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What is DECT Baby Monitor?

DECT baby monitors are audio baby monitors and video baby monitors that rely on 1.9 GHz frequency and use Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications(DECT) technology. This technology is principally known for cordless phones but major baby monitor brands such as Panasonic and VTech rely on this technology for their long-range baby monitors.

As you may have seen above, DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Communications and was initially rolled out in Europe following the delay in radio frequency regulations in the US. Unlike other digital baby monitors that use 2.4 GHz frequency, DECT baby monitors use an uncommon frequency making it experiences less interference with other gadgets. This is the principal reason why DECT was chosen for telecommunication.

The biggest challenge faced when using a 2.4 GHz baby monitor and an analog baby monitor is the interference of the signal. DECT baby monitors overcome this challenge by using an uncommon 1.9 GHz frequency band for audio baby monitors.

DECT Baby Monitor Safety: Can it be hacked?

Wondering whether DECT baby monitors are safe?

DECT baby monitors are not hack-proof but similar to FHSS baby monitors, they are almost impossible to hack as they rely on their own network to transmit the signal from the baby unit to the parent unit.

A DECT baby monitor is very similar to a DECT phone, the cordless phone. In fact, the audio transfer is very similar. DECT baby monitors have a superior sound quality and do not suffer from interference caused by other wireless networks. DECT 6.0 uses a lower frequency band, 1.9 GHz which has low electromagnetic radiations.

DECT 6.0 technology is widespread in Europe and has been in use since 1987. North America licensed the DECT 6.0 in 2005 after sufficient proof that it has a reliable transmission range and less interference. Like other digital baby monitors, the DECT baby monitors are not emission-free.

VTech has developed several products that use DECT technology as the company has emphasized its focus on sound clarity and less interference in their baby monitors. The DECT baby monitors are considered safe as they do not emit radiations as wireless baby monitors that use 2.4 GHz band, essentially all wifi-baby monitors.

Best DECT Baby Monitors

1. VTech DM221

VTech DM221 is our overall best DECT baby monitor that uses the 1.9 GHz frequency to transmit the audio signals. This baby monitor is also featured on our list of top audio baby monitors. Unlike other VTech baby monitors using other frequencies, 1.9Gz frequency has less interference and as of this VTech DM221 is the third best-selling baby monitor on Amazon.

This VTech DECT baby monitor has the following features:

vtech dm221 audio DECT baby monitor
  • Range: 1000 ft.
  • Rated 4.2/5 by customers on Amazon
  • Tech: DECT 6.0
  • Talk-back feature: Yes
  • Alert: Vibration
  • Sound Levels: 5

You can check us the price of VTech DM221 Dect baby monitor on Amazon here.

2. Philips Avent SCD570/10

Philips Avent SCD570/10 is our second-best DECT baby monitor developed by Philips Avent.

Below are the features of this Philips Avent DECT baby monitor:

philips avent 570 audio DECT baby monitor
  • Use: Audio only DECT baby monitor
  • Range: 900 ft.
  • Tech: DECT 6.0
  • Talk-back feature: Yes
  • Alert: Vibration
  • Sound Levels: 3

You can check the price of this Philips Avent DECT SXD570/10 on Amazon here

3. Phillips Avent SCD510 DECT Baby Monitor 

The video below shows you the unboxing of Philips Avent DECT baby monitor SCD510. You should note that this DECT baby monitor was discontinued but you can check if it’s still available on Amazon using this link.

4. Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor (ACD 501/10)

Philip Avent DECT Baby Monitor is among the sound-only baby monitors with exceptional sound clarity and is also super easy to use.

Here are some of its features:

  • Nightlight
  • low-battery indicator
  • Out of range alarm
  • Mute option
  • sleep mode/eco-mode
  • sound level indicator


  • Decent range of up to 1200 feet
  • Built in sensitive sound activation
  • Safe and not hackable
  • Did not broken even after falling several times
  • Can also be used as a travel monitor


  • Does not transmit sound if it is just white noise
  • Parent unit is too light that it falls off sometimes 
  • Battery is not rechargeable
  • Portable unit does not come with a strap

5. VTech DM111

VTech DM111 is our third-best DECT audio baby monitor in 2021 and it made it to this list because of the following features:

VTech DM111 DECT Audio Baby Monitor
  • Range: 1000 ft.
  • Tech: DECT 6.0
  • Talk-back feature: Yes
  • Alert: Vibration
  • Sound Levels: 5
  • Add-on: Belt clip

You can check the price of VTech DM111 on Amazon here

6. iNanny N30 Digital Audio Baby Monitor

  • Range: 1000 ft.
  • Technology: DECT 6.0
  • Sound levels: 5
  • Sensors: Temperature

7. Panasonic Video Baby Monitor

Panasonic video baby monitor is our best DECT video baby monitor.

