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Spotcam Google Home Baby Monitor is made by connecting the Spotcam camera with the Google Home Hub. Google Home Hub has 7-inch table that can be used as the display unit or you could still use your phone to stream videos from your baby’s room. SpotCam Google Home Baby Monitor was ranked 10th in the 2019 top 10 Google Home Baby Monitors by BMC. It made the list as a highly rated doorbell that can be turned into a baby monitor. Yes, a video doorbell can be turned into a Google Home baby monitor. Spotcam is one of the few waterproof baby monitors which has free storage on the cloud and free storage in a micro-SD card similar to the smart baby monitor by Project Nursery. With one click, you can share the videos on the web. It has Full HD 1080p and up to 16ft Night Vision. The camera also sends instant alerts right to your smartphone.

Features of Spotcam as a Baby Monitor

  • 180 degrees viewing angle
  • Incredibly good night vision for up to 16 ft. – Night-vision settings allow you to turn on or off IR LED manually or let built-in light sensor switch for you so you won’t miss any details in day and night.
  • Two-way talkback feature – You can talk to your baby using the doorbell as the speaker and the smartphone as the microphone
  • 100% wire-free – The baby is not at risk of strangulation.

How to Connect Spotcam to Google Home Hub

  • Download Google Home app on the Playstore
  • Power spotcam doorbell camera and position it on the baby’s room. You can mount it on the wall so the 180 degrees viewing angle stretches to cover the entire crib.
  • Open the Google Home app to set up your spotcam camera by clicking ‘add device’ on the app.
  • You can scroll all the way looking for spotcam from the list of devices compatible with Google Home hub. It might be easier to just search Spotcam. Once you find it, click it to connect
  • A login window for your spotcam account will come next
  • Login to the account and click connect
  • Once you are connected you can use voice command though Google Home App features such as Google Assistant.

Video Review Unboxing Spotcam HD Eva Google Home baby monitor

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