even better safety, ensure that the glider has encased ball bearings, and they are hidden out of reach. A locking mechanism also helps you stand up easily when having your sleeping baby in your arms.

Additional features

  • Reclining ability: a glider that reclines gives more comfort as you adjust the angle to your liking. As a tall person, this is a plus for you because you can adjust the height to your comfort.
  • Side pockets: these are nice to stash some small items like burp cloths, books, toys, snacks within easy reach.
Benefits of Skin-to-Skin Contact With Your Baby

Benefits of Skin-to-Skin Contact With Your Baby

What is skin to skin contact?

Most studies define skin-to-skin contact as the practice where after the baby has been delivered it is dried and placed on the mother`s bare chest for about an hour or more.

It can also take place later and it is advisable to keep practicing skin to skin contact even way after birth. Other studies have called it Kangaroo care as it is compared to how a kangaroo keeps its young ones in its pouch thus practicing skin-to-skin contact. UNICEF has embraced the practice and has called it The Baby-Friendly Initiative. The practice has also been incorporated in the Mexican Public Health Care System

Why is skin to skin contact important?

The practice has proved to be very essential to a baby’s growth both in neonatal and other stages. Some of the key reasons why it is important are;

  • It allows both the mother and child to rest after the long process of parturition 
  • It  creates homeostatic balance in the baby’s body through things like thermoregulation and regulation of heart rate and breathing
  • It promotes breastfeeding and stimulates digestion
  • It also offers a chance for the mother`s good bacteria to interact with the baby’s skin which is important in preparing it for life outside the womb
  • Maternal hormones are stimulated and released which leads to other activities like breastfeeding
  • It helps an infant to develop physiological stability
  • It also promotes metabolic balance and optimal neurological development

What happens during skin to skin contact?

 At first, both the mother and child enter a state of relaxation which in turn reduces postpartum stress for both of them. At the same time, the baby undergoes homeostatic development which helps it to adapt to the extra-uterine environment. The mother releases hormones that engage the child and might end up crying.

The cry as most studies show is characterized as brief and distinctive. The baby then relaxes with few movements. After a while, the baby wakes up and is seen to respond to the mother’s voice which is why communication is encouraged. The movements increase where the baby moves the hips, shoulders, and even the head.

The baby then finds the breasts and rests on the breasts. It is a common misconception that when the baby does this it is not hungry which is not true. The baby then attaches itself to the breast and starts feeding. At this point, they might need help in positioning them for feeding. Once feeding is complete the mother and the baby fall asleep.

Skin to skin contact in the Baby-Friendly standards

The Baby Friendly standards insist on making sure skin to skin contact is an essential concept in hospitals. They do this by setting guidelines for maternity and neonatal units.

Maternity units are supposed to ensure;

  • All mothers have SSC after birth for at least an hour
  • Mothers offer first feed once the baby shows readiness to feed
  • Mothers and babies who are unable to carry out SSC after birth to do so as soon as they can

Neonatal units have been charged with;

  • Advising parents on the need and impact of touch, comfort and communication on a baby’s health and development
  • Encouraging parents to provide comfort and emotional support to their babies
  • Ensuring that mothers receive proper care that leads to them  transitioning to breastfeeding

Benefits of skin to skin contact 

  • Development of heart and lung function

Once a baby has been safely delivered the heart and lung function are crucial to the development of the baby. Being in close contact with the mother is the closest thing to being back in the womb.

This, therefore, enables them to adapt accordingly to the environment which boosts their heart and lung functionality. Studies have shown that babies who do not get the skin to skin contact have a hard time breathing and most of the time have an elevated heart rate.

  • Thermoregulation 

Keeping the baby in close contact with the mother ensures their warmth. In fact many doctors have argued that skin to skin contact is better than placing the baby in an incubator. It also helps them to adapt to the temperature making them more independent. This in turn ensures that they are healthy and maintain a constant body temperature

  • Blood sugar regulation

Babies need blood sugar for energy so that their bodies can carry out various developments. It is due to this that they need skin to skin contact so they can initiate breastfeeding so they can get the energy they need from milk. Babies born from mothers with gestational diabetes are at a higher risk of having hypoglycemia and should therefore practice skin to skin contact to stabilize their blood sugar level

  • Instigation of breastfeeding

Skin to skin contact plays a major role in initiating breastfeeding. During skin to skin contact hormones are released which engage the child and mother to develop certain instincts which lead to breastfeeding. It is also through skin to skin contact that the mother generates hormones which lead to the production of more milk.

