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UPPAbaby MESA made it into our top 10 infant car seats list of 2020 and it came third behind Britax B Safe Ultra and Chicco Keyfit 30. We were very impressed with UPPAbaby MESA specifically because of its advanced safety features, superior design, and style.

Unlike Chicco Keyfit 30 that support babies with weight up to 30 pounds, UPPAbaby MESA has a higher weight recommendation of up to 35lbs, just like Britax B Safe Ultra. This UPPAbaby MESA carrier weighs just 10lbs and is considered a lightweight UPPAbaby MESA carrier.


As of this update in September 2019, UPPAbaby MESA has been rated highly, 4.5/5 and is the third best-selling infant car seat on Amazon as shown in the snapshot below:

While UPPAbaby MESA brand was released to the market in December 2016, the 2018 UPPAbaby MESA has slight improvements. It is, however, worth noting that UPPAbaby MESA has seen steady growth in sales thanks to great reception of this infant car seats by thousands of parents across America. The graph below shows its sales since 2017:

Graph showing rising sales of UPPABaby MESA 2017 to 2019.jpg
Graph showing rising sales of UPPABaby MESA 2017 to 2019 (Data Source: Helium)

I mention the numbers because it gives me a good basis to let you know why UPPAbaby is not just another infant car seat, it is probably the safest. Read below to know why we included this car seat on our 2019 list of best infant car seats.

Features of UPPAbaby MESA:

  • It costs about $300 which is relatively more expensive compared to other best infant car seats on the list that cost as low as $199. You can check its current price on Amazon here
  • It comes with a system that is easy to install because of its SMART features. It comes with an automatically tightening LATCH system and the system has an indicator that tells you when the base is fully secured to the seat
  • Comes with adjustable no-rethread headrest with integrated Side Impact Protection making it safer for your baby
  • It has storage pockets for harness buckles

UPPAbaby MESA Pros

  • No-rethread harness,
  • Side impact protection,
  • Adjustable headrest,
  • Hideaway canopy with stretch fabric,
  • Easy to install without base,
  • Innovative base with the self-retracting LATCH system.

UPPAbaby MESA Cons

  • Relatively pricey.
  • Your baby may grow out of it well before the size limit
  • No anti-rebound bar or load leg like other seats in this price range.
  • May make baby sweat on their backs
  • Can be hard to get the right incline for baby’s head
  • Front passengers may lose legroom

How to Install UPPAbaby MESA

UPPAbaby Cruz vs. Nuna MIXX

Nuna MIXX is relatively more expensive compared to UPPAbaby Cruz but Nuna MIXX comes with a bassinet. Both strollers’ bassinets can fully recline to a flat position and are approved for overnight sleeping.

UPPAbaby CruzNuna MIXX
UPPAbaby Crus is lighter by close to five pounds as it weights 21.5 poundsNuna MIXX is heavier with a weight of 26.8 pounds
Dimensions: 40.5″H x 22.3″W x 37″LDimensions: 44.3″H x 23.4″W x 33.5″L
Folder dimensions: 17″H x 22.3″W x 36″LFolder dimensions: 16″H x 23.6″W x 35.8″L
Wheel size: 7″ front wheels; 8.5″ rear wheelsWheel size:  7.5″ front wheels; 11″ rear wheels
Bassinet dimensions:  25″H x 17″W x 31″LBassinet dimensions: 24.5″H x 16.5″W x 35″L
Bassinet height and weight limit: 20 pounds or until baby can crawlBassinet height and weight limit:  17 pounds or 27.”
Protects its canopy and seat from touching the ground when folded and has the ability to stand when folded.Comes with a clamshell fold that prevents the fabric from coming in contact with the ground.
Check priceCheck price

UPPAbaby MESA Vs Nuna Pipa

When Nuna Pipa is compared with UPPAbaby, there is one big distinction. Nuna Pipa comes with a steel stability leg which UPPAbaby MESA does not have. Both UPPAbaby MESA and Nuna Pipa have the same expiration age of 7 years and both cost around $300 with a very small variation of 5 cents as shown on the table below:

