If you’re reading this post, you probably ended up here as you look for ideas of how your unborn baby will look like once you deliver.

I was very anxious about this too and this article will guide you to what you can expect your baby to look like depending on a few predictable features. For example, if your baby’s father is of the white race and you, the expectant mother, is of the black race your baby will be half white and half black. This is what I mean by fair assumptions as you guess what your baby will look like.

What Will My Baby Look Like

You also need to make sure that you follow your pregnancy calendar using your due date calculator to ensure that you don’t miss any appointments to the clinic. This way your unborn gets all the attention and support it needs as it grows inside your womb.

The video below explains what your baby may look like:

What Determines How Your Baby Will Look Like:

  1. Recessive or Dominant Genes: Your genes can be considered strong if you have a dark complexion and your genes may be considered weak if you have fair skin
  2. Color of Eyes: If both of the parents have brown eyes, the baby has a 75% chance of the eyes being brown, 18.75% of being green and 6.25% of being blue. If on the other hand one parent has blue and another has green, then the baby has 50%-50% chance of having 50% brown eyes, 37.5% green and 12.5% blue eyes. If one parent has brown and another has blue eyes, then the babies eyes are likely to be 50% chances, 0% green and 50% blue. If the parents have green eyes, the baby has 1% chance of having brown eyes, 75% of having green eyes and 24% chances of being blue eyes, 1:56 of 4:15

5 Facts About Your Future Child:

Interracial Couples Discussing What Baby Will Look Like:

Seeing What Baby Will Look Like In the Future:

Matt and Rebecca discuss what the apps may assist you to guess what your baby will look like. They use apps such as Make A Baby Future Face Maker which has been downloaded by 3,100 iOS users and have given it a rating of 3.8/5