  • Colonization of bacteria

Contact between the mother and child enables transfer of good bacteria which is key in protecting the baby from pathogens. The bacteria also help the baby to develop certain immunities which cannot be obtained in any other way. Some bacteria can break down milk proteins which the child is not able to digest thus ensuring that the baby obtains all the nutrients from breast milk.

  • Reduced crying among infants

Crying is an instinctive action conducted by all mammals once separated from offspring, they cry as a way to try and reconnect with parents. It therefore makes perfect sense that babies who are in skin to skin contact with their parents cry less as they are comfortable and satisfied to be with their parents. They will therefore cry less as they feel protected unlike babies who are separated from their mothers

  • Relief from pain and good state of mind

Various studies conducted all over show that babies tend to feel less pain when in skin to skin contact. This is because they are comfortable and hence are more relaxed which reduces the pain level. Skin to skin contact also helps to reduce fetal stress. This ensures they are in a good state of mind which in turn leads to better sleep due to a feeling of comfort and security

  • Communication 

Mothers are encouraged to enhance communication with their babies as it is during skin to skin contact that it is most effective. Various observations have been made where babies have been seen to respond to their mother’s voice during skin to skin contact clearly showing the importance of communication during skin to skin contact.

  • Easier transition

Research has also shown that babies that undergo skin to skin contact have an easier transition from the womb as compared to those who don’t. They have added advantages like being more physiologically stable and better at breastfeeding. They also cry less and have a lower pain response all due to skin to skin contact. Skin to skin contact makes them feel like the time inside the womb and thus have an easier time adapting to the new environment as it seems familiar.

  • Bonding 

Skin to skin contact greatly strengthens the bond between a mother and child as being in close contact with each other makes them develop certain instincts. This is clearly illustrated when a child is seen to respond to the mother`s voice during skin to skin contact. Touch familiarizes them with each other and even helps them develop certain instincts which help them understand each other better. The hormones released at this time also strengthen their bond as they are the reason they begin to develop certain instincts towards each other.

  • Mental development

Studies have shown that through skin to skin contact babies develop optimal neurological development by engaging each other. This is quite clear as some babies are seen to respond to their mother’s voice during skin to skin contact which is a sign of mental development. Activities like determining the right time to rest and the right time to breastfeed are all due to mental development. Various doctors argue that the effect is clear even in later stages of life thus making skin to skin contact very important.

  • Healthy weight 

When babies are with their mothers during skin to skin contact they receive warmth from their mothers` body and thus don’t lose energy in generating heat thus ensuring they maintain their weight. Skin to skin contact also reduces fetal stress which if not controlled could lead to loss of weight and thus maintain a standard weight. Studies have shown that babies gain more weight when sleeping and since skin to skin contact ensures they have better sleep they therefore gain the required weight thus maintaining a healthy weight.

  • Increased milk supply

During skin to skin contact a mother releases more hormones which in turn lead to production of more milk which is essential to a child. Fetal movements around the breast also lead to development of certain maternal instincts which also lead to production of more milk.

  • Prevention of postpartum depression

Skin to skin contact ensures that both the mother and child get adequate rest which is a great way to curb postpartum stress. The comfort and security generated by skin to skin contact also help to keep the baby relaxed and thus avoiding complications that may arise due to postpartum depression. The practice also gives time for the mother and child to bond which is also another way to reduce postpartum depression

The 8 Best Bassinets for Preemies 2020 (Safety Considered)

The 8 Best Bassinets for Preemies 2020 (Safety Considered)

Did your little one decide to show up early? There is no need to worry. The most important thing is to know is that she/he will spend lots of hours sleeping because that is when babies develop. So you need to take your time when selecting the perfect bassinet for your baby considering, preemies are more fragile and need a little extra care and comfort.

We are going to save you the time you would need to score the internet searching for the best bassinet for your preemie. So, in our review, we have listed the few best bassinets we found to provide just the perfect sleep environment for preemies. Since they offer different features and come at different prices, we have also come up with some guiding factors to help you choose the right bassinet for your family needs.

