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About VTech Enhanced Range Baby Monitor

VTech DM1211 enhanced audio baby monitor was released in early 2019 as an improved or ‘renewed version’ of the VTech DM112 which has been in the market since January 2016. It is a brand owned by VTech and VTech has more details on their web page here.

Three years later, VTech released the enhanced VTech DM1211 with a lot of improved features such as range, sound clarity etc. In 2020 list of top audio baby monitors, VTech DM1211 made it as the 5th best audio baby monitors of 2020 and among the top long-range audio monitors.

Features of VTech DM1211

  • Comes with one parent unit
  • Silver and white color options
  • DECT 6.0 digital transmission of audio signals
  • Extended range of 1500 ft., about 500 ft. longer than its predecessor, VTech DM112
  • Night light on baby
  • Two-way talkback intercom
  • Vibrating sound-alert on the parent unit: Enjoy some added peace by being silently alerted when there is sound in your baby’s room.
  • It is powered by rechargeable batteries that can last for up to 6 hours and takes 3 hours to charge it.

DM1211 Baby Unit

The VTech DM1211 has a well designed baby unit which houses a super sensitive microphone that captures all sounds in the baby’s nursery and transmit it to the parent unit.

DM1211 Parent Unit

VTech DM1211 has several settings that can be configured to fit your notification preferences. It has LED visual sound indicator which displays a colour bar from green to red showing the level of sound (from mild volume to full-on wails) in the room making it super ideal for parents with hearing impairements. You can opt to have the volume down while still being visually alerted to any sound coming from the nursery. With five levels of sensitivity, it can be set to activate the speaker when sound levels reach your preferences, giving you the flexibility you need to make adjustments to suit you.

DM1211 also has a talk-back intercom that lets you talk to your infant when you want to. It also has a nightlight control that gives you control to turn the soothing glow in the nursery on or off from the parent unit.


  • Extended range
  • Easy to use
  • It has a two-way talkback feature
  • It has two notification options, sound and LED light


  • No temperature sensor
  • Short battery life
  • Limited features

Reasons why VTech DM1211 is better than DM112 (Comparison Table)

Feature VTech DM1211VTech DM112
Year of release 20192016
Colors White & silver Yellow
Parent units Option to get 2 parent units Option to get 2 parent units
Range 1500 ft 1000 ft
Sound Indicator 5 levels 5 levels
Belt clip Yes Yes
Baby unit nightlight Yes No
2-way talk-backYes No
Price Check Price Check Price

Improvements of VTech DM1211 Audio Baby Monitor

The VTech DM1211 which was released in 2019 is relatively expensive from its earlier version, the DM112 but a few improvements that were made, makes it worth it. Here are some:

  1. Extended range – VTech audio baby monitors are known for its long range that until early 2019 was just 1000 ft. Other baby monitor brands such as Panasonic had a longer, extended outdoor range of 1500 ft. A few actually claim a range of 1500 ft. The new VTech DM1211 has an enhanced range of 1500ft. which is impressive if you live in a large house or want to monitor your baby far away from the baby’s nursery.
  2. Two-way talk-back – The new VTech DM1211 allows you to talk to your baby, unlike the old VTech DM112.
  3. Vibration alert added – You can now expect to get notified in case your child needs you because of the added vibration alert on the parent unit.
  4. Night light – The new VTech DM1211 has a night light which makes the baby’s nursery beautiful at night.

Video Showing Unboxing of VTech DM1211 Enhanced Digital Audio

Parent Reviews of VTech DM1211- Verified Purchases

  1. JB wrote “VTech DM1211 has a great range and volume. Battery could be better.”
  2. Leah wrote: ” Very happy! Super small and lightweight, easy to use, ……….. And the night light on the baby room monitor is a nice touch too. Super fair price for this set.” (See Leah’s full review and other reviews on Amazon)

VTech DM1211 Manual

You can download the VTech DM1211 manual here (VTech website)

You can check VTech DM1211 on Amazon here.

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