The table below summarizes the features of Cleck Fllo, one of our best convertible car seats:

NameClek Fllo Convertible Baby Car Seat for Small Cars
Ranking on Amazon#66 on Amazon category of top 100 convertible-best selling car seats
Rating3.9/5 as of August 2019
Made ofFoam fabric
Min and Max weight recommendation14 lbs to 65 lbs
Rear-facing weight recommendations14 to 50 lbs
Forward-facing weight recommendations22 to 65 lbs
Car seat weight14 lbs
Warranty and expirationHas one year warranty and has 9-year expiration period

Video Review of Cleck Fllo:

Clek Fllo Vs Clek Foonf

Clek Fllo Vs Clek Foonf
Clek Fllo Vs Clek Foonf
Clek Fllo Clek Foonf
Has flat base with an integrated rear-facing topHas a removable wedge-shaped base for use in the rear-facing position
28 lbs (25 lbs forward-facing without the Anti-Rebound Bar) 8 lbs (33 lbs forward-facing without the wedge base or Anti-Rebound Bar)
Fllo has standard LATCH attachment, facing either direction Foonf features Rigid-LATCH, which makes correct forward-facing installation incredibly easy, standard latch is used for rear-facing installation.
1 recline positions when forward-facing.  2 recline positions when forward-facing.
Height: 23.5-27″ rear-facing; 26-31″ forward-facing Height: 25.5-28.5″ rear-facing; 28-32.5″ forward-facing
Width: 13-17″ Width: 13-17″W

Video Comparion of Clek Fllo and Clek Foonf

How to Install Clek Foonf

Clek Foonf Side-Impact Crash Test

Clek Fllo Vs. Diono Radian RXT

Clek Fllo Vs. Diono Radian RXT
Clek Fllo Diono Radian RXT
Uses standard latch connectorsUses the company’s proprietary SuperLATCH installation system
Suitable for babies with a weight between 22 – 65 lbs with a height between 30 – 49 inches Suitable for babies with a weight between 5 – 45 lbs and up to 44 inches
Recommended for babies with at least 1-year-old, but can be used by a baby with less than 2 yearsCan be used until the baby outgrows it
Compatible with any vehicle with LATCH system. However, it is important to note that you’d be using the car’s seatbelt  The five-point harness system of Diono Radian RXT also requires manual rethreading