Our Top Picks of Bassinets for Preemies in 2020

ImagesBassinet NamesFeaturePrice on Amazon
Delta Children Rocking Bedside...Delta Children Rocking Bassinet Vibration, sounds, music and nightlight Side to side rocking motionSpacious storage basketRetractable swivel locking wheelsCanopyJMPA certifiedCheck Price
Delta Children Smooth Glide Bedside...Delta Children Deluxe Gliding BassinetSide to side rocking motionElectronic arm with music and soft nightlightUnderneath storage spaceAdjustable and removable canopySwiveling locking wheelsCanopyJMPA certified
Check Price
Chicco LullaGo Portable Bassinet,...Chicco LullaGo Portable BassinetMesh panelsFoldableCarry bagCheck Price
Chicco LullaGo Portable Bassinet,...Arm’s Reach Concepts 3-in-1Bedside Bassinet Convertible: bedside sleeper/freestanding bassinet/playardSide pocketsCarry CaseFoldable Has wheels Check Price
Graco Dream Suite Bassinet, LullabyGraco Dream Suite BassinetVibration with two settingsConvertible: changing tableCanopyLocking wheelsCheck Price
Portable Rocking Baby Bassinet with...Portable Rocking Baby BassinetAdjustable canopyConvertible: Rocking CradleDetachable to a travel bedToy box/under storageHas wheelsCheck Price
Summer Soothe & Sleep Bassinet with...Summer Infant Soothe & Sleep Lila BassinetSounds, melodies and vibrationGirly colorExtra-large storage basketAdjustable canopyFoldableHas wheelsCheck Price
Elegance Round Wooden Baby Bassinet...Elegance Round Wooden BassinetDraping curtains and tall skirtsLarge storage spaceHas wheelsCheck Price

How to pick the best bassinets for preemies

Keeping in mind that your baby will be using the bassinet for a short time; select one with features that serve you and your baby the best during that short time. Below are the factors you need to consider:


A multifunctional bassinet is an excellent choice because it will make your life a lot easier. Some bassinets can be converted to a sleeper to have it attached to your bed. That way, you don’t need to leave your bed at night to nurse or check on your baby. Others have pockets, or underneath storage to keep essential items close. And others can even be transformed into a changing table, playard and more.


As expected, your baby will be needing lots of rocking to calm them or soothe them to sleep, and it can really fatigue your arms. A bassinet that converts to a rocking cradle is a lifesaver. Some have different speed settings so you can choose what feels good and safe for your baby. With a preemie, you want to rock them gently.


You will not always be in the bedroom with your baby. Sometimes you will want to get some sunshine, watch TV, and do some house chores while keeping an eye on your little one. Choose a bassinet that has wheels so you can roll the whole unit around. Some bassinets allow you to detach the top part to carry it like a travel bed. And if you plan on traveling with your baby, choose a foldable bassinet. Some even come with a storage travel bag.


A canopy is a nice feature to have because it blocks out light not to disturb your baby when napping or sleeping. Some bassinets have retractable or removable canopies, allowing you to get it out of the way if you want to change the baby in the bassinet for example.

Additional features: sounds, vibrations, lights

Some bassinets have a unit attached to produce soothing melodies and vibrations. These features help to create a cozy environment for your baby to fall asleep easily. It can also produce a soft light to help you check on your baby without disturbing your baby. However, note that most of these units run on batteries and will require frequent replacing depending on your usage.

Ease of cleaning

Most bassinets come with a mattress, fitted sheet, and liner. Some models also have draping skirts that make them look nice. Whatever style you choose, get fabrics that are machine washable.

JMPA certification

If a preemie bassinet has JMPA certification, it means that it is safe after having undergone the highest lab testing, which is reassuring for any parent.

Armed with the knowledge of the important things to consider, let’s get to our list and hopefully you will identify the perfect bassinet for your preemie.

Reviews of Best Bassinets for Preemies 2020

1. Delta Children Rocking Bassinet 

This rocking bassinet is our overall best bassinet for preemies because it has superior quality and provides a wide variety of features to meet your baby’s needs. It is small but will provide a very cozy sleeping spot for your baby.

