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Peteme 1080 FHD baby monitor is a highly-rated wifi baby monitor that was released to the market in 2019 by Peteme. As of this review update on September 2019, Peteme baby monitor is 7th best-selling baby monitor and over 400 customers have given it a 4.6/5. It currently ships approximately 1,500 units on Amazon per month which is great considering that this is not a very popular brand like Nanit Plus. Below is a picture of Peteme baby monitor:

In our September update of the top-rated wifi baby monitors list, I included Peteme baby monitor specifically because of its increasing positive reviews by over 400 parents who have praised Peteme.

It made to the list specifically because of its wide-angle lens with 355 degrees pan challenging iBaby M7’s 360 degrees pan. In addition, Peteme baby monitor delivers clear night vision images in 1080p HD at a significantly lower cost. As of this update in November, this baby monitor costs under $50, one of the cheapest baby monitors we’ve reviewed here at 10BabyGear.

The snapshot below indicates its current ranking when compared to other wifi baby monitors in the market on August 15, 2019:

The graph below shows the sales performance of Peteme Baby Monitor on Amazon from May to August 2019. The upward trends go to show that parents have really liked this wifi baby monitor and some have even commented that it is a credible challenge to other low-cost wifi baby monitors such as Wyze Cam.

graph showing sales trend of Peteme wifi baby monitor for May to August 2019.

Peteme Baby Monitor Video Review

Below is a video review of Peteme Wifi Baby Monitor:

Below are the features that make Peteme stand out as a 1080p HD wifi baby monitor.

Name Peteme Baby Monitor
Peteme App Rating 209 Android users rated Peteme Android app at 4.4/5
Key Features We Like1080p HD videos, Motion detection and real-time alerts, Wide angle view of up to 355 degrees pan and 100 degrees tilt, 2-way talk, relatively cheap, multi-sharing on App, 13.6 ounces in weight, 85% of rating on Amazon are 5-stars, automatic night vision which uses 10 850nm IR LEDs technology that has a range of up to 30 ft.
Why We Don't Like It Very MuchCan be difficult to connect to network
Encryption 128-bit encryption
Cloud Storage Uses USB Storage and Cloud Storage

Here is another video review of Peteme baby monitor:

Pros of Peteme Baby Monitor

84% of users in Amazon have given it full five-star reviews (Check out these 5-star reviews). Below are some of the reasons this wifi baby monitor that connects to the phone has been praised:

  1. Quality Videos: Quality 1080p HD images that you get in any high-end security camera such as Arlo or Nest Cam. Peteme cost less than $30 yet it produces images similar to cameras that cost over $200. In fact, some of the expensive baby monitors such as Miku and Nanit Plus cost at least $300 yet they do not stream in full 1080p HD. Miku baby monitor streams in 720p and Nanit Plus streams in 960p, both falling short of Peteme’s quality.
  2. Very Inexpensive: Similar to Wyze Cam original which was introduced in 2017, Peteme is following Wyze Cam’s path rolling out a very affordable internet-enabled baby monitor
  3. It supports 2-way communication
  4. It has a very wide field of view of up to 355 degrees pan and up to 100 degrees tilt making it easy for you to view the entire nursery. The only other baby monitor that has a wider pan than Pateme is iBaby Care M7, iBaby M6S and other iBaby monitors that have 360 degrees pan.

Peteme Baby Monitor Vs Wyze Cam Baby Monitor

The table below shows the differences and similarities between Peteme Baby Monitor and Wyze Cam Baby Monitor.

Peteme Baby MonitorWyze Cam Baby Monitor
1080p HD videos 1080p HD videos
Not compatible with Alexa or Google Home Compatible with Alexa and Google Home Hub
Has a wide pan of up to 355 degrees110 degrees pan
Ranked number 12 of top best-selling baby monitors on Amazon as of 9/6/2019 Ranked number 1 of top best-selling surveillance cameras on Amazon as of 9/6/2019
2-way audio2-way audio
Costs $39 but can check price today hereCosts $26 but can check its price today here

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