UPPAbaby MESA Nuna Pipa
Recommended for infants that weigh 4 to 35 lbs. and not exceeding 32 inches in height Recommended for infants that weigh 4 to 32 lbs. and not exceeding 32 inches in height
10lbs carrier weight 8lbs carrier weight (With base: 21.4 lbs.)
7 years expiration 7 years expiration
Retails on Amazon Sold on directly by the manufacturer on their website and not on Amazon
Manufactured by UPPAbabyManufactured by Albeebaby
Five-point harness Five-point harness
Given 4.5/5 rating (Amazon)318 customers gave an average of 4.9/5 rating (manufacturer’s site)
It costs $299.99 (link)It cost $299.95

UPPAbaby MESA vs Chicco Keyfit 30

UPPAbaby MESA and Chicco Keyfit 30 are both renowned car seat brands that have several similarities. The main differences between the two brands are quality of materials used to manufacture the brands, the weights and pricing. UPPAbaby MESA is made of flame retardant material and has a higher weight limit compared to Chicco Keyfit 30.

While I really like UPPAbaby MESA and was actually my favorite infant car seat at one point, I have come to appreciate and perhaps prefer Chicco Keyfit 30 more. Close to 500 customers on Amazon agree and have given it an average rating of 4.8/5, higher than UPPAbaby’s 4.5/5 (from 200 customers). Read the table below for more details on what makes Chicco Keyfit 30 the best infant car seat.

Uppababy MESA Chicco Keyfit 30
Recommended for infants that weigh 4 to 35 lbs. and not exceeding 32 inches in height Recommended for infants that weigh 5 to 30 lbs. and not exceeding 30 inches in height
Rated 4.5/5 on AmazonRated 4.8/5 on Amazon.
Weight: 20 lbs Weight: 17 lbs, three pounds lighter than UPPAbaby MESA
Made of Chemical Free, naturally flame retardant material (Merino Wool)Made of regular materials that are not flame retardant
7 years expiration 6 years expiration
Great for preemiesGood for preemies
#3 in top 100 best-sellers on Amazon #7 in top 100 best-sellers on Amazon
Made in China Made in China
Up to 30 inches height recommendation Up to 30 inches height recommendation
UPPAbaby MESA has a higher maximum weight and height limit, meaning it will last a little longer than the Chicco KeyFit 30. Its weight limitation is 35.00 lbs and minimum weight recommendation is 4lbsA lower maximum weight limit of 30 lbs compared to UPPAbaby’s 35 lbs
Side impact protection Side impact protection
UPPAbaby MESA is more expensive than Chicco Keyfit 30 – You can Check Price on AmazonCheck Price

UPPAbaby MESA Vs Others

UPPAbaby MESA FAA Approval

UPPAbaby MESA is approved for airline travel but you would have to use the infant car seat without its base. The UPPAbaby MESA base is not approved by FAA for airline travel.

UPPAbaby MESA Compatibility With Other Strollers

When you buy UPPAbaby MESA, you can use any of the strollers by UPPAbaby specifically, the VISTA, CRUZ, and MINU. Below is a list of all other strollers compatible with UPPAbaby MESA.

It is very important to note that UPPAbaby MESA is NOT compatible with the following strollers:

  • Baby Jogger ( City Select, City Select Lux and City Premier, City Mini and City Mini GT, City Tour Lux, City Mini Double, and City GT Double)
  • Baby Trend (Expedition Jogger, Espy, Snap N Go, Snap N Go Ultra Tande)
  • Babyzen (Yoyo)
  • BOB
  • Britax Agile, B-Lively, B Ready,
  • Bugaboo
  • Bumbleride (Indie and Speed )


  • The canopy is not long enough or does not extend far enough to cover your baby’s legs. The canopy can be machine washed
  • Not compatible with several strollers including Baby Trend and Baby Jogger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does uppababy mesa come with base

Yes, UPPAbaby MESA comes with a base

Can uppababy mesa be used without base

Yes. It is possible to use UPPAbaby MESa with out a base. You’ll need a tight and secure installation of your car seat without using the base

Does uppababy mesa come with infant insert

Yes, it comes with infant insert.

is uppababy mesa compatible with baby jogger

No. You’ll need adapters to attach the MESA to the UPPAbaby VISTA or CRUZ strollers

UPPAbaby MESA good for preemie, newborns and toddlers?


Can I carry uppababy mesa on plane

Yes, it is FAA compliant

Can I use uppababy mesa with vista

UPPAbaby MESA car seat attaches directly to the VISTA without the use of an adapter and can be removed easily by pressing a button on the top of the car seat handle

is uppababy mesa faa approved

Yes, UPPABaby MESA infant car seat is FAA approved by its base is not.

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