It has a unit with calming sounds and music and multispeed vibrations that will help you lull your baby to sleep. If that does not seem to work, you can activate the rocking motion with a gentle push to rock the baby side to side. At night whenever you need to feed or change your baby, this bassinet has a nightlight with warm light to help you see without waking your baby and a spacious basket underneath to keep all the essentials you may need at hand.

It has locking swivel wheels allowing you to move it easily from one room to another. This is a nice feature that lets you keep an eye on your baby as you get other stuff around the house done.

This bassinet comes with everything you need: a mattress and fitted sheet and is already tested for safety with JMPA certification.


  • Adorable and high quality
  • Offers excellent value for money
  • Has soothing features
  • Portable with swivel locking wheels
  • Does not take much space and fits through doors
  • Machine washable


  • The mattress is a bit thin
  • Sides are not mesh, but it still has good circulation because it’s not deep

2. Delta Children Deluxe Gliding Preemie Bassinet, Budget Friendly

The Delta Children Deluxe Gliding bassinet is very cute, but it doesn’t offer the same quality and comfort as our first choice above hence taking the second spot on this list. Other than that, it has almost similar features and comes at a lower price. If you loved the features in the Delta bassinet above but don’t want to spend as much, this bassinet is a great choice.

It comes with a mattress and a fitted sheet, and there is an electronic arm featuring soft lighting, soothing music and three cute bears that will catch your baby’s interest. The swiveling wheels you can easily draw this bassinet next to your bed so you can tend to your baby without leaving the bed. And you can rock the baby easily with a gentle push.

It has spacious space underneath to keep the baby’s essentials you need whenever you move the bassinet to other rooms or just provide you with more space to keep your baby gear organized.

The canopy design on this bassinet is adjustable. You can leave it on to help reduce the light when your baby is napping or asleep. Or you can open it or remove it entirely if you want.


  • Really cute design
  • Affordable pricing
  • Has plenty of storage space
  • Portable with swiveling wheels
  • Has various soothing features
  • Comes with mattress and sheet
  • Adjustable and removable canopy


  • The mobile sound could be better
  • The mattress is thin

3. Chicco LullaGo Portable Bassinet, Great Design

On the third brand is this bassinet from Chicco, and as expected of this popular brand, it is well made and sleek. It does not have some features that our top two have, but its best features are mesh walls and portability.

The bassinet comes with a mattress and fitted sheet. You will also be glad to know that the mattress pad and sheet are removable and can be easily cleaned by machine. But another impressive feature is that it has mesh walls so you can easily see your baby when lying in your bed and it allows airflow in and around.

If your lifestyle involves traveling or you will be visiting grandpa and friends frequently, this bassinet is convenient to take with you. It is effortless to fold and unfold. The top part is designed to connect to the Snap-on legs. When folded, the whole thing fits into the included carrying bag.


  • Has mesh sides panels
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and folds compact for travel
  • Has multiple color option
  • Comes with carrying bag
  • Easy to clean


  • Mattress warps in the middle where it folds

4. Arm’s Reach Concepts Ideal Ezee 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet, Best for Safety

The Arm’s Reach Concept Company has been endorsed by pediatricians and baby experts for making safe sleeping products for children. Their 3-in-1 bassinet is a high quality product that will grow with your child. It is convertible from bedside sleeper, stand-alone bassinet, and a playard.

This bassinet also packs all the convenient features that will make your life easier. It has mesh panels for visibility and pockets to put small essential baby items. As a bedside sleeper, the sides can come down, allowing you to access your baby without leaving the bed. And when you are on the move, this set is easier to pack and comes with a carry bag.

Any parent would want to use this as a bedside sleeper, but if your bed is taller than 24 inches, you would need to buy leg extensions at an extra cost, and we think that is really important to keep in mind considering this is already an expensive set retailing from $260.


  • Very sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Convertible design
  • Folds compactly
  • Has a 4 inch sleep nest
  • Includes a safety strap
  • Portable with wheels or carrying bag
  • Comes with a mattress and sheet


  • It is pricey

5. Graco Dream Suite Bed for preemie, with Changing Pad

Graco Dream Suite Bed is the fifth on our list of best bassinets for preemies because it converts into a changing pad, an important feature most others don’t have but its quality is not the best to last.