  • Use: Video and audio signals
  • Range: 1500 ft.
  • Tech: DECT 6.0
  • Display size: 3.5′
  • Battery life: 5 hrs (13 hrs stand by)
  • Sensors: Temperature

8. VTech VM342-2 Video Baby Monitor

VTech VM342-2 is a DECT video baby monitor that came 8th on this list. This cordless communication video baby monitor uses 1.9 GHz frequency and DECT 6.0 standard that has encryption keys used for pairing the parent unit and the baby camera. The 6.0 standard also has time-division multiplexing to help prevent attacks and is considered hack-proof technology similar to FHSS technology. It comes with two cameras and has a range of up to 1000 ft.

  • Range: 1000 ft.
  • Tech: DECT 6.0
  • Display size: 4.3′ LCD screen (large enough to be considered among the largest-screen baby monitors
  • Sensors: Temperature
  • Automatic IR night vision
  • 170-degrees wide-angle lens
  • Two-way talk back intercom
  • Vibrating sound alert on the parent unit makes it easy for deaf or hearing-impaired parents to hear the alert
  • It comes with pre-recorded lullabies
  • It is not expandable – supports only 2 cameras and has a split-screen feature. You should, however, note that the split-screen mode does not relay audio.

9. Philips Avent Dect Audio Baby Monitor SCD560/10

Philips Avent Dect Audio Baby Monitor SCD560/10 is our 7th best baby monitor that has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Features of DECT Baby Monitors

1. Continuous Broadcast – The DECT baby monitors continuously transmit signals from the baby unit to the parent unit. As the baby monitor transmits the signal, it emits electromagnetic radiations, and for parents who are concerned with radiations, DECT baby monitors are not the best as they emit a lot of radiation. You can opt for a baby monitor that only transmits the signal when a particular activity is reached (movement or particular sound level). You can opt for Voice-Activated (VOX) Baby Monitors

2. Minimal Interference – DECT baby monitors became popular mainly because it has minimal interference from other devices. The signal is transmitted via several channels and the handover of the signal to the parent unit is done automatically. Channels with less interference are the handover channels and the channel selections feature enables multi-channel DECT monitor to avoid channels with interference.

3. Security & Encryption– When pairing the baby and the parent units, a secret subscription pin is required. The unique code which is entered once minimizes the risk of misuse. In addition, the parent unit needs to be close to the baby monitor unit to establish connections. The location limits the vulnerability of the baby monitor and since the signal is not transmitted over the internet, there is a limited possibility of hacking. DECT technology encrypts data in transit and an authentication process is required. Both the receiving and the transmitting units of the baby monitor have to decipher the information that would unlock the data.


DECT Baby Monitor Radiation

There has been a lot of push to regulate and perhaps phase out DECT baby monitors as experts claim that it emits more EMF radiation compared to its peers, FHSS baby monitors. DECT baby monitor transmits a burst of radiation every time it is powered and a comparison showed that DECT devices including DECT phones can be dangerous as they expose high people with high EMF radiation. You can read more about baby monitor radiation and how to be safe. The article has more details on DECT technology baby monitor dangers.

In our 2021 list of best non-wifi baby monitors, we did not include any DECT baby monitor as I fully agree with arguments against using this DECT technology as it emits high EMF radiation. All the best non-wifi baby monitors are therefore FHSS baby monitors or non-DECT baby monitors.

DECT Baby Monitor FAQs

What is DECT technology baby monitors?

DECT technology baby monitors are baby monitors that use 1.9 GHz frequency to facilitate the transfer of signals from the baby unit to the parent unit. DECT baby monitors are preferred as they have less interference compared to other baby monitors that use 2.4GHz frequency band such as FHSS baby monitors.

Can DECT baby monitors be hacked

DECT baby monitors do not rely on the internet but a spread spectrum technology also called DECT 6.0 in North America. DECT’s signal has a limited range as it does not rely on long-range Wifi technology in the 2.4GHz frequency. DECT baby monitors cannot be hacked as the DECT spread-spectrum infrastructure relies on a reliable local-area connectivity and is not prone to hacking.

Which DECT baby monitors have temperature sensor

Philips Avent 630 is a DECT baby monitor that comes with a temperature sensor and you can rely on it to alert you when the temperature in the baby’s room is out of the set, normal range. Philips Avent SCD 630 has a camera with an inbuilt temperature sensor.

Which are DECT baby monitors by Philips Avent

Philips Avent has several DECT baby monitors including SCD510, SCD560, SCD580/01, SCD501, SCD 506, SCD505, SCD 570

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