For the short time your baby will be using this bassinet, it will provide a comfortable sleeping spot. It has a vibration unit with two settings allowing you to set the right speed that will help soothe your baby. The canopy offers a shade to keep bright light out during naps, bedtime, or when outside enjoying some sunshine. The walls have mesh allowing your baby to see you and for breathability.

Your baby can come with you and sleep anyplace indoors or outdoors because of the locking wheels which are very easy to maneuver. And you can keep whatever essentials you need to feed or change your baby in the storage underneath. Speaking of changing, this bassinet makes it very convenient because like we said earlier you could convert it to a changer. Just grab the handle at the foot, squeeze it and flip over the upper part of the bassinet and you have yourself a changing table. No more having to rush to the nursery to change the baby. And, you can keep the charger clean with a simple wipe down and use it until your baby is 30 pounds long after she has outgrown the bassinet.

It also comes with a mattress and fitted sheet, and you can remove the cover and sheet for a quick wash in the machine.


  • Has a changing table
  • Portable
  • Easy to clean
  • Has under storage rack


  • It may not last
  • The mattress caves in the middle after sometime

6. Portable Rocking Baby Sleeper for Preemie, Very Portable

The classic design of the Portable Rocking Baby sleeper with the tailored shade cover and skirt is gorgeous, and it will look great in any room. It is highly functional and practical in meeting your baby’s needs, but it does not have great ratings in terms of quality hence taking the sixth position on our list. It is also the best bassinet for premature babies that is portable.

This bassinet is highly versatile and allows you to convert it in various useful ways. It sits on a sturdy base with wheels which also serves as storage for blankets and other essentials. You can also detach the bassinet from the base converting it to a bed you can easily take with you around the house if you don’t want to wheel the whole bulky bassinet. Just don’t detach it with the baby inside. And lastly, when you flip the wheels, it changes into a rocking cradle to soothe your baby.

The other nice feature is that the base also functions as a toy box later once your baby has already outgrown the bassinet. That’s a plus because you won’t need to shop for one.

As with other bassinets, this one also comes with a mattress and fitted sheet, but perhaps you will love even more that the mattress, sheet, and all the fabrics are machine washable so it will be easy to keep your baby’s bed looking fresh. You can also give the mattress pad a simple wipe down to get rid of small messes.


  • Beautiful and classic design
  • Has multiple design options
  • Portable with wheels
  • Converts to a toy box
  • Easy to clean


  • Difficult to assemble
  • The mattress is thin
  • The fabrics are cheap quality

7. Summer Infant Soothe & Sleep Lila Bassinet

On the seventh position is this very cute bassinet which is obviously designed for girls because of the soft pink colors and pretty embroidered flowers. But, it will make a very comfy sleeping spot for your little girl. And just looking at it you can tell it was very thoughtfully done and is high quality. The only reason it ranks lower on our list is that it is very pricey (£320).

The best feature of this bassinet is the audio device which produces very good quality sounds, melodies and vibrations to help lull your baby to sleep. This feature requires 3 AA batteries to operate, but you can extend battery life by setting the timer to switch off the sound.

The canopy can be folded down when needed and on the inside is a padded mattress and a removable sheet for your baby’s superior sleeping comfort.

As you can see, it has wheels so you can easily take your baby with you and a spacious storage basket that attaches into the bassinet underneath to pack all the baby’s essentials you may need. It is also foldable for storage and travel.


  • High quality construction
  • Sturdy
  • Portable, lightweight and has wheels
  • Extra-large storage basket
  • Plays soothing melodies, sounds and vibrations


  • It’s the most expensive on this list
  • Has no mesh sides for visibility and breathability
  • The color designs are mostly favorable for baby girls

8. Elegance Round Wooden preemie Bassinet

This bassinet is stylish with its round shape, wide draping canopy and tall skirts, and will add charm to any room. While it lacks convenient features like sounds, vibrations, lights or rocking ability, it deserves a spot on this list because of its comfort. Your preemie will spend most of their time sleeping, and they need the environment to be cozy and comfy, which is what this bassinet provides.

It is made from a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, creating soft and comfortable surrounding for your little one. While the bed space may look small, reviewers report that it is really wide, and they also love the quality of the included mattress and sheet, so you know your baby will be sleeping in utmost comfort. Also, all the fabrics are removable, including the mattress pad and sheet, and are easy to wash by machine.

Another impressive feature is its storage. It is large and hidden under the tall skirts. And, it has wheels so you can take it around the room easily. It will not fit through standard doors, so consider that before assembling.

You can get this elegant bassinet in two colors: black/ecru like the one above and white.


  • Elegant design
  • Sturdy
  • Very comfortable
  • Has a large discreet storage
  • Great pricing


  • Canopy is smaller than expected

Best Bassinets for Reflux Reviews 2021

If your baby is suffering from frequent reflux that it has become quite bothersome, your search has brought you to the right place. All you need to do is put your baby in an inclined position in a sleeper to see improvement. Yes, it’s that simple!

You are probably wondering, where the heck do I get an inclined sleeper? Are they safe? For sure, they exist but are so few in the market. And yes, they are very safe. An inclined bassinet keeps your infant’s head raised, helping them keep down the food in the stomach and breathe better.

Again, these inclined bassinets are hard to come by, but after many hours of searching, we managed to come up with a list of a select few that have great reviews in helping manage reflux. But first, let’s talk more about reflux and how it is connected to sleeping position so you can understand how these inclined bassinets will help your child’s reflex. Here are the best bassinets for reflux we have reviewed:

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Last updated on April 19, 2021 10:20 pm

About Acid reflux and baby sleep position

Reflux refers to when a baby brings up milk immediately after feeding. It is a very common occurrence among newborns. Most babies experience reflux multiple times each day from as early as two weeks. While in most cases it is not harmful, some parents are bothered by it.

When a baby feeds on milk or formula, it goes from the mouth to the stomach through the oesophagus. The oesophagus has a muscle called the Esophageal, which acts as a valve between the mouth and stomach. This muscle functions by opening to let food into the stomach and remain closed to prevent stomach contents from backing up to the mouth.

Babies suffer from reflux because their Esophageal is not fully developed, allowing food to back up when you lay your baby down. Placing your baby in an inclined position makes it harder for reflux to occur. That’s why doctors advise parents to hold the baby upright after feeding.

Elevating/Inclining Bassinet Mattress for Reflux – the angle of incline for a bassinet for reflux

Inclining the sleeping position of a baby may help with reflux and breathing, especially when congested from a cold. There are many ways you can raise the head of a bassinet to help your baby. The first is to buy a bassinet designed to incline. The second is to prop the mattress from under with a rolled towel or blanket. You want a gentle incline, not a steep one; an angle between 15 to 30 degrees should be safe and comfortable. Also, tuck everything to ensure that no loose blankets and materials are sticking out to prevent SIDS.

The third is to purchase a crib wedge and place it under the mattress. They are perfectly fitted to give just the right level of incline and do not cause the mattress to budge at all.

Are Inclined Bassinets Safe for Babies?

This is a very divisive issue right now; some people feel it is safe while others are opposed to placing the baby in an elevated position. Still, some doctors have advised using an inclined sleeping position to help with certain problems, including reflux. When reading through different parenting blogs, we noted that many parents have reported improvement in their babies’ conditions from using inclined bassinets and other incline products.

The AAP does not support the use of inclined products. They caution that it poses a risk of the baby shifting downwards and may cause serious breathing problems depending on how the baby is positioned.

If you still want your baby to use an inclined bassinet, our recommendation is that you should be present to keep an eye on them to make sure they are safe for the whole duration they are in.

Quick comparison table 

Product NameIncline AnglePrice
Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper3 different angles
SwaddleMe by Your Bed Sleeper2 different angles
Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play YardFixed inclined angle
Go With Me Sway Portable Infant RockerFixed inclined angle,30 degrees

Reviews of the best incline bassinet for acid reflux

1. Tiny Love 3 in 1 Rocker Napper

Tiny Love 3 in1 is top on our list of the best bassinet for reflux because it is multifunctional and allows you to adjust to three incline positions (there aren’t many bassinets that offer multiple reclining positions).

The first incline angle allows you to set it at 180 degree, where it lies flat like a normal bassinet or what the company calls ‘Napper’. This is great when your baby needs to nap or at bedtime.

The second is ‘Rock n Play’ where you incline the bassinet to raise the baby’s head just a bit. A lot of babies love this position because they can see things around them better. It is also a great position for play time and will also help prevent reflux.

The third position elevates the bassinet even higher and converts it into a seat. This angle is great for feeding time as the baby will be upright.

To convert the bassinet to napper, pack n play, or versatile seat is very easy, using only a one-handed mechanism. And don’t forget that it also gently rocks in any of these positions- no other bassinet in the market so far has the capability to rock while reclined.

There is another reason why we adore this bassinet. It has a very cuddly seat with soft, plush padding that will keep your baby feeling safe and comfortable as they sleep.

This bassinet also includes useful features that will delight your baby’s senses. It has overhead toys she can tug and play with their tiny hands, an attached device for vibration and music when she needs to relax and be soothed to sleep, and soft lights that will catch your baby’s attention without being too harsh.

If you are not already sold, what about that it serves your baby from birth till 12 months/ 40 pounds? This is the longest serving bassinet we have seen. Most bassinets last until the baby is 3 months. Once your child outgrows it, they can use it as a high chair or bouncer chair still.


  • Lightweight (10lbs), easy to move between rooms
  • Offers multiple recline position for different needs
  • Versatile, converts from napper to seat
  • Highest weight limit
  • Includes entertainment features with music, vibration, toys, and adorable light


  • Vibration is not that great
  • It makes some creaking noise
  • Reviewers wish it was a bit higher

2. SwaddleMe By Your Bed Sleeper

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as of April 19, 2021 10:20 pm

On the second position on our list of the best bassinet for reflux is the SwaddleMe By Your Bed Sleeper because it offers two different incline positions.

You can easily adjust the two incline levels to set the baby higher or lower depending on the need. When you place your baby at a higher level, it will help reduce the chances of food backing up after feeding and help with digestion. It also enables them to breathe better, like when they are congested from a cold.

If you want a cozy spot that your baby will love sleeping in, the SwaddleMe incline bassinet is designed for just that. This bassinet uses soft fabrics for comfort and mesh walls for all around breathability and visibility. It also includes a mobile device producing a soft light, music, and soothing vibrations. With these features, your baby will relax and fall asleep quickly.

But what impressed us the most is that this incline bassinet also functions as the perfect bedside sleeper. 

With an adjustable leg, you can raise the bassinet to a height that feels comfortable for you when picking up the baby or set it to have your baby at eye level from your bed. That way, you can easily access your baby to feed or change their diapers without leaving your bed. And again, the sides are see through with mesh so both you and your baby can see each other, which instills a sense of security for your child and helps you bond because you can see each other the whole time.

Nothing relaxes a baby more than being rocked. SwaddleMe bassinet has the capability to rock side to side with just a simple push to have your baby snoozing in minutes.

We found the SwaddleMe by Your Bedside to be a very practical and highly functional bassinet.


  • Offers two adjustable incline levels to help with different needs and help reduce reflux
  • Has adjustable height level helping to access the baby without straining
  • Mesh walls to promote airflow in and around the bassinet and visibility
  • Includes entertaining and soothing features for your baby


  • May be hard to get

3. Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play Yard

The next product is the Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play Yard by Fisher-Price. A lot of parents love Fisher-price products, and this one is no exception. As you can tell from the picture above, it is a combo of a sleeper and play yard; the two most useful features anyone with a baby would appreciate.

This playard deserves to be on this list because it comes with a removable incline sleeper. It is not adjustable to different heights like the first two products hence taking the third position. But regardless, parents have found this gentle incline position comfortable and enjoyable enough for their babies to sleep. It has also helped many babies with reflux.

We have ranked it in the third position because we appreciate its portability. This thing is small, foldable into a compact package, and weighs like half the weight of most playards (15 lbs). So if you are a traveling mom or dad, Fisher Price Ultra Lite Playard is the best accessory. Plus, it also comes with a storage tote bag, which is very convenient for hands free carry.

And whenever you need to change your baby’s diaper, this playard makes it very convenient for you; it comes with a portable clutch changing pad and built-in wiper dispenser.

Your baby will love sleeping in the cozy incline sleeper because it has a supportive plush seat pad and head support. It also has a three point restraint, which keeps your baby secure in the inclined position. The pad and head support are machine washable, so your baby will always sleep in a germ free and nice looking environment.

Whenever your baby is not using the sleeper, you can remove it to have a spacious and comfortable playard where they can play as you do other stuff around the house. The mesh walls lets you see what they are up to as well as provide airflow.

If you want a product that gives you the best value for the price while sorting your infant’s reflux issues, get the Fisher Price Ultra Lite Day and Night Play Yard.


  • Multipurpose; incline sleeper, playard, and changing station
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight and portable with an included storage travel bag


  • Incline not adjustable
  • Playard may not provide an impressive space for active toddlers.

4. Go with Me Sway Portable Infant Rocker

Are you looking for a budget-friendly incline rocker? Go with Me Sway Portable Rocker retails at less than $100 and $70 if you buy from the Baby Delight website. It makes it on our list of best bassinets for reflux because of its incline ability and the last one because it lacks extra features that the other previous products have.

This rocker is all you need to have your infant relaxing in and sleeping in minutes. It has a super soft and well-padded inclined seat where your little one lays and a three point harness to secure them down, preventing them from shifting forward. You can manually rock the baby with a gentle push whenever you want to calm and rock them to sleep. And it uses mesh on all sides, so you don’t need to worry about breathing issues even if your baby was to sleep facing the sides.

As the name suggests, Go With Me Portable Rocker is designed to easily go with you from room to room and anywhere else you would love to visit. It is ultra-lightweight (8 lbs) and folds compactly into a pack that fits in the included carry bag. It is also spacious and sturdy and accommodates your baby until they are 40 pounds.

If all you want is a basic rocker that can incline and grow with your child, this is the best deal.


  • Affordably priced
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great for travel
  • Incline sleeping position helps reduce reflux
  • It can sway and rock to soothe the baby
  • Removable covers for easy cleaning
  • Plush padded and comfortable seat


  • It’s not possible to adjust the incline position

Three sleep safety tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) for babies with reflux:

According to AAP, reflux is part of normal growth and development and results from newborns having a short esophagus and short and weak Esophageal muscle. They say that this condition starts as early as 2 to 3 weeks after birth and peaks at 4 to 5 months in full term babies. They also note that this condition improves after 6 months once the baby is able to sit. The esophagus will grow longer, and the esophageal muscle will become stronger and function as it should.

Keeping that in mind, if your child suffers from reflux, this is the advice the AAP has for you:

1. Put the baby to sleep on their back even if they suffer with reflux

Babies have a gag reflex, a natural mechanism that causes them to swallow or cough up food materials that they spit up or vomit. This prevents any serious or fatal choking episodes even if they vomit while lying on their back. Therefore, the AAP advises parents to always place the baby on their back for sleep even if they have reflux until the baby can roll over entirely independently. They caution that placing the baby on their stomach significantly puts them at risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

2. A baby should always sleep on a firm and flat sleeping surface, unless during travel.

AAP recommends that when your baby falls asleep in their car seat, once you arrive at your destination, you should transfer them to a firm, flat mattress in a crib, bassinet, or playard and place them on their back. They discourage leaving soft beddings such as pillows, blankets, bumpers, and toys in the same space where the baby is sleeping.

They also caution that car seats and other seating devices such as reclined bouncy seats, swings, sleep positioners, nests are not safe sleeping environments. They say there are no safety standards that govern or regulate these products and that more research to guarantee their safety is needed. Additionally, they report that there is evidence showing that using a semi-inclined position can worsen a baby’s reflux.

3. Avoid using devices that are designed to maintain an elevated head position in the crib.

AAP discourages parents from using gadgets that are marketed as solutions for treating reflux. They say these products are ineffective in reducing reflux and may, in fact, risk the baby rolling towards the foot of the bed or put the baby in a position that seriously compromises their breathing.

So, what solution do they give parents to babies with reflux?

As bothersome as it can be, wait it out!

SwaddleMe By Your Bed Sleeper

Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play yard

Go With Me Sway Portable Infant Rocker

Three sleep safety tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) for babies with reflux: